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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  May 28, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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right now at seven:00. how long the heatwave will last. new developments in the shooting investigation. the shocking amount of ammo just pulled from the gunman's home. meanwhile, a memorial is going tonight for the nine victim. is >> we had a hard time processing this and taking it day by day. bay area airports and roadways making a lot more like pre-pandemic. the travel rush in the skies and on the ground this holiday weekend. plus $50 gift cards and a
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chance to win more than $1 million. is not enough to convince covid vaccine skeptics to get the shot. right now, streaming on cbsn bay area, the heat about to turn on. just in time for the unofficial start of summer. good evening. i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. let's get to paul heggen who is tracking our holiday weekend warm-up. big changes as we had through the three-day weekend. we start with near-normal spring weather, going to feel like late may on saturday with temperatures reaching up to 80 inland, 60s by the bay and along the coast but undies transition day will heat up a lot inland, lib bit more near the water and the peak of this heatwave will be for the holiday on memorial day, and the temperatures reaching up close to if not around or above 100 degrees. temperatures by the bay are still going to be warmer but not record-setting. mid to upper 70s, a few spots on the east side of the bay and mid 60s along the coast.
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we have a heat advisory that has been posted for monday, going through noon to nine p.m. for inland parts of the north bay and the east bay. close to 100 degrees and for solano county and the central valley it is an excessive heat watch for sunday, monday and tuesday. eventually things will be cooled down. we are learning new details about the stockpile of weapons and explosives discovered inside the vta shooter san jose home. in neighbors surveillance camera caught the suspect leaving for work at the morning of the vta massacre. today investigators revealed that cassidy left his home while rounds of ammunition were slowly cooking and a pot on his stove. >> the ammunition in that pot would have heated to a point where the powders inside would have detonated and likely, ignited the accelerants in the kitchen, causing that residence
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to catch fire. investigators have spent the past two days searching his home. they recovered a dozen firearms including rifles and handguns with high-capacity magazines. 17 molotov cocktails and 25,000 rounds, thousand rounds of ammunition. they also blue of a suspicious device that turned out to be a false alarm. family, friends and coworkers are still processing their loss. kiet do reports from the growing memorial in san jose. >> this is day three in the memorial here continues to grow by the hour. we checked in with the coworkers and loved ones of the victims and they are still hurting. >> how are you doing? >> doing fine. trying to get over what happens. it was tragic to all of us. >> reporter: they have been driving buses longer than anyone at the vta, 43 years.
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>> how are you really doing? >> i'm doing okay. it hurts us to know that that happened to the families pick a we are recovering from what happens and just to be -- and talk about what you can. >> they have shutdown light rail service and is using bus bridges until further notice. driver mike goodner is part of the crew that is still showing up to work and somehow, holding it together. >> have you had a good cry this week? >> i have. i have. it is sad, especially for the families that lost loved ones. that is pretty sad. >> it has been hard. >> reporter: councilmember was lifelong friends with mike. mike worked on overhead electrical lines. and is highly skilled, dangerous work. and part of one of the best crews in the country. to know mike was to love him. friends like that don't come around very often in your lifetime. talk about challenges, and
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there is only 20 friends. john courtney. >> be there, hold each other, love each other, hugged each other, kiss each other when you get home from the end of the day. we are all we got, we are all we know, we are all we need. these are not names to us, these are people we know and we love and we see them every single day of our working lives and it really really hurts down to the very core of our souls. >> reporter: many of the families have set up gofundme accounts to help out and received donations. you can check out our website. at downtown san jose, kiet do,
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kpix5. many of you have been asking us how to reach out and help the shooting victim, so we put the information in our vta stories section on switching gears, millions of people are expected to take to the skies this holiday weekend. take a live look at sfo and oakland international where business is booming. aaa reports more than 37 million americans will fly this weekend. that is up 60% from this time last year when most of us were in the pandemic lockdown. all of us, for some, this is the first time they traveled in a while. >> it is amazing, you know what i mean? it is a breath of fresh air, you know what i mean? the babies are so happy. this is their first time flying. they are super excited. >> can't wait to see the in- laws and the aunties have been sequestered follow these month and see some old friends and just maybe have a drink and do lots of hugs.
