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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  December 3, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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plan to travel. it is an invasion of privacy. >> landlords angry over a new law pushing for transparency. why they say it goes too far while lawmakers think it is just what san francisco needs. good morning. it's thursday december 3. i am michelle griego. >> i am anne makovec in for len. we are rounding the corner toward friday. it seems like it's kind of a long week. let's take a look at our traffic situation if you are heading out the door. all right. we'll get to traffic with gianna in a moment but it's a chilly start to our day. we are going to continue this weather pattern with the chilly mornings and mild afternoons. a quiet weather pattern for the bay area. here is a look to san francisco with the high clouds in the sky and we are in the 30s and 40s this morning.
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concord 40, 47 oakland -- daytime highs are running from four to nine degrees above average. it is 63 in san francisco for a high, 64 oakland, 65 san jose, 66 concord. we should catch clearing as we go through our afternoon. let's check with gianna for the latest on a crash through the altamont. can't catch a break in the altamont pass. we've got three accidents, west bound 580 at grant line in the commute direction. it's pushed to the right shoulder so it is out of lanes which is better news. things are busy as you work out of tracy from mountain house, grant line, north twin. east bound we are monitoring a crash involving a couple cars. they managed to get to the right shoulder. now there is another accident 580 at north flynn. this is involving a truck and there is debris in the road way. left lane and number three lane
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are blocked. 38 minutes from 205 towards 680. anne. >> thanks. new, a woman is in the hospital after she fell off the devil slide trail cliff in pacifica. according to people at the scene, it happened before 10:00 last night. the woman and her boyfriend saw their car about to be towed so she tried to run toward the car in the darkness and fell off the cliff. firefighters scaled down the cliff and found her alive and brought her back up. she was immediately taken to the hospital. we are waiting to find out more about her condition this morning. to the coronavirus now, the pandemic reaching new heights this morning according to johns hopkins. the death count and daily hospitalization rates hit a new high. yesterday over 3100 deaths were reported. that's 20% higher than previous record on april 15 and more than 100,000 americans were hospitalized. california also shattering a record this morning for the most coronavirus cases in a
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single day. nearly 21,000. the state also reported 113 new deaths, 14 day positivity rate is up to almost 7%. it's not looking good in santa clara. hospitals are at 88% capacity and there are only 43 icu beds left in the county. in san mateo, regular icus are 83% full. contra costa is 78% capacity. in alameda, health officials say they have a sufficient number of beds with 39% available. in alameda, free covid testing is in high demand again as coronavirus case numbers continue to trend upward. let's get to kiet do live at the county fair grounds in pleasanton. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are monitoring the situation at alameda's only free drive up
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testing site where no appointment is needed. they open at 9:00 a.m. if you are thinking about coming out, early bird gets the worm, good news, there is nobody in line. but we are expecting that to change as the morning goes on. they will wait hours for the free test. yesterday gates were locked early by 11:00 because they ran out of tests. today will likely be no different. seven day average for the positivity has been climbing steadily and is now 4.3%, the highest since august. we caught up with a nurse yesterday who urgently needed a test to go to work but could not get one. >> it's difficult to get tested. it's not easy. clearly i am here and itclosed. i just called my boss and he is like you can't come in tomorrow. now i have to wake up at 5:00 to get tested, can't go to work. who knows when i will be able to go back because i can't find
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rapid tests anywhere that i can get right away. it's just kind of stressful. >> reporter: that nurse declined to give us her name or where she worked. she could not get a test at her workplace because the tests are reserved for patients only and that's why she's coming here. before thanksgiving the average is 9500 people getting tested every day. kiet do, kpix5. new, santa clara county could receive the coronavirus vaccine in the next few weeks. county leaders say they have a plan already in place for when it arrives. healthcare workers will be first to receive the shots followed by other front line workers. the county submitted the plans to the state this week and will be made public soon. 6:05, a live look at two bay area airports. the cdc is extending its travel warning for the upcoming
