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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  December 8, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, joining the lockdown list in the north bay, taking a step back to stop the surge. >> like smash the rock or chisel at the rock and you will actually get to the same place. so does science back the stay-at-home order? not everyone agrees. doctors weigh in. and v-day in the uk, historic video of people receiving the first approved coronavirus vaccine. good morning. it's tuesday, december 8. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> and i'm len kiese. it's a warm december day. let's look at the forecast with mary lee. good morning, ann and len. we are looking at plenty of sunshine today, and as we
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start off the day, a live look at san francisco. you can see the tower there with clear skies and the chilly temperatures, mainly in the 40s and 30s in santa rosa at 39. mid-40s in livermore and san jose and a milder start for san francisco at 54, and as we head through the afternoon, 68 in san francisco and 70 in oakland, and 71 for concord. so we are going to see the highs soaring this afternoon well above average. we'll talk about what to expect as we head through the week, a bit of a cool down, and details on the shower possibility coming up. let's check in with gianna and the bay bridge traffic. that's right, mary. the metering lights are on, and how quickly things have backed up. so it's pretty much the morning
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rush. and we have the usual brake lights and the incline into the city, but no trouble spots as far as accidents. that's the good news. as you are coming off the east shore freeway, things are moving at the limit 580 eastbound through oakland but not the case in the altamonte pass. the westbound direction is getting busy out of tracy and the pass, and a new trouble spot on the 205 connector. more coming up in a few minutes. len? >> gianna, thank you. marin county is just hours away from joining four other bay area counties in a voluntary shelter in place order, and emily turner has more on this live, and i am i sure it's not a happy roll back, emily. >> reporter: no, and i talked
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with one business owner who will be protesting, and for the businesses, it's already been so rough and there are is plenty of frustration because the county has jumped from red to shelter in place and bypassing the purple tier. and last night, it was a lot of different things. it was the last supper out so to speak and the last haircut and the last time on a playground for a month, and the closed jungle gyms are taxing parents worn thin who were thinking of defying the order just to give themselves and their kids a break. >> take them places like this to show them how many other babies and kids there are in the world and now it's shut down what will we do? it's guys like me that will hop the fence. >> reporter: you have to
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empathize. i have had a baby in march and he doesn't see any other children. and the retail will be shut down to 25 percent capacity, and just hours is how long you have left to get whatever you can done before that happens. reporting live in san francisco, emily turner, kpix 5. and medical workers are using the blunt instrument comparison to fight the virus >> you can take a blunt instrument and smash the rock or chisel at the rock and get to the same place. >> the doctor said there is no evidence that masking and outdoor dining will spread the virus. scott morrow has explained a
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statement explaining why she not following the stay-at-home order saying, quote t appears to be style over substance without a hint of enforcement, and i simply don't believe it will do much good. hospitals are dealing with an unprecedented wave of covid- 19. more than 10,000 patients are treated in california, and that has gone up 72% in the past two weeks, and icu admissions are up 69 percent. the northern california region has the highest capacity, 28 percent followed by the bay area at nearly 26 percent and then sacramento. but look at southern california right now and the san joaquin valley, 11 and six percent, and santa clair county is
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entering the first day of shut down but has broken records. >> we have 50 icu beds, that's 50 in the entire county not just to care for covid but for everyone. >> the vaccine from pfizer may arrive next week, and healthcare workers and long- term facility patients will be the first to receive the vaccine, and the rollout will be slow and it could be until next year before it's complete. they are urging everyone to stay safe and stay at home unless it's essential. a new site to offer seven day testing a week, and they will increase the testing capacity to 5000.
