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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  July 9, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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heat wave that keeps getting hotter. what to expect this weekend. we have live team coverage. sierra still shaking after the 6.0 quake felt in the bay area. the question, what happened to shake alert? we ask the usgs live. you may remember this video, news about suspects who sparked outrage after attack on a bay area uber driver. a famous chef once called it greatest place in the history of the world. the big reopening and other weekend happenings notice bay area. good morning. it is friday july 9. i am len kiese. >> i am michelle griego. it's going to be a hot weekend. we take a live look outside at the east bay overlooking the dublin pleasanton area. three words. triple digit temperatures. we have live team coverage. first is meteorologist darren peck. temperatures are going to 104 today. for some hottest spots inland that's specifically inland contra costa where the focus
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for the worst of the heat wave will be. let's take a moment on the start of this friday to see how different the bay area looks, not only cameras from the inland valleys. in the city there is no marine r, clouds are not obscuring the city. we can use our camera on top of the sales force tower again. views are spectacular. that says a lot about the fact that the center of high pressure has gotten rid of the clouds. that usually is a big benefit if you want to keep temperatures cool. look at the number in livermore, 68 degrees. it's about 12 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time for the tri valley. we've already got a head start through inland parts of the bay area. general take away 104 for inland parts of the bay. we will not all do that number. i will have your specific number for your corner of the bay area in the complete forecast in a few minutes. we need to talk about why tomorrow is actually hotter. >> thank you. let's take a live look
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outside at the tri valley which is going to be one of the hottest spokesperson the today. this is courtesy of our photo journalist brian kiley. >> justin andrews in concord, another really hot spot. >> reporter: it's going to be a hot one. that's why we are seeing counties across east bay and south bay opening cooler shelters to be sure you are safe from the heat. here are a few across the bay area. these will come in handy especially if you work outside. most open today in dublin, pleasanton, antioch, wood land and so many more. keep in mind masks are required in the cooling centers. with temperatures potentially ranging from 100 to 115, statewide flex alert has been issued and goes into effect at 4:00 this evening. try to reduce energy usage. set thermostats at 78 or higher. also try not to use big
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appliances like your dish washers. this is a good time to ditch the laundry. you have an excuse not to this weekend. ey are g masks kere osou need t cooling centers. wear light clothes and loose fitting clothing because if you have to be outdoors you need room for air to circulate. drink plenty water. i have mine in the live truck, so i will be drinking that right after this. justin andrews, kpix5. if you are getting ready to head towards the bay bridge, no metering lights at the toll plaza. you can see traffic is moving for the most part at the limit. once you are past this, we are getting first reports of a trouble spot. i will show you one of our maps with a big rig involved. apparently it had gotten stuck in the toll plaza lane and
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eased its way through but a truck hit and now we have a fender bender stuck in lanes just past the meter lights. that's why we see the areas of slow speeds past the toll plaza to the bridge. want to take san mateo bridge as an alternate until this clears. i am anne makovec. we are going to keep our eye on the trial set to start for two of the women accused of attacking an uber driver in a video that went viral last march. you may remember it. two of the women in the back seat are getting agitated, one reaching from the back seat and eventually grabbing the driver's phone, coughing on him, ripping off his mask. the driver picked the ladies up but then stopped the car because he noticed one wasn't wearing a face mask which is against rules for uber. the defendants are facing anercosafety alasult