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christmas holiday. the new guidance recommends that if people do end up traveling, they should get tested one to three days before travel and three to five days afterward. people who do not get tested should cut down on their nonessential activities for ten days after travel. >> the reality is december and january, february are going to be rough times. i actually believe they're going to be the most difficult time in the public health history of this nation. >> cdc issued similar guidance ahead of the thanksgiving holiday but a lot of people ignored it. travel rates on the wednesday before thanksgiving reached highest level since march. get this, developing this morning, a couple traveling from san francisco to hawaii facing criminal charges after allegedly testing positive for coronavirus before hopping on their flight. hawaii police say that they
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were detained at an airport check point and apparently they were traveling with a 4-year- old child. they have since posted bail. the city of los angeles issued a modified stay-at-home order last night similar to l.a. county's. gatherings of people outside immediate households are now banned. religious services and protests are allowed. a one time $800 stipend is being offered to workers in food service industries in los angeles. around 4,000 employees from restaurants, breweries, food stands will get cash from the nonprofit mayors fund for los angeles. the mayor made the announcement last night saying four out of every ten food service workers have lost their jobs this year. just in, the number of americans claiming unemployment benefits last week is 712,000. the claims fell around 75,000 from the week before. those layoffs remain elevated
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amid the surge in virus infections. taking a live look at san francisco where the ability to work remotely has led to a surge of vacancies in the city's apartment stock. but we don't know exactly how many units are empty and a lot of people are questioning how much their neighbor is paying compared to their rent. those are some of the questions that have gone unanswered for several years, but that is all about to change. a new law unanimously passed by san francisco supervisors will create a housing inventory. here is how that's going to work. each year landlords will be required to report approximately square footage of each unit, whether it is vacant or occupied, and dates of vacancies over the past year. plus the tenants' base rate. failure to comply means a lard lord's license to raise the rent will be suspended. >> nobody should be scared of information or transparency. >> i think it is so ridiculous
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to find out information about something as important as rents and vacancies in our own city, that we are looking at zillow and craigslist. >> not everybody is on board. many landlords are expressing their frustration before the vote calling the ordinance an invasion of privacy. san francisco apartment association agrees with that. >> disclosing which tenants pay what when all tenants live under the same roof kind of sews what we call rent animosity. >> housing inventory will track corporate rentals and increase the city's ability to crackdown on companies leaving units vacant. it can help the city identify vacant properties that can afford to give subsidies to for low income renters. the law will go into effect in july 2022. keep sending stories and ideas to project home at and you can see our reporting there
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on our website. back in flight, grounded boeing 737 max taking off again. how one airline is alerting customers if they're scheduled to fly on one. that's after the break on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. i am tracking a weather system to our north bringing showers up across pacific northwest. for us, just some passing high clouds. i will let you know what you can expect for your neighborhood, coming up. it's a busy ride at the bay bridge toll plaza. plus
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6:13. new, several students and staff at one danville classroom have tested positive for coronavirus. san ramone usd has not shut
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down classes. they've disinfected after five staff members and three students tested positive last month. starting january 5 if health officials approve all parents can choose whether they want their child to return to in person learning or continue remote learning for the school year. bay area lawmakers calling on school districts to reopen for in person learning. assembly members sent a letter to san francisco and san mateo counties. the letter sited state funding, ppe, mental health concerns as reasons to get students back to the classrooms. sunday dr. fauci said it will take time for kids to get a coronavirus vaccine, perhaps even months before those younger than 18 can get one. the boeing 737 max has taken to the skies once again.
