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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  December 17, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> they did not let a definite plan to enforce the order. but instead only said anyone caught violating the order can be charged with a misdemeanor. >> we are approaching this as we have with all of our health orders in terms of educating people about what is required under the health orders. and expect and hope that people would support each other in doing this. >> reporter: there are exemptions to the order for medical professionals, first responders and anyone traveling for official government purposes or critical infrastructure work. the new mandatory quarantine order overlaps with this date mandated regional stay-at-home order. since the i see capacity region has fallen below 15%. >> the number of covid positive patients has increased by 27% in just the past week. >> reporter: the regional search started just after things having for many people were still traveling and gathering with friends and
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family despite warnings from health experts to stay home. the fear now is that without this travel quarantine, christmas and new year's travel could lead to yet another surge in cases. >> an increase over the next holiday periods could put us over the edge into a truly catastrophic situation. >> reporter: we reached out to law enforcement across the bay area, including san francisco police, to ask if they have been tasked with enforcing this mandatory quarantine, but all of the agents these that respondent said they are not responsible for that enforcement. in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix5. >> let's take a live look in redwood city where diners are getting a last meal out tonight until further notice. san mateo county joining the rest of the bay area with a stay-at-home order beginning at midnight. >> as of midnight tonight will be laid off for at least three weeks but we are hopeful that after three weeks he will be back to the same energy we have around here and have it be like the good old times.
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>> i don't know when we will reopen and i want my hair to be fresh. >> salons must also close completely, as for dining, restaurants can only offer take out and delivery. >> the vaccine can't come soon enough. kenny choi is live at outside a nursing center in marin county, where a new group of healthcare workers are getting vaccinated today. >> reporter: residence here in this facility will have to wait a little bit longer to get those vaccines, the strategy is to inoculate the workers, at this facility, since they are exposed to the virus every day going in and out. today so many people talked about hope with this new vaccine as well as the difficulties over the last nine months. minutes before the first shot, a mix of emotions. >> excited and still nervous, though. >> my mom has had some heart issues going on so i have not been able to go home and rehearse so it is something that i really want to do.
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>> everybody was pretty much burned out and on fumes, and when we got our shipment yesterday, the entire room lit up and the wind in our sales is back. >> pulling out 0.3 which is the does we will be giving. >> reporter: more than 100,000 covid death nationwide are people living or working in long-term care facilities according to the kaiser family foundation. >> it is for our own good and for the people that we work with. it has been really sad. eight, nine months. these people cannot even see their families. >> reporter: like betty who watch with me as an hundred 30 staff members lined up for the returns. >> i see hope and i see a future where we can live a more normal type of life. mac she is still waiting with the majority of nursing home residents across the country who will get inoculated as early as next week, through is
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cvs and walgreens. >> these people are so devoted and so good, and i'm so thankful that i have lived here and we have avoided the virus. >> this has been the most exciting moment in my career, to be able to move so quickly to vaccinate such a critical population in our community. >> well, we know so many nursing homes have been severely impacted by covid. how has this facility held up so far? >> they say that 85% of covid deaths in this county, in marin county, have been those living in long-term care facilities. fortunately, only 10 staff members at this facility have tested positive for covid since the onset of this pandemic and amazingly, none of the residence have tested positive for covid, zero covid deaths here. >> tonight health officials are investigating a coronavirus
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outbreak into contra costa county jails. they believe it began at the martinez detention facility. it later spread to the west county detention facility in richmond, likely after an inmate was transferred. 36 inmates have been infected at both jails, officials say none have required hospitalization. download our app to get around the clock updates on coronavirus, you can also access newscast's from cbsn bay area and kpix5. >> new at six, vallejo police , a new approach to community crime control called operation piece. it is already making a big difference. >> we are sending a clear message to perpetrators that none of us will sit by and tolerate violence that claims innocent lives and tears apart our city. >> reporter: it partnership between local, state and federal agents these, operation piece stands for predictive enforcement and community engagement. and in aims to harness the
