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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  January 15, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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combat coronavirus. how president-elect biden says he will soon bring relief. >> could be the bay area's next mass vaccination site. alameda county's push to transform the colosseum. good morning. it is friday, january 15. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning to you. let's get to your all important friday and weekend forecast. mr. darren peck has you covered with that. >> good morning. happy to be with you today, filling in for mary. a couple things to point out. first we have areas of patchy fog. i know gianna is talking about that with minor issues in the north bay. so far it is confined mainly to the north bay. the other story, it is staying warm. low to mid 70s for inland spots, not just again today but through the entire holiday weekend. we'll see temperatures in mid 70s by sunday and monday in some spots. here is the issue with fog.
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look at the visibility readings on your screen specifically for napa and santa rosa. down to a half mile or less. most other spots across bay area are fine. you see our view looking from the east. there is from the top of the sales force tower. we are not looking at widespread fog but i don't want you to get caught off guard by this. temperatures are in the low to mid 40s in most spots. let's check with gianna. >> thanks. we are dealing with those foggy conditions north of where the golden gate bridge is. limited visibility might be an issue. at the golden gate things are moving with no delays. north bound, we are not seeing brake lights or delays there either. as you work through petaluma, we will see limited visibility due to foggy spots. a heads up, we are seeing lots of green and so far traffic is
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moving at an okay pace. quiet conditions out of the east bay as you head into san francisco, no metering lights. it is friday light and friday light on the san mateo bridge as well. that's a look at your morning ride. >> thank you. developing, fall out continues in the widespread unemployment fraud at bank of america. a law firm in san francisco has filed a class action lawsuit with a laundry list of failings by the bank. let's go to kiet do live in san jose with more. >> reporter: good morning. attorneys say this lawsuit is a wake up call for bank of america and a lot of the problems could have been fore seen. lawsuit alleges b of a violated california consumer privacy act, unfair competition law, parts of the electronic funds transfer act, breach of contract with edd. in a statement "bank of america was required to provide secure accounts for unemployment payments but failed to provide
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basic security measures such as industry standard chip technology to safeguard edd debit cards. as a result thousands have lost their only life line due to fraudulent transactions and hacked accounts ." about 1.4 million accounts have been frozen to investigate possible fraud. we have spoken to dozens of people who have experienced similar hardships. they say they've been victims of fraud and have had no luck trying to get help. >> it feels like bank of america isn't taking this seriously. it feels like we are being treated as second class citizens. >> everybody was on hold for two or three hours. >> reporter: this was filed late yesterday evening, no word back yet. once they do make comment, we'll let you know. happening today in contra costa, front line healthcare workers will get first doses of the covid-19 vaccine. officials will give update on
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vaccine distribution efforts and sign up process to get the shot. this starts at 11:00 this morning. crisis of deep human suffering is in plain sight and there is no time to waste. we have to act and we have to act now. last night president-elect joe biden laid out details of his plan to combat coronavirus pandemic and boost the economy. half of the plan's $1.9 trillion price tag will take form of direct relief for struggling americans. that includes increase in unemployment insurance and expanded child tax credit and another round of stimulus checks, this time worth $1,400. mr. biden has $160 billion earmarked for national vaccination program. he is scheduled to unveil today plans to deliver 100 million shots in first 100 days of his presidency. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. breaking news, president-elect joe biden announced former fda
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head david kesler as chief science officer for vaccine drive to help stop the spread of coronavirus. he is actually a professor at uc san francisco. so he has some bay area ties. his appointment is as mr. biden is laying out 100 million vaccinations in 100 days plan len just mentioned for his first few months in office. also keeping an eye on the investigation in origins of the coronavirus on the other side of the world. one mbulito of the world health organization task force will not be allowed to enter china after testing positive for coronavirus antibodies. 15w.h.o. experts were sent and two were held back in singapore for antibodies. one is clear and the other will not be allowed in. that expert is from qatar. the other 14 are now quarantining in a chinese hotel. back to you. also happening, oakland
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colosseum might be the bay area's next mass vaccination site. alameda leaders will consider a request to hold a drive thru site in the parking lot. they're expected to discuss the plan in three hours. dodger stadium in l.a. turn nothing a mass vaccination center. the site is the biggest in the country with the capacity to vaccinate 12,000 people a day. a whole workforce has been deployed to administer vaccines. in the bay area the mayor and director of health are expected to give an update on san francisco's response to covid-19. we will carry that live on cbsn bay area at 12:30 streaming on older bay area residents are getting first dose of the vaccine like these folks at suter health in san francisco. others are finding out just because you are eligible doesn't mean it is easy to get a shot. a bay area resident we spoke to called kaiser to schedule
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appointment for his 66-year-old mother. he tells us when he first got on the phone a recording told him to be prepared for a four hour long wait. some patients say they were on hold for more than five hours. >> when they knew this was going to be happening so fast, you would think they would start planning. like once it's ready, what will we do? how will we roll this out to everybody? >> medical experts say health systems like kaiser, suter are trying to come up with plans to roll out vaccines while at the same time their icus are maxed out and staff stretched thin. to know what your options are, find a complete guide on our website. go to developing this morning, six vallejo police officers who shot a man 55 times in drive thru of a taco bell will not face charges. mccoy was found unconscious in his car with a gun on his lap in february 2019. officers attempted to arrest the 20-year-old as he woke.