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it had been grounded worldwide almost two years after two deadly crashes in 2019. the 737 mash jet liner took off from dallas yesterday headed for tulsa, oklahoma. it was a demo flight. it's the first time members of the public have been allowed on since the planes were grounded 20 months ago. american airlines plans to fly max with regularly scheduled passengers by the end of the year. how comfortable are you flying the 737 max? >> i am very comfortable. i am comfortable with the changes. >> pilots, mechanics, flight attendants are comfortable. it's ready to get in the air. >> deadly crashes were linked to design flaw and antistall system. 346 people were killed and the fleet of jets are undergoing
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extensive maintenance because of the prolonged grounding. >> we have the computer base and more importantly we have simulator training which is really what we should have had from the beginning. >> 737 max service will resume december 29 amid holiday travel rush with one daily route from miami to new york and back. a live look at the san jose airport. days of cats, turtles, horses flying with owners on planes for free could be coming to an end. transportation department issued a rule deciding that only dogs can fly as service animals. other companions passengers use for emotional support don't count. airlines argued that passengers have been abusing rules to bring a menagerie of animals including cats, turkeys, miniature horses, pot belly pigs and in one case, a peacock. yeah, that happened. 6:16. let's take a live look at our
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traffic. gianna, how is the morning commute shaping up? any peacocks to be seen? no peacocks, no turkeys on the roads. just a lot of brake lights. west bound 580 slow in the altamont pass and the bay bridge, that's where we have a slow spot. you see traffic is backed up almost to the foot of the maze. we are starting to see slightly slower speeds off the east shore freeway. we had a broken down vehicle and that's cleared out of lanes. still it is slow at the incline as you work into san francisco. our other trouble spot is into the altamont pass. grant line, everything is cleared to the shoulder. east line, two separate incidents. one at grant line and another at north flynn. this is our 4th crash in the area. it is busy west bound. we are seeing spectator slowing. your travel time is about 38 minutes from 205 towards dublin interchange.
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the good news is once you are past the activity, past north flynn, everything else ends up nicely towards the 680 connector. another area where we see super commuters out of gilmore, you have slow and go conditions around san martin, as you work into morgan hill. things get better through south bound san jose and you have brake lights as you approach the 280, 680 connector on north bound 101. no troubles at the san mateo bridge. tail lights working towards 101, travel time about 15 minutes from 880 towards 101 for the peninsula commute. it is time to check your forecast. a little chilly but still a beautiful day yesterday, mary. it was so pretty. a pleasant fall day across the area yesterday and that will continue for today. it's a chilly start, not as cold as yesterday but we are talking about 30s and 40s as we kick off our thursday.
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a live look with our sales force tower camera as we look east to bay bridge and mount diablo. you see high clouds in the sky as we start our day. concord is coming in at 40, 47 oakland, livermore 37, 49 san francisco, 42 in san jose, santa rosa 37. a chilly start with patchy dense fog at least in some spots. otherwise mainly clear with high clouds. as we head through our afternoon, another mild day with daytime highs running about 5 to 10 degrees above average and passing clouds as we go through today. we're going to stay dry not just for the rest of the week but into next week as well. let's take you hour by hour and what you can expect with the ridge of high pressure in place. mild and mostly sunny this afternoon. you see the sky is clearing as we go through our day on futurecast. we are at 3:00 in the afternoon. as we look to tomorrow morning, it is going to be another chilly start. we are going to continue with
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the dry, quiet weather pattern of the chilly mornings and mild afternoons. we're going to keep it going actually over the next several days. as we look to the end of the weekend into early next week, we have potential for high fire danger due to gust eye offshore winds returning for us. this is a big concern since everything is so dry. really watching late sunday into monday. the climate prediction center just releasing its precipitation outlook for the month of december. it does look like below average rainfall for the month. this afternoon, daytime highs looking at 65 in santa clara and san jose, 64 sunnyvale, campbell 66. east bacon cord you will top out at 66 later today, pleasant hill as well, mid 60s for tri valley around the bay, san francisco 63, 64 oakland, 62 alameda for east bay shoreline, north bay mid 60s later today.
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here is the extended forecast as we are looking at this weather pattern continuing for us. the ridge of high pressure is really in control. temperatures are slightly warmer early next week. back to you. >> thank you. 6:21. around the world, curious objects popping up and disappearing. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, one has been found in golden state. we'll tell you where, next. we have the power to harness california's
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abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come.
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you know those monoliths that have been popping up
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around the world, we had another one and this was a little bit closer to home. it's been spotted at the top of a hiking trail along pine mountain. sightings of similar metal monoliths have been reported over the past few weeks. the first was discovered by a helicopter suddenly in a remote area of utah desert but it mysteriously disappeared. another cropping up in romania also then disappeared. only call if absolutely necessary. a county decides to stop sending ambulances on every 911 call. how it could help he leave a major strain on hospitals. that's in our next half hour. alameda county testing more people than ever before for covid.
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, putting weight behind the vaccines. how a few former presidents are going to try and set a good example. lining up early to get tested. we are live the with rush to get swabbed in east bay. we are watching wall street following record deaths and hospitalizations and another jobless claims report. live numbers are moments away.
