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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 6, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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>> hi. we are looking at temperatures that will be on the rise as we look to the end of the week. turning up the temperatures later on this week. for today, cool, comfortable, right around where we should be for this time of year. with that stronger ocean breeze temperatures just a little cooler compared to yesterday. here we go. taking you out to the south bay. san jose good morning to you with cloudy skies and right now in san jose looking at 59 degrees. we are in the 50's as we start off the day for many locations. as we head through the afternoon with that stronger sea breeze looking at westerly winds about 20 to 30 miles an hour along the coast and around the bay. inland you will see that sunshine and clearing this afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 70's to low to mid-80s's. it's getting busy at the bay bridge. let's check in with ga ind a.
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hey. it's back to work for folks after a long holiday weekend. we are starting to see the brake lights builthe bay bridge getting busy which indicates we are starting to see things getting crowded. if you are getting ready to head out the door and take that bay bridge commute out of the east bay expect a few brake lights. we will let you know when they are officially on this morning. san mateo bridge getting crowded. westbound 92 at the high-rise. there's a broken down vehicle blocking the lane. tow crews called out to the scene. the tow truck going out to retrieve that broken down vehicle. busy westbound as they work toward 101. any minute now cal tran is set to evict a homeless camp in marin that's been growing through the pandemic. >> justin andrew is live near downtown san rafael with more. >> there are dozens of
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who live in camp. one of them right here. she is joining us live. cal tran is expected to be here any minute. how are you feeling? this is your home this is your place of refugee. what do you think right now? >> i'm just a little confused because i have been dragging that tv from way back there all the way to here. then when i finally got it set up its been a real positive point. i'm a creative person. i'm a child -- a survivor of sex slavery and so, this is my way of bringing bringing bringing peace and love to the family. >> what will you do when they show up? will you move your belongings? >> i hauled what i can.
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i would rather leave my tv because crushing is like crushing my religion and culture. its been a good place of healing peace for people. people come to me when they feel they are going to hurt someone else they come to me. people donate here. a lot of positives gone through here. people get out of their head. i got ptsd. i change it up so people can go and get out of their heads. i got veteran that come here. teenagers that come here. i'm just trying to bring love and light to the world and by them crushing it because they want us in uniforms. >> obviously very emotional for her this morning as she is forced to deal with being kicked out of a place she calls home. you the latest as we hear few g from them. >> all right.
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thank you. in lou apple d be the next site of a huge homeless camp in san jose. 30 people live there now but once another camp is swept it's likely hundreds of homeless could end up moving there. this is near the 101, 87 interchange. one man said he would rather go there than into government housing. >> this is -- they should be helping the homeless. they could be helping us make this place better. you know, show -- don't be so big. show that you care. >> we requested a comment from apple. the company said that it's working on it. happening today a suspect in several assaults against elderly victims in china town will face a judge. is he accused of shoving a 91- year-old man to the ground and attacking two other people in february. he faces charges of assault, battery, and elder abuse plus a special allegation of
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committing offenses while on bail. he has two previous felony assault convictions. >> we are talking about 12 hours of nonstop chaos throughout the city. developing this morning the police chiefspeaking out after a rash of violence during july 4th. they had a plan side shows but they were stretched dealing with seven shootings. the shootings started sunday night and carried in to monday. police say that celebration gun fire may be to blame. >> previously i would have told you that hopefully this slows down as the pandemic allows things to open back up but we haven't seen it. we have seen violence continue. >> as police diverted officers to respond to shootings a side show with about 300 cars and
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200 people created problems. one person was injured. what is the city doing about all of this? stay with us. in 45 minutes a city councilmember join us live to discuss it. and santa rosa police are looking for the gunman who opened fire on a holiday party, killing one man and injuring three others. just after midnight yesterday a silver honda pulled up to the block party on beech wood drive and someone inside started shooting. police believe someone at the party shot back and the suspects ran off after crashing in to a parked car. this morning a woman and teen girl are in critical condition. a boy is expected to survive. it may have been gang related. looking live at san francisco. police are searching for a group of suspects who robbed the union square neiman marcus store. officers say that several suspects grabbed things inside and then fled in multiple
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vehicles. no arrests have been made. keeping a close eye on tropical storm elsa this morning. about to hit the florida coast later on today. soaking the area. being blamed for at least three deaths in the caribbean. storm surge alerts now active in florida. the entire state bracing for heavy winds and possible flooding. low lying coastal areas of course most at risk. taking a live look at key west right now where they are starting to see some of the rain, some of that wind blowing in. the governor has declared a state of emergency in four southwestern counties ahead of the storm. we will see it's full impact
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over the next 24 hours or so before it starts heading up the rest of the eastern united states. we will watch it. back to you. >> thank you. next on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area running toward the fire. the brave bystanders who jumped in to action. >> and a project aimed to speed up bus service has been slowing down drivers for years. what happened. what the new investigation reveals. stereo and wild video when a california inmate tried to escape in a fire truck. and the message from some bay area doctors if you are not vaccinated against coronavirus, be concerned. how the holiday may have made cases worse. it's a cloudy start to the day with foggy conditions and patchy drizzle all because of this low pressure system just off the coast. it's closer to us so a stronger on shore flow. temperatures will be slightly
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cooler this afternoon. a strong ridge of high pressure will build in. we will talk more about the heat wave on the way coming up. . and it's back to work for some after a long holiday weekend. we have a couple of hot spots. and let's look outside before we head to break. this is from our mark hopkins camera as we look out east on this foggy tuesday morning.
