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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  May 10, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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weather conditions. back to you. >> thank you. thanks for watching kpix5 news this morning. don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. cbs viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." it's monday, may 10th, 2021. congratulations to you. you made it through the weekend. i'm gayle king, that's anthony mason and that's tony dokoupil. we've got a big morning of news, so let's go. a cyberattack targets a pipeline that distributes nearly half of the fuel that goes to the east coast. and gas prices could go up soon. why there may be a russian connection. only on "cbs this morning," former first lady michelle obama talks about her new effort to get healthy food to all americans with the help of two very quirkily puppets. plus her advice on mental health during this pandemic. and a potential scandal
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rocks the kentucky derby after this year's winning horse failed a drug test. the sports most decorated trainer tells us how he's defending himself. >> yep, he's doubling down. but first, here's today's "eye opener," it's your world in 90 seconds. the white house declared a state of emergency after a cyberattack shut down one of america's most important oil pipeline. >> the implications for national security cannot be overstated. >> the president was briefed yesterday.y. it's an all hands on dec effort right now. an explosion in afghanistan left dozens dead. >> as american forces continue withdrawing. as restrictions ease, the u.s. set another record for air travel. >> we're at the point we can start lifting ordinances allowing people to resume normal activity. republicans face a reckoning this week. they're set to vote whether to oust liz cheney from her leadership agenda. >> to defeat nancy pelosi's socialist agenda, we need to be
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united. kentucky derby winner medina spirit failed a drug test, prompting churchill downs to suspend its trainer, bob baffert. china is on the for allowing an out-of-control rocket to crash back to earth in the indian notion. >> all that matters. >> i wore my suit and you're not wearing your suit! >> the bat fly concert raised more than $200 million. >> this money will buy 206 million vaccine doses. ♪ never seemed so good ♪ so good, so so good ♪ >> i actually am making history tonight, the first person with asperger's to host "snl." >> elon musk on snm made surprising revelations. >> already, we know i'm running in human and emulation mode. this morning's "eye opener" is presented by progressive,
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making it easy to bundle insurance. >> it was a surprising revelation. he did a great job though. showed he a good sense of humor. >> very popular episode of "snl." >> their third highest one. >> it was nice to see him in a different environment too. >> i thought so too. bravo to elon musk. welcome to "cbs this morning."ttack on a major sourcf fuel for the east coast. colonial pipeline halted operations on thousands of miles of pipeline on friday after hackers forced a shutdown by taking the company's data hostage. yikes. that's nearly half of the fuel consumed o the east coast. senior investigative correspondent catherine herridge following the story. good morning to you. a few more days of this, and gas prices could rise. that's not good as people are starting to creep out of their homes and get in their homes and go places. what do we know right now? >> reporter: this was a ransomware attack meaning cyber criminals encrypted the data and demanded money to unlock it. it's not said whether a ransom
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was paid. the fbi and cybersecurity firm are working closely with the company to determine how the networks were compromised. the cyber attack shuttered more than 5,000 miles of a pipeline that carries about 45% of fuel consumed on the east coast. after hackers breached georgia-based colonial pipeline's computer system. >> ransomware is a national security threat. >> reporter: chris krebs, the former director of homeland security's cyber and infrastructure security agency, says a criminal gang with links to moscow is a leading suspect. who or what was behind there attack on colonial? >> there is a ransomware crew known as dark side. they use a double-tap technique of locking up the networks and demanding ransome. as well as taking sensitive data out of the company. >> reporter: the pipeline runs from houston to linden, new jersey, transporting more than
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100 million gallons of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and home heating oil every day. the company said sunday some smaller lateral lines are now restoried, but not the main lines. it also said it's taken additional precautionary measures to monitor and protect its pipeline. >> course of the next few days that could start getting -- use could see local stocks start running a little bit lower. >> reporter: ransomware attacks are a growing problem for the u.s. the homeland security secretary recently confirmed more than $350 million in ransom was paid last year with small businesses especially hard hit. and the number of ransomware attacks spiked in 2020 by about 300%. is enough being done to prevent these attacks? >> i don't think we've done enough to signal very clearly with our partners in europe and elsewhere to the nations like russia that harbor these
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criminals and tell them that this -- this will not stand any longer. >> reporter: over the weekend the commerce secretary told cbs news that it's an all-hands-on-deck situation. current and former government officials say ransomware criminals are ramping up attacks on hospitals and schools that could cause harm to americans. anthony? >> catherine, thank you. did not realize we paid $350 million in ransom last year. we're getting the clearest picture yet of a horrifying bomb attack on a school in afghanistan. a series of explosions saturday killed at least 53 people and wounded more than 150. officials say most of the victims were school girls. charlie d'agata visited a hospital in kabul where some of the young victims are being treated. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it takes a lot to shock this country, but what happened over the weekend took cruelty to a whole new level. we'd just come back from the
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hospital. i have to tell you what you're about to see is hard to watch. with her extensive internal injuries, doctors aren't sure whether 14-year-old merriam is going to make it. they know that 18-year-old habiba will not. by fate alone, sanab happened to be further back from classmates who died on the spot. "the explosion felt like it came from the ground and the sky," the 13-year-old said, "and i started running." shen shene then noticed she was bleeding. she told us she doesn't understand why someone would want to kill her. "i think they just don't want us to study," she said. on sunday, parents laid those children who didn't survive to rest. sent to school in search of a better life in the hope of a brighter future, dreams now buried along with their daughters. the interior ministry told us a
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massive car bomb right outside the gates was followed by two more explosions from devices planted on the street. a vicious attack designed to kill or maim as many children as possible right after the bell rang, just as school girls come rushing. american troops are heading home. afghan forces are already overwhelmed trying to push back militants on the battlefield while keeping civilians safe at home. zabab doesn't know what happened to her friends, and she's determined to return to school when she can. you won't be afraid. [ speaking foreign language ] "no, if i get scared, they'll hit us again," she said, "then i won't be able to study." the taliban say they're not responsible for the attack. isis has a history of bombings in the area. the taliban say they're declaring a cease-fire,
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three-day cease-fire, that starts with the muslim holiday later this week. >> unspeakable violence. charlie d'agata, thank you. we are learning that the pandemic may lead to permanent changes in american life. dr. anthony fauci yesterday suggested that people may want to continue to wear masks seasonally to protect against viruses like the flu as well as covid-19. as restrictions ease up, some are making a comeback. and friday was the busiest day at airports on tourism. >> reporter: that's exactly right, tony. good morning. wonderful news for the travel industry, but better news if you're a mother, whether you're an m-o-m or like me an m-u-m, this was a wonderful weekend because it was the busiest we've seen since the beginning of the
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pandemic. more than 1.7 million passengers were screened at tsa checkpoints on friday. the highest number we've seen since march 12th of 2020. this is all part of a steady rise we're seeing now alongside vaccination numbers ticking up. but while the tourism industry is poised for a comeback, it is not without some major challenges. norwegian cruise lines is now threatening to pulls it ships from florida's ports after governor ron desantis signed a law banning businesses from requiring a proof of vaccination from their customers. norwegian says that law contradicts federal guidelines that would allow ships to return to u.s. waters as soon as july so long as most passengers and crew are fully vaccinated which is what norwegian plans to do. the cruise line says it is still in contact with governor desantis' office to avoid this fight and hopefully get back to business. it's just one more example of how uneasy certain places are as we try to get back to some sense of normal.
