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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 1, 2021 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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now at 11:00 on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, several people arrested during unrest in oakland tonight. this following a may day protest all over the bay area. and the white house backing governor newsom as he gets ready to face a recall vote. we're just a few hours away from the first red flag warning of the season to go into effect. we're going to look at where this covers and how long this one's going last coming right up. but we'll begin with protests that turned violent in oakland tonight. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. tonight oakland police officers are out in full force ih erotese latest for us, betty? >> reporter: tonight the oakland police department says they have arrested two people in connection with an assault on a
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police officer at tenth and castro, not far from where we are. now, day is a day ofsong demonstrations, caravans and marches, which did occur earlier today, peacefully, and oakland police say there were no reports of any damage. now, those groups left by night fall. this evening opd said officers have saturated the downtown area, especially around frank plaza. they are facilitating safe spaces for people to gather and march. the abolish the police protest was scheduled from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. tonight. protesters were told to wear all black, mask up y pictes orestream the event. night we've seen few dozen protesters in the street. businesses have been preparing in their own way. some closed up early. >> my thing is, you're protesting, fight for it, but peacefully. with your mouth, not with your
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hands, you know, with breaking things. that's not going to resything. that makes more problems instead of resolving the situation. >> no issues over the last year with the protests. we've been one of the only businesses on the block to remain unscathed. no graffiti. no broken windows. all we can do is prepare for the xors hope for the best. >> reporter: in the last hour, we did hear protesters marching in the street with their mega phones. officers are patrolling the area. in oakland, betty yu, kpix 5. >> we wanted to let you know another kpix was near those protests tonight when a driver smashed into their news san and took off. that driver hit several other cars before crashing into a stopped suv. police were able to take the suspect into custo was taken to the hospital with injuries and to be checked out. they are expected to be okay. >> back to our may day coverage,
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thousands of workers march through san francisco's market street. they beat drums and held signs promoting strong unions and worker solidarity. >> when i say union you say fight. >> march was mostly about workers highlighting and demanding respect for the jobs they do, especially during the pandemic. but there were also people advocating for immigrants' rights and prison reform. we're also beating the drums for a turnaround in the drought, but there's not much point. darren has the numbers behind it all. >> a very dry one, the main reason we've got our first red flag warning of the season. first the details. take a look at the map over my shoulder. it's mostly the central valley, specifically up into the sacramento valley. closer to home this does include solano county and the delta. and even though the mountains aren't shaded in, there's going to be fire weather concerns in the mountains of wine country. mountains through sonoma county and napa county, we're going to
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see some of these strong winds and low humidities there as well. it starts sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. goes until tuesday at 5:00. and the primary reason why the national weather service is issuing this for that period of time is because that's when the north winds are going to turn on. take a look at the change. see how the streamlines did that big turn around. those are north winds. brighter the color shows you the strong north winds spilling down from the sacramento valley and heading through those gaps in the mountains. that's monday morning. that's going to be the most impressive timeframe of this in term of the winds with gusts of 40 and lowest relative humidities. this is not a particularly strong offshore event. in fact, the reason we have this red flag warning is mainly because the landscape is so dry. if we take a look at where we are for rainfall, since the water year started back on october 1st, color key up here shows you the deep ter shades of brown the lower percent of average you've gotten. and here in that same region
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where we've got the red flag warning, we're well down to the 20% to 30% range of average rainfall. that's the primary reason we've got our first red flag warning of the season, and we'll probably continue to see these each time we get an offshore event. back over to you. >> darren, thank you. with most of the bay area in extreme drought condition, tough new water restrictions are in effect for the marin water district. here is what is prohibited -- washing cars at home, power washing homes and businesses, washing sidewalks and driveways and street cleaning. but these restrictions could just be the beginning. on tuesday, marin water's board of directors willon toimion and covers poo and spas. now, were ting drought restrictions on our website. go to for information on yourt that, a gie falling in walton square near