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code. the trial is set to begin at 9:00 this morning. com oflae. >> there have been at least 200 after shocks so far, most too small to feel but the big one was felt across the bay area. >> i don't understand. >> it triggered rock slides in they era dumping boulders in 395 last night. a magnitude 4.4 hit the same area as cal trans worked through the night to get the road back open this morning. >> felt like it lifted the building up and was slamming it back down. >> yesterday's quake created a scary situation for store owners in the sierra. you can see pottery smashed
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into pieces and shelves spilling over on to the aisles. >> the 6.0 quake struck at 3:49 yesterday afternoon. as you can see, a lot of reaction still pouring in on social media, people all over the bay arfelt it. >> joining us live is steve from the usgs. >> good morning. glad to see you. something many rely onto prepare, the shake alert app. there was confusion yesterday with people not getting notified. can you tell us what happened? >> sure. this was an interesting test for the system. this earthquake occurred in a remote area where we don't have as many instruments as in more populous parts of the state. as the shaking moved across, various instruments picked it up and estimated smaller earthquakes closer to the stations rather than the large really remote earthquake. so weree alerts
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issued onshake alert it few nut was a larger six and update accordingly. >> that followed a few jolts in the north bay near angwin the night before. despite those being small people as far as san jose and stockton felt them. describe what determines the reach of a quake. >> the reach of the quake really is about how large it is and how deep it is. in this case it is a moderate earthquake but led to strong shaking. this is an area where we expect earthquakes to occur and they have occurred in the past. this type of earthquake really behaved in a way that wasn't too surprising to the seismologists. in this case, the magnitude six radiated across the state and people felt it strongly all the way to san francisco and southern california, certainly western nevada. >> what can we do in the bay area to prepare for the next
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big one? >> these earthquakes that are far away when you feel the shaking are a good reminder that the bay area is earthquake country. there are resources at about preparation. it's important to be ready. look around your house and see that things are secured safely and you've got your earthquake preparedness kit ready to go. >> always good advice, especially as you said, good reminders that we do live in earthquake country. thanks so much for joining us. >> we appreciate it. >> thank you. 6:08. still to come, the governor wants all of us to reduce water use by 15%. if you have already cut back, what else can you do? we get expert advice, live. also ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, bart is going to the goats. what the transit system is doing to help reduce wildfire
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risk. later, a powerful sniff in the midst of a tropical storm. how this canine helped find a missing girl. it looks gorgeous with no clouds over the city for the first time in weeks, we can see the top of the sales force tower. on the other hand that's a sign of the heat wave because the marine layer is chased away completely. i will show you how high these numbers are going to go, coming up. a new crash as you work towards the bay bridge. i will have details plus a look at your travel times in the altamont pass. let's take another look outside as the sun is starting to come up, making the sky a little golden, mount diablo in the distance. this is delicia: this is where all our recycling is sorted -- 1.2 million pounds every day, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. but that's not all you'll find here. there are hundreds of good-paying jobs, with most new workers hired from bayview-hunter's point.
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to help reduce wildfire risk around bay area bart is turning to a huge mob graze of
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goats there. around 700 spanish bore goats descended onto land near fremont station. fire departments seeing increase in fire activity. >> the good news so far n'sea wildfiexplode out of control in the bay ke several shelves b front door that is the stuff that has to go with fire. >> we have wildfire cameras, artificial intelligence monitoring cameras. when they see the smoke we have that information much earlier than we could have. >> fire crews in santa rosa say regrowth of invasive plants in the area make conditions worse than in 2017 when the tubs fire broke out. >> have to be on high alert for the fires especially with the scorching temperatures. we will get a collect on traffic in a bit. let's talk about this hot weekend. the first thing i will do is go to that map that shows us where excessive heat warning is.
