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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  July 29, 2021 7:00pm-7:29pm PDT

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world. right now on the kpix 5 news at 7, frustrations mounting right along with the covid case count. tkl et selfish op whcan get vaccinated but livelis in dyanwe are tired of it. good evening. as allen martin tells us, vaccinated or not, the list of rules and mandates is steadily growing this evening for all of us and it is. >> reporter: the latest to announce a vaccine mandate for returning teachers and staff and those who don't get a shot will have to test twice a week, but we are told that 90% of them already have and also masks will be required for everyone indoors and outdoors, us.ardless of vaccination
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e computer or come into class and wear a mask? >> coming to class and wear a mask. even though you have to wear one, i always forget about it and it definitely way more fun. >> it makes things more challenging, but it is better than having them at home on my computer screen. turning to the office unless they have a medical reason not to. and hours ago sacramento became the third california county after yolo and los angeles to issue indoor mask mandates. and as wilson walker reports frustrated restaurants and business owners are worried about what is next for the bay area. >> reporter: with cases up and masks returning, there is a sense we are sliding backwards and with that it is coming a lot of frustration. frustrated with people are novaccinatye i am ustratwiththat. in
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patients with them is part of the ever evolving safety protocols and it is another source of irritalyon. consy ofk and where we are supposed to go wi tick off and angry because some of this relates to the choices that individuals are making and some are making a choice not to mask and others not to vaccinate. >> reporter: the seven-day positivity rate is above 6% in the case rate among the unvaccinated is now 600% higher than among the vaccinated and in concord reporting. fred at e inconsistencies right now at the federal, state and local levels. also frustrated tonight comes some small businesses in hayes valley. the mainstay clothing the key
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-- boutique is the latest to close up shop sighting break- ins as part of the reason and neighboring businesses tell us they know the feeling. >> every day i come to work, and somebody's window is bashed out and we have had enough after all this time. >> it is kind of sad because these are the places that keep the neighborhood alive. >> police figures back it up and show burglaries in the area rose significantly during the pandemic providing surviving stores and restaurants with yet another obstacle. >> we want people who feel like they can come down here and shop and have fun and eat out and not be harassed. >> meanwhile police are searching for a fesuectsin a brazen robbery in fremont and investigators tell us the thieves held up a construction crew at gunpoint this happened on cushing parkway and they got away with nearly $25,000 worth
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of gear. a police standoff for some evacuations in san jose and chopper 5 was over the scene near highway 101. authorities say a man in crisis was holding what appeared to be an explosive device and here is a look at that device. investigators say it was modified to look like a real grenade and the bomb squad seized it and rendered it safe. the man was taken into custody after about an hour negotiations and no one was hurt. still to come, the san francisco 49ers, who are taking a pass on the coronavirus vaccine. >> following the protocols and we will see where itgo> pemance. d what u shld know about tracking your own. >> would you go as far to say that calorie count from a smartwatch is basically garbage? >> the race to get to higher ground as a powerful earthquake
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trump's almo a coof today's. we do have some changes in store as we head to the weekend with slightly cooler temperatures further inland. we will talk about the details coming up in the forecast.
