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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 8, 2020 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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now at 11, breaking news, the intensive care unit at a major santa clara county hospital is now politely full tonight, so what do we do now? plus, with parents frustrated over the new shelter in place rules, bay area supervisors make a new plea to the governor. a show of defiance just hours after a bay area church was found in contempt of court. plus, why you might be out of luck if you wait any longer to get a christmas tree. >> our phone started ringing off the hook's probably two weeks prior to thanksgiving. >> i'm just trying to get some christmas spirit going on in the house.
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>> good evening, first breaking news at 11 and streaming on cbsn bay area. within the past three hours we confirmed the intensive care unit at san jose regional medical center is completely full. they are at capacity. incoming icu patients will now have to be taken somewhere else. as of this afternoon only 31 icu beds are available in all of santa clara county. and it's not just santa clara county, hospitals are filling up statewide. in the past 24 hours icu availability has dropped in each of the five regions buried here in the bay area it is 24 1/2% hurt but take a look at san joaquin valley, just over 5% available right now. and looking live at san francisco, for most of the bay area it is night two of the stay-at-home order and a lot of parents are asking, do
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playgrounds really need to be shut down. betty yu on the new plea to the governor to open them up.>> reporter: the playground was one of the most busy here in the excelsior area. tonight plant grains playgrounds are virtually deserted, they are off-limits in the new order. but that includes the excelsior neighborhoods, which comes with damaging consequences according to the supervisor. >> we have the second highest concentration of the latino ppulation, we have a lot of renters and families living in overcrowded housing that do not have access to a backyard. >> it's what he sent this letter to the governor and that california department of public health asking them to reconsider the closure of playgrounds under the regional
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stay-at-home order. district 11 also has the largest population of children attending the san francisco unified school district. >> school is tough. but, i really like coming out to the parks to relax and stuff. it's nice to come outside and get fresh air. when you're cooped up all day. >> at this infectious disease expert told kpix 5 that there is no science that indicates the playground is more dangerous than other activities outdoors that are a lot like hiking or going to the beach. and outdoor activities are safer than indoor ones. >> there is a lot of depression and sadness, there are a lot of children that just miss being around their friends. it's been proven that playgrounds are away to help with the social and emotional wellness. >> we should encourage people to spend time outdoors. if they need to have social interaction, do it outdoors added distance while masked, safely.
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>> the supervisor has others joining him in his efforts to call on the governor. also today, a san jose pastor says the mounting fines will not stop his ministry. joe vazquez shows us just hours after the church was found in contempt of court for refusing to stop indoor services, it held another one.>> reporter: calvary chapel held a prayer service here tonight, as they've been doing every night during the pandemic. church leadership says it will continue to welcome worshipers indoors despite estate home public health order and despite a defeat in court today. you wouldn't know from the applause that is santa clara county judge just found calvary in contempt of court. the legal team was all smiles and no masks on the courthouse that is a vow to continue to fight. sporadic god once you have your
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heart, your life and your eternity. >> santa clara county is not debating, but suing the church for continuing to hold indoor services, and calvary will have to pay fines of $2500 for each infraction. the church says the total is around $700,000.>> i respect the judge, he's got a hard, difficult position to be in because he is looking at the newspaper and hearing about the cases rising, etc. granted, it is real, but it is not what, we need to stop the propaganda fear. >> i do believe they shouldn't go to the service and have it indoors. religion has a place but safety has a place, to. >> no one is taking away their freedom, we are living through a time that is not normal. this does not happen all the time. so let's just focus on following the rules and we will
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get out of this. >> the church says they will appeal today's decision to a federal court. let's take a live look a capitol hill where the federal government is racing to get ready for the vexing rollout. we could be just days away from final approval. the uk began administering advisors vexing today. and we get to see who got the first shot.>> reporter: the united kingdom's coronavirus immunization effort is now underway. in coventry england, 90-year- old margaret keenan became the first person to receive the pfizer vaccine. >> hopefully it helps other people who come along. >> officials are making plans to start distributing the vaccine in the u.s. in any report the fda says it appears to be both effective and safe. an independent advisory panel
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will vote on thursday whether to recommend the vaccine. if it does they are expected to issue an emergency youth use authorization. >> president trump convened of vaccine summit on thursday. >> everyone who wants to vexing will be able to get the vaccine. we think by spring we will be in a position that nobody would believe possible just a few months ago. >> the vaccine is arriving as the u.s. continues to set records for new infections and hospitalizations. >> i am not surprised. people are still out and about hoping that if they continue to live their life, this too shall pass. >> cities and states across the country are enacting new measures to slow the spread. washington state extended it stay-at-home order through january 4. a statewide 10 pm to 5 am curfew goes into effect in north carolina later this week.
