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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 22, 2021 12:00pm-12:28pm PDT

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breaking news on kpix5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, relpst spread of covid. what they want your bosses to do. good afternoon. i am gianna franco. >> i am anne makovec. len kiese has the day off. three bay area counties, san francisco, contra costa, santa clara with a push to force you to get vaccinated in order to go to work, three health departments calling all employers to require their workforce to be vaccinated as soon as possible. within the hour they helda joint news conference asking businesses to require documentation from employees before they enter the workplace. >> we are in a critical stage of the pandemic, one where collective swift action can change the course of the
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pandemic for good and save lives. >> they say majority of new cases we are seeing are from unvaccinated people of working age and would protect co-workers, families, customers of local businesses. health departments to jump on board. we will have much more coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. we first brought this update live on cbsn bay area. watch 24/7 streaming on or the kpix5 news app. one more note, san mateo employees and anybody visiting county buildings will have to wear a face covering starting monday where you are vaccinated or not. three counties seeing case numbers that would put them back in the purple tier if the state was still using that system. justin andrews talked to people in walnut creek. >> reporter: everybody we talked to really hopes we don't
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back pedal. area doctors say they'll keep monitoring to see what happens over the next weeks but say if hospitals continue to see mounting pressure we could see restrictions return. certainly don't miss life during the thick of covid. >> just get back to normal. this is like a big step backwards. >> reporter: based on number, alameda, contra costa, solano would be in the purple tier if the state was still under the color coded system. area doctors say transmission has gone way up and point to the delta variant being easily transmitted. >> i am not afraid for myself but i think i have a responsibility to try to prevent as much spread as possible since it's here. >> reporter: from what we have seen in the past when covid cases climb, mandatory restrictions usually come. remember the purple tier? it was the most restrictive,
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leaving businesses open only at 25% capacity. >> not happy about that. all the businesses that are finally getting up and running again and we get a little freedom. >> reporter: the assembly woman covers alameda and contra costa and puts it like this, "it's time to do somethin mfble, make vasa vaccated so >>looking live at francisco this afternoon, more restaurants and bars are planning to require proof of vaccination just to get in the door. the following spots are requiring a shot to come inside. eli's mile high club and palmetto restaurant. in san francisco latin america club in the mission district oasis bar. white house coronavirus response team briefed president biden today about the delta variant. they say it continues to pose a big threat to unvaccinated
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americans. during a cnn town hall meeting, the president said that the increased number of cases may lead to mask mandates for kids returning to the classroom this current recommendation tha ly ccinated adults do have to ar face sks. onou. an held a and press conference calling for constituents to get vaccinated. latest cdc numbers show a slight rise in vaccination rates over the last week. red skies and burning trees, tamarack fire near tahoe has jumped state line into nevada. more than 50,000 acres have burned since the fourth of july. containment is 4%.
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dixie fire is sending these mass similar plumes of smoke over butte, this monster fire over 100,000 acres. authorities in plumas have issued new evacuation rs. the drt er latest map shows a slight up tick in exceptional drought category in california. exceptional category and , extreme. we talked to a we will have to get creative. >> in the water field, we talk about matching quality of water to the use. so for example, we don't need to use tap water to irrigate most outdoor lawns and that accounts for 50% of household water use. >> reusing water from laundry to water outside. the professor said she's most worried prolonged drought would severely impact agriculture and force restrictions our ban and
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suburban users. brief widespread internet outage affected major companies this morning. anyone trying to log on got an error message for a short time. the internet service provider said it was the result of a software configuratianix. ti anuned states gomereed e agreed to uit ova former prent trump put in place. court documents show tiktok and biden administration mutually agreed that the suit should be dismissed. that follows president biden resending trump's 2020 executive order targeting tiktok. the president replaced the order with one that addresses any apps linked to foreign adversaries including china. still ahead, with the olympics come protests. >> here from a former olympian commemorated in a bay area statue who says games are an
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important platform to spark change. helping veterans get much needed government assistance. how our bay area jefferson award winner has made it her mission for decades. blue skies on sales force tower camera as we look east across the bay and bay bridge. a forecast. we'll show the air quality and smoke concentration forecast over the tonight, at 7:00, an original report, monarch butterflies on the verge of disappearing. there are far fewer of them migrating to the california coast. >> you feel helpless like oh goodness, what's going on and how can we fix it? >> they are an icon telling us about how our ecosystem is overall functioning. >> we need to do everything we can to try to save them. >> the effort now underway to throw monarchs a life line. what you can do
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chinese military was called in to help blast open a dam to help control the catastrophic flooding the area has been experiencing after they saw a year's worth of rain in just three days. certainly hard to imagine in california. this dramatic video shows
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people trapped inside subway cars, submerged in chest deep waters in the city. rescue workers were forced to cut open the car roofs and pull people to safety before remaining air ran out. we are one for summer olympics in tokyo. some sports have started and protests have too. >> members of the u.s. women's national soccer team joined other teams taking a knee to oppose racism. relaxed rules allow athletes to express themselves before start of competition but not during exit anything nor on the podium. punishments will vary case by case. a man who changed history with his protest is seen in this statue at san jose state university. in 1968 he and tommy smith stood on the olympic metal podium fists raised into the air as the national anthem
