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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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youth counselor was struck and killed. you see the memorial here behind me, by a hit and run driver . then on tuesday, amen was struck and killed while trying to cross monterey highway. the driver in that case stay behind and cooperated with officers. but again, just this morning, another fatal hit and run, this one on tully road. >> reporter: police are looking for an suv that ran down an unidentified woman who was trying to cross tully road and then took off. it happened at about 1:30 in the morning. the area is near some homeless camps and people are often seen trying to cross the road between crosswalks. it's also a place where people speed, according to one man who walks here every day. >> you do have to be careful because here the speed limit is 35 but most people are driving 45-50. >> reporter: it was san jose's 32nd traffic death of the year and the 12th involving a pedestrian victim. it was also the third fatal accident this week. on saturday morning, 24-year- old jose esparza was killed when his car was struck by a
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speeding 2015 black infinity. the driver of the infinity fled the scene on foot. per days rest today police confirmed that the infinity was trying to get away from a police patrol car, but did not call it a chase. >> prior to, that suspect had fled from a vehicle stop from a marked sj pd officer. we were not actively pursuing that vehicle, but the truth is that we are still looking for more information. >> reporter: a large memorial marks the spot where esparza was killed. he was a beloved youth counselor and a graduate of ucla and overfill high school, where he excelled in academics and football. >> to me it was one of the most shocking calls i've ever received. >> reporter: over fell's principles as esparza overcame a tough childhood and a period of homelessness. >> when you learned about the struggles and obstacles he was facing in his life, and then you saw how he was carrying himself, there is no way you could specked this man. >> lynn, i'm curious, what do police think is going on with these accidents? >> it's hard to say because
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none of these are related. there's no real rhyme or reason. but one theory could be that people got used two driving the streets during the pandemic, when there was hardly any traffic, so they got used to driving very fast. and if people would just slow down, than the severity of these accidents would be lessened by quite a bit. it might turn some of these fatal accidents into injury accidents, and that would be certainly much more -- even though it's a bad situation, at least you don't have people dying on the streets out here in san jose. >> everybody just needs to slow down. on the fire watch, the dixie fire is now california's es seas, and it is growing by the day. it's prompt thing more people to get out of dodge. new video shows the damage and the town of belden, in plumas county. charred remains of buildings and cars. the dixie fire is now more than 142,000 acres. it is 18% contained, but there were new evacuations overnight, and it's not the only fire
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threatening homes in the area? >> just off to the east, this is a new fire called the fly fire, in the butterfly valley. the east zone of the fire, we've taken care of that, so that is a new incident that's growing over there near the quincy area. >> northwest of quincy, in the town of chester, ash from the dixie fire has been raining down, covering the streets. one guy describing as much of an inch of it making a mess of his friend's porch. check out this extremely close call for one fire crew south of lake tahoe. a fast-moving spot fire nearly overcame their vehicle from both sides of the road as they were helping to battle the tamarack fire. everything, as you can see, bright orange. embers flying all over the place, smoke all around, until eventually use the things clear up as they make their way towards safety.
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more than 1000 personnel are on scene fighting this fire. the tamarack fire has burned at least 58,000 acres and the fire was sparked by a lightning strike three weeks ago. reporter rene santos has the latest from trucking meadows. >> extreme fire behavior forcing the crew of the truckee meadows fire and rescue team to get out fast. flames raging on both sides of the road. the situation intensifying as the engine continues on its escape routes. a mixture of smoke and embers blowing across the windshield, showing the powerful winds. adam mayberry with the department says the video illustrates the most dangerous ingredients to a perfect storm. wild winds, heavy fuels, and difficult terrain. still, the crew stayed focused. >> a calm sense of urgency. they did what they had to do. >> they knew the speed of the fire, and when faced with a close call like this, it could mean the difference between life and death. >> in this case, the training paid off. >> these fires, as you can see, pumping out a lot of smoke.
