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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 15, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now at 7:00. >> a bay area woman who fill victim to the edd unemployment fraud scandal is taking on one of the nation's biggest banks. tonight, how her legal action could help thousands of californians. >> reporter: want bank of america to be accountable. i don't want to feel like i am second-class because i have an and the nation's top doctors raising a red flag tonight. how long they predict it will take for a new, more contagio c dominant strain. new roar high temperatures and stores into the martin luther king jr. holiday weekend. i'm tracking high surf and offshore winds in the forecast. definitely if i win it, i will use it for a good cause. >> and you heard it before. someone has to win, right?
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and two massive lotto jackpots sending people in the bay area out rushing to buy tickets. and right now, on the kpix news at 7 and streaming, a huge development in the story kpix 5 was first to report. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. we're hearing from a woman behind a class-ak lawsuit against bank of america. the suit claims they failed to protect thousands of unemployment californians from fraudsters. here's more from kenny who has been investigating the fraud for months. >> the 67-page complaint served today alleged bank of america acted negligently and failed to protect tens of thousands of edd clients from fraudulent tranactions. >> this lawsuit is intended to be i wake-up call for bank of america. >> reporter: since last fall, hundreds of thousands of edd accounts have been locked by bank of america or the
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employment development department to weed out fraudulent unemployment claims and suspicious activity forcing legitimate recipients to call the bank. >> as soon as i told her there is fraud on my edd card, she said, i am sorry. i am unable to help you. >> reporter: b of a and edd are working to solve what they admit is at least a $2 billion fraud problem involving the debit cards. >> reporter: want bank of america to be accountable. i want our voices to be heard. i don't want to feel like i am system because i have an edd card. on i am second-class because i have an edd card. >> reporter: the complaint filed said, they failed to have chip technology for the edd debit cards. that they didn't respond in a timely manner to customers and breached the contract with edd. >> i think this is a very useful step forward in making sure that the bank is aware of just how serious the problem is. making sure that the public is,a wear of just how serious
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the problem is. >> reporter: she is back to work in real estate and lost 400 in the account, but it's the principle of not having her case resolved that bothers her and worries about others who lost more. >> when i heard $4,000, $7,000 that the people lost? i am thinking what is the recourse for these people with families and rent to pay? >> tell me about some of the information you have gathered so far. >> yes, well, your reporting has been essential to our investigation. we believe that the damages in this case are in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. there are so many victims. >> reporter: bank of america sent us a statement responding to the lawsuit saying that it's working every day to prevent criminals from stealing money while helping those legitimate recipients get the benefits. we posted the entire statement on our website, we're staying on top of the story and we'll hear from a person who worked with edd for years. he has a compelling story that will air on monday.
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in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. >> you can check out our ongoing reporting on edd fraud at taking a look at tonight's sunset. pretty beautiful out there. about 90 minutes ago. another unseasonably warm winter day in the bay area. felt more like spring, actually. the high surf and dangerous waveslong the coast still there. we stopped by brights beach in sonoma county today, where search-and-rescue crews are ready to go. >> don't be surprised if you're in a bad spot. you will probably hear me or another flight officer on the p.a. telling you to get back. absolutely. >> you'll be standing on dry stand and waves will ey c beab in0 to 15 feet of water within seconds. >> check in with paul haggan with a first look at the holiday weekend forecast. paul, it's like spring. >> yeah, it's going to feel like eteekop the martin luther king holiday
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weekend. the temperatures will be so far above average into tomorrow, sunday, and monday. in fact, sunday and monday being well like the warmest days. we're talking highs in the low to mid-70s inland with mid- to upper 60s to 70 degrees near the bay. after tomorrow, well into the 60s along the coast. tomorrow, it will be the coolest day along the coast. but there is still going to be plenty of surfers out there taking advantage of the big waves. talking about 15 to 17-foot breakers. the high surf advisory continues through 7:00 tomorrow evening. some of the largest waves up to 20 feet. of course, that rip current and sneaker wave threat as well. and there is going to be another swell heading our way by the end of the holiday weekend. i will track that in a few moments. we'll talk about hints of moisture. actual rain in the long-range forecast. that is coming up in the full forecast in a few moments. >> thank you. tonight, a chilling warning from the nation's top doctors. the new and more contagious strain of coronavirus is projectd to the become the dominant strain in the u.s. in a matter of weeks. so far, 76 cases have been
