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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 24, 2021 3:12am-3:42am PDT

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and undergoing certain therapies therapies and treatment in which this organism can gain access into your body, it can cause issues. >> reporter: the c.d.c.'s dr. megan lyman says patients treated for covid are vulnerable. >> there are a lot of patients who had covid who acquired the fungus and it's more likely for patients at chronic care facilities who are very sick and have invasive devices like tracheotomies or are on a ventilator. >> reporter: researchers have found that the function cannot only be contracted from surfaces but spread person to person which is what appears to have happened in these recent cases. dr. wormly is part of a team that's working with the national institutes of health to fight the superbug, and he thinks there's potential for an effective treatment in two to three years. norah. >> o'donnell: omar villafranca, thank you. it was an emotional scene today at the the site of that collapsed condo building in surfside, florida, as a month of
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painstaking recovery work came to a close. crew members hugged after the site was finally cleared of rubble. 97 people are confirmed dead, one woman is still missing, her family still awaiting word. the search for remains will continue off-site. and a warning now for summer travelers. if you're in a rush for a passport, you may be out of luck. scammers forced them to shutdown online booking. meg oliver has the details. >> reporter: tonight long lines at u.s. passport offices at travelers rush to get passports as the state department temporarily shut down the agency's emergency appointment booking site. >> this is my one and only chance. my trying to is in two days. >> reporter: the state department says third party actors are using bots to book all available online appointments, some selling them for as high as $3,000to applicants with urgent travel needs. >> i am freaking out.
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>> reporter: kelsey and heston renken applied for passports in may but only one arrived, their nonrefundable flight to mexico leaves in two weeks. >> i call every day to try to get an answer and get the same run around that we can only push it a week before your travel. a week before your travel is kind of cutting it very close. >> reporter: in the last two years the couple suffered the heartbreaking loss of a still born and two miscarriages. >> we seem to need a mental reset, celebrate our anniversary. >> reporter: the state department admits they have staffing issue and they're scrambling to complete an extraordinarily backlog of passport applications. the current wait time for a passport is up to 18 weeks. >> during the pandemic they sent the people home and we're over 1.6 million passports in backlog in backlog that they can't process. >> how much will you lose if your passport doesn't arrive on time? >> a little over $3,000. >> reporter: kelsey says her
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passport is expected to arrive the day before her flight. appointments are extremely limited at offices like here in new york, but they are trying to prioritize for life or death emergencies. norah. >> o'donnell: meg oliver, thank you.wellght,eralotors is issuing its second recall in less than a year for tens of thousands of chevy bolt electric cars over concerns the cars could catch fire. we get more now from cbs' errol barnett. >> everybody out! >> reporter: horrified neighbord neighbors watch as a watch as a chevy bolt bursts into flames engulfing this virginia home. >> the last thing i thought was that the car would have spontaneously lit on fire. >> reporter: scott virgin in florida had the same issue with his bolt. >> the fire department was unable to put the battery out. they had to drag it by the side of the road and let it burn overnight. >> reporter: a defective battery iresnd prompted g.m.ed to nine today to isstsrl0 veide, teing f
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2017 to 2019 models to park and not to charge them unattended overnight. >> you can't take a lithium ion battery on to a plane and just stick it in your luggage and check it, right. so these things can catch on fire and they're dangerous. we're taking hundreds of them and putting them in a car. >> reporter: it's a significant problem for g.m. as it embarks on a $35 billion effort to build a new, all-electric platform. >> we plug in our vehicles as naturally as we charge our phone. >> reporter: but virgin, who took his newborn son home from the hospital in his hold chevy bolt, is still shaken by the incident. >> i had that flash where you see all of the things that could have happened and all of the terrible outcomes and, as a new parent, it was traumatic. >> o'donnell: and errol joins us now from a chevy dealership in virginia. so, errol, what's g.m. doing to fix the problem? >> reporter: g.m. is working
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with l.g. energy solution, battery manufacturer, on a potential fix but replacements are not available, and in response to questions from cbs news, g.m., norah, said it had no guidance on when those replacement parts would even be ready. >> o'donnell: got it. errol barnett, thank you. and there's so much more news ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news." the cleveland indians end years of criticism and announce a major change. a new ruling on earning astronaut wings, what does it mean for richard branson and jeff bezos. and popular brands of bagged carrots are recalled nationwide. we'll tell you what you need to know. clinically-studied plant based ingredients passion flower, valerian root, and hops. new zzzquil pure zzzs restorative herbal sleep. if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, now might not be the best time to ask yourself... 'are my bones strong?' life is full of make or break moments.