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>> next week the fda is expected to issue its report on the coronavirus vaccine developed by moderna. that should also be available to the public by the end of this year. also tonight, looking live at san francisco, a new smoking ban was just reversed terry last week the board of supervisors order to ban smoking cigarettes in apartments. today the board set that ordinance back to committee. one supervisor said he heard from longtime tenants worried about the band's impact on them. a gasoline pipeline that runs from concord to san jose is temporarily shut down tonight after spilling up to 42,000 gallons of fuel in downtown walnut creek. the pipeline operator says it appears that tree roots cracked the pipe last month, causing the leak set to locations near south broadway and ygnacio valley road. they are working to remove fuel from a nearby drainage canal
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and clean up the spill. still ahead, like christmas trees are in short supply all over the bay area right now. >> with everything going on we need some happiness, right? and the cutest video you are going to see. lion cubs rescued get fedex to their new homes. have y
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♪ ♪ the volvo xc90 recharge plug-in hybrid. ♪ ♪ the pandemic has forced many of us to change the way we are celebrating the holidays. but as kpix 5's andrea nakano shows us, one yearly tradition is more popular than ever and they area christmas tree farms are struggling to keep up.>>
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reporter: here at this beer family farms wonderland they have rows of trees but they say they've never been this low in stock this early. they also say it's been a record-breaking year for many tree farms in the area. no problem finding a home for the holidays for these christmas trees in alameda. for some, the tree represents a less stressful point in time when the world was covid free. >> i'm just trying to get some christmas spirit in the house, for the kids.>> the search for happiness is putting a smile on the faces of many tree sellers in the bay area. >> i would say our phone started ringing off the hook's probably two weeks prior to thanksgiving which has never, ever happened in the history of our 11 years in business. >> wonderland estimates it sold 1400 trees already this season, which is a 65% increase from last year. only a few dozen trees remain
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on the lot tonight. >> this is like bottom of the barrel soft. >> many tree farms had to shut down for the season after selling all of their trees just days into december. but tommy's fear has no doubt that covid has had the biggest impact. >> i think the big question is will this equate to higher numbers overall or will it just all stack in the beginning. >> millie is just glad she came in time to bring a tree home for her kids. >> we are all holding on to a little bit of hope and happiness. >> that stock might be low but a new shipment of trees just arrived tonight, 1100 of them. but the owner says these are expected to sell out quickly as well and they may shut down the lot early this year.>> we have
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some breaking news out of oakland right now. the chp investigating a shooting on interstate 580. this happened about two hours ago at the interchange of highway 24. we just spoke to chp a couple of minutes ago and at least one person has been wounded. chp is also looking at another shooting in contra costa county right now. we don't know if that also happened on the freeway or if the two incidents are related. knew at 11, suing facebook, the washington post reports that tomorrow nearly 40 states in the u.s. government plan to file an antitrust lawsuit against the tech giant. the suit claims the facebook used unlawful ways to bring in competitors. in just a few hours san francisco-based doordash which has been seeing business soaring during the pandemic,
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will launch its own ipo. they will set share prices around $102, giving it a valuation of about 39 billion. tonight small landlord say they've reached a breaking point. many are considering evicting tenants if they don't get some rent payments, and soon. tomorrow night in our original series project home, susie steimle talks with some investors and landlords that say this can have a domino effect on the entire real estate industry. >> the risk is that we have a cascading disaster. >> it's telling me it's not just an affordability problem out the gate. there is something wrong with the system as a whole.>> we will take a look at some solutions on the table tomorrow at 11. it may be december but fire season is not over yet. check out southern california where the crews are battling a pair of brushfires fueled by strong winds in ventura
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county. no structures are threatened but a group of homeless people did have to evacuate. remember these guys, these three mountain lions skewed from a wildfire in chester county? they have a new home today. the oakland zoo release this video of the liens being transported via fedex. they safely arrived at the columbus zoo and aquarium. one of the cubs suffered a burnt paw and the other two were sisters that were rescued after losing their mother at just five weeks old. in a year that has not delivered much in the way of good news, 2020 is certainly delivering at maverick's for sure, in a big way. the powerful winter swells bringing three-story waves to the san mateo county coast, drawing some of the world's best surfers and their fans. >> it was good out there, there are some living legends out
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there catching basically anything coming through. >> living legends. that is a good way to put it. anybody who goes down a three story wave, these got a name, a mature its legend, but it sure is bravery. >> just bravery and a little bit of insanity. but i respect them for. when they guy said he is happy he just didn't break his board. the swells will not be quite as big tomorrow but still decent on wednesday. we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine overhead. as we head through the rest of the week we will see breezy conditions kicking in on thursday. i don't think it will be a direct offshore wind, so i'm not too concerned about the fire threat. then increasing clouds again on
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friday. the moisture with that system still offshore but there's a chance it will be moving towards us by the weekend. first let's talk about the clouds. they will be drifting in as we head through the rest of tonight. we will see some of them from the top of the mark hopkins hotel. but the high clouds just filter the sunshine, they do not block it. they will be with us intermittently throughout the day tomorrow. we will have temperatures above average just not quite as record-setting as we had over the last couple of days. other than some thought to start the day, early thursday morning, here are the rain chances, we are talking about a decent chance of at least some measurable rain. which means anything more than a trace read a few hundredths of an inch of rain, that counts. the changes have been going up, especially for the north bay, tucking a 70% chance for santa rosa, the farther south you go, the chances are not as
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impressive. we are looking at about a one in three chance of anything more than a trace of rainfall but at least there is a chance. temperatures are dropping, still in no 50 near the bay, otherwise fifthly inland, mostly 40s around the band then temperatures will warm up again despite the intermittent cloud cover. the lower half of the 60s along the coast, mid 60s in the south bay with mid to upper 60s for the santa clara valley and upper 60s for the tri-valley with slightly warmer conditions on the east side of the diablo range. middle portion of the 60s are in the central bay, well into the 60s for san francisco and oakland, to upper 60s as we head to the north bay and right around 70 for cloverdale, one of the warmer spots and close to 70 northern sonoma and napa counties. here's the rain chance for sunday, some models are even hinting at another rain chance heading our way on tuesday.
