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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 14, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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cbs it morning is up next. have a great day everybody. ♪ ♪ good morning to you, our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning" on this wednesday, april 14, 2021. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. dr. anthony fauci says a pause in the johnson & johnson vaccine will last days, not months. how government officials are trying to reassure americans about the safety of this vaccine. protests erupt for a third night in minnesota after the death of daunte wright. we could learn today whether the police officer who shot wright will face charges. a rising number of colleges and universities will require students to be vaccinated before they return for the fall semester. why that mandate could face legal challenges. >> and kane brown will talk to
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us about breaking barriers in country music. how the acm nominee is addressing racism with his music and plans to tour again. >> love his voice. today here's today's "on eye opener in 90 seconds." >> we are scheduled for anyone with a j&j, vaccine quickly rescheduled with a pfizer and moderna vaccine. >> the cdc has halted johnson & johnson's vaccine after six women developed a rare blood clotting disorder. >> this is a very rare event. it's less than one in a million. >> brooklyn center, minnesota. protesters are out for the third night in a row after the dath of daunte wright. >> the police veteran who fired the shot quit the force. >> the defense in the derek chauvin trial. >> i felt that derek chauvin was justified in the directions with mr. floyd.
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>> president biden plans to announce that all 2500 u.s. troops in afghanistan will leave by september 11th. >> all that -- >> he terribly throws the ball straight toward the gutter and he throws a perfect strike. >> and all that matters. >> aaron rodgers has been the guest host of "jeopardy" this week. one answer looked like it broke rodgers' heart. in the 1960s these midwesterners earned five nfl trophies. >> green bay packers? [ laughter ] >> on "cbs this morning." >> dwayne "the rock" johnson says he'll run for president if it's, quote, what the people want. you know what he's promising to do? he'll dwayne the swamp. >> that's cute. >> you're an action star. being a president is boring. it's all legislation and diplomacy and paperwork. as we all know, paper beats
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♪ ♪ >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by progressive, making it easy to bundle insurance. >> i don't want to laugh, but i am. >> okay, stephen. rock, paper, scissors. we get it. we get it. welcome to "cbs this morning" and we will begin with tis. we get this, too, all 50 states have agreed to stop using johnson & johnson's covid vaccine for now more than 7.2 million americans have received the one-dose shot and six have developed blood clots. the condition is extremely rare and that's important, they say, but they ask for the vaccine to pause out of an abundance of caution. that pause is not expected to last long, but there are worries the move will cause more people to think twice before being vaccinated. nancy cordes, good morning to you. >> good morning, tony. the cdc is holding a meeting today to review those six cases and the fda is investigating, as well, as the president's chief medical adviser, dr. anthony
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fauci says that he anticipates this pause will last days, not weeks or months and the white house is telling us that despite this setback, they still believe they are on track to make sure that every american who wants a shot will get one by the end of may. >> vaccine sites across the country had to make a quick pivot away from johnson & johnson tuesday as states began canceling some appointments and re-booking others for different vaccines. >> a little sad because i'd like the one and done. >> officials recommended the pause after six women in the u.s. developed serious blood clots. >> it's out of an abundance of caution. >> johnson & johnson described it as an extremely rare disorder as governors downplayed the news. >> hopefully this is just a small setback that we will overcome. >> this is an abundance of caution, but behind the scenes in a conference call with white house officials, state leaders expressed frustration. >> the ability for governors to
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re-instill confidence after something like this is a hundred times harder than putting the pause on in the first place. >> the public health director in kentucky's purchase area says he's concerned yesterday's announcement will deter some people from getting any of the vaccines. >> that is just frustrating for the providers because we know we're there, we're ready to give the vaccine, but the people just aren't coming in. >> the white house insists the pace of vaccinations will not change much. about 95% of the supplies so far has come from pfizer and moderna. >> there's enough vaccine that is basically 100% unquestionable for every single solitary american. >> dr. anthony fauci told cbs evening news anchor and managing editor norah o'donnell recent rhys in recipients should look for severe headaches, chest discomfort and difficulty
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breathing. >> it appears that adverse event occurs within six days and 13 days. if you're beyond weeks and had a month or two ago you don't need to worry about anything. >> it's been maybe about four weeks now. >> the houston paralegal says she would get the shot again. the side effects pretty much with anything that we take whether it's surgeries, medicines, whatever. >> health experts still have not determined to what extent, if any, the johnson and johnson vaccine contributed to these very rare blood clots, but there is promising news this morning about the two other vaccines that are available to americans. moderna released updated data showing that its covid vaccine is more than 95% effective against severe cases six months after the second dose and pfizer's ceo yesterday announced that the company would be boosting production and delivering 10% more doses to the
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u.s. by the end of may than previously announced. anthony? >> both very encouraging numbers, nancy. thank you. u.s. surgeon general dr. vivek murthy joins us. given how rare these blood clots are, six cases out of some 7 mill i don't know doses administered so far, and the possibility that this could significantly increase vaccine hesitancy. is there a risk that this pause is an overreaction? >> good morning. it is good to be with you today. you are right that these cases are rare at this moment. we have six cases out of 7 million doses administers and what is very important is safety and instilling trust in the american public and people need to know that this is working with them and even though it was an easy decision and it was a right decision to put a pause on the administration of the vaccine and to give us a chance to do two things, one is investigate whether there is, in
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fact, a link between the vaccine and the six cases of the dangerous blood clots and second, to give us a chance to talk to the medical community and to help them understand what we were looking for and to also help them to treat these blood clots if they do, in fact, arise. so what's your message to people who may feel after this news even more hesitant to get a vaccine? >> here's what i would say. remember, first of all, these are rare events. six out of the 7 million doses administered and remember this, as well. if you received the johnson & johnson vaccine or if a family member of yours received a vaccine your likelihood of developing blood clots and especially these dangerous blood clots is extremely rare and you'll be okay just like the millions of others who have had the vaccine and the important message to send to everyone is that we are talking about one of
