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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  December 30, 2020 3:12am-3:43am PST

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police say video of the shooting was not clear enough to bring charges. in columbus, ohio, tonight, there are troubling new details about the deadly police shooting of andre hill. newly released records show that one police officer at the scene didñot perceive hill as a threat before a fellow officer gunned him down. the officer who fired the fatal shot has lost his job. here's cbs' jeff pegues. >> get your hands up from underneath now! >> reporter: officer adam coy was not alone the night he shot and killed andre hill. >> get me support. >> reporter: also responding to the non-emergency call was
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officer amy detweiler. according to her interview with internal affairs investigators, she and officer coy both had their service weapons drawn. but in contrast to coy, she did not observe any threats from hill, did not see a weapon. but she did hear coy yell, "there's a gun in his other hand! there's a gun in his other hand!" then, she heard gunfire. her testimony will be critical going forward. coy has been fired, but there calls for him to be arrested and charged. the body camera's automatic record feature captured video of the shooting but not the audio as coy approached hill who was holding a cell phone in his left hand. pthe shooting but not the as coy approached hill who was holding a cell phone in his left hand. you can't hear the audio until coy turns the body camera on. >> hands off to the side, now! >> reporter: coy's attorney says he is hopeful that his client will get a fair and thorough investigation. >> i feel like if that cop would have gave my dad a chance, he'd still be here. >> reporter: andre hill's daughter, krissa, is simply hoping for justice. jeff pegues, cbs news,
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washington. >> brennan: there is much more ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." a woman who falsely accused a black teenager of stealing her cell phone could now face serious charges. and baby archie speaks, his first public comments captured in a royal podcast. up at 2:00am again? tonight, try pure zzzs all night. unlike other sleep aids, our extended release melatonin helps you sleep longer. and longer. zzzquil pure zzzs all night. fall asleep. stay asleep. wthe natural light is amazing. hardwood floors. there is a bit of a clogging problem. (clog dancing)
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woo vicks vapocool drops now in honey lemon chill >> brennan: tonight, new york city police are searching for a woman who falsely accused a black teenager of theft. that woman was caught on camera at a new york hotel saturday accusing the teenage son of jazz musician keyon harrold of stealing her iphone. it was later found by an uber driver, and police say the woman could now face charges, including assault. boeing's troubled 737 max returned to the skies today, carrying u.s. passengers for the first time in nearly two years. the max was grounded in 2019 following a pair of deadly crashes. prince harry and meghan markle's son, archie, spoke his first words in public today. the 19-month-old royal helped his parents sign off on their first podcast with this message, >> happy >> happy. >> new...
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>> new... >> new. year.
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- [announcer] support more victories for veterans, go to >> brennan: author marty rubin once wrote, "behind every mask there's a face, and behind that, a story." well, behind many masks in decatur, georgia, there's an artist and a smile. here's cbs' mark strassmann. >> reporter: nobody likes wearing masks. we do it because we should. and in decatur, georgia, it's the law. >> no, masks are never fun. >> reporter: until now. meet huckleberry starnes, a good guy with a great name and a product designer who got the
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"mask laugh." >> everyone comments on it. you're really excited to wear it more. >> reporter: his custom masks highlight personalities rather than hide faces, and, as a public service, he's made hundreds of them, like the one joe jamison is wearing. >> it makes me feel like i'm always smile. >> reporter: this decatur cop had to shave off his signature mustache. no mask would fit over it. >> when i put the mask on, i have the mustache. so, it gives me that option. >> when i saw his mask, i thought it was the coolest thing i'd ever seen. >> reporter: sergeant kimberly parks, jamison's boss, got back her signature smile. this mask gives you back. >> my personality, yeah. >> reporter: unlike a standard surgical mask like mine. how would you describe its fun factor? >> yeah, not very fun. i went ahead and put this together for you so that you can wear this when you're out. >> reporter: this comes off for a second. this comes on. better? better? >> yeah, i think so.
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>> reporter: i mean, my kids are going to laugh at me, but itis fun. finally, a mask to put a smile on anyone's face. mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. >> brennan: and we need more of those. we'll be right back. and that's the overnight news for this wednesday, for some of you the news continues. and follow us online any type, at cbs reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm margaret brennan.
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this is the "cbs overnight news." good evening, and thank you for joining us, norah is off, i'm margaret brennan. president elect joe biden is willing to use the federal government to make sure that americans get vaccinated. the criticism comes after several prominent public health experts including anthony fauci voice concerns about d
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distribution delays. the cdc said that 2.1 million americans had gotten the vaccine even though the trump administration promised twenty million would have gotten it by the end of the month. there's growing concern that the new and potentially more contagious strain of the virus is in the u.s. a man and his 20s tested positive. we have a lot of reporting for you and your family, our team of correspondents is covering it all. megaoliver is leading off in new york city. good evening, mega. >> reporter: margaret, good evening, two days left in 2020.
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the trump administration said that -- >> this is going to be the greatest operational challenge we have faced as a nation. >> president elect biden said that the administration will move heaven and earth to get the vaccination effort on track. they are ramping up -- >> details about how his administration is hitting the mark, he would invoke the defense production act to accelerate needed supplies for vaccines. he called the recent covid relief bill, inadequate for controlling the pandemic. vice president elect k amountha received her shot. some waited overnight hoping to secure a coveted covid vaccine.