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when he did not comply, all six officers opened fire. police say they thought he was reaching for his gun. a report into the case was released last night and says all six officers were legally justified in their actions. new this morning, air travel plunged at sonoma airport in 2020 marking lowest annual passenger count in ten years. fewer than 11,000 travelers took off or landed at the sonoma county airport last month equating to a drop compared to november. newly imposed stay-at-home order is being blamed. a live look at san francisco, early care and education programs in the city will be getting $25 million in funding. the grants aim to help provider with his covering costs associated with covid-19 like accommodating small groups, personal protective equipment, and staff compensation. in contra costa, school in
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his mount diablo district will continue distance learning at least until march. in class learning for some was slated to start this week. that didn't happen as the county remains under the purple reopening tier. >> when i am done i am super excited with the results. call it zoom boom. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, plastic surgeons tell us why they're seeing a surge in bay area patients during the pandemic. that's ahead. we have a trouble spot along 280 south near page mi it's's time for r the lowest priceses of the seseason on e sleeeep number 3 360 smart b. you cacan adjust y your cocomfort on b both sides.s..r sleep number settiting. can it help me fall asleep faster? yeyes, by gentntly warmrming your f feet. but, can i it help keeeep me as? absolutetely, it intntelligeny senses y your movemements ad automaticacally adjuststs to kekeep you bototh effortrtlessly comomfortabl. will it t help me keep up wiwith mom? you got t this. so, you u can reallyly promisise better s sleep? nonot promise.e. ...prove.. don't missss our weekekend speciaial, the queueen sleep
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fire watch at 5:12, crews surrounded a 250-acre fire that forced evacuations west of l.a. and lifted evacuations in thousand oaks. the danger is not over. a red flag warning is in effect through this afternoon and at least win bay area strike team is on stand by in case. meantime today is the deadline for survivors of the fires to submit paperwork to the state for phase two of debris removal. if you feel like 2020 aged you ten years, you are not
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alone. more people are considering place tech surgery. it's apparently a growing trend in the bay area and even beyond. kpix5 shows us why remote work is driving more people to undergo cosmetic surgery in this morning's original report. it's called the zoom boom. hours of seeing ourselves on video calls have made certain features more prominent and bothersome. plastic surgeons are seeing a surge in treatment. >> for me it's the wrinkles, little dark circles under my eyes. it was time. >> reporter: abby found herself in hours' long zoom meetings and virtual family parties more than ever during the pandemic. the 39-year-old kaiser nurse and mom of three said seeing herself on camera magnified her imperfections. >> when i am done i am super excited with the results. you look better. you look fresh. you look bright.