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the three vaccines offered in the u.s. the vast majority of people over 110 million have received the pfizer and moderna vaccines and we still feel very confident about those vaccines. so i believe we are still on track to ensure we are vaccinating the country, and i think we will find out within days what the analysis is of this pause, and then we'll be able to continue forward with our vaccination campaign. >> dr. murthy, something keeps popping up on your screen. we see it, too. we don't know what the hell it is. everything is safe and there's something that looks like a dog popping up around you, but all is good. >> it's my little boy. [ laughter ] >> oh! so sorry! at least we can explain. thank you. thank you! >> that's awesome. >> good morning to your son. good morning. but i want to go back to anthony's question for a moment. if this is rare and if you do feel that it's safe, why have the pause? because all this does is give
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people who were hesitant to take the vaccine anyway, see? see? i told you theyd , it's not safe and i know all of the experts are saying don't worry. don't worry. it's not good. this is all very, very frightening and i know you've answered this question, but people are still extremely nervous. why pause it if you still think it's safe? >> gayle, there are two reasons to pause, and one is again, to have a chance to do the actual investigation, and to see if there is a real link and the second to have that time to communicate with health care professionals about what to look for, but also how to treat this condition. gayle, what's different about these blood clots is they're not the average run of the mill blood clot that we hear about all of the time. these are an unusual type of clot that occurs when your levels of platelets or cells that help with clotting are low, as well. in that situation you don't treat with the usual blood thinners like heparin that you typically give in the hospital. that requires a very different
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treatment and the fact that you give the conventional treatment you can worsen the situation and this is why we wanted a is chance to communicate openly with people. these pauses are common when the vks vaccines and drugs are rolled out. we are doing the due diligence to make sure everything is safe so we can continue to the vaccine efforts. >> we need to be reminded of that, and kudos to you with your son climbing all over you. >> we are very close. >> he loves his dad, clearly. >> thank you, dr. vivek murthy. >> switching gears to a tough story. the district attorney handling the daunte wright case, we may learn today if the officer who shot him will be charged and this comes in brooklyn center, minnesota where daunte wright
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died. omar villafranca where police officer kim potter meant to reach for her taser before shooting and killing daunte wright. good morning to you. >> good morning. the national guard is still here behind me watching in front of the scene in front of the brooklyn center police department after another night of protests despite a curfew, flashbangs and pepper spray were used on a crud. aro yesterday kim poeter and the police chief both resigned and people think she should have been fired. >> i never thought this would happen. i just thought he was being arrested. >> kate wright said she was on the phone with the woman who was in the car with her son moments after the shooting. >> it was on a facetime, and she said -- she was crying and screaming and she said that they shot him, and she'd pointed the phone towards the driver's seat and my son was laying there
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unresponsive. that was the last time that i've seen my son. >> police say daunte wright had been pulled over for an expired vk tag and officers tried to arrest him when they learned of an outstanding warrant and that he resisted. police say officer kim potter who had been training a new officer thought she reached for her taser, but she fired a gun instead. officer potter was a 26-year veteran of the police force along with police chief tim gannon, potter offered her resignation tuesday saying in a letter she believes it is in the best interest of the community, the department and my fellow officers if i resign immediately. brooklyn center mayor, mike elliot. >> i'm hoping this will bring some calm to the community about -- ultimately people want justice. >> why was she allowed to resign and why didn't you fire her instead? >> we were going through our own processes to make sure that we had all of the documentation in
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order in order to be able to do that. >> daunte wright's life matters! >> in a show of solidarity, wright's family met tuesday with the family of george floyd just outside the courthouse where the murder trial of former officer derek chauvin is being held. >> we are here, and we will fight for justice for this family just like we're fighting for our brother. >> at that press conference, i asked city officials since potter resigned and was not fired would she be able to keep her pension and apply for another law enforcement job? the mayor and the acting police chief could not answer that question. it's also worth noting that the mayor asked the state attorney general to take over that case, but the state a.g. says he's confident the washington county d.a. can handle it. >> that's a very good question you asked omar, because people are wondering will she be able to get another job and that's a problem for many. thank you very much. >> ten miles south of brooklyn center derek chauvin's defense attorneys are working with
7:15 am
witnesses who blame him for the death of george floyd. >> any resister, handcuffed or not should go to the ground into a prone control position. >> barry brood said chauvin was justified when he handcuffed george floyd and put on the pavement. >> the prosecution questioned brodd's judgment on cross-examination. >> which part of this is noncompliant. >> i see his arm position in the picture that was posted that a compliant person would have both their hands in the small of their back and resting comfortably versus he is still moving around. >> think he came off terribly. >> joe tamborin, who is not affiliated with the case saying his testimony lacked empathy. >> the police don't have to fight fair, actually, they do. a jury want to see people on the
7:16 am
stand who realize the gravity of the situation regardless if they find that the use of force was reasonable or unreasonable. >> trying to show that floyd was susceptible to stress ask drugs the defense brought out bodycam video of a 2019 traffic stop in which floyd was arrested. the now-retired police officer and a retired paramedic seen on this video testified floyd's blood pressure was high and he admitted to taking opioids that day. >> while we were in the car for the first, like, eight minutes we were talking. >> the defense also called shawanda hill to testify. she was in the suv with floyd the day he died and spoke about his physical state when police arrived. >> he grabbed the wheel and he was, like, please, please, don't kill me. don't shoot me. what did i do? just tell me what i did, please! >> in total the defense called six witnesses with the majority spending less than 30 minutes on the stand, despite the whirlwind, jurors were seen taking lots of notes.