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it's 6:12. we are starting off the day with low clouds, morning fog and areas of drizzle all because of that on shore flow. two more days of near normal weather for this time of year. typical weather for the bay area today and for tomorrow. as we look to the end of the week we will warm it up. high pressure builds in. it'll turn hot inland. what you can expect in ho com. volunteer response to a r fire d a d kia crashed a
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parked semi yesterday morning and caught fire trapping the driver inside. >> we aren't just talking about saving a life and putting out a fire. vehicles explode. gas tanks explode. people put themselves in a dangerous place to try to save this man's life. that's pretty heroic. >> firefighters also rushed to the scene and worked fast to get the driver out of that burning vehicle. he is now in the hospital with major injuries. fire watch now. crews making progress on some fires burning up north. at this hour, the lava fire is now 71% contained and containment progress on the tenant fire has allowed cal trans to reopen highway 97. north of redding the salt fire has now burned about 2500 acres in the last day or so. taking a live look at san francisco where a project aimed to speed up bus service has
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been slowing down drivers for years. the effort to create rapid bus lanes was supposed to take three years. its been five and it's not done yet. the work on the two mile stretch is also $37 million over budget. now a civil grand jury report reveals planning and design phases fail to capture the scope of the project and contracting processes failed to instill responsibility. in the meantime small businesses say that they are suffering. >> all the businesses along here are closed. we used to do a lot of business for downtown. we lost all the business. here is what's happened. i don't think it'll be any better soon. >> the sfmta said the report raises certain issues identified in prior internal audits and we are working on incorporating lessons learned from those issues in to successful projects throughout the city.
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the sfmta has resolve multiple contractor claimsrelating to the issues including where the contractor acknowledged its short comings. theclock just hit 6:15 and how the roads are shaping up on this tuesday. certainly getting busy this morning as folks get ready to head to work. if you are headed this way onto 92, out of heyward over toward foster city, tow crews just cleared a broken down vehicle. if you are going toward 101. that commute direction slow. eastbound clear if you are going over toward heyward onto 8 # 80. westbound ovinack up at the y b francisco. a few akligh ac deckthbay brid
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crowding as you work near treasure island. heading in to san francisco. the metering lights are officially on. they were turned on at 6:10 this morning. you are going to start to see brake lights off the east shore freeway. overall it's still at the limit as you head across the span over into san francisco. taking a look at traffic in the south bay. looks like we are seeing a few slow and go conditions northbound 101 as you approach oakland road and just fast that point. couple things to look out for. there's a crash on surface streets on allen rock avenue near sharp. some fire activity on 87 near that 280 connector. keep that in mind. it's 6:16. time to check the forecast. good morning. it's a foggy start, gray skies and some patchy drizzle this morning once again. let's go out to san francisco.