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>> baby steps, errol. baby steps. i hope you called your m-u-m. thank you so much. good to see you. an nypd officer is being held as a hero for her very quick response to a weekend shooting in times square. take a look at this video. tourists running for cover after the shooting in the famous broadway theater district. officer alissa vogel, there she is, carried a wounded girl to safety after she was hit in the leg. this little girl was 4 years old. two female by ststanders were h when a group of men started arguing and one started shooting. all the injured are expected to recover. our new york wcbc-tv, says the suspected is still on the loose. this was just so shocking. so scary to me. shocking not so much. scary because we've all been down to times square. we know the area very well. >> if you look at the video, in normal times, times square would be way more crowded than that. we may be fortunate that it
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happened right now. >> the good news is the cops know who they're looking for. i suspect it won't take long to find them. you think about the people there for mother's day, they get caught and talk about wrong place at the wrong time. a fight in the republican leadership will take center stage. they are voting to oust elise stefanik -- to oust liz cheney. as kris van cleave reports, the gop believes the key lies in the former president and his false claim that the election he lost was stolen. >> reporter: one party divided. the trump wing of the republican party is now poised to strip wyoming's liz cheney of her spot as the third ranking member of house gop leadership. >> we need a conference that's united. that's why we need a conference
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chair that is delivering that message day in and day out and uniting the nation. >> reporter: new york's elise stefanik has been endorsed by kevin mccarthy and former president trump. >> this is also about being one team, and i'm committed to being a voice and being a clear -- sending a clear message that we are one team. >> reporter: cheney is seen as more conservative than stefanik. an analysis shows cheney voted with the former president more than 90% of the time, but her consistent criticism of mr. trump's baseless claims of election fraud and her vote to impeach him after the january 6th capitol attack have led to infighting within the party. >> she's lost focus on the single mission that we have in winning back the majority to push back against the radical biden agenda. >> reporter: cheney survived a similar vote on her leadership post in february but does not appear to be lobbying to keep it this time, writing in "the washington post," "the republican party is at a turning point, and republicans must decide whether we are going to choose truth and fidelity to the
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constitution." representative adam kinzinger is one of the few vocal republicans supporting liz cheney. >> a few of us are saying this is not good, not just for the future of the party but not good for the future of this country. >> reporter: the debate is a backdrop for two hearings on the january 6th attack this week. one is going to focus on an inspector general report that found the capitol police lacked sufficient resources to respond to the threats at belmont park
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york where the third leg of racing's triple crown will be run next month. david, sounds like mr. baffert is doubling down. >> reporter: he sure is. he told me, "david, i didn't do it," but said how he thinks it could have happened. you'll hear that in a moment. bob baffert has got to be the best-known trainer in racing, but he's had a lot of medical violations in his career, and his reputation has taken a hit. he said won the kentucky derby! [ cheers ] >> reporter: it was a record-setting seventh kentucky derby win for trainer bob baffert. medina spirit fought horse dode.
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he's a great horse and ran a great race. >> reporter: medina spirit underwent a drug test. the results revealed a higher than allowed amount of a corticosteroid in his system used to treat inflammation when training. has this horse ever been treated with this drug before? >> he's never been treated. that's the scary part. i go, how can that be? we didn't treat him with that. we don't use that. and it's been horrible. i mean -- just a horrible feeling. a trainer's worst nightmare. >> reporter: over the course of his four-decade career, bob baffert has been hit with at least 30 medication violations. five of those happened in the last year across three different states. now several were overturned on app appeal. he suggested that the sample
7:17 am
could have been contaminated. >> the only way it could happen. if it's the right horse, contamination is the only way because it was not treated by inflicted. >> reporter: if you don't know how can you prove it was contamination? >> that's a good question. the thing is we have to go through, and we're going to investigate two touched the hor horse. >> how do you overcome the allegation of cheats? >> unfortunately when you keep winning, the testing and there's -- it's one of those things where we work hard and -- have the best horses. i have the really -- i have the best clients, best best horhor horse. >> his name will be tarnerred. >> reporter: ray pollock is a
7:18 am
longtime racing expert who cautions that the test does not prove that baffert is a cheater. >> it's not the kind of drug that's going to change how good a horse can run. i don't think this is a smoking gun. >> reporter: bob baffert told me his best defense is to keep on winning. he'll go to the preakness this weekend and will run medina spirit there this weekend. look, so the kentucky derby's blood sample, they take the sample and split it, right. one split came back positive, so they're going to test the other half. it's extremely rare that that's going to come back as negative. so a lot of people say the writing is on the wall for bob baffert. if medina spirit is disqualified for the kentucky derby, the people who bet on the horse and won will not have to return their winnings. >> that's a nice twist. i heard him say there's not a smoking gun, but there's a lot of smoke around mr. baffert.