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belted through the stadium. this was only made possible because of the whic he. >>al ic tito reach the victory stand. that was my purpose of going to the games, to make a statement, not win a medal or show the world how great i was in track and field. >> for you taking that platform and using it was more important than even placing to begin with. >> absolutely. it was as important today as it was at the time. i am committed. i am not here for the moment. i am here for the movement. >> the movement has exploded since that day 53 years ago and some experts are expecting protests. a live look at the big board on wall street. dow is up after making modest gains this afternoon. twitter will report its earnings after market closes today. that will be interesting. meantime, latest week oyreport time filings went up b
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51,000 to 419,000. that is up from pandemic era low just the previous week. it can be a mountain of red tape and road blocks for american military veterans applying for government benefits. for 35 years an east bay woman made it her duty to help them navigate the process. this week's bay area jefferson award winner. we get calls, how can i take care of dad. >> jill martinez made history as first nonveteran and first woman hired in 1986 as veteran service representative. she's worked for contra costa veteran service office which serves more than 9,000 veterans a year today. >> my main in ca lo what i do. >> it's in r dfher served in the army world war, her son a retired
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navy commander in the persian gulf. for 25 years jill helped elderly veterans and families through the painstaking process of filing for federal and state benefits. once jill pushed through a two and a half year claim for a 93- year-old women's army corps veteran from world war ii. >> got the retro check for $37,000. she died three days later. >> reporter: the process has improved. >> my quickest pension claim was 11 days. i had 65 pages of everything that was needed on that claim. >> reporter: jill retired in 2011 on a friday and came back on monday to the same office and the same job as a volunteer. >> i even had the veteran call. >> reporter: as a volunteer the last ten years, jill could make her own schedule. she works 30 hours a week, has coffee club meet ups tera nature. re looki >> rter: the nambathotogrr foun
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e is one to ow who to check or with, what's going on. >> reporter: jill is his guide. >> i am grateful she's there and has my back. >> reporter: linda says jill has come alongside during trying times after the death of her father a senior navy chief who served twice in vietnam and her mother who needs care. >> it was jill who is helping us. she even helped when we put my dad to rest. he is at santa fe national cemetery. >> reporter: a wall full of birthday greetings show appreciation for the 72-year- old who doesn't give up. >> i am still looking for vets i can help. >> reporter: for decades as a relentless advocate for military veterans and families applying for government benefits, this week's jeff are jefferson award goes to jill martinez. if you a quiero
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who has done exemplary service, let us know. go to and click the nomination tab. a check on our thursday weather forecast with meteorologist mary lee and a peek at the weekend too. excited for our weekend. we are looking at a beautiful afternoon across the bay area. taking you live outside with san francisco mark hopkins hotel cam. you see the sunshine and the camera shaking a bit. let's check our temperatures from 59 in downtown san francisco, 64 oakland. we are looking at 70s from san jose, santa rosa, low 80s concord and livermore. 24 hour temperature change and similar to yesterday from exactly where we were yesterday for livermore and fairfield to a degree or two cooler compared to yesterday at this time. check the winds, a breezy afternoon at sfo, northwesterly winds at 20 miles per hour, 14 oakland, 13 napa, 10-mile per hour wind in fairfield and for
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livermore. that afternoon sea breeze keeping our weather on the pleasant side. arelooking at i conditions. we will continue with the typical july weather pattern through the next several days. you see sunshine inland and around the bay with clouds along the coast. tonight into tomorr afternoon for your friday. looking good for air quality in green. that is good air quality for north bay, east bay peninsula, south bay with moderate air quality for the coast. with westerly winds pushing that smoke to our east and away but watch as we look to the end of our weekend and early next week. we can see a change in wind direction and that could bring smoke into the bay area. watching that closely for you as we look to especially early next week. i know that's a while away but we have our eyes on that for you, keeping a close eye as we go through the next several days. sun set at 8:26, sunrise at
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6:06. daytime highs where we should be for this time of year and it's all about bay area micro climate so cool at the coast, insteady for most partanw 80 by the weekend and early weekclou. t bay warming up tues north bay, temperatures cooling down a bit as you look to early next week. coast, upper 50s to low 60s with clouds. cool conditions at the coast. back to you. >> sounds good. thank you. coming up next, changes coming to venmo. what is being done to protect your privacy.
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checking business news, some airlines starting to recover from the pandemic. >> southwest says its net
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income totaled 348 million in the seconds quarter. compare that to a year ago. american airlines earned 19 million, managed to pull away from five straight losses in quarters. venmo says it is ending public payments feed feature. the paypal subsidiary says it will roll out redesigned app where users will see payments made among friends. this is after buzz feed discovery of president biden's venmo in may. users will be able to adjust transaction privacy to public, private, or friends only. still ahead, a big cat caught on camera. >> up close and personal. what makes this sighting so rare. today on the drew barrymore show, let's make a deal host wayne brady is
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today's tip of the day, a simple variety in the market, all sweet, juicy. when you cut them in half they look like a picture. they look beautiful. would you look at that? rewhite. rent d,y? seit ia ti when you te ntto make sure they have this beautiful co
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bring them home, on the counter not in the refrigerator. high sugar content means they will not store so long. these are wonderful and are also great in many desserts that call for plumbs. they're so sweet. i am tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. as covid cases creep back up, are more people willing to mask up in public? what we found out and what health officials are recommending. that story and more at 5:00. finally, we are used to seeing mountain lions caught on camera but check out this other big cat. but took sevel mont thagsince c
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in remote areas. so cool to see. >> beautiful. >> i am a big faof all sizes. really cute. >> don't want that one as a pet. >> no thanks. we want to let you know this, uc regions just approved multi year tuition and fee increase. we'll have more on that tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00.
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