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>> you know, it's a life or death vaccine. >> reporter: but there's not enough vaccines for everyone in line at lee county which was at captain by 7:00 a.m., the conways were lucky. >> we have not got the date of when to come back. so they are not quite organized with the next shot. >> it's incredibly frustrated ten months in to the pandemic, we are talking about the basics of how to get vaccines in to people's arms. >> reporter: why aren't more people getting vaccinated? >> there's not a well thought out plan. >> reporter: the new had covid relief bill has 8.75 billion put aside for vaccination distribution. it will take time to distribute that money. >> when are we going to finally be able to possibly secure herd immunity. >> if we continue on our pa
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pace, it had take everyone vaccinated. >> one hospital told me that they received vaccinations for the month had of december. that is only because that the state made sure that they received moderna's vaccine to make up for the pfizer shortfall. one more piece of complicated effort. >> tonight, president trump is stepping up the attacks on republicans who opposed the increase in stimulus checks. >> tearing in to congressional republicans. calling leaders pathetic. saying that unless they have a death wish, they should approve $2,000 stimulus checks. that puts the president more in line with democrats who tried to force a vote on the new sdrekt payments today. already passed by the democratic controlled house. >> there's one question left today.
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do senate republicans join with the rest of america in support two,000 checks. today the answer was no. >> mitch mcconnell blocked the effort, speaking for most republicans that do not want to spend money on stimulus had. some suggest that they support it. including bothdwa ga republicans, looking for a edge ahead of a tough run-off next tuesday. >> the president is furious at house republicans, many of them voted last night to over ride his veto of a sweeping annual defense bill. the senate is expected to do the same this week. but today, senator bernie sanders said he blocked that vote until mcconnell allows a vote on stimulus checks. >> working families need help now. not next year. but right now. >> majority lead er mcconnell
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signaled that he may be willing to bring the checks up for a vote, and he tied them to two of the president's other priorities. curtailing protections for social media companies and investigating allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 election. if you tie those two issues to the checks, they are this unliko pass. >> the trump administration saying the smaller $600 payments could be received as soon as this week. >> 2020 is on track to go out with a blast of severe weather. two major storms will bear done on a third of the country. parts of i-80 and nebraska were shut down today as heavy snowfall made for dangerous driving conditions. the system is heading east, which could mean a treacherous new year's eve. lonnie quinn has the details. lonnie? >> >> okay, margaret, the snow you just showed us in nebraska, that video is from earlier in the day because right now, chicago is being impacted by snow. this will end up being chicago's first significant snowfall of the season. the question becomes, what happens tomorrow? tomorrow night around this time,
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where is it going? well, it becomes mostly rain going through the midwest. but follow that trail of precipitation all the way down into texas, and texas will be dealing with some snow! and then, by the time you get to new year's eve, portions of texas still having some snow. everybody else, for the most part, it's rain. and around portions of louisiana, mississippi, alabama, wherever you see that flashy yellow, there could be some severe weather. and that severe weather chance pushes into the carolinas on new year's day. and for the carolinas, again, it's a risk for tornadoes, believe it or not. it's very wet up throughout the northeast. and as you push well north, that's where you're going to find some icy snow. i do want to recap how we see this working out for new year's eve. there's a line of precipitation from maine to texas. snow for maine, snow for texas. everyone else, for the most part, it looks to be a stormy and wet new year's eve. margaret. >> brennan: well, we're spending it at home anyway, lonnie. >> there you go, stay home. >> brennan: thank you very much, lonnie.
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. thanks for staying with us. front line health care workers from coast-to-coast are under increasing strain. they are tasked with caring for a record number of covid patients while also administering vaccines as they become available. so far, more than 11 million doses have been shipped in the u.s. but only about two million people have taken the first shot. that is far fewer than the 20 million that the trump administration forecast by the end of the year. a record 121,000 covid patients are hospitalized right now had, and in parts of california, there's not a single icu bed
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available. hospitals are searching high and low to find nurses to fill out staff shortages. in many cases, it's the traveling nurse that's coming to the rescue. dr. tara naruha reports. >> nearly 25% of patients is covid and the increase of patients is overwhelming the staff. >> we are getting hit hard in the recent weeks. every day it seeps that we are getting more and more patients. >> reporter: cory is a covid unit intensive care nurse and supervisor. she said hospital staff including nurses are also testing positive for covid. >> it doesn't seem from contact tracing that it's coming from the hospital setting. a lot of them are gatherings outside of the hospital. but it's putting a strain on the workforce. >> staffing is the biggest issue. >> reporter: in california, governor gavin newsom announced that the state needs to hire 3,000 contracted medical workers to help with increasing icu
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hospitalization rates. and over 2400 miles away in in new jersey, more than 170 employees at three hospitals have contracted covid-19 causing staffing shortages. as coronavirus cases continue to rise. hospitals reduce the country are urgently in need of travel nurses. who work on temperature contracts for higher fees. >> it's a really intense demand environment. >> april hanson is the executive vice president for iya health care, an agency that recruits and deploys travel nurses. as of this week, the requests in all 50 states and over 29,000, 200 job openings for travel nurses. when i look at the job counts from the height of the first wave, this spring. we are seeing more than double the demand. >> we certainly seeing more of a --


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