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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 29, 2021 12:00pm-12:28pm PDT

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one san mateo supervisor has a blunt message for unvaccinated as cities and counties grapple with whether to bring back mask mandates. justin andrews is in foster city looking at what could be on the horizon for san mateo. >> reporte onlyfo county operat buildings like city hall in foster city. but it does not apply to businesses. we asked could this potentially change? >> we will have to sort of explore that. we are driven pievidce. in all the decisions, number of cases, hospitalizations. >> reporter: new guidelines from health officials have been
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a roller coaster. some counties and cities have recommendations and others mandates leaving some confused. san mateo supervisor. >> i always carry my mask. wherever you go, carry your mask. >> reporter: over the last two weeks, covid cases ve ar double buildings in hopes of protecting us from delta variant and to slow the spread. latest numbers eligible in san are fully vaccinated. for anyone who is not, he had this to say. >> to those unvaccinated, shame on you. we are in a life or death situation. the decisions you are making are affecting my residents and you are affecting residents in the state of california. >> reporter: over the next several weeks they'll be monitoring covid numbers to see if they have to add or take
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away any restrictions. justin andrews, kpix5. taking a live look at san francisco city hall where mayor just sibillfor nefiscal ys lice ads shsays there will be ant to see an fe differeninty. i want to clean and that's just a given, that there isn't someone having a mental health break down. if there is, they have someone they ca get the person help. >> over the next two years the budget includes nearly $525 million for economic recovery, 11 million for violence prevention and victims' rights and almost 51 million for affordable housing. fire watch, we just got new numbers about dixie fire, the huge wildfire in the sierra. it is threatening more than
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10,000 structures in butte and plumas. at least 64 are destroyed. fire stands at 23% containment for the third day. more than 221,000-acre have his burned. dry conditions aren't helping firefighters. >> we just got a new snapshot of the statewide drought ck is here. we are certainly moving in the wrong direction. >> we are, no surprise. before i show that map we have looking at the drought monitor with the growing red, i wanted to show a different map which will explain why california got worse this week. this is a shows average precipitation across the country. in the deep blue, it rains in july. get into yellow, orange, red, it doesn't rain a lot. in the shade of white, it doesn't rain at all on average. this is one of my favorite maps of california. i call that the sea horse of silence.
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it is kind of shaped like a sea horse. entire central rain gets no rain in july. it doesn't happen anywhere else in the country, one example of how unique california's climate is. this is what the drought monitor looked like last week, deep shades of red are moin expa widrought monitor has to say. it has extended. there is really no surprise. we will not get any rain. keep your fingers crossed. maybe october. keep your fingers crossed for november. look at lake oro ville. this is a major source of water for california as a whole mainly agriculturally for the central valley. this is not the water coming outs of your taps but that's what it looks like. that's a narrow river canyon so it will look a lot more dramatic. when you drop the water on steep sloped sides like that in
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a canyon it really will show but it does say a lot about our reservoirs, guys. a sigh of relief, there is no tsunami threat after a powerful earthquake hit alaska. an 8.2 quake hit just after 11:00 last night near the alaskan peninsula. tsunami warning issued for portions of the state after that but it was lifted soon after. usgs is reporting at least two strong after shocks. this line of cars was trying to evacuate when the warning was in effect. so far, no reports of major damage. it is a sparsely populated area. this is alaska's strongest since 1964. a big business headline, robin hood made debut on the nasdaq under ticker hood. the trading and investment app initially priced shares a the $38 giving a valuation of about 32 billion. stock has been up and down as
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much as 12% today. robin hood coa gateway for new in under scrutiny for missteps and pr blunders. a live look updow about 173 points. today we learned u.s. economy grew at 6.5% in second quarter. that marks full recovery of losses suffered during the pandemic. a bill making its way through congress may help more. but the hard part is getting it passed. >> reporter: republicans and democrats agree a more than half trillion dollar investment in america's road and bridges will grow the economy. >> massive investment in public infrastructure will create tens of thousands of good paying jobs. that's just what the doctor ordered. >> reporter: two thirds of senators voted wednesday to begin debate on bipartisan infrastructure bill. it invests $110 billion on america's roads and bridges. almost the same would be spent
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a rail and public transit projects and would upgrade country's broadband internet, airports, drinking water, electrical grade. >> at a time when washington be with others and decided we would do something great for our country. >> reporter: in addition to physical infrastructure bill democrats are pushing ahead with a $3.5 trillion budget resolution which they're trying to pass without republican support. >> we need to help american families keep up with exorbitant costs of childcare, healthcare, housing, college, more. >> reporter: some moderate democrats say they're uncomfortable with the price tag. kyrsten sinema said she supports many of the goals in the budget bill "i have also made it clear while i will support beginning this process, i do not support a bico.5 at dr
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"good luck tanking your on chil climate action, infrastructure." progressive democrats say they will not vote for the bill unless they also pass the bug bill. budget bill. >> schumer wants both passed before senate takes the five week recess that starts august still ahead, a team usa gymnast joining elite club and making history. meet a bay area woman helping her small community make a big difference
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for the fifth olympics team usa is celebrating gold medal in women's gymnastics all around competition. 18-year-old lee coming out on top. simone biles watched from stands and lee's family cheered her on from home in minnesota. family and friends over joyed as you can see to watch suni get the win on the rlag s the rst make the olympic team and she has the gold. her parents say they are happy
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therin person. h they couldn't >> it's very difficult that we weren't there to support her physically. being able to support her with this crowd of family and community and friends, her fans, it is worth it. >> team usa making headlines notice pool, dressel sent an olympic record to win gold in men's 100-meter freestyle final. fink won gold after a last minute come back. on the women's smith and flickenner ended a 21 year drought winning silver and bronze in the 200-meter butterfly, first u.s. women to medal in the event since 2000. but a world champion pole vaulter is out of the olympics, tested positive for covid.