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collective power of police, city officials, the community, and the clergy to stop crime before it ever happened. officers have made dozens of arrests and intercepted guns and drugs since the program launched in september. >> morgan hill police are trying to track down the burglars who broke into the specialized bicycle headquarters. they got away with nearly $160,000 worth of high-end bikes. the break and happened in broad daylight on sunday afternoon. police say the suspect mask the front of the building, still several bikes in the companies exam, it is believed they got away in this white man. >> they are highly recognizable, somebody will notice personal and this bike through, either a bike shop to the front door or trying to sell online, they will notice that this is not a bike that just anybody would show up with. >> there often you $25,000 reward, for an arrest, for the return of the bikes. >> still ahead, can't pay her
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bills, can't eat. >> i'm don ford at sonoma county. the number of families needing help has doubled, and they think it is only the beginning. >> a series of coyote attacks in the east bay now comes word they all traced back to the same animal. >> and stars aligning, literally, next week. well, more like planets. the event that you won't see again for hundreds of years. >> i'm dennis o'donnell, coming up the a warrior accused steve kerr of stealing his material. >> probably heard that. >> they would give new meaning to bring your son to work day. >> it is so cool for me to see him enjoying the sport. >> drier weather quickly taking over once again. it will last for a while. into last weekend before christmas,
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>> as california expand shelter in place orders, in business restrictions, unemployment claims have hit their worst level in three months. last week unappointed claims in california topped 200,000 for the first time since september. that includes but 24,000 cases in the last week alone. you consider those numbers, it is no wonder food banks are working overtime to keep up with demand. don ford has that part of the story. >> businesses and institutions across the bay area are being shutdown. the redwood empire food bank says they have never been busier. and they think it is only the beginning. it is a massive warehouse, the largest food bank in sonoma county. supplying directly to the public and other smaller food charities. david goodman says and 33
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years, the need has never been so great. >> we have been through multiple fires, i think five fires, we have been through floods, we have now been through political disasters, we have been through ps ps as the pg&e shutdown, power shutdowns. in our global pandemic. >> they are distributing twice the amount of food as last year. in a for 22 million meals. even the national guard is here, helping with the workload. relies on volunteers, folks in the santa rosa area are stepping up to help. >> people not able to work, or there losing their businesses, not able to pay their bills, so cannot pay your bills come you can't eat and this is a great place because you come here and get food for free. >> there helping organize the dozens of volunteers, running the parking lot much as he would his kitchen. >> we have people that i've never used the food bank before. we have middle income families
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that really are hurting. >> >> even within our school district, we know that there are kids that our kids go to school with that were very concerned, are they getting enough to eat. >> i think the other foot has not dropped yet, i think that things will get a lot worse. >> in sonoma county, don ford. >> if you want to help, for every dollar donated to redwood empire food bank they say the distribution to those in need. some more good news today, second harvest of silicon valley got a huge much-needed holiday surprised. they received a $10,000 check from wells fargo. of hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. >> a $100,000 check, even better. animal experts and contra costa county are linking three different attacks to the same
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coyote. the latest happened in lafayette. the other two happened in morocco. one earlier this month, and the first one back in july. and the most recent case, a grocery store clerk was it outside the diablo foods in lafayette on tuesday. animal control took a dna sample and sure enough it went back to the earlier attacks officials are now working to trap that coyote. meanwhile a fast-moving snowstorm dumps several inches of snow on the sierra ski resorts, and all that fresh powder means they are preparing to open up more ski runs this weekend. i got a feeling you should probably call ahead, either make a reservation or figure out if they will let use the. given the covid situation. what do you know about that, paul? anything? >> i think that all of the ski resorts in the sierra and elsewhere in the rocky mountains, you cannot buy day passes. you have to make sure you will
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abide by all the local protocols for covid once or up there. they will not see a whole lot of additional snow over the next several days. the rain system that we had yesterday brought them some snow but now drier weather is taking over. we had a mix of clouds and sunshine today. plenty of sun, and the rain chances are going to miss us to the north over the next several days. drier weather this weekend, with mild temperatures during the afternoon. should be a very nice weekend if you have anything to do that last weekend before christmas whether it is outdoors, or inside, just get outside and take advantage of the nice weather. we did some rainfall last night so it helps to chip away at that rainfall deficit that we have been running so far this season. we are still way behind where we are supposed to be. think back a week ago before that chance of rain moved in last friday. we are running in the 3 to 10% range in terms of where we were compared to where we were supposed to be. now we are the 22 to 32% range. it is better but we still need more rain to header away.