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a live look. you can see that fog out there and hard to make out the top of the trans america pyramid due to that fog. temperatures this morning in the 50's this morning as we kick off tuesday. concord in at n sco, san jose a westerly winds about 13 miles out of the west at sfo. oakland as well as for concord, 13 miles an hour. 23-mile an hour winds with the delta breeze in fairfield. even stronger on shore flows today because of this low pressure system. it's a little closer to us compared to yesterday. that's the reason why with that stronger sea breeze temperatures will be cooler for today as we look to the
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especially of the week we will warm it up and a heat wave in store for us, especially inland. the hot weather pattern takes over later this week because of the strong ridge of high pressure over the four corners region. it'll build into the desert southwest. with that ridge of high pressure so close to us we will see the highs soaring inland later this week. we will show you this in just a moment. sunshine, clearing, inland. partly sunny around the bay with those foggy conditions along the coast. we are looking at highs inhand in to the 90's to triple digits. we are going to turn up the
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temperatures. our sunrise at 5:54. daytime highs for the south bay. cool, mild, 70 san jose and 84 in morgan hill. for the east bay, 81 concord, 80 in pleasant hill. looking at 84 antioch and for the tri valley highs in the mid to upper 70's. 60daley city. for the north bay mid to upper 70's to low 80's. 81 for a high. heating up for ukia. lake port, clear lake, little warmer wednesday. we will continue to warm it up thursday, friday, into the weekend. you can see the highs inland. 90's triple digits but milder along the coast and around the bay with that on shore flow. back to you. it's 6:19. histreak. king on a trio of s ip
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and you be the judge. there they are. the new jerseys for the giants getting a onne this morning. and a live look outside at the city of san francisco. this is a look from our ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back everybody. a cool, foggy start to the day. things are about to start heating up as we look out east from the mark hopkins camera. the a's are in houston to start a three game series. >> they are now three and a half games behind the astros. >> today's starter will be chris basset who has pitched 38 strike outs in his career against the, astros. >> as for the giants check
6:24 am
this out. the team will soon be sporting this new jersey. mlb revealed the jersey yesterday. it pays tribute to san francisco with the golden gate bridge on the sleeves complete with mist and fog. the giants will debut them on the field on friday. >> you know i was joking i think they probably could have made them a little louder. i think that they should have dressed us up like prisoners at alcatraz. i don't make the decisions. >> i don't know about that idea. the giants pitchers are the only one weighs in. dave writes many people are saying that the giants may miss the playoffs because of the jerseys. derek says he can't be convinced they are as the youths would say, fire. i actually love the jerseys am i the only one?
6:25 am
you may be. that's not the case because alex says the more i look at them the more i don't mind it. you can weigh in ushash g ix. ink th its cool to have the golden gate bridge on it. i don't like the promo pictures. that's weird. >> gives angels in the out field kind of. >> like they are in heaven. >> yeah. >> i know they are trying to get the fog look. the next half hour, tracking elsa. just making landfall in parts of florida. what does it mean for the site of the condo collapse? and cal trans is expected to be here any minute to kick out people who live in this homeless camp in san rafael
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this morning cal tran is scheduled to evict this homeless camp in marin that's been growing through the pandemic. this is right under the 101 overpass near downtown san rafael. people who live here are fighting the move. the delta variant is now the dominant strain in california. the new concern now as a potential spike brought on by the 4th. another high end heist. police are searching for a
6:30 am
group of suspects whorobbed the union square neiman square store. several suspects grabbed items from inside and then fled in multiple vehicles. good morning. it's 6:30 on tuesday, july 6th. >> good morning to you. first up a start with the live look outside at san francisco. another beautiful day on top this tuesday. enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts. another hot one is headed for the bay. >> let's get over to mary. how hot are we talking here? >> the 90's into triple digits. daytime highs around where we should be for this time of year. typical weather for the bay area today and tomorrow before we start to heat up. here is a live look at the south bay. in san jose 59 degrees. we are in the 50's as we start off tuesday. as we head through the afternoon we will see a
6:31 am
stronger sea breeze for today. with the temperatures slightly cooler compared to yesterday. mid to upper 70's to low to mid- 80s's inland around the bay partly sunny, it's 60's and upper 50's. we will talk more about that heat wave on the way. it's backed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will have more on that with gianna. good morning. if you are getting ready to head out the door grab that coffee. it's busy at the bay bridge. the metering lights were turned on around 6:10. it's pretty much bumper to bumper over that 880 overpass. the brake lights. give yourself 15 minute from the toll plaza over to san francisco. things looking better across the upper deck as you work off the skyway in to the city. checking traffic along highway 4. brake lights out of pittsburgh into bay point. 35 minutes for your travel time. antioch. westbound highway 4 onto 80 and
