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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 26, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. ray crisis u. possible human remains found in the sighting of a massive explosion in nashville. investigators are looking to see if the remains are connected to the blast or an innocent victim. the strain on bay area hospitals is beginning to show. icu capacity has dipped below 10%. health officials are bracing for a postholiday surge. saturday, december 26th. >> we are still keeping an eye on high definition doppler because the left overshowers are showers to the north bay. you see plenty of rain having left the bay area and is now in the central valley and turning to snow. i want to draw your attention to? little band of rain. just a few showers left over if
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beput it into the futurecast. it picks up on this. here we are at 6:00 a.m. we can play that forward. we still see showers over the next hour or two. by the time we have gotten to 9:00 in the morning, we are pretty much done here. as we get into the early afternoon, we will probably have a few clouds left over, and then many patches of blue sky and saturday, it is just cloudy, and i am going to let this play all the way through until we get to sunday in the afternoon and watch what shows up right there on the left side of your screen. that is the next rainmaker. our next storm coming up for sunday. so when i check back in the complete forecast, we're going to let that play forward, and i will go into a lot more detail. that on sunday for now. back over to you. >> thanks. taking a live look at capitol hill now. unemployment benefits for millions of americans are set to run out today. a $900 billion covid relief bill has been flown down to florida for president trump to
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shine. cbs. president trump tweeted a simple message friday morning. merry christmas before heading out for a round a round of golf. the first lady melania trump praised essential workers in a holiday video. and across this country. >> merry christmas. >> president-elect joe biden and his wife, jill, also tweeted a holiday message. >> we know that this won't be forever. and brighter days are coming soon. >> this christmas, millions of americans are facing a financial crisis. >> with the federal unemployment benefit set to run out saturday. unless the president signs a covid relief bill congress passed earlier this woke. the bill has been flown to florida in case the president den sides to sign it. tuesday, he suggested he may not unless lawmakers increase direct stimulus payments to $2,000. congress will return monday for a rare december session after republicans block democrat's effort to push through a payment increase.
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>> believe it or not, democrats agree with the president. at least to the extend that we node to sign this bill now. >> house democrats say they'll hold a full vote on the proposal for $2,000 payments. lawmakers may also the government shut-down. a shut-down. >> they deserve that conclusion. the best thing to do is to sign the bill. >> the president set up another show-down by congress by vetoing a defense bill. congress has until next sunday to override the veto. cbs news, washington. the relief package is linked to a $1.3 trillionthe pr it, we could be looking at a government shut-down at midnight. >> the bay area is outpacing the rest of california and the percentage of jobs which can be done from home. about 45% of the employees have
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jobs which are eligible for remote work. and 38% in los angeles. in total, $1.8 million can beer if formed here until the with bay rare. the report the bay area at down ciggable sill economic institute had a permanent shift. those jobs rely on a business model where large numbers of people go into the office for work. multiple law enforcement agencies including the fbi are on the ground investigating after an rv was blown up early christmas day. cbs's jessie mitchell has the latest. >>enbefore recreational vehicle exploded early christmas morning, nashville police responded to a report of shots fired. >> they encountered an rv that
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had a recording saying that a potential bomb would detonate within 15 minutes. >> if you hear this message, evacuate now. >> reporter: with that warning blairing from the rv, officers had time to evacuate nearby residents. a bomb squad unit was called in and as they were approaching, the blast went off. >> we have structural damage for at least one solid block. >> the explosion threw flames into the air setting cars on fire, destroying homes and damaging more than 40 businesses in the city's tourist district. >> we do lever that the explosion was an intentional act. >> police released this photo of an rv they believe was responsible for the blast which was caught on surveillance video driverring to the area. the blast was so loud it could be heard in this backyard about two miles away. this tourist from virginia heard it in her hotel room. >> we were sitting in bed and we thought it was a thunder, real long roll, and then the
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win dose started shaking. so we figured that is not thunder. >> the explosion happened near an at&t building. it caused communications outages that affected police emergency systems, and temporarily grounded flights out of nashville's airport. the fbi is now leading the investigation with explosive specialists scouring for clues and a motive. >> we will find out what happened here. >> law enforcement officials say they have found what could be human remains. >> and there is matter all over the area down there, and so we'll continue to examine that to see if it is how man remains. >> reporter: authorities have not indicated whether the suspected remains might be from someone connected to the action motion or from an innocent victim. jessie mitchell, cbs news, nashville. and an intelligence source has told cbs news that the attack caught law enforcement offguard. the source says there was no prior chatter or credible threats picked up from no extremist groups about a
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nationwide attack to christmas holidays. the coronavirus pandemic. less than 10% of icu beds remain available in the bay area. across the state, there are just under 1400icu beds free. in santa clara it's been two weeks since icu hit capacity. one difference hospitals are keeping up with elective surgeries and outpatient procedures. back in spring, hospitals chose to cancel them. happening today, free covid- 19 test sites are open around the bay area. they include the gospel church on 66th avenue in oakland. testing there beginning at 9:00 in the south bay, the santa clara county public health department is offering free tests. they start at 9:00 at the county fairgrounds in san jose. the time now is 6:08. still ahead on kpix and streaming on cbsn bay area. a political lifeline for program housing. a wish to extend it even further and the challenges standing in the way.
