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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 19, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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how the city of san francisco is trying to make market street a little safer. >> and the south bay opening back up. businesses upping capacity today as two more counties slide in to the yellow. it's wednesday, may 19th. >> cooler today as windy conditions move in. >> and mary shows us who will be under a wind advisory later todaheour sales tower cam. already a windy start to the day with the camera just rocking in the wind this morning. that wind advisory for most of the bay area, you can see the areas highlighted here in gold under that wind advisory from 5:00 p.m. the north bay, the san francisco shoreline, east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains under the wind advisory. watch that closely for you. with that strong on shore flow it'll be a cooler day today. mid50's along the coast.
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r 50 to lo60's to low toid-7 th if youres ro bay bridge it's a ndstart to th they issued a wind advisory for the bay bridge. we are starting to see -- they turn them on adding to this busy ride is first reports of an accident on the upper deck of the bay bridge. couple cars tangled up as least one lane is right at the bus lane. chp headed out to the scene. that will cause extra busy conditions. a few brake lights onto san francisco. better news, finally on this trouble spot northbound 101 as you head through san jose, approaching the 880 connector. all lanes open from an earlier crash. we had flooding in the roadway. still busy. new this morning two people had to be rescue from a house fire in san
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lorenzo. flames broke out just before 2:30 that. fire is out but crews still watching hot spots. two people who live in the home had to be rescued and now are in the hospital. it's not clear how bad their injuries are. a third person who lives in a side sound is okay. oakland five people were forced from their home this morning after a fire burned this house on alcatraz avenue. crews kept it from spreading to other homes. a cross is still under investigation. on the road to recovery santa clara is now the third bay area county to enter the least restrictive yellow tier. alameda, contra costa, napa and sonoma still in the orange. solano in the red. kpix justice andrews in san pedro square.
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she is optimistic. >> she put itself like this. we have a clear path out of this pandemic. those are the word from dr. cody when it comes to the new or -- new restrictions or the restrictions being lifted here in santa clara county. she announced the orders on tuesday that go into effect today. under the state's rules most indoor businesses can expand their capacities. we are talking things like movie theaters and gyms. those places can open at 50% capacity. bars in the county that do not provide meals, can resume inoperns at 25% capacity. >> this is really fantastic and we are in the safe hagoand ause of you who vaccatednd he ke >> now also with this employers must fracture who is vaccinated that is raising
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some concerns. i'm sorting through that in 30 minutesw. relieve in san jose. a live look at market street in san francisco this morning where starting today police are stepping up patrols in the area. its part of what the city is calling the midmarket safety plan focused on the midmarket and tenderloin neighborhood. you can expect to see more community ambassadors starting june 15st and the join us this sunday for our special presentation crime and punishment in san francisco. what we found out about crime trends in the city and the shift in target. and we ask the district attorney if the city is tough enough on crime. that's this sunday at 6:30 right here on kpix5. developing in san francisco, chp is investigating a possible freeway shooting on 101 and they say it happened around 9:30 last night. northbound 101 near the candlestick park exit heading in to san francisco.
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a driver reported their window shattered it may have been due to a bullet. that driver is okay. also in san francisco, police are searching for the driver involved in a deadly hit and run. it happened around 7:00 last night. a few blocks civic center at the intersection of polk andation. when officers arrived they found two pedestrian whose had been hit. one of those victims died at the scene. another is in the hospital in critical condition. witnesses saw two cars involved and say one of the drivers ran off. developing in oakland two people are dead after that party bus shooting. we learned one of those young victims was 16-year-old zoey hughes. authorities say that at least two gun men opened fire on the party bus while it was driving on 580. the gunman fired dozens of rounds at the bus. officers say the shooters then followed the bus onto city streets.
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five others were hurt including a separate driver who was caught in the crossfire while in her own karasch the bus drove by. >> someone came and targeted this bus. two shooters it appears. they came here with a specific purpose and the weapons they were using clearly was designed to cause significant injury to people. even kill people. >> the chp said the bus was targeted but it's unclear what the motive was. no arrests so far. the alameda county district attorney will not be filing criminal charges over the death of a trustee. she was handing out food when she was hit by an suv and pinned between two cars back in march. the dublin police captain said that the driver was found to be at fault for the accident but no criminal intent found. on tuesday the dublin school district board of trustees approved her husband as the new trustee for the area his wife represented.
