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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  January 17, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight an anxious america holds its breathe. the nation's capitol looking like a war zone in what is supposed to be a peaceful transfer of presidential power. the threat from homegrown extremists. today rallies instead of riots in several states. also tonight, shocking new video from inside the capitol siege. the rioters appearing intent on a coup. ( bleep ) >> duncan: plus the 45th president packs up making way for the 46th. we'll review mr. biden's agenda ambitious agenda. >> the u.s. faces 400,000 covid death, the daunting crisis facing the new administration.
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>> we are a little nervous this may be the eye of the hurricane, we shall see. >> duncan: phil spector dies, famous for his music and murder. and later a get-well letter from a montana girl who offers a troubled nation hope. >> i hope you and your family are nice and healthy. >> this is the cbs weekend news, from new york here's jericka duncan. >> duncan: good evening. for generations, we, the people, have taken pride in the peaceful transition of power but tonight we remain a nation on edge. wednesday at noon joe biden will be sworn in as the 46th president. and president trump's single term will end one week after he was impeached for a second time. tonight, thousands of national guard troops are protecting washington d.c. against the extremist threat. those forced to rest on floors now finally getting cots.
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today state capitols across this country face similar threats. people did gather and some were armed. we begin our coverage tonight with cbs' david begnaud in lansing, michigan. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, around the country there was outrage but no protests. the fbi had warned that the far right groups the boogaloo boys might show up at capitols today to protest. sure enough, they came here to lansing but they were small in number and it was all peaceful. >> tonight there is fencing around the state capitol here in lancing. national guardsman surround the building. there were about 100 people ho showed up today. and roughly a dozen came armed. this man was one of them, he said he represents the boogaloo boys of michigan and didn't want to tell his name. what is the purpose of coming armed? >> just a thing, kind of our thing what we do. >> are you antigovernment. >> i mean, not exactly. we don't like the massive overreach of a lot of branches of the government. >> are you far right. >> no. >> are you extremist. >> no.
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>> are you a militia? >> i mean, not really. we're just kind of loose, everybody has got their own ideals. >> reporter: michigan's capitol has experienced armed protests before. back in april armed demonstrators went inside the capitol. then, in october, state and federal officials say they foiled a militia plot to kidnap the governor gretchen whitmer. a new cbs news poll out today finds more than 70% of those surveyed thinks the u.s. democracy is threatened. and a majority of people expect political violence to increase. >> we are seeing an extensive amount of concerning online chatter because one of the real challenges in this space is trying to distinguish what is aspirational versus what is intentional. >> reporter: aspirational or not, capitols from coast to coast have tightened security. after social media chatter claimed the state houses were targets. georgia put humvees and snipers around its capitol. but no protestors showed up there.
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or in fortified madison which, only a small group in austin, texas, and they came armed. >> today was nothing like the insurrection of january 6 in the nation's capitol. >> reporter: there is newly released video taken by a journalist for "the new yorker" magazine which shows the pro- trump mob inside the senate on the day of the siege. >> while we're here we might as well set up a government. >> reporter: they rummaged, they prayed others photographs with a document. >> in christ's holy name we pray! >> reporter: you know, michigan where we are tonight is one of several states which has canceled its legislative session scheduled for next week. the reason why? credible threats. jericka. >> duncan: david begnaud for us in lansing. president trump is set to leave the white house early wednesday morning and is planning to give remarks at a farewell event at joint base andrews before
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boarding air force one for the last time. ben tracy is at the white house tonight. >> jericka, president trump has less than 70 hours left here at the white house and he's been keeping a pretty low profile trying to figure out who is going to represent him at that senate impeachment trial and also who may get a pardon. >> with the nation's capitol now an armed fortress ahead of the inauguration, president trump spent the weekend out of sight behind the walls at the white house. >> i believe it is constitutionally dangerous not to proceed. >> democrats plan to begin the impeachment trial as soon as this week and the president is still searching for a defense team. trump campaign spokesman hogan gidley tweeting, "president trump has not yet made a determination as to which lawyer or law firm will represent him." rudy giuliani was seen entering the white house saturday and says he's involved. but given his own role in potentially inciting the mob that swarmed the capitol. >> let's have trial by combat! >> reporter: some republicans
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don't want him anywhere near the senate trial. >> it's rudy giuliani's defense, i think it raises the likelihood of more than 17 republicansor co >> reporter: president trump is set to leave office with the lowest approval rating of his presidency. a new poll shows it hitting a rock bottom 29% with 75% of americans saying he bears some responsibility for the attack on the capitol. some democrats are attempting to bar him from ever entering the capitol again, or receiving post-presidency intelligence briefings. >> there is no circumstance in which this president should get another intelligence briefing, not now, and not in the future. >> this is insane at every level. >> but trump loyalists are warning president-elect biden to turn the page and oppose impeachment. >> president trump is trying to heal the nation. pursuing impeachment after he leaves the office will further divide the country. it will ruin the start of your presidency, joe biden. you need to stand up to the radical left. >> duncan: ben, with just two
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full days left in office, are we still expects more pardons or commutations from president trump? >> we are. sources close to president trump say a final batch of pardons is still coming. the big question is who is going to get one. the president might pardon his former political advisor steve bannon charged with mail fraud and money launders. there is also the possibility the president could try to preemptively pardon some of his adult children or even himself. jericka. >> duncan: ben tracy for us at the white house. president-elect joe biden worked on his inaugural address this weekend. he is planning an ambitious agenda starting on day one. cbs' weijia jiang is with president-elect in wilmington, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, jericka. president-elect biden will start undoing many of president trump's most controversial moves as soon as he takes office. incoming chief of staff ron klain detailed the plan in a memo to staff.