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pop-up testing sites are available at emanuel baptist church on white road from 11:00 to 5:30:00 p.m. or the south county annex in gilroy. the testing is only for people without symptoms. appointments are not required. for a full list head to the state plans to launch an app that will alert people if they spent time with someone who tests positive. people can activate the notifications tool from the settings menu on their phone. >> the system doesn't tell anyone who you have been in contact with. you don't have their name or email or cell phone number. >> the app rolls out to the public on thursday. today, california health and human serviceses secretary will give an update on the state's restrictions. you can watch that at noon on
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kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. new video out of the uk where the covid-19 vaccine is rolling out and getting underway. 91-year-old marringet keenan is the first to receive the vaccine. and we know a lot of people are asking about it. developing in oakland, one person is dead and two are injured following a triple shooting very close to mills college. this is on macarthur boulevard according to the east bay times. it happened before 8:00 last night. two people were found in the car. one was rushed to the hospital and the other died at the scene. a third turned up at another hospital. we reached out to police to try and get more details. we have yet to hear back. in an unusual move, a grand jury has indicted a working san
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francisco officer in a high profile use of force case. christopher flores was responding to a burglary report when he shot a man, and police say it was after he attacked an officer. both the officer and hampton were indicted. >> this is not about sending a message. i ran my campaign on a platform to enforce laws equally and hold police who violate laws accountable, the same way we hold others who violate laws accountable. >> flores is the second officer in the area to be indicted. coming up, the latest on what need to know on kpix 5 and
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streaming on cbsn bay area. and this is a live look from the bay camera. a clear morning, and i'll have the latest coming up. a look at the travel times in the altamonte pass. a live look outside as we head to the break. another view of the bay bridge, the western span o top
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it's 6:13. san francisco assemblyman phil king is looking at requiring schools to resume in-person learning within two weeks of the county moving to red, orange, orioley on tier. this comes amid a troubling trend for remote learners across the country. i florida, the percentage of high schoolers getting an f has more than doubled.
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and in texas, 40 percent of students failed one class this fall. a normal year is 11 percent. >> we are worried about the widening the inequality, whether because of challenges or participation in school. meanwhile, schools in new york just reopened for elementary and special needs students, and other parts of the u.s. are pushing for the same thing. we saw rallies in several states yesterday where students are on the picket line demanding to get back in the classrooms. 6:14, and taking a live look at the pace center in san francisco. two members were absent after testing positive for covid-19. the san francisco chronicle reporting that they are draymond green and rookie center wiseman. they did not confirm them but
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did confirm the positive tests last week. it's unclear when they will return to the team, and meantime, the state officials have walked back a limit- grocery stores to make sure people have access to enough food. the grocery stores are allowed to operate at 35% capacity down from 50 percent. so hopefully that will slice back the time people have to wait outside a grocery store. new this morning, the cronavirus is making us change the way we do just about everything. >> this season, one fresno restaurant is changing how they take tamales, usually make 48,000, and this year, they anticipate making half of that due to a smaller workforce. and some stores are making changes to the tamale. >> if you don't want to make them at home you can order them
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for postmates. just look for the supermarket on the postmate app or through instacart. >> they usually see a spike in tamale season from the end of october to mid-january. and those bad boys are favorites at kpix 5, gianna. the tacos, they are so good. i know. my gosh. i miss those. so hopefully, we will get some for the holidays. if not, we can order them. right? that's good. and taking a look at the roadways towards the bay bridge. we have the metering lights on out of the east bay into san francisco and the morning commute is in the full swing through the upper bay bridge with pockets of slowing heading into the city. the metering lights turned on before 6:00. the east shore freeway, still in the green, coming off the