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some good breaking news for those that wand have wanderlust. they are allowing visitors from other countries, specifically those they deem as sava cording to their guidelines. even if you aren't from one of the safe countries you can come in if you are vaccinated. we just got this new video from from paris. the luvre just reopened for a six month closure. the eu is expected to set a new list of safe countries this week or early next week. the united states would not meet the new guidelines for people coming from the united states, but fully vaccinated americans could come. they have an emergency brake in place in case of new variants of concern. we all know this changes day by day. >> thank you. looking live at sfo.
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a new sense the harvey milk terminal one will rerevealed today. it includes a new post security -- there is also a new museum gallery, a display honoring the life and legacy of harvey milk and a new children's play area. the next part of the $2.4 billion terminal is scheduled to open next tuesday. the time is 6:08. stanford athletics changing course. streaming on cbsn bay area why the university decided against cutting several sports programs. it's a breezy too windy start to the day. wind advisory for most of the bay area starting at 5:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. gusts up to 40 to 50 miles an hour and with that strong ocean breeze kicking in for us temperatures will be cooler. mid50's along the coast. upper 50's to low to mid-60s's and upper 60's to low to mid-70s with that sunshine. ready at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. a crash near treasure island and a wind advisory in effe this academic year has been, um, challenging. but i think there's so much success to celebrate. woman: it's been a year like no other. man: yet, for educators across california, the care, compassion, and teaching has never stopped. woman: addressing their unique needs... man: ...and providing a safe learning environment students could count on. woman: join us in honoring the work of educators. together, we will build a better california for all of us.
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. huge welcome home for santa clara university women's soccer teamaker after a much deserved national championship win. you hear all that that is what greeted the player when is they got back to campus yesterday afternoon. their final game was a nail biter with the broncos having to come from behind to win it. they pulled it off winning with overtime penalty kicks. >> as soon as we scored that goal tieing up i knew that, you know, we were back in it. i just knew that we were going to be national champions from that moment. i knew. >> nothing better than paying it off with a national championship. >> a lot of grit, a lot of heart. a lot of determination. i think that was built up from the toughness that we had to endure for the last 14 months.
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>> congratulations to them. meantime a big change of course for stanford university. the school announced several varsity sports can stay. they have gotten a lot of backlash after it announced in july it was going to cut 11 of those sports for financial reasons. we talked to some former athletes about the sudden change. >> i don't fault the university for the -- for being in that position. i'm just glad they now see that he with are everybody looking in a really different time. coronavirus didn't hit universities in close to us as deeply as people once thought. if a statement about its decision stanford said there is no optimism that raising the funds necessary to support all 36 teams can succeed and much of that seems to be from alumni if financial support. people are being asked to voluntarily reduce their water support. a drought emergency was declared last month. marin has declared a drought emergency.
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this after the county's two largest water districts gave a concerning update. the board president said they are some of the worst drought conditions in more than 14 years. the two water districts have imposed restrictions by declaring emergency. they hope to move onto the drug list to help bring in extra funding and resources. no for the latest drought updates and water restrictions go to you can search by zip code. fire season preps -- the biggest utility company is par detectiving high risk wildfire areas by cutting down trees. unfortunately -- they are happening at the same time baby animals being born. workers at the wildlife rehab say they are overwhelmed animals coming in. >> it robs them of their home and their parents. the first wave of babies that come through are able to get out of the nest before
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them. >> pg&e said that it trains employees to spot animals in their nests writing that pg&e environmental teams inspect the areas prior to any tree work to ensure its clear of active nests. happening today marin and golden gate transits easing physical distancing on their buss and ferries. starting morning rider also only have to space three feet instead of six feet apart which should mean faster routes. >> let's see if the roads are going fast today. how is that morning commute shaping up >> its been a busy one this morning. we have a lot of break lights. things stacking up there and the wind advisory in effect. you can kind of see the poll plaza there. the sun in the glare on the camera there. it's starting back -- on the upper deck of the bridge. we have a crash here. westbound 80 right before treasure island and back
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well. ce are you point things look bet america to san francisco. wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge as well as the san mateo bridge. be careful especially if you are traveling in a high profile vehicle westbound san mateo bridge. the tail lights. it'll take a round 14 minutes between heyward over into foster city. travel times still looking pretty good for the san mateo bridge. golden gate bridge off to a great start. that commute not seeing any troubles or issues. things pretty quiet along 101. if you are going in to the city. still busy for that ride in the pass. the good news is that crash has now been cleared and we are still seeing travel times approve. 205 toward 680. tracking the brake lights off the east shore freeway with a 22 minute travel time westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze. things starting to get busy on highway 4 as well. westbound from antioch to 80. that will take you 37 minutes looking bet america
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the south bay just area of slowing. it's a bit windy. >> check out the san francisco camera. you can see the sunrising as well. we will see plenty of sun as we go through the afternoon. we are looking at cooler temperatures. starting off the day in the 40's and 50's with mainly clear skies. westerly winds at 28 miles an hour in san francisco. the winds really getting going for us this morning already. 16-mile an hour winds out of the west. 14 in concord. 15 in livermore. what to expect. looking at windy conditions. cooler temperatures below normal daytime highs through the rest of the workweek. we will warm it back up as we look to the weekend.
