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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 22, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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that have been brought in largely as a precaution. as you mentioned, chemical spill happened around 4:00 this afternoon at the kellogg facility here. the fire department tells us that it was in ammonia spill. we actually have some video that we can show you of a cloud or a plume of ammonia rising over that factory, that factory produces frozen waffles at that site. now, once the fire department actually arrived here on the scene they immediately ordered the evacuation of that factory. we are told that no one that was in was seriously hurt, and everyone made out okay. now in the last few minutes or so, the fire department has expanded the warning to include some of the neighborhoods that surrounded this factory in the basic message is, if you can smell ammonia, if you smell that sharp odor that is the signature smile of ammonia, what you are instructed to do is to stay inside to close your
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windows and doors and to stay inside. now if you have been exposed to it and you are beginning to feel any of the effects of ammonia exposure, you should likely contact either your doctor or perhaps even take yourself, if possible, to the emergency room to possibly be treated for that but so far we have not heard about anything like that happening, that is just a precaution from the fire department. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix5. first responders in alameda county say they are being pushed down the line, and left behind. alameda is the only bay area county that has not started vaccinating first is ponders against covid-19. juliette goodrich is live at in dublin with details. >> they came out today saying why not us? when will we get our
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vaccinations? obviously it is not a stay-at- home job. we are talking about sheriff deputies and police officers within alameda county. take a look behind me and they have covid testing and that is happening right now. they just don't know when they will get vaccinated. >> there doing a terrible job really get out at all, in every county, it appears. >> reporter: he is president of the deputy sheriffs of emmet county and says more than 1501st responders have not the covid-19 vaccine, and that the county has no plan in place to get them vaccinated. >> we have had over 90 people test positive since the pandemic. tragically we had when deputy died last july as a result of covid-19 complications. >> he says first responders and surrounding counties like santa clara and contra costa counties have been provided the vaccine but alameda county first responders keep getting pushed down the line. >> we are greatly exposed to it more than anybody else. and the frustration is again the law enforcement component of it. you know, we believe we are part of that public safety. yet we are seeing fire and
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everybody else get it before us but not us. >> reporter: the health department responded to our request for interview with a statement saying the county is balancing low vaccine supply with complicated and shifting implementation mandates. and in the county's website it says, we have more hospitals and healthcare facilities and surrounding bay area counties, and the estimated population for phase 1 letter a exceeds 145,000 people. but lewis still questions why the jail has a vaccination plan in place but first responders in the same county do not. >> it makes sense to give us all vaccines at the same time. it is like faxing health your household and not the other but still living together. >> the alameda county health department tells us late this afternoon they expect to have those vaccinations rolled out sometime by mid february. in dublin, juliette goodrich, kpix5.
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making its way to the bay area today, a little bit of hail falling in the east bay, some video from walnut creek. we also are plenty of people driving through slick streets of san jose today. taking a live look at right now, not a lot of rain out there, and occasional shower but pretty cloudy evening in san francisco, and as meteorologist paul heggen tells us the rain will eventually make a come back. >> it will. we will add up even more rain on top of what we received today would certainly was not a drought buster but we will take what we can get. a nice start to a generally wet weather pattern that will continue through much of next week. the highest number on the map, a half inch of rain, close to a quarter inch of rainfall for san jose and that is not bad at all since you have been fully on the short side of the list of rainfall amounts so far this winter. the north bay coming up a little bit shorter than everybody else and only by the 10th of an inch so far in santa
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rosa but there is another shower moving to santa rosa right now. let's zoom in for a closer look. it shows the scattered activity moving from north to south, one in sonoma county right now, a light shower it it disappeared off the rater. so this looks like even though there are still showers out there. we will keep an eye on things and show you the next round of rain that will show up on the radar by sunday coming up in just a few minutes. a new project at stanford, tests and monitors new strains of the coronavirus. as devin fehely reports, these new variants could impact virus transmission and symptoms. >> the testing performed will provide us with a roadmap of sorts, helping us understand where the virus has been and potentially where it might be heading as it continues to change and mutate over time. that information in turn can steer public health officials as they try to bring this outbreak under control. stanford's clinical virology lab is hunting for variants of the coronavirus, those that we know about and others that may