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you feel new. so this boosts your energy, your confidence. >> reporter: the san mateo resident is not alone in craving upgrade to her appearance and mood. plastic surgeons are seeing an up tick in patients particularly those who want work from the neck up. >> people are starting to notice little imperfections. they find themselves looking at their photo as opposed to the people they're talking to. when you see yourself on camera, especially if it is close, there is a distortion effect. >> reporter: the facial plastic surgeon says he's performed more rhino plasties than ever before. his calendar is so full surgery dates are scheduled well into the spring. botox and facial fillers are most popular quick fixes. after a two month closure due to covid his office reopened with boosted safety protocols and staggered appointments to avoid patient overlap. >> i think they're taking advantage of the fact that
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they're working from home. if they get a bruise or are swollen they don't have to be at the office the next day. >> reporter: abby's doctor says since the pandemic the number of consolidations and demands for work has more than doubled. he is seeing more first timers and people willing to consider more intensive procedures. >> i have patients who take advantage of this. they're like wait a second, nobody has to see the rest of my body. maybe it's time i take care of some of those things on my wish list. >> reporter: plastic surgeons are finding patients have more cash on hand since many did not splurge on travel and entertainment during covid. disney lovers, listen up. disneyland is scrapping annual passes ending a nearly 40-year- old program popular among die hard fans. disneyland and california adventure have been closed for ten months now and pass holders
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are getting refunds. it's aimed at preventing the park from being overwhelmed by fans once it reopens at limited capacity. with most of northern california in purple tier and activities limited, families looking for fun are flocking to this drive thru outdoor dinosaur exhibit in sacramento. jurassic empire, a nine day preticketed event limits 300 cars per day to remain socially distanced. guests take a 30 minute ride from jurassic period through the ice age. parents are calling the exhibit risk-free fun. >> this will be something that they can actually come out and do and not have to worry about being at a risk. >> the smiles is what tells me i am doing a good job. to me, that's worth it. >> the kids are having so much fun. the event goes through next week and there are tickets left starting at $60 a car. looks cool. we will get a check on the
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roads. how is it looking? >> looks good. that does look like a fun time. it's looking good if you are out and about early. now is a good time to be on the roads. west bound 580 into altamont pass, things are not bad. we are seeing slight slowing as you come off the 205, 580 connector but nothing like it usually is for the monday through thursday commute. we'll keep you updated on that. so far things are not bad at all. we have a crash south 680 before page mill road. it's over to the right shoulder. you might see spectator slowing as you pass the scene. other than that, 280 is at the limit along the peninsula or if you are headed south into the south bay towards san jose, no delays. foggy conditions this morning. there is a fog advisory in effect issued by chp over night. it will affect your ride along
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parts of 101 especially through petaluma. speeds are okay but limited visibility might be an issue. we'll check with darren in regards to that. keep in mind if you are commuting out of marin towards the golden gate bridge. after that, things are moving with no issues. i do see a couple cars in one of the lanes. i will check with chp. san mateo bridge, extra volume. but your travel time hasn't changed. it's still 13 minutes between 880 towards 101. as we look at travel times, traffic is light, no delays out of east bay to the city. we are still seeing a lot of green on the roads so that's good news. úit's 5:18, time to forecast. lots of fog out there. >> that's the issue i want to pick up on and spotlight where problems are. the first thing you can see
5:19 am
from cameras that sit above the city, here is one of the top of the mark hopkins hotel, we are not seeing fog here. there is no fog at this point. as we go to the map, we can see where the trouble spots are. anywhere where the number is belowone. the numbers are telling you how far you can see in miles. everywhere else it's like ten miles. you get to the north bay and it's a half mile in napa. that's enough that you will have to slow down. napa, santa rosa, definitely the central valley. as far as another view across the east bay, look how clear this is. that's the scene looking from the city. numbers are in the mid 40s for most places. it is cold. it is 40 in santa rosa, not as cold as it could or has been in
5:20 am
recent weeks. 42 in livermore, 43 concord, hayward 47. if i switch this and put in daytime highs, you see more yellow and orange. how did yesterday feel? today is going to feel the same. that means daytime highs at or at least near 70 degrees for many inland spots. we tied a couple records yesterday throughout the bay area. we'll continue to do this all the way through the holiday, all the way through martin luther king, jr. day monday. in fact it will get warmer into sunday and monday. those will be our two warmest days. we'll stay in mid and upper 60s for most spots in the bay. having told you how nice it would be temperature wise here is the thing to be aware of if you are thinking about going to local beaches, a high surf advisory starts at 11:00 this morning. it doesn't expire until tomorrow night at 7:00. while these waves should not be as big as past several events, we can still see waves up to 20
