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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  April 26, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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it's kind of funny near the black box and you guys are right there. captioning sponsored by cbs >> daniel kaluuya won best supporting actor for his portrayal of black panther leader fred hampton in "judas and the black messiah." he used his acceptance speech to urge the crowd to stay committed to the fight for equality and then left the audience gasping as he said this, with his mother listening in the audience -- >> it's incredible -- my mom, my dad, they had sex! it's amazing! i'm here! >> i am only standing here tonight because my mother and my father -- got it on in the hay loft of a barn. it was an acrobatic, almost obscene coupling and frightened the animals. let me paint you a picture -- ♪ ♪
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no, don't play me off! >> hello, gorgeous. ( laughter )d ther was a scholar went at it like a couple of wild minx, agh! >> you like me, right now! you like me! but not as much as my parents like having sex. >> i'd like to thank my father for having a snake in his boot -- and in his pants! >> announcer: it's "a late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, we leave vaccine. plus stephen welcomes anthony mason and terry gross -- anthony mackey and terry gross, featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now live on tape from the ed sullivan theater office building in new york city, it's stephen colbert! displfn>> stephen: be right wit. just having some of the hot brown, as i call it.
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welcome to "a late show." i'm your shows stephen colbert. we have got a great show for you tonight. anthony mackie's here, we're doing a meanwhile, but most impressively, i will be joined by our very own jon batiste who won an oscar last night and looked good doin' it. along with his collaborators atticus ross and trent reznor, jon took home an academy award for best original score for pixar's "soul." >> thank you to my parents, suleika for your support and love, coming here with me. we flew on the plane, first time in a year. my parents took me around clubs in new orleans when i was 10 years old. put me in piano lessons. ms. shirley william. (laughs) just so much-- so much has happened, this moment is a culmination of a series of miracles.
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that's what every conversation with jon batiste isreich. by the way, it is is, ah-ha! and itd not b mor beautiful and beautifully said last night, jon. what an amazing achievement. especially considering for some of us, the greatest accomplishment of the last year was washing our sweatpants once a month. six months. i will eventually wash them. the mustard stains make a lovely camouflage pattern. i can hide in front of a bunch of mustard. today, jon woke up bright and early to talk about his win with gayle and the kingettes on cbs this morning this morn >> does stephen colbnelook f a r >> (laughs) stephen sent me a on the night, it was great. we were gonna facetime as well. >> you didn't answer the question. >> stephen: yeah, jon. answer the question.
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because if you leave, i'll just get a different oscar-winning band leader. say hello to: anthony hopkins and stay father. in lesser oscar news, there was the rest of the oscars, which, due to covid, was a scaled down affair in l.a. at union station. it hearkened back to the oscars' glamorous roots, when charlie chaplin accepted his oscar from a drifter at the bus station. the speeches were a little different this year too, because the winners were given no time limits, which eliminated the normal frenzied listing of people to thank, and allowed winners like daniel kaluuya to speak from his heart, and his parents' loins. >> we've got to celebrate life man. we're breathing, we're walking, it's incredible. it's incredible. it's incredible. my mom, my tad, they had sex. it's amazing. do you understand? i'm here. it's amazing you know what i'm saying? i'm here
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i'm so happy to be alive. >> stephen: daniel you don't bring up your parent's sex life in your oscars acceptance speech. you dramatize it in a 2-hour movie so you can win your second oscar. these oscars also had their historic moments like yuh-jung yoon becoming the first korean performer and only second asian woman to win an acting oscar, and chloe zhao becoming the first chinese american woman and first asian american woman to win an oscar for best director. you'd think zhao's victory would be big news back in china, but instead, the chinese media played down her win, and just urge ms. zhao to play a mediating role between china and the united states and avoid being a friction point. okay, china. she just won an oscar. give her some time to enjoy it even gwyneth paltrow got a few days before she had to negotiate the kosovo peace accords. another big winner last night was frances mcdormand, who won her third oscar for best actress. that's three. those are streep numbers she also won for best picture as one of the producers of nomadland,
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and she had a request for everyone at home: >> please, watch our movie on the largest screen possible. and one day, very, very soon, take everyone you know into a theater, shoulder to shoulder. in that dark space. and watch every film that is represented here tonight. >> stephen: okay, i get that people in the industry want theaters to reopen, but counterpoint-- this weekend i watched mortal kombat exactly as it was meant to be seen: on my couch, in my underwear, while holding a half-eaten taco bell quesalupa and yelling, "finish him." almost no one wore a mask last night, and it was a lil' freaky to see people givin' us the full frontal. but get used to it because as more and more people get vaccinated, the world is getting back to what used to be normal, and i'll tell you all about it in tonight's installment of
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"the vax-scene." ♪ vaccine ♪ ♪ go get your vaccine, vaccine ♪ ♪ we make you sexy ♪ ♪ don't be a wussy ♪ ♪ go get it please get it ♪ go get your vaccine vaccine. we keep you healthy healthy. take a day off from work if you get side effects. maybe take a nice selfie. so go get your shot >> stephen: we're so close to getting sued by disney for that. come at me. we learned yesterday that american tourists who have been fully vaccinated against covid-19 will be able to visit the european union over the summer. hot damn! i can't wait to travel to fabulous destinations like, anywhere but my grocery store. as proof, europe will require all tourists to come with a vaccination certificate. so this will be an elite group of only those who are fully inoculated or own printers. point is, americans: go get inoculated.
