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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 29, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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it is thursday, october 29, 2020. this is the cbs morning news. campaign countdown. only five days until election day. candidates and running mates maheites to voters. 78,000 new cases as coronavirus cases surge in the u.s., parts of europe are going back on lockdown. when dr. fauci thinks things could finally get back to normal. and a deadly hurricane. a massive storm slams the gulf coast. killing at least two people and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. we'll show you the damage as officials warn of dangerous conditions that could last through today. this is not a drill.
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we've had many of them. it is not a drill. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we'll start off this morning with the duelling campaign events five days before the election. today president trump and vice president biden will be president biden will be in florida. the former vice president is to hold a car rally. nancy chen is in washington. what is their strategy? >> good morning to you. the candidates are shoring up all the stops as they try to get support in key swing states like florida. biden is up slightly but his edge is within the margin of error. >> democratic nominee joe biden
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and his wife jill voted in delaware yesterday joining t th 75 million americans who already cast ballots. biden took part in an event. one, a town hall hosted by oprah winfrey the other with health experts. >> i can't promise to end this by flipping a switch but i promise we will start on day one doing the right thing. >> campaigning in arizona, president trump insisted the coronavirus is under control. >> we understand it now. people are getting better. >> the president dismissed polls showing him trailing in key states like michigan, wisconsin and nevada. >> we are doing much better than anticipated. we assumed a certain number. i think they are underperforming. i think on tuesday we'll overperform.
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>> the vice presidential candidates are also hoping to shore up the votes they need to win the 270 electoral votes to win the white house. >> just six days away across the state of wisconsin and america. >> our values tell us we have witnessed the worst, the biggest disaster of any presidential administration in this country. >> officials are now urging voters not to mail their ballots in because we are too close to election day and instead use official drop off locations or vote in person. nancy chen in washington, thank you so much. in a set back for republicans, the supreme court will allow two key swing states to have extra time to count absentee ballots in pennsylvania and north
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carolina. two states that could prove pivotal in deciding the presidential race. in pennsylvania, ballots received by november 6 will still be counted. the supreme court could consider a challenge from pennsylvania republicans after the election. in north carolina, the deadline to count absentee ballots will be november 12. those ballots must be postmarked by election day. judge amy coney barrett did not take part in either case. a spokesperson said she did not have enough time to fully review the briefs. this morning, hurricane zeta weakened to a tropical storm as its eye moves over alabama in hurricane ravaged louisiana as a category 2 with winds up to 10 miles an hour. one man was killed. a storm related death was reported in mississippi. the storm took a direct hit on new orleans showing the severe
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damage zeta left behind. >> made land fall yesterday in louisiana pounding the gulf coast with heavy rains. blowing enough to toss this trailer across the highway. >> this is not a drill. >> as the fierce storm barrelled through the state, it made a direct hit on new new orleans. >> thankfully, it came through very fast as predicted. we are now beginning to assess the damage. >> new orleans mayor encouraged residents to leave that job to officials. one person died after being electrocuted by a wire. zeta quickly became destructive during the day in louisiana. residents are under mandatory evacuation orders. warning of deadly storm surge as heavy rainfall flooded streets. the eye wall packed a powerful blow even stranding this boat on the road. >> the iconic french quarter is
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eerily quiet. the governor says measures arer being taken to ensure voters are able to cast ballots. >> we've identified in advance all polling locations so power restoration can be prioritized there. >> this is the 27th name storm of a busy storm season with more than a month to go. cbs news. new orleans. the coronavirus is showing no signs of letting up in the u.s. nearly 79,000 new cases were reported yesterday. that is the third highest number of daily cases ever recorded in the u.s. close to 1,000 new deaths were also reported nationwide. the government says if a vaccine is authorized next month, they could start distributing it to people who need it the most. dr. anthony fauci says it will be a long time before we get back to normal.