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then i will get specific. on a day like this, look at a couple areas to spotlight how this heat wave will be experienced differently depending on what part of the bay area you live in. first let's spotlight the greatest area of concern. that's the east bay valleys. the way to think of this is 680 and 580, all the communities along those two corridors from in between concord and livermore. that's really where the priority is. it's going to be hot in the north bay. look at santa rosa, not even colored on the map. excessive heat warning applies to mountains, not santa rosa. this is a heat advisory. not as bad as excessive heat warning but it will be hot enough that you need to take this seriously. let's look at where the worst is. concord. for the past couple days it
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hasn't been bad. it was 86 wednesday. yesterday we warmed up to 98. let's fill in the days. today 104. saturday is the peak, going up to 108. sunday is better but still in excessive heat warning. it doesn't expire until sunday night. then monday, all the way back down to the upper 80s. that's the least pleasant looking forecast we are going to see. a lot of communities in and around concord have to consider that's the way it is going to go. if we look at san jose, numbers are better. mid 90s while it is not concord hot is still very hot for san jose. not hot enough to call it excessively hot because you have more access to the influence from the bay. at 93, it will be hot. go easy on yourself. santa rosa, numbers split the difference. it's not as as concord but is hotter than san jose. for santa rosa the temperatures this morning have gotten down to the upper 50s. it is near 70 in livermore,
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upper 50s in santa rosa. you get a break to cool down in the morning. you have more access to the on shore flow here. even though temperatures are hot, noreally pushbounda of extremes for the north bay. you can get hot in santa rosa this part of year so you are more acclimated. 90 sunnyvale, 92 red wood city. the trend i showed you where issue everybody's numbers go up about three degrees tomorrow, numbers for inland parts of east bay, some of the higher numbers. if we look at the improvement, you get close to the water, if you have access to the bay, you are going to escape most of the heat. it's only going to be 67 today in sausalito. it will be low 70s in the city with no marine layer. it's not going to be
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uncomfortably hot. numbers for lake and mendocino climb to the low 100s. in the seven-day forecast we have seen the good news. here is the better news. once we do the cool down on monday, we are staying there. the rest of the seven-day forecast shows us temperatures in mid 80s for inland spots. go easy on yourself this weekend. there is a nice light at the end of the tunnel. how does the drive look? good morning. let's head to the bay bridge ar spot. we have a crash involving a big rig and a pickup truck. no word if injuries are involved but chp is on scene. it's just past the toll plaza at the bay bridge. near metering lights you will see some brake lights. it is friday so there is less volume anyway which is helping this but travel time, about 12 minutes. it gets better past that point and we are not seeing back up extending at least to the pay gates. it is okay if you are headed into the city but you will see
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brake lights as you pass that accident, blocking at least one lane. san mateo bridge, 12 minutes 880 to 101. but you have options. san mateo bridge is friday light, looking good with no delays. you might find busy conditions 92 from the san mateo bridge all the way to half moon bay. checking traffic through altamont pass, we had an early crash out there for quite sometime. it's cleared out of lanes but really caused a big back up especially for a friday as you come out of tracy onto 580. travel times, about 50 minutes from 205 towards 680. headed towards golden gate bridge, traffic is light, no delays out of marin as you head into san francisco. still ahead on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, big
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reopening of a famous bar and something to watch that will make you hungry. liam joins us live with a break down of what to do in the bay area. here is a live look outside on this friday courtesy of our photographer brian kiley from dublin this morning. it's 6:19. we'll be right back. new, a san
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favorite, the late celebrity chef and exciting moments in euro soccer. >> a lot to dive into this weekend in our friday segment and liam's list. we are joined live. happy friday. what's going on. >> happy fri-yay michelle and
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len. we will kick off at a place i know you will be on a friday night, everyone's favorite tiki bar. >> this is completely, completely awesome. >> never a truer word spoken. it is awesome. first visit to the tonga room. at the fair mont hotel, it really is one of the most magical spots in san francisco. the legendary spot is open once again and you are invited. no reservations, just walk ups. friday and saturday 5:00 p.m. until late. >> one minute i was next to a deep fryer and next i was watching the sun set over the sahara. >> tony bordain taken too young
6:24 am
too soon. traveling the world to share with all of us, culture, so muc many speak to the heart of the man who inspired us to travel and embrace ourselves, our bodies, temples, the movie opens in select theaters a week from today. that was the moment that changed everything for england in the euro cup. that was semi final against denmark. they will now play italy at home. it's happening live from london sunday at noon. i have a list of the best pubs in the bay area. shout outs to the pig and whistle. friends, i also know that north beach in san francisco is going to be erupting. this is a big game. italy against england.
6:25 am
you know who i am cheering for. >> of course. >> full list of places to enjoy the match at len and michelle, my dear, dear, dear friends who are you cheering for? >> you forgot a dear there. >> because i love you, england of course. >> yes, we are going to go with england. >> may the best team win. >> we'll be supporting you liam. liam's house, best britt pub. >> oh the word's out. go england! >> thank you. >> we'll see you. 6:25. in our next half hour, what happens if an earthquake driven tsunami hits shores notice bay area? new maps pinpoint new locations now at risk. >> reporter: it's going to be a hot weekend and you
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if you are just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. that's are your temperatures today, triple digits expected in the east bay and it's only going to s ekend.continues e sira following the magnitude 6.0 earthquake south of lake tahoe yesterday.