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good morning. it is thursday or friday jr as we like to call it. it is december 3. i am michelle griego. >> i am anne makovec in for len. another winter like forecast, mary has been talking about this morning, no rain in sight, mary. i wish i could tell you something different as we are looking at dry, quiet weather. we are going to continue with the pattern of chilly mornings and mild afternoons. here is a beautiful view over san francisco. you see high clouds but a pretty sight as we start our day. it's chilly in the 30s and 40s this morning, definitely bundle up if you are heading out the door. it is not as cold as yesterday but still with the temperatures still plummeting down to 30s and 40s. through the afternoon, we are looking at mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s. five to ten degrees above average for this time of year. we'll talk about the rest of the week into next week and
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potential for high fire danger. details are coming up. let's check with gianna for the latest on the morning commute through the altamont. we've been tracking brake lights all morning because we've had several trouble spots. the good news is most of them are cleared to the right shoulder but the damage is done. you are looking at 35 minute from his 205 west 580 towards 680. crash clearing. it is busy in both directions especially in the north flynn area. we saw a slow ride south bound 680, a little sluggish. the nimitz freeway, starting to get busy as you work through hayward. michelle. >> thank you. another grim milestone this morning with the u.s. seeing the most deaths from coronavirus in a single day. more than 3100 people died yesterday according to the johns hopkins university
6:32 am
tracker. it follows a dire warning from the head of the cdc. over the next two months, 200,000 americans could die from covid-19. >> it's overwhelming. we're doing the best we can. >> the sickest you ever seemed in your life. >> help may soon be on the way pending emergency use authorization from fda, vaccines from pfizer and moderna could start shipping to states this month. >> absolutely i am going to take it. i may end uptaking it on tv or having it filmed just so people know. >> former president barack obama told joe madison he will take the vaccine to help assure the public. mr. obama also said he will wait until the vaccine is more widely available and will not take one from someone who is considered at risk. a spokesman for former president george w bush tells cbs news he is committed to receiving the vaccine on camera
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as part of an awareness campaign by the ex president. meanwhile, a spokesman for president bill clinton told cnn he would do the same. video from belgium, this morning the first vaccines have been sent frompfizer's plant. the trucks loaded down with coronavirus shots are heading for the uk. wednesday, britain gave emergency approval to pfizer's vaccine making uk first country to approve its use. the vaccine is due to the rolled out next week. u.s. is expected to start distributing its first vaccines in less than two weeks once they're approved. for the latest on the covid- 19 vaccine, get our kpix5 news app, gives easy 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix newscasts. 6:34. let's go live to wall street. stocks are opening up just about four minutes ago. dow is up almost 100 points. that is on top of a mediocre
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jobs report about an hour ago, number of americans claiming unemployment benefits did fall last week to 712,000. the claims are down for the first time in three weeks. to congress where a group of bipartisan lawmakers helping strike a deal on the coronavirus stimulus package before christmas. a lot of people are counting on that. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer urging congress to use a stimulus plan as basis for relief talks. the package has more funding for small businesses, state and local governments, and unemployment benefits. republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell pushing for a smaller deal, his 500 million-dollar proposal is similar to legislation that he proposed earlier this year which focused on small businesses, schools, and liability protections, critical unemployment programs would be extended by one month. president-elect joe biden says
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once he takes office next year, he will pursue a sweeping stimulus package. >> three packages in the so called lame duck between now and january 21 at best will be a down payment on what will happen early next year. >> the senate is going to adjourn for holiday recess on december 18. we are live in pleasanton at the alameda fair grounds monitoring the situation at the only free drive up covid testing site where no appointment is needed. in the past couple minutes, we've got about a dozen or so cars lined up of the they will have to be out for a couple more hours because they open at 9:00 a.m. yesterday the gates were locked early by 11:00 because they ran out of tests for the day. today will be no different. seven day average for positivity test rate has been climbing steadily since mid october and stands a the 4.3%, the highest since august. we caught up with a nurse