6:32 am
busy on the nimmets freeway. eviction at a north bay >>c out the area under a freeway near downtown san rafael. justin andrews is live from the scene. justin. >> we are waiting for cal trans to come here and do what they said they would do. that's to evict the people who live underneath this overpass underneath 101. they were expected to be here at 6:00. we are still waiting on them to arrive. this is their livelihood to people who live here. they live inside these tents. some inside their cars. they are off in the distance. they said they will fight back when these crews come from cal trans. a big issue in the state is homelessness. there's only shell father for roughly 30% of people experiencing homelessness. that ratio is the same here in
6:33 am
marin. lead its say they have been working hard to do this responsibly and with compassion. the people who live here say they need affordable housing, many of them have full time jobs, just not enough money to live in stable housing. >> its been a place of healing peace for people. people feel they are going to hurt themselves they come to me. when they feel they are going to hurt someone else they come to me. you know, people donate here. a lot of positives gone through here. >> cal trans said that this camp has been growing rapidly over the last year. now they say it's too large. again they were scheduled to be here at six. we are constituent waiting on them to arrive. the people who live here say they will push back. we are live in san rafael. >> thank you. the delta variant is now the dominant strain in california. health experts are worry about a potential increase in
6:34 am
coronavirus cases after the 4th of july. high vaccination rates are protecting california. >> we will see a rise in cases. we are seeing it but we won't see anything that is going to be anything approaching a disaster. if you aren't vaccinated you should be concerned. >> he said that coronavirus cases were [inaudible] when the state reopened. coronavirus tracker, six bay area counties saw an increase in daily cases from the average two weeks ago. and new this morning latest numbers show more than 4 million children have now tested positive for coronavirus. 8400 cases were reported for the weekending june 24th. that's the lowest number of weekly cases since may of 2020.
6:35 am
time is 6:34. going live to wall street. the market was closed yesterday for the 4th of july holiday. stocks ended last week on a high note. looking at how things shaping up right now you can see the dow is down about 90 points. elsa is barreling through the caribbean and has just made landfall in florida. it's no longer a hurricane but the storm is still very much a threat. is it made landfall in key west this morning. you can see all the rain making for slick roads there after hammering through cuba. elsa made landfall in cuba yesterday and started going through the island. some parts of the island could see up to 15 inches of rain. the storm is already to blame for at least three deaths in other parts of the caribbean. the national weather service said that elsa could bring tropical storm conditions to georgia and the carolinas this week with low lying coastal
6:36 am
areas most at risk. the storm prompted the decision to use explosives to bring down a section of a condo building that partially collapsed and was stillstanding in surfsize. teams resumed their search after the demolition and found more bodies. crew was able to reach areas that hadn't been accessible including a section with master bedrooms. the demolition was necessary to ensure the building would not fall down as e, will sa nears. the death toll has reached 28 with 117 still missing. we have new video from japan as rescue workers continue to dig through tons of mud and debris looking for anyone who may still be buried after a mudslide that happened over the weekend.
6:37 am
military drones backing up hundreds of troops, firefighters working in the rain and fog. they have managed to rescue 25 people so far. we will watch that effort. back to you. using a fire engine to take a joyride. the wild video of an inmate's daring escape attempt. and coming up on kpix5, making california homes fire proof one brick at a time. what researchers have come up with. and what's happening in oakland? just about 15 minutes city councilman joins us live to talk us through that violent 4th of july.
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good tuesday morning.
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thank you for waving up with us. if you are about to head out the door here is what to expect, low clouds, morning fog in areas of drizzle as we start off the tuesday as we head through the afternoon. daytime highs with that stronger sea breeze kicking in slightly cooler compared to yesterday. for today and tomorrow, two more days of typical weather for the bay area before we warm it up, turning hot inland later this week. amid the intense fire season researchers at davis are working on designing fire proof brick to help protect houses in high risk wildfire zones. the block made of mud could replace traditional wood and stucco home that can't with stand a wildfire. they were tested in the lab and even bake in a furnace for seven hours. >> and as you can see the brick is still there. it doesn't burn. you have something that these sustainable, affordable and safe if you design it correctly. >> the ground breaking research could one day help
6:42 am
reduce the threat of wildfires. researchers also say they may survive a tornado or hurricane. stocks back open after closing for the holiday. how is the dow looking right now? >> it's a mixed bag here on wall street with trading underway for little more than ten minutes. the dow started on the plus side but right now it's under pressure. blue chips right now down 134 points, flipping over to the tech sector the nasdaq is doing better. trying to hold on it it's record status. one digital asset is booming though. the nft suco quart we are 2.5 billion dollars in sales. art, museum speck video. >> all right.
