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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> uh, it's time to go separate >> uh, it's time to go separate ways. -- captions by vitac -- this is kpix5 news at 5:00. >> the largest bay area county now in the least restricted yellow tier. the major attraction people are flocking to for the first time in 14 months. >> i have not been this happy in over a year. >> we don't want to get into the situation, at the end of december. a wind driven wildfire shuts down the highway and destroys home in the north bay. why fire crews say it could have been much worse. >> what we learned about a new police investigation into an embattled north bay mayor. santa clara county enjoining
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its first weekend of illustrative yellow tier buis n. >> reporter: good evening. santa clara county just hit a major milestone when it comes to its vaccination numbers. i will get to that in a minute but take a look behind me. great america here in santa clara county has opened up for the first time in more than a year. after a 17 month long closure, great america santa clara opened its gates to long lines. >> we are happy to be outdoors and around other people. >> great. i really like great america. f community come back to their park. >> reporter: it is operating at a third of its full capacity, or 7000 people a day. typically, it would have opened
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in march. >> it feels a little bit better. this father and son were enjoying their weekend a different way. >> i feel good with them been vaccinated. >> reporter: he just took his 15-year-old son to get his first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >> it it is important, we don't want to get into the situation we had in december. >> reporter: today, health leaders announce it hits a major milestone. surpassing the 1 million mark of residents now fully vaccinated against the virus. 73% of the county's population has received the first dose. this comes as state leaders prepared to fully reopen california, june 15th. >> it's a little scary but we will see. not sure if i'm ready r ody ha on, i guess. >> it is unknown what life after june 15th will look or feel like but some say they are ready for cod to do all of the
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precautions, i think the data showing that we are able to open up safely now, and it is time for the economy and also for our mental health. >> reporter: because we do still have restrictions until june 15th are still restrictions here so just a heads up you cannot just walk in and buy a ticket pick we have to buy a ticket online and make a reservation. live in santa clara, maria medina, kpix5. half of all adults californians are fully vaccinated against covid-19. according to the cdc about 60% have gotten at least one dose of the states administered 38 million vaccine doses so far. nationwide, new coronavirus cases have plummeted to their lowest levels in 11 months. the seven day average for new cases dropped below 30,000 per day this week. it hasn't been that low since
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june 18th. as michael george shows us, life is starting to look more like it did pre-pandemic. >> reporter: from the national zoo in washington, dc, to a california amusement park, america's attractions are opening their doors wide to torres. for the first time in nearly 20 months, some sections of yankee stadium were full, filled only with fans who were fully vaccinated. >> at first a little bit nervous and you're like okay, we are all vaccinated. >> reporter: in denver, vaccinated fans went mask list. >> not sure if it feels normal yet. >> they've been hurting a lot, to hear that news a year later will be great for us. >> reporter: new covid cases have decreased to rates not seen since last june and health experts credit vaccines. the cdc says almost half of people over 18 are fully vaccinated. but experts say to extend was the virus, more americans need a shot. >> people who did not get fully vaccinated, there are millions
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more out there who still need to and we will still be at risk, potentially for more infections in the future and we want to protect everybody. >> reporter: the are plenty of incentives. governors in oregon, washington and vermont announced some restrictions will stay in place until more than 70% of eligible residents are vaccinated. the white house is teamed up with dating apps, to feature vaccination badges. and some states are entering vaccinated people into lotteries. the number of people in ohio who received their initial vaccine jumped 33% the week after the state announced its million-dollar incentive. michael george, cbs2 news, new york. dozens of people held a rally today outside the church street safeway store in san francisco. this is citizen at video of the protest. demonstrators are demandth coanoga ofiling incident invol black student. 11-year-old was stopped by a security guard and falsely accused of stealing a sandwich. safeway says the security guard was a third-party employee.
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>> we have an update now. the palm beach police department has confirmed to kpix5 , embattled windsor mayor, dominic foppoli, is the subject of an open investigation in florida. after refusing to quit for more than a month, he has officially resigned for from his job. it comes after he revealed he is facing new sexual misconduct allegations from a woman in florida. the chronicle reports she is a former reality tv star. in a statement, he said i do not want to undo national attention to have a negative impact on the windsor community because of lawful but poor choices i have made in the recent past. six other women have accused him of sexual assault but he insists he will be cleared of wrongdoing. the fire watch, the past 90 minutes crews reopened highway one between windsor and healdsburg after a fast-moving fire burns dangerously close to 101. the wind driven blaze started about 1:30 and quickly spread across five acres.
