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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 11, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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now at 11:00, the race is on to deliver the coronavirus vaccine to hospitals, pharmacies. late breaking information about what it means for the bay area. doses, now being shipped real time to the state of california. rain across the bay area. i'll be tracking when this wave will move out and when the next wave is going to move in. the sierra should see plenty of fresh snow this weekend. how tourists are getting around a new ban on outside visitors. plus big mystery in the zodiac killer case. how detectives cracked a code the fbi couldn't. >> this is a big one. we have a solution for the 340, and it's real. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida.
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now at 11:00 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a rainy start to the weekend as we look live outside. we've got more wet weather on the way. >> but look at the conditions just a couple hours ago. steady rain coming down in palo alto and vallejo. chief meteorologist paul hagan is tracking the rain for us tonight. >> reporter: plenty of rain too. looking at the radar loop, you can see it moving from northwest to the southeast. everyone across the bay area picking up at least some welcomed rainfall. not enough to erase the rainfall deficit that we have run to this point so far in the rainy season, but every little bit helps. actually there's more on the way. zoom out to the wider perspective. starting to see signs the flow of moisture from the pacific is beginning to diminish a little bit with some showers out there to transition across the bay area throughout the rest of tonight. so good rain chances for the next several hours. but things are going to taper off as we head towards early saturday morning. the showers on saturday look like they will be more miss
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than hit. can't rule out the possibility of a passing shower though and then another wave of a very welcome rainfall in the forecast on sunday. i'm going to track that with a look at futurecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, paul. tonight the coronavirus news we have been waiting for just a few hours ago. the fda gave pfizer's vaccine the go ahead. and viles of it could be shipped to predesignated sites across the bay area within the next 24 to 48 hours. kpix 5 katie nielsen is in santa clara county to explain how the rollout will work. >> reporter: this is the va hospital in palo alto. one of 37 va medical facilities across the country that will be getting the first shipment of the pfizer vaccine. but it will only be given to doctors and nurses. the viles are filled, all waiting at 300 sub zero freezers to start shipping. now that the fda has given the vaccine a green light.
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>> 327,600 doses are being shipped in real time to the state of california. >> they will use fedex and ups. they drop ship through a very tightly controlled system to the 636 sites our governors have designated for this initial deal. >> reporter: it's a massive logistical operation. ups says the process has already started. they've been shipping vaccine kits with necessary supplies like syringes. the next step, delivering the vaccine itself. then sending dry ice to sites that don't have the ability to store the viles at the required extremely cold temperatures. >> other times we've had freezers, refrigerators that don't work. we can replace the drug. in this case we can't. >> reporter: adding to the complexity, hospitals will only open the shipments twice a day. they will have three minutes to confirm the dose count, then the vaccine must be stored. front line medical workers arkoses the bay area could start getting the vaccine as early as monday. according to ucsf, epidemiologist dr. george
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rutherford, it couldn't come at a better time. >> we are still experiencing the spike from thanksgiving. hospitals are closing because the icus are filled. >> reporter: none of the vaccines are being shipped to the area this week will be available to the general public. all those doses are earmarked, specifically for those front line healthcare workers. the general public will be able to get a vaccine some time next spring or early next summer. in palo alto katie nielsen, kpix 5. well scientists and experts are working with the state, still reviewing the pfizer vaccine. they will expect to release the group's recommendations within 48 hours. >> tonight santa clara county public health officials are tieing the outbreak to the youth basketball program last month. health officials say it violatedguidelines at the time. three counties have been tied to the unlawful event in placer county. 77 of those cases were reported
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in santa clara county. that includes dozens of players and all three coaches from the south bay teams. officials say the tournament was indoors. players did not wear masks. tomorrow marks a big catholic ceremony in honor of the virgin mary during a normal year. our lady of guadalupe church holds a celebration that will attract thousands of worshipers. but as they skyrocket in santa clara county, faith and community leaders have a new message tonight. >> reporter: to celebrate from home this year. >> because we are an extraordinary time of pandemic. it will call for extraordinary measures. >> we have to make sure we take care of each other. this is unlike anything we have ever seen, so it will be one sacrifice that we're making. in less than an hour, sonoma county will be joining the majority of the bay area and enforcing a stay-at-home order. that means no indoor or outdoor
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dining. only takeout and deliver rhode island wineries must close. tasting rooms as well as hair salons. this order will last until january 9. tonight's storm bringing lots of fresh snow to the ski resorts. but strict new guidelines forbid out of towners from staying the night. reporter on the fine line allowing tourists to skirt the rules. >> reporter: newlyweds, jeff and andria tonight are spending their honey moon in heaven. >> the skiing was great, the people were great. >> reporter: this regional stay- at-home order, prohibiting hotels from accepting or honoring reservations. they are still making it work. >> we are staying the night tonight. >> reporter: skiing in cali, and sleeping in their neighboring states. >> we're in nevada. >> reporter: they say it will be an unfortunate scene, two different worlds will collide. >> the people who own them are how they feel for it. >> there are so many out-of- business shops. >> we need to wear masks. as covid will not travel
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across. >> reporter: the close proximity is what has local officials on the topside of the line concerned. >> i don't know if they will be as diligent over there as we are here. >> reporter: but as they are taking precautions, el dorado county, encouraging visitors to ski. writing this kind of outdoor activity is among the safest for people to engage in, whether they are local or from out of the area. >> the stay-at-home order in south lake lasts three weeks. cases and hospitalizations will be reassessed to determine if areas could slowly open back up. chase center is ready for the return of the warriors as golden state will prepare for their first game since the start of the pandemic. >> vern glenn joins us now with more on the nba's return to the bay area. >> yeah, almost nine months to the day for the last game they played. on the eve of the warriors 2021 season. now steve kerr has been teaching, explaining his system to mostly new guys in camp.
