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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  December 30, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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it is wednesday, december 30, 2020. this is the cbs it is wednesday, december 30, 2020. this is the cbs morning news. stimulus standoff. the senate blocks direct payments of $2,000 as the first $600 checks start to hit bank accounts. >> overnight, a louisiana congressman-elect dies of covid days before he was to be sworn into office. >> hotel confrontation. a woman accuses a black teenager of stealing her iphone. good morning. i'm diane king hall in for anne-marie green. we begin with breaking developments in the fight
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against the coronavirus. a new shot of hope this morning. the uk approved the use of a third vaccine, its third. approval for the medicine developed by oxford and astrazeneca. the shot is up to 90% effective and first doses are set to begin next year. the fda is yet to approve it before americans can receive it. and the first $600 covid relief checks hit the u.s. direct department started last night and paper checks will be mailed. the senate is still fighting over whether to increase those payments, right? >> absolutely. you could say that this fight just took another upper cut. the senate majority leader blocked that vote and is wrapping it up in new legislation. that specific vote about the stimulus checks and two other issues that president trump
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wants congress to look into. one of them is election security that puts democrats back in the corner. >> the latest round of stimulus payments have started hitting bank accounts. >> central texas food bank president says the $600 is a temporary fix. >> just because we are giving stimulus now doesn't get people out of a hole that they are already in. >> on capitol hill, senate majority leader blocked the stimulus of $2,000. >> do we turn our back on struggling working families or respond to their pain? >> the coronavirus relief bill congress passed has nearly $9 billion for vaccine distribution. president-elect biden says lawmakers will have to give more money for his goal of 100 million shots in his first 100 days. >> i'm going to move heaven and
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earth to get us going in the right direction. >> about 2 million americans have gotten the vaccine. far short of the goal of 20 million by the year's end. >> we are still looking at how to get the vaccine into people's arms. >> in florida's lee county, seniors are camping out to receive the vaccine. >> more than 3,700 americans died yesterday. that includes luke letlow, who was days away from being sworn in as louisiana's newest congressman. >> luke was admitted to the hospital december 19. >> that is shocking news. the new strain of the coronavirus is now in the u.s. discovered in colorado where
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state health leaders will hold a news conference today. to give more details about the case. we have more. >> a colorado man in his 20s is the first known person in the u.s. to be diagnosed with a new, potentially more contagious strain of the coronavirus first detected in the uk last week. the patient has no travel history and is currently in isolation. california extended its stay-at-home order for most of the state as hospitals there are struggling. >> there is going to be a breaking point. i don't know what that will come. when it does, it is catastrophic. >> many hospitals are considering prioritizing who receives care. >> health officials estimate one person dies of covid every 10 minutes. about one in 95 people is contagious with the virus. >> another spike is expected because of christmas travel.
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people are being urged to stay home for new years. >> try to keep it restricted to immediate family and the household. >> in dallas, texas, the hotel is one of dozens of venues gearing up for a new year's celebration. >> the people that want to go out will go out. if they can follow the rules and stay safe, we'll be happy to have them. >> guidelines require masks and limit capacity. the justice department says it is not pursuing charges against two officers involved in the shooting death of 12-year-old clevelander, rice they miss took the toy for a real gun. authorities claim the video of the shooting was not clear
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enough to bring charges. authorities in nashville say three buildings are structurally unsafe after the christmas day bombing. about 20 businesses and owners were allowed back to view their businesses. a coowner of a popular bar said the blast was devastating. >> i've been on that street about 10 years now, it is heartbreaking. we know people that live in the building that was destroyed. s that been our family, our home. >> they continue evidence at the bomb scene and trying to determine why anthony warner blew up his rv injuring three people. new details about the woman who wrongly accused the teenager of stealing her iphone. they say she is from california. they want to find her and question her about what happened. she was caught on camera berating the 14-year-old before tackling him. the phone was later found by an uber driver.
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she could face charges for assault. >> new information in the breonna taylor case, two more officers could lose their jobs. >> a fub football first, the salary for this carolina panther is being paid in bitcoin.
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this is just a little preview of what it will look like in new york's time square when they welcome in the new year. conducting a confetti test. one ton will be released on new year's eve. the festivities are not open to the public. a controversial monument in boston was taken down and new developments in the breonna taylor case. the city's police department
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wants to fire two more officers. taylor was shot and killed by police in her home during a botched raid in march. one of the officers sought the no-knock search warrant. his attorney found he violated investigation procedures for the warrant and truthfulness. the other officer is believed to have fired the shot that killed taylor. an officer was fired in june for blindly shooting into taylor's apartment. after being grounded two years after two deadly crashes, the boeing 737 with paying passengers took off from miami to new york with about 100 passengers. last month, the faa approved changes boeing made to the automated flight system blamed in the crashes that killed more than 300 people. >> i am 100% confident with the
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fixes they have done to the software and hardware and i'm ready to put my faith into this aircraft and its crew. >> i probably wouldn't bat an eye towards it. it is probably the best way of not knowing and getting it over with. than knowing and being fearful of it. >> united plans to resume max flights in february and southwest the next month. a controversial statue of abraham lincoln standing over a freed slave was removed from the city park. it stood in the back bay showing a half dressed former slave appearing to kneel at lincoln's feet. after complaints, it will be eventually moved to a new location. still ahead, coffee with an extra kick. dunkin has a coffee to power you through the new year. ick.