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be completely brand-new. >> our intention is to screen all of the positives that come through the stanford clinical virology laboratory. >> the labs medical director says stanford will collect samples from its testing site in santa clara and san mateo counties, and parts of the east bay. his team will be looking for several worrisome new variants and in places like the uk, south africa, brazil, and even here in california. researchers are focused on figuring out how these mutations affect the viruses behavior. is it more infectious? or more lethal? and importantly, are the current vaccines still effective? >> is very important how they can get immunization. >> like the one in the uk, his lab will also perform genetic sequencing of the samples, looking for brand-new and undiscovered strains of the
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virus. >> this is basically interrogating the entire viral genome is looking for both known and unknown mutations. they were planning to test every positive sample. whether victims are not satisfied with a new development. while much of the bay area sorry rain today, the sierras off rush layer of snow. >> people are lining up for a chance to win tonight's $1 billion lottery. i will have that story, coming
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up. we are keeping an eye on the breaking news ou
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major developments, more than four years after the catastrophic, deadly coast ship warehouse fire in oakland. he pleaded guilty stood 30s x counts of involuntary manslaughter. he dodged how kim is out of the courthouse today as part of the new plea deal. the judge is expected to sentence him to 12 years but with time served, good behavior and the pandemic, it is unlikely he will go back to jail. most likely, he will finish the remaining jail time in his home. and attorney for the victims family says that the families want a trial and believe the punishment does not fit the crime. >> i don't expect they will be spending any more time behind bars and that is very upsetting to the families. it is not punishment.
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it is
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this was of the community center. it is open to healthcare workers, long-term care residents, and folks 75 and older. they could be vaccinated here. san francisco's first mass vaccination site is now open. it is a drive-through in the parking lot at city college. this, too, is appointment only. even so, some waited in line for an hour and did not find the entire process of getting the vaccine takes about 20 minutes. >> it is a day of celebration because we are seeing our plans and our work and our pain and our struggles and our suffering finally, finally, this is the start of the end of this pandemic. the mayor also plotted the
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cities r-value or reproductive rate for the first time in months. it is less than one. that means on average the virus is spreading to less than one person. grab your tickets, a swelling jackpot is up for grabs tonight, and the mega millions jackpot is no longer in the millions. don ford on how players are feeling tonight. >> $1 billion. >> reporter: it is one of the largest >> lotteries in history. so big it has outgrown the lottery side. folks are coming in and buying tickets, everyone has a dream. >> only two dollars a ticket. i'm getting three. >> i thought just one ticket. already does one, right? just want to win.
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>> lottery spokesman says this will be an exciting night. >> the jackpot is hit, will be the third largest in u.s. history. lottery fever is taking hold. this gentleman has unusual thoughts about his future billion dollars. >> $100 million. >> no, 1 billion. >> $1 billion. i would give it back. back to the lottery. >> you give it back to me. >> that would be nice. >> tonight's drawing is at 8 pm. >> they are the winning numbers. fingers crossed. see you guys. >> the odds of scoring the jackpot are about one in 300 million. rainy day across the bay area, 100%. plenty of umbrellas spotted in
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san francisco. better odds than winning the lottery. standing outside and getting a little bit wet today. >> it did not seem like it for the past couple weeks, there were long as either way but finally breaking that dry stretch of whether that lasted almost exactly 2 weeks. we still have some showers hanging out in the area. the national weather service radar site in santa cruz mountains just went down so you will see some of the data disappearing there but there are still a few rogue showers here and there including one dropping to the south. some more showers part of the coast that are farcical to stay out over the ocean. we will keep an eye on them just in case. the future cast, more to look forward to as we head towards sunday, of course we have the weekend to look forward to as well. a few sprinkles still possible as we head towards about midnight but in the atmosphere dries out and we are going to be locally dense fog to start the day tomorrow. we will see plenty of sunshine. the next storm system will be approaching, though, as we head
