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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  January 15, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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failed thousands of unemployed californians. getsing covid under control. it won't be cheap. the hefty price tag attached to president-elect biden's ambitious plan. a man shot 55 times by police but investigators say the use of force was justified. the new report just issued. good morning everyone. it is friday, january 15. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning to you. happy friday as well. let's get to that friday and weekend forecast on tap. here is darren peck. >> good news guys besides the fact that it is friday and we will be talking about the weekend. the fog as not widespread as it was yesterday. there is still fog and we will spotlight where trouble spots are. mainly the north bay. i will show you the readings in a second. patchy fog to start in the north bay. warm afternoons are continuing not only today but through the holiday. in fact sunday and monday will be the two warmest days in the
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forecast. mid 70s for inland spots. with that in mind, it's going to be dangerous at the coast not only for today and tomorrow but there could be another up tick in wave heights coming in on sunday. i have to talk about all that in the complete forecast. let me leave you with the visibility map. napa, a half mile. santa rosa it's better but i know gianna has been getting detailed reports from chp about 101 south. let's go to gianna and see how the drive is looking. >> chp has issued a fog advisory for the north bay. i will show you a map in a second. i want to show you altamont pass where we are starting to see brake lights. things are getting busy for the super commuters out of tracy getting on 580. we are dealing with fog especially in the north bay as darren mentioned. a fog advisory in effect for portion of 101 between petaluma and nevado. you are moving at an okay pace but keep that in mind with
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limited visibility. if you are headed to the golden gate bridge, your travel time south bound 101 to the city is right around 15 minutes. >> thank you. developing, the fall out continues in the widespread unemployment fraud at bank of america. kpix5 first exposed how hackers took advantage of people in need. now a law firm in san francisco has filed a class action lawsuit with a laundry list of failings by the bank. let's go to kiet do live in san jose with more. >> reporter: good morning. attorneys for the plaintiff said that the lawsuit is a wake up call for bank of america and a lot of the problems could have been fore seen. the lawsuit alleges b of a violated california consumer privacy act, unfair competition law, parts of the electronic funds transfer act, breach of contract with edd. in a statement the law firm said bank of america was
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required to provide secure accounts for unemployment payments but failed to provide basic security measures such as industry standard chip technology to safeguard edd debit cards. as a result thousands have lost their only life line due to fraudulent transactions and hacked accounts. about 1.4 million accounts have been frozen to investigate possible fraud. over the past months we have spoken to dozens of the victims who have experienced similar hardships. they say not only are they victims of fraud but have had no luck trying to get help from b of a. >> it feels like bank of america isn't taking this seriously. it absolutely feels like we are treated like second class citizens. >> like everybody else, on hold for two or three hours. hang up, called again. >> reporter: this lawsuit was filed yesterday evening, no comment yet from b of a. once they do make a comment, we'll let you know. i am anne makovec at the live news desk.
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president-elect joe biden announced former fda head david kesler as chief science officer for the vaccine drug. he is a professor at uc san francisco. he will be in charge of the scientific side of operation warp speed. biden is announcing he is spending to speed up the vaccination process. he is scheduled to unveil a plan to vaccinate 100 million people in his first 100 days of office, a lofty goal on top of some of the goals he laid out yesterday when it comes to the economy. half of a plan for $1.9 trillion is going to take form of direct relief for struggling americans. another round of stimulus
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checks this time worth $1,400. to get the economy going, he really has to get this vaccine going. we need about 250 million people to get the vaccine in the u.s. to reach the goal of herd immunity. we will have more on the announcement today. >> thank you. today in contra costa, front line healthcare workers will get first doses of the covid-19 vaccine. officials will give update on vaccine distribution efforts and sign up process to get the shot. the event starts at 11:00 this morning. some older bay area residents are getting their first dose of the vaccine like these folks at suter health in san francisco. others are finding out just because you are eligible doesn't mean it is easy to get a shot. a bay area resident called kaiser to schedule an appointment for his 66 years old mother. he tells us when he first got on the phone a recording told him to be prepared for a four hour long wait. some patients say they were on
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hold for more than five hours. >> when they knew this would be happening so fast, you would think they would start planning. like okay once it is ready, what are we going to do? how will we roll this out to everybody? >> medical experts say health systems like kaiser, suter, john muir are trying to come up with plans to roll out vaccines while at the same time icus are maxed out and staff stretched thin. in a few hours, the mayor and director of health are expected to give update on san francisco's response to covid- 19. we'll carry that live on cbsn bay area at 12:30 streaming on also today, alameda will decide if oakland colosseum could be the bay area's next mass vaccination site. today they plan to consider a request to hold a drive thru site in the parking lot. also today, the biggest vaccination site in the u.s. is set to open in southern