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on inauguration day mr. bidenrem travel ban and issue a mask mandate on federal property and interstate travel. on the economic front he plans to extend nationwide restrictions on evictions and foreclosures as well as the pause on student loan payments and interest. today biden officials urged lawmakers to quickly pass mr. biden's $1.9 trillion relief package, but acknowledged senators have a lot going on confirming biden's cabinet nominees and conducting president trump's second impeachment trial. as for inauguration, president- elect biden's team will start meeting with national security and law enforcement officials tomorrow every day to ensure this event is safe. >> duncan: weijia jiang for us in wilmington, delaware tonight. this week marks one year since the first coronavirus case in the united states. today nearly 24 million infections have now been reported today, the death toll
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now on the drink of 400,000-- the world's worst. lilia luciano has more. >> reporter: los angeles is the first county in the nation to hit one million covid cases. it's facing a more contagious strain and half of all covid deaths in california are happening here. >> we're a little nervous that this may just be the eye of the hurricane. >> reporter: dr. evan zahn is part of cedar sinai's covid team helping in the i.c.u. what does it look like in the hospital now? >> the beds are filled and filled with sick people, on respirators who need our help. >> reporter: what concerns you the most right now? >> it's people's behavior. we have the science and the technology to get past this. >> reporter: adding pressure, in short suppanitg hours for a dosy can get one. >> i don't want to die with the virus if i can get a shot. >> reporter: only 12 million americans have gotten the vaccine. >> frustrated states say they
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aren't getting the stockpiles promised by the trump administration but incoming c.d.c. director rochelle walensky told "face the nation" help is on the way. >> it will be a hefty lift but we have it in us to do that. >> reporter: the president- elect's goal is 100 million doses in 100 days. so far, 30 million doses have been shipped nationwide. >> i think it's going to be slow, but i think we can potentially eke out more supply with a full court press. >> reporter: even with vaccination supersites at the ready, the doses may not be there. lilia luciano, cbs news, los angeles. >> duncan: music producer and murderer phil spector has died, apparently from covid-19. he revolutionized pop music in the 1960's with lavishkn wall of sound. but spector spent his final years behind bars after being convicted of killing aspiring actress lana clarkson at his home. spector was 81. to russia now, tonight, kremlin
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critic navalny has been detained after flying back to moscow five months after the nerve agent attack that nearly killed him. cbs news senior foreign correspondent elizabeth palmer reports on what has been a day of high drama. >> reporter: alexi navalny flew into moscow from berlin tonight on a plane packed with reporters and supporters. on board he told them it was is best day in five months because he was going home. navalny had been in germany since august, recovering from a poisoning that nearly killed him. ( groaning ) on this phone video you can hear him groaning in agony after he fell ill on a plane in central russia. once he had been airlifted to the berlin for treatment, the german government said the poison was a nerve agent: novichok. naalny told lesley stahl of cbs' "60 minutes" the kremlin was behind it.
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>> you have said you think that mr. putin is responsible. >> i don't think, i am sure that he is responsible. >> reporter: as russia's most famous opposition leader alexi navalny mobilized huge anti- putin demonstrations. and his youtube videos viewed by millions exposed corruption at the highest levels. his decision to come back to russia tonight stunned many, but he insisted he wasn't afraid. in the terminal he kissed his wife good-bye and followed police into custody in connection with an embezzlement case many believe is politically motivated. but having made a media circus of his return, navalny is daring the russian government to try to silence him again with the whole world watching. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >> duncan: across the country remembrances are getting under way to honor civil rights icon
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dr. martin luther king, jr th year's prog will lo ly diffe than many organizations are hosting events online. the king center hosted a virtual summit this weekend. this year's theme: the urgency of creating a beloved community. the king center was founded by the late coretta scott king just days after her husband was assassinated on april 4, 1968. the first king holiday wasn't observed until 1986. straight ahead on the cbs weekend news, how the new first and second spouses are redefining their roles. and later, how this montana girl's get well note to a capitol police officer is helping to heal.
