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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  December 10, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area looking like from our exclusive tower camera. looking west this morning. good morning to you. it's thursday december
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in the direction you nimitz freeway early that clear all through fremont and as you work your way toward the hayward area.
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an easy ride between 880 and 101. there a record-breaking new coronavirus numbers this morning. according to the covid tracking project more than 3000 americans died yesterday. bring the total since the pandemic began to more than 280,000. right now california hospitals are in crisis. available icu capacity dropped almost 4% in the bay area in just 24 hours. the stay at home order will take effect in the greater sacramento area, including tahoe, tonight. as more patients check in the hospitals in santa clara county icu bed availability continues to drop. overall, hospitals in the county only have 31 icu beds left. total, no more icu beds in many cities left at all. experts say those thanksgiving decisions are starting to become a factor. >> the hospitals and the caregivers and the nurses and doctors are telling us they are at their limit. they're telling us they are overwhelmed.
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>> the transmission we are seeing now is a couple of weeks delayed, so by the time we find out whether or not the new stay at home orders will successfully curb the number of covid patients the county could already be at capacity. the bay area is very close to receiving the first vaccine doses. alameda coast guard base is one of the 13 federal sites chosen to receive the first shipments. california is set to receive 327,000 doses next week. santa clara county will get almost 18,000. almost 2000 doses will be shipped to marin. >> widespread distribution could be underway by next spring or summer. >> likely, i will take it. i work in more than one institution in the healthcare setting preclinical, hospital, and teaching wise. probably, yes. >> staff at long-term care facilities are among the 1st to get priority in line with cdc guidance. when nurses at acute care facilities like hospitals.
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santa clara county is expected to receive an initial shipment of 39,000 doses later this month. the big story today is that a committee of scientists is going to be meeting all day to decide if the fda should rule out the pfizer iowan check vaccine nationwide. they are expected to look at all the clinical and trial data collected. debra alfarone is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the coronavirus vaccines could be just days away. >> if it helps then i would definitely try it. >> reporter: today in independent advisory committee will vote on whether or not to recommend the pfizer biotech vaccine for emergency use by the fda. >> these independent scientists will debate it and discuss it and see a lot of detail. and then they will vote. >> reporter: nearly 3 million doses could be shipped across the country this week if the committee gives its approval. >> colorado's first allocation
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should be 46,800 doses. >> new york expects the initial allocation of 170,000 doses. >> reporter: the committee will likely look at the united kingdom where the same vaccine rolled out earlier this week. two healthcare workers with a history of serious allergies had reactions after being vaccinated. >> this is something that we should inspect. news to come out every day of people reacting differently to what is basically a brand-new biotech public health weapon. >> reporter: the england national health service that both people recovered after treatment, but regulators now recommend for allergies hold off until it is fully investigated. >> i do see patients who have vaccine allergies. usually those of patients who have had a reaction to a component of the vaccine, such as gelatin or latex. >> reporter: canada approved the pfizer vaccine yesterday. citizens there can start receiving shots next week. debra alfarone, cbs news, washington. protesters gathered in oakland last night to push back against a plan to reopen
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schools. a car caravan protest indeed right outside the oakland unified school district office organizers say they feel it's too dangerous for kids to return to school during a pandemic. the district has submitted a reopening plan to alameda county in hopes of returning after winter break, but with the county in the purple tear that's unlikely. >> we are saying we need near zero transmission of covid in every zip code in oakland. >> i think that maybe some people were a little bit alarmed , saying we in the district are planning on opening on genera 25th no matter what. that is not true. we can't right now anyway. because of the purple tear. >> school district representatives say schools will not open until it's safe for everyone involved. when the county returns to the orange tear. protesters argue schools should remain closed for the rest of the year. looking live over san francisco, a big win for parents and kids this morning. playgrounds across the bay area
