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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 28, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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people, let's vote yes. >> i worry that this whopping $462 billion won't do what is needed. >> they have followed you through thick and then. get them now to act and support the $2000 checks. >> so what does this all mean as we look live outside. here is what john raymo's discovered in alameda county today. >> reporter: the second bill has passed into law, for some, it will be a lifeline to keep them afloat. for others it is too little, too late. news of a renewed paycheck protection program offered some relief at the toco sandwich shop in pleasanton where many of the nearby business parks have shutdown. >> and not having those people as customers, we are down still 65 to 70%. so being able to y to keep my staff working, to keep my restaurant open, would
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be wonderful. >> reporter: loans are forgiven if they are used for essential business purposes, such as salaries or rent, but businesses have to take a large financial loss to qualify. primo's pizza invested a lot in outdoor dining it was a huge hit for a while. but now it is outdoor venue that is closed down. and because he had one good quarter, owner drew nichols is in isn't sure he will qualify for leave. >> that feels miserable because we did everything right. everything they want us to do, to the t, getting, you know, providing people to keep making money and now they could come back and get me. >> aside from the one time for the check, michael bernick, former director of the states employment, says the bigger help will be a $300 weekly supplement to the normal unemployment benefits of 1.8 million californians. >> and of course our small businesses, with a 260 billion
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paycheck protection program, so these are two very important elements in terms of at least keeping the economy here in california, afloat. >> reporter: as we await for widespread vaccinations, the stimulus program will be an important shoddily offered businesses that have survived. but many have not. and that is cause a lot of anger over the political wrangling in washington. >> would have had a bigger effect it had happened sooner? >> absolutely. look, any money that you give the general public goes right back into the economy immediately. and it is a travesty that we had to wait this long. more breaking news out of washington, about an hour. the house voted to override resident tromp's veto of a defense policy bill. the president said it failed to limit social media companies he claimed were biased against him during the election. if the senate approves it, this would be the first override of
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trumps presidency. we live at the state capital, where gov. newsom is warning he will likely have to extend those stay-at-home orders. southern california is set to expire tomorrow, the bay area's does not end until january 8. and it is all because of these numbers. california reported more than 33 new counter -- 33,000 new cases in the past day. the 14 day positivity rate is hovering now around 12%. hospitalization and icu rates are up. the remaining number of icu beds across the state is about 1400. devin fehely is in san jose tonight and reports bay area health officials are now preparing for a post holiday search. >> reporter: that is exactly right. the strain on the healthcare system is beginning to show, especially down in southern california. according to the governor, la county, all the hospitals there at some point this weekend turn someone away, diverted them to another facility because they just did not have room and the governor says that should be a
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cautionary tale for the rest of the state. >> in san joaquin valley, the i see capacity is effectively zero. >> reporter: but the bay area may not be far behind. >> the bay area not get into the space. >> reporter: santa clara county, once the epicenter, i see capacity has dropped to 9%, with just 29 beds available countywide. the county says they have taken a toll on the infected, on those caring for them, and on anyone else who might need the healthcare system. >> impact of these, this virus, this pandemic, is being felt on the entire hospital system and that impact obviously could impact each and every one of us, god forbid, that we are in need of emergency care. >> reporter: it is a panic a possible search, there is a long line of cars at the testing site. where people said they wanted to be proactive about getting
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tested. >> i do have a family, a one- year-old daughter also so it is very important for me and my family, you know, and for my career, that i just was able to come you know, cover all the bases. >> someone in my office that tested positive and we were told yesterday so we wanted to come and make sure that we are not carrying it. >> reporter: the state has set up a series of emergency field hospitals to handle a post holiday search. in hopes that wise choices between now and new year's will make them largely unnecessary. >> we really hope that as we enter one of these last worrying periods for the foreseeable future with new year's, that people do make the decision to stay local, stay at home. >> we are talking a lot about these people right on the front lines of this thing, the healthcare workers. where do things stand with the vaccine? >> reporter: that is really the two sides of this pandemic, right? the active infections and the