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a wind advisory for most of the bay area. om 5:0a.m. to5:00 a.m. on thursday. looking at the north bay. san francisco metro shoreline and for the pen slam the east bay hills and santa countries mountains under that wind advisory due to northwesterly winds gusting up to 40 to 50 miles an hour. watching that closely for you. that tight pressure gradient. windy conditions for today into tomorrow. as we go through the day open future cast you can see the winds ramping up as we head through the afternoon and into our evening. we will see another burst of strong winds through tomorrow into the afternoon as well. on future cast you can see plenty of suas he through the day today. that will be the case again for tomorrow. our sunrise at 5:56 and the sunset at 8:16. daytime highs a little cooler compared to yesterday. still mild for the south bay. 68 santa clara, san jose. as we look to the east bay from 73 in concord, pleasant hill. 74 in antioch and brentwood.
6:19 am
the tri valley in the mid to upper 60's. around the bay. a cool 59 in san francisco, 57 in daley city. 62 alameda. 65 -- for the north bay. upper 60's to low to mid-70s. 73 in napa. 72 for santa rosa. 72 in windsor and 70 for clear lake. here is the extended forecast. what you can expect. sunshine, cooler today, that will likely continue into tomorrow and then still below average for the daytime highs through the workweek. we will warm it up as we look to the weekend and especially as we look ahead to early next week. back to you. the warriors facing off against one of their biggest rivals for a spot in the playoffs. why tonight's game is different from postseason past. here is a live look outside as we head to break from the sales force tower cam a. a live look west. it's
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. going live to chase center where the team's play in tournament game will broadcast live tonight for an official watch party. the outdoor video board will show the game. the watch parenty starts at 6:30 and it's open to nearly 300 ticket holders and community members. the doves are set to face off against the la lakers for the nba's first ever play in tournament. dennis gives us the details and what makes this game so different from any other postseason faceoff. >> the 5th time in the last seven years the warrior also play james in the playoffs. not the nba finals mind you but the play in tournament tonight. the fame will be against the lakers part of the nba's first ever play in
6:24 am
tournament. who decides the last two playoff spots in years past. golden state was already in the playoffs but the new format doesn't steam to bother the head coach. >> even as a team now who could potentially finish 8th and not get there to the playoffs, i think that's okay. in recent years the last month of our regular seasons have been really, really tough to watch in many cases. i think the -- the games were much more interesting. >> tonight the warriors play the lakers. if they loose tonight they still get another shot at victory on friday night. that's the latest in bay area sports. see you tonight. the time is now 6:24. letting up restrictions and opening the borders. >> who can soon travel to europe in the next half hour. and a big cat on the prowl in san francisco. take a look at this. the neighborhood on high alert
6:25 am
this morning. and a big house fire breaking out in san francisco with in the past half hour. we have new video coming in. the latest next. . employers in santa clara county must track who is vaccinated. i'm justin andrews. i will
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morning headlines. a tri of fires across the bay area, this one just breaking now in san francisco's cole valley neighborhood. you can see from the citizen app video flames shooting the roof. two people had to be rescued after a home there went up in flames. they were pulled out by fire crews through a window and taken to the hospital. the house caught fire around 2:30 this morning. in oakland five people were force from their home after a fire over night it. happened on alcatraz avenue. the flames out and nobody is hurt. the cause is still under investigation. and starting today san francisco police are on market street for the city's new safety plan. you will see community ambassadors in the area to next month. good morning. it's 6:30 on wednesday. may 19th. good morning. a lot to get to this morning but first the big weather story this morning is the wind. >> through the day the gusts are going to pick up even more. >> yeah and already the winds
