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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 1, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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workouts for the rest of the week with full practice next monday. >> really understanding that there will be bumps in the road. and understanding this will not be smooth or seamless. not today, tomorrow, not in a week or month. maybe in a while. >> the 49ers will lead santa clara tomorrow and don't know when they will return. they plan to spend the next three weeks in glendale arizona, and they will stay at the adjoining hotel to the stadium. in a way at least they will be in their own bubble. >> basically we are moving out there in our hotel will be our new levi's stadium.
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which is where we go to work. just like when we are here we go to work every day and get tested. when we are here then we go straight home to our house. i look at it as our house just happens to be where work is up. >> and they had their one remaining home game on the schedule. that will now take place december 12 and the cardinals are practicing this week in seattle and next week in corvallis. stanford of course coming of the big game win over cal. they have the axe, they just don't have another home game. california's coronavirus surge is not letting up. the numbers climbing by the day. the covid website shows more than 12,000 reported cases and 70 new deaths. it shows the 14 day average for positive tests is 6 1/2%. the cdc just released new
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recommendations on who should get vaccinated first. they wrote today to give priority to healthcare workers and nursing home residents. that encompasses around 24 million americans. they project around 20 million doses of each exit will be available by the end of the month. each vaccine requires two doses. no evidence of fraud, that is the word from william barr today on the 2020 election. meantime president-elect biden and vice president elect harris continue to move forward with their white house transition plans. as skyler henry reports live from wilmington delaware. >> reporter: good evening, the attorney general's words today really echoes what secretaries of state around the country have said all along in that they have not seen any reports, or haven't seen any evidence of
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widespread voter fraud in terms of the 2020 election, despite what the president has been putting out. that is certainly significant because the attorney general is seen as someone who is typically in lockstep with the president. but as you mentioned, things are moving along, especially here in willington delaware is the president elect and his administration are trying to fill out who will be on his economic team. attorney general william barr is breaking with president trump saying in an interview with the associated press that the justice department has not uncovered any evidence of widespread voter fraud that would change the outcome of the 2020 election. the trump campaign immediately responded. saint "with all due respect to the attorney general there has not been any a semblance of the department of justice investigation." it came on the same day joe biden announced key members of his economic team. >> this team will always be there for you and your
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families. >> the group includes senator mcmillan. and there would have first nigerian woman deputy secretary, cecelia rouse would be the first woman of color to share that has council of economic advisors. members of the biden-harris economic team will no doubt be test with touting the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic. >> this is the relief we need.>> they are already getting pushback. >> we want to make sure that this nut job doesn't get to lead. >> tandon is an outspoken critic of the gop. >> our government is meant to
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serve all the american people. republicans, democrats and all independence alike. >> which party controls the senate will be decided by voters in january. attorney general william barr said he is appointing special counsel john durand to continue the probe into the election of 2016. barr said he has not formed congressional leadership, that was before this year's election, but the covid-19 pandemic slowed that process as well as a conclusion of the investigation. >> skyler henry reporting live from wilmington. thank you. today on capitol hill the top senate republican rejected a new proposed stimulus package worth more than $900 billion. the goal is to save certain benefits for americans before they expire at the end of this
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year. but senator mitch mcconnell says he wants to pass a targeted relief bill instead.>> we just don't have time to waste. we have a couple of weeks left here. obviously it does require bipartisan support to get out of the congress but requires a presidential signature. >> the biggest impediment to get an agreement is the republican leader if using to negotiate in a bipartisan way. >> despite that, stocks were up today following encouraging vaccine news. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbsn bay area, drastic cuts in store for beauty.>> the deficit growing monthly. the outlook over the next two years is abysmal and the man that runs that agencies has only one thing can save it and it has nothing to do with california. back to the epicenter. what will hunt china looks like
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today, one year after the world's first covid cases were detected. later, profiting off the pain of others. are californians being pushed into using unsafe debit cards to receive unemployment funds?>> it absolutely feels like we are being treated like second-class citizens. nice sunset over san francisco bay as we look out from berkley hills. we will see plenty of sunshine tomorrow but a few high clouds
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let's take a live look right now from our tower cameras to the bay bridge. the future of muni is at stake, drastic cuts could be coming as the agency tries to survive the pandemic. as wilson walker reports, that could mean layoffs for more than 1000 workers.>> reporter:
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the sf mta started meeting today at 1:00 this afternoon and are still speaking as we speak to you right now. that meeting has been going on all day. and the main thrust of that is an update from director jeffrey tomlin who is briefing directors and what the budget looks like over the next two years and it is not pretty. over 2021 and 2022 the agency is looking at a deficit of some 230+ million dollars. they've been trying to find new ways to move money around, repurpose existing funds and tap into reserve but none of it will be enough. the deficit is going to be there and one potential outcome is laying off as many as 1200 mta employees. the majority would be bus drivers, mechanics, engineers and the like. the people the agency has been describing a sort of their front line responders during this pandemic. the mayor spoke about this
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crisis during her briefing today. she called the muni crisis a potential roadblock to the city's recovery as a whole.>> closing this deficit may require laying off between 18 and 22% of mtas workforce. we are facing the gutting of the basic citi service that our residents rely on and our economy needs to recover.>> it was kind of expected with the way things are going. hopefully with the vaccine and stuff it will turn around at some point.>> the director was asked, what could help, what could prevent the number of worst-case scenarios muni is looking at and he had one answer. that is the senate runoff elections that are going to occur in georgia. the idea being that a democratic congress along with president-elect joe biden could be the ones who would lay out a
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funding rescue for transit agencies across the country that are struggling just as badly as muni. worth pointing out that muni is in no way a unique case. a transit agency just dying under mounting debt during the pandemic. so what is the one savior? it would be washington, and that is going to require a democratic congress in the minds of the people who are running muni right now. so a bailout from washington is really the only legitimate lifeline they are looking at. otherwise it will be a long, slow margin to 2021 with the probability of layoffs, as many as 1200 people could lose their jobs. if things do not work out. right now oakland police are looking for the gunmen who opened fired on to chp officers. those officers luckily were not
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hurt. the east bay times is reporting the officer tried to stop a car for speeding on interstate 580 at about 2 am. the suspects fled and then started shooting back at the officers on 98th avenue and lawler. they crashed nearby on seneca street and took off on foot. oakland police and crimestoppers are offering a $10,000 reward. in germany a car plowed into a group of people in a pedestrian zone, killing five, including a nine-month-old baby girl and her father. this is in the southwestern part of germany. clothes and belongings still left behind on the street. at least 15 others were also hurt. officers arrested the driver of the car. police say he has no police record but his background shows an indication of political motivation. today marks one year since symptoms of the new coronavirus were detected in will hunt china. we know what happened next.
