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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  January 22, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, looking live from our exclusive sales force camera on this wet friday. good morning. it is friday january 22. i am len kiese. i am anne makovec in for michelle. a return to winter by popular demand. here is mary lee with more on that. good morning. grab that rain jacket as you possibly head out the door because we are looking at the return of the rain for us on high def doppler. you see those light showers pushing across the bay area. right now, just a closer look for you, you see that light rain over san francisco as well as for the east bay from richmond, alameda, oakland, danville, hayward, across the
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peninsula through half moon bay and san mateo getting that wet start to our day. here is a live look with the mark hopkins hotel camera looking at san francisco. you can see the rain drops, temperatures are in the 40s and 50s to start our day. through the afternoon, we are looking at more scattered showers. you can even see an isolated thunderstorm as we head through the day as this weather system pushes across the bay area. here is what you can expect. it will be much cooler as well as with the showers looking at highs only in the 50s later this afternoon. 56 san francisco, oakland, concord, 57 in san jose. even though it is cooler, it is right around where it should be for this time of year. let's go to gianna with traffic and some wet roadways. yeah, be careful as you hit the road. we have a couple trouble spots along 101. we had a crash near hospital
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curve and another near cesar chavez. could be one in the same. we'll keep our eye on that. near treasure island, we have reports of a crash. all lanes were blocked. everything is clearing. they're trying to get the cars on the front street, so hopefully that will happen in the next couple minutes. you might see pockets of slowing across the bay bridge. we can see the rain drops on our camera lens, slick surfaces. be extra careful when you are out and about. >> thank you. alameda county is working to vaccinate all of its healthcare workers as other counties move to the next phase. officials say the county hasn't received enough doses. it is blamed on two reasons, limited supply and unusually large population of healthcare workers in the county. >> we are moving through that
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supply as fast as we can and we have to hold some back for people to get their second shot. but we are actually using that as well just to keep the ball rolling. >> the oakland mayor hopes president biden's administration will speed up delivery of vaccines. >> the only way we will stop losing the ones that we love is if everyone gets vaccinated when that vaccine is available to you. >> next step is to vaccinate those 75 and older. happening today, a new vaccination site at city college of san francisco is set to open. it is appointment only and right now it is completely booked. it is part of an ambitious goal, vaccinating every city resident by summer. for details check our resource
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guide on prestigious san francisco high school is reeling from a racist and disturbing incident this time in an online classroom in the middle of a school wide antiracism program. someone within san francisco unified school district posted offensive images and content to a platform called pad let. students of color say this is part of a larger problem with the cultural at lowell high school. >> peopling me n word, micro aggressions asking why am i here? you don't belong at lowell. also harassment, images comparing me to a gorilla. a lot of stuff gets swept under the rug at the school. >> wow! the black student union has given a list of commands asking for the racism at the high school to be acknowledged and
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dealt with and for those guilty to be punished. back to school, san mateo has a new push to bring students back to the classroom. ravenswood city school district has three campuses in east palo alto and one in mellow park. it wants to start with 42 with special needs and elementary students. they'll have germ fi misters, sanitizing stations, testing. >> results within 15 minutes. we just need to continue sharing facts and letting people know right now that schools are not spreading the virus. >> students could return as early as monday. developing, we are learning more about the man shot and killed by officers. he was wanted in several crimes including a homicide and multiple shootings in gilroy
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and morgan hill. he was fatally shot near an apartment complex yesterday morning. the shooting happened after a confrontation between the suspect and officers. >> we believed he was a dangerous, wanted felon. he was involved in multiple high speed car chases and multiple felony convictions in his past. >> the sergeant tells us the reason officers had not released the suspect's name is because he was not the only suspect in the shootings and investigators don't want to the case with too many details. take over robberies at the same pharmacy may be a trend. the thieves were after cash. armed suspects who struck wednesday night ordered the pharmacist to open a safe containing narcotics. there have been similar recent robberies in hayward and berkeley. >> pharmacies, they're almost like a two for one special.
