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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  May 11, 2021 3:42am-4:00am PDT

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of dollars that west virginia's looking for would offset the soaring costs of first respon,ls dru eatmen er >> we were improving and then the pandemic came along and there were a lot of relapses. >> relapses and deaths which increased by as much as 2/3 from the prior year. >> it affects us so tremendouslier they are going on overdoses and overdoses -- what happened the other day? >> one of my staffers responded to an overdose in the ally, three people overdosed at the same time. >> three? >> three. >> amanda coleman runs a place that helps people experiencing homelessness, and another problem that reached epidemic proportions in the last year. >> what comes first the homelessness or the drug uses?
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>> almost always the drug use. >> over the past decade, the three defendants have shipped more than 81 million doses of prescription opioids to the county that has a population of 91,000. user who is start on prescription pills are more like toll turn to deadly options like heroin. it has become generations. addicts who are now adults raising children in environments that are surrounded. >> we have to do lots of work to prevent our kids from using to provide them with the support they are not get ting in a household, we have to help people would are not using right now so we can use the reduce the trauma of those children living in the households. >> you believe drug manufacturers or distributors need to pay for that? >> yes, i have not met a person that woke up and stuck a needle in their arm. i heard it's not pills, it's not
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pills. it starts with pills. i have never met a person that never started with pills and often times they were pushed on them, and i just, i believe they are responsible for it. >> there's something that has to have some personal responsibility. we all make a decision. if you think about a person who grew up in an environment, where there was not enough food, they were left alone for long periods of time, maybe they were traded for drugs. what hope do they have, what options do they feel like they have? what do they know that's different than that? >> well, the number of overdoses has continued to rise, the number of deaths across the country, would likely be far worse if not for the recent use of naloxone, an emergency medication that reversus the affects of opioids. >> the only thinn go long-term treatment. we keep you alive with narcan, or other means, you know, you
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have to keep you alive, and then we try to get you in treatment. >> lawsuit ms. os in other suit follow. >> and west virginia is where the crisis first unfolded. she believes with the right resources it can be a national example of how it ends. >> we have to heal these people, we cannot, we have done an excellent job developing programs. we no he know what works and we to continue the work. and we need money to do that. >> jeff glora, reporting, the trial is expected to last at least three months. nationwide, coronavirus, cases, hospitalations and deaths continue to fall. the number of people vaccinated is starting on show and it has employers offering incentives to take the jab. >> reporter: sales associate dakota bryant has worked on the front lines at the grocery store
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in virginia through the pandemic. so, getting vaccinated came as a relief. >> i do feel safer. >> for this store manager, it was emotional getting the shot. >> i had a moment i teerd up, it was like a rough last year. >> reporter: for story employees the second shot comes with an added bow news, the company pays workers $200 to get vaccinated. >> i do think the money is a way to encourage people to get vaccinated. >> reporter: a growing number of companies are offering incentives like paid time off to get the shot. jeff good launched his own initiative to make access easier for his employees. why did you feel it was important to bring the mobile unit to your restaurant? >> i was afraid that many, many people that are within my vaccine because they never got around to it. >> reporter: the on sight unit served as a dose of
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encouragement. i had two of my key employees that were against the idea of getting vaccinated and i turn around and there they are in line getting the vaccine. it's incredible. we have been under stress for so long and this is our way out. let's do it. >> reporter: it can't happen soon enough for business owners and employees who have struggled to stay afloat and safe during hey, i just got a text from my sister. you remember rick, her neighbor? sure, he's the 76-year-old guy who still runs marathons, right? sadly, not anymore. wow. so sudden. um, we're not about to have the "we need life insurance" conversation again, are we? no, we're having the "we're getting coverage so we don't have to worry about it" conversation. so you're calling about the $9.95 a month plan -from colonial penn? -i am. we put it off long enough. we are getting that $9.95 plan, today. (jonathan) is it time for you to call about the $9.95 plan?