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we will have an update on that bright and early tomorrow. speaking of brightness, we are chipping at another bright area tonight. this particular display comes to us from the home of irene, and i apologize if i did not get your name exactly correct. this is a beautiful display, and entire snow village to go along with the fully decked out tree and we want to see your holiday lights and decorations as well. email your pictures and videos to bay area bright spots while john gruden really isn't buying into the numbers at the meadowlands, we will explain. and why of football player was pulled off the field right before tuesday night football. we kick it off next. and a reminder that kpix 5 has a new app that gives you
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is this a new buick? i secret santa-ed myself. oh i shouldn't have. but i have been very good this year. wow! wow! wow! don't forget you this holiday season, get an s-you-v, from buick. celebrate the holidays with buick, now everyone can get gm employee pricing on most buick suv models. use it to get over 45 hundred total value on this encore gx. but i can tell you what it feels like when someone offers to help. every plan through covered california is comprehensive - with mental health coverage and financial help for people who need it. enroll by december 15th. dennis is here now with the sports. he's got tuesday night football highlights. why not, it's 2020. friday is the only night we haven't had the nfl. >> you know, a little history
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lesson here. before the season the nfl played only two tuesday night games dating back to 1946. well tonight, their second tuesday night game of this very strange and unique 2020 season. the receiver pulled off the field during warm-ups after he tested positive for covid-19. but they played on. first quarter lemar jackson who last missed last week's game for with covid, got a easy touchdown and the ravens lead. now 17-10, at ton of time lost in a perfect pass to marquise brown. baltimore wins 34-17. they snapped their three-game losing streak and they go to 7- 5. defensive coordinator greg williams was fired after calling for the all-out blitz
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on the raiders game-winning play on sunday. but, how often is that all-out blitz actually called on that particular situation? according to espn, since 2006, new york was the first team to send an all-out blitz in the final seconds of the game when their opponent needed a touchdown. john gruden has no interest in those types of stats. >> i think it is all hogwash. who has the ability to look at 251,000 games? nobody can do that. i used to work for that channel so i do know that some of those stats are a little bit fantasy driven. who cares about probability. we are moving on to indianapolis, and let's just be a little sarcastic and have a little fun here. >> ohio state and michigan won't play each other for the first time since the woodrow wilson administration. the game was canceled because
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of a covid outbreak within the wolverines program. the buckeyes are 5-0, rated fourth in the college football rankings but as of now are ineligible to play for the big ten championship game because they have not played enough games. the conference could amend the rule in a vote on wednesday. that's crazy. college hoops, st. mary's hosting u-dub in front of cutout fans. second quarter, coast to coast for the layout. they when 73-61. and so much has changed during covid, so many oddities in sports, not st. mary's, year in, year out, covid or no covid they just keep winning basketball games. >> are you one of those cut out cardboard guys anywhere, in any stadium, do you know?>> i
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actually have one sitting in my home, i will bring it to you tomorrow night and use it to do the 11:00 sports cast. >> cut out the mouth and you can stick your head behind it and talk, it will be great. tonight, a longtime holiday tradition with make your holidays happen... at ross! surprise! ahhh! yes! i love it! you don't have to spend a lot to give a lot
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> a former israeli space security chief says that aliens exist. he claims there is a galactic federation, a group of advanced extraterrestrials, and that president trump is aware of them. ( phone ringing )


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