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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 20, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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relief this morning as the nation second coronavirus sexing begins shipment as trucks ran out of the moderna facility overnight . and chaos at a local area mall i'm hundreds of christmas shoppers run for cover as gunshots rang out.>> people were falling and running to the door. the latest from congress as lawmakers and at an impasse, a stimulus bill could be a site which has as of the vote as soon as today morning it is sunday morning it is sunday, december 20 i am devon
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philly.>> and i'm emily turner, so temperatures will continue to drop before the sun comes up, looking at current conditions it is nice and clear which is why temperatures have gotten so low. in the low 30s in concord, livermore and santa rosa will dip below freezing over the next half hour, they will warm up for a pretty mild afternoon but it is because of clear conditions those temperatures have been able to drop so low. we also have visibility issues where the marine layer is around the petaluma gap, cooler temperatures inland as well as a result, but nice and clear along the coast. 24 hour temperature change all is similarly to where the visibility is, i've degrees warmer in half moon bay and 5b0 cooler however in fairfield. the afternoon forecast looks like this. upper 50s along the coast and setting clear much everywhere you are and mid-sixties along the bay. the inland areas a little bit
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chillier. this is one of those situations where the moderating influence of the water keeps things pretty mild and kuehler and led, high temperatures and mix of the 50s and 60s, not warm at all but it will be clear and beautiful, and really the top of the line when it comes to december whether. not much to do during shelter in place but it will be a perfect day to go ahead and get out. breaking this morning, i live look at the olive branch distribution facility for moderna, teams are working 45 minute shifts in the huge freezer packed with vaccine files and in the boxes the workers wore special cold- weather gear is temperatures were way below zero inside when packed the boxes were put into fedex and ups trucks ready to be rolled out across the country and this is days after the covid 19 vaccine was given the green light by the fda. later today a federal panel
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will debate he should be next in line early doses of the vaccine after healthcare workers 6 million initial doses are being sent out and 20 million expected by the end of the year. it is 91.4% effective which is not the same as pfizer and unlike the pfizer vaccine it doesn't require ultracold storage and can be stalled and stored at regular freezer overtures, it requires a booster 28 days later, one week longer than pfizer. and the cdc says out of the quarter million pfizer doses administered so far only six have resulted in severe allergic reactions. a live look at sfo, new warning from health officials not to travel this christmas as covid cases in the united states and california continues to climb. across the nation a record of nearly a quarter million coronavirus cases were reported yesterday in just one day and california has had a huge case surge with over 40,000 new
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infections to put that into perspective, texas, florida and new york registered over 10,000 new cases each us surgeon general and dr. fauci are urging americans to stay home for the holidays . >> we do have a light at the end of this very long a dark tunnel. >> by getting there without losing more and more people depends on what we do now. >> that meets each and every one of you doing your part and we do our part of the federal level. >> us surgeon general doctor jerome adams says take a long hard look at your holiday plans to start. >> the safest way to spend the holiday this year is with immediate members of your household. >> dr. fauci agrees . >> nobody wants to modify, if not essentially shut down their holiday season, but we are at a very critical time in this country right now. >> even with two covid vaccines authorized the virus continues to ravage the country and both doctors say we need to remain
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vigilant. >> we have got to not walk away from the facts in the data. this is tough going for all of us. >> we want to get as many people as possible to easter, memorial day next year and the fourth of july. >> doctor adams knows not everyone will listen and if that is the case he said testing is to be a priority. >> if you gather with people outside of your household especially without a mask we recommend you get tested for to five days after that gathering. >> get tested before you travel as well. there are a number of other safety tips on>> being outside, good ventilation and good amount of hand sanitizer. >> all with the hope that this time next year we will have one more reason to celebrate. >> a reminder, if you have family traveling from outside the bay area into san francisco they will be required to quarantine for 10 days. last minute christmas shopping turned into chaos yesterday after shots rang out
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at a bay area shopping mall at about 5:30 pm. shoppers and workers at the shelter in place for their own safety and this morning milpitas police are still looking for the shooter, katie nielsen has the latest.>>reporter: terrified employees and shoppers ran out of the mall only minutes after the shooting.>> people running forward and back and people were falling. >> while others hid in the back of sores.>> they said active shooter and we just ran>> the people who work at the store told everyone to go to the back of the store and everybody was panicking and did not know what was going on.>> we went to the back room and barricaded all three doors that we had and waited for police. >> officers in swat gear started searching the mall store by store and they found some shoppers hiding in a hallway. >> how many were there? >> quite a few.