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and the lower to mid 50s, not much variation, pleasantly cool temperatures this evening including in the northbay, for this evening stock. he looks very handsome. in q2 that for sharing the pictures. >> they will drop to the 40s and santa rosa, ending up down in the low 30s by early tomorrow morning. this happens to be one of the cold spots in the baptist that was in the area to start. mid temperatures, 30s to 40s around the bay and along the coast. a decent warm-up for everybody. by lunchtime, everybody will be the mid to upper 50s, plenty of sunshine friday afternoon with highs mostly in the upper 50s, and low 60s. another day with there is not going to be a whole lot of variation to the temperatures and there will not be a whole lot of day-to-day variation either as we head to the next
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several days. the warmest day come the first day of winter but then we don't drop a whole lot for tuesday and wednesday and thursday, christmas eve is looking nice. we talk more about that great conjunction of saturn and jupiter and how you can see it. >> i don't think so. the only one thing in tonight will be the fat lady when rater and the case their season goodbye on thursday night football. however, liz, another local team in action tonight, wrapping up the preseason in sacramento. uber is already comfortable. >> he could say something very
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come you know, very smart at the end of the day it is like, probably heard that for michael jordan. >> if steve kerr stills jokes. >> he steals, because i think he talked a lot in his day when he was holding. >> 49ers pullback, has been the one constant on offense the season. juice as they call him, career- high four touchdowns, should come as no surprise that he is at the head of the class for virtual meetings. >> the jets have a chance to beat the six winless team in nfl history at least one fan has seen enough. the family of edward mr. rope
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and his obituary that edward drew his last breath on december 9, mainly to avoid having to watch another jets game. taking it to the extreme. but tiger is not quite dead yet. tiger woods and his son, charlie, will tee up, in the championship, this weekend. check it out. they aim to win. >> he is competitive, yes. our whole family is that way. >> i love this. tiger, charlie, in lockstep on the driving range. check that out. if jt knows to expect trash talk from the younger words after a putting contest a couple of years ago.
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i made it and i beat him, so i shut him up pretty quick. >> people were amazed, looking at tiger woods on the range, and little charlie, the saints win, but earl words, tigers father, taught him that he is teaching the same swing to charlie. that swing is three generations old. that is pretty cool. back to you. >> and it works. >> they knew what they were doing. >> still ahead, a hard-fought
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>> tonight we can reports that foothills park in palo alto is only open to everybody. that was only open to city residents for more than 50 years, to the city council voted to change that last month. but a small group seeking to overturn that decision failed to collect enough signatures to force a referendum. >> we are only a few days away from what is being called the christmas star.
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it is when the planets appear to pass each other and this time, it is going to be saturn and jupiter. >> so it is a fun thing to watch, and it reminds us that everything out there in the sky is moving. things are not just fixed. there moved. and we can watch the move and that is just fun. >> be sure to look up at the sky on monday night. th
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>> cbs evening news is coming up next. here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> good evening, good to see you. coming up, new hope during this holiday season, as a key fda panel clears the way for a second vaccine. the first doses of moderna shot to be delivered next week giving the u.s. an extra boost to get 50 million vaccinated i
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january. >> thank you for watching
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking news tonight: a key f.d.a. panel says the moderna vaccine is safe, giving new hope during this holiday season, as the u.s. once again sets a deadly record. more than 3,000 americans die from coronavirus in a single day. ambulances in california waiting up to seven hours as hospitals across the country run out of i.c.u. beds. in tennessee, the state with the highest infection rate. the governor tonight has a warning: >> this vaccine will not cure foolish decisions. >> o'donnell: tonight, moderna ready for delivery, and the news that, along with pfizer, it could mean 50 million americans vaccinated by the end of january. what's the difference between the two shots? and, are there any serious side effects? plus, why are there ns


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