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the department will say o. and we'll be right back.
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federal and state funding to put homeless people. a look at who this program has helped and why housing advocates say this money needs the program to expand instead of disappear. income mccoy is headed home
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for the holiday. not traveling far, just down the street from a sheller in place hope toll to his own apartment. during the pandemic, i have been at the hotel. prior to that, nick says he was sleeping in the park doing everything he could to avoid looking homeless because of the burden that brings. >> if someone sees you and you think like you are -- or you are thirsty and need to use the bathroom. those are mental things that block you from being able to interact with them. that is a lot of stress. >> he is a true success story of san francisco's shelter in place hotel program which has been extended through march. >> if we don't bring people inside. if we allow so many people to be living on the streets, the consequence of that could be that this crisis goes on a lot longer. >> originally, the department of homelessness and supportive housing wanted to phase this program out in november.
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citing concerns the state would not reimburse the cost of these hotel rooms. last week, the governor announced the rooms will be reimburse youd for as hong as we have the pandemic. >> a bigger question whether we should be expanding. san francisco passed another emergency ordnance require progress cure hotel rooms. the city never got close to that number. there are 2,000 ever 23 pack tough sheller in place sights. 1,933 are occupied. if someone hovers out of a hotel room, it won't necessarily be filled. the latest ordnance requires 60% of vacated rooms be offered to someone who needs it. with the new fee that money secured, the hotel rooms are costing 15 collars a night. >> the department will say we don't have any rooms available. well, you do. you are just not willing to
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full them. >> a spokesperson under caughted expansion isn't necessarily off the table. in a statement, thaw said we will continue to adapt our mans if more funding becomes valuable. we will continue to work with city staff and our service providers to deliver on our multiment to get people housed and ensure no one in our hotels gets moved back on the streets. as for nick, he wants transparency. just under 1300 people have been discharged from these hotels. but the city has not provided unformation on where thaw have ended up cuting privacy issues. >> how many people in this particular unit or that site got housing. did they go back to the street? ask they refuse housing? how many people died? >> he wants to see the program expand because he has seen first-hand how helpful housing can be? >> so you e think the program has been very successful? >> it has. everything that is successful, there is still a lot that has to be done. >> in san francisco, kpix, 5. keep sending your stories and ideas to project home at
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cbs and see all of susie's reporting on our website. a live look at i-80 at castle peak at the sierra. snow and wind are making driving difficult. as heather janson reports some managed to get stuck in the snow while others enjoy playing in it. traveling to the bay. >> no plus rain, you know. it was the combination. >> the winter weather posing problems on i-80. highway hazard, cars pulled off to the side and traffic backed up for miles with low visibility and slow-moving cars. some drivers wondering when the end was in sight. >> we have been driving for three hours. we are safe, and you know, the skiing was fun. so it was worth it. >> but it wasn't just hard to see on i-80. it was on the slopes, too. >> the visibility was a little bit low, but that ended to the
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experience. >> for the family, skiing and snowboarding to celebrate their white christmas looking for a sense of normalcy by enjoying the outdoors. this could be a in you family tradition. >> go home. hot chocolate, maybe. chains are required. >> nice to see the pictures of the snow. not just because it gave people a chance to get out and play in it. will that get updated on today's left overshowers. more importantly, we have to start looking ahead to the next rainmaker second half of sunday. here are the left overs from this first one. you see the rain in the north bay. we looked at that on the top of the newscast. any showers we should have will
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fall apart from now until 9:00 in the morning. it is a few clouds in the daytime high today going into the low 60s and that covers your saturday. we take a look outside. how did we do for rainfall? you can see it is a cloudy view from the top of the sales force tower looking teach it is not raining here. you're only going to find a few left overshowers where the lion's share of the rain fell. look at santa rosa with over an inch of rain. oakland picked up a tenth of an inch and san francisco four tenths. and then everybody else, especially east bay, inland east bay and south bay less than a 10th. so a hugely different story depending on where you were and how the rain fell yesterday. but it is fairly typical for the north bay to really see a noticeably large amount of rain than just about everywhere else as these storms tend to come in from the north and fall apart as they move south across the bay area. low 50s out there now. 49 for santa crosa. you can see the temperatures are comfortable outside now