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estimate how many?>> 40. >> witnesses heard multiple gunshots somewhere near the nike store and a few minutes later at least one man was put into an ambulance and taken to a local hospital. for nearly 4 hours lease escorted shoppers out of the mall clearing each store one by one as small groups of people huddled in the parking lot just behind the crime scene tape waiting for friends and family to come out. separated from each other during the chaos. >> just call your loved ones and tell them you don't know what is happening but that you love them. >> katie nielsen kpix 5 . >> crime scene investigators remained on the scene overnight police have not released any information about the potential suspect or whether or not it was a targeted attack. the last weekend before christmas the great ball was not the only place in the bay
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area full of people, shops on walnut creek's broadway plaza say they're trying to find the balance between the regional stay-at-home order, weighing safety with supporting local businesses.>> tonight we are shopping for my mom. >> i think everybody is ready to get out and also find a way to invite joy into their lives. >> i live look at capitol hill as congress continues talks to pass a covid relief package. the bill will include a new round of stimulus checks, cbs michael george has the latest and when a vote might happen.>>reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill are working through the weekend hoping to reach a spending deal at an approximately $900 billion covid relief plan. >> the american people cannot feed their families or pay their bills congress good faith discussions, they need us to
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act>> the number one outstanding issue is our proposal by the republican senator from pennsylvania. >> senator pat toomey's proposal would wind down some of the federal reserve's emergency lending programs. >> puts an end to these three programs that did their jobs, they function and restore the private credit markets. so they do not need to continue. >> late friday congress passed at two day government funding measure and they must pass another one by midnight on sunday with senators are expected to resume discussion sunday of the first doses of the corona vaccine are set to start shipping and they should reach healthcare providers monday. operation warp speed general gus perna apologized for miscommunication with some states over the number of doses of vaccine to be delivered in the early stages. >> to the governors and the governor's staff please accept my personal apology if this was disruptive in your decision-
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making. >> ended delaware president- elect joe biden introduced more nominees for his climate team.>> today i'm pleased to announce the team that will lead my administration's ambitious plan to address accidental drought of our time, climate change>> if confirmed north carolina's top and permit official, michael reagan them would be the first african- american man to lead the environmental protection agency and biden nominated new mexico congresswoman deb holland for secretary of the interior she would be the first native american cabinet secretary. michael george cbs news. >> late last night minority leader senator chuck schumer him out of the talks on capitol hill saying he is hopeful a vote will happen today. california is one of several states notified by federal authorities their next shipment of the pfizer vaccine will be greatly reduced. the shortfall led to mass confusion earlier in the week but that first week of january will see 20 million doses and it will improve with the pfizer
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vaccine as well as the moderna vaccine . >> we were told yesterday by cdc and hhs they are cutting up by 40% and we talked to pfizer ourselves directly that they claim they have more vaccines are not getting authorization from the federal government. >> santa clara county's next shipment will be 44% smaller san francisco's will be 40% smaller today a delivery of free toys in san francisco. members of the low rider counsel will gather at 10 am this morning at the mission food have on alabama street. they will bring toys to the homes of disabled children and large families any the donations. also today a giveaway of winter coats to young people in need. coats will be handed out from 1 pm until 2 pm this afternoon at delta bay church on east 18th street in antioch and several charities including deeply
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rooted and the warrior foundation, are providing the funding for that. and the young person who needs the coat has to show up in person to receive the gift. additional handouts are planned on wednesday and thursday in oakland. still ahead, as the virus surges around the state apple takes drastic measures shutting down stores in california. how will this affect online orders? find out why this group of female test pilots and engineers are breaking records. and looking live outside right now we will