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here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ ♪ ♪ money, money, money russell is now the first nfl player to get paid in bitcoin. the carolina panther is getting half of his $13 million salary through bitcoin. in partnership with strike, he has been a long-time proponent and looking to encourage other athletes as a way to give them economic power. jobless benefits will not be interrupted and dunkin has a new
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coffee with extra buzz. >> can good morning, stock futures are trending higher after all three major indices closed slightly above the all-time high. dow fell 68, nasdaq dropped 49, the s&p 500 fell 8 points. the u.s. labor department says there will be no gap in unemployment benefits for millions of americans. there were initial fears after a delay after president trump put off signing that relief bill into law on sunday. it does not anticipate eligible americans will miss a week of benefits due to the timing of the law's enactment. >> alaska airlines is the first u.s. major carrier to announce a ban on many emotional support animals. they will only allow service dogs. passengers with support animals
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booked before that date will be allowed to fly but no exceptions will be made after february 28. the reaction comes after the department of transportation revised its regulations about what constitutes a service animal. >> if you need an extra boost in the morning, duncan has you covered. launching an extra charged coffee with 20% more caffeine than their classic coffee. the new cup of joe contains green coffee ex tract and is served hot or iced. get a medium for $2 through january 26. i imagine anyone watching us right now would be someone who would be a great customer. >> what about us? i was going to say stand by, i'll go get us some. >> bring it back here for sure. up next, podcast debut,
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here is a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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i'm good at transforming dishes from one thing to another. >> i love to throw away food. >> all is fair in love and left overs. >> we all wondered what we could do with left over food. how about a reality game show. >> the new netflix series best leftovers ever. each episode features three cooks. they are given healthy leftovers and have to turn it into comfort food. the winner takes home $10,000. anthony hopkins is opening up about his more than four decades of sobriety. in a social media video yesterday, he said he got a wakeup call years ago after nearly drinking himself to death. >> i got a message that said, do you want to live or die?
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i said i want to live. the relief game and it has been amazing. >> he turns 83 tomorrow and wanted people who watched his video to know they could persever. an unlikely two some. the most admired man and women. president trump finished first. the first time he finished first on his own. he died former president barack obama last year. mr. obama's wife, michelle obama was named the most admired woman in the country for the third year. prince harry and meghan markle thanks essential workers and a message from their 19-month old son. >> after me, ready? happy. >> happy. >> new.
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>> new year. >> the first time we've heard archie talk. during the half hour, the couple said no matter what life throws at you, love always wins. harry and meghan stepped back from their royal duties earlier this year. coming up, we'll show you the travel trends for the new year and what you need to know before planning a trip. i'm diane king hall. this is the cbs morning news.
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jordan knows he shouldn't eat this entire bowl of nachos. but tonight, he's earned that right. because a few hours ago, in the middle of happy hour, he recognized a sign. not from the gods or a bolt of lightning, but from a double-heart, a kissy face, and a fourth ha in "hahaha." that's when jordan knew he was buzzed. so, when it was time to go, he got a ride home instead of driving.
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be a legend like jordan. recognize your buzzed warning signs and get a ride home. our top stories this morning, the uk has approved the use of a third vaccine to fight covid-19. the shot is up to 90% effective. first doses in the uk are expec. steven mnuchin said the first round of $600 stimulus checks hit bank accounts last
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night via direct deposit. senator majority leader blocked the vote to increase to $2,000. author marty ruben once wrote behind every mask is a face and behind that, a story. >> reporter: nobody likes wearing masks. we do it because we should. in georgia, it is the law. >> meet huckle barry stars. a good guy with a great name. and a product designer who got the last laugh. his custom masks highlight personalities rather than hide faces. he's made hundreds like the one joe is wearing. >> it makes me feel like i'm always smiling.
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this cop had to shave his signature mustache. >> i thought it was the coolest thing. >> his partner kimberly clark got back her signature smile. >> unlike a standard surgical mask like mine. >> how would you describe its fun factor? >> not fun. i put this together for you. >> this goes off for a second and this comes on. >> better? >> i think so. >> my kids are going to laugh at me but it is fun. >> finally, a mask to put a smile on anyone's face. reporting for cbs news, atlanta. what a mask. coming up this morning, we speak with maryland governor larry
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hogan about the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine and the stimulus bill which can he says does not go far enough. and looking forward to 2021, we'll show you the travel trends for the new year and covid concerns about new year's eve celebrations. we'll hear from law enforcement about how they plan to discourage gatherings. that's the cbs news for this wednesday. i'm diane king hall. have a great day. news for this wednesday. i'm diane king hall. have a great day.
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