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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 22, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbsn bay area
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studios this is kpix 5 news . >> breaking overnight another pedestrian guild in san jose, the latest on the police investigation. the light at the end of the tunnel almost year and the reopening went to california finally revealed. this morning while we are on track.>> it has changed the landscape that we have to start living again.>> warriors fans are on the edge of their seat and a winner go home game, we have all the highlights in the overtime thriller but it is saturday, may 22nd, i am devin fehely but police in san jose say a pedestrian has died after being hit by a vehicle. this happened on center road just before 11:00 p.m. the driver stayed on scene and is helping with the ths afigation. fa th year r se. > josece we sabrook drive at 11.00 p. last night, a man taken to the hospital with life-threatening
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injuries. no details on a suspect or motive a quick check of the weather now with meteorologist darren peck. >> i will start off with high death doppler this morning because it is snowing in the cr. this is his left over from the system of the last three days and it will come to an end the next few hours. at home here the influence of the departing storm is we will get a little warmer the next few days, temperatures will climb a little bit but you will doubtful notice any significant changes but the main thing is you will notice less wind currently most of us the upper 40s, although santa rosa is a 43. the forecast today shows upper 70s for many inland spots, near 70 in the bay, see the complete forecast in a few minutes. a live look at chase center where fans were treated to a classic is a warrior think this is when it overtime in the final game of the series.
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typically, chase center would be rocking with more than 18,000 fans, but last night only 7500 saw the game in person, all socially distanced with empty seats between each group. fans were required have a negative covid test or proof of vaccination with while the noise was not as intense as past years, some fans liked the fact there were fewer people in attendance. >> it is not like before we were able to depend on it and we were like yeah we will go to warriors game but now you appreciate it more. >> we were very, very disappointed. we are proud to be warrior finance. i was so sad. >> i understand the feeling. the grizzlies came out on top in overtime. sports reporter vern glenn will have full highlights in reaction from the team coming up sports. california is on track to
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reopen just a few weeks and state leaders announcing governor newsom's target date of reopening on june 15th is still ago. this comes as the number of people in the hospital with covid has reached an all-time low, 54% of californians have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. mid-june social distancing and low capacity restrictions will go away. only those unvaccinated will be required to wear a mask. >> it will never go back to the way i think it was, it has changed the landscape for sure, that we have to start living again.>> life is already starting to return to the bay area streets, highways and businesses. a sign of what is a compost pandemic. for mass gatherings people still be required to show proof of vaccination, or a negative covid test. the 49ers say they expect to welcome fans fully into levi stadium on the football season begins in the fall.
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this is the question this morning, are you ready for a return to normalcy come june 15th. in our twitter paul dollars are evenly split 50% they totally a 50% say no way. for details visit and will have complete details on what will and will not be allowed starting june 15th. retailers are grappling with a surgeon shoplifting in san francisco. city supervisors held a hearing last week and retailers will be most shoplifting is being done by professional thieves in organized crime networks. walgreens said the thefts in an four times the chain's national average in the company as well as 17 stores largely because of the scale of those thefts. the cease-fire between hamas and israel is holding for now but president biden said the u.s. will provide humanitarian relief in gaza to help with the rebuilding after a week and a half long conflict. cbs skyler henry has details.