5:21 am
feet. that is enough to still be dangerous. it's the entire coastline from sonoma county all the way down through monterey. just be aware of your surroundings if you are going to beaches. seven-day forecast, there is that mid 70-degree run all the way through monday and then we will cool back down by the time we get to the middle of next week. guys, back over to you. >> thank you. a covid killing robot taking over the basketball court. we'll show you how it works. coming up at 7:00, the investigation into identifying rioters in last week's assault on the capitol. plus accusations of wealthy americans trying to jump the line to get vaccinated and how high school students are coping with the pandemic. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 5:24. giving you a beautiful live look outside from our sales force tower camera. looking east you can see the bay bridge. if you squint your eyes real tight, you might be able to see
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some cars making their way across. san jose state woman's basketball season is over. the reason, health and safety concerns due to covid. university sports program relocated to arizona last month. according to the athletic director, spartans will begin ten day quarantine upon return to san jose. yesterday's move will not affect other sports. new, san antonio spurs are debuting world's first ever coronavirus killing uv ray robot. it's called the zen x light strike. it premiered last night. it germ zapped san antonio's att center in preparation for tonight's game against the houston rockets. robots will zap the arena after the game and in advance of tomorrow's game between the two teams. 5:25. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> vaccine deadline looming for california. why the pace needs to be
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quadrupled to meet governor newsom's ten day goal. >> reporter: bank of america getting slapped with a civil action lawsuit
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advavanced technhnology. with serioious securitity. and rereliable covoverage, nationwiwide. foforward-thininking enterpriseses deservee forwarard-thinkingng solutio. and that's's what we d deliv. so bounce e forward, with comomcast busininess. right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, as one leader takes office, the other faces trial. how next week's presidential transition could make capitol hill history. keeping california's capitol safe. we are live with the ramped up security in sacramento. >> first exposed a massive state unemployment scam. now bank of america is being slapped with a lawsuit. we are live with the
5:30 am
allegations. good morning. it's friday january 15. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. let's get a check of our weather with meteorologist darren peck. good morning. >> good morning. happy to be here filling in for mary. first i will point out where the trouble spots are for fog. then we need to talk about a conditional headlines for this forecast, holiday weekend. it is not only staying much warmer than average but there is high wind concern for late in the weekend and high surf concerns we need to talk about. there are a lot of things to be aware of into this weekend. first, patchy fog mainly for the north bay. we will be back up near 70 again today and really for about the next four days. in fact mid 70s for some inland spots. as we look outside, we are starting to see a little bit patchy fog but it's really been in the north bay where the issue is. look at the 0.5 for napa. you see the gray ban across the top of the screen.
5:31 am
north bay, that's where you will run into issues with fog. i will be back with more on the rest of the forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's take a look at the roadways. we will keep a close eye on the north bay as darren mentioned. we are dealing with foggy spots and chp issued a fog advisory for parts of 101 especially between petaluma and nevado. we are seeing okay speeds in and around the area, just a heads up as you head out. keep that in mind. if you are headed towards golden gate bridge, things are moving at the limit. we are starting to see things busy into the altamont pass on west 580. new trouble spot on 880. details on that in my next report. high security alert in washington will likely continue for sometime. it comes as senate determines when to put president trump on
5:32 am
trial. the start date and length of the trial are currently being negotiated by democratic and republican leaders. president trump is the first president to be impeached twice. it would take at least 17 republican yes votes to reach two thirds majority needed to convict. right now, that's a toss up. >> i thought it was inappropriate. i don't think it rises to impeachable offense. >> i believe this president violated his oath of office and i believe there must be consequences to that. >> a date has yet to be set. the impeachment trial could begin as soon as inauguration day. speaking of, i am anne makovec at the live news desk, let's take a live look in washington, dc where there are new temporary restrictions for people flying in. most major u.s. airlines banning guns in luggage for flights landing in dc.