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california. this is video from last night as the final preps were underway at dodger stadium in l.a. the site opens this morning and has capacity to vaccinate 12,000 people a day. walgreens says it plans to vaccinate 95% of assigned nursing homes by the 25th. that's ten days from now. the pharmacy says it takes about four weeks to administer first doze in a state. cdc says 4.7 million vaccines have been delivered to nursing homes and longterm care facilities but only 1.2 million doses have been administered. walgreens believes there may be people still hesitant to get the vaccine. for better understanding of your county's vaccine process, check our kpix5 covid vaccine resource guide. you will find out who is eligible and how to get one. go to taking a live look at san francisco now, early care and education programs in the city will soon be getting $25
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million in funding. the grants aim to help providers with cover costs associated with covid-19 like accommodating small groups, personal protective equipment, and staff compensation. in contra costa county, schools in the mount diablo unified school district will continue distance learning at least until march. in class learning for some grades were slated to start this week. that didn't happen as the county remains under the state's purple reopening tier. developing this morning, six vallejo police officers who shot a man 55 times in drive thru of a taco bell will not face charges. mccoy was found unconscious with a gun on his lap in february 2019. the officer attempted to arrest him when he woke up. when he did not comply, all six opened fire. police say they thought he was reaching for his gun.
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a report was released and said all six officers were legally justified in their actions. a new high tech teammate. >> still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, how nba hopes the germ zapping robot will help teams stay on the court. a pretty scene from the top of the sales force tower looking at downtown oakland. no fog here but we do have issues with fog in the north bay. we'll talk about that. plus two items, a surf advisory and high wind watch, both go into effect this holiday weekend. details on both, coming right up. we will take a close look at the freeways that are dealing with fog in the north bay. plus you've got brak
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man who fired a gun at them. they got the call about 4:30 this morning. this is in the area of east san antonio an king road in san jose, callers saying that the guy was shooting a gun in the area into the air. when police arrived, they say he shot directly at them. so he is now on the loose. it happened specifically at duffey way and lynette way but they have several roadways in the area blocked off. this is close to 680. people in the area are told to shelter in place. stay home. lock your doors. this guy is on the loose. we have our reporter kiet do on the way to the scene and we will keep you posted as the man hunt continues. back to you. >> thank you. a live look at chase center and tonight's warriors game in arizona has been postponed. the suns don't have the league- required eight available players because of on going contact tracing. all postponed games are expected to be rescheduled in the second half of the season.
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meantime, san antonio stars or spurs are debuting a new way to keep their stadium clean and covid free. this is the world's first ever coronavirus killing uv ray robot. it's zen x light strike. it premiered last night germ zapping the att center in preparation for tonight's game against the houston rockets. new, air travel plunged at sonoma county's airport marking lowest annual passenger count in ten years. fewer than 11,000 travelers took off or landed at the airport last month equating to a 38.5% drop compared to november. 6:14. let's head to gianna with a check of the roadways. how is it looking out there? good morning. busy in some spots. we've got usual stuff as you head into the altamont pass. it is not as bad as it
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typically is monday through thursday. it is friday light overall because most delays are from the connector off 205 to about grant line. once you are past that you are free flowing past the dublin interchange. from 580, traffic is moving at the limit. we are monitoring the north bay though, especially 101. that's an area where chp has issued a fog advisory for 101. i am not seeing a lot of slow speeds. it is friday light through the area as well. we'll keep a close eye from there are accidents or incidents. you are dealing with limited visibility in that area. if you are taking that towards the golden gate, things are moving okay. mrs. police activity on the roads in san jose, a closure on duffey way both directions from king road to lynette way. try to avoid that intersection if you can. a live look at our bay area bridges, golden gate bridge
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moving at the limit, no delays, direction heading into san francisco. same for the bay bridge as well, traffic is pretty quiet. as we check our travel times out of south bay, north bound 101 checking in with no troubles. you are clear along 280 out of the south bay as well. it is 6:16. darren is in for mary. let's talk about the foggy spots. >> i am glad you've got that covered for the stretch of 101. it's the north bay where you will run into patchy fog. if you look at the east bay or south bay, no problems. that's looking down 880. perfectly clear scene there going all the way down and even getting deeper into the east bay. that's inland contra costa. no, this is inland alameda in fact because we are looking over the tri valley. you see towards dublin it is dark but it is clear. we don't have any fog. 42 livermore, 41 concord, a cold 38 in santa rosa.