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>> reporter: thousands of jordanians celebrated the cease- fire near the shores of the dead the, calling it a victory for hamas. president biden promised to provide security in the west bank and humanitarian help in gaza where israeli airstrikes heavily damaged residential areas. >> we will attempt to put together a major package with all the other nation to share our view to rebuild the homes, without re-engaging and without providing hamas the opportunity to rebuild their weapon systems. >> the president reiterated his support for israel, while defending the rights of palestinians. >> it is essential that the palestinians on the westbank be secured, that hamas be recognized as a terrorist organization and abbas leader
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of the palestinians.>> earlier a clash between police and a mistress broke out between jerusalem and westbank, at least 20 people were hurt. skyler henry, cbs news washington.>> the 11 dave conflict left 240 palestinians and a dozen israelis dead in the fight, house and depositing to return home to see the devastation and officials say reconstruction may take years this morning, the mayor of windsor says it is waiting for the mayor to officially inform them of his resignation with the mayor revealed he is facing his sexual misconduct allegations from a woman in florida but the prodigal reports she is a former reality tv store. the mayor statement that i don't want to undo national attention have a negative impact on the windsor community becausrecent past windsor
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officials said the town hasn't received any official notice directly from the mayor, we will have to confirm his intent to resign. six other women have accused the mayor of sexual assault and he insists he will ultimately be cleared of wrongdoing. this morning la county deputies have a murder mystery on their hands after a man was shot and killed in malibu and inmate neighborhood filled with mansions. home along pacific coast highway, several people emerged with their hands raised and paramedics put a person on a stretcher and loaded them into ambulance.>> it is scary to hear about things like this and then see it happening in different places, yeah. quite close to home and frightening.>> no arrests have been made and the identity of the victim has not been made bl >>ilahead on 5 and streaming o
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new way around traffic patterns could be changing in the south they can find out why locals are looking to roundabouts for the way ahead. plus, new numbers to st. george events you. the predator population boom looking just off the coast. now this is a live look
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to san jose that european- style traffic robos become to some intercessions which is part of a plan to speed the flow of traffic and increase safety.
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len ramirez reports on how illegal sideshows are playing a role in this. >> reporter: neighbors fed up with sideshow activity of called city hall asking of certain hard-hit intersections could be put on the list for future traffic roundabouts coming to san jose this intersection at tolling and ruby in the evergreen area have the marks to prove it to be a future roundabout. >> because you don't have any open space or large room at the intersection where you can do all that and the drifting in the sideshows. >> san jose traffic engineers and valley transportation authority began looking at converting certain large intersections to roundabouts in 2016 and one national study found the main benefits were roundabouts cut pollution 35%, natal collisions went down 90%. they are common in europe the most foreign to drivers here.>> they are new to drivers and they are uncertain and they cause a little confusion but once you get used to them, they make traffic flow well.>>
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tolling and ruby, hillsville communications hill, graham and goodyear near downtown, three intersections now being studied. in this neighborhood smaller versions of roundabouts were installed a few years ago as traffic calming measures because too many people were speeding. one neighbor said they were only somewhat affected.>> are people who mind them they are good. >> is a runner on city streets, clyde floyd said something is needed to make intersection saved her and roundabouts could be it.>> i had the green walking signals of safety is a big deal for pedestrians as well as divers, just too many people run red lights.>> that was len ramirez reporting, if around about his insult at intersection traffic lights would be taken down and proposal so long way off, san jose traffic engineers will be studying this idea for the next six months. santa barbara police are charging men with arson for allegedly starting the loma fire and it started thursday
