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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 26, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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at 6:00. >> the cbs weekend news is next. news updates are captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> diaz: tonight, breaking news, person of interest in the nashville christmas day bombing. the latest on the investigation, the devastation, and the hero officers. how their quick actions saved lives. >> and i said, "well, we have kids." and she said, "please get your kids out." >> diaz: also tonight, stimulus showdown. president trump tweets his grievances as benefits run out for jobless americans. plus, with millions on the move, critical concerns about a new surge. many california hospitals already in crisis. covid christmas: how the world marked the pandemic holiday. >> reporter: as you can see, it is eerily quiet.
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>> diaz: as cases snowball, ski resorts work to stay open. >> can you pull up your mask for me? >> diaz: and later, a timely honor for an aspiring innovator we first met three years ago. has it sunken in yet, or are you still flying high? >> i'm still flying high. >> this is the "cbs weekend news" from chicago. here's adriana diaz. >> diaz: good evening. there is breaking news tonight. investigators have identified a person of interest in the christmas morning bombing in nashville. today, agents combed through a severely damaged downtown looking for clues after a parked r.v. rigged with explosives blew up. at least three people were hurt. cbs news chief justice and homeland security correspondent jeff pegues is at f.b.i. headquarters tonight with new developments. jeff, good evening. >> reporter: adriana, law enforcement sources tell cbs news that the leading theory right now is that the person responsible for that bomb blast may have been killed in the explosion.
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we're also being told d.n.a. tests are being conducted on human remains found at the scene. today, federal agents raided the home of a person of interest in connection with the explosion. cbs news has learned that law enforcement has identified the man as anthony quinn warner. this google maps image, obtained by cbs news, shows an r.v. behind the wood fence, matching the description of the vehicle that exploded in nashville. an f.b.i. bulletin from the weapons of mass destruction directorate said warner had a similar make and model r.v., and the google street view shows an r.v. parked in the yard of the warners' home. today, part of the downtown area remains a crime scene. >> it's like a giant jigsaw puzzle created by a bomb that throws pieces of evidence across multiple city blocks. >> reporter: there is a picture emerging. investigators have been able to trace the movements of the r.v., and the person driving it back, almost five hours before the blast.
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on friday, at 1:20 a.m., it was at the intersection of korean veterans boulevard and second avenue south. at 5:28 a.m., a 911 caller reported that shots were fired in the area. later, there was another 911 call from someone telling the police the recording from the r.v. said the bomb was going to explode. was parlice arrived on scene, the r.v. was spotted parked outside the at&t building. officers noticed blinds and clothes covering the windows. shortly thereafter, the warning of an imminent bomb started blaring through the streets. >> if you hear this message, evacuate now. >> command to all units, this is an explosive device. >> reporter: after the blast, sources say shell casings from a gun were found at the scene, perhaps set off by the large explosion. more leads for investigators to follow, along with about 500 tips.