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you can get money and the drugs and get away. until the businesses harden themselves and make themselves less inviting for robbery, we will have these problems. >> police are hoping somebody will come forward with additional information. police want to hear from you. a plan to take a pair of fire engine companies off the streets of oakland is on hold for now. the proposal which firefighters say would slow response times was set to take effect last night. the union intervened and the plan was cut indefinitely. taking a look at the white house, president biden signed a series of executive orders to ramp up production of critical supplies and coronavirus vaccines. he announced a new strategy to manage and fight covid-19. more on that from washington. >> this is a war time under taking. >> reporter: president biden
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promising a full scale attack against covid-19. >> we didn't get into this overnight. it will take months to turn things around. >> reporter: the new president signed ten executive orders yesterday to fight the coronavirus. one includes the defense act to increase the supply. >> we need more vaccine and we need it now. >> reporter: many vaccination centers can't keep up with demand. >> we are doing 1,000 doses today because that's all that we have received. >> reporter: another executive order mandates use of masks in airports and on planes, trains, intercity buses. >> the mask can become a partisan issue unfortunately. it's a patriotic act. >> reporter: with thousands dying every day from the virus, president biden was realistic about the challenges ahead. >> let me be very clear. things are going to continue to get worse before they get better. >> reporter: after months of president trump down playing the virus. >> it's going to disappear.
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one day it's like a miracle. >> reporter: dr. fauci says he welcomes the new attitude in the white house. >> one of the things women do is to be completely transparent, open, honest. >> reporter: white house underwent a deep covid cleanse between administrations. there are new social distancing measures in the building and aids wearing masks at all time. president biden proceeds with a host of executive orders to pursue his agenda and democrats are debating how to carry out the impeachment trial of former president trump. they proposed delivering to the senate on january 28th. they would have to respond by january 4 and get another week to file a brief. senate would have to report from 17 republicans to convict the former president. >> leader mcconnell and i are
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trying to come up with a bipartisan agreement on how to conduct trial. make no mistake about it. there will be a trial. >> to start the new congress the very first thing with a vindictive and punitive impeachment trial. >> there is controversy over treatment of the 25,000 national guard troops sent to protect the capitol. after spending days in the cold they were asked to leave the capitol building and relocate to a nearby parking garage to rest during shifts. capitol police have reversed the move. the agency requested guard member shifts be shortened to allow for more off campus rest time. ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, another shot at a fortune. tonight's mega millions drawing and how high the jackpot goes if there is still no winner. a live look on this fridaya
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nasdaq hit a record adding 73. s&p 500 gained a point also reaching a new all time high. it appears unlikely president biden's $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill will pass as is. some republican senators expressed fatigue about more spending a month after passing a $900 billion stimulus. it's possible some of the more popular proposals may be passed separately. if you aren't this week 731 phaze dollars powerball winner from maryland you have one more shot at fortune. tonight's mega millions is worth $970 million, third largest prize of all time. if there is no winner, it will be a $1 billion prize next week. ceo said they couldn't get blog posts low enough for
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business. it is part of the x division which creates long shot experimental projects. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to at the cbs broadcast center, i am diane king hall. more than 1 million renters can face eviction if state lawmakers don't extend the moratorium expiring at the end of the month. research found 1.1 million households have fallen behind since march for an average of $3,400. renters who can't pay at least 25% of back rent could face eviction as soon as next month. if you are heading out the door, don't forget your umbrella. we are looking at showers pushing across the bay area. here is high def doppler. we are looking at a wet start
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in spots. let's zoom in and you see light showers across parts of the east bay from concord as well as oakland, san leandro, tri valley, san ramone, showers across peninsula from south san francisco, san mateo, half moon bay, across san mateo bridge into hayward as well, near milpitas, san jose, campbell. you see a wet live camera. our temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s to low 50s at this hour. it's 50 in san francisco, san jose 49, 45 for santa rosa. this storm system is bringing big changes our way with the return of wet weather and also looking at cooler temperatures. let's take you hour by hour as we go through our day. here we are at 8:00 a.m., more showers pushing in as we stop
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the clock again at 11:00 by midday. we are looking at more showers for us. we could see an isolated thunderstorm or brief heavy downpour as this weather system pushes across the bay area. here we are at 1:00 in the afternoon, looking at scattered activity. by 4:00 p.m., an isolated shower. as we head through tonight, things wrap up pretty quickly and we are looking at a brief break from the rain for your saturday maybe with a little bit more sunshine and another weather system rolls in sunday night into monday and then another one behind that. a series of weather systems that we are watching. rainfall amounts today, a few hundredths, tenth, to a quarter of an inch of rain and then even some isolated higher totals in spots for today. sunrise is 7:20 and sun set at 5:22. checking our daytime highs for
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south bay, much cooler compared to the record breaking highs we had in the 70s to start the week. we are tumbling down with those temperatures. 57 santa clara and san jose, 56 concord as well as pleasant hill, mid 50s for tri valley. 56 in san francisco and oak land, 54 alameda. the north bay, mid 50s, 53 in sonoma and napa later this afternoon, 54 st. helena. there we go with the extended forecast, catching a little bit more sunshine for your saturday with a break from the rain. looking at the daytime highs we will stay in the 50s through the weekend and into next week. our next weather system sunday afternoon into monday and then we are looking at more wet weather as we look to tuesday, a stronger storm tuesday, wednesday, thursday. that's your look at weather. let's check with gianna for a look at traffic with wet roadways in spots as we start our day.
