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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  July 9, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, we are looking live from our exclusivle rawe beautiful bay bridge. good morning. it is friday. yes! it is july 9. i am michelle griego. >> big yes. i am len kiese. good morning. it's going to be a hot weekend. let's go to meteorologist darren peck in for mary lee with that hot forecast. i have to say even more hot than it looked like it would be yesterday. the numbers are higher in the forecast for daytime highs over the next couple days. first sign, we can see clearly from all of our cameras this morning. there is no marine layer blocking wonderful views from the top of the sales force tower. that's the first time in weeks. it's been socked in in the overnight hours. the temperatures will go up as
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a result. the current numbers, 70 in livermore. there is your first sign, much warmer than yesterday at this time of day by almost ten degrees. inland today, 104 for some spots. originally it looked like we wouldn't get there until saturday. we're going to get there today. i will be back with much more. it is friday light for the most part. taking 101 along the peninsula or out of marin, looking clear. we have a couple accidents, chp is working. in the south bay, first reports along 680 north bound at the 101 connector in the south bay. it looks like a one car crash. it happened about five minutes ago. it might bthth number four lane according to chp and to the righshoulder. fire crews scene, reports of possible injuries. there is a trouble spot in the clearing stages right before 680.
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this crash has been out there for quite sometime but everything is over to the right side of the road way. >> thank you. today, extreme heat expected in the bay area and across california today has prompted a flex alert. cal iso is asking you to conserve as much energy as possible between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. shaking continues in the sierra following earthquake south of lake tahoe. >> usgs reports at least nine after shocks in the last hour alone. the main quake struck at 3:49 yesterday afternoon triggering rock slides. the rocks did hit cars but luckily no one was hurt. cal trans worked through the night to clear rocks highway 395. this morning the road is back open. the 6.0 quake rattled parts of the bay area from concord, hayward, daly city, people posted videos of chandeliers swing. some called it more of a rumble while others said it felt like
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waves. >> everything was shaking. i have these clouds on my ceiling and they were moving back and forth. >> it felt like my office was shaking quite a bit, about the longest earthquake i have felt since living here for 20 years. i thought it was pretty significant. >> dozens of after shocks continued late yesterday afternoon into the evening and overnight. as mentioned, usgs put together after shock forecast and says there is a 6% chance that a larger quake can happen in the coming hours. so far in the sierra, no reports of injuries but some people have a big mess to clean inside their homes and stores especially near the epicenter in the town of walker. at the walker flea and farmers market, the floor is just strewn with broken glass and art work. the owner says the quake felt like someone picked the
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building up and slammed it back down. the quake shattered art from india, mexico, lithuania, california. >> with covid, everybody needs their paychecks. they really depend on it a lot. it just hurts my feelings that other people's stuff gets broken. gotta breathe and keep the doors open. >> victoria victor says she felt eight or nine after shocks as she took refuge in her truck. one shock actually caused a door on the vehicle to pop open. marin, san mateo, santa clara added to california's drought proclamation. that covers 50 out of 58 counties in the state. that's about 42% of the population. governor newsom is calling on all of us to cut water use by 15%. stay up to date with drought conditions by zip code and latest water restrictions on i am anne makovec at the live news desk continuing to
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follow the investigation into the assassination of the president of haiti last week. apparently, there have been a group of professional killers now blamed for this attack including two american citizens and a couple members of the columbian military who had retired. he was killed early wednesday morning, still don't know the exact motivation for the attack but the country has been in political peril for several years. police detained 17 suspects. they're still looking for eight others and haiti's police chief said three suspects were killed during operations on wednesday. the two ameran ci forpa of this attack were apparently born in haiti so they have connections there. the first lady was also shot in the attack and was rushed to a hospital in miami. she's said to be out of danger
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according tots u.s. ambassador to haiti in the u.s. we'll keep an eye on all that. >> thank you. six weeks after disgruntled valley transportation employee opened fire killing nine co- workers, the agency announcing there is a plan to get light rail service up and running. it is hoping to resume sometime before the end of july. vta has a five point phase plan. the first phase is reaching to employees to see if they are ready to return to work. the second will be moving into temporary facilities. the last three will involve testing light rail system to make sure it is ready. >> it's a monumental process to bring back something like light rail service. it's not a matter of flicking a switch and trains are running again. it's a traumatic situation. we don't want to push people back into work into a place where they've suffered a horrific situation. >> the agency needs to check rail lines for safety first. many employees who died were
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responsible for the task. alameda county seeing a spike in covid cases. health officials are saying daily covid case count has more than doubled. they're confirming about 70 new cases a day. >> i attribute it to people understandably, like me, wanting this to be over. things look so good particularly here in the bay area that a lot of people think things are over. and they're not being nearly as cautious as they need to be. >> meanwhile, pfizer plans to ask for fda authorization for its booster shot by next month. the company says a third dose within 12 months of the second should boost immunity, help prevent reinfections and ward off the delta variant. as the push becomes ever more urgent campaigns are getting creative. health officials are trying to