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a lie look at san francisco this morning and a new report shows accidental drug overdoses are more deadly than the coronavirus in the city according to the medical examiner over 630 people died of accidental overdose between january and november whereas just over 170 people die from coronavirus this year. fentanyl was the deadliest cause of drug overdoses as coronavirus cases hit record highs this week. apple stores across california are now temporarily closed, all 53 stores customers can pick up online orders and apple is still honoring some appointments made through tuesday. so far a reopening date hasn't been set, the company made a similar move earlier in the
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year. in a statement apple says it is closing its doors due to current covid 19 conditions and some of the communities that we serve closely monitor the situation. a coronavirus outbreak in sydney's north beach has grown to 100 people and health officials say they may never be able to trace the ultimate source of the outbreak thousands of fled the state of new south wales as the country prepares to lockdown borders in the wake of this growing outbreak.>> of course it is a concern to us that health experts are yet to identify how the cluster was transmitted into the community or how it started. we will certainly get to the bottom of it.>> locals are only allowed to leave their home for basic reasons, medical care, exercise, bursary shopping, work or for compassionate care reasons. this morning waking up to freezing protectors temperatures or temperatures below freezing,
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and i know i had frost on my windshield, that is because of the fog and the cool temperatures. now it is interesting because you might see some green and those are foggy areas inland or temperatures are very chilly and also we are nice and clear. without a big layer of cloud cover to keep the warm temperatures and that is how i get so cold overnight. looking at satellite and radar, the high-pressure system was just off the coast has now moved in and it is dominating the weather pattern but behind it is this low-pressure system will fully drop in and all the precipitation been kept to the north of this because of the high but the low biggest the change things as it dips down and moves in. let's move forward in the future cast to show how this will play out. not much to see going into today but monday that is when it starts to come in. the marine layer returns in the by overnight, just maybe a chance of precipitation. it really very minimal and not much to speak of. we desperately need the rain.
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look at how below-average we are thus far since october. there is hope in sight but not until later in the week. it will be a nice christmas present from mother nature. on christmas day we will start seeing the atmospheric river coming through and it will not be drastic rainfall but will certainly be something which we desperately need. there is another behind it but this is too far out for us to get a good feel for it. in the meantime moving towards the end of the year for the precipitation outlook, it is still not where we need it to be but we are getting there and we just need as much rain as we can get moving through these winter months. so today a chilean clear morning changing to a mild and clear afternoon, with a mostly clear and mostly dry week ahead, with the exception of a few speckles tomorrow night and then again actual rain all the way to the end of our seven day forecast on christmas day evening. temperatures a mix of 50s and
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60s no matter where, pacifica at 58 and 65 at santa rosa. the seven day forecast shows temperatures dipping a little as low-pressure comes on monday and then we regain a few degrees and dip right back down as the rain moves through on christmas day. for the most part it will be dry, clear and mild during the day with a little bit of rain hopefully for christmas. the united states air force making history this morning graduating its largest class a female test pilots and engineers this is the record- breaking group of five women who graduated from the test pilot school at edwards air force base in southern california and only 19 others were in their class edwards only accepts for five of what they call the best and brightest pilots and engineers each year for the year-long masters degree program. coming up on kpix 5 , the sports dome in new york withstood harsh winters for 15 years, find out why it
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collapsed. san jose state making history last night, the spartans intermountain west conference championship game looking to come home as champs for the first time in school history. that is all coming up.
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does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. a groundbreaking year for san jose state with a chance to go undefeated for the first time since 1939 and a chance to win their first ever mountain
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conference title which is all the more impressive as they have been homeless since thanksgiving quarterback nick stargell did not seem to nervous, things couldn't have got off to a better start in the first quarter of the game, this past by mick starkel turn to a 55 yard touchdown by trey walker. now 19-13, the longball to isaiah hamilton, 1 foot in and they go for two to make it a 14 point lead, and the broncos answer. hank brockmeier calls his own number and hits the pylon, 27- 20, mick starkel find derek deis to make it a two score game and san jose state wins 34- 20 for the first ever mountain west title and they finish the regular season 7-0.>> where does this rank?