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thanks to the clouds. look at the next storm. see it parked out here. already getting pretty well organized. that is our next one. we'll watch that work its way across the pacific throughout the day today and most of under sunday, in fact. it is not until the second half of sunday that we start looking at that rain. let's play that forward. any the time we have gotten until 6:00 in the evening, now we have showers that have arrived again. this is going to be right around sunset again on sunday. when the most noticeable rain arrives and then we'ring just going to let that play through. here we are at 8:00 still raining in the east bay from that first wave. overnight, scattered showers. on again, off again, some of them come in with pretty good intensity. we saw that come across the city and the peninsula where some spots will get quite noticeable rain. where other parts of the bay area are looking at clear skies. that is where you get these huge differences in rainfall totals. it is impossible to say who is going to get that one cell that moves right over you. that is why san francisco was
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able to get as much as we got in downtown. it was a tenth of an inch of rain. by the time we have gotten into monday. if we look at the rainfall totals, there we are have it. we pick up a half an inch of rain, but many spots only getting a tenth or two tenths of an inch of rain. in the south bay, similar story here. perhaps a quarter of an inch of rain in general to maybe a little more evenly spread across much of the bay area. yes, it will continue to snow in the sierra. about four or five more inches we'll add enough u. the national weather service will likely issue another one. for the sunday storm. and once we get past those monday showers. nothing looks super impressive. and there is a 30% chance. we mouth see some more on wednesday, and thursday of next week. we'll have more on that as we
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get closer over the next few days. the sunday storm. that one does look certainly know us thible. but is the kind of rain that is going to have an um pact on that later part of sunday. and our water supply really depends on that snowpack. how are these winter storms going to um pact. >> and before we got yesterday's storm. and we were only 45% of where we needed to with for snow pack in the sierra. these storms are not bug enough to hawk cig enough can't dent in that. we are going to see for the snow there. and we are in the 50 to 55% range. funners cross crossed. what should you do with all the mapping pauper. a paper industry trade groups
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wants everyone to be. some packaging is made from paper and not all of this. when their advice is don't do what they call wish saukmenting. that is when you push something in the recycling pun and hope someone else figures out what to do with but. the american forest and pauper association says that rub bonnes and bows are often not repsychable. the same goes for many holiday cards, especially if they include glitter, plastic, or buts of metal. one of the best ballers ever from san francisco. 2 only day that the nfl had not played awe guam. that box was checked off by the bikings. it is all straight ahead in sports
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good morning, everybody. nba up top and the warrior's first web of this new season.
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going to have to wait until chicago on sunday. they are shooting. their rhythm is just -- it is just off after a couple of games, and it continues against the cobalt and the milwauke. and warriors weisman. look as an outside shooting range. he continues to shine. we like the small sample sizes. and who rose up for the bucks. chris middleton. he scored 31 points and 26 minutes. and who kept the warriors within ten at the half? steph curry. he went long range. scored 19. he is now the number two all- time leading scorer in warrior's history. third quarter hammertime in milwaukee. it is in transition. he scored 15. and here is another one. d.j. awe gustin. the warriors have been outscored in two becames by 65
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points. it was the second most life without parolesided score of a christmas day game in nba history. >> everything. actually, that is not true. i like the first half in a lot of ways. the second half, the dam broke. >> we would have waved the white flag. we have to understand the things we need to learn quickly. so that we are not having these same sound bytes after every single game. >> lebron james and the defend fending champion lakers? are they better two months late senator look what they do with when they hosted the dallas mavericks. up tembo from a jump, james scored 122 and game approximate second all-time scoring king on christmas day. rolled 18-115. sadly, kc jones passed away
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after a battle with alzheimer's disease. one of the best point guards period when he came out of the old commerce high school in san francisco before starring with bill russell at usf. one ncaa titles, and then ripped off eight straight nba titles together with the boston celtics. jones won 11 league titles as player and coach. jones was 88. pivot to soccer where star forward waived off all the talk of retirement and signed a one- year deal to return to the san jose earthquakes for its 18th mls season. the native is the league's all- time leading goal scorer. and alvin. they hosted the vikings yesterday. the opening driver of the game. kabara up and gone. 40-yards. but he was just getting started, folks. in the league's first game on a friday. he tied an nfl record six rushing touchdowns in a single
