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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 31, 2020 2:07am-2:42am PDT

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death rate of any major city many the nation. but tonight, city leaders are pumping the brakes a bit on some new reopenings. kpix 5's andrea borba on the troubling new data. >> reporter: this is not the first time officials paused reopening plans in the city amide the covid-19 pandemic. dr. grant colfax with the department of public health says it's unsurprising. outside north beach, the sign says we are now serving indoors but today, original joes and others found out indoor capacity will continue to be held at 25%. and will not jump to 50% tuesday as anticipated. as san francisco pumps the brakes on reopening. >> our case rate has gone from about 3 per 100,000 of
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population to 4. that's a 25% increase. that might not sound like a lot. but when this virus starts taking off, it takes off quickly. that case rate put san francisco in the orange and the hospitalization rate jumping from 21 to 37 patients is in the red tier. here's what the pause means, indoor pools, bowling alleys, and gym locker rooms will stay closed. restaurants and houses of worship will stay at 25% capacity. schools however are still a go with approval. this grill in the financial district that planned to reopen at 50% capacity will continue to stay closed because of the pause. managing partner of water bar calls the pause on increasing restaurant capacity to 50% disappointing but understandable. >> it's a little bit of a set back to us from a pure business economic standpoint. >> also of concern for businesses that have taken
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advantage of outdoor dining and the shared spaces program, the changing weather. heat lamps are up now but won't stand a chance against the rain. sometimes these parties and events and gatherings can become super spreaders. >> some of the smaller restaurants in san francisco that do not have as much outdoor space and do not have as much space inside to accommodate 25% capacity have a real concern, we spoke with many restaurant owners over the past few months saying they will not reopen indoors until 50% capacity and they're fight with the weather at this point. reporting live in san francisco, andrea borba, kpix 5. a new weapon to control the virus. a new lab could double testing capacity. the governor toured the 100 million-dollar facility today and took a test himself.
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he says the new lab in los angeles county will not only increase testing capacity, but also drive down cost from 150 to $30. it's also expected to speed up testing result times. >> today the united states surpassed 9 million coronavirus cases and is now approaching 230,000 deaths. according to an internal memo from the department of health and human services, icu beds are 80% full. in 1/4 of u.s. hospitals. the midwest is still the nation's epicenter for this outbreak. on the campaign 2020 a live look at the sales force tower in san francisco, the top is lit up for election season with one word, vote. kpix 5 shows us what to expect when bay area voting centers open tomorrow morning. betty? >> levi stadium is one of nearly 100 full service centers that will open tomorrow morning through election day.
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all ready this county has seen record early voting numbers. at the registrar of voters in san jose, this evening car after car dropped off bags of ballots collected from drop off boxes across the county. it was buzzing with activity. kenny garrison decided to vote early for the first time to avoid any hiccups on election day. >> i've always vote richmond the day of. i get up early. i voted in every election since i was 18. so it's important to me. but today wasn't that bad. i really did appreciate having a little bit of flexibility. >> by this time in 2016, the county received more than 200,000 ballots. this year, more than 511,000 ballots are all ready in. the county has all ready broken a record for reaching 1 million registered voters. >> but we do want to encourage voters, make sure you sign the back of that envelope. make sure you put the date and
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the address on the back. so that's very important. that's the number one reason why the ballot gets rejected. >> tonight workers finished setting up the vote center at the mountain view community center which is expected to have long lines. it was the fourth most visited location during the primaries. >> if you can drop off your vote by mail, absolutely do so. you won't have to wait in line for that. if you want to vote in person, which i completely understand, there may be a bit of a wait. you can check the county website for expected wait times at the different vote centers. >> vote centers are also taking covid-19 very seriously. booths will be sanitized after each use. and social distancing will be strictly enforced. even though santa clara county has all ready started to count ballots, it can't announce results until 8:00 p.m. on election day. if you still haven't registered, you till have time to do so this weekend through election day at any of the vote centers.