6:17 am
other than that, in the immediate bay, mid to upper 40s and smooth sailing on the roads. daytime highs today just like yesterday, near 70 for inland spots. it will be mid to upper 60s. it will be the that way for the whole holiday. if you are thinking of going near a beach, there is a high surf advise are i that starts today and goes until saturday night at 7:00. we can look at waves perhaps as high as 20 feet, not as bad as last week. but it's still big enough torr a concern at the coast. it covers everywhere that's highlighted on the map. there is another one coming after that. if you look in the pacific there is a lot of energy. we can see the swell, the brighter color. that shows the surf advisory for today into tomorrow. look what's coming after that. there is another one on the other side of the pacific. that is going to get here sunday and monday. that is important because sunday and monday are going to
6:18 am
be the two warmest days in the forecast. mid 70s for many inland spots. anybody thinking about maybe going to the beach to enjoy this unusually warm weather will really have to be aware of their surroundings and watch the waves and just be real careful. there is a high wind watch sunday night into monday. if we take a look, it is focused primarily in mountains. we can see gusts to 50 miles an hour in north bay mountains and east bay hills sunday night into monday. it's doubtful we will notice much wind where we live but this is one of the scenarios where 50-mile an hour gusts in mountains, we are again here in the middle of january, believe it or not, talking about fire weather concerns going into sunday and monday. it sounds crazy but it's true. more on that as we get closer to it. as far as the rest of the weather, look at the mid 70s for inland spots all the way through the holiday and even into the bay near 70. we are likely breaking records
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sunday and monday. guys, back over to you. >> thank you. from glitz and glamour to puppies working for a good cause. you've got some fun and safe weekend ideas next in liam's list.
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6:22. welcome back. we are taking another look outside. look at this shot from our sales force tower camera as we look on you east on this friday morning. film, food, and fun all
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while sheltering in place. liam has it all in today's liam's list. good to see you. what do you have for us? >> good to see you too, my friend. first let's talk music and british pop sensation harry styles has a new record out. take a listen. >> ♪ giving second chances, i don't need all the answers. >> he's got moves and style of course as his new video is just released, treat people with kindness, perfectly timed, we need this right now, yes, we do, the song from his brand new album "fine line." it was recently announced that styles will be paying the bay area summer concert tour announced. we hope his show does in fact go forward. he will be swinging through the region in august. now, let's talk puppies.
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>> it takes a very special confident dog to be able to do this job. >> three boys and three girls. >> about six puppies are in the running to be guide dogs for the blind, put through a rigorous two year course. it's been reince priebus leased to download on disney plus. we need puppies right now. it was filmed locally around san rafael guide dogs for the blind campus. it tugs your puppy loving heart strings but it is the amazing effect that the incredible dogs have on their new owners that gives the super feel goods. from puppies to crabs, crab season is on, friends. the crab pots are coming in. it's been a really, really tough season. i have to say our fishermen have been pinched this season. they really have. you will be finding crab on the tables at your home, i am sure, but also at restaurants.