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let's see what happens when the second test comes in. thanks a lot. ahead only on "cbs morning news," michelle obama announces her plan to help all families have access to healthy food. plus her views on other issues including the fight to end systemic racism and the toll on mental health. first,
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we neeeed big beasastly changegn sacrcrament . i'i'll make 'e'em. recacall the beaeauty. meet t the nicest,t, smartest tt inin californi ia. jojohn cox. good morning. it is 7:26. i am michelle griego. a red flag warning for east bay and north bay is extended until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow as hot, dry, windy conditions continue. alameda county fire raised a red flag to kick off an inspection campaign. a deadly overnight crash in red wood city shuts down streets. witnesses say a driver slammed into someone and then fled. no word yet on the victim or possible suspect. the man accused of stabbing two asian women at a bus stop
7:27 am
in san francisco is due in court after a no show last week. patrick thompson has been charged in last week's attack on market street and could face life in prison. we've got a crash along the dumbarton bridge west bound at the high rise, three cars involved blocking at least one lane and traffic is slowing as you approach the scene. you might want to use the san mateo bridge instead. if you are taking the bay bridge this morning, metering lights are on. let's talk about that red flag warning and high fire danger until 6:00 p.m. tuesday, tracking strong offshore winds and low relative humidity values that will be down to single digits as we head through the day. around the bay, 70s and 80s and mid 60s along the coast. we will cool it
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." only on "cbs this morning," former first lady michelle obama is unveiling the next step in her effort to get more families access to healthy food. she discusses her newest initiative with waffle and mochi. i love there picture. can't wait to hear more about this. they're the stars of her netflix show that teaches kids about new foods and culinary traditions. we spoke with mrs. obama about food insecurity and other challenges that we're facing as a country including the work that still needs to be done to end systemic racism and how the pandemic has affected our mental
7:31 am
health. we're still dealing with covid, going into year two. i remember you wrote candidly about feeling a low grade of depression. how did you get through that, and how did that manifest itself for you? i think a lot of people felt that. >> well, and that's why i thought it was important to say it out loud because to not feel depressed with all that was going on -- >> it would be what's wrong with you -- >> sort of like, you feel okay in all of this? you know, sometimes we just need to speak the truth. you know, when there's such uncertainty and unrest and lack of leadership and calm, it is upsetting. it shakes you. but the point is is that, you know, there are dips, ebbs and flows to life. times when you feel great and times when you feel really low. but it's important for us to own that that happens to us. for me, you know, i have developed my own set of tools. number one, i tell you this all the time, sometimes i have to turn it off. >> yeah. the tv.
7:32 am
yeah. >> sometimes i cannot continue to take it in. not that -- >> you did tell me that. turn it off. >> i have to turn it offme. i want young people to be comfortable with identifying those peaks and valleys and knowing that these -- those valleys don't last forever. >> don't last always. >> and i just don't want any young person to make a decision about anything when they're in a valley, you know. they have to know that time will move you to a better place. >> it does seem like we're coming out of the covid valley. you know, we're -- it was a long, dark tunnel. i think we're still sort of in the tunnel, but i do sort of see light back there. >> yeah. it would be better light if people would get vaccinated. there's still so many people that are either scared or just think no, i'm not doing it. >> all i can say is that i -- i have tried to live a life where i don't lie to people, and the science behind a vaccine is the same science that's behind
7:33 am
aspirin and insulin. >> what are the covid rules for visiting the obamas? >> now it's be vaccinated. >> yeah. >> that's -- you want to hang out with us, get your vaccine. get all of it, finish it up, and then we can talk. so i urge everybody out there within the sound of our voices, please, please get the vaccine. it's time. >> the pandemic is not the only challenge the country's facing. as we near the one-year mark since george floyd's murder, there is an urgent call across the nation to address systemic racism. in particular the continued reports of black people dying at the hands of the police. there is clearly issues between the black community and policing. and it seems there are still so many people that don't want to admit that there's a problem with racism in this country >> yeah. yeah. i wish i had an answer. you know, for me it goes back to we -- we have to get to know each other. and so much of what is going on
7:34 am
is that if you've been raised to assume that all black people are x in the case of interactions with black men and police officers, sadly it can often lead to death. >> after the derek chauvin verdict, you and barak released a statement i thought was powerful. you you don't often speak out the two of you together. >> the goal is to let leaders lead. in certain times people look to us, what do you think, how do you feel? and we know that while we're all breathing a sigh of relief over the verdict, there's still work to be done. >> yes. >> and so we -- we can't sort of say, great, that happene, let's move on. i know it peothat people in the community don't feel that way. many of us live in fear as we go to the grocery store or worry about -- >> walking our dogs -- >>alking our dogs, or allowing our children to get a license. just imagine, you know, youave a son right now -- >> aren't your girls driving?
7:35 am
>> they're driving. every time they get in a car by themselves, i worry about what assumption is being made by somebody who doesn't know everything about them. the fact that they are good students and polite girls, but maybe they're playing their music a little loud, maybe somebody sees the back of their head and makes an assumption. i like so many parents of black kids have to -- the innocent act of getting a license puts fear in our hearts. >> sasha and malia who were only 7 and 10 when the obamas entered the white house are both now in college with malia all set to graduate this year. malia's graduating. can you tell me how you guys are feeling? i remember -- i remember when you were taking her to school. >> i know. i almost forgot that this year, this summer they're going to be 23 and 20. >> wow. >> i'm like, stop there. i don't even have teenagers anymore. >> yes, you have young women. >> young women. so i am excited for her next
7:36 am
chapter. that's why i want to be as excited as ever parent. i don't want to worry about her entering a world where she has to worry about how people would treat her because of the color of her skin. i am excited, but i'd like to be more excited, to know that as she gets her first apartment and rides the subway somewhere that they don't make assumptions about her based on the color of her skin, that she's not at risk out there in the world as an adult because she's a black woman. >> wow. >> yeah. michelle obama, i thought very candid. when they were in the white house, they seldom talked about the girls. now, you know, we're at a different time in the country. i think that she wanted to speak up about it. you know, it's hard to believe that they're 23 and 20. i still remember them on the stage coming out. that's something. shows we're all getting older. then the obamas got very sad news over the weekend. i was so sad when i saw it on the news that bo, we remember when they got the family dog,
7:37 am
there he is, bo the family dog passed away over the weekend. michelle obama released a statement, bo died of cancer. she said the past year with everyone home under the roof no one was happier than bo to have all of his people under one roof. just the way he did -- the way he was the day we got him. we'll be grateful for the time that they spent together, but we'll miss him, the joyful life, snuggles, games of fetch, and evenings spent on the couch. michelle spent a lot of time taking care of bo, i have to say. he was the family dog. everybody loved him. anybody who has a dog knows that pain. it hurts. it hurts. we will have more of our conversation with the former first lady in our next hour. this is the reason why she did the interview -- she discussions her initiative to give families access to healthy food and tells us about a new hobby. yep, she's found time for a hobby she picked up during the pandemic. coming up, china faces blistering criticism after it let a 20-ton rocket crash back