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in santa clara, betty yu, kpix 5. the u.s. postal service is taking extraordinary steps to try to deliver ballot before the election. on tuesday a federal judge ordered the usps to work harder to deliver ballots on time. and today, the postal service announced sunday collection in some places. carriers will also gather the mail early on monday and tuesday in addition, carriers were told to check every residential box for out going mail. increased over time hours have all ready been approved to make that all happen. with less than four days until election day, the pandemic remains the focus of the presidential campaign. reporter skylar henry explains the candidates are trying to rally last-minute support in crucial midwest swing states. >> president trump and joe biden attacked each other once again over the coronavirus pandemic. >> biden wants to keep everyone locked up. >> i'm not going to shut down
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the economy. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> as new cases rise in nearly every state, the president promised a vaccine in a matter of weeks; but his rally in greenbay, wisconsin was under fire before it even started. as the local hospital system warned, it was a bad idea. the city has one of the highest infection rates in the country. as a drive-in rally in des moines, iowa, the vice president vowed to ri store unity to the nation. >> honk if you want america to be united again. we cannot afford four more years of donald trump. >> the president tried to present his democratic challenger as lax on law and order. >> during one of the debates i said hey joe, say the words law and order, can you do it? he wouldn't do it. because he didn't want to lose the radical left. >> early voting is continuing across the u.s. with more than 83 million ballots all ready cast. more than 9 million texans voted early. surpassing the state's total vote from the 2016 presidential election. >> we have the opportunity to change how things are going in our country with our vote. i think that's a big thing for
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me and a big thing for my friends as well. president trump address add considerably smaller crowd than previous rallies after minnesota capped the attendance to prevent further spread of the virus. and stick with us on election day, we have a special edition of the kpix 5 news at 3:00 p.m. that's followed by the cbs evening news and then a special america decides election coverage. we'll also bring you all the local results throughut the evening on kpix 5 and cbsn bay area on more fall out for the silicon valley organization after it released attack ads many are calling racist. two latino city council members have come forward saying a mailer from the svu earlier this year darkened their skin complexion. the organization's political action committee also put out the ad this week that led to the resignation of its ceo.
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as of tonight, 1/ 5 of the organization's 81 board members are telling the mercury news they've resigned because of these ads. a number of business haves cut ties, sisco, comcast, pg&e, kaiser and the san jose sharks. the director of california's unemployment agency announced her retirement as the state is still dealing with a huge barack log of claims. sharon hilliard will retire at the own of the year according to the sacramento b, the edd still hasn't processed about 1.1 million outstanding claims, that's down from 1.6 million last month. the agency has also paid out millions of dollars in fraudulent claims since the pandemic began. store new at 11:00, thousands of disney workers in anaheim are on notice tonight. they could lose their jobs. a new round of layoffs is expected sunday. each will be told reportedly by an email from the company.
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many worker haves all ready been furloughed for eight months. there is still no reopening date for disney land resort and park. still ahead tonight, video coming in showing the moment when a powerful earthquake shakes turkey. tonight the latest on the search for survivors. tonight we have learned an injured child was found at the scene of a murder on the peninsula. what police are revealing as they search for a killer. and the spirit of halloween on full display in the east bay tonight. we'll show you how all the ghouls and
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new video shows a magnitude seven quake that struck between the turkish coast and the greek island of samos. at least 19 people have died. more than 710 other haves been hurt. those victims were caught in collapsing buildings like that one and some blooding from a tsunami that caused a lot of water to come in from that earthquake. new ads 11:00, we learned utility equipment is likely to blame for sparking the deadly woolsie fire in southern
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california according to a new report. three people died. more than 1600 structures were destroyed northwest of los angeles two years ago. authorities are investigating if so call edison equipment sparked the silverado fire in orange county earlier this week. an update on a homicide investigation in san mateo. we have now learned an injured child was found at the crime scene near highway 101. highway 92 junction. officers were called to the scene on eleanor drive about 10:00 this morning. police say someone shot a 30- year-old victim inside of a white suv. a child who was hurt was found in the drye way. no word yet on the extent of the injuries. >> the pandemic is prompting a growing number of southern california cities to ban halloween events and they're serious about making sure people comply. beverly hills is banning all trick or treating and halloween parties.
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the police are setting up roadblocks to streets that typically attract thousands and warning party hosts could be sited. west hollywood canceled its halloween carnival. one of the biggest parties of the year. police threatening to mandate a curfew if too many people gather. many think the pandemic will put a damper on halloween especially with kids with trick or treating being considered a high-risk activity. >> andrea joins us from alameda where neighbors are working together to create a safe and spooky halloween. i'm here at the haunting house of denton abby. the homeowners here spent weeks putting this all together. it's not just here in alameda. with the restrictions this year, neighbors have been coming together to give their community something to celebrate this halloween. >> i'm guessing you two really like halloween. >> yes. [ laughter ].
