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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  January 22, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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right now at seven, breaking news, san jose factory evacuated tonight, the chemical spill that ascending fumes into the air, and the neighborhood into lockdown. the bay area experiences the biggest storm of the year, and this is just the beginning. there are doing a terrible job rolling it out at all in alameda county. a higher risk of being exposed to covid so why are these first responders not getting vaccinated? tonight we get some answers. the suspect and the ghost ship warehouse fire doctors our cameras moments before pleading guilty. why victim's family says the punishment is not for the crime. mega millions? more like mega billion. the excitement building for one of the biggest jackpot less than an hour away.
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breaking news, san jose neighborhood lockdown after chemical spill at a nearby factory. good evening. we have just learned that crews have treated one person and that person has been released. this is where hazmat crews are responding to an ammonia spill. and neighbors who live near the facility have been ordered to shelter in place. devin fehely joins us now. what is the latest? what can you tell us? >> reporter: there is still a large number of police officers, firefighters and paramedics that are here on the scene. as you can see behind me there is an ambulance that has been positions at this intersection, largely as a precaution at this point. it is located about a block or two from the factory itself. the san jose fire department says around 4:00 this afternoon there was a chemical spill at the kellogg's waffle factory here in east san jose. now, specifically, it was a release of ammonia.
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the fire department, once they arrived, they evacuated that factory. they did as you mentioned treat one person here at the scene and released them. they have instructed anyone that lives nearby to stay inside their homes or parchments, to keep the windows and doors shut until they get the all clear. we did talk to one gentleman who left his home a few hours after this first happened. he says thankfully the symptoms he experienced were relatively mild. >> my eyes were itchy. and i was like interesting, not allergic to dogs, i have three dogs in my home, but all right, whatever, and i just brushed it off, and my eyes are a tiny bit itchy still, like a right at the tear ducts. >> reporter: exposure to ammonia can cause your eyes to burn or to staying. we can also cause difficulty breathing if you have more assist deigned exposure to
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that, call. the best advice into the give the all clear to this neighborhood is if you live anywhere and proximity to this factory, to just stay inside your apartment or your home, keep your doors and your windows tightly shut, i know that curiosity would mean that some people might want to peek their heads up but they say that really is inadvisable until they are able to get this chemical spill completely cleaned up and given neighborhood the all clear. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix5. our other big story this evening, the weather, taking a live look at site across the bay area, the rain not coming down as hard as it did earlier today but some parts may see more showers tonight. earlier today, windshield wipers worked overtime in the southbay and people took out their raincoats. what the rainfall clogged up storm drains in walnut creek. and some areas in the east bay saw a surprise hail shower, it was coming down hard in morocco around 12:30. one of the producer shot this
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audio of tiny pellets of ice accumulating in her garden. chief neurologist paul heggen is tracking the storm and of course the weekend forecast. this is the first chance of rain. it will affect us over the next several days. a few showers still out there right now, mainly kind of scented in the north bay but also in the higher terrain south of the golden gate, unfortunately the radar site in the santa cruz mountains has gone down so you cannot zoom in for a closer look. light, passing showers as we head into the rest of the evening and those should quiet down in the dry break tomorrow before the next storm system will drop in from the north and that is going to affect us for the second half of the weekend, so anything that you have on the honey do list for the weekend, get that stuff, if it is outdoors, done tomorrow. that is the dry half of the weekend. by midday sunday the next round of rain will be moving in and there's plenty more to come next week. we take a look at the full seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. now to the latest on the
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vaccine rollout, though. this is a drive-through. it is the first site of its kind in the city. >> it is a day of celebration because we are seeing our plans and our work and our pain and our struggles and our suffering finally, finally, this is the start of the end of this pandemic. >> things are starting to kick in, over contra costa county, they want to deliver 1 million vaccines by the fourth of july. almost the entire county population. since mid december, 65,000 doses have been administered there. that is about 5800 doses a day on average, if officials can keep the pace, the county could hit that goal. tonight, alameda county law- enforcement say they are being pushed down the vaccine line
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and left behind. alameda is the only bay area county that has not started vaccinating one tonight, alameda county law- enforcement say they are being pushed down the vaccine line and left behind. alameda is the only bay area county that has not started vaccinating 1% yet. the president of the deputy sheriffs of alameda county says more than 1501st responders have not received the covid-19 vaccine. and the county has no plan in place to get vaccinated. but that is not the case, and surrounding counties have made it an effort to vaccinate first responders. there are doing a terrible job rolling it out at all in alameda county. we are greatly exposed to it more than anybody else. and the frustration is against the law enforcement component of it come you know, we believe your part of the public safe the. county officials say the county is balance and low vaccine supply with complicated and difficult mandates. you can had to our covid vaccine resource guide for the development in your county at vaccine. a plea deal in the deadly dose ship warehouse fire that
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killed 36 people in oakland over four years ago, master tenant pleaded guilty to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter today as part of his plea the judge is expected to sentence him to 12 years but with time served, good behavior, and the pandemic, it is unlikely that he will go back to jail. most likely, he will finish the remaining jail time at home. he dodged our cameras outside of the court in an attorney for the victims emily says the families want a trial and believe the punishment does not fit the crime. >> they don't feel that he is given enough years behind bars and that it is not justice, it is really a gut punch to them. >> he will be back in court on march 8, for sentencing. the victims families are expected to speak and address him at that time. still ahead, and streaming
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on cbsn bay area, baseball has lost one of the greatest players of all time. coming up, we look back at hank aaron's legendary career on and off the field. plus, help may soon be on the way for millions of americans but tonight, the white house is already getting some pushback.