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westbound 580. brake lights from the foot of the maze into the city. 34 minutes the travel time from the altamonte pass to westbound 580, 205 to 680, and brake lights at mountain house and a trouble spot eastbound 9580 at grant line. it doesn't look like it's blocking a lane. it's not affecting your drive this morning, and positive slowing northbound 101 out of the south bay, an area where we are seeing the super commuters. it typically slows down, but it's pretty light. if you have to take 101 out of the south bay, things are moving smoothly but i am tracking brake lights. westbound 37 is getting busy out of vallejo this morning. no accidents or incidents, though for the commute across 37. the golden gate bridge is looking good. more volume on the southbound
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side, 15 minutes from the richmond-san rafael bridge, southbound 1 czar 1 towards the golden gate, the good news is, no windy conditions. that's good for the bridge commute. mary? oh, quite a difference this morning, gianna, compared to yesterday. we are starting to see golden colors in the sky with the sun about to rise. looking east at the bay bridge, and the temperatures, a chillier start to the day compared to yesterday. looking at 39 in santa rosa. and oakland at 49, and 45 in livermore, milder in san francisco at 54 and we have a high surf warning until 5:00 p.m., northwest swells 15 to 18 feet and large breaking waves up to 25 feet. so dangerous sneaker waves and
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strong rip currents at the beaches for today. along the coast this afternoon, mid-60s with mostly sunny skies and around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s, and inland, low to mid-70s. not as breezy for today. the low pressure system that brought the gusty offshore winds yesterday are well to the south and a ridge of high pressure in control for us. as we look into tomorrow, a few more clouds, but we're still looking at milder temperatures. so from the 70s today to the 60s tomorrow. taking you hour by hour on futurecast, the sunshine heading through the day. tomorrow, watch as we see the clouds stream in for your wednesday, and again, the temps are just a bit cooler for tomorrow. we have the northerly winds from yesterday, and they pushed very dry air into the
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bay area. so low relative humidity values, and we are watching that closely for you. everything is just so dry out there. we could use the rain. as we look to the weekend, by the end of the weekend, we could see a chance of a few showers on sunday. we'll keep our fingers crossed. 72 in santa clara, and 73 for campbell, and 44 for morgan hill. 71 in concord, pleasant hill and 98 san francisco and 78 in oakland, and low to mid-70s for the north bay, and 74 for santa rosa. there gee with the extended forecast. we'll cool you down a bit. looking to tomorrow, 50s and 60s and more clouds for the weekend, a bit cooler. we'll see if we will get a few showers in by the weekend.
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happening today, the 40th anniversary of the death of john lennon. >> people all over the world are celebrating the legacy that the beatles' legend left behind. [ singing ] >> fans of lennon came together at the central park memorial in
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new york city known as strawberry fields. some of the fans were also here on that night 40 years ago when lennon was gunned down outside of his apartment at age 40. historians call him one of the most influential musicians of all time. >> when we lost that night was not just a killing of one rock star but what we lost was someone today that would have given us insight and told us things that politicians should have seen. >> fans say that his music and message are timeless and continue to inspire millions. i'm emily turner in marin county this morning. this is just the latest county to join the
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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, new overnight, the first coronavirus vaccine injected overseas, the message from the uk's prime minister from those afraid to take it. >> the vaccine hasn't reached us in the u.s. yet but the latest county that is about to shut down in just a few hours. good morning and thank you for
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starting tuesday with us. it's december 8. i'm anne makovec in for michelle. >> and i'm len kiese. first up, we want to check in with mary lee for the forecast and a beautiful day is on tap, mary. it is for sure, len. plenty of sunshine with the temperatures warming up 10 to 15 degrees and many of you in the 70s. we are looking at calmer conditions this morning with clear skies as you look to the tower in san francisco, and right now in the city, 54 in san francisco and 40 in concord and oakland, 49, and 45 in livermore, and san jose, 43, and a cool smart santa rosa, 39, and inland, low to mid-70s and around the coast, mid-60s with a high surf warning in effect due to the high surf breakers. gianna, i know it's slow going
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at the bridge. yeah, mary. we have metering lights on, and working from the foot of the maze into san francisco to the incline area. and this is off the skyway into san francisco. no accidents at the bridge. that's the good news, but we are seeing the brake lights off the east shore freeway. westbound 80 through berkeley, emeryville, things are getting busy there, and a crash southbound nimitz 880 before fifth street. a vehicle veered off the roadway into the bush there's. most of the nimitz freeway is problem free working through oakland. we have a busy ride heading into the altamonte pass. the uk is vaccinating the country with 800,000 doses of the pfizer vaccine. the first, 90-year-old margaret