7:38 am
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7:42 am
nasa is strongly criticizing china for allowing its biggest rocket to shower debris back on earth. over the weekend wreckage crashed into the indian ocean. in a statement, nasa said, quote, it is clear that china is failing to meet responsible
7:43 am
standards regarding their space debris. ramy inocencio reports now on why at least one u.s. scientist calls china's actions reckless. >> reporter: from these first images of china's long march 5b rocket blasting off april 29th, to proud cheers to these last blurry images of it falling out of control back to earth over the arabian peninsula saturday. criticism is now crashing down on china after rocket fragments rained down near the tropical islands of the maldives. >> it's an alarming thing for them to be doing. >> reporter: harvard smithsonian astrophysicist jonathan mcdowell says china's rocket has a design problem. >> we normally make sure they don't go into orbit at all or if they do they have a restartable engine which can bring them down in a controlled place. >> reporter: let's be clear. it's not that china can't, right? it's that they don't? >> that's exactly right. >> reporter: was it price? was it laziness? >> i would think it was lack of
7:44 am
concern. >> reporter: after the rocket's re-entry, nasa administrators called on space nations to minimize risks and maximum transparency. but china played down concern from the start. beijing does not take criticism easily of anything it does. how would you approach them to say, guys, listen, we need to change this? >> if the u.s. comes -- they're not going to take that well. the best we can probably do is have some sort of international committee that comes up with recommendations that are not coming from one country, so it's not politically tinged. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," ramy inocencio, hong kong. >> scary stuff. up next, vlad duthiers has the stories you'll be talking
7:45 am
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7:49 am
time for "what to watch" and mr. duthiers, fresh off a day with mom for the first time -- >> first time we saw mom yesterday in quite some time. everybody's fully vaccinated. it was wonderful. wore heels -- >> oh. i hope you picked up the bill, vlad -- >> i did for everybody. here are stories we think you'll be talking about -- the ncaa appears ready to reverse course and allow its athletes to sign endorsement deals. florida, alabama, georgia, mississippi, and new mexico will have new laws by july allowing college athletes to make cash off their image rights. ncaa president mark emmert told the noo"the new york times" is to extend rights around the nation. he told the paper he would recommend governing bodies approve new rules before or as close to july 1st, of course that means athletes would be able to make some money. >> i think it's time. the college programs have been making so much money off these athletes. >> hundreds of millions of
7:50 am
dollars -- >> i think it's time, too. i hope they figure out the right way to do it. >> they have no choice now. if you're a big-time high school player you're going to go to where you get paid as opposed to a big school in a different state. >> it's got to be weird to be in the book store and see your jersey on sale for hundreds of dollars and you're not making a dime off the name that is on the back of the jersey. all right. elon musk hosted "saturday night live" this weekend. in his opening monologue, he revealed something most of us did not know. listen -- >> i'm actually making history as the first person with asperger's to host "snl." [ applause ] or at least the first to admit it. >> this was the first time the tesla and spacex ceo spoke publicly about his autism spectrum disorder. musk and the show's writers also managed to work in a couple of references to dogecoin, the me
7:51 am
e inspired crypto-currency he's out toed on twitter. he played a nerdy financial expert who tried to explain what it was before saying it could be traded for conventional money. this is the price of -- people were watching dogecoin all night long. viewing parties set up. >> didn't it drop? >> it dropped. >> we should note he's not the first host who has asperger's. dan aykroyd, a longtime member -- >> back in we go to. >> dogecoin dropped because it's based on nothing but because it's a hustle. his word. >> people were like, oh, snap. >> when elon speaks, people listen. >> they do. it was very applauded. people applauded him for his admission. >> i thought he did great. he played all different kind of characters. as anthony said, you got to see a different side. >> you did. >> nice. let's talk about mother's day. and the ultimate mother's day gift -- look at what toronto
7:52 am
raptors's star surprised his mom with yesterday putting chocolates, flowers, the bill i paid yesterday, and cards to shame. watch this. >> so this house, this is -- [ laughter ] >> the nba veteran surprised his mom with a new house. she freaked out in the best way possible. he thanked her for being a super mom saying with dad being gone we haven't had a place to call home. >> amazing. six seconds to go. angelina jolie coming up in the next hour. this shot is our shot...our opportunity. covid-19 has taken so much from so many. but this is our shot at returning to the faceces and plplaces we lolove and d miss. ♪♪ the covid-d-19 vaccinenes are e ready. and so i is walgreenens, wiwith pharmacacists you k k, who know y you.
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7:56 am
this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> it's 7:56 and i michelle and santa clara county officials announced team vaccination nights at levi's stadium. after getting shots teens have a chance to visit nfl locker rooms, get free 49ers's wagon when gift cards. the teachers union says they reached an agreement with the district allowing seniors to return to in-person learning starting friday may 14th, but the return will be brief. the last day of classes is june
7:57 am
2nd. the north bay under a red flag warning. if you need to clear brush near your home, firefighters recommend doing it early in the morning. i the afternoon it's too hot. if you're getting ready to go out the door we have a crash blocking two lanes of the bridge involving westbound traffic at the bridge near the spanned so give yourself extra minutes as you work your way through there. travel time at 35 minutes to go between 880 through march road in san mateo bridge looking better and use that instead or even 237 as an alternate. westbound san mateo bridge all clear on the way 2101. high fire danger and red warning extended until 6:00 tuesday and gusty offshore winds especially at higher elevations and low relative humidity alues down to sing are you managing your diabetes...
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ it's monday, may 10th, 2021. we welcome you back to "cbs this morning" with "i'll be around." i'm gayle king with tony dokoupil and anthony mason. a conversation with michelle obama about everyone staying healthy. she's announcing the next moves in that effort. >> there are calls for a boycott of the golden globes from some major hollywood players. how race and allegations of sexual harassment and corruption are part of the contntroversy. and angelelina j jolie is oe run fromm fire and assassins in her new movie. she'll talk about it along with her co-star, medina senghore.
8:01 am
>> angelina likes action. first here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. cyber attack on fuel for the east coast. hackers forced a shutdown. >> this was a ransomware attack meaning cyber criminals encrypted the data and demanded money to unlock it. >> it takes a lot to shock this country, but what happened over the weekend took cruelty to a whole new level. the taliban say they're not responsible for the attack. isis has a history of bombings in that area. the kentucky derby blood sample, they split it. one half came back positive. they will test the second half. it's rare that will come back negative. a lot of people say the writing is on the wall for bob baffert. what are the rules for visiting the obamas? >> be vaccinated. you want to hang out with us, get your vaccine. a space rocket that was spinning out of control just minutes ago crashed into the ocean. and, for once, we know it's not elon's fault.
