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before you drop your child off. >> yes, i'm happy the baby was okay. was okay. >> i'm glad he's doing better. -- captions by vitac -- and now at 5:00, a sizzling holiday weekend, temperatures hitting the 90s in some parts of the bay area. and it's only going to get hotter. plus what's prompting the first spare the air alert of the year. i'm john ramos in brentwood. it's cherry picking time for the public. the question, is it worth it? we'll have that story coming up. and terror at a miami concert. the manhunt for three suspects who fired at a crowd, leaving dozens injured. plus, the alarming discovery that was not shared with local authorities before the vta mass shooting. i'm juliette goodrich.
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>> and i'm brian hackney. the heat is on and it's only the beginning. the first major warming trend of the year starting today. >> and looking live out at dublin now the east bay, seeing the highest temperatures today and it's only going to climb. a live look at the bay bridge as loathes of traffic on the bay bridge as you can see. sizzling temperatures and tail pipe exhaust are prompting the year's first spare the air alert. tomorrow, in part because traffic is returning to prepandemic levels generating a lot of smog. >> and darren peck is here to talk about whether or not we're going to set some records tomorrow. >> we probably will. that's that camera in front of dublin again, livermore is 90 right now. 94 in concord and nose numbers are about 20 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. but tomorrow we're going to go up another ten. that's why the heat advisory is in effect for tomorrow and it starts at noon tomorrow and goes until 9:00 and look at the
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areas that are included on there. the valleys of north bay, and the valleys of the inland parts of contra costa and alameda county and solano county gets the excessive heat warning because it's going to be hotter over here as it always is as you get into the central valley. both of those though should be taken seriously in terms of limiting exposure to this. we haven't had heat like this since last september and october and also came on really fast so not a whole lot of time to acclimate to this. just find the shade and drink plenty of water and this is tomorrow. for inland. i have got three examples up here. concord, livermore and santa rosa. low 100s. and it's still going to be hot in the bay. san jose technically just part of the day is 95. but it will be 88 in oakland and 79 in san francisco. aisle going to show you when this finally breaks in the complete forecast and i'll show you in a few minutes, guys? thanks so much and people across the bay area are trying to beat the heat this holiday
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weekend. >> kpix 5's john ramos reports from brentwood. >> reporter: the one weekend a year when city slickers get to play farmer. and this year, mother nature provided weather to add some realism to the romance. for many in the bay area, picking their own cherries at places like the family farm is a memorial day holiday tradition. is it very hard to pick cherries yourself? >> kind of. >> reporter: why? >> because they have to be dark red. >> reporter: you have to find the dark red ones? >> yes. >> reporter: did you find just dark red ones or a couple of kind of light red ones in there? >> kind of light red. >> reporter: once you found them they're easy to pick as 3- year-old harrison demonstrated. do you want to show me how good you are at picking cherries? all right, go ahead, show me. nice job. [ laughter ] it may not be hard, but this year, thanks to covid, it was
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by reservation only. ken hagan co-owner of the farm says limiting the crowd has helped keep things from getting too -- well, competitive. >> yeah, people would actually get possess every over a certain try and like try and keep people away. very interesting experience for me. >> reporter: but things still got pretty heated thanks to the sun. by midday the temperature was in the mid 90s and so far this season had been very mild. >> we actually saw a cooler until now. and today we're supposed to reach 100 i think. and then tomorrow even hotter. so that will speed up the ripening of things with that heat. >> reporter: it also sped up darrell as he hustled to his car in the coolness of his daly city home. >> when it was getting probably about 70, mid 70s, it was getting warm. it was getting warm real fast. >> reporter: even in the 70s it feels warm out there? >> oh definitely with the baking sun and no clouds? definitely. >> reporter: on the other hand
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hayward resident steve enjoys coming out to farm country. he considers it a fun life experience and doesn't even mind the heat although he admits he's not acclimated to it. >> in the bay area and more near the bay we rarely get this kind of heat. you know, it wouldn't be -- >> reporter: there's something satisfying to the soul to brave the elements and spend time harvesting one's own food. but for most people, the heat, like the farm itself, is nice to visit, but they wouldn't want to live there. in brentwood, john ramos, kpix 5. by the way farm's owner says the reservation system has been unexpected success so he's considering continuing it even after the restrictions are lifted. and for the latest on the heat wave and spare the air alert you can check out the latest conditions by downloading our kpix 5 news app. well, the warm weather has crews on fire watch today and right now smoke in the santa cruz county area. a small fire erupted on heckard