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there have been at least 200 after shocks. we've had more than a dozen since midnight. trial begins for two women accused of attacking an uber driver in san francisco. the video went viral. the woman seen grabbing the driver's fiend and ripping off his mask has pleaded not guilty. so has her co-defendant who is accused of pepper spraying the driver after getting out of the car. good morning. it is 6:30 on friday july 9. i am michelle griego. >> i am len kiese. good morning. grab your sunglasses and that sunscreen before you head out. it's about to get really hot. looking live over tri valley where temperatures will be highest today. >> we have live team coverage on this hot heat wave. first meteorologist darren peck is in for mary lee. it's going to be a scorcher. >> one look over the city today and you can see what a heat wave looks like in the bay area. for the first time in weeks, no clouds from the marine layer. you can see top of the sales force tower and we can use the camera to take the views today.
6:31 am
as far as the head start we've gotten, livermore at 68 is about 12 degrees where you were yesterday at this time. that is a fast head start. if we look at the daytime highs in general, we are going to call it 104 for inland valleys of east bay but i will have everybody's forecast high in the complete forecast in a bit. i am just giving you the overview. when we look at the map that highlights where excessive heat warning is, we spotlight area of greatest concern and it is over here. inland valleys of contra costa and alameda county and specifically in here as well. concord will be one of the hotter locations which is why we've got justin andrews live. i know the focus will be the cooling centers and you will fill us in on progress happening there in regards to that. >> reporter: absolutely. cooling centers will be opening because they're going to be acting as safe havens for people who don't have air
6:32 am
conditions. if you have air conditioning you also have to prepare for the heat wave. in a couple hours we will be under that flex alert. it goes into effect at 4:00 p.m. this evening to reduce energy usage. set those thermostats at 78 or higher and try not to use the big appliances like dish washers and also those big appliances in your kitchen. turn off unnecessary lights and unplug anything you are not using. cooling centers are opening in the east bay and south bay. they'll be opening this afternoon, most of them, in dublin, pleasanton, antioch, wood land, several other areas across the bay area. if you have to use any of the cooling centers, be sure you bring a mask because masks are required. i am justin andrews, kpix5. i am gianna franco with at the roadways. headed towards 580, 680, a live look at the dublin interchange
6:33 am
where we are seeing extra volume. traffic is moving at the limit. east for super commuters, you have all these brake lights. headed out of tracy area into altamont pass, we have a very slow ride as you work west bound from an earlier crash. 48 minutes from the 580, 205 connector towards the dublin interchange. things look better as you head through. we are getting first reports of a new crash. this is along 85 and 101 or 101 north before 85, just getting information in involving overturned vehicle with major injuries. traffic is backing up. we'll keep an eye on that and keep you updated throughout the morning. i am anne makovec keeping an eye on the shaking that continues this morning in the sierra. that is after an earthquake south of lake tahoe yesterday. i will show you the area we are talking about, a 6.0 hitting
6:34 am
before 4:00 yesterday afternoon with around 200 after shocks, some in two or three magnitude range. there is a 6% chance a larger quake could happen in the coming hours. the main quake triggered rock slides, some rocks hit cars with luckily no injuries. cal trans had to work through the night to clear the rocks on highway 395. it is now back open but a lot of questions this morning over the shake alert system on people's cell phones. it didn't work as it is necessarily intended to do and within the last half hour we spoke with usgs about this. they said the problem was this hit in a remote area where they don't have a lot of censors. that caused part of the issue. >> as shaking moved across the state, various instruments picked it up and initially estimated smaller earthquakes closer to those stations rather than the large really remote earthquake. so there were some shake alerts
6:35 am
issued on the shake alert app but it took a few minutes for the people who are review data to see it was a marger magnitude six and update information accordingly. >> that shake alert is still a work in progress. a lot of people have messes to clean up especially near the epicenter in walker. here is some of the damage left at a flea market. the owner says the quake felt like somebody lifted the building up and slammed it back down, no injuries reported. this is a good reminder for us to be prepared. back to you. the bay area could be in grave danger if an earthquake driven tsunami hits our shores. >> for the first time in more than a decade, the state remapped tsunami evacuation zones. in san francisco areas at risk include parts of downtown, zoo. in east bay port of richmond and oakland can be under water if a tsunami hits.