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medical experts are up next with still no word on whether or not chauvin will testify. >> jamie, thank you. later in this broadcast, attorney benjamin crump will join us. the biden administration has a new deadline to end america's longest war and it is 20 years to the day after the 9/11 attacks that started it. the president plans to announce today that all u.s. combat troops will start leaving afghanistan by may 1st and will be out by september 11th. the trump administration had agreed to a total withdrawal by may 1st in a deal struck with the taliban more than 2300 americans have died in afghanistan. holly williams has reported extensively from the region. holly, what's the rafk wisk wit carrying out this withdrawal in. >> the fear in afghanistan is u.s. troops leaving will open the door to more chaos and blood shed and hand more power to the taliban and their harsh, islamic
7:18 am
rule. its owned more territory now than the u.s. invasion in 2001, trying to bring peace to afghanistan following the september 11th attacks which americans have paid for with blood and treasure, u.s. officials now acknowledge that afghanistan's problems simply cannot be solved by the american military. it's worth pointing out that the u.s. is not the first country to be bogged down in a military quagmire in afghanistan, it happened to the russians and the british in the past. unlike in iraq where extremist groups have plotted or inspired terrorism in the u.s., a u.s. official says that the threat to america emanating from afghanistan doesn't require a military footprint, but tony, you will doubtless remember that the taliban previously provided al qaeda and osama bin laden with a safe haven. >> we will not forget. holly williams for us in london. holly, thank you very much. >> ahead, how some colleges will require vaccinations for students returning in the fall and the possible legal
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that's kane brown's acm-nominatedview for "worldwide beautiful." ahead we'll talk about eing the . it's 7:26. seven bay area counties are temporarily shelving the johnson and johnson shot. this as vaccine eligibility starts in santa contraria county. crews investigating a fire in san jose and a body has been found at the scene. flames broke out at a building on center road. the fire is now under control. it's not clear if the victim died as a result the fire. the windsor town council will hold a special meeting today to consider demanding the resignation of the mayor. he is accused of sexually
7:27 am
assaulting at least six women. and taking a look at the roadways we have a traffic alert looking at one of our maps. this is on the southbound side of 880 before 16th avenue. that number four lane shut down. it's just a slow ride. travel times now, 38 minute from the maze over to san leandro. lanes are open on 580 eastbound near isabel. everything over to the shoulder but still slow in both directions. and here is a beautiful view. as we look to san francisco and across the bay. you can see the sun trying to breakthrough the clouds this morning. we are looking at temperatures that will be seasonal for this time of year with that sunshine and expected. looking at not as windy for today for the daytime highs as well ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ pretty picture. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the pause in the johnson & johnson vaccine co-insides with a -- coincides with a push by some colleges and universities to require students to be inn inoculated by the fall semester. at least a dozen schools are mandatesing that students be vaccinated before coming back to campus. rutgers university was the first to announce that requirement. meg oliver's in piscataway, new jersey, where she spoke to the university's president about what the fall may look like on their campus. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we talked to the president of rutgers here at shi stadium where they play their football and lacrosse home games. he told us come fall he hopes to fill these stands, but to do
7:31 am
that they need herd immunity. do you think there is the new normal, requiring students to be vaccinated? >> i sure hope so. >> reporter: jonathan holloway's tenure as president of rutgers university started just as the pandemic began. >> we've been remote since i've been here. >> reporter: and come fall, holloway wants his students back on campus. how did the student body react when you made the announcement? >> the reaction's been wholly positive. they know this is the path to reopening. >> i am very excited. >> reporter: 19-year-old miriam jackson is a freshman at rutgers. her college experience has been anything but typical. >> i didn't get to do the whole prom thing, i didn't really get to do the whole full graduation thing. >> reporter: after missing out on senior year of high school's most memorable moments, jackson now attends college classes from her childhood bedroom. she plans to get the vaccine. do you have any reservations about getting the vaccine as a 19-year-old when there have been no long-term studies conducted
7:32 am
yet? >> not really. i don't really have any reservations. and i never really had any reservations. >> reporter: what are your biggest reservations for requiring the vaccine for this younger age group before long-term studies have been completed? >> i don't have reservations right now. >> reporter: but some students do have reservations about the vaccine, and so do some of their parents. what happens to the student who doesn't want to get the vaccine? what kind of options do they have? >> in are always going to be exemptions for religious reasons and for health reasons. for those who simply don't want to, the fact is there are lots of other options for them, for their education. i hate to say it that harshly, but that's the fact. we will have the safest possible campus. >> reporter: most colleges and universities already mandate several vaccines, like measles, mumps, and rubella, also known as mmr. covid-19 vaccines are mother nature complicated. they were green lit by the fda an emergency use authorization come allows for use of a drug before it's approved.
7:33 am
how can rutgers mandate a vaccine that is still only for emergency use authorization? >> we feel very comfortable according to new jersey state law that we have the ability to make that decision for the safety of the community. >> reporter: you feel like you can stand on legal ground and do this? >> i feel very comfortable where we stand on legal ground based on the new jersey state law that gives us the ability to make this decision. >> reporter: cbs news legal analyst rickki klieman. is it legal for universities to require students get the covid-19 vaccine before returning to campus? >> it absolutely is legal. colleges and universities throughout the country just like employers always have the right to enforce the public health. >> reporter: do you think universities and colleges will end up in court over this? >> i have flohave no doubt there legal challenges. these are not vaccines like others for colleges and universities that have stood the test of time. so it is an avenue for a legal
7:34 am
challenge. it doesn't necessarily mean that it will be successful. >> reporter: what does rutgers university in the fall look like? >> it looks like a busy campus. remember, i start -- i'm a covid president. i've never seen this campus alive with all of its students. that's what i'm hoping to accomplish. and so we can get back to life as we used to know it. >> reporter: rutgers plans to start administering the vaccine here on campus pretty soon. they don't have a clear date weathernet that is going -- when that is going to start. many universities have been using the johnson & johnson vaccine. it's unclear how the pause will affect them, but rutgers says it will not affect their ability to vaccinate all of their students. anthony? >> thank you. i know my son will be going back for his senior year in the fall. and boston university has said everybody has to be vaccinated. and -- >> how does young nick mason -- >> i haven't talked to him about it. i know how i feel. i'm -- i'm very happy about it. >> yeah. >> you want -- and i'm hoping it will give him a chance to have a much fuller senior year because
7:35 am
his junior year and sophomore year were clouded by all of this. >> the key to normalcy. it's new, but -- >> kids are desperate for it. >> yes. yes. does he listen to you? >> not anymore -- >> depends what we're talking about. >> you just want everybody to be safe. you're right. it is the key to normalcy. that's what i keep focusing on. we'll see. coming up, we go inside a hospital in brazil where a dangerous new wave of covid infections is pushing the health care system to the brink. the warning for americans about the variant that's fueling the surge there. we'll be right back.