8:02 am
a lot of people have been wondering why is he hosting our show? and now we know it's because he needed an alibi. >> nicely done, colin. nicely done, elon musk. we're going to begin with us because we like to say only on cbs morning -- i'll say it again, only on "cbs this morning," michelle obama is revealing what's next to get all families, did you hear that part, all families access to healthy foods. she has the help of two quirky and adorable puppets, waffles and mochi. they star in her netflix show which teaches kids about healthy food. mrs. obama is the executive producer and appears in every episode. their latest campaign "pass the lovely with waffles and mochi" will provide healthy food to people nationwide who may not have access to supplies. today mrs. obama and the partnership for a healthier america are announcing their first target cities for that initiative, cleveland and
8:03 am
atlanta. we met up with the former first lady about why she's so excited about the project and what drew her to waffles and mochi in the first place. >> if you want to be great chefs, you have to learn about all kinds of different foods. >> and that's just one of the messages behind michelle obama's netflix show "waffles and mochi." >> hello, waffles and mochi. are you ready for an amazing adventure? >> the show teaches kids the value of healthy eating and features key themes of diversity and inclusion as waffles and mochi travel the globe and learn about new culinary traditions. >> wow, it's like a rainbow in my mouth. >> along the way waffles and mochi are guided by their mentor, a supermarket manager played by, you guessed it, michelle obama. >> these are tomatoes. and i just picked them fresh from the garden. after i read the concept, i thought, this is going to be so
8:04 am
good. so i wanted to be a part of it. >> but you didn't have to be. >> i didn't have to be. i asked the question, look, i don't want to be mrs. o. if there's a better mrs. o. out there. >> who is a better mrs. o.? let's think about that. no, no. >> i am not an actor. don't give me a bunch of lines. it was fun because i could be impromptu. and working with waffles and mochi, i loved the fact we're also trying to find a purpose in it because that is still something that's important to me. you have to have courage, mochi, or we'll never really learn how to cook. it sends a message beyond food and fun. there's always a theme about love and acceptance and openness. it's just a gentle reminder to young kids we want to teach them this rare gift of empathy. >> and now that mission continues with the former first lady's pass the love initiative. waffles and mochi have teamed up with the partnership for a healthier america to provide
8:05 am
meal kits to families in need inspired by recipes from the show. and today mrs. obama's announcing the first target cities. >> we looked at cities where there was need. and many of our urban areas have been struggling under covid. so we could have gone to any city, but atlanta and cleveland were sort of prime for this partnership. and we want to bring attention to the fact that in 2021, is that what year it is? >> i know, i know. it's 2021, yeah. >> that people are still hungry in one of the richest nations on earth. and we're going to provide 1 million meals to families in need all across the country. so they're going to get little food packages that are waffles and mochi specials where they'll have the ingredients and the recipes, easy, affordable. they get it free, but they also find out they can go back to the stores and do this again and all these meal kits are going to be healthy so that all families can
8:06 am
follow along with the recipes. >> my children are now 34 and 35. and i wish -- cooking is not my forte. they were raised on spa get wyomy spaghettios and fish sticks. >> we were raising our kids in a different time. >> free me, mrs. obama. >> we didn't know all the quick, fast options were not that healthy. >> it's true. >> we didn't know that. >> it is true. >> that's why the education piece is important because we can't beat ourselves up for stuff we didn't know. and now more and more families understand this and they also can see that they can cook an affordable meal quickly, save money and time. >> in the year since her family left the white house, mrs. obama could have taken some well-earned time off, but she told us she does not take for granted the reach of her voice and the unique platform of a former first lady.
8:07 am
>> i'm 57. barack will be 60 this year. we still have a lot of life left. and so to sit by -- when you see all the need and all the stuff that needs to be done, we still feel like we have a responsibility to be engaged in this anetpl i'm still not working at the pace i was working. i still have more freedom to do the things that i want. i'm knitting now. >> i was surprised you're knitting. >> i know. >> no disrespect, but it sounds very old lady. i was surprised. >> it's sort of me because i like creating something out of nothing. it's not old lady. i don't want you coming for my knitting community, gayle. >> that's why i said no disrespect. >> don't get me started. i don't want to bore people with my little knitting. i made baraka sweater, a crew neck sweater. >> has he worn it? >> he will. it was finished when it was warmer. i made halter tops that sasha and malia love.
8:08 am
>> there's something special to know that mom made this for me. >> the point being there's time to do it all. there's still plenty of time to continue to work on issues that matter without sort of being in the middle of it. and let me tell you, it helps to have our president, joe biden, in office because when you have a responsible, mature president in office, it makes it even easier for us to move on to the next phases of the work that we do because we're not sitting and worrying every day about what's going to happen next. but there's still plenty of time to do some good. >> plenty of time to do some good. she's right about that. i can't say enough about that waffles and mochi show. in preparation, i said i'm going to watch one episode to get a sense of it. i'll start with tomatoes. well, let me see what's going on with the eggs and the pickles and the salt. >> we watched the salt one. i was making minestroni soup. i oversalted the soup.
8:09 am
teddy can't express that. he took a bite of the soup, dad, you blew it. >> it's very educational. it really is. for instance, okay, what's a tomato? is it a fruit or vegetable? quick, anthony? >> it's a vegetable. >> it's a fruit. it has seeds. >> very good. >> i knew it was a trick question. >> it has seeds inside but it's used as a vegetable. >> mostly it's just a tomato. >> but it has all sorts of little interesting things like that that are helpful. they travel all around the world. >> i love that the first lady is knitting. i think that's really cool. i think that's a very therapeutic thing to do. >> it's really good for the mind, the hands. gayle, you can learn to cook now. you can learn to knit. you have so much in your future. >> she said don't come for my knitting community. they're a very big group. >> they have needles, too, so be careful. >> they have needles. that's right. tomorrow night you can watch former first lady michelle obama. where is she going to be? on "the late show with stephen
8:10 am
colbert." i'm curious what the two of them will do right here on cbs. ahead, angelina jolie tells us about a new movie. her co-star explains why she quit corpo
8:11 am
ahe ahead, scarlett johansson encourages people to step back with the group that works with the golden globes. we'll ask the "times up" ceo about the accusation, faced
8:12 am
bel behavor boardering on sexual harassment.. roround-the-clcl. -sounds grgreat. -sure dodoes. shouldn't something, you know, wacky be happening right now? we thought people could use a break. we've all l been throuough a lolot this yeaear. -t-that makes s sense. -yeah.h. so... ♪ now's s not a goodod time 3/5ths of f nsync. are e you sure?? yoyou have us s booked allll. -read ththe room, guguys. -yeah. right? atat panera, w we take care of f dinnertimeme. -re we use freresh,uguys. clean ingrgredients to m make mouthwhwatering mastererpieces. ordeder our neww flatatbread pizzzzas fofor dinner t tonight wiwith deliverery or pick-k. only at papanera. ♪ when n i was younung ♪ no-no-no-n-no-no plplease pleasase no. ♪ i n never neededed anyone.♪ front t desk. yes, helello... i'm m so... pleasese hold.