6:36 am
yesterday who urgently needed a test so she could go back to work but could not get one. >> you are on the front lines, a nurse, and you can't get tested. >> yeah, i know. >> we are in a crisis situation right now? >> i would definitely say we are in a crisis situation right now. >> that was dr. jake scott, an infectious disease physician at stanford healthcare saying covid numbers have been rising. the nurse declined to give her name or where she worked but said she could not test at her workplace because those tests are for patients only. alameda is testing more people than ever. before thanksgiving the seven dade rolling average was 9500 people tested per day. 6:36. you are taking a look at the california state capitol. staff members in governor newsom's office under quarantine after one tested
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positive for coronavirus. a governor's office spokesperson says they are carrying out contact tracing with state public health officials. governor newsom was not exposed to the worker because he and his family have been in quarantine since last week. >> months in federal message couldn't be simpler. it is time to hunker down. it is time to cancel everything. we got new numbers on hospitalizations across l.a. county. they've reached a record number, more than 2400 people are in the hospital. that is the most for a single day since the pandemic began. 24% of patients are in the icu. 13% are on ventilators. as the pandemic rages across southern california, healthcare workers and ambulance services are really being pushed to the limit in san bernardino county. ambulances are now only being sent to life threatening emergencies. the county fire department has begun responding to 911 calls
6:38 am
with just paramedics and a fire truck. that's because ers are full of covid patients and as that happens ambulances are forced to line up in front of emergency rooms and then they have to wait sometimes for hours on end. >> for every hour ambulances are waiting, that ambulance is not available for other 911 calls notice system. i am not aware of any time where the system has been strained for such an extended period of time. >> san bernardino county operations officials say they're hoping to decompress the jammed facilities so the system can keep up with the influx of covid patients and the flu season. developing this morning, bay area nonprofits are reporting donations are way down due to the pandemic at a time when the demand has become dramatic. to make sure families in need get help, organizations like san francisco's telegraph hill neighborhood center had to adapt to covid-19. it has now canceled in person
6:39 am
after school program and created an all day learning hub for san francisco unified school district students. many students are from under served communities. some are homeless and right now donations are down 40%. another bay area tech company can be slapped with an anti trust lawsuit. why dozens of states are taking facebook to court. that is after the break on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. the market just opened about ten minutes ago. a look at the big board, dow is up about 75
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stocks opening slightly up this morning and jobless claims numbers are better than expected. diane king hall is joining us live from new york to break it down. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning. it's been an up and down week
6:43 am
for wall street and stocks are swinging back to the up side with trading underway for a little more than ten minutes now. you've got dow on the plus side with gains up about 89 points. let me give you a check of the tech sectors. the nasdaq is better by 39. s&p 500 up barely, just two points. we'll see what happens there because it's been hitting records. another 712,000 americans filed for unemployment benefits last week. that was better than expected and improvement over the prior week. keep in mind the government releases monthly jobs report tomorrow. economists are predicting the nation's unemployment rate ticked lower to 6.8%. anne. >> working in the right direction at least. diane king hall of, thanks for that. >> yes indeed. gayle king joins us now from new york.
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it's always good to see you, gayle. >> hello michelle my bell. i feel the same about you. ahead, covid vaccines are on the way. i know you are talking about this. cases continue to surge. surgeon general will share how he is trying to get americans and others to protect themselves from the coronavirus. we'll take you on board 737 max where the first flight with passengers, remember it was grounded, we will show you what's changed. the godfather part 3 aired 30 years ago. they tell anthony about recutting the movie and how he thinks he finally after all the years got it right. the question now is what does anthony mason think? we'll find out. we'll see you at 7:00 in about 15 minutes from now. back to you.