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decades in education. >> when i taught english here at brandywine high school... >> reporter: last summer during the democratic national convention, she returned to the delaware classroom where she taught in the early '90s. > here's dr. jill. >> reporter: kerry sanderson was down the hall and taught math. >> she was two doors up from me and just the nicest person. >> reporter: what was she like as a teacher? >> my son had her, they loved her. she just made learning fun. >> reporter: i heard she was a tough grader. >> yes, but, you know, tough teachers, that is when you learn the most. >> reporter: now, a lesson for the country as dr. biden becomes the first first lady to hold a job outside of the white house. >> does it surprise you that we are just now taking this step. >> we take, sometimes, baby steps as a nation, to change things. >> reporter: anita mcbride was chief of staff to former first lady laura bush. she says throughout history each
5:48 pm
first lady has defined her role. and many have broken the mold. >> human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights. >> reporter: taking on policy issues, sometimes to deal with current problems. >> just say no. >> reporter: and using their experience to create new initiatives. >> it has actually become harder, not easier, to raise healthy kids in this country. >> each person changes it a little bit more. and it is almost incumbent upon the individual to really carve out what that role means to them. >> reporter: something doug emhoff husband of vice president-elect kamala harris will also have to consider as the first second gentleman. >> not only is he a trailblazer, but so is his wife as the first female vice president in our country's history. >> do you think it paves the path for first gentleman one day? >> yes, i hope that it does. and that is coming too. it took us a long time to elect an african-american president. and now it is taking us a long time to have a female win
5:49 pm
actually on a national ticket. so, incremental changes, but they do make a difference. >> reporter: mr. emhoff will also work outside of the administration as a former entertainment lawyer, he plans to teach entertainment law at georgetown university. he says it is something he has long wanted to do and is excited about the opportunity. nikole killion, cbs news, wilmington. >> duncan: still ahead on the cbs weekend news, major on the move. the rescue dog headed to the white house. [♪] every time you touch a surface, bacteria is left behind. try microban 24. it kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses initially, d ing baeria for
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5:53 pm
to become first dog. biden rescued him as a puppy at the urging of his daughter ashley. major and biden's other shepherd champ will be sharing their new digs with a soon to be adopted first cat. what is being called the world's most expensive work of art was unveiled this weekend. the da vinci of debt is on display in the new york grand terminal. the price is not the issue. the look closely and will you see the installation consist of 2,600 college diplomas valued at $470 million. this work of art was creat draw aention to college de crisis fang millionamerans. , n cbekend news, this image horrified a nation but it also inspired a young girl who saw it to help. m norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write.
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5:57 pm
emma jablonski wanted to help the officers. her mightiest tool from more than halfway around the country in billings, montana, a pencil. >> dear officers i'm emma and i'm ten years old. >> reporter: the letters recipient daniel hodges, a washington d.c. police officer whose struggle with rioters was caught on camera. >> that made me feel really bad. >> she started to cry. she just kept saying to the tv, "why are they doing that? what are they doing to him?" >> reporter: emma's mom johna suggested she send a letter which also included a sign, get well. why did you want to write that? >> i wanted to write it because it might have made the officer feel much better about himself. and that there is somebody who is out there that doesn't want him being hurt. >> reporter: emma's message didn't travel alone. posters thanking officers lined the tunnels of the u.s. capitol this week, staffers showing their appreciation for capitol police.
5:58 pm
patrick burke runs the d.c. police foundation and say they have received hundreds of letters from around the nation for the dozens of officers injured, protecting capitol hill. >> you know, i see grown men and women cry because it is so great to know that people really do care about the hard work that they are doing. >> reporter: the support from strangers, a reminder of community, and the power of a handwritten letter. >> maybe it will make you in a happy mood. >> reporter: something we all need right now. >> a lot of strong, positive emotions you get from letters. >> reporter: a message we can all take notes from. nancy chen, cbs news, new york. >> duncan: that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. coming up tonight, "60 minutes." i'm jericka duncan in new york. we thank you so much for joining us. have a great week. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
5:59 pm from the cbs do this is calculated by the news. 6:00, san francisco man accused of participating in the capital right, with all was all that hard to find how to get himself away with the whole world watching. plus bay businessman, also under arrest tonight accused of stashing away, a stunning cash of illegal weapons, and explosives. the total surprise, this was in the neighborhood, some for paintings exploding. i just cannot close my mind little bit. new coronavirus variance now being blamed for several bay area topics. >> we broke a record today for daytime high's to be almost as one tomorrow that's not the story anymore, when does going
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to become the headliner would show you the details what to expect coming right up. yes, with the high winds on the way, in and out of season fire, follow. >> don't have enough rain right now,not ading themselv there's me legitimate concer good evening, thank you for joining us, i'm juliette goodrich. >> we begin with new footage from inside the capital riots. -- you can hear insurrectionist, shouting, where is nancy at the demanded to know, house speaker nancy pelosi was, being hidden. is released by the new yorker. as federal investors continue their search for those who attack the capital, san francisco man has been identified as, taking part in the crime. kpix 5 reports,


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