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>> the state is rolling out some big incentives to encourage californians to roll up their sleeves. da lin went to find out whether a $50 gift card and a chance to win over 1 million bucks is enough to convince some of these people to get a covid shot. >> reporter: oakland resident turns 88 years old today. he was among the first group to qualify to get the vaccine back in january. yet, he has so far refused to get it. >> i don't know what or who to believe. so i'm just going to leave it as is for now. >> reporter: he doesn't believe the vaccines are safe. >> the fear of the vaccine bigger than the fear of covid at this point. >> it is too many i don't know, you know what i understand what i mean? i would rather wait a bit longer. >> reporter: his daughter also declines despite the new cash incentives. >> it sounds tempting but no. i don't care however much
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money, they can offer me a house, car. >> reporter: there giving out $50 gift cards to the next 2 million people who get the shot pick of the state is also doing vaccine lottery. 10 people will win $1.5 million each and 30 people will win $50,000 each. >> i'll get the vaccine cash or not because i want to go back to normal. >> reporter: the cost of not getting vaccinated is exponentially and comfortably higher. >> reporter: 12 million people who are eligible still have not gotten a shot. >> there's no amount of money that will change my mind about putting the stuff in my system that is not been tested. >> reporter: many believe the lottery money is wasteful and will only intensify the shaming and added pressure for people who don't want it. >> i have lost a few friends, i have been told, you know, they don't want to talk to me anymore. >> reporter: some people worry if they go public they could lose their jobs. >> by the government would have to coerce people, that would be my question.
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34 million americans are expected to hit the road this holiday weekend and a lot of them are already out there. this is a live look at the hospital curve, not far from zuckerberg general. people who are driving this weekend are getting a nasa surprise at the pump. higher gas prices, aaa says gas is at its highest level in seven years. the average cost in california is hovering around four dollars and $.18 per gallon. oakland is a little higher at 4:25 per gallon in san francisco up even more around $4.33 per gallon.
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>> it has gone up pretty quick in the last month, i think it has gone up a dollar at least and it is kind of hard for the pocketbook but it is what it is, can't really do much about it. don't you wish you were at lake tahoe? hours ago in magnitude for .2 quake hit the middle of the lake, set up multiple aftershocks and was felt to nevada. it interrupted a meeting of the nevada state legislature, shaking the plexiglas. the lake has seen a series of quakes over the past few weeks. a 4.7 triggered a shake alert across the bay area, earlier this month. and now, many are wondering if a bigger one is on the way. >> the bigger the for shock event is, the more likely it will trigger potentially that fault that is overdue. >> they will keep happening and we are prepared for it. >> the semi felt of the strongest i've ever felt.
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>> he says the major fault under tahoe are likely more than 1000 years overdue to rupture. taking a live look outside, people are getting ready for pool parties and grilling this holiday weekend. chief neurologist paul heggen is here and it is going to get pretty toasty in some spots. >> he may be able to grill hamburgers and hotdogs directly on the deck or the patio. it will be a hot one inland was temperatures reaching up to triple digits but not yet this evening. another look to the north, seeing the hayes and the fog begins to sneak through, temperatures, we are seeing the usual rain temperatures that we see this point in the evening for this time of year. low 70s in concord, down to the 60s for livermore, san jose and santa rosa. upper 50s at san francisco and now in oakland, stuck at 57 degrees in the city of been
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there for the last few hours but eventually they will drop off and the fog will spread out into the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning, it is going to back up but it is going to take it's time. i think we will see some of that lingering fog release look out cover as we head towards late morning on saturday, and backs up toward the coast, still going to be tough to shake on saturday, but more inland, even along the coast as we head into the rest of the three-day weekends to go along with the warmer temperatures. more on that in a second. temperatures tonight close to what is normal, mostly low 50s, the very cool spots in the upper 40s but that is not bad at all. high temperatures on saturday near or very slightly below average but a degree or two, not likely to notice that. low 60s in the city, upper 60s for oakland, mid-70s and right around 80 degrees in concord. let's fill in the rest of the map. low 70s on the peninsula and one up into the mid and upper 70s into the santa clara valley, temperatures for the tri-valley also in the mid to upper 70s, 80 degrees plus as you had farther inland and east bay come up into the mid-80s east of the diablo range and into the delta. low 60s for the city, then mostly 70s for the north bay