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pass near watsonville this morning. flames have burned about one acre of steep terrain and crews were able to get it contained. in santa clara county, a car crash sparked a brush fire. this happening overnight near highway 9 and highway 35 in saratoga. police found the car in flames after it had smashed against a tree. crews used a rope to rescue the driver and that person was rushed to the hospital with moderate injuries. if you see smoke in the north bay likely coming from a prescribed burn, firefighters in sonoma county are conducting the burns in the healdsburg area. in florida, police are on the hunt for three suspects who opened fire outside a concert hall killing at least two people and wounding more than 22 others. as melissa rainy reports, police think the shooting was targeted. >> reporter: a violent holiday weekend in south florida. in the early morning hours
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sunday, police say a white suv pulled up to a club in miami- dade county and three people opened fire on the crowd standing outside. >> three subjects stepped out of the vehicle with assault rifles and handguns and began shooting indiscriminately into the crowd. of which we believe is a targeted act of gun violence. >> reporter: that apparent targeted act left two people and at least 20 more hurt. some in personal vehicles were rushed to hospitals. >> my son was hit once in the abdomen area. and then -- my nephew and cousin -- he was shot, grazed in the abdomen a few times. >> reporter: miami's police chief says the shooting is an example of how gun violence has gotten out of hand recently. >> that's the second shooting in the greater miami-dade area. we had our own shooting the night before where seven people were shot and one dead. so that's 30 shot, two dead in the greater miami area and metro dade area. and miami-dade area and it's an
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indication of the problem we have with the scourge of gun violence in the country. >> reporter: authorities are asking people to come forward with any information. a crowd gathered at the hall for a concert when the shooting broke out. the businessman is offering $100,000 reward for information leading to the suspects' arrest. this evening we are learning that local police were not informed about an encounter with u.s. customs and the suspect of the san jose mass shooting. san francisco's alcohol, tobacco and firearms tells the associated press that sam cassidy was not put on the radar before the shooting that left nine of the vta co-workers dead. in 2016 he was detained by u.s. customs officers while returning from the philippines. the officers found books about terrorism and notes about how much he hated the vta. he was let go and homeland security information about the encounter was not passed on to local police. at the same time vta lightrail service remains
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canceled following the tragedy. free bus bridges are still in place on a holiday schedule through tomorrow. and b.a.r.t. is also offering free bus rides toll some passengers in the east bay this holiday weekend. as crews replace track in a hayward and union city area. people who take b.a.r.t. in the area should add an extra 20 or 25 minutes for their bus trips through monday. new citizen app video of a garbage truck fire in san francisco. it happened near oak and ash bury street just two hours ago. firefighters were able to get it under control and no word yet on the condition of the driver or what caused the fire. a bold plan in the works for the university of california following record numbers of applications. state lawmakers are considering slashing the number of out of state and international students to make room for more california residents. of course they get more money for out of state and foreign students. but uc regents had capped the number of out of state enrollment at 17% back in 2018
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and now some lawmakers think that cap is too high. the uc leaders oppose the plan and instead calling for more funding. american airlines is joining southwest by delaying the return of alcohol sales. it comes after a southwest flight attendant was attacked on a plane in san diego last week. southwest is suspending alcohol service at least through july. but american is taking it even further, banning alcohol sales in main cabins through september 13th and that's when the federal mask mandate ends. other news, a hiker's safe again after being rescued by cal fire in san jose. rescue helicopter flew to quick silver park where the crew hoisted the injured hiker up and then down to an ambulance. there's no word though on their condition. and still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, police on the lookout for side shows across the east bay. the result of side show sweeps
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in one east bay city. and honoring those who fought and lost their lives in the first major battle between and u.s. and japan in world war ii. and later a spider-man lives on. a man written off as too old to race full-time joins an