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sports was mourning the loss of the greatest baseball players in history without a doubt. hank aaron who died in his sleep at the age of 86 and for decades he held one of the most hollow sports records, 755 career homers, a record that would eventually be broken right here in san francisco. by another baseball legend. they had a chance to interview hank aaron myself, as you have, and he was not here to talk about baseball. he was here supporting a charity, a side of him a lot of
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people never knew about. >> hears hank aaron, metchie comes up to you, in just is an iconic, larger than life figure but he was really, really humble. i got more story to relate to you in just a moment but they take away all 755 career home runs, still has over 3000 hits in his career. so it was an honor to have met this true american sports hero. hank aaron's biggest moment came during his 21st season in the big leagues. he broke babe ruth's long- standing mark of 714 homers. in 1952, aaron joined the leagues indianapolis clowns. he was so good, the braves got his contract for $10,000.
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by his second season in milwaukee, he was an all-star. in honor he will retain for the next two decades as one most feared hitters in baseball. despite his success, he became a target as he approached babe ruth's home run total. >> i got millions and millions of pieces of mail from people that were resentful, simply because the fact that who i was at they just were not ready for a black man to break that record. >> the hate mail and the death threats did not stop him. he said he hoped his accomplishments might inspire others to chase their dreams. henry lewis aaron was 86 years old. barry bronze broke his home run record in 2000 barry bronze broke his home run record in 2007. he shared this on instagram saying he is an icon, a legend, and a true hero to so many, who
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will forever be missed. so back to april 8, 1974, i'm 12 years old, in virginia, watching this historic, 715 home run, just like the rest of the nation. 19 years later, i did my sports cast from candlestick park, who joined me on that show? it's hank aaron. and he was in town, to present barry bonds 1992 mvp award, and the whole time, i was interviewing him on air, it was like an out of body experience because on the inside, i'm just up and down. it's hank aaron, it's hank aaron and he told me the interview, the hardest ball that he ever hit was at candlestick park, and it did not go out. the wind got him. >> a lot of people can relate to that pick a lot of athletes, that's for sure. >> what a start this guy was in baseball, and as you say, just regular life.