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night and caused evacuations in several neighborhoods. 23-year-old victor hernandez is being held on a $2 million bond and people who were forced to leave their homes say they are angry.>> made me feel so mad because of a lot of people in danger. just for their own joy. spin it is crazy. it is sad people don't care about people's lives. >> the number of great white sharks is increasing off great numbers on the bay area coast, roughly 300 great whites are swimming in the so-called red time of the twin monterey bay, bodega bay and the island. that is according to the study published in the journal biological conservation. the population is a modest increase from a decade ago, but experts say the numbers are tending in the right direction.>> interesting start of the forecast did you not see a lot on here but there is a
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little snow falling in this era. if we look at the network of cameras that caltrans has a on interstate 80 this is one i before donner pass you see a few things falling in front of the camera lens and i want to find something to give us the visual to match what we are seeing on high def doppler. we may not see this again for a while. light snow at best in the higher elevations but none will be sticking or accumulating. looking at the big picture i can show you what this is. now we see the layout of the clouds but if we come out for a wider view and put context on this, a large area of low pressure is spinning over california. that is about to leave and we can watch that happen on future cast. we start out with the same perspective in that big spin right over us. watch what happens today into the evening. we will see more showers develop over the northern sierra once we get past sunset tonight. from beyond the oregon line,
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towards tahoe. now look at what happens next. from saturday night i will play it forward into sunday and watch everything it pulled away fast on sunday. we can say goodbye to that. now that has had a couple of impacts on the weather at home. oddly enough it has kept the marine layer away. as a system leaves we see the marine layer bill back and we see a little more the low-grade clouds fill in much of the bay sunday morning. the other aspect of that is we will keep the onshore wind going and that also took a bit of a break. but into this evening, certainly tomorrow evening, it gets stronger. tomorrow night when the marine layer builds back in will notice stronger wind coming back to the coast. daytime highs were today will pretty much be sunshine today, calm conditions and temperatures right weather
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should be low to mid 70s for much of the south bay, campbell 74 in mountain view 69, 71 redwood city and mid to upper 70s for much of the east bay. livermore goes up to 75 in danville will hit 73, upper 60s for much of the east bay. we will have a few upper 50s right near the water. san francisco sausalito that's you but back 07 is further inland. here is what happens next through the remainder of the seven-day forecast. we warm up a bit going into monday. we will come back down a bit and keep the numbers for the most part right around 80 for daytime highs. for inland spots. and then around 70 for most of the day. no dramatic swings here as we go through late may, we have no significant weather that will throw us any kind of loop. much what you will expect.
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>> you know i feel like any weather story right now is viewed for the length of the drought. will this help? >> you will know the answer i'm sure, it was so little it will have no impact whatsoever up there. from where we are here in late may to october it is doubtful anything, we might get a few light systems between now and then, but none will make a difference. we need a major winter storms of next year. a gas explosion is injured four people in china and that moment was caught on camera. take a look. you can see a large segment of force of the blast including a motorcycle rider. the incident happened thursday in wuhan and one of the four people injured is still in the hospital. construction on the underground gas pipe is on hold. straight ahead, a deep dive into the bay area sports of last night and there was a th.
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diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. good morning. you see it over my shoulder. the warriors and grizzlies, may take a while to process this from last night. but the warriors were not the best team at all. sadly this season is over yes there were pregame hijinks an t it was over again with memphis, like this shot.
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the warriors, steph curry scored 39, and then this shot put them back up nine with three minutes left. back with golden state, jordan shot andrew wiggins there at the right time and a tie game with one minute left in overtime. 90 seconds left and maria at drew traffic and kicked it out to xavier tillman in a corner pocket of three put them in front by one. now the dagger is durrant will spin move with five seconds left and we are done. john moran scored a career-high 35 points, memphis one 117-112. they address the top-seeded rrow the warriors did this tournament.>> obviously a crushing when to go out with two straight games and they were gut punches.>> we were two
