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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 8, 2021 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, feeling the heat. where folks are trying to get out early and stay cool as temperatures approach triple digits. >> i think this place is going to get really crowded. >> time to get out and have fun again. >> good afternoon. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. let's go to meteorologist darren peck with more on the start of our heat wave. >> excessive heat warning tomorrow. first i want to show you why we've got an excess civ heat warning. 88 is average daytime high for most inland locations, inland parts. we did 86 yesterday. we will go up to 97 today in general for inland locations.
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saturday we top out at 105. that's a fast change from what we have been doing. at 105 it will be hot. for locations that are most concerned, inland valleys of the east bay. concord to livermore and areas in between, excessive heat warning includes mountains of north bay and includes to a lesser degree the santa clara valley. it's not excessive heat warning san jose. it's a heat advisory. enough to get your attention. it's going to be hot. we have a lot going on. so we will check back with you in a bit for more on some earthquake activity. governor newsom is expected to give an update on the state's emergency drought response. he will talk about proposed investments to build longterm water resilience. outdoor watering restrictions are in place for may republicans county. justin andrews has the break down from mill valley.
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>> reporter: under this new ordinance, spray irrigation is something that is limited. you can only do it one day a week. people say they are used to the drought conditions, used to the dry. every single time they say when there they cringe, telling me saving water isn't always easy. >> i have been conserving all my life. this is hard when i am already conserving. >> reporter: in mill valley for years, she knows droughts and water cuts are coming. the landscaper at cnl. he knows it all. >> there is a fear, yeah. you need to be diverse in the situation. you need to be able to practice different skills you have been honing through life. >> reporter: he says homeowners should look at more california native plants for landscaping because of their drought tolerant capabilities. he recommends giving your landscaper a call to look at your irrigation system. he says so many homeowners
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don't know they're wasting water because of leaks. >> take the initiative and ask them specifically i need you to go through our system. >> reporter: marin has a one day a week sprinkler restriction and the day is different depending where you live. it's a thursdays in mill valley. that's today. all 191,000 customers must follow the rules. >> this is a historic drought. during summer, we typically see demand for water double. >> reporter: marin water district says so far the county saved about 21% of water. the goal is 40%. >> we know our community is behind this. we know they understand how important it is to save water. so we just need to keep at it. >> reporter: francine says when on her morning walks she typically takes pictures of people when she sees they're over using water outdoors. that's what marin water says to do. they have a website and portal on the site that allows you to
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report violations and when people are over using the water. justin andrews, kpix5. >> francine on the watch. in contra costa they're asking people to reduce by 10%. it serves about half a million customers in the northern part of the county from martinez to brentwood. a new snapshot of the statewide drought picture unchanged from last week with most of california in exceptional or extreme drought categories. stay up to date with drought conditions by zip code and latest water restrictions at drought to earthquakes. six small ones have hit since midnight. the biggest was 3.6 east of angwin. people reported feeling shaking as far as san jose and stockton. darren is back with us with a closer look. one of the things that caught our attention besides the fact that any time there is
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an earthquake even if mildly in the bay area, we will make sure you know about it. it was the quick succession of five minor after shocks. they were all less than two and it turns out that's perfectly normal and typical behavior for an earthquake of is magnitude. we wanted more perspective. so i spoke with a seismologist from usgs. >> in this case, there is a little bit of vertical motion. so perhaps the land to the east dropped down just a few millimeters relative to the land to the west. it's not just a typical horizontal earth quake like we think of. this one reminds us when you look at the landscape of northern california, there are mountains and valleys at least partially because of earthquakes over the last >> y, goodsml ousands ye
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eauake, think of thcoast range o st back to > o ng insuspects are on the l gun shots wound last night. he was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. a second victim is recovering in the hospital. this was the scene in the korean town neighborhood after a shooting there. one person was wounded. there is no word yet on a motive. i am anne makovec with breaking news at the live news desk on the olympics in japan. japan is under a full state of emergency and that means no fans will be allowed into any of the olympic venues. it is certainly to be an
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odd olympics game already of course postponed by a year, japan's prime minister imposing six week lock down. stspread of the virus. no fans are allowed at the games which were postponed from 2020. covid surge forcing olympic, runners dr. fauci backs up the japanese government's unconventional plan. >> the care that's being taken to avoid the spread there is really something that i think is really quite impressive from what i have heard about it. >> for most top performers it will feel strange and may make them a bit concerned they may not dest performances. >> people in japan do not want games to go ahead, many ay home the world's biggest sporting
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event unfolds around them. olympic organizers say as far as athletes coming in, up to 80% will be fully vaccinated by the time the games start two weeks from tomorrow. a live look now, the governor speaking on the state's emergency drought response. let's listen in. >> about 42% of california's population in counties that will fall under the guidelines and requirements set forth in this proclamation. there is an additional order we are also signing today, an executive order. that specifically will layout a framework to encourage voluntary water conservation efforts in the state of california. i wantundersvontar we at peopwikewe e st brough, will take the mind set they brought to the last
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drought and extend that forward with a 15% voluntary reduction not only on residences but industrial commercial operations and agricultural operations. we are encouraging people to do common sense things like reducing amount of irrigation water on your lawns for example, reducing perhaps the time that you are in the shower, not eliminating that time. we are not trying to be oppressive. these are voluntary standards. we have laid out a list of ideas that include just taking a look at where leaks may be occurring on your property, taking the opportunity to update efficiency of shower heads as an example. when doing a load of laundry, make sure it is a full load. it helps with water consumption. dish washer. take a look and have a full load in the dish washer.