6:25 am
crab to go at various restaurants. i've got your list of where you can find crab dinners and also your inauguration details. the champagne glass is ready. len as i toss it to you, crab season is here finally. will there be a crab pod on your table this weekend? >> i feel like i see a crab cake in my future, liam. i am ready. >> cheers my friend. >> cheers to you. thanks for joining us. we'll see you later. 6:25. vaccine incentives. >> in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, what some companies are offering to get their employees on board with inoculations. breaking news in san jose after police say a man shot at them. he is on th
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, kpix5 uncovers unemployment scammers. now the bank in charge is facing legal action. why victims say bank of america failed them. 1 million shots in ten days. today is the deadline. how far off away from the
6:30 am
governor's goal. bullets fly in san jose. people told to stay inside. kiet do just got to the scene and has a live update coming up. first, good morning. it's friday, january 15. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. we have a lot to get to. first, we want to check with darren peck for your forecast. it's friday. we want to know what the weekend will be like. >> fantastic. daytime highs staying around 70 for many inland spots today and over the weekend, michelle. as far as friday morning, we are starting to get early morning light. you can see it from our camera that overlook tri valley. it's clear. we don't have much fog. i am checking some of the cameras i've got access to. i will share it with you coming up. over concord, a little bit of a stratus cloud, a little bit fog trying to spill in from the delta. there is some fog. primarily it is a north bay
6:31 am
issue but we will look at some of the east bay spots in a bit. dangerous surf at the coast, there is another surf advisory. that starts in a couple hours. it covers most of this weekend. i will see you with that as well in a few minutes. gianna, over to you. let's take a look at the roadways. one of our busiest spots is into the altamont pass. we are seeing brake lights west bound off of 205 getting to 580. usual stuff for a friday commute. as darren mentioned, foggy freeways. that will effect ride along 101 between petaluma and novato. that's where chp has issued a fog advisory. keep that in mind through marin county. breaking news out of able, police activity shut down parts both directions between king
6:32 am
and lynette. avoid the area if you can. let's head live to san jose for more on the breaking news. here is kiet do. >> reporter: good morning. we are live on the corner of king road and san antonio street. this is on the northwest corner of the perimeter, a very large perimeter that's surrounded by police officers now wearing helmets and ar-15s strapped to their chest. they are ready for action, heavily armed officers. judging from the activity and officers still arriving, it gives indication that they believe the suspect is still within the perimeter. this happened around 4:25 this morning when police got several calls of a man firing a gun at the corner of duffey and lynette way. when officers arrived, they say that the suspect fired shots at them and then the man took off. at this point, no injuries have been reported so far and they've locked down the area. officers are posted at every
6:33 am
corner with spot lights trained down the street looking for signs of activity. we are presuming they're going house to house searching the area. at this point they're probably going to wait for sunrise so they can get a better look at the area. for now, a very active crime scene in east san jose. i am kiet do live in san jose. back to you. developing news, a new class action lawsuit has been filed against bank of america in connection with widespread unemployment fraud. b of a was hired by the state to handle unemployment payments. kpix5 first exposed how hackers are stealing identities of edd claimants on dark web duplicating bank of america debit cards and security pins. in a statement the law firm representing fraud victims says bank of america was required to provide secure accounts for unemployment payments but failed to provide basic security measures such as industry standard chip technology to safe barred edd
6:34 am
debit cards. as a result, thousands have lost their only life line due to fraudulent transactions and hacked accounts. about 1.4 million accounts have been frozen to investigate possible fraud over the last few months. we have spoken to dozens of people who experienced similar hardships. they say not only are they victims of fraud but they've had no luck trying to get help. >> it feels like bank of america isn't taking this seriously. it absolutely feels like we are being treated like second class citizens. >> like everybody else on hold for two, three hours. hang up, call again. >> can i put you on hold? click. >> i went to the bank myself twice to try to get help in person. they were like "oh don't talk to us. call the number on the wall ." we've reached out to bank of america for a response but have not heard back. we'll keep you posted. you can see all previous edd reports on
6:35 am
going live now to wall street. friday's opening bell rang hinch its ago. the dow is down more than 170 points. investors are weary of president-elect biden's $1.9 trillion relief plan. they worry it can lead to higher taxes. to capitol hill, in a the is determining when to put president trump on trial for second impeachment. the start date and length of the trial are being negotiated by democratic and republican leaders. though a date has yet to be set, it could begin as soon as inauguration day. it will take at least 17 leprecan can yes votes to reach two thirds major needed to convict president trump. right now, that's a toss up. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. let's take a live look at capitol hill. because of the riots last week, there are new restrictions for people flying into the entire washington, dc area. most major u.s. airlines now banning guns in luggage for flights landing there.