6:43 am
cbs money wild video to show you. instead of putting out flames sparked by fireworks a cal firefighter inmate tried to escape, stealing an engine and taking it for a joyride. security cameras captured whatw property. one ones owner can't believe it. >> tooks rack that got hit. upwards of 50. a lot of these customers have been waiting eight weeks due to steel shortages and increasing and steel prices. >> nobody was hurt. the cal fire said replacing the danger will cost about $280,000. let's get a check of the weather and traffic.
6:44 am
those metering lights were on at about 6:10 and you are backs up along that 880 overpass just to the foot of the maze. if you are out the door early this morning and make that ride out of oakland, emoryville it's a slow one into the city. give yourself 16 minute from the maze into san francisco for that portion of the drive. it's getting slow. connecting off 242. 37 minutes. that's your travel time from antioch to 80 and connecting onto the east shore freeway. if are you going toward the freeway, also tracking a few brake lights. especially on that southbound side of 880.
6:45 am
chp and crews work ago una crash westbound 780 halt that 5th street exit. a cal trans sign may have been taking out with that crash. you can see the activity off to the side of the road. 780 still moving nicely in both directions and it's business as usual for that ride. super commuters in to the pass. give yourself 53 minutes now to travel from tracy over toward the dublin interchange. it's 6:45. time to check the forecast. a gray start to the day but that will change. it'll change for sure. especially as we head through the end of the week with high pressure building in for us. we are going to heat it up, especially inland. ly talk about this in just a moment. here is a live look with our san francisco camera. this is looking north at the golden gate. hard to make out the beautiful golden gate bridge with that fog. temperatures running in the 50's. looking at 58 in concord,
6:46 am
oakland and livermore at 56 this morning. downtown san francisco 55. 52 for santa rosa. looking at low clouds to star areas of fog and also patchy drizzle this morning. especially along the coast and r temperatures will be just a little bit cooler. i'm watching the strong ridge of high pressure. that will be building in to the desert southwest. that means a hot weather pattern taking over late their week. especially watching the temperatures at locations inland as we are going to turn up the heat for sure. i will show you this in just a moment. hour by hour, the sky is
6:47 am
clearing. sunshine inland. partly sunny around the bay. you can see the cloud cover around the coast as we head through the day because of that stronger ocean breeze kicking in for us. we are looking at hot temperatures on friday into the weekend. inland in to the 940's to triple digits. watch that very closely for you as we are going to see the temperatures soaring later on this week. for today, a lot more comfortable for sure everywhere. looking at 76 santa clara. 84 in morgan hill. for the south bay as we look to the east bay 81 for concord and pleasant hill. topping out at 80 degrees. 84 antioch. d toupper 70's as we look n the around the bay 62 in san francisco. 60taley city. the east bayshore line, a high
6:48 am
of 67 and alameda and oakland 68 in san leandro. 81 santa rosa but heating up for ukia, lake port, clear lake, the low to mid-80s's. a plane has crashed in the eastern part of russia. officials say at least 28 people were on board, this map shows where the plane went down. we saw the small lean was lost was it was coming in to land. back here, two pilots now out of the hospital after their cargo plane crashed into the ocean off the coast of hawaii. video shows a successful helicopter rescue. the ntsb is looking for the exact location of the plane to get the wreckage out of the
6:49 am
water. time now is 6:48. >> next, the 4th of july holiday so hectic in oakland the police chief is calling it 4 hours of nonstop chaos. how will the city address it? a councilman joins us live after the break. . people are waiting to be kick out of their camp by state leadersw. rewaiting on state leaders to come do what they said they would. we will be live abhijit seen next. good morning to you. ahead on cbs this morning we are in florida tracking e, will sa as she hovers near the coast. and nicole hannah jones will be in the studio. she will reveal her next steps. and danny trejo is famous for playing bad guys on the screen. you have seen him. now he overcame a violent past to embrace success. he is doing okay. we will see you at seven on the dot. streaming today on cbs, in
6:50 am
bay area summer camps finally returning to the bay area. how do they plan to keep children safe? especially those not yet old enough to get the coronavirus vaccine? we get the answers from a child care expert. you can watch it at or on the app. and let's look outside at dublin. we will be righ
6:51 am
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[hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ give grandma kisses.