6:30 am
are whipping this morning. check out our sales force tower camera looking north. the camera is just shaking in the wind this morning. we are starting off our day with the winds and we will continue to see the winds ramp up through the afternoon into tomorrow. a witness advisory for most of the bay area from 5:00 p.m. today to thursday, 5:00 a.m. with the northerly winds gusting up to 40 to 50. watch that very closyou and with that open shore flow, cooler temperatures for today. mid50's along the coast. upper 50's to low to mid-60s's and upper 60's to low to mid-70s inland with that sunshine today. all right let's check in with gianna and the latest on a crash on 80 this morning. westbound 80. we have a crash there blocking one lane and it's making it for a very busy ride. westbound which is the commute direction so you have althesbra lightsas you
6:31 am
that. not sure if any injuries reported as eve yet. ly watch that. as you work through there you will have brake lights through berkeley and as you head through the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is backed newspaper that area. westbound 80. be had an earlier trouble spot blocking the right lane. looks like that's in a clearing stage so things getting better once you get on to the upper deck. the ramp may be closed as they clear the rest of the trouble spot there. the live news desk and we have this new video from san francisco. a fire in a three story home. this is in coal valley. it looks like the fire broke out a little over a half hour ago. lived e and that have been evacuated. those winds that mary has been talking about carrying smoke throughout the
6:32 am
to ghborhood avoid the area. the cause of the fire under investigation. the yellow tier starts today in santa clara. this does include some bars and restaurants in the area. it also means that vaccination data will let employers know what safety measures are needed. the more who are vaccinated, the fewerrer rules there will be. the new requirement to collect the vaccination status of employees is troubling to some privacy activists. they are worried about who may have access to the data and how it may be used. there are medical privacy laws here but there are often exceptions for public health. >> it's legal for the employer to request your vaccine status. many say there may be limits for hippa and that's up correct. hippa a doesn'ta apply here.
6:33 am
>> we are live in san jose. new data out on the effectiveness of mixing and matching vaccines. a spanish study on people who received the first dose of the oxford shot followed by the pfizer found it's safe and effective. a small number of participants reported side effects like muscle pain and headaches. spain took on the study after deciding to limit the shot to people aged 6o and older. meantime the cdc said that around 6o% of american adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine. more people of color are getting shots. they represent 51% of vaccinations in the past two weeks. 16 states reported 0 coronavirus deaths yesterday. nationwide deaths have fallen to about 546 per day. death numbers haven't been that lo a year. it's a very different story in india right now. the country has broken another grim milestone recording more than 4,500
6:34 am
deaths in just the past 24 hours. that's the highest daily toll of any country since the pandemic started. developing in the middle east with efforts stalled israeli defense forces and gaza militants have continued to trade assaults. israel said that it struck more hamas infrastructure. at least 2 subpoena have died in a week of air strikes. in israel the red cross reported two more people were killed in a mortar attack. pressure is building on the biden administration to publicly call for a cease fire. the white house said that the president did voice support for a cease fire during a call with israel's prime minister. infrancisco last night several hundred people turned out for a palestinian rally. a large crowd blocking traffic outside the israeli consulate. people have been fouling the conflict unfolding in gaza and the west bank.