6:36 am
>> check the maps. see if they live, work, visit areas prone to tsunamies and update plans on what you would do if you got a tsunami warning that something is coming your way. again you don't have to go very far to be safe. >> geological survey says there should be time to prepare. an earthquake triggered tsunami would likely take about five hours to reach the bay area. 6:36, going live to wall street. we'll see how stocks are looking after yesterday's sell off. dow is up a bit about 223 points. 27 people have tested positive for delta variant in a santa rosa homeless shelter. an additional 43 test results are pending. samuel l jones hall homeless shelter has been closed to new intakes. the majority of those who tested positive had not received a vaccine. the case rate is moving
6:37 am
upward mainly driven by infections among unvaccinated people. the rate is slightly more than 3 per 100,000, highest number i cases and heth officialsay daily covid case count has more than doubled in the past month and they are confirming about 70 new cases a day. a live look at the white house. president biden says most u.s. troops will be out of afghanistan by august 31. the deadline had been september 11. mr. biden is defending his decision saying benefits of staying there are not worth risking more american lives. the military withdrawal of u.s. and allies comes amid a taliban resurgence. up to 1,000u.s. troops will be assigned to protect the american embassy in afghanistan. 6:37, time for a look at what's coming up on cbs this
6:38 am
morning.. >> jamie yuccas joins us. good morning. >> good morning. we made it to friday, reason to celebrate. pfizer reveals it is a booster shot. we'll talk about it and why cdc and fda say not so fast. billionaire space race heats up. we'll have a preview of the first flight with virgin galactic and how he hopes to beat jeff bezos. the scripps spelling bee winner joins us to talk about her historic win and why spelling is only her side hoppy. she's great. you will want to see it. >> len and i loved her spin. >> and the jump. >> that was cool. >> the runner up was a bay area 12-year-old. we are happy about that too. pretty awesome. >> there you go. >> we'll see you at 7:00. thanks so much. 6:38. still ahead, the governor
6:39 am
wants everyone to reduce water use by 15%. if you are already conserving, what else can you do to save? we have some expert tips, live. saved by mercy, how a police dog sniffed her way to a missing during tropical storm elsa. tonight a primetime special, an interview with vice president kamala harris, talked about restrictive voting rights laws. >> for some of those states where the legislature is hell bent on making it difficult for us to vote, we will have to start rallying now to be sure we are thinking creatively about how we register people. >> state of the union, vice president kamala harris airs tonight at 5:00 on b.e.t. the market just opened. diane king hall has your money watch report, next.
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checking the view over the tri valley. you see a small piece of 680 in the foreground. this is where temperatures right now here are about 12 to 14 degrees warmer right now than they were yesterday at this time. we are just about a degree or two shy of 70 degrees for many censors out here, dublin, pleasanton, livermore. this is where we will feel most extreme temperatures for the heat wave. we will spotlight everybody's highs today coming up in the complete forecast in a few minutes. stocks rounding out the week in the green plus a new report showing how many jobs were lost worldwide during the pandemic. diane king hall has it all in today's money watch report. good morning. good morning. trading has been underway for a little more than ten minutes and investors are in a buying mood after a drop yesterday.