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police are stepping upside show enforcement across the east bay the weekend. >> working from officers on neighboring cities to crack down. on friday night they stopped more than 50 vehicles and issued more than a dozen citations and made one arrest. antioch police also recovered two guns on friday night. they boosted reinforcement after officers chased side shows across a number of east
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bay cities last weekend. and new video shows a northern california car chase turn deadly when deputies shoot and kill a modesto teen. >> roll your window down. turn that car off for me too. >> body camera video from may 18th shows stanislaus county deputies attempting to pull over 16-year-old xanzer man after he sped off and led authorities on a 20-mile chase. deputies were able to stop the car using a p.i.t. maneuver. which caused man's car to spin out and hit a pole. deputies say the teen then sped towards a deputy who opened fire. the sheriff's department says that deputy did not activate his body camera. >> i'm not sure the video tells us enough of the story. it has to be some consequence for failure to turn those cameras on. we need to be able to see those because what started out as a traffic stop ended up as a fatality. >> the teen died at the
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hospital three days later. the stanislaus county sheriff's office is investigating. the uss san francisco memorial foundation has a ceremony for the frisco crew today. ♪ ♪ >> the event typically takes place at the memorial at lands end but wept online this year because of the pandemic. veterans and loved ones and community members gathered virtually to honor the 100 sailors and seven marines who died during the historic battle at guadalcanal aboard the uss san francisco. >> even though they're not with us we know what that they lived for and their spirits carry with us into this day. and i want us to show that, to be a symbol and a living example of what they wanted us
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to be. free, happy, and a country of great people. >> bay area veteran getting support from two college students making their way across the country. aiden and jordan are raising money for the wounded warrior project. by working out in gyms in every state. the new york natives made a stop at a cross fit in petaluma today where they met with army vet jeremiah paw lee who says the organization changed his life. well, our big story today is the weather. people across the bay area trying to beat the heat and we have several examples of how they're doing that. we stopped by heather farm in walnut creek this afternoon. a lot of people out in the sunshine enjoying some picnics and cooling down with some ice cream. but not necessarily cooling down by playing basketball. >> being able to share some ice cream, at the park, is definitely a good time. especially with the blue ice cream. huh? is it good? >> yes.
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>> yeah? >> hot sundae. could be even hotter tomorrow at least that's the legend from the weather department and here with the latest on that meteorologist darren peck. >> he'll get home and mom will say you give him blue ice cream? >> she'll be able to see it. ten degrees hotter tomorrow than today. so considering the jump we did today, today was the big step. tomorrow, we still have to go one more step up. it's not going to be as big a jump as we did. look at the increase. from yesterday to today. concord was 23 degrees warmer today than yesterday. livermore 21 and san jose 16. oakland, 12. and for san francisco and santa rosa, right around 10 and 7. and if you look at the daytime highs that brings us into the mid 90s. no heat advisory for numbers like that. that's because tomorrow's numbers going up another ten will get us into that category. that was the map i showed you at the top of the newscast. there's the view from the top of the salesforce tower camera. not a -- drop of any marine layer left over. that stuff melted away by about 9:00 in the morning right off
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the coast. real pretty view over the city from the top of sutro looking back to the salesforce. just checking out the view from there looking over that way. and one more view looking over towards golden gate bridge. look how clear it is here. so what happens to the numbers now? morning lows go back down into the mid 50s. upper 50s in some places. it's going to be a very nice morning tomorrow. won't be all that windy. it's going to be warm to step outside. those numbers almost you know, look perfect. and color shades on the map look weird for the time of day. because they're shaded into the greens and yellows and here are today's daytime highs and since tomorrow is the peak of the heat, let's get everybody in. we're going to get specific on what the temperature is going to be like for your corner of the bay area. like sunnyvale, 92. redwoodcity is going to 94. fremont goes to 94. milpitas will have you beat by one degree at 95. danville, 102. san ramon at 100. pleasant hill goes to 104. but pleasanton goes to 101. and we'll see the warm numbers for concord and brentwood as well.