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for the second time there year, lawmakers and loved ones gathered in the u.s. capitol rotunda yesterday to honor a fallen capitol police officer. president biden led the mourners for officer william "billy" evans. he was killed by a car that rammed into a security barricade nearly two weeks ago. >> losing a son, daughter, brother, sister, mom, dad, is like losing a piece of your soul. but it's buried deep, but it comes back. >> evans' son wore a police cap in his father's memory. his young daughter wiped tears from her mother's face. at one point the young girl accidentally dropped a toy, and the president jumped up to make
7:41 am
sure she got it back. >> such a dad/grandfather move to make. he did it so quickly and automatically. but it really got to me when you saw the little daughter. there's nothing like a child trying to comfort a parent. >> her mom. >> that just opens you up. >> little abigail all of 7 years old. >> i know. >> logan's just 9. >> a beautiful service. beautiful ceremony and tribute. >> it was. brazil's battle against a dangerous coronavirus variant could be a warning for the united states. brazil's hospitals are at the breaking point under a skyrocketing number of new cases. the surge is being driven by a more infectious strain known as p1. it originated in brad and already has been found in more than half of these united states. manuel bojorquez is in brazil's hard hit area. good morning to you. >> reporter: the situation is dire. when the p1 variant started to take hold last month, more than half of the states here in brazil were already reporting icu capacity at 90% or
7:42 am
higherment we got an inside look at how the situation is pushing the length system to the brink. every single patient at the sao paulo's villa penteado hospital suffers from covid-19. there's no room for any others. in your experience how many of these nine people in this one room will recover or not? [ speaking foreign language ] less than half will recover. surprisingly, dr. daniela de jesus says more and more of these patients are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. unlike icus in the u.s., these wards are open, no barriers between patients. you really get the sense of worst case scenario being in this hospital. this room people are being intubated. in the other room we saw someone getting chest compressions. a daily struggle that haunts those working here. [ speaking foreign language ] you're the last person they see before they die. scientists believe a variant that originated in brazil known as p1 is helping to fuel the
7:43 am
surge here. dr. miguel nicolelis is a professor of neuroscience at duke university. >> for sure p1 is 2.5 times more transmissible and more infectious. >> reporter: why should people in the united states care about what's happening here? >> well, if i were talking to someone in oklahoma, i would tell him or her, be very worried about it because if brazil is out of control, the world will be out of control in a few weeks. variants, they are brewing here every day, every week, they will escape. >> reporter: he says he spoke out about the worsening threat months ago, but few listened. mostably, president five fejair bolsonaro who fought restrictions put in place by some. >> we are fighting against two virus at this moment. the coronavirus and bolsonaro virus. >> reporter: they believe the limited restrictions that are enforced like closing shopping malls have started to show
7:44 am
results. >> we need at this moment to be united against the virus. not divided. >> reporter: are you still advocating for a lockdown right now? >> we are advocating lockdown right now. we have the red phase at this moment. it's a lockdown, a lockdown to preserve lives and to orient people to stay home at this time. please, stay home. >> reporter: just yesterday brazil's senate launched an official investigation into bolsonaro's handling of the pandemic which could lead to a referral of possible wrongdoing to law enforcement. the health ministry here says so far just roughly 3% of the population has been fully vaccinated. gayle? >> really good point you made there, manny. that just because it's in brazil doesn't mean we shouldn't worry about it here. we are definitely paying attention. thank you very much. coming up next, vlad duthiers has the stories we think you're going to be talking about today.
7:45 am
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time for "what to watch." vlad, good morning. heavy weather off the coast of louisiana. >> indeed. that actually is our first story that we think you'll be talking about today. emergency crews are scrambling to find up to a dozen people unaccounted for after a commercial ship capsized off the louisiana coast. the 129-foot vessel overturned when severe storms hit the region yesterday. other ships in the area sprung into action to help save crew members. the coast guard says at least six people have been rescued from the gulf of mexico. the ship's owner says 18 people were on board when the bad weather rolled through. >> hard to tell what we were looking at when i first saw it. >> the vessel has big legs because it sets itself up as a platform. that was one of the legs coming off -- >> all right. i didn't know what that was.
7:50 am
>> four american ships assisted the coast guard in rescuing those folks. cheers to them. cheers to this young woman. she's a university of north texas softball pitcher, and she scored a historic feat. her name is hope trautwein, and she pitched a more than perfect game on sunday. she faced 21 batters from the university of arkansas at pine bluff, and struck out every single one of them. not a single batter put a ball in play. that is the first time that has ever happened in ncaa softball history. and we asked her how she's reacting to her record-setting win. >> if i was hearing this news and someone else had did this, i'd be like, my gosh, that girl's like insane. the fact that it was like me doing it, i'm like so -- like i haven't really taken it in. >> oh, i love her smile. >> remarkable. >> the first nine batters all struck out on three pitches. >> wow. >> she knew she had a before game. she didn't realize -- perfect game. she didn't realized she struck
7:51 am
out everybody. >> i was looking at the stats. in the 150 years of major league baseball and over 218,000 games, more than 218, there have only been 23 official perfect games. >> right. >> she's -- >> insane. >> she's always been an overpowering pitcher even as a kid. she said in little league you struck out or got hit by a pitch. that was it. >> wow. very definition of unhittable. hit by a pitch would mean not a perfect game. >> all right. >> very difficult. >> sounds like it. go, hope. >> exactly. i'm with you, gayle. all right. taylor swift just crushed stephen colbert's dreams. the pop star appeared on "the late show" last night and confirmed her song "hey stephen" is not about him. she brought along a mood board that proved otherwise. watch this. >> taylor those are pictures of me. >> no. this is a pizza. >> here's what else is funny --
7:52 am
swifties were focused on the hidden messages from the you've. they say her next recorded album release will be 1989. she used phrases that matched the song off the album like "shake it off." i looked up the songs with our names. "moving out," anthony's song, billy joel. ask him about that. and g-a-y-l-e by chick correa and tony's theme the pixies. >> i like that. >> she said "hey stephen" was about steven king. thanks. stay with us. [sfx: rainstorm] ♪ comfort in the extreme. ♪ the lincoln family of luxury suvs. welcome! it's time to see which chew is best in show for long-lasting flea and tick protection. we may be here for weeks, or even months! holy smokes, a rejection in protection at week 5!
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. a major break-in a 25-year- old california cold case. paul flores the last person to see cal poly student kristin smart was arrested yesterday on suspicious of murdering the freshman in 1996. airman accused of attacking two asians will appear many court. will face a hearing over the assault. there is a proposal in san francisco that would make muni free.