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the farther inland you go, though, the better chance you have of getting into the low 80s, napa, sonoma, santa rosa with more 80s on the map even farther north into mendocino and lake counties, cloverdale and clearlake, 90 degrees already tomorrow but the heat don't doesn't really take over the weather until monday, for memorial day, big area of high pressure pressing down on us and as that air overhead sinks a gets compressed by gravity and the weight of the air on top of it and that makes it heat up so temperatures are really going to be hot for inland portions of the bay area, and warm around the water but far short of record territory for san francisco and oakland for five degrees shy of record in thing is a even though they reach up, short of record territory for the last day of may. type of record high temperature in santa rosa with a high of 99 degrees and the problem is, the humidity will be very low by monday afternoon. the one thing that might help us out, bit of an onshore wind trying to reassert itself and hopefully that will help to boost the committees just a little bit. temperatures to return to close to normal by the middle and end
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of next week. >> top headlines looking live at the white house, where president biden released his first budget today, at the forefront of the six trillion- dollar package is his american jobs and families plans. the proposal cost for trillion- dollar investment in projects like roads and bridges as well as free preschool and community college pick of the budget doubles down on mr. biden's proposed tax hike on corporations and the wealthiest americans. but congressional republicans have said raising taxes is a nonstarter. >> we will do a couple chili more for free college, free daycare, free this, free that. but it is not free. there is no such thing as a free lunch. >> they gave us a democratic senate to produce big and bold change. today vice president kamala harris became the first woman to deliver a commencement
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address to graduating members of the u.s. naval academy. the ceremony in minneapolis, she touched on some of the biggest threats to the nation and its armed forces including the pandemic and cyber security. in your career, you may witness some of the worst of humanity. but promise that you will never forget the best of who we are. >> this is amazing. a pair of police officers in austin, texas, being hailed as heroes. body camera video shows them pulling a man from his burning truck just seconds before it exploded and the man had been unconscious with his foot on the capital when officers arrived and things to them, he survived. >> first responders saving another life. thank you. after a year of being bringing shows and movies at home, tonight, the bay area theater welcoming back
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customers on a friday night out. >> excited to be the only cinema here in silicon valley that has food and beverage service at your seat every day, every screening. a return of a pre-pandemic staple that is getting costco fans excited tonight. it looks like it is straight out of a sci-fi movie, the new device literally shaking up the energy industry.
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there it is across the bay area are on the road to recovery and that means some people are spending the friday nights in front of the big screen. silicon valley's only dine in theater reopened today. that is the premier cinema in campbell. people can get food, drinks, and cocktails delivered right to their seats. the locally owned theater has been closed for 15 months because of the pandemic. so today is not only a big day forecast but for workers as well. >> it has been tough, tough on our staff, we had to let go 100 employees, 15 months ago, most of them are coming back, some of our team leaders are coming back, and excited to be the only leader here has food and beverage service at your seat every day, every screening. attention costco members.
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i sound like i'm on the big screen, what is it, the intercom. the customer favorite is returning to the warehouse retailer. free samples pick of the company says members will once again have a chance to try several food and drink items next month. they were eliminated at the start of the pandemic. distribution look a little different this time around. workers will prepare the samples behind plexiglas and hand them out one at a time. >> they are samples, not lunch. how a new type of energy source could revolutionize how we power
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when you're born and raised in san francisco, you grow up wanting to make a difference. that's why, at recology, we're proud to be 100% employee owned with local workers as diverse as san francisco.
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we built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america but we couldn't do it without you. thank you, san francisco. gracias, san francisco. -thank you. -[ speaks native language ] let's keep making a differene together.
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at first glance, it might be a little difficult to see
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how this wind turbine works. no blades, nothing spinning around but that is the point pick up a new oscillating turbine is designed to shake back and forth instead of spin and not only is a cheaper but it could save more than 1 million birds that are killed by traditional windmills every year. the project is looking for investors to help the new turbines get them on the market, sometime next year. thank you for watching. the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. we will see you back here at 11:00 with more local news.
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