6:35 am
the israeli consulate said we are grateful for the many people from all political groups across the united states who stand in support with israel working for peace and stability and opposing hate and terrorism. a live look from washington where the fate of a bipartisan commission to investigate the deadly attack on the capitol is suddenly in danger. today the house is scheduled to vote on whether to create a commission to investigate the causes and the response to the january 6th attack. house minority leader initially said gop leadership would not fight the measure. he now insisting the commission also look into last year's racial justice and police brutality protests. congress has approved a bill aimed to fight anti asian violence. the legislation calls for creating a new justice department position to speed up the review of possible coronavirus based hate crimes and incidents. looking live to new york city this morning the state's top prosecutor said she is looking into the
6:36 am
trump organization. in a statement new york attorney general said that we have informed the trump organization that our investigation into the noloer purely civil in nature. we are now actively investigating the trump organization in a criminal capacity. the ag has been looking in to whether the trump organization falsely reported the values of some properties to secure loans and lower its tax live. the claim was brought to their attention by trump's former personal lawyer. mr. trump said that the investigation is political. new this morning arizona's state senate president said that maricopa county's recount of the 2020 election will proceed over the objections of both republicans and democrats. she said the audit is necessary to answer lingering questions about the vote. trial of a multibillion
6:37 am
dollar robrs shooting and killing susan bergman in 200. pres say he killed her so she couldn't incriminate him for the disappearance of his wife. a judge denied requests to postpone the trial. going live to sfo where it could be easier to travel to europe. the eu agreed this morning to let up coronavirus travel restrictions for noneu visitors. ambassadors for the 27 countries agreed to loosen the guide lives to determine safe countries and let in fully vaccinated tourists. they are expected release a list next week. right now the united states doesn't qualify as a whole but vaccinated americans do. cafes in france are back open. restaurants and bars can reopen their outdoor terraces of groups up to six. you is also enjoy other famous works at the louvre. its been six months since a second lockdown forced
6:38 am
the closure of venues. the a's showing they are serious about a potential move. >> coming up, what could lure them away to join another oakland out cast. and the market just opened up about ten minutes ago taking a look at the big board here. the dow is way down about 430 points. cbs money watch reporter diane king hall breaks down the numbers for us after the break.
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. back now to the breaking news neighborhood. our photographer just arrived on that scene. you can see the damage there to that home. the home went up about half an let's show you more video. you can see the flames shooting
6:42 am
out of the roof in the citizen app video that says several people were at home when the fire broke out. fire crews asking you to avoid the area. the cause is still under investigation and will bring us an update in the next ten minutes. stocks taking a huge hit. let's get over to diane king hall with the numbers. this looks bad. >> good morning. another day, another drop on wall street with trading underway for a little more than ten minutes and you are seeing a lot of red ink. right now the dow is down more than 400 points down 420. the nasdaq over the tech sector suffering a heavy blow. down iter 224 points. s&p500 under pressure. down 57. i want to make a correction to something i said. the saided fed was out with it's minutes. it's out today. i don't know if fes er rising inflation which basically means the -- things
6:43 am
costing more. and bank of america is boosting it's minimum wage to $25 an hour by 2025. here is good news. the nation's second bingest bank said the policy will apply to all positions it. will be the highest minimum wage paid by a major bank. the company reported nearly 18 billion in profit last year. it's made more than 8 billion. it's holding it's vendors responsible saying they need to pay their employees at least $15 an hour. >> all right. thank you. the search is on is morning for a mountain lion spotted around two busy san francisco neighborhoods. the big cat on expert's radar having been captured before. a rain camera shows the lion on this dirt lot early yesterday morning. the litook snf around and then headed for a gap in the fence which leads to enter nature 280. just 15 minutes before that a neighbor was outside
6:44 am
with her dog. >> we were out here around 2:45 and we did our businesslike usual and went back inside i couldn't believe it. i mean, i just moved to the area and i heard coyotes are normal but a mountain lion that's like out of a movie. >> san francisco animal care and control said the male cat has a tracking collar. it doesn't track 4-7 so flyers have been posted warning people to be on alert. animal care and control believes he just got lost and hopes he made his way back home. looking live at oakland this morning some a's fans begging the city to approve the team's plans for a new ballpark at howard terminal. yesterday the a's confirmed they will visit the las vegas area next week to discuss a potential move. last week mlb gave them permission to seek adium in oakland ks on a dragon. the fan group the oakland 68 had this to say.
6:45 am
as fans we are heartbroken and confused as residents and taxpayers of oakland and cities in the greater east bay we are deeply concerned about what this would mean for the future of our region. in san francisco, the giants making a major change to their rules for attending ball games. it's only if they are sitting in special socially distanced areas. to sit in the pulley vaccinated session you need proof of vaccination or for kids 15 and under a negative coronavirus test. masks are still required. happening today the line up will be announced for chicago. >> this as we learn the festival this sumler be held at full capacity. the festival will take place just 29th to august 1st in the negative coro is required. in 2019 the festival drew more than 400,000 people, ticket its go on sale today.