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are back open. after loss of backlash the state reversed its decision to shut them down during the new stay at home order. we were there as crews pulled down caution tape and barriers from this playground in emeryville. we also saw parents and kids out enjoying the swings and slides and that's in pleasanton and san jose. >> it's awesome. i have been trying to keep my kids off of it. five-year-old twin boys definitely have a lot of energy. >> we love our parks. they are essential to our well- being mentally, physically, socially. please don't close the parks again. we need them. we need them. >> the state says people can now use playgrounds for physically distanced outdoor exercise. a group of restaurant owners in the tri-valley angry over the outdoor dining been have decided not to break the rules in protest. instead, they are making a plea to customers to order takeout and buy gift cards as holiday gifts. the owner of casa orozco in livermore and dublin says he is hopeful he will be able to
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bring his employees back in the new year. until then he hopes people can support all 90 restaurants in the tri-valley restaurant groups keep them afloat. the search for a suspect in santa clara county and today in an arrest after a standoff. of the investigation led police to this parking lot in the brandon zenner on ross avenue in south san jose. after a short standoff police convinced that suspect to get out of their car. the car was towed away later as evidence. police say the ring is accused of targeting storage facilities in santa clara county and in san jose, specifically. if you want to know what people were thinking about in 2020 just ask google. the search engine is out with its your into search data, which shows that the americans were interested in everything from election results to sourdough bread. nancy chen takes a look at the top trends. >> reporter: with trillions of searches each year google knows what's on everyone's mind.
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>> >> reporter: the 2020 top trending searches revealed both the obvous and the unexpected. >> why were chainsaws invented? >> reporter: in this pandemic your many americans and lockdown encountered new challenges. molly vandenberg is google's trends expert. >> you have how to cut men's here at home. how to color your hair at home. and also how to wash your hands. also where to buy toilet paper, where to buy face masks doing virtual field trips provided families with much-needed escapes. sourdough pop's popularity rose to new heights. >> i found myself falling in love with sourdough. actually, i have nothing to do. >> reporter: in case you forgot , 2020 actually began before the pandemic. shakira was the top trending medical artist thanks to her halftime show at the super bowl. racecar driver ryan newman topped the athletes list after his horrific crash at the
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daytona 500. >> he went on to talk about the accident meant to him and how he was going to react as a result. people continue to be interested in him as a topic. some of the top three how to help search trends were for australia fires a black lives matter, and the coronavirus. >> there is a much of the in the world and people are looking for ways to help. >> reporter: offering some inspiration for what we might google in the new year. nancy chen, cbs news, new york. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs in the bay area the day of the dozens. the sweet deal you can get your hands on today. before we take a break let's look live outside right now. we are looking at the city of san franci home has been there for us all year long.
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taking a live look at the u.s. capital where the art general manager will be joining other transit leaders this morning. they're calling for immediate federal relief amid a significant ridership dropped during the pandemic. yesterday barred executives were part of a virtual rally to call attention to the matter. the agency basis a $210 million budget deficit for this year and next. >> we cannot continue at this current pace without help. at the prospect of deeper cuts and getting service is unconscionable. scaled down transit does not --
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>> their hip lamenting a hiring freeze through next year and offering incentivized early retirement packages to some of the workforce. airbnb ventures into public trading and the annual day of the dozens is on the way. diane king hall breaks down today's is the stories in the latest money watch report. >> reporter: wall street pulled back on wednesday. the dow dropped 105 points. the nasdaq lost 243. the s&p 500 was down 29. airbnb hopes to see the same success as door dash did yesterday with its initial public offering. shares of the food delivery company door dash jumped 85% in its first day of trading, closing at $189 today airbnb is set to go public at $68 a share . the offering values the home rental company at $47 billion. facebook is under fire by the
