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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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grandkids, and i love grandkids, and i love my daughters. -- captions by vitac -- a fatal shooting in san rafael overnight. what police believe connects the victims. the push to get the bay area vaccinated. how local public clinics are making a difference. the overnight fight to contain the dixie fire and the frightening scenes as the blaze closes in. we begin with a deadly shootout in the north bay, in a high-speed chase with police through san rafael. >> wilson walker is joining us live from san rafael with the details of what happened.
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>> reporter: six people shot, two dead and two with life threatening injuries. all but one of those individuals have come to san rafael to a club for a show after 10:30. then gunfire got in this parking garage. >> it gets a little scary. >> reporter: this was the morning to assist the damage and what happened in this alleyway was only part of what unfolded across marin last night. >> we have a lot of people working but not enough to handle four active crime scenes. >> reporter: police also caught up with a car that was seen speeding away from the shooting. >> that vehicle was occupied by four people. two of which had been shot.
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another vehicle in st. elmo was also involved in that crime scene. >> reporter: and then at third car pulled up to the hospital and dropped off another mortally wounded victim before speeding away. >> we believe it was a high- powered automatic rifle that was used. >> reporter: the evidence of that can be seen in every direction, bullets passed right through four frames and blew chunks of concrete off the parking garage. >> bullet holes were going through the lunch room while. there must've been about 10 of them that went through the outer wall and our lunch room wall. >> reporter: the police say the investigation will likely lead beyond san rafael. >> we have victims from stockton and fairfield. this will definitely lead us in many different areas.
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>> i think happening here in san rafael it is something we are not used to at all. >> reporter: the sixth of victim apparently is an interesting innocent bystander. a homeless individual who frequently sleeps in a little spot in this parking garage that apparently was hit by the gunfire and is expected to recover. i also spoke with the owner of the club that hosted the concert and they said they reached out to police ahead of time, and told them about the show and that there were no problems inside the venue at all. they say they were unaware of the shooting until someone came into the club to tell them a little while after it happened. it is about two blocks away from here. police obviously have following up to do well beyond san rafael with victims outside of the county. and as of yet, no suspects. the boys and girls club and
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the contra hostpop- vaccininic antioch today. the event is to educate and motivate people to get vaccinated to keep the community safe. antioch is contra costa's least vaccinated city and is skeptical towards getting vaccinated. >> it serious, we have to take precaution though. i was reluctant at first. i heard stories but i decided to do it. >> people who got vaccinated also received a free gift card. in marin county and unvaccinated resident has died from covid-19 complications. health officials think it is the first death in the county from the virus in more than two months. there have been 186 covid-19 deaths in marin county since the pandemic began. dr. matt willis says he wants the community to know that it's not safe to be unvaccinated.
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coming up, john ramos will have more on the push to get bay area residents vaccinated. with the summer search and coronavirus, vaccinations and masks remain the focus of a nationwide debate. an average of 49,000 new covid- 19 cases were confirmed in the last week according to the johns hopkins university tracker. and john lawrence has the latest on why so many have been hesitant to get the vaccine. >> reporter: the u.s. is facing another covid-19 surge this summer. >> so many people will get infected with this fake narrative out there that if you are young and healthy and take care of yourself you will not get sick. that is simply not true. >> reporter: every state has a seven day average that title rose above the previous week according to data from johns hopkins university. >> the new cases in covid are because of unvaccinated folks. almost 100% of them need
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hospitalizations are on on vaccinating folks. some of my family has been pushing me, but the delta variant kind of scares me. >> and others still say they will not roll up their veas cas are preparing for the start of a new school year. >> we continue to aggressively and intentionally educate our families and employees around the importance of vaccination. putting the data in front of them and highlighting our own mitigation strategy. >> 30 states have yet to get half of their residents fully vaccinated. parents frustrated with the san francisco school board of education took their message on the road today. they drove school buses across the city and an awareness
