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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  April 17, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now at 11:00 on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, a pig's head and blood thrown all over a north bay home. how police say the crime is related to the george floyd murder trial. plus, an oakland father and baby dead after a house fire. why police believe the blaze was no accident. and how it could be connected to another murder. and violence breaking out near the california state capital tonight following a protest against police violence. but we start with a north bay home the target of vandals. good evening, jules is off tonight. that home was dovered in blood and a pig's head was left at the front door. police say the homeowner was likely not the intended target. kpix 5's betty yu is live in
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santa rosa tonight with how the crime is connected to a high profile court case, betty? >> reporter: that's right, brian. well, first you can see that that blood has not been cleaned up at this hour. it is still splattered across the front of the home there. i did knock on the door and the resident inside did not open it. police say that she is the false targeted victim in this case. they tell us that the resident woke up to suspects dressed in all black vandalizing the home and they ran away as the victim called police. tonight you can see what police say appears to be animal blood on the garage, the door and the windows of a home where former santa rosa police officer barry brodd used to live. police say a decapitated pig's head was also thrown on the front porch around 3:00 a.m. today. police say brodd has not worked for the department since 2004 and no longer lives in california. and the victim appears to be falsely targeted.
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>> i felt that derek chauvin was justified, was acting with objective reasonableness. >> reporter: this past week brodd testified as a defense expert. he said that he believes derek chauvin followed his police training when he knelt on george floyd for more than nine minutes. the defense used him to paint a crowd of witnesses as a threat. >> i could see that officer chauvin's focus started to move from mr. floyd to the crowd. to one point i think officer chauvin felt threatened enough he withdrew his pepper spray canister and gave commands to the crowd to stay back. >> reporter: prosecutors showed a video of the crowd around the scene. in downtown santa rosa, police say it appears the same vandals targeted a large hand statue in front of the santa rosa plaza mall overnight. the suspects left a sign and had a picture of a pig. it has since been cleaned up.
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plus say suspects seen leaving the area matched the descriptions of the people who vandalized the west santa rosa house earlier in the night. this former officer has not lived in this house for a number of years. now, als wee the cef said that mr. brodd's comments do not reflect the values and the beliefs of the santa rosa police department, brian? >> in santa rosa, that's betty yu. betty, thank you. tonight oakland police are investigating a pair of homicides after a father and his baby daughter were killed in an early morning fire. that happened at their home on centers avenue near bishop odette high school and the oakland zoo. tonight investigators think it was a deliberate act of arson. they say the incident's connected to a spring of other crimes, including a murder. kpix 5's da lin's live at the scene of the house fire. da, how are the cases connected and what can you tell us about
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the latest victims? >> reporter: right, brian, so police believe it started with one homicide from last saturday and that triggered several retaliatory attacks, including this latest arson. but police say the family here, they're innocent and not involved in last saturday's homicide. witnesses say someone threw objects through the windows, causing fast-moving flames to burn the house. >> they hear something, you know, exploding. i know what was it like, twice or three times. >> reporter: family members say the fire killed 37-year-old musli and his 1-year-old daughter alia. police say the father tried to rescue alia. >> the father and the child were found together. and so it's really sad but the father is a hero. he sacrificed his life. >> reporter: police say his wife, who's nine months pregnant, has second-degree burns to her lower body. >> she was supposed to give birth this month. >> reporter: the woman's mother also suffered from burns.