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detected nationwide, including 32 here in california. tonight, that has doctors calling for doubling down on prevention measures, including vaccination efforts. so far, 1.2 million vaccines have been administered statewide. that is only a third of the 3.5 million that have been sent. tonight, state and local leaders are ready to ramp up efforts. >> our resolve is to get all of the existing doses that are in this state administered as quickly and efficiently as possible. we still have a lot of work to do. >> officials in the bay area say that they're ready to ramp up the rollout if they had more vaccines to give. for instance, contra costa county, their is no stadium- style mass vaccination site in the works there right now because the county only gets about 12,000 doses from the state each week. >> it's all about supply. if i, if i had, you know, an
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extra 20,000 doses, i would arrange those in a jiffy. i don't have those right now. >> tonight, there is some focus on the oakland coliseum as a mass vaccination site. according to the chronicle, the task force has been created to explore logistics and vaccines could be administered at the venue as early as next month. meanwhile, three big new vaccine sites are being planned for san francisco. they include the muskone center, the san francisco wholesale produce market in the bayview and city college. >> the first of those sites will be ready to go next week as long as we receive a sufficient supply of vaccines from the state. we're ready to ramp up even more as soon as we have the vaccines. >> we put together a covid-19 vaccine resource page with information how to sign up for vaccines in each county. go to our website, and tonight, we're learning a special prosecutor has cleared six vallejo police officers in the shooting death
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of rapper willie mccoy. the special prosecutor's report determined that lethal force was justified. police say that mccoy was sleeping in his car with a gun on his lap at a taco bell drive through in 2019. and he reached for it when he woke up. the officers shot him 38 times. the mccoy family attorney insists that there is no evidence to back up the officer's account and mccoy's race played a factor. >> all indicated some format that he went down and reached for the gun. in their mind, he was reaching for the gun. >> we still have never seen any footage that shows him reaching for a gun. >> the vallejo police department issued a statement topeks pack 5 referring all questions to the special prosecutor since the investigation is independent of the city and the police department. once california as i a new attorney general, the mccoy family said, they plan to ask for a new investigation. a new proposal would strip
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the oakland police department from handling officer misconduct complaints. the east bay types reports the oakland police commission endorsed a proposal, allowing a civilian agency to take over all excessive force and misconduct investigations. to make that happen, the plan still needs approval from the city council and the federal monitor overseeing the department. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> young athletes rally in the bay area today. their message to the governor and why they say, their future opportunities are at risk. >> i want to get out back on the field. this is our time. so, i waited for so long. >> plus, a show of force tonight as california sends hundreds of national guard troops to the u.s. capitol. >> and that didn't last long. president trump's suspension from two social media platforms lifted earlier than expe
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. frustrated parents and students are rallying to reopen youth sports profrance. with demonstrations across the state today, including this one in livermore, they're urging the governor to ease restrictions and work with coaches and schools to bring back competitive sports. >> i want to get back on the field. this is or time to get recruited for college. i know people who have struggled with mental health issues and being so isolated for so long is not helping so, it's just if we can get back out, i know it will help them more. >> for now, games will be allowed to continue when counties hit certain tiers on the state map. and looking live outside, another clear and unusually
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warm night this january. >> chief meteorologist paul hagan here is tracking the holiday weekend forecast, paul? >> more of the stage in store as we head into the three-day weekend. temperatures are going up a little more as the high pressure mains in control of the weather. the warm, dry pattern continues and just because it's dry around here, doesn't mean they don't exist. another big one out there is sending a swell to the coast and that is going to be dragged along by a system making its way inland and you can see it toward the top of the scale and they will diminish as they make their way into the coast. a lull in the wave action by early sunday and that is moving in on monday. probably another high-surf advisory for the holiday. we'll experience stronger winds. future cast indicating not too strong of a wind yet by sunday night at midnight and a high wind watch into 10:00 p.m. sunday. the gusty winds will kick in later sunday night into early
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monday morning. we're talking about 35 to 40 miles per hour wind gusts, especially in the north bay mountains. the east bay hills, diablo range and higher gusts in the santa cruz mountains as well. they're offshore win winds and they're going to be dry, gusty throughout the day on monday and monday night. this is when the strongest winds will occur, monday night into early today morning and breeze throughout much of the day on tuesday. that high wind watch that is supposed to expire on 6:00 monday, is going to have to be expanded into a good part of tuesday. we may have a fire weather watch issued as well. the relative humidity levels are in the 20 to 30% range for most of monday and tuesday and occasionally dipping into the teens. dry air and gusty winds. as warn, the temperatures. a bad combination. the good news is that the fire fuels the grasses and vegetation. they're not as dry as they were in the summer and fall. we're going to have to keep an eye on it. keep an eye on temperatures in the 50s, 61 in the city.