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today in will hunt businesses are back open and life is somewhat back to normal for the city of 11 million people. official figures show nearly 4000 people died from the virus in will hunt but skeptics believe the actual numbers are much higher. some families are accusing the government of initially concealing the outbreak and pressuring doctors to keep quiet. back here at home another spectacular day, it is fall on the calendar but looks a bit summery outside paul. >> except for the early sunset time, now going down at 4:51, that is about as wintry as it gets. and now that we are in december, we get kind of lazy, of january, december and february is the meteorological winter. some passing clouds overhead tomorrow and thursday but overall the big picture of the pattern on the change a whole
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lot. overall, still a dry pattern in the clouds will not drop any rain on us. temperatures will continue running above average for the disabled future. the entire 7 day forecast and likely beyond. dry, warmer than normal conditions have much been the story of 2020 so far. adding up the first 11 months of the year, it's been the 15th warmest year on record. he goes back to the 1870s. and the fifth warmest on record so far this year for san jose. even more bleak when you look at the rainfall numbers. for both san francisco and san jose this is the third driest year on record so far. and as we head into typically a rainy month, we don't have any rain in sight for the next several days. including with those passing clouds that we was he drifting through. those cards will not be thick enough and there will be gaps
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in between those ribbons of clouds. temperatures will still be chilly in the inland valleys, we will see a little more cloud cover tomorrow night and a mix of clouds and sunshine to start the day on thursday. any green stays off to the north and northwest over the pacific ocean. but we do see a beautiful sunset. as a few high clouds are seeking in from the west, temperatures still 61 in oakland, otherwise mid to upper 50s across the board. it will drop off quickly now that the sun has gone down. temperatures mostly dipping to the upper 30s inland, a few spots around 40, with mostly low to mid 40s around the bay. plenty of sunshine filtering through those high clouds, the son will not be blocked, just filtered once in a while. back up to around 60 along the coast, mid 60s on the bay, and very little change in the
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extended forecast. temperatures will remain in the middle portion of the 60s inland, bit of a warm-up next week with near 60 degree height temperatures along the coast. coming up at 5:30 we will take a closer look at tomorrow's high temperatures and we will have a first look at the bay area bright spots. the light displays. coming up, today is giving tuesday and while there are many reasons to donate this year, there's also an added tax benefit. a little later on, the thanksgiving break parties that may have exposed high school students to
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today is giving tuesday, the annual movement encouraging people to give to charities, nonprofits and those in need. >> and they are doing it. the analytics and marketing firm predicts more than $600 million will be raised this year. that is nearly 100 million more than in 2019. in an interview on cbs this morning a business analyst explained the new tax benefit for donations thanks to the cares act. >> it used to be before the pandemic you had to be an item miser of deductions in order to get a tax benefit forgiving. now with this provision, any taxpayer can get up to $300 deduction from their taxes by giving to a qualified charity. >> experts say that if you do
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want to give, make sure you do your homework on the charity. there are a lot of scammers of course, posing as covid really organizations. more local news at 5:30. our original report that a lot of you have emailed us about. people across the bay area out thousands of dollars after their unemployment debit cards were hacks.>> i think that is part of the reason california is pushing people to using the cards rather than a deposit.>> despite the pandemic businesses in novato are facing hike for minimum wage. and alameda county school district cracking down. the thanksgiving break parties may be to by harnessing california's
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abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm to keep california golden.
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breaking news at 5:30, two story homeless encampment goes up in flames and san jose. crews had to truck in water because there are no hydrants nearby. they got the fire pretty much not down but it is not quite out yet. some traffic leaned in that area are shut down so drivers are being asked to avoid the area.>> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30 . the bay area city set to raise its minimum wage for the second time during the pandemic. can small businesses handle it? the crackdown in one alameda county school district. the outbreak that may be linked to high school parties. some new details on a massive scam hitting the states on appointment system. fraudsters have funneled much more money away from out of work californians than anyone


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