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you do those things and you also save money. it is an opportunity to save water and help us work through the drought conditions but voluntarily this is an opportunity to remind you of the opportunity to save money as well. lays out a lot of ideas and specific strategies that we encourage you to take a look at. again, to learn more about how you can save money and help us through these challenging drought conditions. that's the two orders that we are signing today, proclamations, state of emergency, and executive order which are in front of me. they may be in front of all of you with this wind in a second. i am mindful as i sign them to do so cautiously. i want to highlight my appreciation to local water agencies, to local counties, to the 40 million californians.
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we begin have been through these proclamations before and have come through them remarkably well because californians have taken these declarative directions, voluntary efforts, to heart and they've taken them very seriously. just specific to that, i want to note that we had mandatory water conservation efforts during the last drought. interestingly per capita we reduced water consumption by roughly 21% in the state between 2013 and 2016. we brought in that mind set into this drought and this gives us an advantage over the last drought. we are currently residential use in the state of california currently is 16% below where we were in 2013, as we go into this next drought. we also have been more effective and efficient in terms of water recycling,
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storage. we have made a substantial amount of progress on groundwater strategies to save drinking water, commitments, consolidations of small water agencies up and down the state. we are committing in addition working with the legislature $5.1 billion budget specific us surplus, 80 plus billion dollars operating surplus we are enjoying in the state we are in a position to put 5.1 billion to use that will allow us to have emergency opportunities as well as medium and longterm investments on water infrastructure up and down the state of california. so we are in a position that is a little bit more advantageous than the last time we went through a multi year drought. nonetheless, the sober reality is such that here we are again. and we will need to proceed
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with lessons learned from the last drought but with the benefits of those lessons now and the resources that we have not been afforded in the past. forward with the signing of these two drafts. we're going to figure this out. i will try to get this done. these are the actual tosight.tions so i n't wa you were watching governor newsom announcing today two executive actions in response to the drought emergency here in california. >> signing a proclamation for state of emergency and also executive order to encourage
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sed ntary, water nservation in he is asking for common sense. he says he hopes californians will reduce water irrigation on the lawns, look for leaks on the property. >> even reduce shower time if you thgs. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, good news and bad news at lake tahoe. what a just released report reveals about the famous blue water. at 7:00, oakland residents fought hard to keep coal out of the city. five years later, there is talk again of coltranes coming through as oakland faces an ultimatum. >> the only way to assure there is no coal in oak land is to reach an ag
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a report on lake tahoe's water clarity reveals trends holding steady. that's the good news. the bad news, threats remain. uc davis researchers say water clarity measurements average just under 63 feet in 2020. peak was in mid february. the low was in mid may. researchers say the biggest threats to the health of the lake are fine sediment particles and algae. time for a check of weather with meteorologist darren peck in for mary lee. it's going to get hot inland. >> it is going to get hot inland which is the headline in the forecast. it's the excessive heat warning which never sounds nice. i will go over the details
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again. first look at the clarity in our skies. that's from the top of the mark hopkins hotel looking to the west. marine layer all the way back to the coast and beaches. that's over the tri valley. that's san jose. we've all got sunshine. a lot of blue sky. temperature is 69 in san francisco. you are ten degrees warmer in concord, almost at the high you hit yesterday. it was only in the low 80s. you will go well past that. i will show you as we take the tour. 86 santa clara, 85 palo alto, fremont 82. the numbers will look better in comparison to what we are about to see. all the numbers on the tour for the most part are about ten degrees above where you were yesterday. everybody is taking the jump until we are in the bay on the water. 97 concord, 95 livermore, low to mid down 680.
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when you get more influence from the bay, look at the low 60s. berkeley is going to 68, not a lot of change. there is novato at 91. we'll see low 90s across many of the communities along 101 through sonoma. we will top out in the lake 100s today for lake and mendocino. this is where the excessive heat warning is. the numbers we looked at today, those don't even get you to this point. this doesn't start until tomorrow. it's friday, saturday, sunday, those are the three hottest days. the focus will be here as it off iten is in inland valleys o east bay. north bay mountains have this and there is a heat advisory which is not as intense but strong enough for san jose and rest of the santa layer are a valley to be aware for friday, saturday, sunday that the temperatures will climb enough that you will want to be easy on yourself. look at the numbers. sunday is still hot.
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early next week, we get better in a hurry. we will go back down to average thankfully. back to you. >> thank you. next, a treat for
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big news for sponge bob fans. >> this is exciting. sponge bob's best bud patrick is getting his own show. patrick star show is the second spin off of the animated series, follows a younger patrick at home with his family. we heard from the voice of patrick himself and his mom. >> good morning. >> who wouldn't love my boy? he is so cute. >> we are all kind of in a different point in our existence, whatever that means. i think fans of bikini bottom will recognize the humor immediately and get a lot of laughs out of it. >> i am glad patrick is finally getting a little love. catch the first show tomorrow on nickelodeon. another live look outside in san jose. it is h
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graffiti becoming a major problem. business owners are reaching a boiling point. what they're demanding. that story and more at 5:00. from the top of the mark hopkins hotel, can you see the clouds on the golden gate bridge in the distance. let me give you a closer view. this is the only place where we still have the clouds today. it's sunshine for everybody else and that's going to be a theme for the next few days.
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it will be lot sunnier except for the immediate coast and a big warm up for the weekend. here is a way to stay cool, a couple dogs hitting the pool. he just jumped right in. the nine years old lab nelson and brother wallace enjoying the water during a heat wave. wish i had one of those in my backyard. >> yeah. >> they're just having fun. he is like come on, get in, quit messing around. >> that's e good
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