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>> this home is part of the alameda haunt your house contest looking to be crowned the most haunted home in town. >> it really helps our halloween spirit. we love everything spooky. >> the dancing ghosts, the sound and smoke effects and this. a contactless way of handing out candy all built by two set designers. >> we haven't been able to do our job since march. the live entertainment industry was the first thing to go and it'll be the last thing to come back. >> a similar story in the oakland hills. if homeowners also had extra time on their hands and created their take on disney land's haunted mansion. they almost lost a key part of their show as thieves drove away with this hearse. luckily it was quickly returned. >> one grinch isn't going to you know ruin our holiday spirit. and we want to make sure we can give back and bring happiness to the community.
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>> you can find candy walls and treat bags hanging off decorations. neighbors are working together to come up with a safer alternative. >> we have seen more of our neighbors since covid. we have met more of our neighbors. we have met more of our neighbor's children. and in some ways, it's not so bad. >> here in alameda, the haunted house decoration contest is for a good cause. all you have to do is scan the qrc code and make a donation straight to the alameda food bank. in alameda, kpix 5. there's something you don't see all that often in okay, snow. this is boston. it made for a messy commute there. the city got 3.5 inches of snow. and that's a new record for october. >> he doesn't seem to mind. >> he doesn't seem to mind. i was thinking if the red sox got into the world series and they were playing at home. >> yeah. >> remember the twins, that's
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never going to happen. >> weather has changed so much lately. it's been stuck in this pattern. east of the rockies we've had the heat. second warmest october on record around the bay area and fire danger. the fire danger will be elevated. not as high as it was last weekend. air quality with the smoke blowing in from the creek fire did deteriorate today. inland in the east bay, in the santa clara valley, unhealthy for sensitive groups. over the weekend, we'll stay in the moderate category. no spare the air alerts in effect. by tuesday, stronger on shore winds will push some of that out of here. right now, it's nice out this evening. temperatures have dropped off significantly since the sun went down. 53 degrees downtown at the moment. that temperature will only drop another degree maybe two the rest of the night. all ready down to 46 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures around 40 degrees. most inland part of the bay area dipping down in the 40s by
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saturday morning. around the bay, temperatures staying barely above 50 degrees. it should be a nice saturday. including in the city, we've been featuring dogs in costumes all week, and poor franky is all ready worn out. and we're not even to halloween yet. temperatures in san francisco are going to warm up much more than they did today. the high temperature in the city was only 61. tomorrow, 10 degrees on top of that in the low 70s with not as much of that on shore influence. temperatures will be warmer around the bay, low to mid 70s. mid to upper 60s along the coast. 80s inland. 70s around the south end of the bay. low 80s for the santa clara valley. mid 80s in the east bay. farther down the line, warm weather for most of next week, changes toward the end of next week, the long range forecast models agree that we're going to see this storm system diving down toward the west coast, the european forecast model keeps it here, a little bit closer to
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us. which means it's going to be significantly cooler late next week. also with a good chance of rain, it will tap into moisture down south. also the possibility of snow in the sierra. we're tracking the american forecast model too. and it's not quite as optimistic. no showers in the forecast yet. but it's possible friday into saturday we'll see the first decent shower chances around the bay area, we'll keep you updated on that over the next several days. we have sports settling in. the 49ers-seahawks. not the only treat ahead this weekend. and can he go home again? raiders, john gruden. back to the buckeye state. . and a reminder, kpix 5 has a brand new app that gives you 24/7 access to cbsn bay area, and kpix 5 news casts. and realtime news updates, and you can also sign up for breaking news alerts.
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during the sign stealing scandal, he was suspended and fired by the team in the wake of if scandal but he's back to the game. kyle shanahan wanted to make it abundantly clear that it's his wife mandy who sent halloween candy to the families of the entire coaching staff. i had no idea what he was talking about.
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that was my wife that did that. i'm not sure what they got. but she gave them all something. >> treats sent to wes welker's house. he son seemed to be in complete denial of who delivered the candy. >> thank you shanahan. >> thank you d bo i love you. >> no, shanahan. >> no d bo. >> okay. just makes your heart melt, huh. just saying, baby ruth, snickers hanging around, send it my way, we'll be back. >> into key scene as
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when you humble yourself under the mighty hand of god, in due time he will exalt you. hi, i'm joel osteen. i'm excited about being with you every week. i hope you'll tune in. you'll be inspired, you'll be encouraged. i'm looking forward to seeing you right here. you are fully loaded and completely equipped for the race that's been designed for you. well, you think it's fun to carve a halloween pumpkin, right? try carving 79 of those suckers. >> that's exactly what one family in wisconsin did.
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check this out. it almost looks like the scene out of a tim burton movie. it's amazing, this wisconsin family loves halloween so much their home looks like it's been taken over by an army of jack-o- lanterns, that is impressive. >> how
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