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>> we serve it up. spent exactly.>> this was the best because of all the parts of it, how far we have come. when he sang lean on me in that locker room together. that is how this team plays.>> lean on me when you're not strong, and i'll be your friend.>> meanwhile the rose bowl is being moved out of pasadena and will relocate to arlington texas due to covid concerns it is part of the college football playoff this year and is the first rose bowl not to be played in pasadena since 1942. that means this view will not be seen on new year's day. the rose bowl hosting stanford and ucla a site and the cardinals trailed by 14 with other treatment effect but with 18 seconds to play there was a find and it was tied in going into second overtime.
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the bruins tried to answer this, they faced a fourth and 18 and somehow converted chase griffin to kyle phillips to keep the game alive. so chip kelly decides to go for two and sanford makes the stop at the goal line. that is how stanford season ends since i have opted out of a bowl bid. they finish on a four-game winning streak. moving to santa cruz for the pac-12 tournament, cardinals were down two and spencer johnson gives stanford the lead and they went 78-75 to sapa 20 game losing streak to the wildcats that dated back to january 2009. one game after setting the all-time winning record, stanford visiting usc in the third quarter the cardinals kiana williams knocks down one for seven three-pointers and williams source 27 a number one stanford wins 80-60, when
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number 1100 for coach tyra. tiger woods and his many me, 11-year-old son charlie, teed up yesterday in florida for a father/son event. part five in fifth and he gets the green and two and holds the eagle putt. that apparently was his first ever able i'm a tiger and charlie are four strokes behind that creature and his son cameron for the lead. a reminder watch the 49ers game on kpix 5 at 10 am this morning, the fifth quarter will be on right off the saints and chiefs game. heavy snowfall in upstate new york cause a heavy sports dome to collapse, 3 feet millie lester got up an athletic center and the inflatable roof that had withstood since to thousand five could not withhold all the weight and the owners are trying to salvage all that is left. >> we are heartbroken as a
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family. >> the owners are still holding out hope they can reinflate the facility and they say it was the largest dome of its kind in the country. it is currently 6:25 am. coming up in the next half hour but on the way, the nation's second vaccine is backed up and ship it off, when will likely see doses of moderna in the bay area ? why members of one vibrant san francisco bay area community says that they are being left out in make your holidays ross!
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welcome back it is about 6:30 am i am devon feely.>> and i am emily turner, many waking up to chilly temperatures at or getting close to below freezing. current temperatures show santa rosa with 33 and fog. that will continue to dip just until the sun comes back up, fog in santa rosa as well as in fairfield the low-lying inland valleys we will give and see the fog with chile is temperatures. else are looking pretty good as far as visibility. you can see cloudier or fog your areas the temperatures are at or slightly below where we woke up yesterday. we will be warmer than we were yesterday today and depending
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on where you are it will be sunny for all of us but will be the upper 50s along the coast, mid 60s around the bay and inland areas further from the water will be cool and chillier in the mid-50s and high temperatures overall a mix of 50s and 60s no matter where you are. a lie look at the mississippi distribution facility for moderna , the newly approved rotavirus vaccine is being repaired for shipment and a leina fedex trucks are lined up waiting to be filled before going off and overnight teams worked a 45 minute shifts inside a large freezer packing files into boxes and getting them ready to load been states could receive doses as soon as tomorrow. this vaccine will start arriving across the nation tomorrow three days after be authorized by the fda and 5.9 million doses will be sent out in addition to 2 million more doses of the pfizer vaccine but trucks rolled out from fedex and ups today and the moderna vaccine will be distributed
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through mckesson, the nation's largest medical supply company. this is a lie look at the white house for president trump is making plans to hit the campaign trail for a pair of republican senate candidates and the president will the rally in georgia for senator kelly loeffler and david perdue that are in a tight race with two runoff elections in the president tweeted the rally will happen january 4, the night before the election and republicans must win least one of those races to keep control of the senate. police are searching for the gunman who killed a man near the hillsdale more mall in san mateo yesterday and it rang out and the wells fargo parking lot on hillsdale boulevard saturday morning to see a lot of detectives on the scene, a full parking lot on a busy holiday shopping day. according to witnesses the man shot the victim five times before running away on foot and detectives say it was an isolated incident and it doesn't involve the bank. with the pandemic raging on and businesses have tanked all across the area especially in
6:32 am