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he won bronze in the 2016 rio games and with duplantis it was expected to be one of the highlights of the program which starts tomorrow. our bay area general soever award winner has been rounding up her small coastal community to tackle the billions pounds of plastic and other pollutants that end up in the ocean every year. >> reporter: twice a month beach clean ups in half moon bay collect trash from plastic bottle caps to cigarette butts. >> reporter: volunteers like 8- year-old stark feel good. >> it's like you are saving the animals in the ocean and on land. >> reporter: beach clean up, one project of sea hugger. the nonprofit founded in 2018 to protect and heal the marine environment. she got the idea in part after diving at the great barrof dead
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it was really shocking to see. >> reporter: the half moon bay surfer had an a-ha moment. >> i realized i had the skills and heart to be the voice because the ocean and animals that live in the marine ecosystem can't speak for themselves. >> reporter: stark says shell leads in lobbying for conservation laws and supporting solutions that reduce dependency on plastic. >> she makes the bridge between the community and the politics or organizations that can make a difference. >> reporter: shell and her group educate children. >> they gave way to camp sea
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hugger. hundreds have paid to send students to the it eportel motivates people to care for their environment. >> when you walk through here as part of your neighborhood, you will go it looks better because i made it look better. >> always thinking of you, keeping you in our prayers. >> reporter: now supporters inspire her as she battles stage 4 breast cancer. >> my expression of thanks. >> reporter: her daughter says sea hugger fuels her fight. >> it has given her a huge sense of purpose. >> reporter: for leading a multi faceted campaign to protect the oceans, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to shell cleave. >> sea hugger provide monthly support for a program in south africa that's picked up more than 4,000 pounds of plastic in
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two years. the program is mirrored after a program in mexico where families pick up trash, turn them in for tokens to use to buy basics like food and clothes. if you know someone doing extraordinary community service nominate them for a jefferson award. go to and click the nominations tab. it's a beautiful day albeit a bit warm. let's get a check on our forecast. a bit warmer for some of us than others. it's the usual suspects but i will show you how that will play out. look how pretty from the top of the sales force tower. that's the view looking east. we got rid of the marine layer, plenty sunshine even in the mid bay. oakland has gotten to 67. if we look at whbermer tavere t upp like this. it's color coded. the deeper yellow and orange is where you have pockets that wi if not shaded, you will be
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average. now you see a pattern. inland valleys of the east bay where temperatures are as much as 10 to 15 degrees above average. in the bay you are doing what you should. we will hit 97 in concord, 95 in livermore. go over hills and get down over to some, exposure to on shore flow, influence from the marine layer and temperatures are better. it's even below average at the beach today at 62. what would be average for inland valleys of east bay? 88. 97 today will turn to 89 by saturday. there is good news, we will cool back to average south bay numbers, mid 80s most locations. it will be a relatively cool 77 for hayward though. you go over here and we are back in the mid and upper 90s. 94 danville, pleasanton. east bay shoreline, low 70s.
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then you climb to upper 80s inland valleys of marin. 90 santa rosa. temperatures in mendocino and lake make it to the low hundreds. san francisco, oakland, san jose, it will be in the mi for san jose turning to around 80 by the weekend. a four to five degree drop there. you get ten degree drop for inland valleys of east bay and north bay valleys will benefit too. upper 80s today back down to the low 80s. think of that as like santa rosa for the weekend. it is about to feel a lot better. >> good news, thank you. still ahead, stolen and found a month later. how bay area police finally tracked down this pooch and the people who took it.
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a stolen dog story but this has a happy ending. >> a french bulldog stolen in south san francisco has been rescued and reunited with her family. prada is her name. very fancy. the suspects apparently came in
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and attacked one of her owners. a detective arranged to meet the suspect saying he wanted to buy the dog and snatched it up. prada was safely recovered and is in good health. ecwere oked intomate> we ceing nati it tomorrow on the morning show. send us a picture of yomeat kpixtv. >> you can see mutt on tv. >> yeah. hbng valerie calhounism and
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owners are vandalism. maybe a few high clouds, temperatures range from anywhere in the 60s to already near 90. yes, it is already near 90 in livermore. 88 degrees. the seven-day forecast shows us a cool down but since it is near 90 in livermore, look at the top line. that's your forecast. it will be near 100 but we'll
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cool you to th weekend. a nascar driver and his wife britney expecting their third child. >> and their sons played a big part in the unique gender reveal. >> on your mark, get set, go! >> it's a girl, out from the back there bof. rning ruer e.ngralations. >> the bar is high wi e
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♪♪ >> steffy: i am so excited to be your wife. >> finn: we're really doing this. >> steffy: yes, we are. >> finn: you're making me a happy man, steffy. [ steffy laughing ] >> steffy: we've been engaged for so long. and we have a baby, it's, like, time to make it official. >> finn: mm, you know who's gonna be really excited about this? >> steffy: mm-hmm, our little flower girl? >> finn: yes, kelly has been talking about our wedding since we got engaged. >> steffy: you know what we need to do? we need to get, like, a--a little baby tuxedo for hayes. >> steffy: i am so grateful for what lies ahead. >> finn: oh, me too. >> steffy: so let's do this. let's get married.


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