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think of the amazing things you can do in europe. you can go to vatican city and visit the original olive garden. you can lie on the ground and get a photo where it looks like the leaning tower of pisa is your penis. or you can lie on the ground and make it look like the eiffel tower is your penis. or you can lie on the ground and make it look like big ben is your penis. you can use a weird bathroom that has no toilet, just a couple places to put your feet, some handholds on the wall. like you can ride it over a water fall or something. or if it does have a toilet, it's got a shelf in there, for some reason. the observation deck. that's jearm, mostly. so go get your shot. because going to europe is only one of the perks of vaccination. there are also now special sections at baseball games, free krispy kremes, and lesser incentives like not contracting a deadly pathogen. but it seems we may need more special treatment to convince
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people to get their shots. in the latest cbs/you gov/kraft american singles poll, vaccine hesitancy is especially strong among republicans. the rate of those who say they won't get the shot is 30%. or, as republicans call it, a majority. as usual, the situation is not being helped by wisconsin senator and old mop that stumbled into a men's wearhouse, ron johnson. johnson has very publicly refused to get vaccinated, and he took to the radio on thursday to explain why: >> because it's not a fully approved vaccine. i think we probably should have limited distribution to the vulnerable. the people that really aren't-- the very young, i see no reason to be pushing vaccines on people. what is the point-- the science tells us the vaccines are 95% effective. so, if you have a vaccine, quite honestly, what do you care if your neighbor has one or not? >> stephen: because the whole
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point of vaccines is that everybody gets it and that wipes out the virus this is the worst p.s.a. since this one: >> this is your brain. this is drugs. and this is your brain after an hour at 350 degrees. delishee-osso who wants some crack? one interesting group of people refusing to get the vaccine, people who have gotten the vaccine. because millions of people are skipping their second doses of covid vaccines. i can't believe it. americans are saying no to seconds? apparently, some people are refusing the second shot because they feared the side effects, which can include flu-like symptoms. unlike the coronavirus side effects, which can include death-like death. other people said that they felt that they were sufficiently protected with a single shot. skydiving is perfectly safe. i gave you half a parachute! let's go! speaking of politicians tempting
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fate, over the weekend, far-right congresswoman lauren boebert tweeted: joe biden's climate plan includes cutting 90% of red meat from our diets by 2030. they want to limit us to about four pounds a year. why doesn't joe stay out of my kitchen? i agree. joe, definitely stay out of boebert's kitchen. i've seen her breakfast nook. all over the internet, the idea that biden wants to limit america's meat-huffing caught fire. texas governor greg abbott tweeted, not gonna happen in texas-- don junior declared, that's going to be a hard no from me, and one far-right activist responded, so biden says we can have four pounds of red meat per year, my officially response today: with this photo of a 72-ounce porterhouse steak. not the healthiest choice. oh wait, he's got a michelob ultra. he's fine. listen, i'm a red-blooded american, and ninety percent of that blood is beef tallow, so i was relieved to learn that
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biden's climate plan doesn't ban meat. neither biden nor the white house has signaled that his climate plan will include changes to the american diet. well, you know what that means: >> looks like meat's back on the menu, boys! >> stephen: wow, ted cruz looks great. so where did republicans get the idea that biden wants to ban meat? from an article speculating about what life could look like under biden's plan, written in the british tabloid the daily mail. so because of a made-up story in a british rag, a bunch of republicans got the meat sweats? what do the british know about american food? they put vinegar on their fries. (as tough texas guy) i can't believe biden's gonna take away my blood sausage my bangers and mash my bubbles and squeak, limit me to four pounds of figgy pudding a year. they're gonna take my toad out of my hole and my spots out of
11:48 pm
my dick. no one was more upset about this made up news than fox business made up host larry kudlow, who imagined an unthinkable nightmare in a fake future: >> no burgers on july 4th. no steaks on the barbie. i'm sure middle america is going to love that. can you grill those brussels sprouts? so get ready. you can throw back a plant-based beer with your grilled brussels sprouts and wave your american flag. >> stephen: yes, you heard the man. if biden has his way, we're going to have to start drinking plant based beer. but some beer companies are fighting back, and the late show's newest sponsor is one of them: >> are you in the mood for a cold brew but don't want any of that snoek-plant-based beer? then reach for a refreshing bottle of meat logger. try all our varieties.