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game. only hearing from santa rosa high school in stanford did it before. that was 19 # 29 for the then chicago cardinals. saints won it 55-# 3 and clenched the nfc south division. we have more nfl action later on on a saturday. the 49ers are in action. they are playing the cardinals. the miami dolphins still playing the play-off relevant. all that with pictures coming up on the early show later today. . there say live look outside in san jose. before we head to break. we'll be back in a mo
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. welcome back. the time now is 6:30. thank you so much for joining us. let's start this half hour with a check of our weather. >> still keeping an eye on the stragglers, devenn. the left overshowers from yesterday's storm. there is a lot over here. and it is basically here in the north bay. where we have got the last of the showers just kind of hanging on. those are probably even barely noticeable on 101 near cloverdale. it is mainly rain in the mountains. there is still a possibility especially if we watch the futurecast which picks up on that rain. we'll see a few showers fall
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apart. by the time we get to 9:00 notary public morning. there will be a new crop of clouds that shows up as we get into the early afternoon. for the most part, we'll see plenty of blue skies today and we wait. watch. we get out of the way. there goes most of sunday and it is just clouds. all of a sudden showing up on the far edge of the screen would be sunday's rain. much more on that coming up in the complete forecast. as far as saturday is concerned with breaks of blue sky. we go to near 60 for the daytime high. if you are wondering how we did with rainfall, depends on where you are. we got a lot in the north bay. santa rosa got an inch. san francisco got four tenths of an inch of rain. if you are east bay or south bay, it was barely an inch of rain. see you more on sunday's storm. this morning, california hospitals are trying to keep up with a surge of covid cases in hospitalizations. in the bay area, less than 10% of icu weds are available across the state.
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only 1400icu beds are free. and california is averaging about40,000 new cases davyly. down in southern california, the health director says that one person dies of covid-19 every ten minutes in l. a. county. right now, there are 6500 covid patients in hospitals with 20% in intensive care. icu capacity in southern california regions are in zero%. and new this morning, france has its first case of a new strain of the coronavirus that first popped up in the uk. a frenchman living in england arrives back in france seven days ago and tested positive for the new variant. anyone entering from britain is now required to have a test showing they do not have this new strain. health officials in china 50 million people over the next month or so. trying to reach that number before the lunar new year sell celebrations in february. essential workers will be first
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including in the health care and food industries. so far, china has administered more than a million doses. new new this morning, a dangerous and delicate situation. they found a man passed out in his car. video from citizens app shows that the scene on 9th and oak streets. officers reportedly found a man at about 5:00 a.m. a white jaguar. they blocked off traffic after seeing the gun. the suspect is now in custody i did. disruptions have met stores and food banks are turning to other for -- inan increasing reliance. and it is a story that you'll see only on kpix5.
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until he got good news for a key supplier. >> and they step up even more -- pause it was harder for our clients. for food during during that time period. >> that source is plenty. an indoor vertical company. the spokesman person says the six-year-old start-up tripled donations to food banks with coronavirus and disrupted the food supply chain. >> we are local. in some cases, we are only one of the products on the shelf. >> and plenty produces arugula, kale, lettuce. con stained sterile and automated. >> compared to traditional
6:35 am
farming, we can prodeuce. >> the company extended its reach to over 400 stores statewide. >> it has definitely highlighted the value of our model. >> the cofounder says compared to farming in the feed fields, the indoor model uses less than 5% of the water and less than 1% of the land. >> so we are able to produce very clean, delicious, nutritious produce. 365 days a year. without fail. >> no need to wash. >> i had to try it myself. it tastes sweet. >> it is not like a normal kale. >> that is because he picks the best crops and provides the best light and nutrients without using gmos. >> when you give plants the perfect environment, they grow really well. and plants that grow really well. plants that are really healthy also taste great. >> and plenty itself is growing with a new warehouse in compton and the addition of
6:36 am
strawberries. >> this is ultimately a plattform that is going to be growing dozens and dozens of field crops over the next few years. >> and with less available farmland and a greater demand for healthy food, plenty plans to pack in more produce one warehouse at a time. sharon, kpix 5. the impact by some high profile tech investors. more than 20 months after a fire near will you destroyed notre dame. a special christmas day performance. plus, a grandpa with an amazing skull. find out. we'll be ruth back. hey! it's me! your dry skin!