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and right now, it looks like the motive in this incident may be tied to that at&t building. sources are telling cbs news that investigators are looking for leads, trying to see if there were any threats made against that building. remember, the explosive-laden r.v. was parked right near that at&t building. adriana. >> diaz: jeff pegues outside f.b.i. headquarters in washington, thank you. today, tennessee's governor toured downtown nashville, tweeting later that the damage is shocking, and it's a miracle no residents were killed. mola lenghi is there tonight. mola, good evening. >> reporter: well, adriana, as you can imagine, this is not how folks here in nashville expected to begin christmas morning, especially the ones in the downtown area who woke up to police banging on their doors telling them to evacuate. but many of thosepeople credit those very officers with likely saving their lives. this is not what noelle rasmussen expected to see on christmas morning-- parts of her apartment building blown to
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pieces. she recorded this video shortly after nashville police knocked on her door and told her to get out. >> in the female officer's eyes, there was just a fear. i could tell she was scared herself, you know. there was an urgency, and there was a fear, "please get your kids out." >> reporter: it was that urgency that convinced noelle and jeffrey to grab their two kids and rush out. >> i'm just so grateful they were so insistent. >> reporter: initially responding to reports of gunfire, police instead found an r.v., blarg an ominous warning. >> if you can hear this message, ing thee now. >> reporter: assuming the worst, these six officers got to work evacuating as many people as they could reach. was the plan literally to spread out, cover as much ground, knock on as many doors as you can? >> as quick as you can, get as many people out as quickly as we could, safely, and get them to somewhere safe, and then provide them with services. >> reporter: the rasmussens say
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the officers didn't explain the threat that ultimately left more than 40 downtown buildings damaged and vehicles in flames. but it all became horrifyingly clear as the family drove away from their apartment building. >> the explosion happened, i saw this huge fireball in the sky, at least twice as tall as our building. i grabbed his arm, and i said, "babe, that's us. that's-- that's us. our house exploded." >> reporter: what was the immediate reaction? >> it was totally surreal. >> reporter: three people were injured. we're told they are going to be okay. meanwhile, the police chief here says that his officers tell him they don't want to be called heroes, insisting they were just doing their job. adriana. >> diaz: it's hard to imagine the pain and the fear they must have been feeling in that moment. mola lenghi in nashville, thank moment. mola lenghi in nashville, thank you. tonight, new pain for the unemployed. their covid benefits have run out, with president trump still
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not signing a broad relief bill passed by congress to help struggling americans. paula reid is near mar-a-lago where the president is spending the holidays. paula, with millions of americans in limbo, are we facing another showdown, this time between the president and congress? >> reporter: adriana, today, the president was once again pressuring lawmakers to triple these payments to individuals, and that's a demand that puts him at odds with his own party. earlier today, he tweeted, saying, "i simply want to get our great people $2,000, rather than the measly $600. but this legislation also provides the jobless with a $300 weekly federal boost through mid-march and would reopen the paycheck protection program so that some of those hardest-hit small businesses could reapply for a loan. now, during his holiday vacation here in florida, the president has only been seen in public twice, and it's been just brief glimpses of his motorcade pulling into a golf club. now, republican senator lindsey
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graham was actually with the president on the golf course friday, and graham tweeted the president is "more determined than ever to increase those payments," and graham said he hopes congress is listening. but when it comes to congress, it was house republicans that rejected an effort by democrats to increase these stimulus payments this week. and, adriana, unless the president signs this bill as is, it's looking less and less likely that those checks will go out any time soon. >> diaz: paula reid in florida. thank you. the stimulus bill includes billions for vaccine distribution. today, covid cases worldwide topped 80 million. the u.s. is by far the global leader in confirmed cases with nearly 19 million. more than 331,000 people have died here, and the holidays could make things worse. cbs' lilia luciano is in los angeles. >> reporter: with covid infections smashing records and hospitals pushed to the brink, there is new fear tonight of a post-christmas surge.
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more than seven million checked in at airports this week. many will be flying back. >> even half of what happened over thanksgiving holiday, we're in deep trouble. >> reporter: in the nation's latest epicenter, los angeles county, a patient dies of covid every 10 minutes, and across the state, i.c.u. capacity is zero. the governor with this warning: >> we can have a surge on top of a surge on top of a surge. >> reporter: nationwide, hospitalizations are up in 25 states and d.c. nearly 120,000 people spent christmas in a hospital bed. in cleveland, critical care doctor sherrie williams seeing the death toll firsthand. >> and it's heartbreaking, quite honestly. >> reporter: 2020 is on track to being the deadliest year in u.s. history, too many sharing the grief of the first holiday without that loved one. for 21 years, brandi howser took charge over the household's holidays, but she died of covid two weeks before thanksgiving.