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fourth quarters away from being a seventh or eighth seed. it is weird all the way around. but it is okay to pat yourself on the back for doing something they really nobody thought we could do.>> moving forward the warriors have free agents, two, and they will keep their own draft pick, and keeping watch on minnesota's pick. minnesota's pick is top three protected, the draft lottery is june 22nd. the draft itself is july 29th. a few blocks over to third and king street from chase center. we are at oracle part, friends, rivals, johnson dodgers. la's chris taylor a drive certified by alex wood, the only run allowed by wood in six innings and trevor bauer me know friends last night, struck
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out 11 and look at this, egging on people building, the dodgers one 2-1 and the giants tied with padres in the first place for the nl west. and bob melvin and the a's were in anaheim and the angels, top seven the big blow. hello, i am chad pender. how about a three run homer? the a's up 6-4 and look how close the angels in the time the game. i grabbed a save the date, the a's one 8-4 and half again ahead of the forsin the west. yesterday a south carolina swim through the pga championship second round. brad barrett and club pro, charted, he is playing the weekend at two over and phil mickelson set the tone
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yesterday. 500 total shares the lead, and the rest of the tournament is on channel 5 and on sunday. i know warrior fans feel bad about what happened last night and there was some uncertainty for the off-season. but for where they were protected, to go three deep on a bench and go that far with the candidate and steph curry, maybe it softens the blow little bit in the days to come. that is enough. tomorrow we take a closer look at crime in san francisco and we will look at the trends and ask our things is really as bad as they seem. and ken bastida will ask the san francisco district attorney what is doing and why some critics call it his soft on crime approach. >> a lot of people have told us they are fearful that even with evidence against some of these
6:26 am
individuals that your office will not prosecute.>> come to the courthouse and watch what we are doing.>> ken bastida host crime and punishment in san francisco which is a half- hour special that airs tomorrow night at 6:30 right here on kpix 5 . right after the break on kpix 5 and assuming on cbsn bay area, security camera video gives new perspective on what happened at a deli police shooting in contra costa county.>> please help us find the people who did this to my little brother. >> the manhunt underway in southern california the heartbreaking place as a family
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welcome back, the time is 6:29, thanks for joining us i am devin fehely but analysis for this half-hour with a quick check of our weather and meteorologist aaron beck.>> a little hazy in that view behind you and looking out over the space atop the sales were sour, but back to the city it is sunshine everywhere. a little bit of layer cloud data hanging out over the east bay and every one else is looking at sunshine. snow is falling in this era sunshine for now and we have sunshine the rest of today.
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upper 70s every month spots and thatns we. see with the rest of the forecast is in the few minutes. this morning, i disturbing story out of southern california police are searching for the gunman killed a six- year-old boy and in apparent rage, road rage. this happened yesterday morning as his mother was driving the kindergarten in the city of orange southeast los angeles. the boys older sister realize how the mother realized something had gone horribly wrong.>> he said mommy my tummy hurts. she went and picked him up and he was bleeding on her. there were blood on her close and then he started turning blue.>> the boys uncle said the bullet went through the truck before hitting the child, investigators are looking for a white volkswagen sedan. this morning a driver
6:31 am
swerved to avoid a small animal on the freeway and it causes a fiery and deadly crash. this happened around 12:30 this morning on san pablo near san pablo dam road. as the driver tried before the end will the suv smashed into a wall bursting into flames. chp said the driver was able to get out on his own but could not help the passenger.>> he gave us a speed of 55 miles per hour, there was no indication of any skidmarks where he braked at all, not sure the exact speed. that will be determined as we investigate further. >> three lanes of interstate 80 westbound were closed nearly 3 hours as firefighters worked to get the victim's body out of the mangled wreckage. looking live in san francisco this morning, today a protest is land in the castro d demonstrators will demand it safely to apologize for a racial profiling incident involving a black student. last month 11-year-old jamario
6:32 am