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take a look at this time lapse video of the tamarack fire. all that smoke being sent high into the atmosphere, where it gets mixed in with weather patterns. we've been catching a break when it comes to air quality, but i know you're keeping an eye on it here. >> eventually our luck is going to come to a temporary end with some of that smoke making its way into the bay area. it's been a little bit better as we head into the weekend. let's put the smoke concentration forecast in motion and you can see it's going to remain thickest around the sexual fires still burning. some of it tries to sneak into the bay area but then it gets farther away. we're going to see it making more of an appearance heading into monday morning. mainly the eastern half of the bay area to start the day but then it does spread across the rest of the bay area as we head to the rest of monday. still, this is going to be farther up in the atmosphere. we are looking at smoke for the
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whole depth of the atmosphere, not just ground level, and because this is blowing in with those winds that are about 10,000 feet off the ground, there's a chance the onshore wind at ground level is still going to help our air quality enough to keep things from getting too smoky down here, where we have to breathe that air. it does look like that smoke is going to settle in monday night as well. air quality is going to deteriorate by monday and tuesday but for the moment just forecasting moderate air quality, nothing in the unhealthy, no orange or red dots on the map at this point. if we were going to see those unhealthy air quality levels, most likely spot would be inland in the east bay and in the santa clara valley. take a look at our weather as we head into the weekend, what temperatures are going to do around the bay area in just a few minutes. a blazing santa clara county this afternoon has now been contained. the vegetation fire erupted just before 3:00 p.m. near new avenue in san martin. the fire grew to around six acres. air support was called to the scene but later released as crews got a handle on this fire. looking right at san jose tonight, as county workers are now required to get a coronavirus vaccine before coming into work. it's the second bay area jurisdiction to announce a vaccine mandate for government workers. back in june, san francisco
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announced all 35,000 of its employees would need to be vaccinated. but only when the fda grants full approval for a vaccine, right now the vaccines are under emergency use authorization only. there is serious talk of requiring people to show proof that they are vaccinated before being allowed into san francisco bars. kpix 5's andria borba is getting reaction to this possible move. >> with the delta variant surgeon, city business leaders are looking for ways to avoid another covid related shutdown and stay open. the san francisco chamber of commerce has been pulling businesses and owners to see if they be open to customers showing vaccination cards to get inside, much like flashing identification at a bar. more than 70% of business owners polled so far told the chamber they be open to that. >> i think that we are all in agreement that we want to do everything in our power to
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protect both our employees and our customers, and what that could look like is requiring masks in the workplace or requiring proof of vaccination status. >> the city of san francisco itself is requiring all city employees to get vaccinated, but the department of public health is not extended that mandate or even recommendation to private businesses. now no other american city has asked for this, though the french are asking for this specifically, requiring proof of vaccination status to get into bars, restaurants, cafes and the like. it's a move that prompted over 1 million french folks to sign up for their doses in a single day. >> maybe it will work. big development today in the push to get kids vaccinated against covid-19. the european medicines agency recommended authorizing moderna 's vaccine for children ages 12 to 17. the fda is considering whether to do the same. the you cff infectious disease specialist dr. monica gandhi said it is likely. >> definitely the trial looked
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good. it was safe and it was essentially really effective in terms of boosting antibodies. we don't have a lot of outcomes in those trials as children are less at risk and it will likely be authorized in this country first, and then go on to approval. the biden administration is buying 200 million more pfizer vaccine doses in case booster shots are needed later, and in the event the vaccine is approved for children under 12. and with the delta variant spreading, the government is pushing more americans to get the shot. in 16 states, less than half of the population has received at least one dose. one of those states is alabama. >> folks are supposed to have common sense. but it's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. it's the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down. >> of course, vaccinated people can still get covid, but if they do, their symptoms tend to be milder. at this point, the white house
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is still not advocating for any federal vaccine mandate. a legal victory for landlords who have been barred from evict ding tenants during the pandemic. a federal appeals court today ruled the cdc exceeded its authority by temporarily halting evictions. the federal order was put in place last september and then extended by president biden. it is set to expire at the end of the month and protects útena to pay their rent during the pandemic. but today's ruling does not affect californians. governor newsom recently signed a law protecting tenants from evictions until the end of summer. wall street finished a four day win streak today, investors putting monday's big selloff behind them. the dow closed above 35,000 for the first time ever, up 238 points. the nasdaq gained 152 points or one percent and the s&p was up 44. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area, the drought now threatening to shut down a major hydroelectric plant, and it couldn't come at