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vaccines and in his press conference this afternoon the governor said the state should receive 1.8 million doses of the vaccine by the end of the year. essentially, the middle of this week, a little less than they had anticipated but he said also by the middle of the week they will figure out who is going to be in the next phase, who is set to be next in line to receive them. to the weather now, a little cloudy after some early rain today, as we look live over san francisco. brian hackney is in for paul tonight and brian, the rain is not over yet, right? >> well. it's over for now. but it will come back again someday which is what we will discuss, it looks like by wednesday night we get a few more showers. as for the system that passed through last night such as it was, a 10th of an inch is about as good as we did, except up in the mountains. it is cloudy down in san jose, a few clouds over san francisco
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as well, a beautiful finish to the day. the rain is pretty much done for now but something else is on the way. we have a dry break for tomorrow and another low pressure center moves in by the time we get to wednesday night. that will bring if you light showers into the bay. tonight will begin to clear it out, that means it will be chilly, lows in the 30s, it will be brilliantly sunny tomorrow, visibility is great, temperatures in the low 60s, and then by the time we get to midweek, wednesday night, early thursday, again it will not be much, but it does look like it will be getting a little bit of rain. we have the complete forecast in a few minutes. a lot of people flying back home to the bay area after the holidays, a big question tonight, with a quarantine for 14 days, as the state is requesting? they say that christmas travel is down about 80% from last year. we saw a long line at covid testing sites all across the bay area, again today. like this one. at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton.
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the cdc says if you met with family, and friends, for christmas, today would be the earliest recommended day to get tested. it was similarly busy testing locations in san francisco, at here's 30 and 32, and at alameda, the line went down the block. >> i did not get together with my family this holiday, we did the zoom calls, but again, a lot of stress of safety, and i know now it is a little, little concerning but i mean, at the end of the day, people are getting tested so that is always good. a live look at san jose, santa clara county just recorded the most coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic. officials are now pleading with people to mask up and stay apart before the county reaches a breaking point. here are the latest numbers, more than's 6000 confirmed cases across the county including more than 1600 new cases just this weekend. 652 people have died from the virus and more than's x and are others are currently in the hospital. the lot next community has been
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hit hardest. >> please, as the mayor of gilroy, i am asking everybody in our city and everywhere else, too, of course, to please respect the mask and the distancing. if not for yourself, for those around you. really does matter. >> we first brought you the update from santa clara county live on cbsn bay area. you can access it 24/7 by downloading the kpix5 news app. asian investigation underway right now involving san ramon police . this one started near a gas station in san ramon valley. and stretched all the way down into santa clara county. investigators after midnight an officer approached a man in aces vicious vehicle. the suspect tried to drive away and drive the officer with his car. a second officer then opened fire. law enforcement chased the suspect into santa clara
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county, multiple agencies got involved. >> they are currently southbound approaching jacqueline in san jose's area. it is a gray 2015 toyota four door. >> the suspect vehicle broke down in los altos at foothill boulevard in the 280 overpass. the suspect was then arrested and nobody was seriously hurt. for police officers who shot and killed an armed man in a standoff have just been cleared. the contra costa county das office says an officer could have been killed if they had use lethal force. he allegedly shot his brother in law, kidnapped his estranged wife and baby and led police on
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a chase to his home where he refused to come out. this happened two years ago. according to the das office, when the suspect it finally come out, officer shot him with a nonlethal projectile. he then raised the pistol, prompting officers to shoot. still ahead, they knew they were out of town and also, they could snag a couple of packages or something. thieves still hundreds of pieces of mail in alameda county, how authorities were able to track them down so fast. plus california leads the nation in the number of covid cases despite having the strictest restrictions. so what can we expect in the next year? a medical expert reason. more people are buying lottery tickets right now. how the pandemic is