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>> that's an important question. what does anthony think. >> yes, that's what we want to know. >> we'll find out. thanks. we'll see you. >> all right. facebook is reportedly going to be sued for alleged antitrust violations. reuters cites sources who say more than 40 states are investigating the social network and plan to sue next week. it's not clear what will be included in the state's complaints. facebook has not yet commented on the matter. a federal labor agency is saying google has wrongfully fired two employees. the employees fired were involved in labor organizing at the company and participated in walk outs last year. the agency alleges google most likely violated labor law in firing the pair for protesting but google has suggested it plans to fight claiming the employees violated company policies. new, in an e-mail to
6:46 am
workers the tesla ceo says they need to cut costs or high stock prices will drop. tesla shares have risen nearly 600% making it worth more than any other major auto maker. here is another ambitious goal from elon musk. he is planning to send humans to wars. the spacex ceo says he will put people on the planet by 2026 at the latest. the billionaire is making projections based on science he says. every 26 months earth and mars orbits around the sun sink. spacex is developing a special rocket that can launch cargo and as many as 100 people at a time to mars or the moon. i will go moon if i have the option because it seems less scary. what are you going, gianna? mars or moon? >> if i have to pick, i guess moon. but i will keep my feet planted right here on earth. hitting the roads as you work
6:47 am
west bound towards bay bridge toll plaza commute, the usual stuff with lots of company from the east bay to san francisco. we had an earlier stalled vehicle near treasure island. that is long gone. things are better across the upper deck as you head into the city. checking travel times, west bound 80, 18 minutes, not to the yellow zone yet. west bound 580, brake lights, 35 minutes from 205 to 680. brake lights on west 580 commute from 205. 205 is slow from mount house and everything towards north flynn. most of the crashes are cleared. checking san mateo bridge, slow near the toll plaza but just extra volume for the ride west bound heading towards 101 looking at a 17 minute drive
6:48 am
hayward to foster city. 880, pockets of slowing, a few brake lights out of hayward, slow and go into the fremont area. it's not bad for your morning ride. things are pretty smooth along the nimitz freeway. traffic conditions near colosseum, things moving at the limit. we have a crash that chp is responding to. near atomic laboratory road. that's near the ge plant. a couple cars tangled up to the right shoulder. it's 6:48, time to check the forecast and it is almost the weekend. mary. almost there. i have been loving our tower cameras with spectacular views. sales force tower camera as we look east at the bay bridge, east bay and mount diablo with the golden colors. our sunrise will be coming in at 7:08. you can see high clouds out there. our temperatures, another chilly start now, not as cold
6:49 am
as yesterday morning but still in the 30s and 40s. concord is coming in at 40, oakland 47, livermore 37. we are looking at san francisco, 49. it is 42 in san jose san jose, 37 santa rosa. a chilly start with patchy dense fog in some locations. as we head through the afternoon, we'll have clearing and sunshine, mild again with passing clouds. we're going to stay dry not only through the rest of the week but likely into next week as well. we do have a beach hazard statement that remains in effect until 4:00 this afternoon due to rough and dangerous surf. sneaker waves, sudden breakers, strong rip currents likely. please use extra caution at beaches as we are looking at high energy waves and sea heights that will be building. as we look to the satellite and radar view the strong ridge of high pressure in place, mild with mostly sunny skies. that will be the case all week long. several days of this weather
6:50 am
pattern, not really changing much. on futurecast hour by hour, mostly sunny skies. this is 3:00 p.m. as we look to tomorrow morning it's going to be another chilly start for your friday. for the end of the week into early next week, we'll be watching potential for gusty offshore winds developing. this is a concern because everything is just so dry out there. we can see a high fire danger by late sunday into monday. as we look to our afternoon daytime high of 65 in santa clara, san jose, 64 sunnyvale, 66 for campbell. east bacon cord 66 and also for pleasant hill. mid 60s for tri valley. san francisco topping out at 63, 64 in oakland and north bay, mid 60s this afternoon. here we go with the extended forecast as we will continue the weather pattern, chilly mornings and mild afternoons again watching offshore winds sunday night into monday and slightly warmer temperatures by
6:51 am
early next week. we are celebrating and showcasing our bay area bright spots this season. check out this holiday photo by marissa and lorenzo in napa. i love the home made paper mache decorated holiday tree. they actually created this beautiful sculpture. check out another display in newark. the video of the 35-foot inflatable santa, 25-foot christmas tree, large candy canes. gotta love it. it definitely has that griswold decorating skill. share your holiday likes. e-mail pictures and videos to or tag us on social media with #brightspots. >> love those. thanks. china's moon mission finished collecting samples and
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safely ceiling them into the probe. china's state run media reports it is the third time a chinese lunar probe has successfully landed on the moon. 6:52. a dramatic rescue in pacifica. a woman falls over a cliff and had to be pulled to safety. why rush to stop a tow truck may be the blame for her fall. alameda county is testing more people than ever before. nearly 10,000 people a day. we'll have a live report from pleasanton. coming up today on the drew barrymore show, actress jennifer garner and comedian tom green stop make your holidays happen... at ross! surprise! ahhh! yes! i love it! you don't have to spend a lot to give a lot to the ones who mean the most. you've got the holidays, and we've got you, with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less!