oliver brought us out of the store but when he tried to leave he was stopped by store security is that he was stealing even after he showed úhis receipt. safeway said the security guard was a third-party employee. today's protest starts at 10:00 a.m. at the safeway parking lot on church street. were learning more details about a domestic violence call which led to a deadly police shooting in pittsburgh thursday night. and as kpix 5 da lin reports officers had no choice they said . >> reporter: the officer involved shooting happened on the second floor landing of lisa the suspect refused to comply but what happened next was captured by the neors ring doorbell camera. five shots, that was e violence call. a short time before pittsburgh police said a woman had called 911 asking for help saying that
6:33 am
her ex-boyfriend, armed with a gun, was trying to break into her son's apartment. officers responded and found the man on the stairway and he refused to cooperate and drop his gun. police said when the man turned towards the officers and pointed his handgun at them, two officers fired. police say the man fell to the ground is still holding his gun. not sure if the man was still a threat officer still neighbors to stay away.>> moved to the back of your apartment.>> move my son out of the room?>> while the man was bleeding on the second floor landing officers lunar joan to see his condition and was it safe paramedics move dead.>> thtoge and we have to fith each other but if it is a situation where someone says they do not want to be with u y >> neighbor said is a sad
6:34 am
ending for everyone involved in most raise the police for saving the woman's life.>> i'm glad she was proactive and called the police. >> if you have a gun and police say to put it down and you don't put it down, there's not a lot to go to bat for. >> police will release the officers names and chest cam footage soon in the coming days in pittsburgh i'm da lin , kpix 5 . >> meanwhile, hayward police have released body camera footage showing what led up to a deadly shooting at a motel 6 parking lot. this happened back on march 16th when police started a robbery susp arat on indtrial p officers approached the car the driver hit the gas and hit police cars multiple time that is when officers opened fire. the suspect, 22-year-old caleb smith, died from his injuries. ceo tim cook ducked into a
6:35 am
side door at (house yesterday to defend how his company acquired its enormous wealth. epic games sued last year after apple dropped the popular game, fortnight, from its apple store. they broke the rules by its own digital payment system offering users a discount without apple taking a 30% cut. epic games since it is way too much and they're not alone. others like spotify accused apple of being anti- competitive. >> it is what is at the center of the whole debate. the money is split. some goes to the developer and some goes to apple. the developers pay up to 30% commission to apple. >> a judge is to make a decision on the case possibly by august. telemedicine is hitting new highs during the pandemic as doctors and patients communit remoty good uc vis medical pohas
6:36 am
seen a 3000% increase in virtual visit the past year, convenient for both doctors and patients, especially if doctors are assessing if element is a great concern. telemedicine says they will cut down on costs and thanks to advancing techniques patients will be able to do more at home. >> technologies are being developed so you can look inside somebody's ear and throat. >> the medicine is moving towards more technology.>> the shift to virtual medicine can also curb the climate crisis and a pre-pandemic study found america's healthcare systems contributed to 10% of all carbon emissions because everyone is driving to appointments. tonight 48 hours program looks at a treasure chest of gold hidden in the rocky mountains. a santa fe millionaire said anyone who found it could keep it. but producer, paul derosa, said the search became controversial. >> people would come across
6:37 am
cougars and snakes and other things. five people died as they searched the treasurer and one guy simply fell off a mountain. two others were lost in the rapids. it became controversial because after one or two people died, police chief and relatives of those who died would say call off the hunt. >> see the full story awkward eight hours tonight at 10:00 p.m. on kpix 5 . 25 years after tiger woods first burst onto the scene, efforts to make golf more inclusive still faces an uphill climb. >> we know we have the skill but we ac.>other funds. this week's jefferson award winnerorm. find out how she is educating her commun
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this morning the third round of the pga championship just teed off in south carolina. despite efforts to make golf more accessible to people different races and economic backgrounds there is still a
6:41 am
long way to go. as you watch the pga championship this weekend, the numbers on the diversity scorecard are under par. as vern glenn reports now, with a closer look at the numbers. >> reporter: we have to get our african-american kids and kids of color involved at a much lower age. >> jim beatty, editor of the african-american golf digest.>> ages 6 to 17 and the lower the better it have to get them involved in golf and on a track that leads them to jr. golf, elite jr. golf and collegiate golf. >> there only for full-time pga players with african-american heritage. tiger woods, who is recovering from a car accident. joseph bramlett.