7:57 am
the incentive is aimed to encourage rider ship as the city reopens. frequent riders could save $81 a month. and if you take public transit today may be a good choice especially if you are on the nimmet's freeway. it's a tough one. we have a traffic alert. lanes are still blocked and you are backed up through that whole area. it's a tough ride there and on that northbound side we have delays as well. 31 minutes now south 880 into san leandroo. aswe head through the sunshine afternoon. looking at temperatures in the 40's and 50's at this hour as we head through the afternoon. seasonal temperatures for this time. little warmer compared to yesterday. 57 though cool along the coast and pacifica. 68 in oakland. 72 in san jose and check out my new mini munchies with mac & cheese bites. ♪ one more bite- ♪
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♪cause i can't wait forever.♪ mac & cheese, now in a tasty bite. part of my new $4 mini munchies. only at jack in the box. it's wednesday, april 14th, 2021. we welcome you back to "cbs this morning" on this hump da it's wednesday, april 14th. the families of george floyd and donte wright share the loss of a loved one. we'll talk to the attorney of both the families. the pause on the johnson & johnson vaccine raises new concerns about vaccine hesit hesitancy. we'll answer your questions about shot safety. and kane brown is set to hit the road again. we'll tell you why he's ready to start going again. all 50 states have stopped using johnson & johnson's
8:01 am
vaccine for now. more than 7.2 million americans have received the shot. dr. anthony fauci says that he operates this pause will last days, not weeks or months. >> is there a risk in pause is an overreaction? >> we have six cases over 7 million doses administered. what's important is safety and instilling trust in the american public. and people need to know the system is working for them. the national guard is watching over the scene after another night of protests despite a curfew. in total the defense called six witnesses with the majority spending less than 30 minutes on the stand. despite the whirlwind, jurors were seen taking lots of notes. medical experts are up next with no word on whether chauvin will testify. ge is currently developing a covid-19 detector for smart phones. siri, do i have covid? >> did you say you're cold? >> no, i said do i have covid?
8:02 am
>> here are stores where you can buy women's clothes. >> do i have covid? >> now playing whoopty by c.j. >> it does feel like that a lot of times when you try to talk to your phone. talk slowly and loudly. we welcome you back to "cbs this morning." we're going to begin with this. a third night of protests in brooklyn center, minnesota ahead of a possible decision today on criminal charges in the death of donte wright. officer kim potter offered to resign. her resignation has not been accepted yet and there are growing demands she's fired instead. this body camera video will be a key factor on whether to bring criminal charges in the case. one thing for certain, the family of george floyd is showing their support for the wright family. >> we will fight for justice for this team just like we're fighting for our brother.
8:03 am
she shouldn't have to go through what we're going through. nobody should. this is a family that needs us to stand with them in solidarity now. >> and the same attorney who represents the floyd family now represents the wright family and we will be speaking with him in a moment. >> about ten miles from the brooklyn center protest, derek chauvin's defense lawyers are making their case. yesterday they called a use of force expert to argue that chauvin was justified when he held george floyd down for more than nine minutes. things got tense during cross examination after the witness said things may have gone smoother if floyd had acted differently. >> what part of this is not compliant? >> i say his arm position in the picture that's posted. >> right. >> that a compliant person would have both their hands in the small of their back and be resting comfortably. he's still moving around. >> did you say resting
8:04 am
comfort comfortably? >> or laying comfortably. >> resting comfortably on the pavement? >> yes. >> closing arguments and deliberations are expected next week according to the judge. civil rights attorney ben krump joins us. he represents george floyd's family and donte wright's family as well. i want to start with the testimony we heard yesterday. we heard that expert say, use the words resting comfortably. he was certainly called on that. he said the restraints were justified. that's the exact opposite of what the prosecutor said last week. at one point he said police don't have to fight fair. what did you make of his testimony yesterday? >> i thought it was a desperate attempt to distract us. we all saw, gayle, george floyd face down, handcuffed, posing no threat to those officers. what he was trying to do was to breathe. he was trying to extend his life, and if that is resisting
8:05 am
arrest, i guess we all do that, gayle. we all want to extend life. that's all george floyd desperately was trying to do was take another breath. >> the judge says that closing arguments are expected next week, so i suppose it's not too soon to start talking about how the case is going and what you think the conclusion will be. we should remind people that you and your team need 12 jurors to vote guilty to get a conviction here. the defense only needs one to say no, not. with that in mind, how do you think things are going? >> well, i think attorney general keith ellison and his team of prosecutors are making a very compelling case why derek chauvin should be here criminally liable for killing george floyd, but as i've said before, i've been a civil rights attorney for the balance of my professional career. but i've been black all my life.
8:06 am
and i know we can never, ever take for granted in america that a police officer would be held accountable for killing a black person no matter how much evidence we have. >> i want to talk about the shooting of donte wright for a second. the officer who fired the shot, kim potter, a veteran officer, resigned yesterday. what do you make of that decision? >> well, like donte's family, we don't think it's fair that she can kill himnd m a mistake and then resign and keep all her benefits, all her pensions. no, she should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. the fact that she is a 26 -year veteran who, gayle, tony, anthony, she was training officers. >> yes. >> the weapon is on her dominant
8:07 am
hand side, the taser on the dom dominant side. the weight difference. thet the taser has a bright yellow strip. the gun is all black. and i'm sorry, she did not have to even taze this young man. it was a misdemeanor warrant. they always seem to do the most engage in the most excessive use of force when it's a marginalized minority. george floyd, they could have given him a ticket for this allegation of a $20 fraudulent bill. they could have given him a ticket. they did not have to arrest him. but when it's black people, they seem to engage in the most excessive force just like the lieutenant in virginia. >> yeah. i think it's so important to keep reminding people that the george floyd case started with a koubt fit bill. we don't even know if he knew it was counterfeit. in the right case, it was an
8:08 am
expired tag. i want to talk about the families. you represent both families who now belong to a club that nobody wants to belong to. these are different cases but the emotions are the same. and the feelings are the same and the circumstances are similar. it looked to me it was like a summit of sorrow to see the two families together. what did they say to each other and how do you think they -- how did they help each other? it had to be on some level comforting to be able to talk face to face. >> gayle king, that's an excellent way to define it. sorrow. george floyd's family about this time last year was dealing with this unthinkable intrusion into their lives, and now they are having to tell donte wright's mother, father, his baby's mother, what they're going to have to endure.