san francisco's chinatown, shop owners say they are in so much trouble they are asking the mayor for help. kpix 5 kenny choi breaks it down >>reporter: one week before christmas in this how it looks good the storefronts are empty and businesses are struggling and that is why they're asking the city for relief package they feel they desperately need. david is a one-man band these days . serving up steaming stirfried dishes for more than 100 years. >> he is the main cook the whole day and we would have deliveries and he has 50 pounds worth of rice. >> earlier this year the owners use of their paycheck protection on and getting after help from the city has been difficult. >> vivian even when we apply we get rejected and we have applied for at least three grandson never got approved.>> the sign says walk but there's
6:33 am
hardly any foot traffic and the source of mostly empty and this week nine chinatown associations sent a letter asking the mayor for a covid relief package similar to the 28 million+ commitment announced by breed in september. >> we know the city has a big shortfall right now and its budget and how they were able to carve out that much money for the latino community and not us.>> they are all waving their hands for help and among the demands 5.3 million in grants for businesses to keep employees on their payroll and $2 million to boost tourism once state homeowners and. >> it doesn't seem like anyone reaches out to our community, we have a lot of good community leaders that are going to reach out to the mayor and not let her forget we are here and haven't gone anywhere. >> associations are waiting for a detailed response and meanwhile the mayor's office is as no details on when. >> business owners are asking the city to make parking free in an attempt to boost food
6:34 am
traffic and chinatown and north beach is the last shopping weekend before christmas and according to the national retail federation more than 150 million americans were estimated to have shopped yesterday. many buying those last-minute gifts, some shoppers are still trying to play it safe for the holidays.>> i do not go home for the giving and it sucked but it is hard.>> i am staying home, it will be me my mom and my grandpa and my dad works so. just the three of us>> and infectious disease expert with uc davis health said while the vaccine is just around the corner everyone should remember that we are not out of the woods yet. >> people are going out and about more they're not staying home and they are visiting people more and that is what is leading to these opportunities for transmission and subsequent infection. these vaccines are the light at the end of the tunnel. if we can hold it together for a few more months, next christmas we can go back to what we traditionally expect.>>
6:35 am
parents and teachers in santa clara county say it is too soon to be reopening schools and they are accusing administrators of rushing a reopening plan and not providing sufficient safety protocols some show their disapproval this weekend with the caravan in front of the santa clara county superintendent home and accuse account of being out of touch without enough consideration for the needs of special education students.>> we want what is best for the children and no one disputes the reports of the programs even during difficult times but we cannot serve our community and less county officers provide us with what we need.>> the county board of education has reopened with a mix of in-person instruction in online learning. parents and teachers said both methods present challenges for special ed students. spin expectations that students will socially distance themselves as both ignorant and arrogant. it shows that cle administration is too distant
6:36 am
to understand the needs of the children they serve.>> protesting teachers said they want to make sure they have the right protective equipment and training before bring more students into the classroom.>> wildlife rescuers are trying to track down an ailing bobcat in the south bay and the city says this animal has an illness likely because of its pleasure to rat poison, the photos were provided of the ailing animal and they say it has extreme mange, probably from eating rodents who lived a few days after being poisoned the bobcat was spotted last week in the coyote valley open space preserve near morgan hill. still to come, the wonderful gift given to a taco bell employee. see his reaction after the break. we will be right back. ♪
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6:40 am
the numbers on the west and east coast continue to spike ahead of christmas. surgeon general, doctor jerome adams, will join us to talk about the rollout of the vaccine, when it will be available to you and also why the supply of this drug made by eli lilly which has proven to help those infected with covid is sitting unused on shelves even though taxpayers spent millions of dollars to stockpile it. the eli lilly ceo will talk to us about monoclonal antibodies and what you need to ask your doctor to give you if you get infected. doctor scott gottlieb, former fda commissioner, also talk to us about this and we will look at two other crises. the economic one as congress continues to argue over what kind of aid relief to provide americans, and san francisco fed president mary daly join us to talk about economic cost of
6:41 am
this health crisis and what americans can plan on in terms of further job cuts in 2021. we will get an inside look at the largest cyber attack in united states history. this massive espionage operation that was discovered this week which was revealed by fire i, a private company. their ceo will come on to tell us what they discovered and how far this espionage goes inside the united states government which has been referred to as a grave risk. all of that at 8:30 on kpix 5 . new ways to connect with its audience, the san francisco opera offers three free offer streams in january they can enjoy the show from the comfort of your own chair and kpix 5 alan martin spoke to chip mcneil, san francisco opera director of diversity equity