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i'm craving something we're missing. the ceramides in cerave. they help restore my natural barrier, so i can lock in moisture. we've got to have each other's backs... cerave.
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now the #1 dermatologist recommended skincare brand. this morning, a woman is in serious condition after a car plunged off a cliff. you can see that an overturned car down on the beach. the driver was taken to a trauma center. the holiday season can sometimes have a hidden dark side. it can be especially hard for military veterans and even more
6:40 am
so during a pandemic. kpix talked to a retired many marine captain who is raising awareness about suicides and social isolation. it is important to encourage. >> how can we help veterans going through a tough time right now? >> i think that making an effort to help that veteran connect to other veterans. bar owners and restaurant owners that facilitating events or in- person events that bring veterans together to just get them to talk. that is as easy as this needs
6:41 am
to be. 35 sill tate. connect one veteran to another. there is one veteran at the store a couple of weeks ago or someone in your family. and you see another veteran that is going through a hard time. connect them together somehow. some of the key connectors that help military veterans include shared experiences and humor. you. a good amount of rain. in the north bay, it means that fire season is coming to an end. andre i can't reports from santa rosa on the danger of flash floods and mud slides in
6:42 am
burned out areas. sideways rain and wind. it was a wet. >> christopher: mass, but one those especially in fire ravaged areas enjoy. >> we need water. water will be like gold. >> according to the soon that rosa few department, it started transsuggestioning out of fire season last week. calfew in the north bay is expected to follow next week as awe couple of storms alouver this holiday weekend. >> the steady onfalls that we are receiving as long as we get those good breaks in between them are exactly what we want. north bay resident was lucky it didn't reach his home. now the residents are dealing with the aftermath. you can find the warning signs posted about the potential for flash floods and mud slides. paul with the santa rosa fire department is urging homeowners
6:43 am
to be rain-ready and remove any debris from your property. >> it really has felt like not only the fire departments but the community as a whole have gone through a lot. and we are definitely looking for a break. >> fire season started a lot earlier and lasted a lot later this year. even with a red flag in december, firefighters are opening 20201 will be better. and a lot of 2021 fire season. december, january, and february. those are the month that are going to determine what september and october are like. so it is good that we have rain on high-definition doppler right now. there is not a lot now. and for the most part now, it is just clouds for the
6:44 am
morning. no left overshowers. you see a beautiful break in the clouds. numbers out there are pretty comfortable. coldest numbers i have had are in the upper 40s. that is where a nice blanket of clouds will do. it helps keep warm overnight. we'll play this forward. this is now set for sunday evening. let's play that guard. here comes to the arrival of the rain before we got into sunday. just after sunset. in northern california bay area ride. and as we take it from the 6:00 hour through the 8:00 hour. it has pretty much taken its time in those several hours marching across the bay area. it is a day and a half out for this. there is going to be evening rain.
6:45 am
well organized fan comes through at the start for the early evening and then in the overnight hours, we're just going to fill in the back with scattered showers all the way until we get to monday morning. so simple timing for this system that came through last night although this one will start later in the day. by the time we get to monday, we start clearing it out. we get back into sunshine again. as we get to rainfall totals, it is best to come with a generalized notion mere. anywhere from a quarter to an inch of rain. let's not jet began get too hung up. it is a good overview. you can take where a majority of numbers are falling. we are all falling with a quart tore a half an inch of rain. we have over an inch in santa rosa. less than a 10th in san jose. that is an example of how sporadic. and this does have a broader paintbrush to work with. more snow in the sierra.