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at 104. we come back in closer to the bay and san leandro goes to 90. daly city goes to 75. rohnert park going to 94 and we'll see petaluma at 94. windsor goes to 106 and it will be 101 up north in yucaipa, breaking records? pretty darn close. in fact santa rosa probably will with that 101 on there. coming in just about two degrees above where the record stands now. all right, when's it get better? well, tuesday we're going to take about another #, 14 degrees off. still hot on tuesday but it's not this hot. it's not heat advisory hot. and then by the middle of next week, we've cooled all the way back down if not to average, we're not quite getting all the way back down there. but we are going to get back down into a comfortable range. mid 80s for inland spots. after these two days is actually going to feel just fine. all right, let's see what's going on over in sports. dennis? over to you. you know who's hot right
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hey everybody. the giants lost their first four games this season against the dodgers today the comeback kids had a chance to make it three straight in the win column at dodgers stadium. bragging rights on the line for the two kids.
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top 1. due bone hit a high fly ball down the line. got the distance. will it stay fair? it hits the foul pole and clayton kershaw can't believe it and giants leading 3-0. plenty of runs for that man. kevin guzman struck out seven over six shut-out innings and lowered the e.r.a. to 1.40. slater, opposite field. his fifth home run this month. giants got five runs off kershaw. guzman cruising until the 6th. fielded the slow roller and got the out. but he left the game with hip tightness and he is listed as day-to-day. bottom 9. giants up 5-2. albert pujols made sure totman wouldn't rob this baby. two run blast. 5-4, his third home run since joining the dodgers. but mcgee bounced back to get the next two batters and locked down his 12th save of the year.
5:24 pm
the giants beat the dodgers to take three out of four in l. a. baubling from the mass unit and he'll pitch out of the pen for now. angels cut pujols in part so jared walsh could become their everyday first baseman. took irvin deep and his 12th home run. it wouldn't be a series against l. a. without david fletcher herding the a's. 4-0 lead angels. bottom 9. mark hannah has the tying run. rojas ran it down and a's only four hits today and the angels win 4-2. they split that four game series. the year of the geritol gang continued today at the indianapolis 500. where 46-year-old helio castroneves the legend trying to beat a race driver 22 years younger than he. jets flying over a big crowd at
5:25 pm
the brickyard. 135,000, which is the nation's biggest crowd since covid. hard to believe that's just 40% capacity. he led 18 laps but he left the pit without one of his tires secured. that's a one -- get away moment because his tire went rolling down the track and his car plowed into the wall. he said after the race he thought he could win. not like that. two laps to go, castroneves, goes into the outside to the 24- year-old alex pelleaux. he had to hold on for dear life down the stretch. >> welcome to the four-time club, helio castroneves. >> his fourth indy win. his first since 2009. and 46 he can still do spider- man scaling the wall. he's the fourth oldest indy winner ever. >> i don't know if this is a good comparison or not but tom
5:26 pm
brady won the super bowl and if you mix -- the master and now here we go. so the old guys still got it. still kicking the young guys' butt you know. we'll teach them a lesson. >> fantastic. jason kokrak hoping to get the roll. birdie and the one shot lead over spieth in the charles schwab. had to be a aggressive. this is a little too aggressive. into the drink. spieth took second place. his eighth top ten this season. kokr ak taps in for birdie. the second time this year he's won and finished 14 under par. and trouble in lakerland. anthony davis sidelined for the second half today with a groin injury. he is day-to-day. l. a. trying to take a 3-1 series lead against phoenix. carew sew off the glass to lemon. the highlight reel for lebron
5:27 pm
who had a better handling than anthony davis. phoenix had six players in double figures and jae crowder knocked down the corner three and he had 17 points and suns win 100-92 to even that series at two games apiece. a's' president dave camel on game day tonight, talking howard terminal and las vegas. >> looking
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for a full hour of news. >> news updates are always on cbs weekend news is next. along with dennis and juliette we'll be back in 30 minutes. between now and then you e on ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> duncan: tonight, another mass shooting in america. more than 20 people shot. at least two killed. the gunmen targeted people gathered for a concert near miami. >> it is just an indication of the problem we have with this gun violence in this country. >> duncan: also tonight, traditions return. at the indianapolis speedway. on the streets of washington, d.c. anand at packeked baseball stad. america roars back this holiday weekend. plus president biden condemns a push by texas republicans to restrict voting. a century after the massacre, tulsa marks one of the worst


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