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steph curry and the team host the denver nuggets on saturday at 5:30. no fans tomorrow except for these guys left out of the bubble. that will take some getting used to. >> and it is weird knowing that we're not going to have any fans tomorrow. but again, it's a part of our job, we still need to do it. >> this is our only chance to play a game before the regular season. before the home opener without any fans. we need to get used to that atmosphere. it will be very strange. >> it will be nice to see some activity in that building. i'll be honest with you, tonight is not the night for the warriors. but tonight is the night for san jose state football and that story is coming up. >> thank you, vern. still ahead tonight, the zodiac killer's most cryptic message. how a couple of amateur slews cracked the code, one the fbi couldn't. >> this one had words like oh,
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you are trying to catch me, and or the gas chamber. >> who is leaving the bay area this time. >> at he's one tradition will survive 2020. tonight's big announcement.
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51 years after the zodiac killer's fifth and final murder right here at washington and cherry streets in san
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francisco's presidio heights. the cryptic message has finally been cracked. kpix 5 andrea nakano shows us how some amateur slews figured out the code. >> reporter: investigators believe the zodiac killer carried out one of his murders here. it happened on a dark night in 1969, a young couple, parked in their car, was shot multiple times, one was able to survive. three code breakers from around the world may have decoded a cipher, written by the zodiac killer. >> this is a big one and it's real. >> reporter: releasing this youtube video today, saying the cipher has claimed to have taken 37 lives, has been decoded and it reads. >> i hope you are having a lot of fun in trying to catch me. >> reporter: came up with the
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manipulation to try to figure out how he may have rearranged his message. after running it through a software, one caught his eye. >> it looks like the thousands of others. normally i would ignore them. but they had words like hope you're trying to catch me and the gas chamber. >> the security analyst overis all the analyst working to solve this case with the fbi. he says there is no question how technology has helped to crack the code. >> the cia and fbi had a lot of smart people doing things back then, but it was time consuming. now you have computers where you could probably scan the document that has every character on it. >> reporter: what they may lack is any information to help identify the zodiac killer. releasing a statement today saying the zodiac killer case remains an ongoing investigation for the fbi san francisco division at our local law enforcement partners. there is one cipher left with 13 symbols that may identify
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the zodiac killer, but code breakers say it might be too short to ever solve. jeff harp says the best way to identify the killer is through dna evidence. and the advancements made in science. in vallejo, andrea nakano, kpix 5. tonight rejecting a bid by the state of texas to overturn the election results in four battleground states. president trump called for the justices to display courage and adopt his baseless position that the election was a product of widespread fraud. it denied to sue georgia, pennsylvania, wisconsin, over how they conducted their elections. on tuesday the court also rejected a plea to overturn the results in pennsylvania. taking a live look out at capitol hill. congress missed another deadline to deliver the stimulus package to help struggling americans. instead lawmakers agreed to
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extend government funding for another week as they continued to hash out a deal. 12 million workers could soon lose unemployment benefits. it will end on december 31. on the resolution to keep them funded, senator josh hallway of missouri both made pleas for the chamber to take further action to provide the pandemic relief ahead of the holidays. but threatened he would do for the next week. moving their headquarters to austin, texas. with so many people working from home a number of tech companies have left. a big area pillar for decades. their name the former oracle
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arena and now the giants ballpark. we might get it for christmas. the department of fish and wildlife says the commercial season, they could finally start on december 23. it was suppose to open in november, but got delayed twice. once for whales, migrating off the coast, and another for low weight crabs. but looks like it will be a go just in time for the holidays. and new at 11:00, the big christmas tree in oakland is shining bright tonight. >> but just like all things 2020, this year's tree lighting ceremony was anything, but traditional. take a look. take a look at that beauty.