5:33 am
delta was first to announce. then united, alaska, american, southwest all followed. the ban starts tomorrow and it will run through inauguration day until january 23. meantime, most security control measures have been further tightened around the u.s. capitol building. here is a look at some. more fences are set up, avenues in vicinity fully blocked off while national guard troops are working 12 hour shifts. there is a state of emergency right now in effect in washington, dc. that runs through january 24th. michelle. >> thank you. looking live at the state capitol, governor newsom deployed about 1,000 national guard troops to protect critical infrastructure in sacramento. >> reporter: the fencing is up at the state capitol. about six feet tall with warning signs, they're doing everything they can to keep people out in case there is any
5:34 am
sort of unrest. governor newsom is deploying 1,000 members of national guard to help secure the state capitol. they're expected to arrive as early as today. local law enforcement agencies are adding additional security measures including installing the six foot fence. governor newsom says he is taking action to prevent a repeat of last week's violence. >> to enhance security with initial deployment of up to 1,000 members. >> reporter: there is a bulletin warning law enforcement to the on watch nationwide. the fbi field office in sacramento set up a command post ahead of potential unrest. the agency says special agents, bomb technicians, intelligence teams and more are ready to support investigations and respond to potential threats. we will be monitoring the situation and bringing it to
5:35 am
you in realtime. >> for the latest developments as we head into the inauguration, download our kpix5 app. it gives easy 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix newscasts. >> reporter: i am kiet do. we are live in downtown san jose with details of a class action lawsuit that was filed against bank of america yesterday over its botched handling of unemployment benefits. the lawsuit was filed by a firm based in san francisco. in a statement they said "bank of america was required to provide secure accounts for unemployment payments but failed to provide basic security measures such as industry standard chip technology to safeguard edd debit cards. as a result thousands lost their only life line ." the lawsuit alleges b of a violated california consumer privacy act, the unfair competition law, parts of federal electronic funds transfer act
5:36 am
and breach of contract with edd. about 1.4 million accounts have been frozen to investigate possible fraud. ore the past months we have spoken to dozens of people who experienced similar hardships. they say not only are they victims of fraud but b of a is giving them the run around. >> can i put you on hold? click. >> i went into the bank twice to try to get help in person and they were like "oh don't talk to us. call the number on the wall ." >> reporter: b of a has not responded to our request for comment. once they do, we'll update this story. kiet do, kpix5. to the coronavirus now at 5:36. state of texas says it has administered 1 million covid-19 vaccines. it's the first state in the u.s. to reach the milestone. this is one month after first doses arrived at facilities in the state. the governor in texas greg abbott says there is a long
5:37 am
road ahead. this week a texas organization reported 10% of rural hospitals have yet to receive a single dose. in california governor newsom says the state is far short of its goal of 1 million vaccinations in ten days. california already administered nearly half a million doses when the governor set his goal last week which means he is aiming for 1.5 million total by tonight. state records show the total stood close to 980,000 by wednesday. to reach the target health officials would have to get about 500,000 more shots into people's arms today. that means quadrupling their pace of recent days. an alameda business joining a growing wave of bay area staples forced to close permanently. we'll look at what customers did after hearing the news. that's next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. we are watching a little bit fog roll in over part of the city. this is not the place where we
5:38 am
are seeing issues with fog on the road in a widespread way. that's in the north bay though i am glad we've got our view on top of things here to show you the view of the fog moving in. i will be back with the rest of the forecast in a bit including very warm daytime highs. as we look at the roadways, we've got a hot spot along nimitz freeway north bound 880. plus we'll look at traffic into the altamont pass. let's take another look outside before break. this is our sales force tower camera. you see some of the fog that darren was tal
5:39 am
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it's 5:40. companies offering incentives for workers to get covid vaccine and why some say the economy might bounce back to prepandemic levels sooner than we think. diane king hall joins us live with those stories and much more from today's money watch report. good morning. >> good morning. powell is optimistic saying he thinks the economy with bounce back sooner than expected. he says unprecedented level of government stimulus with monetary has buffered the nation from enduring longterm deep economic damage. some companies are incentivizing employees to get the vaccine.