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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yep! get the gifts you love... yesss! ... for everyone on your list. you've got the holidays, and we've got you... with all the gift for less. at ross. yes for less! it's time for a look at the top stories. >> a woin the hospital after she fell off a cliff. this was the devil slide trail
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in pacificapartment. people say she saw her car being towed and try to run to it. in the run to it, she fell off the cliff. firefighters were able to scale down and find her alive and bring her back up. she was taken to the hospital. there is no word on her condition. pandemic reaching new heights with record high deaths in a sickle day. daily hospitalizations continue surging with more than 100,000 people in the hospital. that is a single day record. this morning, the first shipment of vaccines have been sent from pfizer's plant in belgium. the trucks loaded down with coronavirus shots are headed for uk. the vaccine will be rolled out there next week. the city of los angeles issued a modified stay-at-home order last night similar to l.a. county's rule. gatherings of people outside immediate households are banned. religious services and protests are allowed. cdc recommends those who
6:57 am
travel for holidays should get tested one to three days beforehand and three to five days afterwards. people who do not get tested should cut down on nonessential activities for ten days. i am kiet do. we are live in pleasanton at the alameda fair grounds keeping eye on the free drive up testing zi where no appointment is needed. we've got about two dozen people waiting in line now. they open at 9:00 a.m. so they have a long wait ahead of them for a couple more hours. yesterday gates were locked early by 11:00 a.m. because they ran out of tests. today will likely be no different. seven day average phospositivity rate has been climbing steadily and is at 4.3%, the highest since august. alameda is testing more people than ever. before thanksgiving on average 9500 people got tested every day. clearly there is a demand for free drive up testing. this facility will open at 9:00
6:58 am
and closes at 12:00 p.m. as we look at the roadways, starting with public transit, there is a 10 minute delay on richmond line for bart due to an equipment problem on the train. the rest of the mass transit is on time. over to the freeways, north bound 101 before cochran road, an accident blocking the left shoulder, center divide. as we look at our other super commuter route, the drive into altamont pass is busy out of tracy starting west bound 205 at mountain house. delays extend to 580 at least to north flynn and open with a few brake lights approaching 680, 580 dublin interchange. we are tracking a few brake lights off the east shore freeway, west bound 80 as you work your way in the berkeley area. that's a look at the morning drive. good morning. we are starting our day with temperatures down to the 30s
6:59 am
and 40s once again. bundle up and don't forget your big winter coat if you are heading out the door. as we head through afternoon, we'll see mostly sunny skies and mild temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. about five to ten degrees above average this time of year, low to mid 60s around bay and mid 60s inland. we will continue with the quiet, dry weather pattern over the next days and we could see gusty offshore winds return by sunday night into monday. that is a concern because everything is just so dry out there. it could mean a high fire danger that will be back to the bay area by sunday into monday. slightly warmer temperatures as we look to early next week. happy thursday. i am so glad we are almost there. i don't know if it's because thanksgiving was last week but this week has felt extra long. >> no kidding. it's been a long one. >> we are almost done. thanks so much.
7:00 am
thanks for watching kpix5 news. don't forget, news continues all day on cb ba ♪ ba good morning to you, our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." it's thursday, december 3rd. i'm gayle king. that's anthony mason and tony dokoupil. deadliest day yet. america shatters the record for most deaths in a day from the ofo getirus. even worse unless americans take more precautions. we'll have the latest on the effort to stop the spread and the new vaccine. >> the president wages war on the truth. president trump releases a 46-minute video where he fuels debunked conspiracy theories and blames democrats for his loss. why republicans are worried his obsession could cost them the senate. >> a raging wildfire explodes in southern california. the latest on the battle to save homes from flames that spread


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