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it will be in the square through early january. the governor hosted the annual tree lighting ceremony, also online. there was a performance by the oakland gospel choir and virtual appearances from the families, all across the state. >> those trees, they are so beautiful, but equally beautiful. homes across the bay area that we have been featuring. it was a perfect night to drive around. a little rainy, i know, but makes them twinkle. >> it does, a perfect evening to stay in there and observe the lights with the temptation of the social distancing guidelines. let's take a look at how much rain has added up so far. thus far this evening, anywhere from just over a tenth of an inch in concord to under half an inch at half moon bay. these are the numbers as of 10:00 this evening. an 11:00 update has not landed yet. but the rain will continue to
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fall across the bay area with some of the heaviest rain inland in the east bay, the first up as we would zoom in for a closer look. some heavier downpours here. nothing that will cause any flooding problems. nothing that will cause any debris flow issues on the wildfire scars. scattered showers will still continue and the same thing as we would look towards san francisco and oakland and further down. it's lighter activity right now. pushing off to the east of the range. those showers will become fewer and far between. let's show you how things will evolve. early tomorrow morning, a lot less green. still a couple of showers are possible, but even more sparse throughout the rest of the day. only about a 20% chance for the passing shower. anything to do outdoors,
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saturday is your day. another lighter round of rainfall will move through sunday afternoon. then we start to dry out for a longer term basis for early next week. we will talk around half an inch or so for most of the bay area. as usual, this is very welcome rainfall. it doesn't break the drought conditions or erase the rainfall deficit, but we will take whatever we could get. temperatures right now, anywhere from 44 degrees in santa rosa to 54 degrees downtown san francisco and in oakland. it is nice to see all the rain icons on the country condition map as well. temperatures, they will drop another three to four degrees. starting off in the 40s for most locations early tomorrow, around 50 degrees. temperatures will warm up despite the clouds hanging up throughout the day. tomorrow's forecast is looking pretty good. still a possibility of an early
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morning shower. but the rest of the day, pretty good, get up for the walk without getting any rain on the nice christmas sweater. thank you to her for sharing that picture with us. a better way to send us into the weekend. high temperatures tomorrow, not much variation, but the cool spot will be 57 degrees. right around 60 degrees. similar temperatures on sunday with the next round of rain moving in. similar temperatures for next week, maybe next rain chances for later on in the week. straight ahead, we have been waiting for a week. san jose state football in a moment of greatness.
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san jose state looking to stay undefeated tonight. joining us with a look at the highlights. >> as we turn our attention to the division i football team. it's not how you start, but how
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you finish. miles off the vegas strip. what a comeback down 20-7 to nevada. his name is jamar garrett. the freshman out of de la salle. all he needed was some open real estate and he's gone. 89 yards it ignited. they only trail about 20 to 14. and after nevada fumbled, spartans would knock up at the door again. your san jose state with 21-20 third quarter lead. final minute of the quarter, tracked down the defender. he's gone, 69 yards to the house. he would rush for 184. they led 27-20, added a field goal. shower time for the head coach. for the first time ever, san jose state, won the mountain west conference regular season, gaining a spot in the conference championship game. final 30-20. >> it is incredible. absolutely incredible.
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you know, i can't get over the resiliency of these players. what they have been through, and just every day, they get up to come to work and they love each other. look at how they played for each other, man, what a beautiful thing. so much fun. hey, you know, san jose state would play basketball too. the trouble is they would play it at st. mary's in white. just too much of this tonight, putting up 61 points. not enough. st. mary's by 35. 96-61. the gales are 6-1. nfl, while the 49ers have a must-win game with the washington football team on sunday, the same might be said for the equally playoff contending raiders. the former 49er to buckner, this will be the first look at the quarterback, running their offense.
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the long-time former chargers record. 18-10, all time. >> ryan kelly asked me this morning. you played them a few times, huh? and i said yeah. >> i know he wants to beat us in the worst way. he has a destin for the raiders. he made that perfectly honest to me in the last three years i've been back on the sidelines. >> i just knew this would be in the highlights tonight. arizona state, trucking over arizona. this one done by the walk on. the running back became the first chinese-born player to score a touchdown in division i history. arizona state delivered a beat down 70-7, as you mentioned our producer, kevin kennedy, a proud alum of arizona
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it's not just good girls and boys on the nice list, but they ditched the sleigh tonight for some scuba gear, they dove in to give some tasty gifts to the sharks they've been good to. of course, they were all there as well. santa will be making the routine dives to the aquarium through christmas. they needed a little love. but what do you get a shark for christmas? >> anything you want. >> true. >> we will be right back.
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the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> thank you for watching.
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the news continues on cbs bay area. have a great and a safe weekend. we'll see ya. captioning sponsored by cbs >> reporter: it's an election scandal with allegations of illegal voting and thousands of ballots being dumped in the dead of night. new zealand's "bird of the year" competition has been rocked with revelations a slew of fraudulent votes streamed in overnight for the little spotted kiwi, which pushed it into an unexpected and false lead. ( trump speaking ) >> we're all deeply disturbed and upset by the lying, cheating, robbing, stealing that's gone on with our election >> stop the steal! stop the steal! ( trump speaking ) >> and they're trying to convince us that we lost. we didn't lose. they found a lot of ballots in democrat-run nests.


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