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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 29, 2021 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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reopened in june and the unemployment supplement of $300 per week and the fact that the schools continue to thildcardifficulties so it is not one factor and i would say it is those factors and people reconsidering. in a way, i have been through five major recoveries since 1980 and this one is different. people i think it is the shock of the pandemic and people are reconsidering it all at income levels whether they want to go back to what they were doing before so it isn't one factor but all of them. >> i remember in the early days
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of this thing is you get kids back to school and back to work and you will see the economy pick up in our some suggesting that people are sitting on the sidelines and they like this unemployment benefits and the summer making more unemployment than they could make him a job, but those will run out. would you expect to see happen then? >> up until very recently i thought in september you wouldn't see much but in early september we saw some movement for those reasons and the unemployment runs out on september 4 and schools reopen hopefully fully and childcare becomes more available, but i think we now we have the issue of the delta variant and whether that will delay it and simply the fact that people are not coming back and it may be what i am beginning to see and hear from employers is they are beginning to look at ways, different business models and ways of doing things for fewer workers. >> maybe pay them a little bit more to get people, incentivize them, get back to work. >> always good but one positive impact of this is that increases in lower wages and those jobs and they have increased. that is always balancing for anybody who runs a small
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business you know the tension between wanting to raise pay and the economic part of that. >> always good to talk to you. thank you. see you next time. resident expire on saturday, but his call on congress is to extend the nationwide ban. the supreme court allow the order issued by the cdc to stay in place until july 31 and congressional action will be needed to extend its effectiveness past that date. the band help to keep people in their homes and out of crowded settings as a way to help stop the spread of covid-19. this doesn't affect californians. the governor extended protection for renters through the end of september. with cases on the rise, sacramento county is requiring
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people to mask up in public indoor settings regardless of their vaccination status. as we report, many are now wondering if more restrictions could be on the way. >> i think there will be another spike. >> reporter: he is taking advantage of a maskless walk-in apartment keeping a close eye on covid in california and as cases climb he is wondering what future plans he can make. >> we have a fundraiser scheduled mid august and we are struggling with what to do. >> reporter: cases going up in populations big and small and if we look at back at the system nearly every county would be in the widespread purple right now and likely facing closures. >> i think we will probably go back into it somewhat. >> reporter: many rolling back with a new stronghold on the region by the new variant and while health officials say the numbers look the same as last year the resources are not. >> laster we didn't have the vaccine, and that is why we had the additional measures of the shutdowns. >> reporter: this doctor said vaccines are the main way out and a new mask mandate d
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ture mutations anprotec omopo w eropy go back to masks and that is great and i am opposed to trying to close down a small business. >> reporter: everyone including health officiarestrictions. >> they say the mask mandate will be lifted when there is low to moderate transmission of the virus. scarlett johansson is suing the walt disney company over her latest action movie. she said the streaming release of black widow violated her contract and deprived her of potential earnings. she filed a lawsuit in the la superior court today arguing her contract guarantees an exclusive theatrical release. her potential earnings were tied to box office performance. black widow was released in theaters and the streaming service disney +. disney said the lawsuit is without merit.
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shy and trial n tax for -- fraud. they found evidence she avoided paying $16 million in taxes in spain between 2012 and 2014. shakira has denied any wrongdoing and her representatives say she immediately paid what she owed when she learned about the debt . if found guilty, she paces a fine and even jail time, but today's recommendation can't be appealed. harvey weinstein was back in an la courtroom and his lawyers asked if three of the 11 sex-related charges against him be dismissed saying they are beyond the statute of limitations and the judge rejected their arguments on two charges, but told prosecutors to return to a grand jury to amend the third if convicted. he does face up to 140 years in prison on top of the time
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serving from his conviction in new york last year. three men wanted for an attempted homicide in san jose are behind bars and police say two brothers were arrested in arizona last week and the third suspect taken into custody. authorities say they shot a victim back in december and the victim's identity wasn't released. there is no information on a motive. three suspects were arrested accused of a carjacking earlier this month and here is a look at two of the suspects. the third is a minor and authorities say the three of them reportedly walked up to a man pumping his tank at a gas station and threatened him with a gun. they then stole the car. investigators got search warrants and found this evidence in multiple homes linking the suspects to the crime. starting tomorrow, ens the c
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>> rter: we have seen playoff basketball. and now concerts will be back at both venues starting this weekend. the first will be this group and they are sold out for their seven shows and hold the record for most shows in a single calendar year performed at staples center by a latin artist. and then over at microsoft theater it is the sweet harmonies of this group. >> we are excited and a little nervous knowing it will be a full house. >> reporter: both venues have upgraded safety measures in line with the california department of health guidelines and you either need to be vaccinated or obtain the negative covid test within 72 hours before the event. >> you don't have to show us but felt the test that you have done that. >> reporter: all tickets will be digital and mobile orring at
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anstems and all guests t aifilt over the age of 2 must wear masks at all times but given the rise in covid cases in la county, are there concerns about these large indoor events? >> i don't believe we should be worried. we have done a phenomenal job in making sure our fans are safe and we look at how we took care of them during playoff basketball and making sure with our accreditation and how much we are cleaning and sanitizing our venue. >> the first concert at microsoft theater will be on saturday. disneyland tomorrow and disney world will once again require face masks indoors and the rules will apply to both workers and visitors, regardless of vaccination status. comes after safety guidance from health and government officials.