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entrail ale. snout stout. and our full body borgenion. you can really taste the meat. when you want a real beer made with man ingredients and no environmental agenda reach for a fresh meat logger. drink responsibly. >> stephen: when we come back, we'll be talking with the oscar winner himself, jon batiste. plus, "meanwhile." stick around
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>> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back. let's so straight to the man of the hour, mr. jon batiste. hello, jon! >> jon: hello, stephen. >> stephen: congratulations! i have never been close friends with an oscar winner before. how does it feel? >> jon: oh, man, it's hard to put into words, and it's hard to conceive of it all. it was a great, great day. i'll say that. >> stephen: now, when they actually called out your category, atticus ross and trent wegner were also nominated for mank. did it take a second to figure out which movie had won? you were nominated for soul. did you know it first or did it take a second for it to sink in? >> it took a minute because there was music playing and the music started playing and the clap started happening, and i heard my name, but i wasn't sure, and then i saw the camera
11:55 pm
just go, boom. and that's when i was, like, oh, well, there we go, we won. >> stephen: so what did you do last night? >> oh, my goodness -- we had a lot of celebration. i got to chat, hang out with my man daniel kaluuya, congrats to danielle. >> stephen: yes. and her is incredible. and we all were there hanging out afterwards. and then we went to dinner with all of the team from pixar and trent and atticus and all of our pixar soul team. and by the end of that, it was about 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m., and i was spent because, you know, i had to get up and talk to gayle and the folks over a at the morning show. and that was pretty much everything and i slept almost till we're speaking now. >> stephen: thank you for
11:56 pm
getting up in time for the show. do you have the oscar with you. >> yes. >> stephen: may we see? >> jon: man, this is heavy. >> stephen: oh, that's nice. you've just got to walk around los angeles for a while with that. i get that on a chain just hanging around your neck for a couple of weeks. oh, this old thing? ( laughter ) >> jon: oh, my goodness. it's amazing to see it. it would be a little heavy for a chain, but maybe if i put it on, like, a rolling mantel. >> stephen: or the top of a walking stick, you go around like that. >> jon: a staff. >> stephen: exactly! like a very glamorous gandalf. >> jn: yeah, i see that. i like that. >> stephen: glamdolf! congratulations, jon. beautiful speech, beautiful man. we're all proud to know you.
11:57 pm
come on back joule oh, my goodness, than you. >> stephen: thank you, jon batiste, everybody. y'know, i spend most of my time panning in the ole' news river to strain out for you the finest, most topical gold story nuggets, cleaning and smelting it to precisely 1943 degrees fahrenheit, carefully pouring it into a handcrafted casting mould, then sanding and polishing it to a mirror finish, to create for you the 24 carat cameo locket that is my monologue. but sometimes, i completely forget it's your birthday. so i rummage through the back of the pantry, find a box of kraft mac and cheese i bought for y2k, string the stale noodles onto some used floss, spray it with some gold krylon, bedazzle it with broken btl thekin-sh inng macneckla of news that is my segment: quarantine-while quarantine while... two washington d.c. cops wrecked
11:58 pm
their police vehicles while drag racing on duty. that is dangerous and irresponsible. still, the best press the police have gotten recently. i certainly hope those officers are facing disciplinary action, because the only person qualified for drag racing while on duty is rupaul. quarantine-while, over the weekend, the internet was down in tumbler ridge, british columbia, after a beaver chewed through the fiber cable. aaand we have officially found the most canadian story ever. barely beating out 2007's report in the "winnipeg queen's gazette:" hoser mountie slips in poutine, falls one metre and causes clamour while cashing cheque, eh? soh-rry. quantine-while pt of a farmer's breeding program, a giant american ass clears biosecurity and touches down in australia. what? i've never been to australia.-- ohh, i see. that is a big ass.