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>> you can see those rain drops on our camera lens. you are looking at the bay bridge. the traffic is doing okay. there are no delays at the meter lights. we had a crash they just cleared off the deck, got it off the freeway at front street. there is debris in the road way also. chp has issued wind advisory for the bay bridge, gusty as you work your way across the span. west bound near the bay bridge at treasure island, that's where we've got debris in the road way. off the east shore freeway, traffic is pretty light. it's friday. we typically see less cars on the road way. they are just clearing a trouble spot on south bound 101. we are not seeing brake lights. this was blocking lanes but it looks like they've moved it over to the right shoulder. taking a look at traffic elsewhere, towards the altamont pass it looks like things are starting to get a little bit busy, a few pockets of slowing
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off the 580, 205 connector. you will see slower speeds as you approach north flynn more into the livermore valley. no delays toward the dublin interchange. the golden gate bridge is moving at a nice pace. if you are headed into the city, that will take you just about 15 minutes. i will check san mateo bridge in my next report. >> thanks. the gift from inauguration day that keeps giving. we are talking about senator bernie sanders' bundled up look. >> those mittens. they have become a viral sensation. now we are meeting the woman who made them. they were made by a vermont school teacher. she gave them to senator sanders more than two years ago and he started wearing them on the campaign trail. she's got hundreds of e-mails from people looking to buy a pair, but they're out of luck. she no longer sells them. coming up next in sports,
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what robert sa lah said that had instant impact on new york city. you have to see how green got thrown out of last night's game. you won't believe it, coming up. remember kpix5 wants to bring you the good news in the bay area. go to you can send your story
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good morning. we have seen green get tossed for many reasons.
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last night was a first, for yelling at his own teammate. check it out. james wiseman hoping to build off his career high. steph with a turn over leading to a three by rj barrett who scored career best 28. golden state down five. late first half, top right, he is yelling at wiseman but the ref thought he was yelling at him. second technical of the night and he was ejected. warriors really couldn't get back into the game. tobin baseline, ejects warriors 119-104. >> he didn't realize that john butler didn't realize he was yelling at his teammate. he thought he was yelling at him. obviously he is one of our best and most impactful players. it hurt us but we were playing
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very poorly to that point anyway. cut out aaron rodgers watching. four minutes left, 55-54, five for five on threes, scored 21. bernard from downtown, uclo won 61-57 to stay unbeaten in pac- 12 play. last night usf beat santa clara. nfl just introduced saleh yesterday and the former 49ers defensive coordinator, he had an instant impact with new york media. he is third jets coach since 2015 which is the last time they actually had a winning
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season. on september 11, 2001 he thought his brother an employee in the world trade center might have died in the attacks. he ended up safe. but the near tragedy forced saleh to reevaluate his life and pursued coaching. >> my brother's experience in the tragedy he experienced, being able to self reflect on what i was doing at the moment and realizing i had a passion for football really triggered this. now to be here as part of the new york jets and knowing our first game is a day after the 20th anniversary, i am supposed to be here and i believe that. >> saleh and i had a conversation about that incident. he gave up a corporate gig, good paying money, to make $5 an hour as a football intern coach. robert saleh, now head coach of the new york jets.
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i am dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. coming up in our next half hour on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area. >> a revealing mask study. how it could shed light on why los angeles is suffering through a covid surge. >> reporter: san francisco's first mass vaccination site is hours from
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on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, showers spread across the bay area this morning and this is just the beginning. mary has much more on the soggy days ahead. getting san francisco immunized. the first mass vaccination site open in a few hours. how long you will have to wait to get your shot. >> getting the pandemic under
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control. president biden making huge strides on his first day. how he will overcome the challenge of a century. latest in the ghost ship fire trial, plea deal expected today and when sentencing could start. good morning. thanks for starting your friday with us. it is january 22. i am anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning. the perfect morning to sleep in if you can. a rainy start to the day, mary. yeah, hopefully you are nice, warm, and cozy as we start our day because we are tracking those showers on high def doppler. it is feeling more like winter with today, the first of a series of storm systems i am tracking. you see those showers pushing through especially for parts of the east bay peninsula and south bay this morning, light scattered showers across our region. our temperatures are running in the mid to upper 40s to low 50s at tho


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