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federal trade commission. the ftc and dozens of states filed antitrust lawsuits asking a court to force the tech giant to sell instagram us and what's app. the suit claims facebook uses its monopoly power to crush smaller rivals. in response facebook pointed out that the ftc originally approved the acquisitions and says the apps became what they are today. this saturday is december 12th and that means krispy kreme is rolling out its annual day of the dozens promotion by in a dozen donuts and get a second dozen of the original glazed for just one dollar. the offer is limited to 2 deals per customer. that is or cbs money watch report. for more head to cbs money at the cbs broadcast center i'm diane king hall. let's get a check of your forecast now if you're just waking up with us. >> we have a couple of items to be aware of. first one is a wind advisory
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for the north bay today. that one snuck up on us. and there is rain in the forecast. mainly focused on saturday morning and on sunday. two separate systems. let's get into it. first off, start of the day is a big cloudy out there. not the low stuff, these are high clouds. you're not going to have to worry about fog on the road, but the clouds have been enough to help keep the temperatures relatively warm. look at the temperature right now. it's 50 in hayward. 49 oakland. 43 livermore. 42 concord. those numbers feel pretty nice compared to where they have been. in the north bay it is cold. 35 for santa rosa. 37 petaluma. we have already seen where we are going today. daytime highs will warm to the low to mid 60s. let's talk about the wind watch what happens as we advance this into today. right there we start to see the wind light up along the coast. notice how it's just the coast and mainly in the north bay. that's why the wind advisory
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only applies to the north bay. specifically the north bay coast in the north bay mountains. we could see gusts up to 45 miles an hour today between 8:00 this morning and 4:00 this afternoon. particularly windy day. not down along the major core doors, not in santa rosa and petaluma you should be back, but up along the mountains and the coast. here comes issue two. let's time out the rain. by the time we have got to friday night, this is tomorrow night, leading edge of the showers arrives. mainly focused on the north bay. it will be done by the time we get into saturday. most of saturday we should get a little bit of a break. late saturday a second system will come through and keep the showers going into sunday. it doesn't look like a soaker, but it certainly looks like measurable rain for the north bay. specifically, getting into saturday morning and again sunday through the heart of the day. bay areawide we could see some showers from that as well. shouldn't be a whole lot. most of it will be north bay stuff. low to mid 60s today.
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pretty much the general rule. you can see we've got the rain on their in the 7-day forecast. scattered for saturday and sunday. we will clear it out by the time we get into early next week. how is the drive looking? it's getting a little bit busy in some spots, especially if you're writing over toward the ultimate pass area. coming out of tracy come that westbound 580 commute starting to see pockets of slowing. overall, off to a good start for your thursday morning right. if you're heading out the door you don't have a lot to contend with this morning. obligor the dublin interchange, checking travel times right now on 580, only 25 minutes to go from 205 over towards 680. looking at the travel times, most of our major freeways are all in the green, which means they're moving at the limit with no delays or troubles they are. we have an accident that chp is working on. this is outbound 17 right before highway nine. blocking the left lane. you will see some activity out there until they clear this one out. they hope to do it within
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the next 15 or 20 minutes. other than that, and bay area bridges are pretty white off to a good start of the golden gate bridge. really not causing any backup or delays. your ride from the richmond san rafael bridge into san francisco is an easy 15 minute commute right now. i very easy commute working across the bay bridge. pretty quiet coming out of the east bay. was found across the span into san francisco no road work on the lower deck of the bridge. san mateo bridge checking in with 13 minutes to go between 880 and 101. that's a look at your morning ride. investigators are still trying to figure out why this house exploded in upstate new york that blast captured on a neighbor's durable camera. they say it sounded like a bomb went off. the blast leveled the property and says of neighboring homes on fire. incredibly, it doesn't look like anybody was hurt in that explosion. check out how the latest space x launch ended yesterday. and experimental rocket traveled eight miles straight up
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before a fiery crash landed in texas. space x still testing technology, which could one day bring humans to mars. they are still calling this mission a success. coming up, we are talking formers. former giant broadcaster headed to the baseball hall of fame and a former 49er quarterback in the midst of an incredible comeback story about to face his former team. kickoff coming up. here is a live look outside in san jose on this thursday morning. we want to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. go to /together to send all of your story ideas to james brown and bill cowher welcoming you back