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>> o'donnell: tonight, after more than 100 years and decades of complaints, the cleveland indians are changing their name which native americans and others found offensive. after this season the indians will become the guardians, named after the guardian statues on a bridge that lead to the ballpark. tom hanks narrated the announcement saying cleveland has always been the best part of the name. billionaires jeff bezos and richard branson may have just had their wings clipped. a new f.a.a. ruling requires commercial space travelers to perform essential safety ing ight t
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qualiffor asonaut wings. bezos and branson were mostly passengers on their trips to the edge of space this month and all right, tonight popularinatew brands of bagged carrots are recalled because they might be contaminated with salmonella. a california company grimmway farms voluntarily recalled the baby and shredded carrots also sold under the names of bunny luv, cal organic and o-organics. so far, there are no reported illnesses linked to those carrots. all right, up next, cbs' steve hartman has a new chapter in the story he calls the old man and the seagull.
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i brought [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! >> o'donnell: an old irish proverb goes, "there are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships and may they always be." with that in mind, here's cbs' steve hartman "on the road." >> reporter: it can be a lonely job, pulling lobster traps way out here in the middle of the gulf of maine. but for 15 years captain john makosky had company, a faithful
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companion, in fact, he says, maybe a little too faithful. companion, in fact maybe a >> she comes right up to the window and is looking at me this far away, just staring at me. >> reporter: as we first reported last summer, john's stalker gull-friend who he named red eye, just showed up one day and never left, until she suffered a leg injury. john knew a seagull couldn't live long after that. how hard was it for him? >> oh, very difficult. >> reporter: john's wife, debbie. >> to watch john and see how sad he was, i could tear up now. >> i don't know why i was so emotionally crushed, but there was a piece missing. i was going to begin to wonder how much longer i felt like doing this. >> reporter: so in an attempt to save his passion for the sea, he tried to save that seagull, actually caught her, and brought her to the center for wildfire
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in cape neddick, maine. the staff nursed red eye while john spoiled her with her favorite kind of fish. a few weeks later, red eye was good as new and ready for the wild once more. >> perfect. >> reporter: of course, the wild was never red eye's thing, which is why, still today, no matter today, no matter where john is in this great ocean... >> that's her! >> reporter: -- red eye somehow finds him. >> that a girl! >> reporter: since we first told this story, life has only gotten better for red eye. she has now been immortalized in a children's book. >> that's red eye. >> reporter: and recently started bringing a new beau to the boat. john named him hero because he's very protective and adoring, almost as protective and adoring as the captain, now steering that third wheel. steve hartman, "on the road," in the gulf of maine. >> o'donnell: the fun just multiplies. we'll be right back.
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an electric truck that can haul... ...on both ends. that can help build your house. and if need be, power that house. that feels like a bullet train. and works like a freight train. the fully electric f-150 lightning. >> o'donnell: sunday on "face the nation," guests include former f.d.a. commissioner scott gottlieb, former surgeon general jerome adams and former commerce secretary gina raimondo. if you can't watch live, don't forget to set your d.v.r. so you can watch us later. that's tonight's "cbs evening news." i'm norah o'donnell in the nation's capitol. have a good weekend.
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