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campaign to recall three board members. they say they are not doing enough to reopen school safely and many students have fallen behind during the pandemic as a result. they hope to get enough signatures to qualify for the recall election. we reached out to the school board for comment but have not heard back. a fire broke out in east oakland warehouse last night. fire crews were called out just before 1:00 a.m.. the video from a citizen app shows plumes of smoke coming from the warehouse. >> there are a lot of encampments with a lot of people living along the street. there has been some talk of possibly going from the encampment into the main building. >> they were going to replace power poles and transformers that were damaged in the fire. a man was arrested that police say intentionally set
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fires along highway 4. it happened after 8:00 last night. and the cruiser able to make quick work of the flames. the suspect ran away from the scene and tried to hide out inside a nearby clothing store. he was eventually taking into custody. the dixie fire exploded overnight. the biggest wildfire in the state, so far it is 19% contained. the fire crews are racing to protect shoreline communities where flames are threatening thousands of homes and buildings. families are trying to evacuate before it is too late. >> it was raining ash, dark skies. everyone kind of had this worried ominous feeling. you can tell it was panic. >> a new blaze in plumas county just a few miles from the dixie fire is prompting auditory evacuations in the quincy area. the fire is under investigation to see if it is a spot fire
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from the dixie fire. it's estimated to have scorched around 2800 acres and is just 5% contained. a bakersfield mother facing charges after leaving her two children alone in a hot car. the grocery store worker took the video that you see. all again went one of the boys got out of the car looking for his mother. people went into the car and found a newborn baby inside. they tried to stand behind the car and keep the mother from leaving. witnesses say she almost ran them over and then sped away. the 38-year-old mother was arrested for felony child cruelty. still to come, on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area . >> we had to make a 200 mile dash to a new location>> a cele apollo splashdown. >> and if you are a president,
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do you ever get to actually take a vacation? there is a lot of lightning showing up, granted for now it bun er the next few days longs to start bringing it back to california. we will be looking at the possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms in the seven day,
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the uss hornet is celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the recovery of the apollo 11 astronauts. the hornet recover the apollo 11 after returning from its journey to the moon on july 20th 1969. displays from nasa were on show. the museum hosted a panel with members who served during the apollo missions including control members and hornet crew members. >> we were all very optimistic and like dean said, failure is not an option. all around the world people were offering advice, to do anything they can do to bring the guys back. >> there was a large storm brewing so we had to make a 200 mile dash to a new location. we only had 12 hours to it. >> richard nixon famously welcome the astronauts back to earth.
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although nixon was not a big fan of the space program, because that whole thing was kennedy's idea. they had a bit of a history. from apollo to that fog you saw a few moments ago, darren is here to talk about what's next. >> it's a shame he cannot get past that. so let's get into the forecast. we have a little bit of marine layer coming in on the west side of the city. but it has been helping because everyone is about 2-3 degrees cooler than yesterday. but that is a minor part of the story. there are much more interesting things coming our way to discuss. low 90s for concord, still hot. still about 5 degrees above average for this time of the year. here is where we are going for morning lows. the east bay, city, tomorrow, plenty of sunshine by the afternoon.
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daytime highs tomorrow, very much like today, maybe just a little cooler. for sunday, let's get to the things that are interesting. we told you about the dixie fire andbiggest fire burning in california. when you look at the high resolution satellite, you cannot miss it. a lot of those are ira cumulus clouds which tells you there's a lot of heat, smoke and flame. question for us is does the smoke start coming back our way? the answer is, more than it has over the last couple of weeks. as you take a look to monday, if you take a look at the mid- levels of the atmosphere, we will pull more smoke back our way. so the sky will look hazy. let's look at the ground level. it is a much better story. we will likely still have some smoke weed pulling from the dixie fire.
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but most of it will be too high. air quality should stay okay. we've got to watch it. moderate, may be unhealthy for sensitive groups. it will be a concern over the next couple of months. other issues, isolated thunderstorms in the desert southwest. watch the big hole of moisture over the next few days. that is where it is tuesday morning. that's the fuel in the atmosphere to help develop thunderstorms again. that's a lot more than we would typically have. it's kind of another typical scenario where the monsoon tries to throw us the occasional thunderstorm. this is not off the charts in terms of levels of concern. tuesday morning is the most likely timeframe to see isolated thunderstorms. monday into tuesday is where we will be the most concerned. let's get you into the seven- day forecast and i will show you how this plays out.