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reach vaccine hesitant in the places they trust. >> reporter: it's not where you would expect to receive the covid-19 vaccine. >> i don't want to be in the house. >> reporter: instead of a cut or blow out, jackson is getting a shot at protection at the maryland hair salon where she works. this is among hundreds of salons and barbershops taking part in national initiative called shots at the shop encouraging those who may be reluctant. >> i am still hesitant but i will get it done. >> reporter: the salon owner and stylist has earned the trust of the people who sit in her chair. she became a certified community health worker years ago and makes it her mission to educate her customers. >> a lot of my clients has been my clients for 20 years. >> her daughter left vaccinated. >> reporter: university of maryland school of public health helps train the business owners on how to talk to the
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clients and arms them with information he says is critical especially in communities of color. >> why people are hesitant or may be hesitant to get the vaccine. >> we ha fod in black and brown communities is they have their reasons. in fact we all have our reasons. now is the time to take the time to listen, to not shame. >> randolph knows it can be a touchy subject but asks her clients to keep an open mind. >> while they're in my chair i try to have the conversation for as long as they are sitting there to help them make a decision by the time they walk out. >> reporter: randolph knows convincing at least one person to get the shot can potentially save lives. 4:40. coming up on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the making history. >> before you make dinner plans, the chicken recall you
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need to know about. remember this video? we have news about two women caught on camera attacking an uber driver. let's take a live look outside from our treasure island camera looking at the city of san francisco this morning. it's friday everyone, 4:41. we'll be right back.
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president biden is defending the decision to withdraw military troops from afghanistan. laura podesta reports the white house now says most u.s. personnel will be out before september. >> reporter: the u.s. is speeding up its exit from afghanistan after nearly two decades of fighting. president biden said it is time to end the conflict. >> i will not send another generation of americans to war in afghanistan with no reasonable expectation of achieving a different outcome. >> reporter: yesterday the white house said the pentagon is aiming to have most personnel out of the country by end of august. the deadline had been september 11. >> the united states did what we went to do in afghanistan to get the terrorists who attacked at 9/11 and deliver justice to >> reporter: the withdrawal
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comes amid a taliban resurgence. it controls about a third of provinces and is pushing to expand territory. officials acknowledged the risks of pulling out. >> worse case, civil war fracturing the government, the army. that's very possible. >> reporter: lindsey graham called the decision to leave a disaster in the making and predicted it would lead to reemergence of groups like isis and al qaeda. u.s.'s longest war has claimed nearly 2500 american lives and wounded more than 20,000. laura podesta, cbs news. you will want to hear this before you make friday night dinner plans. a recall of frozen chicken expands after a deadly listeria outbreak. here is diane king hall with cbs' money watch report. it was a down day on wall street as investors weighed worries about spread of the
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delta variant. dow dropped 259. nasdaq fell 105 and s&p 500 lost 37. tyson's chicken recall has expanded. yesterday new dates were added to the list of frozen foods that may have been exposed to listeria. it involves nearly 9 million pounds of chicken. cdc identified three people who fell ill after eating the contaminated food including one who died. for more head to i am diane king hall. we are on fire watch in the sierra. a wildfire burning is forcing more mandatory evacuations. hot conditions and strong winds are fueling the beck worth complex fire. it is burning more than 12,000 acres and is 30% contained. it originally started as two separate firewhicwere both sparked by lightning. 4:45. we want to get a check on our
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weather and traffic. we are talking about this high fire danger and this heat wave this weekend. exs of the y area. the heat looks more excessive today than yesterday. today is the day this starts. noon today is when excessive heat warning goes into effect and it stays in place through sunday. saturday is the hottest day. today is the day we notice the jump. first let's highlight where the issue is. everywhere on the map highlighted in that fuscia, the real focus is over here, inland valleys of the east bay. wait until you see the forecast for concord. it looks a little rough. north bay, it's going to be hot. it will be a bigger issue in mountains, higher elevations. lower might get just enough benefit from weak on shore flow that you are not in the warning. it will be hot but not as hot as concord and livermore. san jose, entire santa clara
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valley, you have your own heat advisory not as concerning as excessive heat warning but still enough that the national weather service wanted to give you your own special designee us to let you know even though it is not going to be 105, it will be in the upper 90s. that's still enough to be easy on yourself in this excessive heat. today is 104. it was 98 yesterday. saturday is when we top out at 108. then it does get better. it's still hot sunday. don't forget the excessive heat warning is through sunday. by monday you are back in the upper 80s. that's concord. daytime high today for santa clara is 89. red wood city 92. san mateo, 89. 84 fremont. we'll top out well
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into the low 100s. 101 in pleasanton, livermore 104. in the north bay inland marin, mid 90s for novato, 95 santa rosa. the numbers are well into the 100s as we get into lake and mendocino. across the seven-day forecast, you see how the temperatures top out as we go through the weekend and things start to get better as we get into early next week. how does the drive look? friday light in some spots. if you are headed out of marin, so far so good. we don't have any troubles along the peninsula. even 80 is pretty clear. however it doesn't mean you are out of the woods. we have a couple accidents to look for. along 680 around 101 on the north bound side of 680 crash blocking at least the right lane. apparently the vehicle was abandoned during the accident. you have crews on the scene
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trying to get this out of the road way. it's friday, so less volume on the roadways. we aren't seeing major break lights or issues. travel times infar is in the green. 85, 280. 87 also checking in problem free. into altamont pass, a pocket of slowing off the 580, 205 connector but it is quiet towards the dublin interchange. give yourself 27 minutes 205 towards 680. once you are on 680 traffic is quiet in both directions. a heads up, this weekend cal trans begins a closer. it's first of two weekends where they will work on the 242 north bound area between 680 and concord avenue. they'll have the road closure on the north bound side throughout the weekend until monday morning. if you take that throughout the weekend or later this evening you will see closures in place. do plan for that. a teen from new orleans is making history.