8:09 am
the assault on his charkt. trying to assassinate his character after they assassinated his person, but how they're going to have to grieve in the public side. his mother is going to get his body back to the funeral home for the first time today. so she is dealing with that all the time where we expect there to be some announcement whether they're going to charge the officer or not. so the brothers of george floyd were just trying to explain to them no matter what, you have a good support system and every day you just try to breathe. you just try to breathe. because there's no right or wrong in this. there's nothing fair about this. >> do you think that derek chauvin will or should take the stand? >> well, as an attorney, gayle, we will always defer in a criminal matter never to let your client take the stand, but
8:10 am
normally if your client takes the stand, it is a desperate, desperate effort to try to make sure that he is somehow -- that's the only way, and the only reason i would see him taking the stand. that they feel desperate. >> yeah. well, conversation for another day. we keep -- these stories keep repeating. we now have another name. i'm tired of reporting them. i'm sure you're tired of trying them, being involved in it. we have to talk about systematic police reform and acknowledge there's a problem in this country with the black community and the police. and most police do their job and do it well. and we -- it's heart breaking to me, ben, that we have to keep having this same conversation over and over and over again, and nothing changes. >> gayle, i cannot believe within ten miles of where derek
8:11 am
chauvin is being tried for killing george floyd -- i can't fathom another police officer killed another unarmed black men. you would think during this time they would use the greatest standard of care. they would do everything to deescalate. i'm just heart broken and shocked. >> yeah. that's why this is all so troubling. thank you. i know we'll talk again. thanks a lot for your time today. >> thank you. ahead, we answer your questions about vaccine safety after the pause in the rollout of that johnson
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ ♪ i might have to sing your praise i might have to go to church ♪ ♪ every single night and day ♪ >> dan brown's wife and daughter appear in his video for his song "worship you, "his album nominated for an acm award. ahead we'll talk with kane brown about breaking barriers in the country music industry. ♪ >> my favorite kane brown song. just saying. >> is this your favorite one? it's a great video. ♪ i worship you ♪ >> i love it. love it. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." >> let the song keep playing. ♪ (dog) mmm. this beneful grain free is so healthy... oh! farm-raised chicken! that's good chicken! hm!? here come the accents. blueberries and pumpkin. wow. and spinach!
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8:18 am
a cd c advisory committee will meet today to decide whether to continue the pause on johnson & johnson's single-dose coronavirus vaccine. yesterday you'll recall the agency and the fda said they would take a closer look at any potential link between the vaccine and a rare blood clotting disorder. more than seven million doses have already been administered in the united states. blood clots were reported in six women between the ages of 18 and 48. one of those women died. our dr. tara narula joins us now with the details, and she'll answer viewer questions, as well, about vaccine safety. good morning to you. i think right off the top, were
8:19 am
you surprised by this decision by the fda and the cdc? >> let me be clear in saying i think this was absolutely the right decision. and all of the officials yesterday saying this is take eaen out of abundance of caution with the hope that the pause will be days to a week. the reality is we need to put perspective on this. number one, this is extremely rare. it's a one in a million chance. of course, those numbers might change. still very rare. and number two, at a time in our country when we've talked about lack of transparency and lack of faith in our federal government, this is a signal that we are doing the right thing. we are putting the safety of americans first. and the health as a number-one priority. the pause is really giving time for three things. it's giving time for doctors to appropriately diagnose, report, and treat these conditions should they find them. number two, it's giving time for the cdc to evaluate if there are mother nature cases that we haven't -- more cases that we
8:20 am
haven't picked up on. three, for the expert committee of the cdc to decide what are the next steps going to be. and those really are, number one it gets taken off the market, two, it gets kept on the market with some provisions like maybe it's used only in older individuals or in certain categories. or three, they say this is really not that consequential, and we leave it as is. >> you're right, of course, this is a sign of the process working. and i hope people take that message away. you worry that they won't, however. so i'm concerned and i wonder if you share the concern that this could slow down the rate of vaccination in this country and thereby slow down our return to normalcy. >> well, i certainly hope that's not the case. and we know that about 180 million doses of pfizer and moderna have been ad ministered, and not one of these cases has been seen. certainly americans should feel reassured that at least with those vaccines that are readily available now that there should not be any incidents, we haven't seen any of this particular rare condition. and hopefully we will get to the
8:21 am
bottom of what's going on with johnson & johnson soon. we really do need people to take the vaccines if they can, the ones that are available that we know are safe and effective. >> people even now more nervous. i know you get that, too. we've got a viewer question here. he asked -- i got the johnson & johnson vaccine, what should i be looking for in terms of -- what should i be looking for in i have a blood clot? good question. >> great question. so if the vaccine was administered over a month ago, the risk of this condition is extremely rare and probably not really an issue. if the person received the vaccine within the previous three weeks, we know that the median day of onset of this condition occurred about nine days. then certainly they should be looking for things like headache, a headache that's severe and persistent, abdominal pain, nausea vomiting, leg pain or swelling. it's also -- >> do you know why more women are affected? certain ethnic group? >> we don't know that. but certainly when you look at
8:22 am
what's happened in europe with the astrazeneca, we also saw predominance of women. we will nationweed to evaluate figure out is there some underlying condition that predisposed these women that we don't know about. we know that there were cases in men in europe with that astrazeneca vaccine. so there may be more cases that come out here. in fact, dr. shucket yesterday after the press conference mentioned that there was one man in the j&j trial that retrospectively may have had a similar situation. it may be genetics and hormones playing into it, as well. >> thank you very much. we'll stay on top of this. as i know you will, too. thanks a lot. ahead, asian american parents tell us about the difficult conversations they're having with their children about the acts of hate against their communities. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you for that. we'll be right back.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
his two academy of country music award nominations. they're big ones. local news is coming up next. . as we take a look at the
8:26 am
roadways right now, 880 is recovering from an earlier traffic alert. all lanes are now open southbound side of it at 16th. you have a busy ride in both directions. do plan for that this morning. you will want to stick with 580 or as alternate. hopefully things will get back on track. south 880 from the maze to san leandro18 minutes. if you are going westbound 580 to the maze that will take you 19 minutes. still a busy ride as well. 580 continues to stay slow as you head through the pass. pleasant day with that sun. seasonal daytime highs and not as windy. still cool along the coast. mid to upper 50's around the bay. mid to upper 60's. still a mild day and warming up inland into the upper 60's to low to mid-70s. check out that sunshine on future cast. very similar for thursday and friday. warming up for our weekend.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." it is time to bring you some of the stories that are "talk of the table" this morning. and mr. mason is up first, and a very good mood after the mets won two -- >> swept two from the phillies. i'm in a good mood. and i have a baseball story to start. a special baseball story involving the atlanta braves and freddie freeman, fans when nuts when freeman had a monster home run over the weekend. as it happened, it landed in the hands of a couple of phillies fans, james scott and his son, joshua. here's the really cool part -- they saw a freddie freeman fan in a freddie freeman jersey nearby, and they gave him the ball. >> wow! >> that's nice. >> wait a minute. it gets even better because joshua and his father james went