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safeway. san francisco fire says one person had to crawl out from underneath that. there's no word on whether or not they were seriously hurt. developing news now in green bay, wisconsin. two people are dead after a gunman opened fire at a caso. it happened around 7:30 local time. police believe that shooter was targeting a certain person, but they were not at the casino. officers say that is when the suspect shot several of the workers there. the gunman was taken into custody by police. well, in tonight's least surprising news, governor newsom is getting strong support from joe biden and kamala harris. as recall efforts mougainst the governor, still the vice president is grateful for newsom. >> i want to thank our friend anr gavin newsom for his leadership. and of course, gavin and i go back to being elected at the same time in san francisco many, many years ago. and i'll tell you, i've soon firsthand what a leader he is
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and how he really does put his heart into his work on behalf of the people of california. and president joe biden and i support him 100%. >> yes. kamala harris said that she is supporting newsom so much so that she didn't even mention the recall effort. we spoke to one of the leaders, though, of the campaign to oust newsom from office, and they say white house support doesn't mean anything. >> and it doesn't matter what vice president harris thinks or what president biden thinks. this is an issue between 40 million californians and their governor, whether it be, you know, the democrats who have signed on b the ind w votho signed our petition or the republicans. >> for his part, governor newsom has criticized the recall effort as a power grabby, quote, extreme right wingers. tonight new developments in the case of a man charged with using a slingshot to shoot marbles at oncoming traffic in monterey county.
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aft his arrest in january, charles lafferty admitted to launching the projectiles at vehicles in prunedale. investigators recorded as many as 70 vehicles that were struck in 2019. no collisions were reported, but about half a dozen people were injured by broken glass. 54-year-old lafferty is due back in court next month. well, tens of thousands of california inmates will have the opportunity for early release. the state is attempting to reduce prison populations, and that means many will be eligible for good behavior credit. >> but as heather jansen report, could be ale before people walk out of prison. >> reporter: the new move beginning may 1st works to reduce prison populations and adds more value to an inmate's good conduct credits. >> so you have a different person being released than the person who went in. >> reporter: defense attorney mark saying it allows inmates to
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work towards a better life. >> that recidivism goes down substantially if while they're in prison they perform all sorts of educational and rehabilitative programs. >> reporter: put into place by cdcr under emergency regulations, it falls under prop 57, approved by voters in 2016. something former sheriff john mcginnis actively campaigned against. >> are they any different when they get out? i say no. >> reporter: mcginnis fears the worst for communities and their most violent and repeat offenders. >> the likelihood of a person behaving themselves well in custody when their every move is monitored and controlled is one thing. but that doesn't translate to life on the street insoety. >> reporter: this new addition doesn't allow anyonenal juice wy not feel the impacts for some time. >> the impact is not today, tomorrow, next week, next year
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so much as maybe ten years from now. >> and that was heather jansen reporting. still ahead on kpix 5 news at 11:00, the surprising thing that could be driving up gas prices across california. plus, how san francisco is kicking off a month of support for asian american pacific islander heritage month. and india getting some big support
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gas prices, well, they're continuing to go up all across the state. >> but there's a bigger problem that could lead to even higher gas prices. rick shows us what it is. >> reporter: this is really a problem that the tanker truck industry has been dealing with for months. it's just that the trickle down effect is now starting to hit drivers in those prices at the gas pump, and things could get worse as the demand to go up this summer. we've likely noticed the prices have gone up, way up in some spots. in los angeles today the average price per gallon is about 85 cents over the same time last year. that's when demand dropped off during covid stay at home orders. the tankers cut back due to a isot enough qualified
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people to drive those trucks now. a shortage, i'm told, of hundreds of thousands of workers across the country that. could eventually lead to problems getting gas delivered to our local gas stations. the president of pacific tankliners a local tanker company, says his drivers are pushing their limits to make deliveries. >> i'd love to say yes to all these people, just you only have so many drivers that are equipped and qualified to deliver loads. so those poor guys are working extra days, and you know, you're just putting more and more of a demand on these guys. >> reporter: how likely we are to actually see shortages at the emai be seen so f say they've never seen a driver shortage quite like this before. >> recruitment and retention of qualified drivers is certainly competitive, which ultimately means those costs get passed on to consumers. how likely we are to actually see shortages at the pump this year remains to be seen. a live look at san francisco now where a celebration was held nd pacific ianderherige month.