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this just in, in ohio police officer has been fired over the fatal shooting with an
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unarmed black man holding a cell phone. body camera video of the incident made national headlines and it is graphic. 47-year-old andre hill were shot to death last week by officer adam quite. the video shows hill emergent >> garage, holding a cell phone. seconds before he was fatally shot. he is also under criminal investigation now for that shooting. people in one east bay community say a group of male thieves tried to ruin christmas but alameda county sheriff's deputies busted their plan. katie nielsen shows us how the suspects were caught in the act. >> reporter: they were able to return more than 500 stolen letters and packages to residents in unincorporated san leandro. now one of the victims as he was able to catch the suspects on his surveillance camera. if you look at the bottom left corner of the screen you can see a woman caring in armful of mail, pulling more out of the mailbox on how drive in unincorporated san leandro. this was about 3:30 sunday morning just a day or so after
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christmas. >> he did seem like an opportune time. >> reporter: many of his neighbors left for the holidays. he saw mailboxes overflowing and said it seems like a crime of opportunity. >> they knew they were out of town and possibly could snag some packages or something. >> reporter: he and his neighbors have been targets of mail that in the past so a few weeks ago he installed a new security camera near the street. >> we set up a camera in front of the mailbox. to cover the cars in the mail. >> reporter: what he saw early yesterday morning surprised him. he could see the thieves going to every mailbox at every house on the street. deputies say someone in the neighborhood saw what was happening and called 911. the officers arrested three people and found more than 500 pieces of stolen mail along with drug paraphernalia. >> property crime is really skyrocketing. it is an issue in every city and every community here. >> reporter: property crimes are up 27% this year over last, and mail theft has become a big
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issue, especially during the pandemic. >> loved ones are sending gift cards, money, checks, the family members. in addition we have edd and on employment benefits that have been coming through the mail. >> reporter: the sides like setting up a 24/7 patrol there is nothing really you can do to prevent this. they see the opportunity and they do it. >> reporter: it can safeguard your mail by having anything valuable delivered to a po box, or require a signature for delivery. in san leandro, kpix5. a live look at the white house tonight, president-elect joe biden is accusing the trump administration of obstructing the transition process particularly when it comes to national security. >> we have encountered roadblocks, the political leadership, at the department of defense, and the office of management and budget. right now, we just are not getting all the information that we need for the ongoing and outgoing from the outgoing
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administration, in key national security areas. it is nothing short in my view of the responsibility. >> he warned that his teams need full visibility into the defense budget. they close that record highs of investors optimistic about the 900 billion-dollar stimulus package. actress lori laughlin is out of prison. she was incarcerated on october 30, she spent the last couple weeks in isolation because of a covid outbreak there. her husband is serving a five month sentence in santa barbara. new video to show you,
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check out all of the snow they have been getting in the mountains around la, streets, trees, cars, everything is covered. they got more than a foot of snow as well today. now we have seen some bay area snow, as well. a dusting of it anyway. the national weather service tweeted this picture this morning from mount hamilton. where temperatures have been at or near freezing. a light dusting, we might say, a sprinkle of snow, a wisp of snow. >> i'm getting a little tear in my eye. and it may not be the last of it by the time we get into this weekend. some cool weather on the way. cool, not a lot in the way of precipitation as we have a look at the pointy head of the transamerica pyramid. and find a cloudy to partly cloudy tonight in the bay area underway, temperatures will get into the 30s from where they are right now. concord has partly cloudy skies and 53 degrees and oakland is 55 and in san jose 53 and santa rosa 54. it will get chilly. at the moment the numbers are down a little bit. for the most part although mysteriously fairfield is six degrees warmer. there is always somebody going the other direction. rainfall totals, we do not get
