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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 9, 2021 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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our focus should actually be closer to the bay area. but first, breaking news in san jose. a child is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car. it happened about two hours ago near puzhou and camden. that's right between a swim school and a middle school. it's unclear if the victim was headed for either of those places, but a biker who was nearby told us the juvenile seemed to come out of nowhere. >> there's no way that driver could've seen him. right before the light i saw something standing right in front of her, and she just hit her, because that person jumped out of that car right there, that was going left, and that was it. i saw her going in the air like five feet. >> police say the driver stayed on scene and is cooperating. we will have an update for you tonight at 11:00. more breaking news in oakland, where a large fire is burning near the railroad tracks at 16th and east 12th. this is at 16th avenue.
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video from citizen app. it shows a large plume of black smoke rising from the area. we are told that this is a homeless encampment, and right now, no word on how the fire started, or whether anyone has been hurt in there. right now on the kpix 5 news at 7:00, streaming on cbsn bay area, a power emergency declared as the state tries to keep those acs on through the weekend. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for elizabeth. within the past 10 minutes we learned a statewide flex alert has been extended through tomorrow to help ease the strain on the power grid. with even warmer temperatures on tap for the weekend, even season the pros in the east bay say this latest heat wave just feels different. >> this temperature we are hitting for this weekend is really unusual. i don't think i've seen a temperature three days in a row that's above 106.
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>> it's always been hot out here, but lately it seems like it's a little hotter, a little earlier and a little longer than its been before. >> we heard that again and again from people we spoke with in brent wood today. as the temperature soared into the triple digits. >> are they on to something? >> it's becoming more frequent that we get these heat waves where temperatures soar up to triple digits for inland parts of east bay, the north bay, even the santa clara valley, but it's unlikely we are going to set any records tomorrow. this isn't record-setting for the middle of july, but it's hot. today was hot enough. if you wanted some relief you had to be in san francisco or along the coast. temperatures there topped out in the 60s, but 80s for fremont and san jose, 90 for santa rosa and 105 degrees in livermore already today. tomorrow is actually going to be even hotter.
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we have a heat advisory in effect for the northbay valleys and the santa clara valley. those are the orange shaded areas where temperatures are going to reach into the mid to upper 90s, even around 100 degrees. temperatures likely to reach well over 100 degrees within the excessive heat warnings. that's the pink shaded areas, including all the higher elevations of the bay area, but also all of the inland east bay. it's a sampling of tomorrow's high temperatures. san jose 94, santa rosa 100, concord 106, same for livermore and brentwood up to 110 degrees. the good news is temperatures are still going to be hot on sunday, the warning goes through 11:00 on sunday. they'll start to back off a little bit someday with some relief on the way next week and we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes, along with a look at when we are going to -- how high temperatures are going to be across the rest of the bay area tomorrow, more than just these five locations. >> cooking out there now. we are all being urged to conserve electricity right now to keep the power grid going. in fact, it's officially been declared an emergency. kpix 5's andria borba live in lafayette with what exactly that means. >> we are talking about a stage one power grid emergency.
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the state, cal iso is urging people to conserve, right now, especially 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. it does not mean rolling blackouts yet. that does not happen until the state hits a stage three emergency, when those rolling blackouts begin, but they say there is a lot you can do right now to prevent that from happening. >> reporter: with cal iso issuing a stage one emergency, the question tonight is can the power grid handily heat wave this weekend? >> when they know that the supply is going to be tighter than expected, when they know that heat demand for energy use between the hours of 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. is going to go up dramatically because of the heat, and they call for rotating outages when the supply doesn't meet that demand, and right now there's no indication that they will call for rotating outages. >> reporter: stage one means there's a shortfall in the contingency reserves. it does not mean rolling blackouts yet. right now the call is for conservation, like setting your thermostat to 78 degrees if your health allows and put
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enough power sucking chores and distractions until later. >> save the dishes. save the laundry. save all the videogame playing until after fos in sundrenched contra costa county, the hope is the heat doesn't last too long. >> we can only do a couple days. it makes it a little easier to stick with, okay, we can conserve for the weekend. >> cal iso has already called a flex alert for tomorrow. it's not just the extreme heat here that is a concern. right now there is a fire burning in southern oregon that is putting some transmission lines at risk, so attacks coming from all sides on california's power grid. >> up and down the west coast, a critical time right now. golfers started sipping and swinging early this morning, knowing those triple digit temperatures were coming. dozens were on the patio of legend is at diablo creek golf course trying to beat the heat.
