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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  January 29, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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a bay area deputy is facing criminal charges tonight accused of lying about the being ambushed. >> everyone of the cases he has worked on will be looked at. >> we take a look outside it's the first dry night and a while. it won't stay that way for very long. a new single-dose vaccine and a new timeline for reets be closedin >> should one bay area city. the biting administration is issuing a new mask mandate
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for all public transportation in the u.s. danville the order about an hour ago. travelers will have to wear masks on trains, planes, and buses, and transportation hubs like airports and bus terminals. the rules take effect on monday at midnight. >> we are learning that a santa clara county deputies brush with death in an ambush attack on a dark country road they have never happened. he is accused of making the whole thing up. we have details that the da says was too good to be true. >> reporter: a few hours ago he walked into the lobby of the sheriff's office, but not for work, instead he turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest. >> why would you concoct a story that could good detectives are going to unravel? >> deputy gil made this frantic call over his police radio.>>'s
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miraculous survival story involved his body camera stopping a bullet through the chest as he stood on a dark rule road in morgan hill. investigators bowed to find the suspect. as they looked deeper, investigators say the suspect turned out to be deputy gil. himself.>> the facts were not adding up. >> the evidence including ballistics did not match the deputies account. no other details were released. >> anytime we have an instance like this that hurt our reputation and trust with the community, it is tough. >> i'm assuming you also want to know why this even happened in the first place if it is true. >> remains a good question. >> i think the big mistry moving forward here is, what will information on that body camera, why did he destroy
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that? >> steven clark says this is a case of public mistrust. that could have a ripple effect. >> everyone of the cases he has worked on to this point will be looked at because of his credibility is called into question. >> gil was placed on administrative leave. he started 20/50 before he switched to patrol two years later. the deputies lawyer told us they look forward to getting a look at the investigation and related evidence to understand why these charges are being we e rain has cleared out.>>e lookt unin will move in. >> it depends on which part of the bay area you live in. if you are north of the golden
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gate there is a chance of showers already tomorrow. we start the day dry, there's a decent chance of showers mainly after the sun goes down. close to picking up at least a couple hundredths of an inch of rain. which is technically more than a trace. maybe a couple passings or sprinkles in the city into the early evening hours. the bulk of the moisture is going to stay further to the north. this is not going to be an impressive rainmaker as we had to the weekend. if you hundred seven inch of rain, maybe a little bit more of a 10th of an inch of rain. it will be heavier for the whole bay area on monday and tuesday. after scenes like this, governor newsom declared a state of emergency for monterey county. dramatic drone video giving us a new look at the spot where mudslides wiped out a huge chuck
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chunk of this highway. is going to be a while before caltrans can rebuild that highway. >> this is going to go on and they will keep rebuilding the roads. the people who come down here need to realize that there are certain stretches that can be dangerous, especially in bad weather. download are up for more coverage. there's a new timeline for kids to get vaccinated and a new coronas virus vaccine that could be a game changer. we see the latest developments this evening. >> johnson & johnson say their vaccine will either prevent you from getting covid or if you have it, it would be a much milder course. a plan to get emergency authorization in the u.s. within a week. john johnson & johnson first vaccine is offering the world a
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potentially new weapon against the new dictating virus. the vaccine is 72% effective against moderate and severe covid-19 in the u.s. 85% effective in preventing serious symptoms, and global trials. >> in this moment, what are we trying to get to? we are not actually trying for perfection. >> if there was a choice, they would be okay with getting one dose of the johnson & johnson shot. >> there is an efficacy advantage. there are concerns over the less than 60% efficacy rate in south africa. the highly contagious variant is in the u.s. >> this is a wake-up call that we will continue to see the evolution of mutants.
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we will have to able to just a to make versions of the vaccine. >> children under 16 could get vaccinated by early summer. >> for my perspective, having seen the serious consequences of disease on both children and adults, for me thinking about that choice is really thinking that it is a safer way for us to develop immunity. >> currently there is an ongoing trial looking at participants that received two doses of the johnson & johnson vaccine. president biden is calling on congress to quickly pass a covid relief bill with or without republic fires show the pandemic made 2020 the worst year for the u.s. economy since 1946. republicans oppose this new price tag of the nearly $2
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trillion bill. them across may try to push it through on their own starting next week. dining out may never be the same, and one part of san mateo county. the change that city leaders are pushing to be permanent. >> with the lifting of the stay- at-home order, outdoor dining is happening across the state of california. leaders would like to make scenes like this one permanent. if you squint your eyes you can pretend you have traveled to a european area. rodriguez wants to take outdoor dining to be playing normal here. >> kids can run around you don't have to worry about cars. we are making the public streets more accessible to pedestrians. >> the city closed streets to allow for outdoor dining.