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family members say musli was working as a cashier last saturday when someone shot and killed 25 dejon woods inside the store. police say woods and a customer in the store got into a dispute before the shooting. the man who shot woods recently turned himself in. investigators believe woods had ties to a local gang. they suspect his associates set fire to the liquor store on wednesday night. detectives say those associates may be responsible for another shooting. this marks the latest retaliatory attack. >> we are not related to the guy who shot him. so i don't know why they came, you know, after us. >> it's really sad that in our community that someone would do something so heinous as if setting a home on fire in the middle of the night and killing the innocent family. >> reporter: family members say the victims were hoping for a peaceful life in oakland after
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escaping war from their home country. >> we run from yemen because of the war. we thought we are safe here. but you know, death followed us to this place. >> da, how is the pregnant mother doing? and what can police do to prevent more retaliatory attacks? >> reporter: right, so oakland police have assigned officers to multiple locations in the city tonight and over the week, including this one. you see a police officer parked his car right there to watch over this block, and there are police officers at a couple of other locations as well. that's what they're hoping to do to prevent anymore violence. as for the mother, she is still in the hospital. now, because of her injuries, the family members have not been able to see her, so they don't know how she's doing. they're hoping that she'll survive, and they also hope the baby will survive. >> all right, that is da lin. da, thank you. a live look at the
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california state capitol tonight. destruction unfolding. this following a protest against police violence. police have declared an unlawful assembly. reporter ryan hill has more. >> reporter: we're here near k street where this group of protesters has been congregating near a couple popular bars here on the border of downtown and midtown sacramento. so far it has been fairly peaceful in this area in the last hour or so. this group has just been congregating near the bars, having chants, also just blaring music. earlier there were folks lined up against police officers who built a makeshift barricade, comum, of bicycles. that group inched closer towards law enforcement. sacramento police starting moving up towards the street, and they haven't really been in this area since. sacramento police has said this has been declared an unlawful assembly with the possibility of individuals being arrested if
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they do not leave, asking them to leave this area. this is what the scene looks right now here in downtown sacramento near the midtown area. we'll continue to provide you updates with this and how this situation unfolds here in the sacramento area. in sacramento, ryan hill, kpix 5. >> at the same time, sacramento police sent out this picture of a bag full of large rocks. it was left lying in front of the building, and they say they think it might have been used as projectiles. at the same time, brooms and cleaning supplies brought out in oakland today after last night's protest over police use of force erupted into riots. the protest was prompted by recent high profile police shootings in minnesota and chicago. but as darkness fell on friday night, rioters took over and began vandalizing. several car dealerships and other businesses. and some of the cars, you see, were set on fire. >> fireworks and then i heard a couple things that sounded like those sound booms, you know. >> a lot of the people that were
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out, and i was watching videos, because i was watching on twitter, when the incident happened here at honda, when the cars were on fire, they were mainly white people. it's becoming normal. the shootings are becoming normal. now the protests are becoming normal. >> there was a lot of damage, but police made no arrests and no major injuries reported. now we're taking a live look at san francisco from our treasure island camera on a chilly saturday night. but things are going to heat up. meteorologist darren peck joins us with just how warm it's going to be on sunday, darren? >> this whole weekend is a really good example of how different things can be in the bay area from one side to the other. look how much we warmed up today from yesterday. santa rosa, it was 13 degrees warmer on saturday than it was on friday. that was a huge difference. meanwhile, san francisco had no change. oakland warmed up 2 degrees. and just to show you where these numbers actually were today for daytime highs, it was low 80s for many inland spots. mid-50s in the bay.