11:59 pm
though, of course, experts in the field use it's scientific designation: the badonkey donk. quarantine-while, on saturday hundreds gather in a nebraska field for a pool-noodle brawl over the name josh. i know, i know, that story again. hear me out. this josh fight started out as a joke on facebook last year between guys named josh over who should have rights to the name. the result was hundreds of joshes from all over the country meeting this weekend to settle it, floppy sword style. >> stephen: that is fantastic! it's like "braveheart," but slightly more historically accurate. the ultimate goal was to battle it out for the title of "the one true josh." so who is the ultimate josh? 4-year-old josh vinson jr. of lincoln, nebraska, who took the title: >> is there anything you would
12:00 am
like to say? >> i always fight everyone. (crowd cheers) >> stephen: i've never seen someone so cute say something so violent. he's like a care bear holding a bloody trident. quarantine-while, a high school track meet was interrupted when a dog ran onto the track during a relay and proceeded to win the race. jim. ( cheering ) >> wow! ( applause ) ( cheering ) >> stephen: that is fantastic! an exciting day for the dog, and a great teaser trailer for the most boring sequel ever: airbud 6: just running. we'll be right back with the star of "the falcon and the winter soldier," anthony mackie.
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♪♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back to "a late show." you know my first guest as falcon in the marvel cinematic universe. his new series, "the falcon and the winter soldier," just had its finale on friday. please welcome back to "a late show," anthony mackie. hey, anthony, good to see you. >> what's up, man? how's it going? >> stephen: it's going okay. we have not talked in just over a year. you were the second-to-last week, not the week we went off the air but the week right before that was when we saw each other last. >> yeah, yeah. i was the one that brought covid in and shut everybody down. >> stephen: thatch. much appreciated. how has the last year been for you? have you been hunkered down?
12:06 am
have you been just basically going to the grocery store and home? >> not pretty much. i spend all my time in my backyard anyway, so it was pretty great for me. my family's been safe. we've all been sequestered and isolated so we haven't had any issues. but that's pretty much how i live my life anyway. pretty quiet, a lot of gardening. >> stephen: that's good. for a lot of people, there's been a lot of streaming out there. i've enjoyed "the falcon and the winter soldier." it's been a great series. the finale was friday. we knew it was coming. we didn't know how it would happen. you have a new title. why don't you tell the people. >> in the great words of eddie murphy on "saturday night live," i'm captain america, damn it! ( laughter ) >> stephen: we know you get
12:07 am
the shield. it's still satisfying when it happens. we have a clip of the moment we see you full captain'd out. jim. >> keep your head down! sharon, what's going on on your end. >> nothing, i'm quiet. wait, who are you? >> i'm captain america.
12:08 am
( laughter ) >> stephen: i want to get into about sort of the decision to become captain america for the character. let's talk about these wings. they're vib pr anium, too? >> 100%, the best money can buy. >> stephen: but it's not all cgi. we knew the vibrating wings were coming when they got torn off you halfway through the series. >> of course. >> stephen: now let's talk about something that's not cgi is that there's, again, about halfway through episode maybe four, you start working out like mad. as a character, did you have to work out like mad as a person? i love asking the people who have to play these superhero parts if it was an excuse to get in shape. i'm waiting for someone to cast me so i have a reason to get in shape. so i w>> i will say there's no e suit under my suit. that's my prize. seven in, i said i don't want a
12:09 am
muscle suit. so i had to work out every day all day. >> stephen: a little bit more for this, to get the wedge. >> to get the dreeto, shoulders to waist! >> stephen: we need more shirtless cap because that puts the asses in the seats. >> you know, when it's in the movie theaters, it's different but this is a show for disney plus. you can't be walking around in boxer briefs on disney plus. >> stephen: ou drop a couple of salty words in this, though. ( laughter ) when you were on the show a year ago, we talked about the significance of there being a black captain america, and especially episode five of this run, has a really great exploration of what that might mean. what does it mean to you now that you are captain america, you know, to be the first black captain america?