6:36 am
delta was first it announce it and then united, alaska, american, southwest followed. the ban starts tomorrow and runs through inauguration day until january 23. meantime, security control measures are being further tightened there as we speak around u.s. capitol building. more fences being set up and avenues in the vicinity fully blocked off while national guard troops are working 12 hour shifts. the entire washington, dc area is in a state of emergency through january 24th. we have extra precautions being taken here at the california state capitol. michelle has more on that. let's look live at the state capitol. governor newsom has deployed around 1,000 national guard troops to protect critical infrastructure in sacramento. our reporter joins us now with an update on the situation. >> reporter: the fencing is up at the state capitol. about six feet tall, warning
6:37 am
signs. they're doing everything they can to keep people out in case there is any sort of unrest. governor newsom is deploying 1,000 members of national guard to help secure the state capitol. they're expected to arrive as early as today. local law enforcement agencies adding additional security measures to the capitol including installing the six foot fence. the governor is taking action to prevent repeat of last week's violence. >> to enhance security with initial deployment of up to 1,000 guard members. >> cbs news obtained fbi bulletin warning law enforcement to be on high alert for potential attacks on state capitol here and elsewhere and federal buildings, businesses, homes of lawmakers. fbi field office in sacramento has set up command post ahead of potential unrest. the agency says special agents, bomb technicians, intelligence teams and more are ready to support investigations and respond to potential threats. we will be monitoring the
6:38 am
situation and bringing it to you in realtime. rachel wolf, kpix5. turning to the coronavirus numbers, the united states reporting more than 229,000 new cases thursday. this is a look at the johns hopkins tally. this was the 10th day of more than 200,000 cases. the state of texas says it has administered 1 million covid-19 vaccines, first state in the u.s. to reach the milestone. it comes one month after first doses arrived at facilities in the state. the texas governor greg abbott says there is still a long road ahead. this week a texas organization reported 10% of rural hospitals have yet to receive a single dose. back in california, governor newsom says the state is far short of its goal of 1 million vaccinations in ten days. california had already administered nearly half a million doses when the governor set his goal last week which means he is aiming for a 1.5
6:39 am
million total and that's by tonight. state records show total stood close to 980,000 by wednesday. to reach the target health officials would have to get about 500,000 more shots into people's arms today. that means quadrupling pace of recent days. a large percentage of people are still hesitant to get the vaccine. so some work places have started offering incentives. oak valley hospital in denver is paying workers $300 if they choochoose to get the vaccine. >> we want our employees to be safe. we don't look at it as bribery. we look at it as a positive incentive. >> hospital workers appreciate the incentive especially after long hours with staff stretched thin. for most up to date news, download our app. it gives easy 24/7 access to
6:40 am
cbsn bay area and kpix newscasts. 6:40. a private trip to outer space could happen sooner than you think. still ahead, the success in texas opening the door to civilians in space by spring. the market just opened a few minutes ago. let's take another quick check. the dow is still down in the red more than 170 points. diane king hahall has a a
6:41 am
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welcome back. the time now is 6:43. back to that breaking news in san jose. you see a large police presence there right now. a lot of police vehicles are out. this is near the area of lynette and duffey way. officers say a man was spotted
6:44 am
shooting into the air earlier this morning. he also fired his gun at police. that man is still on the run this morning. police are searching for him and residents in this area are being urged to stay indoors. kiet do is on the scene. he is going to bring us an update in just a few moments. stocks ending the week on a slide. diane king hall joining us live from the cbs broadcast center in new york. good morning diane. >> reporter: good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes and stocks are under pressure in the early action. it follows weak economic data. you will weak sales showing consumers cut back in december. retail sales fell.7 percent. this is amid mounting job loss so of course people are cutting back spending. dow now dropping 125 points. nasdaq is flipping back and
6:45 am
forth between negative and positive territories. investors have been hiding out in tech sector sticking to stay at home stocks like amazon. nasdaq is on the plus side by seven points but again it has been flip-flopping so it is anybody's guess how today will go. the federal reserve chair says he thinks the economy can bounce back sooner than expected. he expects more strength in the back half of 2021. the unprecedented level of stimulus from congress and white house with aggressive monetary intervention has likely buffered the nation from enduring longterm deep economic damage. he stressed that the economy will not fully recover until the pandemic loses steam. >> we're all waiting for that bounce back. thank you. new this morning, jeff bezos' aerospace firm blue origin completed 14th test flight of the new shepherd rocket booster. the launch in west texas brings
6:46 am
them one step closer to human flight. the companies aims to fly first passengers as early as april. nasa says it is ready for its mission to the moon. the oh ryan spacecraft is slated to launch for three missions this year. the third will be historic with the first woman walking on the moon. pretty cool now. 6:46. we will check with gianna to see how the morning commute is shaping up. good morning. good morning. that is very cool. taking a look at the roadways it is friday light for the most part. we have crowding as you head into altamont pass but not what it is for a monday through thursday. it's okay. we are not seeing major travel times. if you are headed out early in the 580 area, you will see brake lights off of 205 and it extends to grant line, will many to north flynn. keep that in mind. that 680 ride is moving nicely.