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let me show you what happens now over the next five days. i'm going to use that concord example as kind of the example for most inland spots. 70 would be average. we made it up to a daytime high today of just about 83. and tomorrow we're going to get warmer. 87. that is going to be the peak. most inland spots tomorrow will be mid to upper 80s. that is well above normal. it won't be that dramatic in the bay, but warmer there as well. i'll show you all of that and the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, darren. nearly 3,800 anti-asian hate incidents have been reported over the past year. about 45% of those occurring in california alone. today dozens of east bay businesses banded together to serve up some support. more than 100 restaurants, bars and other businesses joined what they called the day of action, giving 20% of all sales to asian community organizations. a lot of pop-up asian-owned businesses also got to chance to
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take advantage of the extra foot traffic. >> we planned the event in about a month. we knew that we needed to do something pretty immediately while this was, you know, in the forefront of people's minds. and the response has been amazing. >> today more than a dozen south bay restaurants did something similar, donating a portion of thursday and friday's proceeds to stop and still ahead on kpix 5 news at 11:00 tonight, we're learning more about the victims of that mass shooting at a fedex facility. and why peloton treadmill users might want to get rid of their machines. and the truth is out there, and the u.s. government may have
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welcome back. tonight we're learning more about the eight victims gunned down in a mass shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis this week. vigils held this evening in the city to honor the victims of thursday's rampage. the victims range in age from 19 to 74. four of them were sikh. the suspect is former fedex employee 19-year-old brandon hole. investigators are not saying whether he even knew the victims. one man shared his grief about
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losing his 66-year-old mother. >> we lost the most important person in our family. and i want to say, she was the most lovable in our whole family. >> 74-year-old john weisert's wife shared a photo of him just before learning that he had died. they had been married 50 years. >> he does his job starting at 5:30. so that was it, i just said good-bye, have a good evening. and he was gone. >> today hole's family issued a statement saying sincerest and most heartfelt apologies to the victims and saying we are devastated at the loss of life caused as a result of brandon's actions. through the love of his family we tried to get him the help that he needed. britain's prince philip laid to rest in front of his closest friends and family today. only 30 people were permitted to attend the service inside st.
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george's chapel beforehand. his son charles and grandsons prince charles and harry were among them. his wife spotted sitting alone during the service because of concerns of covid-19. a warning tonight for peloton owners with small children and pets. they're saying to stop using it immediately. the consumer product safety commission says there have been more than 30 reports of children being pinned or pulled under the machine, including one child's death. many children have even been struck while their parents were working out. >> there is this thump and a lot of screaming. and i was like, no, he's not underneath that treadmill. and sure enough, he was underneath the treadmill. >> for now no recall has been issued. peloton says that, quote, accurate and misleading claims have been made, adding the machines have already come with
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a warning to keep them away from children and pets. a new touch-free way to get around the bay. your iphone and apple watch now act as your card. you can add cash value with apple pay. riders can then simply tap and go on two dozen bay area transit systems. and android's not far behind. it will come to google pay in may. after years of rumors and uncertainty, today the department of defense has confirmed what you see on your screen is, in fact, an unidentified flying object. that does not, of course, mean it is of alien origins, it's just what it says, it's unidentified and it's flying. it was leaked in 2019, three different objects flying in the sky. it was never certain if the video was real until today when the pentagon confirmed it was shot by navy personnel. what was it darren? >> it was unidentified. >> and it was flying. and it was an object. speaking of objects, what are
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the numbers going to look like tomorrow? . a little warmer. this is that time of year where we really feel the influence of that. time lapse i started recording just as we got to sunset. the marine layer coming in over the shoulder of the hills there by sutro. if you are under the influence of that, as pretty much most of the city peninsula, immediate bay, you didn't warm up a whole lot today. boy, if you're inland, you felt the warm-up today. it's going to keep going tomorrow. another 4, 5 degrees warmer if you are inland than you were today. as far as the marine layer, it's going to come back in overnight. it won't be nearly as widespread as it was today. we woke up today and it was gray bay areawide. tomorrow not like that, just a little bit in the immediate bay, and that is part of the idea of this warm-up. if we take a look at the numbers, it may not be super