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50 firefighters from several districts joined the fight to help keep the fire from becoming worse than it was. part of the strategy was to hit it from the air. >> the helicopter that is going back and forth overhead, with about a two minute turnaround, they are able to dip water out of a winery pond that is really close by, is a real benefit to us getting a good handle on this, is having the airport so close by and having those air resources available to us. >> reporter: just how quickly the fire grew, smoke could be seen for miles away. the cause and the origin remain under investigation. >> today, allamakee county firefighters met with members of the community to help prepare them for the upcoming fire season. they let a presentation this morning at the palomar hills area. they also surveyed open space to see whether a pose a hazard. we are learning a
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pedestrian was killed while crossing a san jose street. a woman was hit just before 11:00 last night, as she walked across center road near lewes. she was not in a crosswalk. police say the driver stayed at the scene and was not impaired. the victims name has not been released yet. about 10 minutes later officers were sent to investigate a shooting just three miles to the south. the victim was found on the 500 block of saddlebrook drive. suffering from life-threatening injuries. there is no word on his condition at this hour and so far no arrests. a car burst into a fireball after a driver tried to avoid a record on the road, slammed into a freeway while in san pablo. that happened early this morning along westbound 80 at the san pablo exit. the driver escaped from the carpet the passenger died after being stuck insi. the fire being get out. the crash is under r ended up crngmehow a bay and it is not an easy thing to do. nobody inside was
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injured. a probe into a diesel fuel factoring has led to an arrest in san mateo county. thieves have stolen more than 10,000 gallons of fuel from gas times at 15 stationsfrnapa county to monterey county. they did it by overrunning the software that normally keeps pumps locked. as part of the investigation detectives arrested this man, 38-year-old at his home in castro valley and seized more than 1000 gallons of diesel fuel. he was booked in san mateo county jail on a laundry list of charges. coming up, hammering out the future of the new a's ballpark. what could happen if the oakland team doesn't come to an agreement. plus, six-year-old shot on a southern california freeway. the emotional plea from his family. the first total lunar eclipse in over two years but you'll have to get a pretty early to see it. the marine layer started feeling back into the bay today
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after taking a little bit of a break. we will start getting back to normal around here. all those thunderstorms threatening the east bay, that
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looking alive out of the port of oakland where they hope to build a splashy 35,000 seat ballpark at howard terminal. they met for hours to discuss a potential benefit agreement for the new ballpark. they have committed to building the one billion-dollar new stadium with pre ney, no taxpayer dollars. they've also earmarked an additional 450 million for community benefits like
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affordable housing. the plan is to pay for those community projects with the additional revenue and taxes generated by the stadium. no decision was made today. the community benefits committee is still trying to hammer out a deal. you hoping to convince the city council to give them the green light for the project at their meeting in july but if it falls through, guess what? the team has started to talk to other cities. they are said to be taking buddy move out of oakland. speaking of, not your usual block party. today in oakland, long lines of cars carrying large trash items stopped by for a bulky block party. starting today oakland residents with proof of residency can dump large items at a facility on edgewater. another event is planned for next saturday. >> i'm hoping this effort curtails all the blight, the dumping, and incentivizes folks to just be patient. coming up at 6:00, we show
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you how today's event is part of a larger effort to beautify california. a desperate plea from the family of a six year old boy killed in a road rage incident in southern california. the shooter is still at large. a makeshift memorial is growing over the orange county freeway where six-year-old aiden was shot. his mother was driving him to kindergarten yesterday morning when their car was shot. investigators are now looking for a white volkswagen sedan. a woman was driving, a man was in the passenger seat and they are asking for any witnesses to come forward. >> please help us find the people that did this to my little brother. >> there is one bullet shot in the trunk that went to the trunk and right through my nephew. we are never going to be full again. >> they are asking drivers in the area to turn over their dash camera footage. >> we take a closer look at crime trends in san francisco. are things as really as bad as
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they might seem? ken bastida asked the district attorney what is being done about it, and what some critics call his soft on crime approach. >> reporter: a lot of people have told us that they are fearful that even with evidence against some of these individuals, that your office will prosecute. >> come down to the courthouse and what we are doing. >> ken bastida and elizabeth cook host crime and punishment in san francisco, it airs tomorrow night at 6:30, right here on kpix5. looking like at san francisco, beautiful cool skies, and check this out. san francisco fire put on a show. the fire boat st. francis sprayed water into the bay to make sure it is ready for its next emergency call. summer might be around the corner but the sierra looks like winter this weekend. a camera at tahoe showing near whiteout conditions on the slopes. what a week it was. >> hard to believe that. now same things will get back
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to normal. >> they will pick of the system dropping that snow you're just showing, and made it really windy here, on wednesday, same system, that is going away starting tomorrow but since there are still things to see from it on high def doppler, let's start with that because it is snowing in the sierra right now. but you've got to be technical about how much. it's not a lot. let's go look at high def doppler. watch the showers as they pretty much fall apart over the next few hours but it is still nice to see them up there. those pictures we just showed you from sierra at tahoe is a pretty good example of what this looks like. however much falls now with the sunlight of tomorrow, it is pretty much all going to be gone, just a light dusting up there. so back at home, we are losing our cloud show. looking out to the east vacancy mount diablo industry have real good eyesight, you can see the