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into sunday, about midday. the first showers may be making their way on shore by late morning with more widespread shower activity by early afternoon, spreading out and becoming more intense by late afternoon. pushing to pretty quickly, so this one is not going to last too long and we will see a dry pattern taking over again as we head into the beginning of next week. that is temporary. monday is the only dry day in next week's forecast. similar to what we had about a 10th to quarter of an inch for the north bay. a quarter of an inch to half- inch for much of the southbay and into the santa clara valley. you have been running behind substantially behind so far this winter but especially farther south, you eat away at that rainfall deficit a little bit again on sunday. right now temperatures in the mid to upper 80s to around 50 degrees, those temperatures will not change a lot as we head into the rest of this evening. the dog working forecast comes from daly city and they get winter temperatures that really just are not going to wobble around a whole lot and the atmosphere is drying out so i think you might be able to get out for a walk with your for friends or if you just want to
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put off until tomorrow, tomorrow looks dry as well and i think she will be able to see her shadow tomorrow. temperatures start off of the upper 30s inland to the low to mid 40s around the bay, and then we managed to warm-up and we were to above average. upper 50s near the bay with upper 50s to around 60 degrees farther inland, we drop off again on sunday with the next round of rain and heavier rain is on the way late tuesday, continuing into wednesday and even thursday. we talk more about that coming up at seven a walk. today's the storm of course brought some fresh powder to the sierra. you can get there. the resorts all got a dusting and the storm created some dangerous conditions on the roadways, heading up to the mountains. i-80, interstate, highway 50, both saw multiple spinoffs and closures today. chain controls have now, we are told, been lifted. straightahead in sports, a lot of iconic guys, we are number 44 in the process.
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that is a whole another level. and you're going to want to hear what a certain former teammate, former gian
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19 years after he passed babe ruth of the home run list, this guy made a live interview. 755 career home runs, second only to barry bonds, and a 25 time all-star and get this, he once said, he almost cited the giants team up with willie mays. offered $50 more per month. the former skipper who was on deck when he hit a homerun
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number 715, eight seasons as his teammate, he said hank aaron was the most important influence in my life, next to my dad. he was the best person i ever knew. he taught me how to be a man. and how to be a proud african- american. segue to the nfl which backs in next sunday, patrick holmes has been cleared from the concussion protocol and will start in the af the title game against the bills. he was knocked out of last weekend game. imagine you hear a tickg. that is time running down on a lot of california high schools for its, if the season is going to be saved. parents and students across the bay area, they held out his last week, as part of the let them play california. a pair of primitive football coaches.
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they have been out front, lead blocking, trying to work with government officials, safely restarts high school sports. >> the data and the signs are showing that we don't need to kick the can down the road any further. other states have proven we can do it, we as coaches have proven we could do it so let's be given the opportunity. let's give these kids an opportunity and that is every 15 day, that would be a great start, three weeks activation period, we would be able to get about a two former season which i think everybody would take right now in a heartbeat. >> you're going to hear more from them in the coming days. and in the case of patrick walsh, longtime legendary coach, he wants to get rid of the tiered system entirely. and just plan out go for it, like they are in other states and we keep losing our california athletes to other states. not write. >> hank aaron is pretty amazing, though. i love that story of when you got to interview
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the cbs evening news is coming up next. good evening, coming up after kpix5 news at six, we go on the road with steve hartman, and a remarkable act of generosity that put the pizza guy back in the driver seat. > cres one person at the scene, that person has since been released, has crews still on scene right now, officials have ordered neighbors in the area to stay in side, if he noticed the chemicals well. we will have another live update in 30 minutes on the kpix5 news at seven. thank you for watching tonight at 6:00, the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area, you can find it on the kpix5 news app and the cbs
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evening news is up next. have a good ni ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, coronavirus cases and hospitalizations fall across the country, but concern rises that the more-contagious strains of covid could erase progress. >> good afternoon. >> o'donnell: tonight, on his third day in office, president biden signs more executive orders to address the pandemic fallout, proposing a $15 federal minimum wage, and promising to get stimulus checks to the eight million americans who were left out. >> we need to act. no matter how you look at it, we need to act. >> o'donnell: the race to vaccinate, experts warn new variants could be more lethal, but supplies are drying up, and appointments are being canceled. plus the new c.d.c. recommendations: should you wear two masks? testing positive: 150 members of


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