8:31 am
to the game the next day and who came over to say hello? freddie freeman himself. what did he have? a ball signed by himself and by bryce harper of the phillies. >> wow. >> take a look at that. >> anthony -- >> that is a beautiful gesture. >> that is why i love baseball. >> you might win. you might win. i don't know what tony's doing. what i'm doing doesn't top that. anthony's in a good mood as you know because he went to dinner with friends, with real people. >> and it doesn't get better than that. >> and he's planning his ice cream trip for the summer. he will get carvel in an upside down mets cap. >> tony? >> i have a very cool story out of my mother's home state of west virginia. so a lot of different states have remote worker programs, some countries have remote worker programs. these are places where there will be incentives to get you to go there, do your zoom meetings, but be located there. west virginia has gone a mile further than anyone else. they're offering $12,000 as a cash bonus to move to west virginia, plus a year's worth of
8:32 am
free outdoor equipment. this is supposed to be for enthusiasts of whitewater rafting and hiking. i'm going to tell my mom she should move out and move back in. this is a great deal. >> gayle's like i don't know -- >> i'm like, okay. >> go hiking -- >> i like hiking. i actually do. >> i think it's beautiful. >> i do, too. i do, too. i'm only teasing you, i actually love hiking. mine is for anthony mason and tony dokoupil and all you men who are ready to wear short-shorts. who wears short-shorts this summer in get your legs ready. twitter is fired up because this is a new fashion trend. according to "men's health" magazine, they're saying stuff like sky's out, thighs out for you men. >> 100% true. >> there's the rock. there's the rock. he's already -- look at his thighs. that's okay. >> those aren't -- are those shorts? >> they only look small because of his legs. >> the person who has the real short-shorts, we've got a picture of milo from "this is us." this is the short-shorts they're talking about that are -- going to be in for the men because
8:33 am
it's -- they say it elongates your legs. tony behind this camera is going, no. >> tony at the table going yeah, yeah. 100% true. >> are you? >> no, for sure. >> when i pulled this story, i said, i bet i could see you doing that. >> i already do it. yeah. there's no pictures of me with shorts on -- >> i've seen with birkenstocks and socks -- >> that's a bad luck. that doesn't cents the message we're trying to send. >> that's a bad look. >> anthony, will you see you in short-shorts? >> no one wants to see my legs, honest to god. >> your legs will be super pale at the beginning. you have to have the look -- >> you have to do it in isolation. >> called quad summer. give you something to think about. we'll ask kane brown. >> kane brown might wear those shorts. we are so excited about our next guest. country music star kane brown, his music video for "worldwide
8:34 am
beautiful" is up for an academy of country music award. take a look. ♪ you're missing every color if only seeing black and white ♪ ♪ tell me you're gonna change your mind if your eyes don't move ♪ ♪ we ain't that different from each other ♪ >> brown released the song last summer, several months after the outrage over the killing of george floyd. it's also nominated for an acm award. he is the first black country music artist to be nominated for album of the year at the acms. and kane brown joins us now from nashville. good morning. thank you so much for being here. congratulations. what would it mean for you to win album of the year? >> it would -- it would mean the world to me, you know. especially after this year that we've had. i feel like a lot of artists have been down on themselves from just all the craziness.
8:35 am
so for me to be recognized as s amazing. to win i would be to the moon. >> we have to pause this interview for one very brief moment because we have some breaking news. >> breaking news? >> the academy of country music awards has authorized us -- this is a big responsibility -- to announce the winner of the video of the year award. they did not given us an envelope. so i kind of made one. the winner of the video of the year award is "worldwide beautiful" by kane brown. >> yay! [ applause ] >> yay! kane brown. >> congratulations. >> kane, i'm thinking this is a good day. you start out with me and anthony and tony, and you win for video of the year for "worldwide beautiful." congratulations. >> talk to us about there song and why you wrote -- this song and why you wrote it. >> yeah. >> you know, i wrote this song with three of my buddies in nashville. we were talking, beautiful day, it was like, man, it would be a good day when everybody can just
8:36 am
see the beautiful in the world and how everybody is -- beautiful people all together. we're all a little different. but we're just all different types of beautiful. and so we just wrote a song about it. and you know, when everything started, coming out in the media, we felt like it was time to release it. our fans were asking for it. i couldn't ask for to come out any better than it did. >> it's beautiful. >> i love at the end, one of my things what like, you're standing there holding your favorite daughter kingsley, which i think is a sweet, sweet moment. and you wrote this song after the death of george floyd. were you putting out a message for all of us about coming together? the fact that you're also biracial, if you're only seeing black and white -- the lyrics of the song are very powerful. >> yeah. the crazy thing is i wrote this a year before george floyd. >> wow. >> yeah. >> oh before. >> stuff was going on before. i lived it growing up, so this was just me saying that, you know, everybody should just love
8:37 am
everybody. and all this hatred and everything should stop. >> yeah. you just -- you released it after george floyd's death. you're about to hit the road. we've been talking about that. i can't wait for you -- i might break down and go to a concert. i'm still scared of people, but i might come out and see you. are you a little nervous about hitting the road, kane? >> i am and i'm not. you know, i'm more excited than everything. i want everything to get back to normal. i know there's precautions, but, gayle, for you, honestly, i can put you in a quarantine room backst backstage. >> because kane, you know -- ♪ i love you like hallelujah you lay it on my like the truth ♪ i love that song. i love that song "worship you." >> you're visiting all 29 nba arenas, is that right? >> yeah, man. i've already been to four which has been amazing. >> kane, i read -- i read that you're hoping to play at least
8:38 am
one nba player, one on one, in each arena just to see what the talent level is like. what's your talent level like? that's a pretty big request. >> good question. >> mine's ymca pickup. i just -- it's just something i've always wanted to do because i wanted to be in the nba. so i want to see like how much better i would have had to have been to be -- i feel like everybody that watches basketball -- >> yes -- >> anybody that watches sports, i feel like that's their dream to see the talent level in person. >> i pulled some video, kane, because i love your interaction -- use and your wife and your favorite daughter, kingsley. the video where you just make her giggle. nothing excites me more, delights me more than a child's laugh. watch this -- [ laughter ] >> yeah, what does that do for you and you're hanging around the home with her? >> oh, i could be having the
8:39 am
worst day ever, and she just gives me one little smile, makes my world. >> look at that. >> she laughed so hard she almost fell backwards. >> has she recognized your voice on the radio already? >> oh, yeah. i played my song out by the pool, and she don't really listen to that song. and when it came on, she immediately stopped and just looked around -- oh, you do know my voice. for the longest, i thought she only knew my song for my daughter -- >> she may think all dads play the song on the radio. she's learn soon enough. >> everybody in the house starts with a k. if you have more children -- kane starts with a "k." throwing it out there for you. whatever you and mrs. brown decide is okay by me. we're excited. can't wait for you to get on the road. thank you so much. and congratulations. >> thank you. th
8:40 am
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the senate is scheduled to vote today on a bill to counter the recent spike in hate incidents against asian americans.