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clouds are still kind of building, weighing the distance. but they are not going into the large cauliflower type clouds we have been seeing over the past two days because we are losing the energy from that system as well. and over the tri-valley barely see any of it so we will start to get back to normal, which looks pretty much like this. those of the numbers up there right now. 72 in concord, pretty much right where it should be for this time of day for this time of year. oakland is in the mid-50s, that is a little bit cooler but we started to pick up a bit more of an onshore flow. watch how that system leaves. you can see it on the future cast as the showers all get pulled off to the east. so as that goes, you can see where the rainfall will be over the next few days and yes, looking at the snow on here, just because this might be the last time we get a chance to do this again for a while, there is perhaps another half inch,
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more like a dusting, that falls at some of the higher elevations. tonight, so back at home, the marine layer starts coming back. it is being kind of kept away as the system has been around, but as it leaves, and we get back to more normal conditions, the marine layer starts to build back in. we see that tonight and tomorrow morning. it will bring back to the coast so overnight lows, right on the mark, for average for this time of year, right around 50 for most of us daytime highs tomorrow coming into the mid and upper 70s if we are inland. and upper 60s in the bay. have i said these temperatures are exactly where we are supposed to be? there might be a few adjustments, we go up a little bit on monday. but we go right back down again on tuesday and go back up a little on wednesday. none of these are really going to be noticeable changes pick we don't really swing get a big way either way. and, it is late may. there is no rain coming our way in this forecast, either, so that is also typical for this time of year. that is where the forecast stands for now. over to you. straightahead in sports, warrior season is over
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stomach ulcer up top. you were treated to six hours of the pga championship on channel 5. hello, nick, and jim nance as we take you to the site as they, yeah, send a little hello on up to the tower, to call play-by-play on phil mickelson who started the day with a lead and extended it to five. brady at the fifth hole, but he gave it back, with a shot here at the 13. his ball went for a swim. he double bogey the whole and it was a trip to one over -- and the former pga winner, boy, he was in hot pursuit. he made the par 516 into shots. birdied and tied for the lead
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at seven under. a chance to join the leaders but that happened at 16. at 18, he missed a par putt, and dropped out of the league. he shot 270 if you are scoring at home. so mickelson was all alone, polished off he's got a one-shot lead to the final round on sunday. all right, just a reset for you, he is one back of mickelson. two behind, so it is his first 50 whole lead at a major since 2013. as i said, there is phil mickelson, with the lead, and as i said again, it is his first 54 whole lead since 2013. >> i think that because i feel or believe that i am playing really well and i have an opportunity to contend for
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onip on sunday, anm ngso much n, is easier to get ahead of myself. >> i've been doing stretch exercises all wrong. look at brad, the pro-at. he rolled in the nice birdie putt here at his third hole, carted to 6/78 today, eight over for the tournament. here's the best to go right here yesterday, he chipped in a shot that number two. he is one of 20 club pros in the field this week and he is a popular guy now. >> i just had a chance to glance at my phone and there were quite a few text messages to say the least and a ton from obviously friends and family but also students back in the bay. >> baseball, the a's anaheim tonight, giants and dodgers are in business and moving pictures will be on the late show. time we have the warriors pick we got to talk about last night. here is the one g problem.
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turnovers that committed 21 of them in the overtime loss to memphis. down three late at the time. and there were no answers john games by a combined nine points. >> everybody is come you know, sick to their stomach, disappointed, and frustrated that this is the end, this is how you're going out but it is okay to yourself on the back for doing something that really nobody thought we could do, so. >> we got a ways to go because in order to a championship you have to be in the playoffs, so we are clearly a ways away. a few tweaks here and there and we are not that far. but right now, we are a ways away. because we are not in the playoffs. >> fans, take note. looking ahead, they are free agents. they could get to lottery pics
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at minnesota, if they don't land in the top three and klay thompson and james wiseman back for a run next season. giving up close --. he and the box went over time with the miami heat. final seconds, here's how the heat forced the extra pair. jimmy butler laid it in at the buzzer. ahlers number 17 points, 10 rebounds. tied at 107 come he was all on khris middleton. drove, shot, bang. less than a second remaining, i like big box and i cannot lie. they one game one, 109-2107. now this come about to enter your living room, is. the western conference for the dallas mavericks ran with the la clippers, third quarter, allie down for, watch the turnover. now watch what leonard did with it. through it down on max cleaver. he scored 26. later in the corner it was luca
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time. gave them a six point cushion. they scored 31, 11 assists, 10 rebounds. they one the game, 113 to 103. yes, the nba, they move on without the warriors but i have a
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stomach the west coast will have the best view of a's
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practical in the sky next week. welcome in the best view from united states, anyway. you have to be willing to wake up very ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> diaz: tonight-- holding their fire, with tensions still high. israel and hamas both claim victory after a deadly fight. gaza, left in shambles. today, relief as humanitarian aid arrives. cbs news is there. >> i'm holly williams in the gaza strip, where a ceasefire with israel is still holding, but an 11-day conflict has led to devastation. >> diaz: also tonight: president biden's first foreign policy crisis. "face the nation" with reaction. >> i think that the u.s. not being front and center was probably not a bad thing. >> diaz: plus, summer fever. crowds rush back as america's covid recovery speeds ahead.
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