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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  December 15, 2020 3:42am-4:01am PST

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as the vaccines are received this week, they can be administered. but cbs news obtained two documents from operation warp speed, the federal government's vaccine program, they make it clear they can only be administered after december 21st, a week from today. dr. scott gottlieb suggested sunday it's likely because they didn't obtain consent in advance from nursing home residents or families to be vaccinated. >> very costly delay, 50,000 new infections in nursing homes every week right now, probably more than that. >> reporter: more than 76,000 residents in long-term care facilities have died from covid-19 and staff members. >> we trust the supplies are getting out quickly. >> reporter: some see cvs and walgreens roll these out as fast
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and efficient, you're saying bumps down the road. >> i guarantee you. >> reporter: past president of care negotiation. >> the federal government handing distribution of the vaccine for nursing homes to cvs and walgreens was not well thought out. we're anticipating a lot of chaos in the process. >> reporter: last week l.a. county pulled out of the federal vaccine program, instructing nursing facilities to take on their own vaccine administration, a move wasserman encouraged. >> this really needs to be coordinated at the facility level. >> reporter: a senior administration official explained to us that the delay was in part they couldn't request consent until the vaccine was approved, but also advised that some health care workers and staff may receive the vaccine before monday. if you're wondering when you
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will get access, keep in mind first wave of doses is just for frontline doses. rest of us not likely to have access until next month, maybe even spring or summer. battle over sports team nicknames is playing out in cleveland, been called indians nearly 100 years and much of the time native americans have been protesting the name, calling it racist. >> we're never trying to be disrespectful and i still feel that way, but i don't think that's good enough answer today. >> reporter: that was terry francona in july saying the team needs to move on from its nickname. the time has come. >> engaged in conversations last several months. >> reporter: team president
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antonetti confirmed, after the team formerly known as the washington redskins. not cleveland's first time confronting controversial parts of the team's history. >> feels good that steps are being taken, our voices being heard. >> reporter: executive director of the american indian movement of ohio. led protests for long time against chief wahoo logo. >> once chief wahoo went away, the rock rolling down the hill, wasn't going to be stopped. >> reporter: spent 17 years as cleveland's television announcer and grew up an indians fan.
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>> i think there's an awareness to find something appealing to all, offensive to none. i commend major league baseball for looking at the process because if there are enough people who think that it is demeaning, it's something that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: i'm joour eke ka duncan. to venice, this was the scene last week, tides came in higher than expected. with a little more warning, city leaders can deploy a sea wall to hold back the surge. >> reporter: i can expect to have water up to my knees but st. mark's square is dry thanks to $6.5 billion flood prevention program that's proving successful. it's far from perfect but could be best shot at survival.
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dickens once said you would shed tears to see venice. overnight as four feet of tidal sea water tried to engulf the city, the dikes could almost make you weep. >> it's very emotional. >> reporter: called mose, italian for moses, like in the old testament, parting the sea, keeping the adriatic from swallowing its crown jewel. for centuries water protected venice from invaders, until it became the invader itself. these floodgates are only thing standing between the exquisite and extinction. worst flooding in more than 50 years, catastrophe in city whose life blood is its beauty. tragedy this time averted. >> every day more or less, flood.
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>> reporter: like a suit of armor, yet with chinks. takes excruciating 48 hours to activate. and workshops like paulo's ore-likes for 26 years. doesn't take much for water to come in here. >> reporter: no, just a few inches away, just like the global climate crisis. says this environmental scientist. >> venice is the canary in the mine for other places that need to make very radical choices about how to survive in the future. >> reporter: for now that radical choice it working in
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the covid-19 pandemic has shut down most live music performances for ten months. later this evening cbs will bring you a benefit concert with all-star lineup, bon jovi, gary clark jr., machine gun kelly and others. dana jacobson sat down with bacon for a preview of the show. >> reporter: no matter your background, who you are, music can bring us all together. >> absolutely. it is the soundtrack of our lives, lifts us up, makes us feel things. ♪ it's time to hit the stage >> reporter: kevin bacon's affinity to music is well-documented, with his brother as bacon brothers. >> we're here tonight to play on. >> reporter: to supporting musical fundraisers like play on. >> one of the things excited
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about this show is to see the musicians, release they show to come out and play together. >> reporter: first meant to be a response to the coronavirus crisis, but as the fight for social justice became intertwined, it expanded. >> the intersection of hunger and social justice and covid is very apparent. >> also benefits why hunger. >> why hunger was already on board, able to bring in naacp legal defense and education fund, two fantastic organizations. >> reporter: like the philanthropies, the musics and artists are -- >> if you like country, we got something for you, rock and roll, power punk, pop. other thing i really like about the show, collaborations and mashups. day with marley, high women backing up yola with amazing
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harmonies. >> reporter: and while they may be in the spotlight, bacon said they're not alone. >> wanted to highlight in the show a lot of venues. they're in jeopardy. it's not what we're raising money for but we have message of trying to figure out way to support the music business in general. >> reporter: performances take place at apollo theater in harlem, nashville's bluebird cafe, and the troubadour in los angeles. while bacon hopes those that can will give, he thinks everyone can find takeaway i don't understand beyond the joy. >> those messages are going to be strong in the way they're presented. i also would like people to walk away with a glimmer of hope that these are things that we can adjust. you know, with a different kind of perspective, we can make some changes in this country.
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>> dana jacobson reporting. "play
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covid-19 vaccinations are under way, but could be months before most people get the shot and feel safe enough to get on with normal life. in japan, lockdowns and working from home have many people going stir crazy and many are taking job with them to the local amusement part. >> reporter: working from home month after month can give you bad case of cabin fever, but japan has found the antidote to
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workplace monotony, taking a ride. on a ferris wheel. the amusement part outside tokyo rents office space with ultimate stunning views. free wifi but water cooler not included. says lots of users told us the time flew by. $18 buys you lounge chair poolside and one hour in rotation, up to 500 feet in the air. among the 150 takers so far, the online events manager boarded cabin for first gravity-defined conference call. coworkers said it looked like he was on vacation, jealous he said. dozens of rides but few suited to desk work. not laptop friendly, the
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spokesman said, advise customers to ride these as break from work. meanwhile japan has thousands of cheap, rent by the hour karaoke rooms being repurposed. a big echo in downtown tokyo, demand growing from white-collar workers meeting in super ventilated karaoke room is instead of a coffee shop, says there's just one drawback. when file reports, will look likelike we were not work. lucy kraft, tokyo. >> and that's the overnight news for tuesday, for some, news continues. follow us online at reporting from the nation's capital, i'm catherine herridge.
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it's it's tuesday, december 15th, 2020. this is the "cbs morning news." fighting back. the first health care workers in the u.s. get vaccinated against the coronavirus as a vaccine rolls out across the country. making it official. the electoral college chooses joe biden as the 46th president. his message to the nation and to president trump. no jail time for ghislaine maxwell? lawyers presented a $28 million deal to free her as she awaits trial. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green.


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