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(sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. on the drought emergency, water levels in lake doraville in butte county are dropping about a foot a day, and that is leading to yet another problem. reporter marissa perlman on how a major california powerplant could be forced off-line because of the low reservoir level. >> reporter: ahead of a hazy weekend on lake doraville, getting to what's left of the lake is tricky. there are no concrete boat ramps. this one cruise just carved out of rocks. the spot was underwater just
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one month ago. >> usually on fishing up there and now i'm seeing everything i'm fishing, so i've got a lot to think about. >> reporter: the unrelenting drought and record heat pushing the water supply to record lows. the powerplant will be shut down in august and could stay turned off or month, meaning the peak of summer heat and wildfire season. >> it's been low, but not like this. >> reporter: lake doraville generates electricity that feeds into the statewide grid. at full capacity, the powerplant here generates enough power to serve 800,000 homes. the extreme heat also means demand for electricity can soar as millions of people turn up the ac. so where will e wer come from in august? cal iso says to make up for the state's reduced hydropower supplies, they will now need to pull from other sources, like natural gas. the state energy commission says they're also relying on
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other state facilities to avoid major power interruptions to homes and businesses. >> it's kind of crazy to think there's not that much water so they're not going to get that much power. i don't know how it's going to work out for them. >> the water level in the lake is down to about 650 feet. the record low reached back in 1977 was only about 12 feet below that point. new details in the case of a deadly quadruple shooting near a popular walnut creek nightclub. walnut creek police have arrested a 22-year-old man, jose cassius floris was arrested yesterday during a traffic stop. police also found a handgun and ammunition while searching his brentwood home. the shooting broke out early sunday morning. a 25-year-old man was killed and three others were wounded in the parking lot outside of the spoontonic nightclub near north main street. walnut creek police say the man killed was san pablo resident lucy abu she. the other three victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries. on the east coast, a solemn
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farewell for firefighters who responded to the collapse of the florida condo building last month. today they officially ended their search and rescue mission in seaside, florida. the first responders spent 29 grueling days looking for the them is in the disaster that killed at least 97 people on june 24th. firefighters said their goodbyes. they hug. they visited the memorial site. forensic experts say there is only one missing person who they have not identified. new developments in the brad pit and angelina jolie custody battle. today a california appeals court disqualified a private judge being used by jolie and pit in the divorce case, handing julie a major victory. the court agreed with shirley that the judge didn't sufficiently disclose business relationships with pit's attorneys. the decision means that the custody fight over the couple 's five minor children could be starting over. the couple have six children. in southern california, a horse got a little help from
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firefighters to get out of a bad situation. that horse named mackey, and his rider were out in the san diego area. they tumbled down a steep embankment. cruiser lifted the horse out in that harness but he took off, broke free once his legs touched down, apparently frightened from that whole ordeal. how can you blame him? the good news is both the horse and the rider were not hurt. thank goodness, what a rescue effort. things are setting up for us to be maybe a little more smoke, a little heat? >> maybe by next week for the smoke, the heat builds for inland parts of the bay area already. a little mini ride on the temperature coaster, the baby coaster over the next seven days. high pressure can't out over the four corners region in the desert southwest, drifting closer toward us. eventually it's going to go to our north and that means the deep onshore winds we've had, not just ground-level but up to 10,000-12,000 feet in the atmosphere, those are going to weaken farther off the ground. that's why that smoke is going
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to be drifting towards us by monday and tuesday. in the short term it's looking awfully nice out there right now. blue skies through downtown san francisco. the flag is rippling in the wind but it's not whipping. it's not that windy downtown. 63 degrees, 68 in oakland. upper 70s for san jose and santa rosa, pleasantly warm but it sought further east. 92 degrees right now in livermore and still 95 degrees in concord. those inland temperatures, especially for the east bay, going to back off a little bit as we go into saturday and sunday. temperatures are warmer than they were at this point yesterday, except for the northbay, exactly where you were 24 hours ago for santa rosa and petaluma. otherwise running five to 10 degrees above thursday's pace. we're going to see a little bit of a cooling trend as we go through saturday and sunday. we are going to see the fog spreading as we head through tonight like the past several nights it's not going to be an impressive layer of fog. the marine layer is being squashed that big area of high