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much. they have 1307 inch by the time you get over the mountains into san jose, hardly a tip of the rain bucket at one 100 of an inch. we were not supposed to get much anyway. they have a lot of rain in santa barbara and by 10:00 this morning it was half inch and five -- right around 2 inches of rain, so point conception and south of the rain, we got the clouds in the cool weather but we do have another chance as we mentioned coming on wednesday night and in the future cast you can pick that up by wednesday night, midnight, to thursday morning, that is about the extent of it. and those few showers will be out of the bay area so in a way at least in terms of amount it will be a repeat performance was just about a 10th of an inch and that is wednesday
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night and thursday morning it will be convenient. rain really just showers because it will happen mostly overnight. and as we begin to look into the weekend things get unsettled so there may be more on the way for the first day of 2021, but in the meantime, here is what we will have to contend with. a chilly night, patchy fog, some frost. tomorrow looks nice. the visibility's will be crackling clear, it looks very nice, through most of wednesday and increasing clouds will lead to some light rain. you notice of all the rain symbols we have, we are using the most anemic rain. we will take what we can get. it will be freezing tonight in santa rosa down to 32 degrees, 39 for san jose and 34 at livermore. daytime highs tomorrow an inch about what we had today, upper 50s and low 60s under mostly sunny skies for tuesday and for 2021, it is going to be very cold, temperatures will be in the, well, by california standards, mid 40s. a few clouds will be around, when we ring in 2021. the extended forecast, more of
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the same, chance of showers wednesday night and thursday, new year's looks okay and saturday and sunday right now beginning to look wet. more details on that, next time we address whether but for now, that will do it. back to you guys. one sport is not being impacted by the pandemic, why golf courses are suddenly driving. a reminder, kpix5 news app gives yo
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while a lot of businesses are struggling, one industry is suddenly seeing green. rachel wulff on how the stay-at- home order has teed up for golf success. a david has only been playing golf for a year and a half but he says it has played a role in improving his health. >> in the last 3 1/2, four months i've lost about 57 pounds. >> reporter: mondays are when he goes to the golf course. >> you get to socialize and exercise. >> just getting anywhere, so many places are close to can't even watch sports. >> reporter: the number of people hitting the links increased. >> all of a sudden it exploded because there was not a lot of other things for people to do. >> reporter: golf is up 50% according to kenmore and senior overseas for golf courses for the city of sacramento, land park, haggin oaks, then maloney and bartley cavanaugh. >> now we add a are -- already 30 to 40% and golf extraction
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as well. the major increases are in nine holes, not the full 18. even so, golf enthusiasts are grateful. the coronavirus driving people to get out in the fresh air and exercise, even if nobody is really keeping score. >> i'm still not good but i have gotten better. >> golf courses are one of the few recreational facilities that are still open right now. masks and distancing are of course required on the course. still ahead, california hospitals facing a dire situation with some patients, having to wait over an hour for medical care. and december has been one of the worst months for icu rates, so what can we expect for january? we talked to expert. last saturday, six little lottery numbers turned out to be worth
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you are watching kpix5 news at 5:30. right now, and streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30. cracking down on healthcare providers who violate vaccine guidelines. what is being done to those who cheat the system. patients in need of medical care having to wait for more than an hour. the dire situation in southern california hospitals. gov. newsom is warning he will likely extend regional stay-at- home orders with southern california and san joaquin valley. still reporting 0% availability icu capacity. >> it's impact of this virus, this pandemic, is being felt on the entire hospital system and that impact obviously could impact each and every one of us, god forbid, that we are in need of emergency care. good evening.
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a little earlier i spoke with ucsf epidemiologist dr. george rutherford and i asked him, what these new covid-19 numbers mean, and if it seems like the spread is beginning to level off. >> what we know is that cases are falling in the bay area, slightly. and that the proportion positive is going down so that speaks to their being less transmission. now that is as of today, you know, there may have been, we may have been transmitting and we just are not seeing the cases yet from over christmas. but i would hope that we will be able to keep up what we are doing, we have some other data that would suggest there really was a bending down the curve, kind of coincident with the shelter in place order on december 6. there is a lack of a couple of weeks and we start to see the effect of it. >> i know the governor released


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