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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  April 2, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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the a's president responding to fans after a few opening night glitches. in ncaa nailbiter as the stanford women look to advance to the national title game. good evening, i am ken bastida. >> i was with cook. vern glenn is here with highlights and this one came right down to the wire tonight. >> this one just over. i mean, this final four semi final game, the stress level was high. it came down to the last shot, and the stanford woman, boy, against a tough south carolina power. both number one seeds. let's take it to the last two minutes of the game. stanford up three. cameron brate, a lady in. 64-59. 40 seconds left. destiny henderson is her name.
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oh. living up to her name. cops a one point lead. next position. lexi hall. miss. haley jones. and stanford retakes the lead. now, 10 seconds left. cardinal up one. cameron brate turned it over. brea bill drove in, missed, and then only up boston missed the tip in at the buzzer and stanford won the game 66-65 in san antonio. kiana williams hometown, they advanced is on days national championship. poor boston. in fact, boston and haley jones are best friends. they text each other every day but you see the raw emotion there on the side of destiny boston and south carolina. 66-65 a win for stanford, in the championship game for the first time since 2010, and
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fitting for, who today was named the coach of the year. >> that goes without saying, no question. >> that was some work today. good for them. >> came down to the last shot. great game. in the meantime, more than 10,000 a's fans were back in the ball park last night. they were excited to be there for sure but the overall experience had a few little glitches. new safety measures means that fans can only order food at the stadium through the mobile apps. some fans say their orders never got to their seats. the president told me today that ultimately, it was a learning experience. >> we have some challenges about the mobile food ordering, with a covid restrictions, we can't offer the ability of fans to just go up to the concession stands and order, so everything has to be done mobley.
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and i think because it was a new app, and because it was slammed people wanting to buy, it really got backed up into the long time. >> how will we be able to prove that? >> who will adadd more concnces talklkers. we will l encourage e peoplele brbring their r own foodod ifif was a chchallenge to get food f ththem. and ththen wewe wiwill do a lit morere on ththe in and d out o ststadium on parking and traff we only have the soututh bubut bebecause the e north bubut is ththe vaccine e site. we will work with to make sure that it is a little clearer so we can get more people in. we going to do some things, tweak some stuff, make it the best experience possible for fans. how did things go last night in terms of providing for baseballll, given these covid reststrictions? ? >> well, we had a safe rereopening, p people cameme an rereally enjoyoyed themseselves saw peopople cryingng becaususe had,d, it has been so long sin they have been here and they were there with their families and it was a really special moment to have the first big event back in the bay area.
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>> let's look down the line, toward the future. and of course, how the terminal i.d. has been out there. you're running into a bit of opposition. give me an update on that. >> with had a lot of success this year, we want to lawsuits against, and we got our environmental report out, so we are in the comment period of that. and we are working very hard to get to vote of the city council this year, final vote on a project, up or down. that is what we are focused on, pushing everything toward that and hopefully that happens in the summer or early fall. >> i went to eight games back from the 70s when they were world champs, multiple times. i think you could do a lot more with the new facicility. >> it rereally dedepends on tht cicity. origininally we wawanted toto o 202023, that of course was delayed because of covid.
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it really comes down to where this projectct fits inin the prioiorities of f the city of oaklanand. they've artie approved the project, at least the term sheet, the state has passed legislation, county has approved it, so it needs to fit in all the priorities in terms of what is happening in our community and that is something that has to be decided this year and then we can give everybody a better sense of when we can actually open. good luck this year, so. >> a good point. he says come you know, bring your own food. we welcome that. it's probably safer, so there you go. covid restrictions lift, they plan to dig their heels into the timelines to pick up where they left off, due to covid. he says it is really tough right now to negotiate. they take on the astros, about an hour from now. major league baseball is moving this summer's all-star events out of atlanta, and in response to georgia's new voting law. that includes the july 13th all- star game as well as a home run derby and amateur draft.
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the georgia law includes strict new i.d. requirements for absentee voting, limits the use of drop boxes and gives the state legislature greater control over how elections are run. civil rights groups say the new rules will have an outsized impact on people of color. president biden recently joined the growing call to relocate the all-star game as the werewolf go, governor newsom issued this invitation on twitter. hey, feel free to give us a call, in california we actually work to ask and for access, not prevented. a concord mother has been charged with child abuse, after her two-year-old was exposed to sentinel in an apparent overdose. we told you about the story, that happened last friday, an officer was flagged down on southview street in concord after the child stopped breathing. the child's mother admitted finally the toddler got a hold of some sentinel. the child started breathing again, when officer
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administered narcan, according to the east bay times. the mother has been charged now with one count of felony child abuse, meantime two-year-old is in the custody of child protective services. a group of young people in the east bay led a rally and a march calling for an end to asian hate. they started in oakland city hall were hundreds packed the plaza to listen to young speakers, organizers, and then let that march through chinatown, and they finished with a rally at lake merritt, the effort they are. >> i'm out here to help support my asian and pacific islander brothers and sisters on behalf of what they believe. it is an atrocity of people. atrocity against anyone walking on two legs, two arms and one head is an atrocity against all of us. >> on with speakers, the event also included some dance
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performance is. bart is rolling out a new campaign to stop unwelcome sexual advances on trains. it is called not one more girl, in partnership with alliance for girls, another community group. the campaign will put art posters in bart stations and on trains to draw attention to the problem and the resources available to writers. >> this is the first of its kind initiative that takes on the daunting task of correct a system that is a lifeline for many. and addressing the wrongs that you never have existed to begin with. girls, they should not need an escape plan. the rise in crime against asian americans, sparking another trend. more people taking self- defense, inside a class showing off some basic skills. timing may be key when it comes to pregnant women getting vaccinated. how moms to be get the most protection for their babies.