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60 degrees in san jose. otherwise, mid- to upper 50s the into the 40s by early tomorrow morning and another mild start on saturday with temperatures warming to well above average. the cool spots are along the coast around 60 degrees there. upper 60s for the south bay and low 70s for the santa clara valley. mostly low 70s farther inland. the trivalley is going to be warm. the temperatures around the bay are going to be above average in the mid- to upper 60s. for the north bay and plenty of 70s on the map in mendocino and lake counties. this weather pattern is shifting around into late next week. incoming confidence that we're going to see a wetter-than- average weather pattern by late next week. and into january to go long with that and it's to be a cooler-than-average pattern. enjoy it here and eventually, some rain chances will head our way and by friday. the tail end of the seven-day forecast with plenty of warm weather between now and then.
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we'll have an update at 11:00. elizabeth. >> thank you, paul. >> here's a look at the top headlines. looking out at the u.s. capitol. we learned more than 300 members of a california national guard are being deployed to washington, d.c. they will join 25,000 other troops around the capitol on inauguration day. to prevent a repeat of the capitol attack, d.c. has become a fortress. five-ton trucks are blocking major intersections. national guard troops are mapping checkpoints. unscalable fences are protecting major landmarks. elite coast guard antiterror teams are stationed along the potomac river. >> we can't allow a recurrence of the chaos and the legal activity that the united states and the world witnessed last week. >> taking a live look at the white house, president trump is expected to leave his famous residence the last time wednesday morning before the inauguration even begins. and there have been signs of
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moving at the west wing. large moving trucks were parked outside of the white house while oddes were spotted carrying boxes. and after being suspended for a little over one week, president trump's facebook and instagram pages are back up and running. facebook, which owns instagram, had initially vowed to suspend the accounts, at least until the end of his term. kpix 5 reached out to facebook for comment. so far, no response. and california is sending tree hundred national guard members to the u.s. capitol ahead of the inauguration. stepped-up patrols are called in amidst possible protests for now. tonight, the fbi is warning state capitol states to be on high alert. so national guard troops are also in sacramento tonight guarding the grounds. not to report details. i can tell you that our police force will be at full capacity. >> i think we learned a bad lesson from washington, d.c. >> i feel it's strong in spite
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of what is going on out here. and the national rifle soccer has filed for bankruptcy tonight. the gun rights group said its finances are fine. the nra said it's leaving new york to restructure as a nonprofit in texas but, ken, new york's attorney general alleges the nra mismanaged their funds and she is now suing to dissolve the organization. elizabeth, thank you for that. coming up, lotto fever sweeping the bay area tonight with the first of two huge drawings happening within minutes. >> if you're fortunate enough to hit something like that, you know, bring something to a charity or a foundation. >> and the bay area ice cream shop dubbing vice president- elect kamala harris the mvp with its new flavor. and coming up all new tonight at 11:00, unemployment fraud might be costing california much more than we thought. the eye-popping new estimate
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from the security firm investigating fraudulent claims.
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. a first had year for goal know gate field. it reopened for horse racing earlier today after being closed for months. chopper 5 was over the first race this afternoon. the berkeley track shut down in
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november after dozens of workers got covid. officials say they're limiting access to the track for now. did you get your ticket yet? two of the largest lottery jackpots in u.s. history could be won this weekend. >> the drawing for the $750 million megamillions happens in a little over 30 minutes. and tomorrow's powerball jackpot planned to $640 million. between the two, a whopping 1.4 but is up for grabs. what would you do with all of that cash? >> i will probably buy me a nice house and give a portion of it back. >> pay my mom's house off, you know. pay my daughter's house off and, of course, buy one for myself. >> if you're fortunate enough to hit something like that, you know, bring, you know, something to a charity or a foundation. >> what would you do with it? >> i would give it all to charity. >> there you go.
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i love that answer. >> seriously. >> yeah. they need it more than we do. for sure. >> yeah. and still ahead, the sweet way one bay area business is honoring vice president-elect kamala harris. >> and a reminer to download the kpix 5 app. it gives you 24/7 access to cbsn bay area and kpix 5 newscasts and you can sign up for breaking news alerts.
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. >> well, finally tonight, a sweet local tribute to the first female vice president in u.s. history just in time for the inauguration. >> san francisco ice cream maker announced a mew flavor
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called mvp. it's short for viewpoint and the flavor is made up of malted, salted vanilla ice cream with pecan pralines. yum. smitten is a female-owned company and said a portion of the proceeds will go toward helping women in need. i am really hungry. >> mvp. that is perfect. >> yes. >> pray lines? that flavor -- pralines. >> thank you for watching. the news continues on cbsn bay area. >> we'll be back at 11:00 and have more local news for you. have a good night.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: thank y'all. thank you. i hear you. thank you. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got a good one for you today. returning for their second day with a total of $20,000, from diboll, texas, it's the champs, it's the harris family. [cheering and and from rowland heights, california, it's the brown family. [cheering and applause]


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