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♪♪ refufuse to choooose and geget my $6.9999 50/50 0 popcorn chchicken wiwith both clclassic and spspicy for ththe best o of both wororlds. only a at jack in n the box. upper left, cue gayle, dissolve. >> voila. there are new calls to boycott the group that puts on the golden globes. the hollywood foreign press association has revealed that none of its nearly 90 members are black, it also faces serious ethical concerns especially with how it compensates its members. netflix says it's stopping any activities until the hfpa, hollywood foreign press association, until more meaningful changes are made.
8:17 am
movie stars are also weighing in. actress scarlett johansson called for hollywood to step back from the group. mark ruffalo's also speaking up. oscarlett johansson says she's faced behavior that bordered on sexual misconduct at the events. the hfpa says, quote, we remain dedicated to becoming a better organization and an example of diversity and transparency and accountability in the industry. only this morning on cbs, we're joined by the president and ceo of time's up, tina tchen. it's good to see you. lots to discuss here. listen, people would say the hollywood foreign press has operated this way for many, many years. the concerns have been raised before. why now is something finally happening? >> well, i think, look, this has been a year of racial reckoning in so many institutions in our country. an when it became clear leading up to the golden globes awards this year that they have afternoon -- they do not have right now any black members of their 86, they haven't had a
8:18 am
black member for over 20 years. it was time to say time's occupy this. wecan't -- time's up on this. we can't left an organization this small, this insular, pass judgment on the rest of hollywood. >> i think people are trisurpri that it is so small, less than 90 members. what did time's up say because they're putting their mind and muscle behind this action. that's huge to have two big corporations also speaking up now. >> look, we've been saying it out loud since the time of the awards show. we've been calling on the hfpa to make meaningful change. we even gave them a road for how to do it to demonstrate this isn't just about adding a few black members, this organization has deep issues with how they make decisions, how they actually ethically behave or not, the kinds of behavior in the press conferences that scarlett johansson talked about. we've heard those stories and saw it on camera after this year's awards show when daniel
8:19 am
kaluuya was mistaken, right? the hfpa reporter didn't know who she was talking to as a black actor. they -- what they did to manari this year as an asian american, i feel strongly, they put manari into the foreign language category. it's a story about asian americans, they didn't do it for "inglorious bastards. ." >> what should hollywood be doing to pressure the hfpa to change? >> well, look, they -- they gave themselves until may 6th to put out a roadmap for change. what we saw last week was clearly insufficient. it's got vague timetables that go out way past this awards season. you know, it doesn't -- it has a few numbers of -- it's going to raise -- increase its membership by 50% which means the current 86 are still a majority and will still control the organization. it is, i think, as scarlett johansson said, as netflix has said leading the charge, it's time to step back. let's be clear, the awards season has already started for
8:20 am
this next golden globes. >> yeah. >> right? they're already pressuring people to give screenings right now because you have to do it within a week of your release to be eligible for the awards. yet the organization is still the same. and you know, hollywood deserves better. >> tina, the hfpa has said that it's taking input from its friends and critics which would include you obviously. you reached out to them. have they been receptive? >> we reached out, again, right after the awards show over two months ago. and they did not sit down with us. we sat down with their outside advisers, their law firm and kbefrt consultant. the diversity consultant who resigned then, you know, the next day. and so they themselves, their leadership has not sat down with us. >> some would say -- >> nor have they sat down with 101 publicists in hollywood who also spoke out about this. >> some would say that this seems like a pretty hollywood-specific issue. why do you -- what do you say to people that let us know that it
8:21 am
actually matters to people outside the industry? >> well, it does because because, look, the golden globes happens first. it's been called the gateway award to the rest of the awards seasons which means careers are made or broken by the decisions that this small group is making. so look at last year, you know, in 2020, when no women directors, even a -- a year rich with women director-led projects were nominated. this year, they skipped ma raney for best picture, they skipped "the five blood" for best picture. they skipped "judas and the black messiah" for best picture. they are making decisions that influence the rest of our culture and -- >> tina? >> losing voices. >> what if the studios said we're not going to submit our films, and we're not going to show up? >> you know, that would be powerful, right. that would be a powerful statement to say in this year, in 2021, we're not going to stand for racist and sexist and
8:22 am
misogynistic behavior back to you an institution. >> could be big changes in what we call award winning. thank you so much. appreciate it. ahead, we'll talk with jake tapper about his new thriller set in the 1960s hollywood. why he says the book has themes that are relevant today. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ califofornia phonenes os free spepecialized p phon. like corordless phon, - (phone r ringing) - big g button, and volulume-enhanceced phones. get t details on thihis state prprogram. call or visit
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8:24 am
angelina jolie is star flooding "those who wish me dead." ahead she tells vlad how her
8:25 am
performance was gypspinspired b own life. >> i like characters who overcome, who are pushed against the wall, broken, grieving, and find their way forward. >> we'll share that conversation including how she's balancing work and good morning. it is a: 25. a red flag warning for the east bay in north bay is extended until 6 p.m. tomorrow as hot, dry and windy conditions continue. they raised a red flag to kickoff an inspection campaign. a barrier vaccine trial is focusing on younger children. researchers at stanford medical school wanted to see the pfizer vaccine against covid is safe and effective for kids between six months and seven years old.