6:42 am
6:43 am
and again that is part of my job at the foundation which is to get kids at a young age and get them involved in the game. hopefully the masters will see more players. and that statement just rings. >> the pga tour has one black executive that beatty says he sees a slow change dl gpa, and
6:44 am
yes pj and pj is coming to mitigate stress caused and open door for players of color.>> that was vern glenn reporting. two black women to qualify the upcoming u.s. women's open and the pj is working with african- american based advocacy to her where it best layers are rewarded with qualifying spots for tournaments. look at these photos from the european space agency. it is the world largest iceberg, this piece of ice broke off antarctica this week. the european space agency said it is about eight times the size of manhattan. scientists believe it isn't due to climate change but instead a normal process. now let's check the weather with darren peck. >> keeping our eye on the snow in the sierra, a beautiful view from the camera out at squaw, back towards the higher elevations of the peaks. you can probably see it pretty easily. every once in a while, well let
6:45 am
beautiful live view. you see a few flakes of snow on the screen. i could say on this all morning but we have other things to discuss like what does this mean for the bay area of? let me switch you to high def doppler. you can see where the system dropping the snow is off to the east with light snow the sierra and rain falling over around nevada. no significant impact and i will show you how the system is about to leave as we go back to the wider view on the satellite and come out for bigger perspective. there is a large area of low pressure spinning right over california and nevada. cannot miss that on the water vapor. the snow was right in the middle of it and more into the evening. this gets us ahead to 8:00 tonight, plenty of showers that cropped up over the northern sierra. but at home it is all here.
6:46 am
that's tonight. playing forward from tonight in leaves. it has been here the last three days having a broad impact on the weather at home. but nothing significant. we've had a strong onshore wind event two days ago. now what will have our sunny skies, temperatures that come right where they should be for this time of year, pretty mild marine layer and it will build back in the next few days you see it into sunday morning. a little bit more tomorrow than right now. not a whole lot out there right now and we see the wind picked up this afternoon and evening, colors brighten up the screen, that is tonight towards sunset. we will see a strong, onshore flow. the wind rushing through the peaks along the coast, right through it will be breezy if you are near the water. nothing new for may.
6:47 am
daytime highs today low to mid 70s around the south bay, on the far east bay it will be upper 70s, 76 around pleasant hill, pleasanton at 74, and it will be 75 ron livermore. the number in berkeley is 64 in oakland is 67 as well as mill valley. and low to mid 70s around sonoma county. now the seven-day forecast shows no major swings. will warm up a little bit monday as temperatures climb into the low to mid 80s for daytime highs by monday but we don't stay there long, never school back down by the time we get to thursday and friday. i will leave that right here, a beautiful shot from our camera at squaw watching the light snowflakes drifting down. they will not accumulate to a whole much. but it is pretty to look at.>> yeah the weather the last couple days mildly gorgeous and occasionally a little pool, seems like more of the same
6:48 am
this next week.>> exactly. kind of cruise control with no significant shifts the next seven days, just right on the mark average for late may whether now to the jefferson award, she has been an activist and fire prevention since she lost her home in the oakland hills fire if you 30 years ago. sharon chen introduces us to this bay area award winner. >> reporter: sue piper helps direct boy scout volunteers repairing the steps at a garden special to her. the gateway preparedness exhibit center educates people how to prepare for wildfires and earthquakes but it is one of the two community gardens she cofounded with her husband, gordon, after surviving the oakland hills firestorm in 1990 100 she remembers the harrowing escape. >> there was a fire coming this way and it was so hot i was in the driver seat with air- their home but l blast.