6:44 am
dow rallying triple digits up, 331. nasdaq is up barely a point. we'll have to see if it makes a come back. s&p 500 on the plus side by 25. pandemic obliterated 22 million jobs in wealthier nations according to organization for economic cooperation and development. economic watch dog estimates ranks of unemployed grew by more than 8 million last year and global labor market is not expected to recover to prepandemic levels until 2023. >> diane king hall of thank you. >> all right. a tropical storm forecast to affect major cities in coastal northeast of the u.s. this is a live look at the storm's path as elsa battered parts of florida earlier this week a dog named mercy se helped rescue a missing girl. mercy is a blood hound. the dogs are used to tracking
6:45 am
missing people. days after her training her first mission was tracking a 12- year-old girl more than a half mile through thick woods and heavy rain and some powerful winds. >> the cute squishy faces but wrinkles trap in the odor of the person. their ears blow the odor to their nose and their face so they can track older odor further distances. >> thanks to mercy the girl is home safe and sound. >> mercy is a hero. so awesome. 6:45. we will get another check of weather and traffic. we begin with darren and extreme heat. on a day like this where there will be huge differences from one part of the bay area to the other, it is good to get as specific as we can to show you how your part of the bay area will fair in the heat wave. let's start with the view from the top of the sales force tower. for the first time in weeks we can use the cameras because you
6:46 am
can see things. there is no cloud deck from the marine layer. that's your first visual sign that we are in a heat wave. the marine layer is gone. here is the excessive heat warning. as we go to the north bay, the mountains are included in excessive heat warning. the valley isn't. the valley is where we live up 101. petaluma, santa rosa, it's going to be hot for the next three days. you don't have excessive heat warning or heat advisory. i will explain why that is in one second. we get to the south bay and we've got one other separate item. there is a heat advisory. we don't have one up the peninsula and don't have one through east bay communities on east bay shoreline. you will see why when we lack at the daytime highs. let's go to the top priority or at least another way of saying
6:47 am
this, who will get hit hardest buritto the heat wave? concord you are the poster child, the example for communities of inland contra costa county. it was 98 yesterday, 86 wednesday. remember that? it will be 104 today, 108 tomorrow. that's peak heat. by sunday it comes down a few degrees. we are still in the excessive heat warning in sunday night. by monday look what happens, temperatures will really drop. i've got really good news in the seven-day forecast for next week. more on that in a second. here is san jose. remember we've got a heat advisory here, not excessive heat warning. the temperatures will be hot but not like concord hot. you will go to the mid 90s. this is far enough average that national weather service felt it was necessary to get some of the messaging. go easy on yourself even though you will not be shattering records. 93 is still hot. it will be hotter in santa rosa. 96 today and then 98 tomorrow. but you don't have a heat
6:48 am
advisory. a big reason is because your temperatures are in the mid 50s. you are getting opportunity to cool down over night, just a little bit more of on shore flow coming through petaluma gap has been helping. also 96, you are more acclimated to those temperatures. you can see the trend with numbers topping out at 108 tomorrow and we'll cool by the time we get to the early part of next week. we'll have a review on everyone's daytime highs coming up just before we say good-bye for the newscast. let's get a check on that drive now. thanks. taking a look at the roadways we've got a serious problem north bound 101 near 85, drive out of morgan hill into san jose. two cars are involved in the crash, one vehicle over turned with injuries reported. you've got chp and emergency crews on scene working on this. according to chp reports one person is trapped in the vehicle. a lot of back up in the area building for spectator slowing. no word if lanes are blocked.