12:10 am
>> well, you know, it's interesting. it's humbling, really. it didn't hit me until the show came to conclusion friday, and i watched it with my boys, and it's really -- there are no words to explain it. i remember it was 2008 when i first moved to brooklyn and i was walking down the street and i saw this little kid and he had taken a cereal box and cut eyes and put the cereal box on his head and spray painted it blue and put an a on it. i said what are you doing? he said, i'm fighting bad guys, i'm captain america. and to see that kid and think almost 13 years later where i am in the universe it's humbling and exciting at the same time because there is that significance to little kids around the world. >> stephen: it's like being the first black superman, you know. it's like being the best that our country has to offer. >> yeah, it's like being the
12:11 am
first white basketball player, it's like being larry bird. >> stephen: we'll get one, one day. ( laughter ) now, i have, oh, by the way, are your family and friends impressed? do you get a little more respect with the text chain now? >> not at all, man. i now understand that my family and friends, their goal is to keep me humble, so the texts that -- like, my friends, we have, like, 20 of us on a chain, and one of my friends is, like, yo, you've got to be the ugliest captain america. ( laughter ) and then, last week, so i guess, you know, something happened in atlanta where there's been a shortage of chicken wings, because everybody -- lemon pepper, man, they love lemon pepper here in atlanta. so my boy texts me and says, ifo you're captain america, damn it, you have to solve this problem. we have a shortage of wings in atlanta so you need to come through and bring the wings.
12:12 am
>> stephen: or they'll deep fry your vibranium and add some buffalo sauce. ( laughter ) >> stephen: you're from new orleans, right? >> born and raised. >> stephen: is that canon to the character or does it fit your personal back story, your own personal feelings about home that, you know, falcon's home is in the mississippi delta? >> that was all malcolm spellman our writer. falcon has had many different incarnations throughout the course of the comic book and now in the movie. he was recontextualized every time he was brought back into the economic book universe. so with this, malcolm wanted to make it more of my experience, more of my voice so i could relate to the character more, since he had basically a blank canvas to play with. so he gave me, like, little nuggets of my, like, personal experience and put it in there to make me more comfortable with
12:13 am
the character. >> stephen: well, i've got something that i have been told you have not seen yet, but it's pretty awesome. this is your action figure -- >> no! shut up! >> stephen: there is -- there you are. i'm leaving this one in the box to keep it cherry, but here we go. >> where did you get that? >> stephen: i don't know, i work in tv. they give me things. the wings are foldable. the wings are foldable like this. >> that's dope. >> stephen: the arms, you can whack somebody like that. i think this comes off. let's get a good shot here. >> let me see. looks more like jamie foxx than me. ( laughter ) that's dope. >> stephen: that is really beautiful. >> that's dope, man. >> stephen: that feels good. yeah, that's amazing. i haven't seen it yet. i've never seen one of those. >> stephen: well, the falcon
12:14 am
and the winter soldier is streaming now on disney plus. anthony mackie, everybody. back with the host of npr's "fresh air," terry gross. thanks, anthony. ♪♪ ♪ when i was young ♪ no-no-no-no-no please please no. ♪ i never needed anyone. ♪ ♪ planning a trip was so much fun ♪ front desk. yes, hello... i'm so... please hold. ♪ i got you. ♪ all by yourself. ♪ ♪ don't have to be all by yourself anymore. ♪ ♪ all by yourself. ♪ i can't find my hotel. oh. oh!
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my next guest is the award-winning host of npr's "fresh air" and in my opinion, the greatest interviewer working today. please welcome to "a late show," terry gross. hey, terry. >> hey, stephen. it's so great to literally see you. i'm used to talking with you on the radio. >> stephen: i know, i'm used to talking to you or even just hearing you on the radio. this is coming up on the 50t 50th anniversary of national public radio, and what i just found out which i did not know is you have been on the radio interviewing people for 45 of those 50 years, not all of tem at npr, but what were those earl will i days like doing your show? i think i have a photo here i want to show everybody. this is you back in the early days. you look like you could be a bass player for peter frampton. i love that hair! it's almost like a superpower.