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coming up, divided over face masks, the growing frustration among the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. animal shelters are overwhelmed by people heading back to work and it is causing a pet return crisis. coming up, the south bay's largest school district the first to announce new vaccine rules and the big change for thousands of students returning to s. dentross the country and a across the fothe
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those are some good numbers, but it was a disappointing wall street debut for robin hood and shares of the financial services company sank eight .4% and the i price closed at just
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under $35 and a lot of passions running that company it has been celebrated for its commission free trades and providing access to the markets but it has drawn heat for restricting trades on game stop during an effort to drive up that stock price and there is a class-action lawsuit involving that controversy. new video and tense moments in space and the international space station was knocked off course happening when the thrusters fired on a russian research module after it docked with the iss and communications were lost for a minute or so but nasa and russian controllers regained control of the space station and there was no damage and the crew was never in danger. up how police track down product. coming up, hacking the way
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to improve global health and how scientists are using technology to unlock the secrets of human performance and defeat the body's weakness. >> we are developing a digital athlete and we want to benefit all people all over the world. >> the superhuman athlete and
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superstar gymnast simone biles may have withdrawn from the competition at the tokyo olympics, but that dn't stop team usa from bringing home the gold in the women's all-around final. >> reporter: friends and family of suni lee jumped for joy in minnesota when the gymnast captured gold in the women's all-around final. >> be happy. we are happy and proud. there are no words to describe it. truck she narrowly beat the brazilian to win one of the most high-priced file -- profiled metals at the lithic s there were plenty of times i would want to quit and i didn't
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think i would get here including injuries and stephanie were a lot of emotions but i am proud of myself for sticking with it. >> reporter: fellow americans simone biles with the heavy favorite in tokyo before dropping out of the competition to focus on her mental health but with simone biles watching from the stand, she sees the opportunity and turned it into gold. >> i was putting too much pressure on myself knowing that simone biles was gone and people maybe i felt put pressure on me to come back with that metal but they told me to focus on myself and what i normally do. truck back in minnesota her sister face timed with her now famous sibling while their parents soaked it all in. >> she is a gold medalist and i am super proud as a mom. truck she said her win wouldn't have been possible without the constant support of her coaches and especially her family. >> i do love seeing her mom and dad. >> she is the fifth straight american to win gold in the women's all-around at the lithic s stolen but now found, the french bulldogs back with her family after somebody swiped her from a hotel in south san francisco.
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product was taken and three suspects broken and attacked one of her owners about a month ago. police secretly track to those people down and arranged to meet the suspects last night saying they wanted to buy the dog and that is when they arrested those people and got prodded back safely. drivers in colorado caught off guard when a group of horses escaped from a nearby rodeo and made a break for the freeway. this happened over the weekend and apparently it only took one horse to get spooked by the electric fence in and they all took off running and stay patrol block traffic doing everything they could to slow them down. >> i wouldn't say it was a typical day to see a cowboy riding around the interstate trying to stop that lead horse, get in front of them and slow them down.
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ctwereand the horses did eventually slow down and came to a stop were community members were waiting to help and none of the horses were injured. some northern california animal shelters are overwhelmed with pets is more people head back to work in this facility outside of sacramento only had four stray dogs last month and workers now say they are completely full. many are blaming the pandemic and a lot of people adopted animals when they were home, but now the humans have to return to work. >> animals are bored again and jumping fences or getting out and there is nobody there to care for them. >> if you are going to take your responsibility on, you want to make sure when you're gone you have something to entertain your animal. >> august a shelter month and some places will be waiving adoption fees. >> that was so hard to see. yes, you have to know they are a member of your family and that is part of the deal.