8:26 am
a debate is ongoing whether it is time to unmask in certain places. dr. scott said that san francisco should ease up. he cites low numbers of new cases in a high rate of vaccination. taking a look at our travel times right now, if you are getting ready to head out the door. a little slow on 80. was bound. we are tracking platelike through richmond and berkeley. thanks looking a lot better as you work your way through here. as we take a look at traffic, just a heads up, we have some brake lights orinda. some debris in the roadway. there was a crash deposit area as well making it over there. a red flag warning continues for the north bay mountains until 6:00 p.m. tuesday deuce tuke gusty offshore winds especially in the high elevation. watching closely for you with those critical fire weather conditions. with those offshore men's and
8:27 am
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prevagen. healalthier braiain. better r. welcome back to "cbs this morning." it is that time to bring you some of the stories that are "talk of the table" good morning. and ms. king is up first. >> good. how about this -- mine is sweet. sweet naomi and sweet breen -- what? naomi orkts ssaka partnering wi restaurant campaign, sweet green. this is the first time she's done anything like this. see, i'm inspired by michelle obama and healthy eating. >> yeah. >> i saw this with naomi osaka. 52% of americans are consciously -- 52% -- seeking healthier food options. so naomi says she's proud to join forces with sweet green to change the world -- change the
8:31 am
ay that we think ab traditional fast food sponsorships. as an athlete, she is, i am not, what i put into my body, she says, directly correlates with how i perform. and eating delicious, healthy foods fuels my daily routine. so starting on may 20th, they're going to announce -- listen to the name of it -- the naomi osaka bowl. >> nice. >> a lot of thought went into that one. okay. listen what's in it -- a warm quinoa, baby spinach, cilantro, tortilla chips, goat cheese, blackened chicken, lime, cilantro, sweet green hot sauce -- >> you had me at goat choose. i love goat cheese. >> i'm a sweet green girl, i like the harvest bowl. this sounds like something i'm going try. that's may 20th. on may 26th, 100% of every sell from the naomi osaka bowl will support aapi-led organizations, increasing food access to those communities. so she's using her brand, her name, her celebrity to do good.
8:32 am
>> that's great. >> partnering up with sweet green which i have to say is also very good. >> very tasty. it's possible to put as many toppings on it to make it not healthy. >> this a good point. >> anything with cheese is okay with me. continuing on the michelle obama theme. we heard michelle obama say if you want to hang out with the obamas, you got to be vaccinated. which raises an interesting question is what's the best way to persuade millions of americans who are not vaccinated, who are vaccine hesitant, to get their vaccinations? well, ucla, the covid-19 health and politics project did a survey to see what would convince people. some of the answers are particularly interesting. and one of the biggest -- money. >> oh. >> money. >> they asked folks if you received $100, would you get the vaccine? and as you see, 34% said yes. in fact, about 28% said they'd do it for like $25. so it tells you that cash is a big incentive.
8:33 am
other incentive, 63% said they'd be more willing if it meant they didn't have to wear a mask. >> that's great. >> that's a great one. >> i love the calculation of here's a vaccine, it could save your life, i don't know, but $100 -- >> i'm surprised at that -- >> west virginia's governor, jim justice, recently announced the state would give young people $100 bonds if they get vaccinated. >> final at the point whatever it takes. honestly, whatever it takes. >> exactly. >> now people are going to be holding out for $200. my "talk of the table" is about the gerber company. they are searching at the moment, today's the deadline, to put in your application for your child to be the next gerber baby. >> tony, you got some candidates -- you might -- >> kids can be from 1 not guilty -- 1 month to 48 months old. they've looking for a child with an infectious giggle, kirby could enter next year, a shining personality, and the ability to melt hearts. here are the past winners -- >> that's a pretty impressive group there.
8:34 am
>> upper right-hand corner, that's the original gerber baby. >> which i always thought was the cutest. don't know if it's a boy or a girl. >>it's a girl, anne turner. she's turning 95 this year. she's still around. the winner gets $25,000, $1,000 worth of baby clothes, and $1,000 for shopping at walmart. >> you did say today's the deadline, and your daughter's coming -- your second favorite daughter isn't will coming in -- >> we can both enter. you can enter your grandchild and i can enter my daughter next year. >> won't be i be doing that next year? yes, i will. >> this will be an interesting contest. they get a lifetime supply -- a long supply of baby food, too, i assume? >> you can spend the $25,000 on whatever you want. >> always loved the gerber baby. cnn anchor jake tapper is leasing a new -- releasing a new envelope set in 1960s hollywood. the lead characters in "the devil may dance" are consultants during the making of the classic
8:35 am
film, the original 1962 version of "the manchurian candidate." the movie which stars frank sinatra is about a communist brain-washing plot to kill a presidential nominee. >> wow. >> speech is short, but it's the most rousing speech i've ever read. it's been worked on here and in russia on and off for over eight years. i shall force someone to take it away from him. and johnny will reveal those microphones and those cameras with blood all over him fighting off anyone who tries to help him, defending america even if it means his own death. rallying a nation of television viewers into hysteria, to sweep us up into the white house with powers that will make marshal law seem like anarchy. >> didn't know angela lansbury could be so scary. in the thriller, the main characters befriend sinatra, attend the '62 oscars, and watch marilyn monroe serenade
8:36 am
president kennedy. jake tapper, good morning. congratulations on writing a book in a pandemic. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. it actually was a great escape. you could -- i could step aside from the horrors we were all reporting on and spend, you know, an hour or two with the rat pack in 1962. it was a pleasure. >> it's fabulous premise. i want to talk about it in a second. let me start with what's going on in washington now. we've got the house republicans in their effort to oust congresswoman liz cheney from the leadership for her opposition to president trump. what do you think the impact of this is going to be? >> well, i'm very afraid that the impact is going to be that the republican party, which did not put forth a platform in 2020 is going to increasingly stand for fealty to trump and the things he says that aren't true about the election, the lies that he tells, instead of being about conservative values.