6:47 am
i am tracking brake lights along 84. we've got extra volume there. if you are traveling in the san jose area this morning, there is police activity. we've been following this breaking news this morning. closures affect lynette way near san antonio and cooley, duffy way between king and lynette as well as king itself from cooley to san antonio. you can use alan rock avenue or 680 to get around the areas. kiet do will have another live report. as far as the freeways out of the south bay, we are not seeing any major issues. san jose freeway commute has been pretty quiet. bay bridge looking good, a beautiful shot of the area. we are not seeing any brake lights or issues, just a pocket of slowing near treasure
6:48 am
island. we are dealing with fog in the north bay. we have been watching that all morning. the focus has been the north bay. now we've got additional spot over concord. i will actually show you what it looks like in concord in a second. first, sunrise at 7:23. it will set at 5:15. just giving you updates. look at the light we are already seeing. here is the tri valley. this camera sits above dublin, beautiful live view of the hills looking towards livermore in the distance. you see the pretty light and see there is no fog here. now we will change our perspective. we will look a a camera that overlooks diablo valley and concord. that's the view point, just to get ourselves oriented. this developed in the last 30 minutes. it looks beautiful. that's concord, mount diablo is right off the edge of your
6:49 am
screen. you can see sunrise. there is just enough of the little bit of fog that's worked in from the delta coming from the east. we're not seeing it here. this is our view on 880 looking at the east bay on the bay proper. there are no issues with fog over here. that fog developed from the thick patch in the central valley and has crept. look at concord's number down to a half mile. napa's situation has improved. this is what it is like chasing fog around on these mornings. it is a good idea to check for the latest report before you hit the road. as far as current numbers, low to mid 40s in most cases, relatively warm compared to where we have been and it's definitely going to be a relatively warm day. another day with low 70s for inland spots. we will keep doing this through the holiday weekend. daytime highs will get warmer on sunday and monday. the other thing to be aware of, the surf will start picking up.
6:50 am
there is a high surf advisory that goes into effect today. it doesn't expire until 7:00 on saturday night. this is likely just the first issue with this because i can already see more energy in the pacific heading our way. that gets here for sunday and monday. any plans to be on any beaches in northern california all the way through this holiday weekend, go with the idea in mind that the surf will be dangerous and you have to be real careful. we have had way too many lives lost along the coast here in northern california. daytime highs for the next seven days, mid 70s. look at sunday and monday. we'll stay even in the low 70s in the bay. it will be quite warm around here for the next several days. back to you. after a kpix5 investigation, legal action against bank of america. the lawsuit alleging the bank dropped the ball and failed thousands of unemployed californians.
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>> reporter: breaking news in east san jose, a man fired several shots at san jose police. we will have a live report. good morning. u.s. faces an historic threat of violent extremism from its own citizens. why investigators are desperate to identify rioters who used military and law enforcement style tactics in last week's assault on the capitol. u.s. has seen its deadliest week of the pandemic so far. we'll look at accusations that some wealthy and well connected americans are trying to jump the line to get vaccinated. we hear from high school students who are forever changed by covid-19. how they're coping with the pandemic and why
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♪ good morning to you our viewers in the west on this friday, january 15th. martin luther king jr.'s birthday, i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. a massive show of force in the nation's capital amid an unprecedented threat of violence before the inauguration. plus, new details about the rioters including how some used military-style tactics. prpresident-elelect biden n proposes nearly $2 trillion in new covid crisis relief. who will be covered, and why there may be a fight to get it through congress. the u.s. suffers the deadliest week of the pandemic so far. many americans who should have a vaccca


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