5:42 am
dollar general will pay workers extra four hours of pay. trader joe's a offering two hours and instant cart is giving employees a flat rate of $25. amazon ring's neighbors app was exposing home addresses -- excuse me. the app is supposed to act like a neighborhood watch dog letting users anonymously alert residents of possible crime. a bug was allowing others to pinpoint location data. the company has batched the bug. michelle. >> that needs to be fixed. it sounds like some people are planning a post vaccine splurge. tell me the details on that. >> yes. i know, put me on this list. according to a lending tree study, 82% plan to treat themselves after they receive the vaccine. nearly three in four say they've splurged on safety related purchases. we are doing what we can like
5:43 am
getting grocery delivery. more than half say they will keep up the pandemic era savings habits after the vaccine. i say why can't we do both? >> right. yes, i love that mentality. diane, thanks so much. we will check back with you at 6:30. we'll see you then. one east bay city losing a beloved local business during a growing wave of bay area staples forced to close permanently. the business is closing after 51 years in business. after hearing the news a line full of loyal customers wrapped around the store yesterday with many telling kpix5 it is heart breaking. >> it's a big loss. now people aren't going to have a local place to go. >> hopefully it gets better. this one sting a bit. >> it's really sad to see such an iconic place closing down.
5:44 am
>> even high end stores are walking into dark times. the chain is closing this bay area out post on the hills of a bankruptcy filing. downtown san francisco's retail woes just got bigger. marshal's is closing market street discount store. it's expected to cease operations at the end of the month resulting in more than 80 layoffs. the closure comes months after gap closed its flagship market street store. this just in, we learned u.s. retail sales fell .7% in december. shoppers stayed away from stores as virus cases rose. when vice president-elect kamala harris is sworn in as vice president of the united states it will be a homecoming of sorts. the former california senator graduated from the historically black college howard university just down the road from the white house. ms. harris credits the university with preparing her for a life of public service.
5:45 am
the first black supreme court justice thurgood marshall went to howard. >> we have children who are young and they see the possibilities. they are looking the same way my brother did when we were in elementary school and we saw thurgood marshall. now we have students who see harris. >> meantime, chalk up another first for the incoming biden harris administration. the second gentleman. that is the historic handle the husband of vp elect harris took to twitter yesterday. he's got more than 150,000 followers already but so far he hasn't tweeted or followed anyone back including his wife, which should be the first person he follows. it's 5:45. today, after you grab your coffee, make sure to grab that lotto ticket. >> that massive mega millions jackpot could be yours tonight
5:46 am
or mine hopefully. it is $750 million after no one won on tuesday. this is the second largest mega millions jackpot in history here. the largest was $1.5 billion in 2018. when i say mine, gianna, i mean ours. because we are family. family that plays together stays together. >> right. that's right. we've got our pool going. so fingers crossed len and michelle. taking a look at the roadways, feeling lucky on 880. i have been watching nimitz freeway through oakland. we started with brake lights and were seeing red and yellow but that is completely dissipated. we are seeing things move at the limit. we had road work north bound 880, that's been cleared out of lanes. things are looking a lot better. we are seeing speeds at 65 miles per hour, no delays as road work is over to the shoulder.