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>> she just became the contesta >> nurraya. >> that's correct! >> you heard it. there is the spin and jump. 14-year-old zaila correctly spelling a word many of us don't recognize. she took home the cup with $50,000. >> i loved that spin. some hometown pride. runner up, a 12-year-old from san francisco. i am dennis o'donnell. a curry family trio this weekend lake tahoe and yonis. but so does the entire roster. a live
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happy friday. here is your first sign the weather will be very different today. we can see from the top of the sales force towers. the first day it hasn't been socked in by deep marine layer. we have lost help from the marine layer and the temperatures will really climb for some of us. good morning. it was president truman who said the buck stops here. he could have been talking about milwaukee and phoenix. chris paul and suns trying to go up 2-0 but yonis and buckto first quarter, throws down the follow up, milwaukee by nine early. yonis with 42.
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suns up two, booker rejected at the glasget it back. al jams it home, 15 point lead, scored 27. booker knocks down the three, pushing the lead to ten. he has 31 points. bucks cut deficit to six with four minutes left. the offensive rebound to a wide open chris paul, good night irene, suns were 20 of 40 from downtown and take a 2-0 series lead halfway through the first ever nba title. astros had five games on a's in the west. somebody had to stop that bleeding. olson working on home run cut in the dug out, better keep working. no better place for texas leaguer than in texas. n scg double and enough support for that manthe
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houston order, ten strike outs in six and two thirds, one run allowed. 2-1, ninth inning, tying run on base. but got a 6, 4, 3 double play. a's hold on for the win. shocker of the night last night, padres pitcher who got his first career hit, a grand slam. he is first relief pitcher to hit a grand slam since the reagan administration. came back from an 8-0 hole to beat washington. in south lake the curry family will tee it up at the american century championship. steph, del and newcomer seth. whoever loses the family bet
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has to jump in the lake. >> two losers. >> absolutely. >> it's going to be two losers. second place is the first loser. >> steph has a winning chance. the long shot charles barkley at 10,000 to 1. i am going with mark molder. that's the latest in bay area sports. mcdonalds offering free fries for life to celebrate launch of the new loyalty program. >> that's golden arch's offer to one lucky winner. the prize is valued at just under $20,000. that's about 5200 orders of medium fries or one order a day for about 14 years. >> if you like fries every day, hopefully you live more than 14 years. >> hopefully. that's a lot of fries. >> a lot of fries. we'll tell you about an outbreak of the delta variant
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in one bay area county. from goats to artificial intelligence. how crews across the bay area are getting ready for what can be another devastating wildfire season. >> reporter: the heat is coming. that means cooling shelters will be opening. i am justin andrews, helping you prepare before the heat wave arrives. a live look outside from mark hopkins camera as we look
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right now on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, hot today and even hotter tomorrow. the excessive heat warning for parts of the bay area plus where you can cool down. we are live. longest earthquake i felt since living here for 20 years. >> it hasn't stopped shaking. after shocks every couple minutes after that big 6.0
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quake in the sierra. we hear from bay area residents who felt it. this is some of the damage. overnight work to clean up this massive rock slide. getting their day in court. suspects in a viral uber attack facing a judge in a few hours. good morning. it is friday july 9. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning. we begin with extreme heat expected in the bay area and across california. going live to san jose, the heat has prompted a flex alert. >> we have live team coverage on the heat. justin andrews is in one of the hottest spots. we begin with meteorologist darren peck with just how hot it's going to get. hottest places today will be inland valleys of east bay. concord is going to 104. tomorrow it will be 108. temperatures look a little higher in this morning's forecast than they did yesterday, a big sign of a difference, if you take a look outside we do not have any marine layer obur


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