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>> if we get a vaccination campaign, i think it will be easily by the end of 2021 and maybe the next year before we start having some is semblances of normalilty. >> the big 10 football game is off after the badgers announce six players and six staffers test positive for covid-19 including the coach. in europe, france and germany going on lockdown. starting tomorrow in france, no one can leave home without a good reason. schools and factories will stay open but nonessential businesses will close. the lockdown will stay in effect until december. in germany, restaurants, bars will close for one month. schools and shops will remain open. a curfew is in place in czech republic to curb the spread. the police out in force in
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prauge last night. a small group of protesters gathered outside of the police precinct demanding justice for walter wallace jr. authorities vow to release 911 tapes and body camera footage of the shooting in the near future. police commissioner said the video evidence would be released once the department shares it with the victims family. wallace was shot 14 times after police say he walked toward officers holding a knife and refusing to drop it. coming up on cbs morning news, an illinois police officer is accused of a cover up in the fatal shooting of a black man. a florida man suspected of altering voter registration.
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a winter storm warning remains in effect for the texas panhandle. snow, sleet, freezing rain and record cold temperatures. nearly a foot of snow fell in some places. wind gusts of 40 miles an hour could cause near whiteout conditions and make for hazardous commute this morning. a hacker was arrested for changing the voting registration of a florida governor and a police officer accused of a cover up. claims a chicago police officer was fired because he did not turn on his body camera sooner in a deadly shooting incident. looking at the video from another officer's camera that shows what happened movements before last week's shooting.
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>> you can come out. hey, hey, they just ran me over. police say an officer was attempting to arrest the 19-year-old sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle. the video shows his girlfriend driving away and showing an unidentified officer who did not have his body camera on and opened fire. the man was killed. the girlfriend was severely wounded. >> he had his whole life in front of him. you took away my only brother from my mother. this is not fair. he was innocent. he was a passenger and he's dead. >> the officer turned his body camera on seconds after the shooting. illinois state police and the fbi are investigating. reporting a florida man was
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arrested for allegedly changing the voter registration for governor ron desantis. investigators say, the 20-year-old admitted changing his status through the elections website. he learned his address had been changed when he went to vote. due to the discrepancy, he wasn't able to vote at the time but has voted since. the young man accessed the voter registration of others including michael jordan and lebron james. he's been charged with unauthorized access through a computer. both counts are felonies. reporting major league baseball said justin turner broke the rules by returning to the field after testing positive with coronavirus. he was pulled from the game following the seventh inning after mlb was notified he tested positive. he was placed in isolation but
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returned to the field to celebrate after the dodgers beat the tampa bay rays. he wore a mask first and took it off later. he says he felt great and had no symptoms. doctors say you could be contagious though. >> of course you could be asymptomatic. all you need is a few virus hitting the right spot and someone is infected. >> they say turner refused to comply with security when they raised the matter on the field. still ahead, enjoying rose on halloween day. we'll have a list of wine pairing for some of your favorite candy. purina one. one visibly healthy pet. and see what protein-rich purina one true instinct can do. and i'm still going for my best. even though i live with a higher risk of stroke
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your medication has changed, skip to cold relief fast. alka-seltzer plus power max gels. with 25% more concentrated power. oh, what a relief it is! so fast! here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. time for the cbs money watch. boeing announced additional job watch and some tips on pairing wine and beer with your halloween candy. in new york with those stories and more. looking forward to those tips. >> i know. same. good morning, anne-marie. stock futures are indicating higher after the three major indices posted their worst day in four months yesterday as coronavirus cases around the globe continue to flair up.