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year'event t newea trg peoe of different backgrounds to unite against hate. >> we're a city of inclusiveness. we're a city of diversity. we are a city that when faced against the wall, we have each other's back. >> today they signed a proclamation declaring may aapi -- taking a live look now at the salesforce tower. that company sending much needed medical supplies to india. ceo mark benihoff shared these photos on social media. they show large trucks being loaded with supplies including oxygen concentrators. the plane is expected to land in india on may 8th.
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critical event in the eastne table. the white pony express, how theh school. they work with local grocery stores to distribute free food to contra costa county family who is need it. about 500 families stopped by to pick up boxes of produce, bread and other essentials. parts of coyote creek are clean again because of a group of volunteers. they cleaned up debris left by illegal dumping and encampments. it's really a mess on 101 south of san jose downre cameomeeebs from flowing into the bay and endangering wildlife. the monterey bay aquarium announced it will re-open in a couple weeks, starting may 15th. the aquarium will welcome back visitors after being shut down for 13 months, so online reservations are required.
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for now the aquarium will be open thursdays through mondays with plans to re-open seven days a week after memorial day. well, that's about all the water we're going to see. at least from the sky, because darren says how dry we are and it's likely to stay that way. >> yeah, you want to see water, you're going to have to get to the kelp display at the aquarium. that's not part of this forecast at all. we talked about the fire weather concerns at the top of the newscast, so i want to do a gear change and draw your attention to the warm-up that's going to happen as we get into early next week. because we -- our attention has been elsewhere, understandably, with other things coming our way. so l that line. average highs f much w we were rrow's warmer, mainlyusere's a e wiessarine layer. wehiorroha we did today. we'll still have marine layer,
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but today was like overdrive. tomorrow that starts to slack in. and it's really monday and tuesday when the warm-up gets going so. we'll go back to the low 90s. we've been there already. we haven't done it a lot. you've had a few bursts of this already, but heads up, it's coming back. monday and tuesday it's warm. i'll show you the seven-day forecast in the bay will be in the upper 70s. more on that in a second. let's go back to the fire weather concerns. i showed you the wind. the other aspect is how dry the atmosphere is going to get oo at the sunday surge of offshore dry winds, but watch what happens on monday, right around noon. that's the peak. look how bright the colors are. the farther into the shades of white, the lower the humidity gets. so in one sense, the wind gusts and the low humidities, this is a legitimate red flag warning. the national weather service does not take issuing these things lightly, so i don't want to downplay the fact that this is not a super major offshore wind event. and again, the whole point is
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that the landscape is so dry you don't need much. and that's why these things are such a concern so. the humidity is a major factor in that. there are other things about the wind. we'll have another day tomorrow where the onshore wind is up. shouldn't be as windy as today, but look at san francisco. a 26 mile an hour gust tomorrow around 5:00. look at the entire coastline there. all of those areas shaded into the purple. we get another day where the onshore wind flow picks up. mid-level clouds come in. it's windy for the spots that were windy today. if you're near any passes, on the water, in the bay, but then look how things change. that gets us into monday. we're now getting into the timeframe for the red flag warning, and this is a very different looking map. we're not seeing the colors anymore because there's no onshore flow. instead it's the opposite. there's your offshore winds. look at the purple over here, that's where things really dry