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>> i can't imagine giving one ent. >>ve dowalk forecast at 6:00. de and not ta too long to dissipate on friday with temperatures still warm to hot inland, but it should be pleasant around the bay and pleasantly cool along the coast where the fog may be tougher to shake but cooler temperatures in store through the weekend not a huge drop but closer to what is normal further inland with slightly below-average temperatures along the bay and there is the fog trying to spread an already toward the northeast and it is again not going to be a major factor as we head through the day on friday and today's temperatures are all over the place and some even 101 in fairfield and that is the hotspot with livermore also had 96 and san jose normal with an 82 high with san francisco up to 66 and specific up to 60. current temperatures are still warm in the santa clara valley and hot here but temperatures
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around at sfo and downtown is a 65. the fog shows up on future cast but is that shade of gray indicating it won't be that dense and not a lot to dissipate through friday and passing clouds further up in the atmosphere but more of a factor on saturday and you can see that streaming in from the south. we are not concerned about monsoonal moisture or lightning or potential for thunderstorms but it will stay in the sierra over the next few days. temperatures drop from a mix of 50s and 60s and 67 in antioch. in general mid-to upper 50s and low 60s to start the day on friday and temperatures will warm up for normal in a degree or so on either side and temperatures for macro 5 up. we will zoom in for a closer look. 60 around the coast and mostly 80s down the peninsula and
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around the south end of the bay but temperatures a warming from the mid 80s for santa clara and san jose to blow 90s as you had further inland. temperatures in the tri-valley reach the low 90s with temperatures reaching the mid- to upper 90s further east in even the hotspots will stay below 100 and even by a few degrees. mid-60s for san francisco and upper 60s and low 70s for the east bay were temperatures in the north bay reaching the middle portion and about what is normal for this time of year and you had further north for temperatures heat up in a hurry with triple digit readings in the same thing for lake county. with hot temperatures inland the fire danger index will be halfway up the scale by tomorrow afternoon topping out around for macro 5 with some of the usual hotspots but with cooler temperatures for the weekend, saturday we won't be as far up the scale on saturday in the same thing for sunday so while the fire danger is never zero these we will be headed in the right direction in the
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short term is a go through the weekend. temperatures for the city drop off to the low 60s saturday and sunday and we stay there for most of next weekend for oakland in the east bay hovering around 70 for most of next week with temperatures in san jose back into the upper 70s to around 80 and inland in the east bay you will still be warm at least out of the 90s on a widespread basis but still in the upper 80s through next week. low 80s in the north bay and creeping up to mid 80s by thursday and friday next week with temperatures along the coast not changing a lot, right around 60 and slightly below. if you missed the update on the drought situation we will show you that coming up at 6:00. a string of anti-semitic incidents prompted a rally cry from san francisco community leaders and vegan food in jail? the bay area city that just voted to provide vegan food at all city events and buildings and jails. i am it santa fe unified
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school district headquarters were we are 20 days normal as the school year we have had in a long time. >> we are looking forward
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for the first time in the pandemic, it seem a moh and
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a half ago the bay area padded itself on its collective back for having reopened with a world class of vaccination rate. now, kind of suddenly, it seems like all of that just was not enough, so what are we left with? worry, a lot of uncertainty and a lot of frustration. >> it is scary thinking about all the people that will be affected by this and am not will be. t whate there are a lot of uncertainties. >> reporter: cases are up and masks are back and i think it is clear which direction things are headed right now. >> it does seem like we are going backwards a bittewise things are sliding backwards comes this growing consensus. >> i am frustrated with people who are not vaccinated yet, yes i am. >> reporter: the san francisco bar owners put a finer poinon
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that sentiment this week. >> this small group of frankly selfish people who can get vaccinated but are not are putting all of our lives and livelihoods in jeopardy, and we are tired of it. >> reporter: the irritation doesn't stop with the unvaccinated. >> it is getting me a little bit more frustrated especially with the inconsistency of the masking and where we are supposed to go with the next step. is a sharp and discouraging turn from the optimism of early june and made more bitter by this was largely avoidable. >> it is human to have reactions on that that range from disappointment to being just off and angry because some of this relates to the choices that individuals are making and in the old days it may have been a choice they were making not to mask and today it is a choice not to vaccinat >> reporter: that choice still stands in their any number of
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reasons holdouts could still >> say everybody go ahead and get the vaccination. i didn't want when i have 13 grandkids, i won't get my baby sick. >> reporter: the state positivity rate is now above 6% and the case rate among the unvaccinated is 600% higher than among the vaccinated. and now at 6, breaking news. santa clara county handing down a vaccine mandate and what we just confirmed minutes ago. a string of anti-semitic incidents prompting a rallying cry from bay area leaders. a big change for thousands of students returning to the classroom in the south bay. good evening. we start with the biggest soutvaccination rules. >> we are joined now with the new rules and
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expect when kids go back to school. >> reporter: the district tells us 90% of their employees have gotten the vaccination and for the remaining 10% who are unvaccinated, the district is not mandating any kind of shot for them but requiring them to get not one but two covid test per week and all of this -- we are in the home stretch of summer the time of year when adults are giddy with excitement the kids not so much and at this elementary in willow glen teachers arrived today to pick up their classroom keys. >> reporter: excited? >> very much so. >> this is about as normal of the school year we have had in a long time. >> reporter: the spokesperson said parents can have changes in august 13. there is no more distance learning and mask will be required indoors and outdoors
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for everyone, regardless of vaccinio


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