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>> it's hard not having her to actually tell me herself she loves me or have her here in person. >> reporter: when christmas came, her husband, chris, made sure to keep the tradition alive for their 11-year-old, jude. >> we did a gingerbread making and the hot cocoa. >> reporter: if she had been there, he said he would have told her... >> you're beautiful, and i love you. >> reporter: on christmas eve, l.a. county saw its deadliest day since the pandemic began. today, over 6,000 people remain hospitalized. some hospitals are reportedly running low on p.p.e. and oxygen, and health officials here are urging people to avoid calling 911 unless it's absolutely necessary. adriana. >> diaz: lilia luciano in los angeles, thank you. the pandemic changed the way christmas was celebrated around the world. cbs' holly williams gives us a glimpse. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: there were no worshipers in notre dame cathedral in paris this
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christmas, only a recording of a choir singing in the medieval structure that was severely damaged by a fire last year. there were no crowds in the vatican's st. peter's square, where normally they'd gather in the tens of thousands to hear the pope's christmas blessing. and here in london, many people felt that christmas had effectively been canceled after a new mutated version of the virus was discovered, and the city went into strict lockdown. ♪ ♪ but from windsor castle, where queen elizabeth is social distancing, the 94-year-old monarch reminded her people to stay optimistic in her traditional christmas day message. >> even on the darkest nights, there is hope in the new dawn. >> reporter: for christians, this holiday i >> reporter: for christians, this holiday is a celebration of hope, symbolized by the birth of the baby jesus. for others, there's hopes in
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acts of human kindness, like these santas abseiling down the wall of a children's hospital in moscow, or paddle boarding in croatia, or swimming in sydney, australia, simply to bring joy to others. >> a little bit of light, a little bit of hope, a little bit of craziness, and that's it. >> reporter: in a year when a deadly virus came amongst us and between us, for billions of people of all faiths, hope comes vaccines that may finally allow us to come together again. holly williams, cbs news, london. >> diaz: one of the world's most notorious double agents has died. george blake, a british intelligence officer for mi6, was caught spilling secrets to the soviets in 1961. blake was caught and imprisoned but made a daring escape to moscow, where he was hailed a hero. the kremlin confirmed his death
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there today. george blake was 98 years old. straight ahead on the "cbs weekend news," ski resorts adapt to new covid restrictions, trying to save their season and jobs. also, no shovel needed. a kentucky man uses a blow torch to take on the snow. and later, we catch up with teenage scientist gitanjali rao, who has received a timely honor. including the covid-19 virus, on more surfaces than lysol disinfectant spray. lysol. what it takes to protect. than rheumatoid arthritis. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz... a pill for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis when methotrexate has not helped enough. xeljanz can help relieve joint pain and swelling, stiffness, and helps stop further joint damage,
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devin cline practices social distancing on the job. >> it's a fun job. >> reporter: he's a snow cat >> reporter: he's a snow cat driver who smoothes out the rough spots on ski slopes as the sun sets each night. but there aren't as many skiers cutting tracks in the snow these days, and after-hours business isn't what it used to be. skiing is open, but restricted, at all 10 of utah's world-class resorts. but operators fear closures that have already hit california ski lodges and curtailed ski slope operations there might influence utah officials to cut back more than they already have. >> typically in here, we would have seven rows of tables along here, and this year, we have four. >> reporter: the iconic rustler lodge sits mainly empty. lodge general manager, tom pollard. >> we're sitting here in the bar, and that's usually been open to the public where people can come in after skiing, but that's all closed to the outside guests right now.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: gone, too, are a third of rustler's employees. nearby in park city, with the county's ski-centered economy, the unemployment rate is above 20%. yet, the adventurous are pushing back and doing what it takes for the love of skiing. >> i was split-boarding today, st b guess sticking to the back country more. >> reporter: to get there, he has to get past buffy sarubbi... >> cna you pull up your mask for me? >> reporter: ...a five-year chairlift foreman whose duties expanded this year to include coronavirus protection. >> we're making sure that everyone's boarding with their masks on. you know, we have multiple signs everywhere, so no one has an excuse. >> we've proven, and i think we've seen nationwide, that being outside on a chairlift in the wind and outdoors is about as safe as you can get. >> reporter: nathan rafferty, president of the ski utah association, lived through one season of closures already. we first met him last spring,
5:49 pm
shortly after utah's ski season abruptly shut down. back then, he was helping to collect goggles for doctors and nurses at a time when eye protections were in short supply. now he's helping to enforce strict measures to make sure the u.s. ski industry doesn't suffer a $2 billion loss like last year. >> they're all operating here in utah today under stricter protocols than even our state government has mandated. >> reporter: but the slopes here any other year would be full. tom pollard says many of his regular customers just aren't coming. >> there's a little bit of sadness in your heart when somebody decided that this is not the season they're going to come to alta. >> copy that, thank you. >> reporter: yet, devin cline keeps grooming snow, hoping like everyone here, that there will be more skiers coming to carve turns, so they'll have to do it all over again. anna werner, cbs news. >> diaz: still ahead on the "cbs weekend news," talk about a winter blast.