8:37 am
i mean, liz cheney by any stretch is more conservative than elise deaf nstefanik who's prbably being to replace her. and yet the only real difference here is stefanik is willing to tell these crazy election lies about the vote in arizona coming in on bamboo ballots from asia or, you know, all sorts of things that just report aren't d cheney won't do that. this country needs a thriving republican party to represent all the conservative views, the tens of millions of americans out there. but it needs to be based in fact. >> you say you won't book any politicians on your show who have lied about the 2020 election. what brought you to that point, and aren't you going to be leaving out a lot of leading republicans? >> it's not a policy per se like i'm not going to do it, but it's something i grapple with. in the name of transparency
8:38 am
discuss. since the election, i haven't booked anybody that shares election lies. and you know, i have booked plenty of conservative republicans on the show. we just had the governor of utah on "state of the union" yesterday, adam kinzinger last week. there are conservative republicans out there who are not willing to lie. but the question i have, and it's one that i suspect we all grapple with, if these politicians are willing to share lies about the election, what else are they willing to lie about? >> yeah. >> and is that a service to my viewers or a disservice? because we know that, you know, not just according to us and the media but according to republican election officials, republican governors, republican appointed jack ed judges, the u supreme court, the election was fair and square. joe biden won. >> yeah. yeah. >> there was no massive fraud. so if we know that to be true, what are we doing to the discourse and what are we doing for our viewers if we bring on people who are willing to lie about it? >> i'm with you, jake, when it
8:39 am
comes to grappling. i'm all for difference of opinion, but let's start with the facts and the truth. let's talk about "the devil may dan dance." may i hold it up? okay. i'm wondering how you did this. listen, last time i checked, you're on tv all the time. are you writing in between commercial breaks? and how -- the storyline is so intricate. i want to know your process and how you came up with this storyline because you say, as you point out, it's very relevant today. go, jake tapper, go. >> so my -- my writing rule is if you're in the middle of a writing project, write at least 15 minutes a day. it's not really that crazy a demand. 15 minutes a day. if that's all you do, by the end of the week, you have an hour and 45 minutes worth of writing, that's several pages. that was one. i was able to do more because i didn't have a commute from april to august last year because i -- i worked from home. and then in terms of the plot, i was inspired because of the real story. sinatra worked his heart out to get president kennedy elected in
8:40 am
1960. when president kennedy was going to come out to california in 1962, sinatra had his rancho mirage estate built up in preparation for a presidential visit. new rooms, phone lines, a helipad. attorney general kennedy, this is all true, attorney general kennedy, who was battling organized crime, started wondering should i let my brother stay at a house where mobsters have stayed? that's the premise. that's a real story. >> yeah. >> and on that, i just -- i inserted my main characters, charlie and margaret, into that story, and you know, there's a murder mystery, there's all sorts of conspiracies, the church of scientology makes an appearance. it's, i hope, a fun adventure. the reviews have been good, thank god. >> and you invented the here ex-to -- lyrics to a fake sinatra song in "the devil my dance." >> that was fun because the lawyers are going through to make sure i don't quote any songs longer than a line. if i do, the lawyers from the --
8:41 am
the publishing houses can come in and get money. i get the call from the liar like, what are you doing, you -- you have an entire sinatra song in here in this intricate part of the plot. you can't do that. i said, it's not real. i made it up. >> jake, we got to go. thank you so much. >> congrats.
8:42 am
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i'm not going through that again. >> we can't go through that. that eat everything in its path. i would have seen this from the tower. i didn't call it in. they're going to send a chopper to figure out why. chopper is that way. back there. you don't get through that. we're going that way. >> that is academy award winner angelina jolie in the thriller "those who wish me dead." she portrays a smoke jumper, a firefighter who parachutes into wildfires. her character hannah is torm tormented because she's unable to save three people in a fire. and we recently spoke with jolie and her co-star medina senghore about the film. >> i like characters who overcome, who are pushed against the wall, broken, grieving, and find their way forward. >> in "those who wish me dead," angelina jolie's character hannah is part of an elite force that jumps out of planes to
8:46 am
serve ads first responders in wildfires. the adrenaline junkie is still healing from a tragedy douwhen comes across a traumatized young boy and sets out to save him from two relentless killers. we see some of the trauma that these elite group of individuals must go through because you can't save every life. how did you dig in to sort of portraying that on the screen? >> well, i don't have the same grief that she has, but i have my own loss, my own trauma, you know. i think we all within our characters dug into those parts that made it real for us. can i help you? >> medina senghore, who plays the wife of the local sheriff, draws upon her unusual career path as a former patent attorney. have you ever done an action film like this? >> only in my head. only in my imagination. >> so you were this high-powered corporate attorney, and you had been educated at some of the country's most elite universities. and you decided to give that up
8:47 am
to go into this profession where, face it, the chances that you would be acting in a film with angelina jolie are -- you know, one in a million. >> absolutely. i followed this path because it was something i loved my entire life but didn't think it was a career i could pursue. and i really did it out of the passion and the love. and honestly, never expected that i'd be sitting here. i just feel very fortunate. >> she was inspired to pursue her passion by her mother, a public school teacher. >> then when she retired, she kept teaching. she kept finding ways to teach. either she would volunteer or she would work part time. and i watched her and said, i want a career that even when i'm done, i can't stop. >> both jolie and medina senghore portray strong women. they propelled the final forward and are complex. >> oftentimes somebody says, oh, this person is so strong.
8:48 am
that -- they don't often talk about how did they become so strong. >> yes. >> and very often it's something that broke us, something that hurt us, something that, you know, where we had to kind of find that in us to grow stronger. >> something working mothers can relate to, especially during the pandemic. what's it been like as a working mom throughout all of this? >> well, i haven't been working very much through all of this. i mean, i've been a working mom. yeah. that is work. >> that is work. >> and i try to have my meetings and briefings and try to do some writing. >> you also got to supplement the virtual homework they're getting? >> i'm really not very good at all of that. fortunately my kids are old up in and are extremely capable. where i failed, they fill in. we're a team. >> for the past two decades -- >> the international community has to step up and do more. >> -- angelina jolie has also teamed up with the united nations refugee agency, work that's as meaningful as ever during this global crisis.
8:49 am
>> what the pandemic did was it kind of exposed all that was already broken. and we see -- we shouldn't be this vulnerable. we shouldn't have people this dependent on aid. we shouldn't have conflicts that are raging for 20 years. we shouldn't have this lack of diplomacy in this area or people so susceptible to famine in this area. we really have to all look around us and re-evaluate who's doing what, how things are being managed, what more we can do, and come together as a global community. >> so they made the film before the pandemic. but i found that the themes of survival and redemption resonate even more now. "those who, with me dead" will be released this friday. >> tyler per's in it. >> i'm not going to say what he. >> he's a good guy in real life. good guy plays ad guy. >> thank you so much. stay with us. we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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residents are questioning whether or not it may be time to unmask. this comes after the head of the fda said that cities like san francisco should ease up on the rules. santa clara county officials will announce the launch of
8:56 am
vaccination nights at levi stadion. teens will have a visit to nfl locker rooms, 49er swag and gift cards after their vaccination. we take a look at a few brake lights as you work your way on 101 heading into san francisco. things are busy on 280 as well. we track the traffic as you work your way to the 281 split heading into san francisco. there's a crash on old boy he sure highway. 101 is still a little bit slow. you have pockets as you work your way towards 87. westbound 24 sees brake lights from av your trouble sites. a 15 minute commute. high fire danger today into tomorrow, especially for the north bay mountains, and valleys. the red flag is until 6 p.m. tuesday due to gusty offshore winds and low relative humidity. critical fire weather conditions.
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