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former first lady michelle obama is on a mission to make sure that all families have access to healthy food, sh she is an actor and executive producer of a netflix show that teaches kids the value of eating right. mrs. obama about discussed the show in the next chapter of her life after the white house with gayle king. >> if you want to be a great chef, you have to learn about all kinds of of different foods and that's just one of the messages behind michelle obama's netflix show, waffles and mochi. >> hello, waffles and mochi, are you ready for an amazing adventure? >> the show teaches the kids the value of healthy eating and addresses key themes as they travel the globe and learn about culinary traditions. >> it's like a rainbow in my in mouth. >> along the way, waffles and mochi are guided by their
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mentor, a supermarket manager. played by you guessed it, michelle obama. >> these are tomatoes. and i just picked them fresh fromhegarden. >> after i read the concept, i thought, this is going to be so good. so, i wanted to be a part of of it. but -- >> you didn't have to be. >> i didn't have to be. i asked the question, i don't want to be mrs. o if there's a better mrs. o out there. >> who's a better mrs. o. >> i had to tell them, i'm not an actor. so i was like, don't give me a bunch of lines. it was fun, because i could be impromptu and working with waffles and mochi, i love that we are trying to find a purpose in it. that is still snagomething important to me. it sends a message beyond food and fun. there's always a theme about love and acceptance and openness, it's a gentle reminder to young kids, we want to teach
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them this rare gift of empathy. >> and now that mission continues with a former first lady's pass the love initiative. waffles and mochi have teamed up with the partnership for a healthier america to provide meal kits to families in need. inspired by recipes from the show. and today, mrs. obama's announcing the first target cities. >> you know, we looked at cities where there were, there was need and many of our urban areas are, have been struggling under covid. so, we could have gone to any city, but atlanta and cleveland were a partnership and we want to bring attention to the fact that in 2021, is that what year it is? >> yeah, it's 2021. that people are still hungry. in one of the richest nations on earth. >> and we are going to provide 1 million meals to families in need. so, they are going to get food packages that are waffles and m
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on -- they will get ithe find out that they can go back to the stores and do it again and all these meal kits are going to be healthy so that all families can follow along with the recipes. >> my children are now 34 and 35. i wish cooking is not my forte. and i raised them on fish sticks, and tater tots, if i a regret, it would be that. >> we were raising our kids in a different time. >> yes -- yes. >> we didn't know all the quick fast options were not that healthy. >> yeah. it's true. >> we didn't know that. >> it is true. >> so that's why the education piece is important. we can't beat ourselves up for stuff we didn't know. now, more and more families understand it and they also can see that they can cook an affordable meal quickly, save money and time. >> in the year since her family
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left the white house, mrs. obama could have taken well-earned timeoff, and she told us, she does not take for granted the reach of her voice, and the unique platform of a former first lady. >> i'm 57, barack will be 60, we have a lot of life left. so, to sit by, when you see all the need and all the stuff that needs to be done. we still feel like we have a responsibility to be engaged in this planet. >> so, the point being is that there's time to do it all. there's still plenty of time to continue to work on issues that matter without sort of being in the middle of it and let me tell you, it helps to have our president joe biden in office, because, you know, when you have a responsible mature president in office, it's, it makes it easier for us to move on to the next phases of the work that we do. because we are not sitting and worrying every day about what is going to happen next? >> but there's still plenty of
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time to do some good. >> gayle king with michelle obama. you are watching the "cbs overnight news."
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a budding baseball star in kentucky, saw his dreams of a big league career shattered by a devastating medical diagnosis, it turns out that was not the end of his story. here is steve hartman, on the road. 17-year-old walker smallwood of dixie heights high school in edgewood, kentucky, always dreamed of pitching in the pros until he started posting some very disappointing numbers. six surgeries, six chemo cycles. 24 treatments, 18 hospital stays. back in 2018, this promising lefty was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer in his leg, he is
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now in remission, and his this is baseball career passed. >> it was devastating. he kept asking, can i just pitch? and we said, no, you really can't. >> at the time, i guess i was just kind of in denial, because my whole life, day in, day out, it kind of built around baseball. and sports. >> but now, that left leg was just too fragile. he was resigned himself to games of catch. but before stepping off the mound for good, his parents and coach decided to let walker start one last game. >> we thought a few batters. >> say you fun and that will be it. obviously that is not what happened. >> here's what did. in the first inning, he threw a strike, quite a few. he did so well, that they decided to let him keep
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pitching. at least until they gave up a hit. walker smallwood, threw a no-hitterer. striking out all but two batters, tying a school record. >> when the last strike came, i was in denial all over again. it just happened. >> i was in tears most of the stands were in in tears. that was special moment that we will cherish forever. >> number 6, walker smallwood. walker may never play again. and he is actually fine with you it now. because who needs a world series ring, when you have taken on the greatest rival and goneone undefeated. steve hartman, cbs news on the road. >> that is it for the cbs news this tuesday. check back later and follow us online at cbs
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reporting from the nation's capitol, i'm jan crawford. ♪ it's tuesday, may 11th, ♪ it's tuesday, may 11th, 2021. this is the "cbs morning news." approved for adolescents. the fda clears pfizer's covid vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds. how soon teens could get their first shots. >> i seen all these cars parked everywhere, i was just like omg, i have to fill my tank up. rising demand. drivers start lining up for gas in the wake of a pipeline cyber attack. the first states impacted. and how much prices could increase by the end of the week. loose tiger. the search is on for an exotic animal seen wandering a houston
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