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mwah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ getting some help with the little one, from her biggest fan. some real face time. just an amtrak away. 123450 the question a lot of people are asking what is going on in oakland? >> the police chief called it 12 hours of nonstop chaos over the 4th of july. at least seven people were shot and seven separateshootings, plus an out of control side show. joins us live is an oakland city councilman. >> good to see you. the chief said that it's the most violent 4th he has seen. this arch the mass shooting at lake merit on juneteenth. what is happening? >> you know eastern i grew up here and east oakland and it's
6:54 am
the worst i ever seen. not only dealing with the side shows, dealing the fireworks, but also the violence on the streets. the reknow we need greater enforcement. the only thing some of us understand is push back. we need enforcement. we also need cooperation between the sheriff department, the high way patrol, the oakland police, and i have many other law agencies here in the city but we are not working together to solve this problem. i as a taxpayer pay your salaries and i need greater cooperation, including the fbi. you look at where the -- where the fireworks are coming from. the drug activity is coming from. it's coming outside of the city. in many cases outside of the state of california. we need that cooperation. at the same time we also need community engagement and community support. these are my cousins, my neighbors and these are some family member that are involved
6:55 am
in this activity that certainly has oakland in a safety emergency. we need to address that immediately because the city council has, inoakland. we have the academies in place. one is starting here. so we are ready. >> and illegal side shows have been going on for years. we always hear about crack downs. what do you think it'll take to get them to let up? >> well you know from me i have tried this before. if i catch you in a side show then i get to keep your car. i just discourage you, tell you to be good and don't do it again or site you. what will change my behavior, that i will loose my car. i got a lot of explaining to do if i lost my car and certainly it'll be a challenge to get to work and serve my family.
6:56 am
that's one area we have tried before. state legislators said that was not constitutional. we cannot do that. what we have to take stronger measures. those streets, i have spent millions of dollars to make them safe for the pedestrians, for the vehicles and here comes overnight someone else to destroy them and leave us with a mess here in the streets of oakland. if you are involved in that negative behavior. >> it's all frustrating for so many people. oakland city councilman, thank you so much for your thank yo thank you. thank you. the live news desk. breaking news out of florida. four more bodies have been found in the wreckage of that condo collapse. taking a live look at the site. 32 people are now confirmed
6:57 am
dead. over a hundred people still missing. they will be missing a direct hit from tropical storm elsa. live look at the satellite radar. elsa making landfall in florida today. , tracking just west of key west where the rain is starting to fall. the governor has declared a state of emergency in four southwest counties. tampa's airport is canceling flights for the rest of the day. back to you. go in you seght there, people are waiting. these are the homeless camp people. they are waiting for cal trans to come in here and kick them out.
6:58 am
cal trans said that it's too large. whatever cal trans officials get here, the individuals say they will push back. we will be here to show you the fight when that happens. we are live in san rafael. i'm justin andrews. as we take a look at the roadways it's a busy ride. we are tracking slow speeds, that southbound 880 ride from the cast ovally y area. earlier trouble spot has been cleared out of lanes and westbound 580 also seeing a few brake lights. westbound 580 into the pass is a slow ride. 54 minutes now. almost an hour to go from 205 toward 680. no crashes, just a lot of folks make that trek toward the interchange. our heslow spot is westbound 4, 37 minutes.
6:59 am
a beautiful view of the south bay with the mount hamilton camera. as we head through the afternoon, clearing inland. that sun sunshine, mid to low 70's. partly sunny in the 60's and with that fog along the coast in the upper 50's. you can see that on future cast as we go hour by hour. we will warm it up more wednesday but continuing to warm it up especially inland. thursday, friday, and into the weekend. >> i know. >> not at all. >> thank you so much and thank you for watching kpix5 news this morning. of course don't forget the news continues all day on cbsn bay
7:00 am
area. >> you better not forget that. >> cbs this morning is up next. have a great tuesday. >> don't forget that either. good morning to you. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king. tropical storm elsa heads towards shore. taliban fighters escalate their offensive forcing mor than 1,000 afghan troops to flee into a neighboring country. we're on the ground as the u.s. withdraws. six months after a pro trump mob storms the capitol, a group talks about their anger and how they're coping in the aftermat


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