6:46 am
let's get another check of the morning commute with gianna and you have some slow downs. y we do. it's especially slow along 80 this morning. web, if you are rolling out of bed early this morning have you to take the east shore freeway and give yourself a few extra minutes. there's a crash westbound around cuddy boulevard. slow and go as you head through there. it m for the rest of the ride across the east shore freeway. of course that changes once you approach the bay bridge toll plaza with the back up here already this morning. are you back to that 880 overpass and the trouble spot on the upper deck near treasure island. the bus lane is blocked. they are saying the on-ramp is now locked or to the bay bridge. keep that in mind. the mainline still open as you head across into san francisco. look at our travel times though. with very a slow ride, 35 minutes now, web 80. highway 4 to the maze. our other slow spot is that
6:47 am
ride in to the pass. no crashes, that's the good news. at least a 48 minute tariff time westbound 580 over toward 680. highway 4 starting to get busy. 47 minutes to go from antioch over toward 80 the east shore freeway. southbound 880 getting busy along here. the freeway through san lorenzo. the brake lights the typical stuff heading toward the castro valley y. you have about a 17 minute travel time between 880 and 101. the golden gate bridge looks good. marin so far, so good. no major issues as of yet and happening today marin and golden gate transits hitting up physical distancing guidelines. riders will only have to space three feet instead of six feet. you can plan for that and a little busy. it's 6:47. we have wind advisories on the pass. >> we are looking at those
6:48 am
winds blowing this morning and howling as we are going to continue to see the winds increase as we go through the day. if are you getting ready for work or school here is what you need to know and help to get your day off right. we are looking at a windy start today and will continue with the winds through the afternoon. cool below average daytime highs and we will continue with the below normal daytime hypes through the rest of the workweek and in to the weekend. hera another view. it's kind of shaking in the wind. you can see that flag really rocking and rolling there as we look to our east bay and san francisco. 0's and 50's this morning. just to show you how windy it already is. as we kick off our wednesday. 28-mile an hour winds out of in the it, ri valley. 22-mile an hour winds in fairfield at this hour. the winds are only going to increase through the day
6:49 am
today. a wind list are you for most of the bay area from 5:00 p.m. today to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. for the north bay, san francisco metro. san francisco shoreline. east bay hills, dark iablo range. tracking northwesterly winds that will gust up to 40 to 50-mile its an hour. we have this tight pressure gradient. this weather system to the north. the low pressure system and a ridge to the soup. we are looking at the windy conditions and a dry cold front pushing through. kicking up the winds even more for us. we are tracking the westerly winds that are obvious going to increase for us and ramp up as we head througthe da of us across the bay area even if you aren't under that wind advisory and we will continue to see breezy to windy conditions for your thursday. we will see plenty of sun and that will be the case for tomorrow. now let's show you the daytime highs for the south bay. still mild, not as farm as
6:50 am
yesterday. 70 for morgan hill. as we look to the east bacon cord at 73 also for pleasant hill. 74 for you in antioch and brentwood, mid to upper 60's for the tri valley. around the bay a cool 59. 57 for daley city. alameda coming in at 62. 65 for oakland and for san leandro and the north bay upper 60's to to mid-70s. 73 for napa. topping out at 70 degrees in clear lake. here is the extended forecast. cool, sunny and windy today. that will be the case likely for tomorrow. still below average for your friday but we will continue to warm it up as we look to saturday, sunday and into next monday and advertise. back to you. congratulations to natalie bloom. she is graduating san francisco state university with a degree in finance. she was raised in union city after graduation she will be working for kaiser. you can send your grad's photograph to 2021 grads at or tag kpix
6:51 am
and social media. no professional photographs please. include their name, city and a lit about them. multiple house fires across the bay area. the overnight rescues people forced from homes, and the blazes still smoldering. next. and a third bay area mothll ti, r. a quick look up next. good morning. ahead on cbs this morning we will have the latest on the severe storms down south and more states dropping indoor mask mandates but now there is new worries as businesses are left to figure out which customers are vaccinated unvaccinated. also how eye on earth series. electric cars here but how close are we to electric planes and we are talking national parks. why taking a hike in yosemite could be the best way to ease back into normal life. streaming today on cbsn bay area we talk to the co founder of the black lives