12:20 am
>> yeah, yeah. it was long. long and big. >> stephen: where did that go? on the floor, slowly. it kind of like got shorter and shorter until there was hardly anything, which is so much easier to deal with. >> stephen: well, how did you get started? what were the early days of -- was it called "fresh air" at the beginning? >> well, i could take it back to when i started in radio which was on the a college campus at the state university of new york at buffalo, which is interesting because when npr got started, a lot of people came from college campus stations and the stations were also feeding a lot of reports to npr and so on. so it was a really exciting time to start, and i think, as a woman, it was a great place to start because the women's movement was really big on campus, and cosh, women were breaking into radio at our college station and other college stations, too. and, of course, bill semering
12:21 am
who also had been a manager at a college station was the first director of programming at npr, he created "all things considered" and hired susan stanburg as a production assistant and she went on to host the show. >> stephen: well, as i said before, and i've said to you, is that i think you're the best interviewer out there. certainly the person i like being interviewed by the most. >> oh, thank you. >> stephen: and i also like listening to the way you do interviews because i feel like we're all the third person sitting in the booth. like you two, whoever you are having this conversation, and we're there along for the ride of this conversation. it's always felt very intimate. and i'm wondering what you think the interviewer's job is. how do you -- what are your priorities when you're doing an interview? >> it depends what the interview is, but, ideally, i'd like to get to something i didn't already know. you know, i do a fair amount of
12:22 am
research before the interview, and i would like to find out something that i don't know. i wuld like to include things that i do know about because the listeners don't know. the listeners don't necessarily know it. but i like some -- for instance, if it's not a news interview, if it's not an area of expertise in the news, i like people to be casual. i want to get to know them, therefore have listeners to get to know them. i want them to be casual, funny, and can have detention -- confidential, to feel comfortable enough into revealing their best selves. i don't mean to become naked on the show and reveal their secrets. it's not the place for it. we all need privacy and something really personal in our lives, but to be their pest and most comfortable public self. >> stephen: we'll take a break and be back with more terry gross.
12:23 am
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12:27 am
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♪♪ >> stephen: hey, everybody! we're back with the host of
12:31 am
npr's fresh air, terry gross. well, i have to say one of the reasons why i like being interviewed by you is that -- i have been interviewed a lot over the years, and we just did an interview as the people at home will find out. when is it going to be on? >> it's going to be o on tomorr. >> stephen: it's going to be on tomorrow. when it was over, evie my wife said, how did it go? i said, oh, it's good, i don't think i have been asked those questions at this point, which is hard at this point to do. >> oh, good. >> stephen: and in the gentlest possible way, you get very intimate, as you were saying, with the guests. you talk about life and death and grief and crisis and i'm wondering what you have talked about or who you've spoken to this year, or are there any particular interviews that you think were particularly resonant this year when all of us were living in this continuous crisis of covid, among other things? >> i think cumulatively, they gave a sense of, like, we're all
12:32 am
dealing with this in our own way, and, for me, as the interviewer, it was kind of interesting because i don't know if you go through this, steven, but what i go through, i spend a lot of time working and preparing for interviews including on the weekend. there are so many sundays, for instance, when i have been at home reading a 600-page book for the next day's interview thinking, like, everyone else is at the beach, having brunch, two glasses of wine and i'm on page 200 of the 600-page book. during the pandemic i stopped doing that, thinking everybody else is having fun. we're all limited in what we can do. and i felt such a desperate 'tude to have meaningful work, to be able to talk to people like you, you know, during the pandemic, you know, and hear what your experience was like doing your show and what other experiences were like parenting or doing their work or not doing
12:33 am
their work or being more depressed or, you know, whatever it was. it made me feel, you know, very connected to people, even though i wasn't actually seeing anybody or being with anybody, except my husband h. >> stephen: well, i think that's what radio does. i love listening to the radio, especially npr, because it makes me feel less alone, especially when they're asking me for money, because it makes me feel needed. i think i'm the on one who actually likes the pledge drives. when you are interviewed by someone, i assume it doesn't happen all that often, can you relinquish the reins? have you been trying to keep yourself from grabbing this interview away from me and start asking the questions, or can you give the host job up when being interviewed? >> well, you're a good interviewer so i can give it up. i'm so excited about the experience of being on your show, and since i just
12:34 am
interviewed you, i'm just so curious about what it's like to be interviewed by you. and i'm enjoying the experience. >> stephen: as am i. terry, i hope it was good for you, too. ( laughter ) >> let's have a cigarette. >> stephen: new episodes of "fresh air" are on npr every weekday. terry gross, everybody. we'll be right back. thanks, terry. >> thank you. ♪♪
12:35 am
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>> stephen: that's it for 'a' late show. tune in tomorrow when my guests will be senator amy klobuchar and kyle maclachlan. james corden is next, goodnight. good night, everybody. ♪♪ captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ the late late show, oh, oh the late late show, ooh ♪ the late late show, oh, oh the late late show ♪ oh, oh


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