6:49 am
there is activity to the right and tow crews have been called to the scene. traffic backed up beyond bailey. give yourself extra minutes if headed through. we'll let you know when lanes open up. north of there the rest of your ride 101 is clear san jose and the peninsula.. we have seeing stop and go conditions across upper deck out of the east bay into san francisco. it is slowing at the meter lights and near treasure island. they did not turn the meter lights on today which is good news. traffic is clear off the east shore freeway west bound and no delays 580 if headed west bound into the maze. another portion of 580 is still slow, the ride out of tracy getting on 580 from 205, a 52 minute travel time to go from the 205 connector to the pleasanton dublin area, 49
6:50 am
minutes, just updating there. still very slow for a friday. towards dublin interchange things are clear there and clear along 680. new video captured exciting moment newly hatched sea turtles heading to the water. you see dozens of them making their way. this is a protected species in singapore. >> they are on the move. >> so cute. 6:50. if you have already cut back on water, what more can you do to save during the drought? we are live with expert tips. >> also next, breaking barriers. meet the woman making history while making her way to outer space. streaming today on cbsn bay area, a series that gives celebrities a unique way to say thank you to a meaningful person. an oakland artist and gallery owner talks about his work and effort to get people on a
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at flooradecor. i need an entire store. now, i've got one. 6:53, back to our drought coverage. marin, san mateo, santa clara among the nine counties governor newsom added to his emergency drought proclamation. >> it covers 50 of the 58 counties, governor called on all households and businesses to voluntarily cut water use by 15%. >> joining us live is marin municipal water district board question cynthia kohler. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for being with us. the first in the bay area to impose water restrictions, for those already cutting back water, what else can we do to save the 15% like the governor is asking for? >> great question. there is a great deal everybody can do. easy things like running laundry and dish washers only
6:55 am
when you have a full load. check for leaks and fix promptly. make longterm changes in how you are using water at home and businesses. take advantage of the incentives to save. marin has them and so does the city, sonoma. get round reto landscape gray water system, check out high water using turf or other landscaping for native landscaping. we now have a rebate program. we are offering discounted flow meters, controller devices. these are ways people can conserve while still doing what they need to with water in homes and businesses. >> really good tips. how is bay area position in terms of the best of the state in terms of the drought? >> the entire state is in a pretty serious situation. as you saw from the declaration, it is incumbent on everybody.
6:56 am
the bay area has particular challenges. in marin of course we are dependent on local water supply but are connected to the sonoma system. the one thing about the bay area, it's communy that has been conserving and dialed into the state's very challenging water situation for sometime so i have confidence we will be able to have the partnership with consumers that's so vital to getting through a job like this. >> marin imposed new restrictions this week limiting outdoor watering to once a week. are you expecting anymore cuts? >> possibly. we think this is the right step to be taking now. we've gone from two days to one day and we are encouraging everybody to hand water as much as possible. that's best way to maintain your trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens while using water as efficiently as possible. to the ex tent that the drought continues and it looks like we need to go further we will like other water districts in the state be looking at additional
6:57 am
measures. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me and being on the issue. i am anne makovec at the live news desk. we are continuing to follow shaking continuing in the sierra after an earthquake yesterday. a 6.0 hitting before 4:00 yesterday afternoon, around 200 after shocks so far, main quake triggering rock slides. this video is from highway 395. some of the rocks hit cars, cal trans working through the night to clear them out. a big mess in the town of walker, here is some of the damage at a flea market. usgs says there is a 6% chance that a larger quake could be coming within the coming hours here later today. so we will keep an eye out for that. back to you. as we look at the roads, i want to get you updated on this trouble spot right before 85, crews working on injury crash. everything is cleared. injured parties were taken to a
6:58 am
hospital but the damage is done. we have brake lights still as traffic is backed up in the area. a slow ride out of morgan hill into san jose. plan for that and plan for brake lights across the upper deck of the bay bridge. we are seeing crowding west bound into san francisco. no metering lights. that's the good news but slow past this point as you head into the city and slow into the altamont pass. everybody's daytime highs today starting in the south bay, 85 mountain view, san mateo 89, fremont 84. danville 105. dublin 98. we'll see east bay shoreline more comfortable with 77 oakland, san rafael 93, 94 novato. further into lake and mendocino, the numbers are back to the low 100s. so in the seven-day forecast there is good news once we get past the weekend. we'll get back down to average. we have a rough three days in front of us particularly today
6:59 am
and tomorrow. go easy on yourself out there especially in the inland valleys. >> be careful and drink lots of water, stay hydrated. >> take care of yourself. >> thanks so much. new, the first arab woman training to be an astronaut. >> she's a mechanical engineer and beat 4,000 other applicants. she met the public for the first time yesterday. after training she'll head to nasa's international space station. here is space port america in texas where virgin galactic will launch its spacecraft sunday. the entrepreneur and five others are set to travel 50 miles above earth, first flight for virgin galactic. >> we'll be watching closely. the news continues all day on cbsn bay area. >> cbs this morning is next. have a great friday and a great weekend. once again, make sure you stay safe in the heat.
7:00 am
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