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and offered to talk about their romeo and juliet offering. >> one of our most beloved stories, we will be streaming a version of romeo and juliet that was just performed last year. it is this beautiful and tragic love story. it was the debut, and it will be on the weekend of january 23 and 24th. >> you're also offering interactive talks, tell us about that and how people can join.>> that is right. we are so excited. the san francisco opera is featuring a program called opera aficionado that is a program for those made for the opera as well as those who are becoming more familiar with the art of offer and the aficionado series includes talks and
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panels and this particular installment coming up in january, we will be featuring three local composers and scholars. each one of them is preserving and changing music in very interesting ways. in the weekends on january 17 and on january 24, you can tune in and join us in conversation with these wonderful local composers. you can go to the san francisco to find out more.>> stream the full-length offers by going to sf, the first is january 16.>> an absolutely beautiful day out, a chilly start but we should be warming up later and maybe some chance of rain on the horizon. certainly further down the road looking at high def doppler you see fog and low-lying clouds, a few showers off the coast and
6:44 am
nothing out there as we are dry and experiencing fog. this high-pressure system is dominating our pattern for the next day today and a half. behind it is this low-pressure system and is that drops down it will bring within a few changes. the possibility of some rain, nothing strong initially but then there is more hope on the backend. looking at how this plays out in future cast, nothing to speak of in a nice clear beautiful day, sunny skies and a perfect day to get out. tomorrow we have more fog moving in with that marine layer and a chance of a few showers as it skirts through. when i say chance it is not going to be anything significant, just a few drops on the windshield the big chance of rain is a little later. in the meantime we desperately need it looking at santa rosa how far below average we are for this time of year. this is the hope of talk about
6:45 am
it there is an atmospheric river and will not necessarily dump tons of rain but hopefully by christmas day into christmas night that is when we will see substantial rainfall. it is too far out for us to have a good idea of what that will bring an the will be a mild and clear afternoon with a mostly clear and dry week ahead with the exception of the rain towards the end of the week and a few clouds here and there that we will see monday afternoon or evening. high temperatures today will be the mix of upper 50s and low to mid 60s 65 in santa rosa and 61 and santa rosa. 63 in san jose. the seven day forecast shows temperatures pretty much the same moving into tomorrow with a few clouds here and there thanks to low-pressure which starts to climb before dropping back down over christmas eve into christmas day.
6:46 am
that is when the second low- pressure system in the rain could be moving in my fingers crossed, i'm not just putting it on yet because it is too far out to sea. for the most part we will be dry, mild and clear all the way to the holiday. take a look at this with crowds of holiday shoppers turning out, this is russia and authorities in moscow have canceled large-scale public celebrations but it isn't stopping people from coming out to buy gifts or decorations that the city moscow reports 6500 new grunt of rice cases on saturday. part of the united kingdom going into lockdown over christmas because of a newly identified strain of covid officials say the variant is around 70% more transmissible than earlier versions. the prime minister announced new restrictions from london and southeast england.>> it is with a very heavy heart that i say we must not continue with christmas as planned. in england those living in
6:47 am
these areas should not mix with anyone outside their own household a christmas. support bubbles will remain in place for those at particular risk of loneliness or isolation.>> the new measures argument to cut off london and surrounding counties and the rest of england with the goal of curbing widespread transmission it's winter takes hold. in response to the new strain the netherlands is banning all passenger flights from the united kingdom and the band will stay in ple until at least 1 january. the dutch government is still considering additional measures regarding other modes of transit from written. italy announced they are suspending flights from the united kingdom a longtime taco bell worker has just received a big gift. >> that is after coworkers and customers chose him as a favorite 70-year-old joe distasio has worked in the drive-through lane not far from where i'm from and florida for
6:48 am
two decades a coworker created a foodie group on facebook to spotlight local restaurants and then the group decided to vote for a favorite employee the great majority voted in favor of taco bell joe, hundred percent money.>> we love you. >> i will do my best to live up to it. and like a little candle in every heart of every person that i meet. still to be a part of it and see this man so touched it is life-changing for me.>> it is my customers that bring out the best in me. it is them. i cannot do it without their help.>> bless his heart but after two decades i went how many tacos he is handed out that initial gift of $50 swelled to thousands in on friday his colleagues presented
6:49 am
him with a check for more than $6000. coming up on kpix 5 , the selfie x-rays with a twist. how one local company turn their business around.