5:47 am
checking delays along 101, we are not seeing in i but we are seeing fog. chp has issued fog advisory for parts of 101 in the north bay. darren will have more but as far as it affecting your drive, no accidents or incidents through the area. we'll keep a close eye on the north bay along 101 and streets near there. the golden gate bridge is looking good. if you are headed south on 101 into san francisco via golden gate, right now things are okay. no delays north bound either. we are seeing green on sure censors. it is friday after all. no delays out of san jose. west bound 580 commute, you have a few brake lights as you work around the connectedder from 205 at least to grant line but as you saw it was less than 25 minutes to make the trek from the altamont pass area to the dublin interchange. lots of volume on the san mateo bridge, no accidents or incidents, just a lot of folks
5:48 am
making the trek across the bay from hayward towards foster city. 101, peninsula, problem free. it's 5:47. it will be a pretty nice day but we are dealing with fog. >> yes. tracking that fog on a day like today is a tag team effort. between information gianna can get from chp with boots on the ground and she's talking about 101 as one of the places where fog is known on the highway. so be aware of that. then in the weather department, i can tell you what censors are reading across bay area as a whole. napa, you've got one of the other issues. we are down to a half mile visibility. if you look at the rest of the bay, there are no issues. this is a patchy fog issue and it is primarily in the north bay. of course central valley is socked in right now. look at oakland, eye on the sky on top of the sales force tower
5:49 am
shows you no issue. san jose you don't have any either. that's you. take my word on it. as we look over tri valley we are not seeing any issues. north bay is the spot to watch. it's cold too. 40 in santa rosa. 40 is actually not bad. it is the coolest spot on the map. oakland, airport is reading fog but we know through the majority of the heart widespread we don't have major issues. 40s in general for much of the bay area and daytime highs are right back where they were yesterday which means we will be at or near 70 again. we broke a couple records yesterday for daytime highs just around the bay area, around the edges of it. we will be in the same neighborhood not just today but all the way through the holiday. in fact it's going to get warmer sunday and monday. we'll see temperatures in the low to mid 70s. having just told you that, it will be nice, low to mid 70s. you have to be aware if you are
5:50 am
going to the beaches. high surf advisory starts this morning at 11:00. it doesn't expire until 7:00 saturday. we can see large waves breaking on the beaches. if you look at the coastline everywhere is included. any beach you like to go to is part of it. this is just the first one. if we look on the pacific, you can see the storms. let's switch to the energy in the ocean. that is surf advisory i told you about. that gets you into tonight. the brighter the color shows you the bigger waves. now i will show you the next one. that is the one coming after. look at the time. i will get out of the way. that arrives along our coast on tuesday. that's different from the surf advisory i told you about for today. we could be looking at another one into sunday and monday. and there is a high wind watch which then picks up after that from sunday night into monday. doubt many of us will notice this where we live. this is going to be one of the offshore wind events that makes it windy in the mountains,
5:51 am
windy enough believe it or not that here we are in january talking about strong enough winds at the higher elevations, could be fire weather concerns going into sunday night and monday morning. more on that as we are closer. daytime highs in mid 70s inland through monday. see you with the rest of the forecast. later guys. back over to you. >> see you then. thank you. new, a male orangutan stepping up and taking a role not normally seen in nature. the baby's mother died and now the father is taking over. zookeepers are grateful. he is apparently very patient with his baby girl and even runs after her if she cries. would you like to buy some girl scout cookies? >> how can you say no to that? wait until you hear the rest of the girl scout's savvy sales
5:52 am
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welcome back. 5:54. a live look outside down peninsula from our sales force tower camera. when the pandemic made door to door sales unsafe, one girl scout decided to get creative. >> she took her sales pitch online. take a look. >> would you like to buy some girl scout cookies? >> she's adorable. the girl scout loves selling cookies. instead of of door to door trips in 2020 her parents recorded her on a ring doorbell to send to friends and family as a virtual sales pitch. after the video was shared online, she smashed her own sales goal. >> would you like one? or two or three or four or five? six or seven or eight or nine or ten? >> how many boxes have you told? >> 600 boxes. >> 600! >> if i saw that video, i would totally get ten boxes.
5:56 am
she said her goal is to make the world smile delivering much more than simoas and thin mints. she's a good sales lady. that's for sure. 5:55. biggest vaccine site in the country debuting in california. in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, just how much shots the site will be able to dole out when it opens in just a few hours. >> reporter: bank of america hit with a class action lawsuit over edd
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, legal action against bank of america. the new lawsuit alleging the bank dropped the ball and
6:00 am
failed thousands of unemployed californians. getsing covid under control. it won't be cheap. the hefty price tag attached to president-elect biden's ambitious plan. a man shot 55 times by police but investigators say the use of force was justified. the new report just issued. good morning everyone. it is friday, january 15. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning to you. happy friday as well. let's get to that friday and weekend forecast on tap. here is darren peck. >> good news guys besides the fact that it is friday and we will be talking about the weekend. the fog as not widespread as it was yesterday. there is still fog and we will spotlight where trouble spots are. mainly the north bay. i will show you the readings in a second. patchy fog to start in the north bay. warm afternoons are continuing not only today but through the holiday. in fact sunday and monday will be the two warmest days


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