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the dow fell 943 points. the nasdaq 426 and the dropped 119. boeing is slashing 7,000 more jobs as it struggles to recover massive losses from the pandemic. the company says when retirements and other things are included payroll will shrink by 130,000. that's 30,000 less than the beginning of 2020. a loss compared to a profit of $1.2 billion a year ago. tiktok is teaming up with fact checkers to curb election facts. the app will add new resources. it will limit premature victory claims until the associated press has declared a winner. tiktok says if results can not be verified or fact checking is
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inconclusive, it will limit. the company says it will remove continent that seeks to intimidate or supress voting. new york wine and grape foundation is out with a list of wine to wear with halloween candy. white wine with skittles, rose snickers. sparkling wine with pop rocks. beer, best pairings include stouts and hershey's, porters with reese's cups. brown ales with kit kats. and ipa with cinnamon candy. i'm too excited about the wine and candy pairing. >> it is too early to be talking about that stuff. here is how i see it. i know halloween is supposed to be for kids but 2020 has served up plenty of tricks for us adults. >> treat yourself. >> it is thursday, pregame today. but the one thing i feel a
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little hesitant about. sparkling wine with pop rocks. that feels like a problem waiting to happen. >> it really does. a little bit too much of a party in your mouth. diane king hall, you are in new york. great talking to you. >> thank you. up next, a tiny victim of the california wildfires. fire crews help out an owl injured by the flames. out an owl injured by the flames. by getting vaccinated. if you're 65 or older, get the superior flu protection of fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. it's the only 65+ flu vaccine with four times the standard dose. and it's free with medicare part b. fluzone high-dose quadrivalent isn't for people who've had a severe allergic reaction to any flu vaccine or vaccine component, including eggs or egg products. tell your health care professional if you've ever experienced severe muscle weakness after receiving a flu shot.
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here is here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. firefighters battling one of the huge wildfires in southern california rescued a barn owl. video from tuesday showed firefighters are the silverado fire.
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south of los angeles wrapping the owl. the burned owl was taken to the hospital and they say most of the juries are burnt feathers. the hospital says it will care for the owl for several months inle it grows new feathers and can be released. a 101-year-old new york woman was not going to let her age or the rain stop her. with the help of her walker, anna bell green made her way, she's voted in every election over the past 72 years. the first president she voted for was harry truman in 1948. she even received some applause at the polls. >> i've changed the world. it felt good. it felt like i was somebody. >> she says everyone young or old should vote. it brings us together as one. coming up, actress kerry washington tells us about
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our top stories this morning, the president and joe biden will hit the campaign trail in tampa, florida today hours apart. mr. trump will hold a rally and biden will hold a drive-in rally in the evening. just five days to go until the election. hurricane zeta has weakened to a tropical storm. zeta was a category 2 storm when it made land fall in louisiana yesterday. two deaths are blamed on the storm. zeta caused wide-spread damage and flooding. the fifth named storm to strike louisiana this year. trick or treating will a bit different this year. there are still plenty of ways to make the holidays fun even during the pandemic.
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how to keep the halloween spirit alive. ♪ >> the anderson family won't let the pandemic scare away their halloween fun. >> what's a ghost favorite game? >> for months, they've been working on this light show families can admire from a dance. >> it works perfectly with the circumstance we are in. folks come up. they are in their cars already distance from each other. >> checking out one option. family vlogger has been thinking about ways to celebrate safely. >> is halloween canceled this year? >> halloween is not canceled but it is going to be different no matter where you live. >> top ideas, a virtual halloween dance party. setting up a decorative candy
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table in the front yard or even a drive-by candy mobil. >> many will honor front line workers dressing up like doctors and nurses and an added perk is the mask added to the costume. >> in minnesota, known as the halloween capital of the world. there are no plans to cancel the celebrations but a huge adjustments. >> our parade will now be a dive-by parade located in several locations in our cities so we are not gathering in one big space. >> no matter how you decide to celebrate, the cdc says cloth or surgical masks and social distancing are the best ways to protect your children. reporting from new york. coming up on cbs this morning, we'll speak with white house chief of staff mark meadows about the response to
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to the coronavirus and the president of the union representing the louisville police responds to accusations of a coverup in the breonna taylor case and kerry washington tells us about cohosting and event tonight called "every vote counts. a celebration of democracy." thanks for watching this thursday. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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