6:52 am
matter movement about her first book called the purpose of power. and we hear from cnet senior reporter about how hackers managed to track down president biden's venmo act and what google revealedda at its conference. let's give you another live
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
. the live news desk continuing to follow this breaking news in san francisco where we just found out that at least one person died in a fire in this three story home. the fire broke out a little over an hour ago. you can see significant damage and smoke still coming out there from the third floor and the roof of this building this is in coal valley. medecoin from citizen app showing the roof and the third floor
6:56 am
fully engulfed in flames and smoke all round the area. this point no word on the cause but streets around there are blocked off and firefighters just beginning their investigation into what caused this fatal fire. 6:56. time for a look at the other top stories. >> fire crews busy in san lorenzo. they were pulled out by fire crews through a window and take especially to the hospital. the house caught fire around 2:30 a.m. in oakland five people were force from their home after a fire burned this house on alcatraz. crews kept it from spreading to the cause is under investigation. starting today san francisco police are stepping up patrols along market street for the city's new safety plan. you will see community ambassadors in the area as well. next month. the eu will let up coronavirus travel restrictions for noneu
6:57 am
visitors. am bosses for the 27eu countries will release a list of safe countries next week. right now the united states doesn't qualify as a whole but vaccinated americans do. marin and golden gate transits letting up physical distancing guidelines on the buss and ferries starting morning rider also only have to space three feet instead of six apart which would mean faster routes. new orders go into effect in santa clara. it's in the yellow tier. this does affect bars, restaurants, and other businesses. here is the break down of what this means. under the state's most indoor businesses can expand their capacities. we are talking things like movie theaters, indoor dining and restaurants and gyms. those place dear sir open at 50% capacity. bar that don't provide meals can resume indoor operations at 25%w. this employers must track who has been vaccinated but they do not have to turn it over to the county. we are live in san jose.
6:58 am
as we take a look at the roadways we will start off in the south bay with a look at the ride along 101 northbound. it's busy this morning with some slow speeds dipping down about 16 hour. no he st a lot of therfor that commute. also super commuters westbound 580. you are now looking at a 46 minute ride. from highway 420 the maze. if are you going eastbound toward the bridge this morning there is a crash in the left lane as well as the right shoulder. traffic is backing up through that area as well. ben we have the brake lights westbound if you are going toward the bay bridge. there's a crash westbound 80 near san pablo with the back up at least -- at the bay bridge toll plaza it's a slow ride as you approach the toll plaza and across the upper deck in to the city. i'm tracking the wind this morning. check out our sales force tower camera looking north. just shaking in the wind as we look to the tower.
6:59 am
at sfo winds are gusting up to 36 miles an hour we thrgh tinue to watch the the day with the wind advisory for most of the bay area. from 5:00 p.m. today to 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. we are be log at gusts up to 40 to 50 miles an hour. with that strong on shore flow, that ocean breeze we are looking at cooler temperatures. still expect that sun but mid50's along the coast. upper 50's to low to mid-60s's around the bay and upper 60's to low to mid-70s inland. very similar tomorrow with breezy to windy conditions and cool below average daytime highs we will stay below average on friday to end the workweek and they will warm things up as we look ahead to the weekend and early next week. just want to give a big welcome to the new reporter justin. >> yes. >> so glad to have you. >> glad to have you on the team. >> and he doesn't drink coffee. >> nope. >> that is crazy. >> ice water. he said it's the key. >> that is what keeps him going. kudos to justin. >> ly have to see if i can try
7:00 am
that. i don't think it'll work. >> don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is up ♪ ♪ good morning to you and welcome to "cbs this morning," it's wednesday, may 19, 2021. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and vladimir duthiers. the dramatic rescues and desperate attempts to save lives in very tough conditions sgroo video from the police killing or the first time. the angry response after the local d.a. says officers were justified in shooting him. republican leaders object to a commission investigating the assault on the capitol. why they don't want it to happen. plus, breaking overnight, a newly revealed criminal probe


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