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coming up all new at 6:00, a disturbing rise in oakland homicides leaving dozens of families searching for answers. >> who killed my son and why? it is really left an empty space, and an empty place in my family. and in my heart. >> the new strategy to cut down on
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a new study focuses on the timing of pregnant women getting the covid vaccine. researchers at northwestern medicine looked at 27 pregnant women, who received the pfizer or moderna vaccine in the third trimester. and looked at the cord blood of their babies after birth. they found woman who got the vaccine earlier in the third trimester are more likely to pass on those protective antibodies. he is asked a lot of
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questions of course, this weekend dr. anthony fauci is fielding some of them about covid. it is all part of an effort by viacom cbs's nickelodeon. >> 11 i be able to play dates again? >> you know, i would hope that by the time we get to the late spring and early summer, you could start having play dates, so hang on a little bit longer. >> i like that timeframe. kids across the country submitted questions and his answers will be featured in a series of nick news breaks, that is an ongoing nickelodeon segment that covers major news topics for young people. and families can watch them this weekend on nick, teennick, nick tunes, and on nickelodeon's social media sites.
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> this weekek, studentsts a rising above scholar is looking ahead to a bright future with her father supporting her every step of the way. >> michelle griego shows us how her success is truly a team effort. >> she never went about things in and ordinary, everyday kind of pattern. >> reporter: he has high praise for his daughter, naja. >> she was accomplishing things and before you could say great
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job, she was onto something else. >> reporter: things that included basketball, track and school. he says he knew from day one that naja would fly high in life. >> when she was first born i would hold her by the back of her shirt and i would spin her around, like she was in an airplane and we would call her flight 1018, that is her birthday. august 18th. >> reporter: first semester of her sophomore year at san pablo's middle college vice call, her parents split up. >> i ended up finishing that semester with the lowest grade i ever was heaved in a class but then i promised myself the next semester that i would prioritize my education. >> reporter: she did, pulling down straight a's by the semester's end. and playing through some tough moments as an aau junior track star, with her dad as her
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coach. >> two weeks before we were to compete at the junior olympic national, she turned her ankle severely. i had to literally carry her off the field. >> reporter: now she was in graduate high school and take off or boston university on scholarship. with plans to become a doctor, inspired by her father, a vietnam veteran and former journalist to has faced some health problems. >> there are so many veterans, specifically black veterans, that have to deal with these conic elements before they get the healthcare benefits. >> she determines what has to be done. >> reporter: a determined spirit, father and daughter share, and a connection both say will keep them close as naja takes off. >> i know that even though i won't be here in person, i will still be here mentally to support them. >> reporter: for students rising above, i am michelle griego. >> naja to sports
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accomplishments go way beyond even the junior olympics. she was congratulated by 1968 olympic gold medal champion, dr. tommy smith, for being a platinum medal winner of president obama's residential fitness program. to get the award, she worked 2 1/2 years to earn 1 million points through activities like swimming, tennis, and track. she is remarkable. to learn more about students rising above and its scholars, go to our website, sra. speaking of remarkable, he is one of the best, and he is out there proving it today on the pacifica peer. paul heggen. >> talk about alex, our photographer. we took the weather show outdoors because the pacifica peer is back open after that storm damage back in january. friday evening, if you're just getting off of work and having a bit of a tough time coasting down from work, let's had over a little bit and give you a
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relaxing view of the pacific ocean making its way on shore. we will see if i can modulate my voice a little bit to add to the effect as well. it is nice out here, definitely on the cool side. there is that onshore breeze has been affecting temperatures along the coast since yesterday, around the bay and into the inland valleys, it will be across the entire bay area as we head into the easter weekend the let's take a look at what we expect. we will start off with weather headlines, clouds and fog rolling in as we head into the rest of tonight. a fair amount of cloud cover over the coast but it is really not settling down to ground level as fog just yet. near average high temperatures, we will be where we should be in early april, and that will continue next week, close to what is normal for the first week of april. no rain chances heading our way, just a slight chance maybe by the end of next week. let's take a look at the high temperatures from today and they were all over the place.