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out and warm up on a landscape out or warmed up anymore thand it's already been primed over the last several months. okay, as far as temperatures go tomorrow, this is pretty steady. well for the morning low. daytime highs tomorrow, let's get everybody in. we start out down in the south bay. los altos, 67. 67 in mountainview. fremont to 66. 70 in danville. pleasantville hit 72. 70 in san ramon. livermore you go to 73. mid to upper 60s for much of the bay. look how much cooler it gets by the water. that's mid-50s at the beaches. so even though it is warmer inland tomorrow, still going to be cold near the water with that onshore breeze. and it's a windchill biting cold. up in mendocino county, temperatures already climbing back up to near 80. showed you the warm-up for the inland spots. that's the topine there where we go1 89 on m a t the b,ui as
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dramatic. mid to upper 70s. at the beaches we're going to get you out of the 50s, and you'll get some daytime highs in the 60s. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, darren. the giants trying to hang on to first the west, facing the padres in game two of the series. and curry was sizzling hot in houston. he torches the rockets in the third. but was it enough for the warriors to get a much needed win? we'll be right back. but first, kpix 5 celebrating the class of 2021. send a photo of your grad to or use hashtag #kpix on your social media post. no professional photos, please. be sure to include their name, just might seele bit about just might seele bit about
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11:23 pm ross. yes for less! two tough losses this week. tonight they needed to rebound against the houston rockets. steph curry visiting that step in houston exactly where he injured his tailbone in march. curry shoots 2 of 12 in the first half but then catches fire in the third quarter. steph hits the three to give golden state a 62-59 lead. that's not his onlyelne later in the quarter, steph drives in for the lay-up to cap off a 24-0 dubs run,hat gives him a 77-59 lead. then he pulls up in transition. he does that well. and hits from deep to give the warrior as 20-point lead. curry scores 23 of his 30 points in the third and golden state outscores the rocke 39-12 lit bn
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113-87. >> really one of the most remarkable things about steph is he can be in the midst of what looks like his worst game of the entire season and then just explode. he's got the ultimate confidence and it's pretty amazing to watch, because most human beings wouldn't be able to dig themselves out of a hole like that. day three of the nfl draft, and let's see who the 49ers got. the 49ers took western michigan offensive lineman jaylon moore, oregon safety re nor, reigning pac-12 defensive player of the year, usc safety and louisiana running back elijah mitchell. the second9e drafted th wel thie t running ofhetuckerby in front of a little over 50,000 fans at churchill downs. medina spirit, who went off with
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12:1 odds wins a four-horse sprint to the finish by fourth derby win for the jockey and the seventh win for bob baffert. and the battle in the nl west heats up as the giants bats struggled down in san jack, toss me the frisbee. i can do you one better... with cheddar. everything's better with cheddar.
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and a freshly-cracked egg. try'em today. only at jack in the box. the plate down in san diego in the first two games of the series. they've racked up 28 strikeouts. chris, oh my goodness, remember that man. checking out the giants/padres game in san diego. desclafani threw a shutout in his previous start. that ends tonight in the first inning. manny machado with a three-run blast. the padres out to a quick 3-0 lead. 3-2, bottom of the eighth. jurickson profar connects for a solo shot. san diego wins 6-2. the giants are now a half game ahead of the padres with the dodgers losing tonight in the nl west. the a's and orioles from ricky henderson field this afternoon. 30 years to the day ricky broke the all-time stolen base record. top of the third, baltimore with
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the bases loaded. austin hayes' rbi single. and matt chapman cuts off the throw and tries to get the runner at ayo the outfieldt. allows two more runs to s i 7 following their 13-game win streak. moving on to the ice, sharks fans in colorado to watch team teal take on the avalanche. colorado up 3-2, under five minutes to play. deflects the puck in to give the avs a two-goal lead. they win 4-3. san jose has lost ten of their last 12 games. rough season for them. soccer, earthquake fans enjoying themselves tonight against d.c. united. 2-1, san jose, 43rd minute. a perfect strike for the first of his two goals on the night. san jose wins 4-1. they're 2-1 on the season. guys, we'll see what happens tomorrow with the giants. hopefully they can get a win so
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they're not swept in san


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