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keenan and 81-year-old william bill. that's his real name, and an 87-year-old doctor also receiving the vaccine. >> this is not an ordinary crisis. >> it's the beginning of the end of the pandemic. they will be given to have people in care homes and over 80. >> and they are calling it v- day. they are looking for vaccines from astrazeneca and moderna. and the prime minister has a message for those who are unsure about the vaccine. >> for those who are unsure, you have seen people take it, get the vaccine this morning, and in large numbers, people will be taking it in the next few days or weeks. there is nothing to be nervous about. >> boris johnson who had covid- 19 earlier this year is not getting the vaccine just yet. the uk is prioritizing care
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home residents, carers, and the elderly and service workers. we'll take a look at the stock market that opened a few minutes ago, and investors are not feeling too stable even as the vaccine is rolled out. the dow is opening down just about 70 points. in the u.s., the fda may authorize the pfizer vaccine this week. today, president trump will host a white house summit to promote the rapid development of the vaccine, and "the new york times" is reporting that the trump administration passed up an early opportunity to buy more doses of the pfizer vaccine beyond the 100 million that decision could delay the delivery of a second batch by june. the administration said that is false. looking live at capitol hill right now where lawmakers are continuing to negotiate a coronavirus relief package. congress is expected to pass a
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one week's extension to fund the government past saturday. the hope is to attach a coronavirus relief package on to a larger bill that funds the government. i'm emily turner in marin county. the economic stimulus is what the knows need. in hours, the sidewalks will be empty because marin will be the latest to join the shelter in place club. no personal services as of noon, no playgrounds will be open or outdoor dining. retail will be down to 20 percent capacity, so it's not a great situation headed into the busy season. the county jumped from the red into shelter in place, bypassing or leapfrogging the purple tier altogether. it goes into effect today, see last night as you can imagine was very busy with the last of
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many things, the last supper out or the last hair color or the last playground visit, and the jungle gyms closed for the holiday break is taxing parents, weighing the consequences of disobeying the order to give kids something to do and themselves a break. >> upset, angry, disappointed for all the kids. >> i was devastated. the kids love coming out here. it's one of the few things they can still do right now. >> reporter: marin joins four other counties. santa clara, san francisco, and contra costa on monday started that. and 12:01, alameda county started and marin is the latest and at this point, the last county to join the voluntary shelter in place movement. as you can imagine, folks are very frustrated, and this
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weekend, i had a conversation with the business owner in downtown tiberon who said she is so frustrated she is considering getting signs printed up and standing out of the house of the marin county health officer. we will have to see how this plays out but you can imagine this is a tedious time. emily turner, sausalito, cbs-5. and many small businesses are looking at rebuilding with loans up to $100,000. they would not be forgivable in part or whole and need to be paid back with a fixed annual enter rate. the small businesses must have 50 or fewer full-time employees and revenue less than $2.5 million. this comes as bay area restaurants are reaching a
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breaking point. many spent thousands to comply with the orders, and one owner said that they spent $30,000 to install plexi glass dividers and an outdoor patio to learn that it's now banned. >> i am throwing my hands up. i have no answers. >> there is no empirical evidence that i have read or been shown that shows outdoor dining is a cause or a spreader of covid-19. >> others say that it's a recipe for disaster saying that they can't survive on the takeout alone. >> we're never going to back down. we are never going to give up. >> san joaquin county knows are fighting to stay alive. the owner of a lodi restaurant is allowing diners but only for
6:38 am
members, charging $1 for memberships hoping it will keep him in business. >> so i found the loophole, and i am going for it. >> we are going to be here. >> it's still unclear if that loophole is legal. meanwhile, sacramento county leaders will vote on citations for businesses and people who violate gatherings. they could be slapped with a $500 fine and businesses up to $10,000. take a live look at downtown san francisco, a few plan, help for tenants struggling to pay rent. right now, renters are protected in being evicted if they can pay up to 25 percent of the rent but that is set to expire in january. a bill was introduced to extend the moratorium until the beginning of 2022. >> if everybody had to move, where would they go?