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here in pacifica, 51 degrees, that is not where we still stand at the moment. there is a wind about 15 miles an hour or so to make it feel cooler. the city only made up to 58 degrees, a little bit shorter than where we expected to top out. concord and fairfield made up into the low 80s, so all over the place, the high temperatures, a nice view of the golden gate as the cloud cover and fog will be making its way in over the next several hours. here arare the e current temperatures, 50 degrees on the nose right now in half moon bay, almost 30 degrees warmer in fairfield, 79 degrees there. mostly 60s and 70s around the bay area, pretty good weather if you will be heading out for a walk, jog, just sit outside for a little while. or like the guys here, your line into the water. temperatures tonight will drop down into the 40s, across the board. anywhere from 41 degrees in santa rosa to 40 degrees in antioch.
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49 degrees in san francisco will be the warm spot early saturday. we will start off with thatat fog.g. ththe wretcheded areaeas indidi whwhere the fog isis going to b ththickest and it will be prett widespread, kind is going into the inland valleys and taking it's time backing up as we head into the first half of the morning, improving his abilities in the first and then that fog backs up toward the coast where it will be kind of tough to shake. it will be a day like today where gradually it lifts and becomes regular cloud cover and then temperatures tried to warm up but we will be a lot closer to what is normal for this time of year as we look at tomorrow's high temperatures. about 2 to 5 degrees below normal around the bay, very close to average farther inland, san jose at 68, degree above normal. let's zoom in for a closer look and show you all those high temperatures. again, pacifica made up to 51 today. so 55 would be an improvement. upper 60s to around 70 degrees and the santa clara valley, the tri-valley will be in the e mim toto upper 60s to clclose itit oror even above 70 degrgrees, e
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of the diablo rarange. 73 in n fairfield d will be on the warmer spots around the bay again, slightly below average temperatures but not too bad for early april, the onshore breeze in the early morning fog will have an act and same thing, they will take a while to dissipate. by the north, for mendocino and lake counties, temperatures will reach up into the mid to upper 60s, not bad for easter saturday. more of the same as we head into the rest of next week, i mentioned the lack of rain chances, that is not entirely true. there is an outside chance of a shower by friday nothing to get excited about. the 20% chance does not warrant any raindrops in the icon in the seven-day forecast. we don't have anything to wash any pollen out of the air. we will be in the medium high to high category as we head into the next several days. alder, ash, and juniper are the top two offenders. there are those near average temperatures very little change to day-to-day as we head into the first full week of april, 70 degrees along the in the portions of the bay area, low to mid 60s around the bay with
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mid to upper 50s along the coast which is where i am. we will have another update coming up at 6:00. i knew it would be cooler. i do have hat and gloves sitting offscreen here. and i think you will be seeing me where more and more stuff as we go through 6:00 and 7:00. >> welcome to pacifica. >> watch out, watch out, alex. new at six, a vaccine appointment could be so tough it is like trying to get tickets to an exclusive event. when the supply could finally catch up to demand. a dramatic spike in homicides prompting one bay area police departments to set up an entirely new division. plus, how a neighborhood duck statue landed three people in very hot water. and still ahead here at 5:00, the rising climbs crimes
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with the rise in anti-asian hate crimes, there has been a growing interest in self- defense classes. there has also been a call for those witnessing attacks to intervene. reporter jasmine viel introduces us to one martial arts academy that is teaching people how to protect themselves. >> reporter: gary owns the g3 academy of martial arts in sierra madre, where he teaches
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have quito, a hybrid korean martial art. on this friday, he is teaching his students some basic self- defense moves from hitting pressure points, to how to break away from an attacker. during the pandemic, he moved to virtual classes and outdoor lessons in the park. he says he is now's seeing a renewed interest from people eager to learn these skills. >> the interest is always there, especially now more than ever. people want to come back and people want community and most important people want to feel safe. >> reporter: she signed up her two kids years ago. she says, for the rising violence against the asian american community, having her kids know how to protect themselves is important. >> they are very aware of the violence around the chinese and the asian-pacific people, so i'm like, you are ready. don't attack but you need to be able to defend yourself. >> reporter: last sunday they
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decided to offer a free self- defense class at the park, given the fear many are feeling in the asian american community. police caution it is good to know self-defense but to avoid at all costs unless necessary. >> with things that are happening with shootings and this and that, it is super important to know how to be able to defend. not fight, but defend. >> many self defense classes are catered to people of all ages, from toddlers to people in their 70s.
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and ken bastida. >> i was with cup. a busy 24 hours for police. hours after a deadly police shooting at a fremont hotel, officers were called back for a bomb threat. the hyatt place on west war and was evacuated for several hours this morning after a suspicious package was bound. it turned out not to be a bomb but 24-year-old varun suresh was arrested on suspicion of making a false threat. right around this time yesterday, officers shot and killed the suspect who they say pulled a gun in the hotel parking lot as they attempted to arrest him on felony warrants. no word on what he was wanted for, and it is a second deadly shooting for fremont police in the past eight days. in san jose, police are on the hunt for the driver of a white mercedes cls, who killed a woman in a wheelchair. police say that


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