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inside, the manager says they were ready for it. >> keeping the beers cold and the ac blasting. we have two fridges in preparation for the heat. this is the usual down here at legends. people here love their golf. they come out here no matter how hot it is. >> as the temperature rises, so does the risk of heatstroke. warning signs to look out for include a body temperature above 104, nausea, headache, dizziness, and increased heart rate. one of the best places to be in this weather -- the water. chopper 5 spotting big crowds at hurricane harbor in concord. several cities have also opened cooling centers. just head to the top of the home page for a link to that list. experts say aftershocks from yesterday's magnitude 6 quake that shook up the eastern sierra, rattled the bay area, could continue for several more days. it was strong enough to trigger some rockslides near the epicenter, between mono lake and lake tahoe. now the owner of the walker flea and farmers market is picking up the pieces today,
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after that quake jolted her building. the owner says artists from around the world sell their work right there. >> it's a lot to try to call them and tell them that their stuff is messed up. with covid, everybody needs their paychecks. and they really depend on it a lot. it just hurts my feelings that other people's stuff gets broken. >> at last check, there have been more than 100 aftershocks in the antelope valley, but this is something the sierra has been doing for 10 million years. >> where it happened is one of the most tech comically active parts of the country, and it's there and has continued to have aftershocks. >> potentially a much bigger concern are the many smaller quakes that have been shaking up the hayward fault lately. it last snapped in 1868, and when it goes again, it could be 30 times stronger than
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yesterday's sierra quake, in a much more concentrated, highly dense area. for resources on how to prepare you can go to a reported coronavirus outbreak at sonoma county's largest homeless shelter. the press democrat reporting 47 residents at sam jones hall in santa rosa have tested positive for the highly contagious delta variant. overall, the state reported about 2400 new covid cases today along with 59 additional deaths. the seven day test positivity average is now 2.3%, up from a low of .7% in early june, before the big reopening. a san jose man is facing multiple counts of bank and wire fraud for allegedly funneling millions in covid is ms. relief funds into his own pocket. 40-year-old leibniz tran is accused of submitting at least
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34 fraudulent applications for paycheck protection and economic injury disaster loans. federal prosecutors say, of the more than $8 million he sought, he received nearly half, that's $3.6 million. tran and several unnamed associates are accused of pouring that money into personal investment and crypto currency, using it at restaurants and retail stores, and reportedly buying a $100,000 tesla. still to come, a stunning smash and grab. this one in santa clara county. hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry stolen in 90 seconds. plus, the east bay freeway project that couldn't come at a worse time for the workers who have to complete it. and covid-19 booster shots. necessary or not? a bay area expert weighs in on the question that has pfizer at odds with the feds.
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an update now on that breaking news in oakland. we are getting new video from citizen app of a large fire at a homeless encampment. this is along the railroad tracks near 16th avenue and east 12th. you can see a large plume of smoke rising from the scene. no word yet on whether the fire spread the on the encampment or whether anyone has been hurt. a campbell jewelry store owner is cleaning up tonight after thieves broke into his jewelry shop. this smash and grab was caught on camera. security cameras at 3:00 this morning, the owner says they got in by breaking a window. his security alarm went off, but police didn't get there in time. >> what is going on? it shouldn't be happening. it's too much. sometimes you say something is going on and we need to do something. >> it took less than five minutes for the thieves to
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smash several glass cases, steel half $1 million worth of jewelry. so far no arrests. this is the fourth time this has happened at this shop. in a visit to napa, governor newsom signed some new education legislation that includes the highest level of school funding in state history. more than $123 billion. this includes investments in public schools, free universal pre-k for all four-year-olds by 2025, and full service community schools. meanwhile, state health department is standing firm on masks in schools despite new guidance from the cdc saying fully vaccinated students and staff can drop them. the cdc advisor are at odds over covid booster shots this evening, as we take a look at your top headlines. the drugmaker wants emergency authorization for a booster shot later this summer after a study in israel found the
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vaccine becomes less effective over time, and might require a third dose. but three larger studies in the u.s., canada, and the uk concluded otherwise. >> these larger data sets show 85%, 90%, and even 96% in the public health foundation england data set that came out today against preventing severe disease. actually the delta variant looks very well covered by two doses of the pfizer vaccine. it's the end of elsa. the tropical storm is moving out to the atlantic after delivering a final blow to the jersey shore and coastal new england, and inundating new york city with water. murraya. >> that is correct! >> 14-year-old zaila avant- garde of new orleans made history last night, becoming the first african-american champion of the scripps national spelling bee, and that's not her only talent.