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what would happen? no one can fill up the vacancies if everyone got evicted >> if we were to end the moratorium, all the tenants would be subject to eviction and all the money would be due immediately and could be catastrophic. >> experts agree there needs to be a federal program to help the landlords and banks and tenants with the missed rent. the naacp and other leaders are set too meet with president- elect joe biden and vice president-elect kamala harris to call for more diversity in the cabinet. four-star general lloyd austin will be tapped as defense secretary. the former head of the u.s. central command and military forces in iraq would become the first black man to lead the penalty 21, and key members of
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the health team, california attorney general becerra the health and human services second along with dr. anthony fauci, and dr. rochelle rolenski would be the head of the centers for disease control. georgia has re-certified joe biden's election in the peach state. download our app for 24/7 access to news in the bay area and kpix 5 streaming. coming up, the giants giving shout outs to historic women and they are naming streets after them in the waterfront development. a check of the big board. the dow is down, not too much,
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under 20
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new this morning, more than a third of full-time workers have had their pay cut because of the pandemic. 15 percent of those surveyed said that their company didn't hand out bonuses, but 54 percent of workers say they actually got a raise. lucky people. stocks are opening in the red for a second day in the row, and let's get to diane king hall, and diane, what and going oner >>. >> reporter: good morning, diane. trading has been underway for a little less than 15 minutes and let me give you where things stand. the dow under a bit of pressure down 28 points. and what you are seeing is wall street remaining on washington watch as investors continue to
6:45 am
monitor the latest in regard to what could happen with more coronavirus relief. the nasdaq is down just 25 points. a new survey shows economists are hopeful for 2021. they found that 73 percent of forecasters believe that the economy will return to prepandemic levels late last year. since the coronavirus took hold, experts have said only when the vaccine is readily available and the consumers feel safe will the economy bounce back. an snan. >> thank you, diane king hall. uber is selling the autonomous division to aurora after years of struggling to develop the technology but they are not giving up. uber will have a preferred relationship between the two.
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to monday night football, the 49ers play the first home game in arizona since santa clara county banned contact sports. the desert heat hoped that would rally the team but they did not falling to the bills, falling to five and seven. the san francisco giants will include street names dedicated to poet maya angelo and baseball player tony stone in response to increased calls for social justice. angelou lived in san francisco for a time and was the first black streetcar conductor, and stone was the first black woman to play on a baseball team. gianna has her eye on a slowdown at the bay bridge. how is that shaping up? it's sluggish out of the east bay into san francisco,
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and the metering lights are on. you are backed up to the foot of the maze unless you are coming off the east shore freeway, and then backed up to the 80 itself and brake lights out of berkeley and into emeryville. a little slow this morning as you make the ride toward the city, and the upper deck into san francisco, we have a crash at the intersection of fremont and harrison, surface streets but causing a backup. so a couple of problems in the area that might slow you down. but as far as delay across the upper deck near the skyway, that's just coming into san francisco, you are seeing speeds down to 41 miles per hour. and taking a look at traffic into the altamonte pass, a 35- minute travel time from 205 to 680. and we have a crash on the flip side, the eastbound side of 580 at grant line. not affecting the commute, and most of the activity is over to the right shoulder but delays
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out of tracy and stays slow past grant line and then clear heading towards the dublin interchange. the nimitz freeway, the portion near the coliseum, extra volume but pretty easy ride overall. pockets of slowing from hayward into fremont and 880 towards the san mateo bridge, slow to the toll plaza but on the span, a 15-minute ride from 880 to 101. and that's a look at that time your morning ride. it will be warm today, mary. it is, gianna. we'll see the temperatures soaring 10 to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. now, we should be seeing the temperatures with normal highs in the 50s. we'll be in the 70s for many of us across the region. here is a beautiful view as we look east across the bay and the bay bridge and looking at
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mount diablo. the golden colors in the sky and sunrise officially after 7:00 a.m. a chillier start to the day with calmer, quieter conditions. looking at the 30s and 40s and 50s with clear skies. concord, 40 degrees and good morning to you. 43 in san jose and a cold smart santa rosa, down to 39. we have a high surf warning in effect until 5:00 p.m. cue to the northwest swells 15 to 18 feet and large breaking waving up to 25 feet. rip currents and dangerous sneaker waves throughout, so please use extra caution. the coast, mid-60s, and around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s, sunshine and warming up inland to the low to mid-70s. so not as breezy today, the low pressure system that give us the gusty offshore winds is well to the south and high
6:50 am
pressure is building in for us. hour by hour on futurecast you can see all the sunshine this afternoon. as we look to tomorrow a few changes and clouds. from the 70s for many of us today to 60s for many of us tomorrow. so still a mild day for wednesday. and the gusty offshore winds from yesterday, the northerly winds are really pushing in dry air for the bay area. we'll be in the 20s and 30s for the relative humidity values for today. as we look to the end of the week, there is a chance for a few showers by sunday. fingers crossed on this, we need the rain, and hopefully we can squeeze something out of this by the weekend. this afternoon, 72 in santa clara and san jose, and 73 in campbell, and the east bay, 71 for concord and low 70s for the
6:51 am
tri valley and 70s for oakland and north bay low to mid-70s this afternoon. there we go with the extended forecast. as we look it tomorrow a few more clouds and temperatures in the 50s and 60s, and we could see breezy offshore winds in the hills and mountains late thursday and the clouds for the weekend and cooler and a chance for showers on sunday. time for bay area bright spots. check this out. i love the snowmen and the deer and the cute dogs all lit up for the holidays. that's super cute and great job, cathy. we want to see your holiday lights and decorations. email your videos and pictures or tag us on social media with #kpixbrightspot. back to you. just about eight minutes before 7:00 and just ahead on cbs-5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a surge in the south bay.