8:44 am
an issue that many asian american parents are discussing with their children. elaine quijano spoke to two warns having those conversations. demo anti-asian hate until now. as a father to two young boys, u.s. congressman andy kim finds himself reflecting on the first time he was targeted for being korean american. he was about 6 when a group of older kids mocked his appearance. >> saying things like how can i see through these slanty eyes and, oh, he's chinese or japanese, oh it doesn't matter. it's one of the earliest
8:45 am
memories i can remember at all in my life. feeling you had then? >> i felt like i was invisible. i was just a joke to him. >> reporter: he never told his parents. decades later his son austin, who's 5, shared his own experience. >> he said a bigger kid called him china boy, chinese boy, over and over again. and my son was just kind of laughed it off. just like, i kept telling him i'm a new jersey boy. it was so sweet that he said that. and i could tell it bothered him. >> reporter: what did you say in that moment? >> i told him that he did the right thing. at that point, i was really floundering, and i struggled to figure out the right words to say. you know, what should i do in preparing myself to have this conversation with my kid -- >> young children now are wondering am i safe, and is my family safe. >> reporter: developmental psychologist tiffany yip says parents of all background should start the conversation early. >> i think it's important for us
8:46 am
to think about how we could teach our kids to speak up for their peers. i think if we can empower our children to speak up more for each other, they'll also learn to spieak up for themselves better. what would we call hate a virus? >> because viruses infect. >> reporter: it's an approach jane park is using in seattle with her two children. >> racism is -- is that somebody -- that if somebody looks different, they say that they are like not as good as the other. >> reporter: park's conversation came in the wake of the georgia shootings that killed eight people including six women of asian descent. her video talking to bennett about it has been viewed over two million times. >> we talked about recent acts of violence against asian americans and how did that make you feel? >> sad. because they killed people. >> uh-huh. yeah. >> asian people. >> yeah. >> reporter: what was that like
8:47 am
for you to have to have that conversation with your son? >> i was saddened because he's so young, it's just the reality that so many aapi families are facing is that this is no longer a conversation that we can kind of table for a later time. >> reporter: but park wants to prepare her children to respond to all hate, no matter who the target. if you were on the playground and you saw somebody being bullied because of how they look, what would you do? >> i would say that's not right. and you should be better. >> not too fast -- >> reporter: back in new jersey, congressman kim is going through his own personal reckoning. he's just now learning about years of discrimination his parents endured quietly as immigrants. >> the question for us and our generation is are we going to accept that there's just a certain baseline of foreignness and xenophobia and
8:48 am
discrimination that we just have to accept. and i say no. this is a moment where many of us feel empowered to say that this is just yes, we belong. >> reporter: psychologists tell us that children are able to understand the concept of race as soon as age 3. that's why they say it's so important for parents to have these conversations early so that children aren't left to try to make sense of things on their own. psychologist tiffany yip says that one place to start is to talk about how bias makes us feel. and tony, that can open the door for kids to discuss their own feelings. >> yeah. for a long time the recommendation was not to talk about it, to be somehow colorblind. now talking about it is the best way forward. thank you so much. an eye-opening story. >> people used to think colorblind the way to go, i don't think so either. i like the word color brave. i think it's good that they're having discussions with their young children. andy kim is right, it is not
8:49 am
right. and i loved jane park's conversation with her son. >> yeah. >> you see how much comes out in the conversation and how much -- how much these kids feel this. >> yes. >> yeah. they're ready for the conversation. >> they are. >> as the congressman put it, he had to make himself ready. >> andy's son saying, "no, i'm a new jersey boy," you're right. and he is. absolutely is. on the podcast bestselling author esther perel talks about working from home and maintaining healthy relationships. the second season of her podcast "how's work" is available now. we'll be right back.
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put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. it was when she started forgetting things. i didn't know how much mom was struggling. when i pictured us growing old together. i didn't envision this. i did think of it, but i also thought of her happiness, and i would never put my mom into a facility. i love caring for him. we've been together for so many years,
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8:53 am
can we put this on at the end. what were you doing there? >> cooking. sexy cooking, i think. >> okay. >> i like that you some climate experts say, time is running out to prevent disaster unless we seriously change our habits. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ small decisions make a world of difference. ikea.
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. good morning. seven bay area counties are temporarily stopping the johnson and johnson shot. this was vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 and older starts in santa clara. crews investigating a morning fire at a building on center road and a body found at that scene. the fire is now contained. it's not clear if the person died as a result the fire. secure identity company clear is bringing its touchless screening to the airport. the technology uses your eye to confirm your id helping you move through security quickly. the service is available for a yearly fee. all right. let's talk about the freeway. its been trouble some this
8:56 am
morning. the delays have shifted. those trouble spots in oakland all clear. we are now seeing delays south of there. south 880, slow and go. we have a crash on the right shoulder. northbound a little shrub issue near the castro valley. if if you are going on 580 coming through that area there is a crash on 238 blocking that number 3 lane from the left. taking a look at traffic. the slowest spot off that east shore freeway. west 83 taking a hit and san mateo bridge crowded westbound as you take 101. which have that sunshine and we are going to continue with that sun as we go through the day. checking the daytime highs, seasonal for this time of year. looking at 63 in san francisco, 68 in oakland and 72 for san jose. you can see on future cast all of that sunshine as we go through the day today. not as windy as yesterday. we are going to continue with the weather as we head through thursday and frid
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