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pressure pressing down on us and that keeps it from getting too far into the inland valleys and that means it backs up we. we will see plenty of sunshine around the bay by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, and fog should back up from the coast as we head into the afternoon. temperatures tonight drop down mostly into the 50s, the very warmest spots, bottoming out around 60 degrees early sunday morning. most of us in the middle portion of the 50s to begin the weekend. high temperatures tomorrow still hot inland in the east bay low to mid 90s as opposed to mid to upper 90s. sent as a topping out in the low 80s, exactly normal for this time of year. a mix of 70s and 80s for the northbay, upper 70s and low 80s with mid-60s in san francisco, right around 70 degrees for oakland in the east bay and right around 60 degrees along the coast. ready normal late july pence that are going to stick around into sunday and monday . then we start warming up again. it's going to be kind of a minor warm-up for san francisco, a little more noticeable for oakland, into the upper 70s tuesday and wednesday while san jose reaches up into the mid-80s by wednesday and thursday. farther inland in the east bay, you're going to be the hotspots. no surprise there. temperatures into the mid to upper 90s to the, wednesday and
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thursday. it will be a warmer pattern for the northbay as well but only into the upper half of the 80s. mid-60s along the coast tuesday and wednesday before temperatures start backing up again. some ups and downs but nothing that's going to put you in mind of six flags and the roller coasters there. >> we can handle it. listen up, niners fans. how you can get an early look at the 2021 team. we have a preseason overview, next. we're live at the reimagined gilr
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we are counting down to kick off. 22 days away from preseason foot all on kpix 5. >> today the team unveiling the schedule for training camp . chopper 5 over levi stadium and the practice field today. there was action. we saw a few people working out. the number of team practices will be open to the public. >> players report next week. >> i like the look of that field. tuesday, july 27th. the fans, they'll get to watch
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13 scheduled practices starting july 28th. in fact, the team released its training camp schedule. clara cilifanswillok at field the 2021 squad. tickets go on sale monday morning. saturday, august 7th, by the way, will be dwight clark day. eight/7, in honor of the great tight end's number, 87. the practice will take place inside levi stadium, this to raise awareness for als. clark, a 49ers hall of famer, passed away from the disease in 2018. so snap on your imaginary chin straps, 49er empire. liz, i believe you have the 411 on all three preseason games. >> i do. you came to the right place. we've got what you need right here, so tune in. here's a look at the preseason lineup on kpix 5. it all starts
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august 14th as the niners welcomed the chiefs . then on the 22nd the team travels to los angeles to play the chargers, and the raiders come to levi stadium for the final preseason game on august 29th. again, you can catch all the action right here on kpix 5. >> always a lot of numbers in vernon's sports cast. a major name change in baseball today. the cleveland indians will now be known as the cleveland guardians. the major league team dropped the controversial name after decades of criticism. the move away from native american imagery comes after more than 100 years of being known as the indians. bay area native tom hanks revealed the new name on twitter today. >> and now it's time to unite as one family, one community, to build the next era for this team and this city, to keep watch guat mathis game the greatest. >> guard, get it? cleveland residents already familiar with the name guardians. that name refers to two large statues near the ballpark, put in place to guard or protect the city.
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the guardians. >> i like it. i think it has a nice ring to it. >> good choice. ahead at 5:30, covid cases biking in southern california so bad a city reoping live repo a pharmacy desert in the middle of a pandemic. that's what city leaders in oakland to say will happen if this walgreens closes. and the garlic festival is back
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now streaming on cbsn bay area, more local news at 5:30. the gilroy garlic festival is making a comeback. here's a live look right now. what you can expect to see this weekend. mock was an east oakland walgreens just days away from being shut down. now the community is stepping up in its fight to keep the pharmacy. we are tracking the increase in coronavirus cases. this chart shows the trend line, the test positivity rate right now in california is 5.2%. that's an increase of 1.4% from the week before. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> on alan martin. right now in southern california, the surge in coronavirus infections is so bad a burbank hospital is reopening its covid ward. >> reporter jeff nguyen is outside that hospital for us.
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>> liz and ellen, about a month ago covid protocols were lifted at this hospital. now work crews are reinstalling 30 covid rooms. >> reporter: at providence st. joseph medical center in burbank, the windows are being replaced with drywall because this floor is being converted back into a covid ward. the zipper doors and air filters are part of what's called a negative pressure room, which sucks out bad air and pushes it outside. >> in a lot of ways it's a bit like going backwards. >> reporter: chris rice is a nursing manager. he says about six weeks ago he and his coworkers held a celebration, because they had zero covid patients.
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>> but after the fourth of july, which is when all the family gatherings begin to happen, and all of the restrictions started to get lifted, it started to get that again. >> reporter: across the country, the highly infectious delta variant has been the dominant strain linked to the recent upticks. >> last week our total census was 12. yesterday it was 18. today it's 21. and the ed is hopping today, so we expect for there to be more. >> reporter: last month about 20% of the covid infections in l.a. county involved people who were fully vaccinated. public health officials say the vaccines are not foolproof, but they have been highly effective at preventing hospitalizations and death. >> the vaccines work and they are safe. i know a lot of people are afraid of side effects, but most of the side effects are very manageable. a lot of the side effects that people read about just aren't real. >> reporter: six months ago, this one hospital cared


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