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50 recip restaurants downtown had added 45,000 square feet of outdoor dining space. >> i keep telling my clients that i wish the seating will stay all the time. i love it. >> diners keep coming back. >> it's a great idea. >> is with the mayor hopes for. >> if you silver linings of this pandemic. one of them could be that was the year that we finally got to do something that we have been wanting to do for a long time. >> they will start discussing this project and exactly what it might look like on monday. still ahead, fbi agents reveal a bay area business owner may have been plotting to
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prepaid card when you upgrade. switch today. investigators say a business owner accused of making pipe bombs and targeting governor newsom. the 44-year-old has ties to
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right-wing extremist groups. an fbi agent testified they found text messages on rogers phone indicating he planned to attack the governor and move on to the offices of facebook and twitter. according to the napa valley register the defense the tort attorney insists he never intended to carry out the threats. this footage was taken from a capitol police officer's body came it was shown at a hearing today for u.s. marine veteran in michigan accused of assaulting officers with a hockck ikea is requiring customers to sign a waiver before buying certain items. according to the swedish retailer, they must be told to attach its dressers to the wall and must accept the risk before
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they can buy the items. the move comes after ikea recalled millions of dressers that were prone to tip over. we see an unusual scene in southern california, hail at manhattan beach. the same system that dumped rain on the bay area responsible for the hail and widespread flooding to the south. i 80 is back open after being shut down after a massive snowstorm. people are taking advantage of the conditions before the next- door moves in. we show you the early weekend rush to hit the slopes. >> after being blanketed in snow, the area has seen a scurry of customers hitting the slopes. >> the snow was likes skiing on whip cream. it was very soft. >> it was very fun. the best day i have never had. >> some waiting overnight to ski.
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>> we had to wait in colfax. they opened up sometime between 3:00 and 4:00. we do not get on the road until four a.m. 4:00 a.m. we took half the day off and got here in time. >> with reduced capacity and mask requirements customers say it's easy to feel safe. >> everyone is being cautious. >> we have been working around the clock as a team to deal thhe wee seenapproximately five feet of snow, and it's a ton of work to move it around and make sure that it is safe. >> it is fun. i made it all the way done with down without falling. >> it's beautiful and amazing.
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it made it a lot more fun and easier. it's so fluffy. more rain for us next week and more snow perhaps for the sierra? >> i think they are going to pick up even more. maybe not the four feet-8 feet. i used to live in colorado. i'm used to quite a bit of snow, but that is a lot. they are going to pick up 1-2 prob cto a foot. sierra. the system will bring rain to the bay area as we head into the weekend we see a few showers that could visit to the northbay. these are going to be very light compared to what we have been through in the past few days. if you passing showers possible. the best chance, will be late
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afternoon into the evening hours. we are talking about very light showers. hundred seven inch. it is a possibility. keep the umbrella handy. the bulk of the moisture with the system will stay farther off to the north. more rain is heading our way. after the chance over the weekend we see more widespread showers by monday and tuesday. the rain this weekend does not add up to more than a few hundredths of an inch, then we add the rain for monday and tuesday we are still talking about a half an inch to around an inch or so for most parts of the bay area.
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there's a little bit of a first atmospheric river. keep an eye on all of the stars around the bay area. we have to worried about the debris flow issues every time there's a decent chance of rain in the forecast. we'll see more cloud cover building in. temperatures are in the 40s across the board right now. the warmer spots along the coas pretty decent dog walking day.
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mid to upper 50s, i think the warmer spots will fall just short of 60 degrees. if you degrees warmer. temperatures above average for sunday and the rain arrives. sticking around monday night into tuesday. we will dry out for a few days in a row. wednesday, thursday, friday, looking pleasant with sunshine kicking in. next time you see the san jose sharks, they may be closer than you think. here's where the giants are thinking about a long time follow. adios. he's packing his bags out of the nati
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bay area sports has lost one of its most famous voices. >> what a day i wake up in the morning and my knees buckle at
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the news of jenny the basketball coach. get a booming voice. energetic, fun. he was my life insurance agent for 12 years. he passed away this morning at 79. they went to the free-throw line. >> there he was with the mike. he served asthe announcer for c they stayed in journalism school and pursued a career in sports broadcasting. look how far you have come, you are producing and 11:00 show.
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the cardinals went after big game. i think giants fans know arlin otto. this layer has signed to leave the rockies via trade for the st. louis cardinals. this is less than two seasons after a 260 million deal with colorado. rockies get prospects. nfl, the top name in this year's quarterback sweepstakes could be dejean watson. it would cost any other team a steep price.
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they say watson is not available. i want him to be a houston texan. he is going to be a houston texan. >> we have zero interest in trading the player. we have great interest for him and for this team.>> covid-19 has affected the sharks schedule. their next two games against las vegas are postponed because of the coronavirus issues with the golden knights. the team is flying back to san jose tomorrow. the date i looking forward to next will be the 30th because i am right back here in this chair. we are looking forward to it. northern california residents taking some unusual animals into their homes during the pandemic.
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lots of people have adopted dogs or cats during the pandemic, what about something on the wild side? one wildlife rescue is recruiting stay at home workers to give wildlife a second chance. last year sierra wildlife rescue volunteers help 1300 animals, everything from songbirds to coyotes. even skunks. volunteers can care for all of these wild animals inside their homes until they are ready to be released back into the wild. >> is a rare chance to be back that close with wildlife. it's like feeding a teenager. here to make sure their room is clean and they get their meals. they won't do anything stupid. >> with a teenager that's pretty hard. different artist put designs on these
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hard sculptures. it's for hearts nsf. a free virtual event on february 11th. the large hearts will be on display through october in union square. they are wonderful landmarks to see throughout the city. they are very special. we will be right back.
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families are getting free meals to help during the pandemic. the food bank hosted a drive through the food bank and were passing out hundreds of meals in richmond civic center.
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got the late show coming up next, thank you for watching. the news continues streaming online. have a wonderful weekend. captioning sponsored by cbs >> here's a potential treat for potter heads: a live-action "harry potter" series may reportedly be coming to hbo max. according to "the hollywood reporter" the streaming service has been in talks with potential writers on ideas for show about the wizarding world. ( sung to "friends" theme song


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