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coming up, the alarming new numbers and the record that the county just broke. i'm emily turner. i'll have the latest on the shelter in place. good morning. britain begins coronavirus vaccinations. we'll tell you about that federal government's plans to distribute the covid-19 vaccine once it's available in this country. and federal stimulus programs are about to expire here and threatening many with economic hardship. the bipartisan plan to help those with funding. and see the moment that people were surprised with generous tips. people like a good surprise and a good tip. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. coming up on the drew barrymore show, the host of i
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can see your voice ken jeong stops by
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i'm emily turner in sausalito. in just about five hours or exactly in five hours, marin county will be the latest county to join the shelter in place around the bay area. five counties in total. it means these sidewalks will be deserted. there will not be any outdoor dining or anything happening outside. marin joins four other counties in the shelter in place. sunday, santa clara county, san francisco, and contra costa county went in at 10:00 p.m. and alameda joins in yesterday at 12:0 1:00 a.m., and marin at noon. plenty of frustration since the county was not going from red
6:57 am
to purple. they were going straight to shelter in place. and it goes in effect at noon, and last night was the last of many things with the rough last supper, last restaurants sitting down and last haircuts and last time on the playground. and you can imagine that parents need something to do with their kids over christmas break, and they need a chance to recoup from eight months of covid restrictions. and i can tell that you i have been with parents and business owners, and they say there are talk of protests and disobeying the rules. emily turner kpix 5. 6:57 and time for a look at this morning's other top stories. hospitals state wide are dealing with an unprecedented wave of covid-19 patients. more than 10,000 are treated in california hospitals. the number has gone up 72
6:58 am
percent in the past two weeks. the bay area is seeing an icu capacity of 26%. cant clair county is looking at the greatest surge in icu capacity and broke a record with 1400 new cases, doubling the single day record set last week. today, the health and human services secretary will give an update on the state's restrictions. you can watch that on cbs-5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. and the uk is the first to vaccinate citizens with the fully vetted vaccine shots. the first to get the pfizer vaccines, a 90-year-old and 81- year-old. and the east shore freeway is the slowest approach this morning with the ride out of the east bay into the city,
6:59 am
and it gets slow off the skyway into san francisco, and if you are exiting at fremont, we have a slow down at harrison street. and it might be busy into the altamonte pass. mary? gianna, grab your jacket heading out the door in the 30s and 40s and 50s. in the afternoon low to mid-70s and mid-60s at the coast with a high surf warning in effect. and cooler tomorrow but still on the mild side with a chance to see a few showers on sunday, and, guys, it's incredible. typically, temperatures in the 50s. we are talking 60s and 70s this afternoon. >> all right. thank you, mary and thank you gianna and thank you for watching.
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you can see the news all day on cbsn bay area. >> and cbs this mo ing is ♪ ing is good morning to you, our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning. it's tuesday, december 8th, 2020. i'll gayle king with tony mason and tony dokoupil. the first coronavirus vaccine anywhere in the world. what it means for the global fight against the pandemic and why we could see vaccine delays in this country. governors and mayors consider new shutdowns to fight the pandemic. the tough choices facing elected leaders and the latest on whether congress will pass a nearly trillion-dollar stimulus plan. the military is set to release a bombshell report after the murder of soldier vanessa guillen. what it will say about danger and ft. hood and in the army at large. we'll have reaction from guillen's fami


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