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a pretty start to the day. this is our camera on the top of them mark hopkins hotel in hill. there's a deck of high clouds that have kept the temperatures warm this morning 43 on the bottom of your screen is showing up . now 49 for emeryville. we will talk about two headlines in the forecast coming up. there is a wind advisory today for the north bay and then rain. if you can believe that. actually back in the forecast. the first bands of rain get her saturday morning i will see you with that in a few minutes. good morning. sunday the 49ers will face a washington football team that has won three straight games behind the play of their quarterback, alex smith. washington is coming off a win monday against the previously unbeaten steelers. smith, the former number one overall pick by the 49ers, is
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three and one since becoming washington's starter. this following a horrific leg or injury that nearly cost him his career. his leg and his life. when you asked the 49ers about alex smith the reply is universal. respect. >> for him to go through what he went through and to still want to come back, it's definitely not a money thing. the guy does all right in that area. it's not something he had to do. shows there's a lot of special tings inside that guy. >> i got to say, i'm not sure who i'm pulling for on sunday. alex smith or the 49ers. baseball now. al michaels is best known for broadcasting football. is going into the baseball hall of fame, winner of the ford see. d. mike's signature moment as a baseball broadcaster was being on the air during the 1989
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world series. his history at candlestick predates the kwai as a play-by-play man for the giants during three long seasons in the 1970s. part of that job was announcing the lousy attendance. >> i looked at the thing and it was like 2340. i look at the him and i say, you know what? why don't i just tell you who's here. harvey and the family have driven up from san jose with the dog. they left the dog in the car, but the windows are open. you had to make jokes like that. that team was so bad and that stadium was so awful. >> it was. former warrior lorenzo romar and his squad hosting cal late first-half. edwards from downtown three of his 26. pepperdine gets their first win in a pac-12 school in eight
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years winning 74-62. the bears dropped to 2 and four. in be a, this season will look a lot different in many ways, including on the sideline. league will allow coaches to wear polo shirts instead of suits and ties during games. today steve kirk, who is always dressed pretty casually, said he was devastated by the new rules. >> i had my brand-new line of suits that's coming out, actually, this fall. so, my marketing team is going to be disappointed that we are not going to be able to put those on display during games. it's a shame. >> hopefully, that will spread to television. all right? channel 5, get the memo. back to you. >> landlords calling on the state for help. a wave of evictions may become unavoidable coming up in the next half hour, what they need this
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morning. a new feature on your phone goes live today. it will let you know if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for covid. we will have a live report straight ahead. taking a live look outside this is from our camera on hill. it is a gorgeous morning around the bay area. a few clouds coming in. more in the forecast co home's been there for us this year. so let's celebrate the season with gifts for home that inspire new projects and bring joy to all. find great gifts and deals for everyone at
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abundant wind and solar energy, we have the power to take on climate change. use less from 4 to 9 pm to keep california golden.
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right now on kpix 5 , today could be the day a coronavirus vaccines gets the okay for distribution here in the west. the fda meeting and just in our to discuss the pfizer vaccine and the distribution plans now underway. speak have you been exposed to coronavirus? it's hard to know. the big tech team up making it easier to find out. most parents want their
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kids back at school, but not in the east bay. why some there are pleading with the district to stay closed. that is always a controversial topic. i know a lot of parents have strong feelings on both sides of that. thanks for joining us. today is december 10th. >> good morning to you on this friday even. let's get to that forecast. >> good morning. a couple of things stand out about the forecast today that is different. there is rain coming. it's going to get here on saturday morning. as early as late friday night. before we get to that there are two other things. it's a cloudy start to today. these are high clouds that have kept the temperatures relatively warm. the second item is we have a wind advisory in the north bay today. specifically along the coast and in the mountains. we could see gusts that 45 miles an hour today along the coast of the north y.


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