6:49 am
gained a new mission.>> i have never won and went to go through it again and since in both my husband and i have dedicated our time to while fire prevention statement she cofounded the open fires of counsel in 2014 and is nonprofit teaches people to reject their homes and reduce while fire risks. workshops range from home hardening to gearing up for fire safety inspections. the council also persuaded oakland to make fire prevention a citywide priority and is working on an east bay regional plan to coordinate efforts. >> the reason is the fire doesn't know her political boundaries are and it goes were vegetation is the >> having goats eat ergr vege with one funded bthe st and sh th head a few years before it ended. as a retired aid to the former mayor jean quan she knows how city hall.>> her willingness to listen to
6:50 am
others. >> fire safe cofounder praises her ability to get things done.>> she is very committed and very energetic and that comes across. i don't know if you are aware you are supposed to have defensible space it>> and her dedication evident to katrina brown and mother is a visited the garden grateful for the information shared. >> we are all better off if we are more prepared and we have learned from people you've been through something like that. >> for years of work as a fire prevention activist in alameda county this week's jefferson award goes to sue piper. sharon chen, kpix 5 . >> if you would like to nominate an extraordinary community hero for a bay area jefferson award find the online form on our website, . students from around the country getting national recognition for the engineering innovations of this project are part of their competition to use stem to tackle real-world problems. they addressed covid and social justice, high school finish in the state of texas developed an
6:51 am
app to help isolated seniors connect to games and online conversation with ease. the students raised money to send 17 tablets at the nursing home residents.>> i'm hoping that it spans the nation and all this isolation and depression gets eliminated or reduced by a great margin.>> pennsylvania i came up with their projects after watching black lives matter protests unfold their city and developed a voice activated app which records police interactions. all the spots were solving the class of 2021, soviet just graduated from montevista high school watsonville and she's on r wa to study business. well done. send a photo to 2021 grads at
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a nine-year-old boy has a $1000 reward to spend after making a surprising discovery. landon melvin found a package under the floorboards as he was cleaning his dad's car but the family just bought the car back in september but at first, his dad do not believe he had found anything of importance but then realized there was money inside. >> i look and then i look at him and i run inside. i go upstairs and i circling my wife and i said babe come check it out. that is when we dumped it on the bed and money falls out all over the bed. >> the envelope was filled with checks and $5000 in cash belong to a south carolina family who forgot where they put it. they gave landon $1000 for his good deed. new this morning, an
6:54 am
athlete in the midwest to set a record by cycling around lake michigan in three days. mark rivera set off from chicago and has reports of wisconsin, michigan and indiana. the total distance is 940 miles he expects to get two or three hours of sleep each night but he is making the right to test his endurance and to raise money to end multiple sclerosis great america is prepared to welcome back guests today for the first time in 15 months but is kpix reporter justin andrews getting a preview of the patriot. capacity will be limited in the park and on nights. advanced reservations are required. more details on now the bay area is reopening we are asking you to share photos of getting back together again wi why choose invisalign over other aligners? only invisalign treatment uses smarttrack technology. it moves teeth more comfortably and predictably than ordinary aligners.
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>> it is time for look at this morning's top stories. a pedestrian has died after being hit by a vehicle in san jose police say the deadly crash happened on center road before 11:00 p.m. the driver stayed on scene and is helping with the investigation. it is the 18th traffic fatality this year for san jose but also in san jose a millisecond hospital with life-threatening injuries after a shooting on sal on a suspect or motive a passenger has died after
6:57 am
a vehicle they were in swerved around an animal and crashed. this happened on interstate 80 and san pablo just after midnight suv smashed into a wall, burst into flames near san pablo dam road and the driver survived california is keeping june 15th as the date for reopening, and moving beyond most of its covid restrictions. the plan includes easing rules on social distancing and capacity limits, only those unvaccinated will be required to wear a mask. the warriors came up short in a dramatic game at chase wehsener and sadly will not go to the nba playoffs. holden state loss to the grizzlies overtime 117-112 7500 fans saw the game in person spirit just because it is so pretty to look at, i am back to the camera that sits up around squaw and watching light snow falling across the sierra. no significant accumulations from that. we'll have beautiful weather at home, upper 70s inland and
6:58 am
right around 70 for much of the bay. there's a quick look across of the seven-day forecast feedback to you. >> thank you, and thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning and the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. we will be back here tomorrow morning at 6:00. enjoy your saturday.
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narrator: today on "lucky dog", this ten-year-old yorkshire-terrier mix landed in the shelter after being removed from an extreme hoarding situation. even though benji likely spent years in dark, cramped quarters, he radiates a spirit of warmth and love. eric: aw, thank you. narrator: but given his extensive medical issues, eric ll have to look outside of their typical adopter pool to find benji the loving home he deserves. eric: s rashi: it's not going so well. [music] eric: i'm eric wiese and this is my wife rashi.


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