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he was such a gentleman. it is hard to see him go. >> he let everybody to the wisecracking and tell the jokes but he sat back and laughed and kind of idly stood by, just that on his weaker. never hit more than 47 homeruns his entire career for a year. well, let's get back to whether. tonight stormed a bunch of fresh powder, creating some dangerous conditions for people heading up interstate 80, saw a lot of spin outs, some closures, chain controls, though, have been lifted for now. take a live look out at san jose. the rain has dissipated for the most part, leaving behind some lingering showers but it is just the first in a series of storms. paul heggen is here to talk about that. some heavier rain on the way next week, so we are slowly building into this wet weather pattern with modest rainfall
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amounts run the bay area today, just over 10 of an inch downtown, .13 inches of rain officially in sentences go, half an inch in been moment in the misfortunes of an inch in danville. san jose got nearly a quarter inch of rainfall out of this and there are still a few showers out there mainly in the north bay, this activity will quite down, it will be diving farther down to the south. we will keep an eye on just in case they skirt some of the bay area but you can see that on the rater, they're kind of falling apart and they will stay out over the pacific. the future cast doesn't get the potential for some passing sprinkles. after that it is going to be locally dense fog that we have to deal with to start the day tomorrow. that will burn off by noon at the latest and we see plenty of sunshine tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow looks like a nice day overall, temperatures a couple of degrees above average but close to normal. and that next storm system will be starting to move into the north bay by late morning on sunday, becoming more likely the showers will make their way farther inland. and the heaviest rainfall for
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midafternoon, it is sunday evening but that moves through quickly and by sunday night we will be drying out, we start the week dry on monday but yet, another good chance of rain is on the way by late tuesday, and that one will have a little more staying power, in fact this will be in atmospheric river that takes aim of the bay area and we are talking about some substantial rain fall potential. this is just one version of the forecast model. largely saying the same thing and that is the potential for 2 to 4 inches of total rain next week. we have to keep an eye on things in case there is debris flow issues on some of the wildfire burn scars but in general, rain is good news for the bay area at this point in the season. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s to around 50, we drop down to the 30s inland with clearing skies overhead. 40s near the water, that is normal for january. high temperatures tomorrow also pretty close to normal, mid 50s along the coast with mid to upper 50s around the southbay and upper 50s and the santa
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clara valley, mid to upper 50s inland and the east bay, including the tri-valley but a little bit warmer for solano county. upper 50s around the central bay and close to the 60 degrees in the north bay, temperatures farther north, mendocino and lake counties, a mix of 50s and 60s. temperatures drop off sunday and they don't change much most of next week but there is that next round of heavier rain beginning late tuesday, continuing into wednesday, and maybe even thursday and friday. i will have another update coming up at 11:00. years of the top headlines, taking a live look at the white house tonight. president biden just wind two more executive orders aimed at bringing economic relief to millions of americans. the first would later groundwork for a higher minimum wage for federal workers. the other increases benefits for those with food insecurity. tonight the white house is working to build support for its covid relief package. is estimated to cost $1.9 trillion.
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the clock is about to start on the senate impeachment trial. house beginner and he pelosi says she will send the article of impeachment to the senate on monday. senate majority leader chuck schumer says the senate trial will not start until the week of the brewery the eighth. in order to convict him, 17 senate republicans would have to join the chambers 50 democrats. the new coronavirus variant in the uk could be even more deadly. that is according to a new report. it says more research is still needed but the overall risk of death in the virus is still relatively low. still ahead. >> i wear this mask to protect myself. >> i wear this mask to protect you. >> how bay area athletes are encouraging people on wearing a mask. plus, the deserving group being surprised with free tickets to the super bowl.
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myself.'s >> i wear this mask to protect you. >> the san jose sports authority featuring players from the sharks, 49ers, infant is a spartans. the campaign will run through february with a new announcement coming out every friday. tonight, crews are getting ready for super bowl lv, in tampa. in just a couple of weeks but this year about 7500 free tickets are being awarded to healthcare workers from across the country. super bowl lv is set for february 7 you can watch it right here on kpix5. each nfl team still in the playoffs gets to invite a handful of vaccinated heroes from their hometown. >> i have been a football fan ever since i was a kid. it is kind of surreal because while i am down there, i still know that they will be people up here in the hospital. a huge line up for you, we
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have the afc championship, the bills take on the chiefs for the chance to go to the super bowl, after the game we have a special episode of fbi, followed by the news that 8:00. at 8:30 five, the late, late show with james corcoran and dennis o'donnell brings you a super bowl preview on the fifth quarter and tune in for the news at 11. the near record mega millions jackpot sending people across the bay area rushing now to buy tickets.
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kind of hard to wrap your head around this one, $1 billion, up for grabs in less than an hour. mega millions, this is the
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second highest jackpot ever. we saw a lot of people today, at a shell gas station in hercules, snatching up tickets in hopes of winning big. >> all i need is one, right? all i need is one to win.'s >> if it is hit, it would be the third largest in u.s. history. >> the odds of winning the jackpot about one in 300 million. still a chance. >> you are saying there is a chance. >> trying to think of things that you would be having that are more likely to happen to you. way easier to get struck by lightning than win this. >> it would be pretty ol,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: welcome finally. finally. how y'all? heh heh heh. thank y'all. heh heh. thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] and we got another good one for you today. returning for their third day from portland, oregon, it's the champs, it's the broadous family. [cheering and applause] and from loganville, georgia, it's the bridwell family. everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash. somebody might have a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's go meet the bridwell family.


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