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accompany downtown sacramento come up with a novel way to get your business up and running again.>> after strict lot also social distancing rules when it's a place their photo booth operation had to go virtual. now they have come up with a new self experience. reporter ryan hale explains more>>reporter: that is the sound that owner of giggle and fun house hoped to hear when they came up with this idea seven weeks ago, a selfie experience. >> we have over 100 photo booth backdrops so we thought let's do something with it and put it out to the committee.>> the way things are people are stuck at home and they are bored and they want something fun to do and something creative to do.>> that creativity is being captured in the companies 11,000 ft.b2 warehouse in downtown sacramento. take a selfie on your phone or a picture with a regular camera on any of the 16 sets they have. spent through this pandemic what has become evident is how important family is and how
6:53 am
nice it is to create those families and have loved ones around you family pictures have become even more important.>> who knew that if you selfie's could be that important for families during the pandemic.>> it is nice to get out and find something safe to do where the kids can have fun. we can get into the holiday spirit.>> it was cool to have different scenes to act out in and tons of different poses i could do and it was amazing getting out of the house.>> an amazing feeling being captured one pose at a time>> it puts in a good mood and it is nice to see families still enjoying themselves and creating the laughter and memories after all this time.>> everyone who goes must wear a mask inside until it is time to take the photo, everybody wants to see your smile, and our designated entry and exit points. alameda county firefighters spread holiday cheer this weekend giving out toys kids
6:54 am
needed hope for a heart event, the department will collect toys as annual toy drive through december 24. zookeepers in miami are giving lots of care to a newborn animal>> this baby anteater was rejected by his mother which is so sad. they found the anteater and a corner of its holding area and one of the coldest nights of the year. they are providing constant beatings with a tube and bottle and they say the baby is getting stronger. it is a giant anteater though he is pretty small here. it is a species that can go as long as 8 feet with a two foot long tongue>> remember kpix 5 was to bring you the good news happening in the bay area, 02 s-10 story ideas to together i'm made to move.
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but these days, i'm not getting out as much as i'd like to. that's why i take osteo bi-flex. it helps with occasional joint stiffness, while it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. because i'm made to move.
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it is 6:56 am and look at this morning's top stories, a newly approved coronavirus vaccine is ready for shipment employees at a distribution facility in mississippi worked overnight packing up files of the moderna scene into boxes and today fedex and ups will begin carrying those doses across the country and a vote in congress on a covid relief package could happen today. the bill would include a new round of stimulus checks
6:57 am
lawmakers have broken through an impasse finally over limits to the federal reserve's emergency lending program. gunfire erupted saturday at the great mall of milpitas , witnesses heard multiple shots and at least one man was taken away and an ambulance and police are still looking for the shooter top health officials want everyone to stay home for the holidays, united states surgeon general said people should plan to celebrate with her immediate household. dr. fauci agrees saying that the country is in a very critical time and a new love down went into effect in london and surrounding counties in southeast england because of a newly identified drain of covid 19 believed to be 70% more transmissible than previous versions >> not much to do during shelter in place but i can tell you it will be beautiful the next several days so you can get outside and go for a hike or a walk and enjoy that. cooler temperatures this morning, working up into nice and mild afternoons, clear and dry all the way till christmas day. thanks for joining us cbs sunday morning with jane pauley
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