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dramatic. noticeably warmer in the north bay at 46. that's kind of a cozy start to the day if you're in santa rosa. you're used to being this the mid to upper 30s. for daytime highs tomorrow, notice how there's still a good patch of green along the coast. that shows you where temperatures will be stay in the 50s to 60s. it's not super dramatic. however, if you look inland, you've still got some more warming to go. so concord, you're going to go to 87 tomorrow. it was 83 today. that was the big jump, but 87 puts you up another few degrees. and it'll be warm. shouldn't get to 90 but could be close for some of the warmer spots that are inland. there's santa rosa going to 86 tomorrow. and then this is the peak. once we finish with tomorrow we're going to start to bring the numbers down. monday will be gradual. it'll be real noticeable by tuesday and wednesday. we'll get closer to the low and
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grass is becoming a factor too, so we're not just looking at trees. if you are a grass allergy sufferer and you're wondering why your allergies have become an issue, it's probably your grass allergy. it's our long-range forecast. if you want rain to come back, keep the fingers crossed. the last few days of april there might be reason to be hopeful, but it's way too early to start getting serious about that kind of talk. it's just something that's out there. there's no rain in this seven-day forecast, but there is a return to somewhat more typical numbers by the time we get to the middle part of next week. all right, vern, over to you. all right, we got two for saturday night. wrapping up our sports day, we are jam packed. ahead, warriors ballers in bean town. wait until you see the eye
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nba up top, and the warriors east coast tour. the mission tonight get the celtics and keep that conga line moving with another win. but the best laid plans. what a shootout. steph curry and boston's jason tatum, what a shootout. watch this late first half. curry. what? he just threw it up and it went in. with a foul that's a four-point play. but the warriors 16-point lead evaporated because they turned the ball over several times. jason tatum a big night. mid third quarter and boston led 78-71. curry responded. back-to-back threes. and was he in a groove, look at the shimmy. wasn't all good for curry,
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though. he rolled his left ankle in the fourth quarter. he was able to stay in the game but was clearly hobbled. six minutes left. this happened. up and over the scorers table. curry got the rock, and he had 11 three-pointers. warriors up two. he left the game with a concussion and laceration that required stitched. oh. tied at 111-111. tatum drove inside. it gave boston the lead. tatum finished with 44 points and a 11th-114 win. curry 47 points in a game that snapped the dubs four-game win streak. >> we can't hang our heads. we fought like hell to get back into it after we gave up the lead. >> i'm in awe of what i watched tonight. felt like a playoff game out there. and just incredible shot making, particularly from steph and
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jason. so what a basketball game. there is more coming up in segment two. a shout-out to some of the best athletes no one talks about. and guess who can no longer be ignored in the major leagues? does any team want a piece of this week's version of the oakland a's? i don't think so.
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baseball. well the dodgers may dominate the national spotlight, can we at least address the hottest team in the american league? is there a roster spot for this fan? a's and tigers. 1-0, bottom second. garcia, when he gets one, forget it. garcia's first blast in an oakland a's uniform made it 3-0. very next pick, mark hannah away and gone for his third home run of the year. and oakland led 4-0 after two innings. top five, starter cole ervin struck out nico here and killed a tigers threat. six strikeouts and six shutout innings, and the a's won their seventh straight game. 7-0 final. oakland is now 8-7 for the season after starting the year
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0-6. now watch buster posey take one off the elbow. x-rays were negative. giants trail 3-2 before austin slater put the barrel on this pitch and notched a three-run homer. mcgee got two outs, protected a lead until starling marte found a ninth inning hole and scored the tying run. sent it to extras. brandon belt to right center. that scored a run. the giants retook the lead. but it was short lived. bottom of that inning, jorge a two-out double off of garcia. that's a walk-off, folks. marlins, 7, giants, 6. that's san francisco's second straight loss. and sharks patrick and his record-tying 1,767 game in minnesota. he got respect but not the win. the wild score three goals in a
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minute window. this is zach in the opening period. the sharks were handed a 5-2 loss. fifth straight loss for san jose. shout-out to the stanford men's gymnastics team tonight. they won their second straight
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a polish woman calls police on what she believed to be a possibly dangerous animal, but it turned out it was simply a croissant stuck in a tree. yes, officers say a concerned woman told police her neighbors were afraid to open their windows in fear the mysterious predator would get into their homes. later it was confirmed it wasn't a vicious croissant, it was buttery one. thanks for watching, along with vern
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