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5:53 pm
tomorrow, a new storm crosses the west coast. heavy snow and freezing rain is possible midweek for the midwest, and it could all make for a wet new year's eve across the eastern half of the nation. a surprise in retail sales this holiday season, with unexpectedly positive numbers. overall, retail sales rose more than 2% for end-of-year shopping, according to a report from mastercard. but the big gain was in e-commerce, where sales were up nearly 50% fueled by shoppers locked down and online. 43-year-old tom brady led his new team, the tampa bay bucs, into the play-offs today. brady played his 300th career game and was nearly perfect against the detroit lions. he threw for four touchdowns in just the first half, before giving way to a backup. final score, 47-7. next on the "cbs weekend news," meet a colorado teen changing the world.
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5:57 pm
>> our water quality is as important as our doctor appointments and dentist appointments. >> diaz: i've never tested my torer. appointments and dentist appointments. >> diaz: i never tes >> that's a big problem. >> diaz: we ended that 2017 piece asking, "what will she do next?" this month she was named "time" magazine's first-ever kid of the year. has it sunken in yet, or are you still flying high? >> i'm still flying high. >> diaz: now 15 years old, she beat out 5,000 others, not just for the lead testing kit, but she's also created apps to fight cyber bullying and opioid addictions and she inspired others through workshops reaching tens of thousands. >> it's crazy that i never thought to use a virtual video conferencing tool. and now that we're in the pandemic it just seems like common sense. >> diaz: her new title even came with an interview by angelina jolie. >> where are you right now? >> i'm in denver, colorado. >> diaz: she might seem at the top of her game, but she has big plans for science, especially after this year.
5:58 pm
>> we've already made the world such a better place. we're getting a vaccine together in nine months. i think we should continue innovating with these ideas, and it gives all of us a place for one common goal, and i think that's really what covid-19 has helped us all through. >> diaz: with 2021 on the way, take comfort-- teenage scientist gitanjali rao is on the rise. the future is bright. that is the "cbs weekend news" for this saturday. happy kwanza! and for our canadian viewers, happy boxing day. later on cbs, "48 hours," and first thing tomorrow, "sunday morning with jane pauley." i'm adriana diaz, reporting from cbs station wbbm in chicago. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the calm between the storms, and with another round of rain about to fall, will the burn scar hold up?>> the czu fire now turns to the soil and the weather, and yet another set of evacuation zones. >> and the interesting part of this approaching rainmaker, it will actually focus more of its rain from the santa cruz mountains and southward. i will show you what to expect, coming up. that may not be the only storm on the horizon. people across the bay area are lining up for their post christmas covid test.
6:00 pm
>> it's not something i enjoy, but it's necessary. tonight we've learned that the new, more contagious strain of the converse may have already arrived in california. >> we begin on the storm watch, take a live look outside, partly cloudy skies right now but they will give way to another round of widespread rain and wilson walker shows us that it's cause for some concern in the santa cruz mountains tonight.>> reporter: we are prepared for this and we are watching very closely. even before the czu fire was contained cal fire was paying close attention to the ground beneath the fire and how it might respond to rain. >> we had a group come out but did a watershed evaluation and they determined there was significant potential for debris flows in areas of the burn scar. >> there are 25 houses in this sub development and only


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