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the super speller is also a basketball phenom. she holds three guinness world records for her dribbling skills, and she hopes to play in the wnba one day. i bet you she will. >> that could will be the way. my goodness, what talents. all rights, thank you. speaking of talent, these goats are helping bart get fire ready. they chow down on some dry brush near the fremont bart station to help reduce the wildfire risk there. the goats are able to clear more than an acre of brush a day. and if you're feeling the heat this weekend, remember, it could be worse. that's right. you could be repaving a freeway in concord right now. that's the project on the board for a stretch of highway 242 between 680 and concord avenue. it will shut down at 10:00 tonight through 10:00 monday morning, and we're told caltrans crews will be working
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day and night. 100 degrees, doesn't matter. another closure is set for next weekend. meanwhile a rare, sunny, summer day in san francisco, but still a little cool out. >> chief meteorologist paul heggen is here. the coast will be the place to head through the weekend. >> if you want to cool off, we do have natural cooling around the bay area and sometimes we don't always get that. some of these heat waves set up the offshore winds and it heats up along the coast and around the bay. this time we are not going to lose that onshore influence even though the heat dome is going to be controlling the weather away from the water. that's why we have the heat advisory and the excessive heat earnings that we outlined about 10 minutes ago. let's wind the clock forward. this isn't going to last forever. that he dome weakens as we head into early next week and while there is going to be a storm system approaching the pacific northwest that won't get terms to notice anything in terms of cloud cover it will squeeze the atmosphere and produce stronger onshore winds. still warm inland, even hot in
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spots but not as hot as tomorrow and sunday. looking outside right now, there's the fog along the coast trying to creep back in, surrounding the base of citro tower. but that heat dome overhead has squished the marine layer. the fog is going to travel across the city, probably not going to make it too far across the day but you can see the influence the marine layer is having on temperatures. 55 in oakland, 61 in san francisco, upper 70s for san jose and santa rosa, pleasantly warm there. it's hot still in livermore and in concord, 93 and 97, both locations at triple digits already today. here's the fog. it doesn't make it too far across the bay. the red shaded areas indicate near zero visibility around san francisco and right along the coast, and even in the city.
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of his abilities improve rapidly as we head through the first few hours of the morning. some fog clinging to the t he hours, you should see the sunshine breaking through there, as well. temperatures dropped to the 50s around the water in the northbay valleys. most inland spots are going to bottom out in the 60s, which is normal, about 5 to 10 degrees above normal around the bay tomorrow afternoon, but that's pleasantly warm. it's going to be hot inland. 92 to 94 degrees for san jose, up to 106 degrees for concord. those temperatures are way above average, mid 60s on the coast and low 90s down the peninsula, well into the 90s, even if you spots around 100 degrees further inland in the santa clara valley. temperatures for the tri-valley above 100 degrees. the hottest spots, east of mt. diablo, 108 in fairfield and antioch, 110 degrees in brentwood but around today low 70s, san francisco, upper 70s to around 84 the east bay, upper 90 to 100 degrees for most of the northbay, until you had even farther north to northern sonoma and napa county, inland mendocino and lake county well over 100 degrees and the fire danger is going to be elevated. the number is halfway up our fire danger index scale but all the yellow shaded in the tate trouble spots especially solano county -- temperatures back off slightly sunday but it's still going to be hot inland. we are close to normal already
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by monday and then right around normal tuesday through the rest of next week so it's a heat wave but it's not going to last forever. we'll have an update on the temperatures we expect for tomorrow and any updates for the second half of the week and. hopefully cools down a little faster coming up at 11:00. still to come, the critically endangered sea turtle that now has about 100 new reasons to hope for a turnaround. and it's the final countdown to a high-stakes display
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president biden signed a sweeping executive order aimed at boosting workers' wages and lowering consumer prices by promoting more economic competition. >> rather than competing for consumers, they are consuming their competitors. capitalism without competition isn't capitalism. its exploitation. >> the order includes 72 direct hooves and recommendations across a broad swath of industries, including big tech, healthcare, and the airlines. petix are arguing that it actually harder for new businesses to get started. this weekend, virgin
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galactic's richard branson will go where no billionaire has gone before. on sunday, he and his small crew will strapping to virgin collect's unity spaceplane for a rocket powered ride to the edge of the atmosphere, about 50 miles up. that's high enough to experience weightlessness and get amazing views of earth and space. branson's flight will put him one small step ahead of fellow billionaire jeff bezos, who is planning his own later this month, and while bezos won't be first, he'll go farther. his blue origin can hit the 62 mile mark, recognized as the official boundary of space. a giant panda just caught a
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this is good news. new video out of singapore, where 100 newly hatched sea turtles waddled into the waves for the first time. they are the hawksbill turtles, one of two species of marine
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turtles found off singapore. they're considered critically endangered. china has now announced the giant panda is no longer endangered, and that's thanks to painstaking conservation efforts. the nation has spent half a century working to boost the population of its most famous native animal. there are now about 1800 of them in the wild. china says they will now be reclassified as vulnerable. we'll leave you with that. thanks for watching the news, continue streaming on cbsn bay area. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00, up to you on al the -great idea. [gasps] look at the little cutie. -he's coming for a visit. -hi. [chuckles]
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