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we will look at this with san francisco, san jose and oakland. you can see that is the major communities for the seven-day forecast. no real story for the temperatures. the real story, how likely is it monday into tuesday that we see isolated thunderstorms. we will keep a close eye on that over the next couple of days. >> looks like nice vacation whether. speaking of, kenny's sprawling compound. >> another bite in area has rehobeth beach delaware. it's during the ranks of presidential retreats. just a couple of hours east of washington it's been known as the nation summer capital. but now it is getting a moment in the sun. the bidens visited the town for years before buying a home there in 2017. the when you are the leader of the free world there is really no such thing as time of.
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>> they never really enjoyed the privilege to be able to turn off being president of the united states. a change of scenery gives presidents the time to rejuvenate. often gives them time to do things they couldn't do at the white house. >> for the bidens that means riding bikes in the state park or visiting local eateries. >> they hope that the new status as a presidential vacation spot will help tourism. straight ahead, guess who's birthday it is? don't worry, i'm not going to sing. the giants fans, you are going to love this guy. and what is going on with the nfl versus its players now? we've got an update on the
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olympic games up top.
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they are underway. in tokyo we've got soccer where the u.s. women have played the game oftentimes like they invented it. which is why it was such a empty ium. see them dath re in zealand. w al morgasix goals. the americans, in front of first lady jill biden rounded the kiwis with 6-1. hears the vikings assistant rick dennison before the team released him because he refused to get the covid vaccine. the league is taking a hard stand against players that opt out of the shot. any unvaccinated individuals will be fined $15,000 if they break covid protocol. that includes not wearing a mask. happy 57th birthday barry
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bonds. fitting that his former teams, the pirates and giants, play each other tonight. the a's lost last night in seattle. they through five wild pitches in the game that caused them. the same two teams tonight. the losses can eat at a manager. so how does bob melvin handle it? >> we've lost a game, it's friends reruns all the time. that's basically all i watch. i've seen every one of them so i don't have to really process it too much. >> we were on a break. we were on a break. >> did ross cheat on rachel or were they on a break? gee don't get me started on that. i can't go there on that one. i do have some ideas but i'm not going there. that's a loaded question. >> can you guess what happens at fenway park in boston?
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gleyber torres had an rbi single that broke a tie and the yankees, thanks to chapman closing out, won the game 4-3. sonoma raceway, this weekend is the stage for nhra drag racing. the best drivers earn the wally trophy. hall of famer john forrest has won 143 of them. forrest, the holder of 120 titles is the base of drag racing. 72 years young and i asked him, what is his secret sauce, what gets him going? >> i shouldn't say this on tv, better than sex, but at my age, you wouldn't know.
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i love getting to be with my children. >> i was curious about the competitor dad dynamic. what's that like? >> it's definitely tough. we battle. he's my boss but my dad, some weekends we get along great, others we are butting heads. currently we are not getting along. we put on a smile and come to work and figure it out. hears and overhead shot, third round of the open and miguel gimenez showed us how it is done. but he's chasing this tele-, the welshman shooting smooth. two shots clear of the field. pga beauty shot, par 71 3m championship. we've got cameron at the par
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five, of bogey free round at 66. right behind, maverick mcneely, and jordan, one shot behind, in case you wondered, he's the son of scott mcneely. over in france, the best women's players found. the fourth of five major championships in the women's game. lee followed up to friday with this, shut 3 under 68. in 18 under total. i once lost to miniature golf in castro valley. it took months of therapy to get over that. still to come, a heartwarming story of a
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a dog reunites with his owner after a while chase around mission bay. >> police officers chased the dog for almost five hours. animal control officers responded to a call about a dog on a train track. after an intense game of hide and seek they were able to catch the dog and return it to
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its owners. >> we will see you back here ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning spoed >> diaz: tonight: summer surge. the delta variant speeds a spike considering a third shot for some americans. while frustration rises over vaccine holdouts. >> it is really heartbreaking to know there are still people not wanting these vaccines. >> diaz: also tonight, the first gold medals are awarded at the tokyo olympics, as the delayed games finally begin. cbs news is there. plus, extreme danger, wildfires rage in the west, while the desert southwest gets swamped. a new chief takes charge of the capitol police six months after the riot. >> i'd be foolish not to think it couldn't happen again.


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