6:46 am
we're still going to get snow today with a system. five or six inches of snow. and advance ahead to sunday. we're going to add in sunday night snow. and it does at least push us up a little bit higher. several more inches of snow in the sierra. keep in mind, there is a still winter. and a difficult driving over the past. chains definitely require and delays expected. you can see the rain leading over to showers on monday. and a cloudy looking forecast to take us through the remainder of midpart of midweek. more on those as we get closer to it. it doesn't get too terribly impressive. the sunday storm. that one is good to keep an eye
6:47 am
on. it will impact with widespread rain by tomorrow evening. that is the way it has been looking. let's hope it stays that way. nice to get rain to the bay area. holiday gift returns. many make shopping easier with online and curbside. now they have to use those same methods and in reverse. >> either you get stuck with whatever you bought or put on your mask and go and return it, however you have to do it. >> most people will try to find other ways to repurpose. if you do return, safely wear a mask. >> with curbside returns, customers can park, call, or read out the receipts making
6:48 am
returns without making contact with anyone. the middle east saw a movement towards peace. the stories which shape the world in 2020. you. the biggest story of the year began overseas as the coronavirus struck wu hadean, china. some of the earliest cases. covid-19. >> many countries enforced strict lockdowns, but the virus devastated the world killing more than 1.5 million people. i terrorists struck europe carrying out deadly attacks incolluding the beheading of a french teacher who showed students cartoons of the profit mohammad. the u.s. took out top iranian general in a drone strike on
6:49 am
baghdad. iran retaliated. no one was killed. iran shut down a plane saying it thought the jet was a missile. >> president trump ordered a draw-down of u.s. troops to 2500 in both iraq and afghanistan before he lives office. there was movement toward middle east peace as isreal accomplished relations. hong kong, people demanded an end to the extradition law that allows china to deport them. 2020 was devastating for australia. wildfires destroyed about 46 million-acres and nearly 3
6:50 am
billion animals were killed or displaced. prince harry broke ties moving to los angeles. a choir held a special performance inside. it is the first since a fire tore through the cathedral last year. >> the performers wore hard hats. the church is under construction. the work slowed down during the pandemic, but crews are now making progress. last month, they finished removing 200 tons of melted scaffolding which had been welded to the building by the
6:51 am
flames. christmas eve... everybody spends the night at the house. i love christmas, i always did. it's loud, it's family being together. a lot of food, music, people, hugs. that's a perfect christmas. ♪ ♪ ♪
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nothing says christmas quite like twinkling lights and kpix 5 found some of the best and brightest in the bay area. >> you can't miss the holiday spirit on this block. this year, we thought we would get together with the neighbors and hook up all of it on the network cable and try and have a big show that everyone can enjoy. >> it is a lot of fun to put this together. we have kids that we just like to do this as a family. >> the alberts are just one of
6:53 am
eight households that put together the free attraction. this year, neighbors are also raising money for the food bank of contra costa county. a qr code in front of each home links to their fund-raising page. so far, they have raised about $2,500. >> to do something really cool and to also be doing it to help people is pretty awesome. that is what christmas is about. >> i really like it. >> this family checked out the lights on their electric scooters. >> i think it helps a lot cruising through the neighborhood and getting out of the house. we have all been cooped up. >> across the bay area, drivers checked out a variety of unique displays this christmas. this year, six flags discovery kingdom redesigned its holiday in the park experience to make it a driver-through attraction. in the south bay, christmas at the park can be reimagined as a
6:54 am
drive-through. one of the piece bay's most popular spots is christmas tree lane. in the north bay, the town is inviting guests to follow a walking tour of more than 20 light art installations and projections in its downtown district including this installation at the guest house. the hour-long four features several bay area artists. betty u, kpix 5. and a straight leg raising lucky boston boy was arguably the best grandpa in the world. he had his very own backyard ice rink. it is all thanks to the work his grandfather in the family's backyard. the navy veteran built with his own two hands including a new scoreboard. the project took several months and required about 17,000 gallons of water. now seven-year-old nicholas is skating his heart out with his youngest sister. >> i anticipate a little
6:55 am
heavier work. it was a lot of fun. >> he was out here just dragging pallets and boards just to see it all finally fault into place. it was a feeling i never had. >> that is absolutely amazing. weather permitting. kpix 5 wants to bring you the good news happening in the bay area. go to you can send your story ideas to together at we'll be right back.
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tested positive yesterday. keeping an eye on high definition doppler, we are mostly done with the rain. we are not entirely done, because there are a few showers still popping up in the north bay. you can see that there, but the majority sawn the right side of your screen. any rain we see will fall between now and 5:00 in the morning. thanks for watching. we'll be back
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narrator: today on "lucky dog"... a young terrier mix has a lot to overcome. brandon: no food, no water, no shade, tied up in a backyard. narrator: her fear could hold her back. brandon: you don't want to come? narrator: but with some new friends by her side... brandon: come on. walk with her. there you go. good teamwork. perfect. narrator: ...she might gain the confidence she needs to step into her new home. brandon: room for another one? woman: hi! brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope.


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