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that is what it sounded like
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earlier with a pacific tsunami warning which is now been lifted following alaska's most powerful earthquake since the 1960s. here is what it looked like in with a long line of cars headed for higher ground. it was a magnitude 8.2 quake striking just after 11:00 last night off the states southern peninsula followed by at least two strong aftershocks but there was no major damage. taking a look at your top headlines. new covid protocols for some 2 million federal workers and contractors. president biden announcing they will need to show proof of vaccination or submit to regular testings and physical distancing and possible travel restrictions. >> this is an american tragedy. people are dying and will die. >> the president is moving forward -- toward a vaccine requirement for all military
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members and as for the public, he touted new incentives like paid leave for workers and urged states to offer $100 to every newly vaccinated resident. >> another pain aspect that pain people to get vaccinated may seem unfair to people who have gotten vaccinated already. but here is the deal. if incentives help us beat this virus, i believe we should use them. >> california is seeing a spike in people getting their first shot and a 20% increase over the 20 -- past week. and at least two san francisco 49ers are among them. they are taking a pass for now at least. >> i am just evaluating everything right now. i haven't made a decision about it yet. >> the 49ers say over 90% of the team is vaccinated. and superstar gymnast simone biles may have
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tokyo competition, but it didn't stop team usa from bringing home the gold in the women's all-around final. >> the friends and family of vanessa guillen -- suni lee capture the most coveted prize in her sport and simone biles had been the favorite before dropping out to focus on a mental health. >> i went out there and did it and did what i do best. it is so surreal and i haven't even let it sink in yet. >> i am happy and proud that there are no words that can describe how we feel right now. >> she is the fifth straight american woman to win gold in that event and it is pretty amazing. >> that is a long running tradition. thank you th humor -- superhuman achievements. scientists are using technology on real people to develop what they call the digital athlete. as we find out in a rare original report, their work could improve the health of the
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entire world. >> reporter: to all you weekend warriors out there, listen up. what if there was a way for you to keep on grinding going stronger and longer than you thought you could? some of the brightest scientific minds in the country are working on just that. we got a sneak peek of the future is stanford. >> will do a biomechanical assessment. >> reporter: deep in the bowels of the human performance lab at stanford we find a bioengineering professor with the confidence and energy of 18 was made the playoffs. he is developing what he calls the digital athlete. >> multiple cameras triangulate on these motion capture markers. >> reporter: these the same technology you would see in pructio detect nute presres the floor and also inside a specialized treadmill recording the force
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generated with each foot strike and sensors strapped to the leg capture each muscle contraction. all of that information will be crunched together to form a predictive computer model. >> we are developing a digital athletes we take data like this, motion data and force and emg data and create a digital model, a personalized model of the athlete and we can assess whether she is susceptible to injuries or how to improve her impairments -- performance and we can make her stronger. >> reporter: is one of the directors of the newly formed human performance alliance a dream team of scientists and engineers and doctors and academics and athletes assembled from six institutions across the country and funded m joe and clear ac testing and hacking their way into improved global health.
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>> it unleashes an incredible amount of scientific power to discover the biological principles that govern human performance. >> reporter: another early development that they're working on is a calorie burning measurement system using off- the-shelf initial sensors. thigh and then have a little microcontroller which is the brain and it collects the data from the sensors and determines how many calories you're burning with each step. >> i am more than elbows out person. >> reporter: he developed the calorie counter and published a study that found his homemade leg mounted device had a cumulative error of 13% and it was much more accurate compared to smartwatch is warn on the wrist that have an error of 40% to 80%. >> that is a pretty big gap . we think this device will be accurate enough for you can do some precise athletic training or better manage your weight. far to say that calorie counts from a smartwatch are basically garbage? >> they are very inaccurate
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and, unfortunately, they don't provide information about the inaccuracies which is misleading for users. >> reporter: the one discovery that seems like science fiction come to life was made by doctor longacre, looking at the skin of a lab rat with a fresh wound inside the orange circle and after 30 days it has developed a significant scar that can't grow here but the researchers discovered an existing drug normally used to treat eye diseases that when injected into the wound of those lab rats, the wound healed with no scar and even re-grew hair. >> we really cracked the code on getting us to heal without a scar. we are excited and motivated, and i think we are standing at the threshold of a time when scars as we know em n be >> reporterrekiall of these dis >>e maf publr software available to the scientific immunity for free and it is an open scientific
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project and that is the best way to advance the >> i got tired just watching that. and now to the drought emergency. based on these pictures of our local hills and a steadily shrinking lake oral will, it is hard to imagine it will get much worse. paul is here to tell us it is worse but we expected this. this time of year we are months away from the most significant chance of rain so the monitor won't offer us any good news but this is last week's update with much of the bay area and exceptional drought and the rest extreme and those of the two worst categories and we will switch to this week's update with an exceptional drought taking over all of alameda county and even
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the northern part of santa clara county and statewide a similar story. the amount of the state in exceptional drought which is the worst category with 33% to 46% this week and almost half of california and exceptional drought and back in 2014, september, the highest percentage of the state was an exceptional was over 60%, something i talk about in this week's weather extra kind of with a look ahead at the winter we may expect from the rainy season and you can check that out on our website or on the app. we will look at what is happening right now from the top of the mark hopkins hotel. the fog is up close and personal and 61 downtown, 66 oakland, mid-70s san jose and mild and santa rosa and on the warm side for livermore and concord with upper 80s to 90. the fog will continue trying to spread out as we head through the rest of tonight, but not th it won't make much progress early tomorrow morning because it is a pretty short marine layer it won't be able to overcome the geography of the bay area and spread into the
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inland valleys which means it back so quickly. we will see some high clouds far up in the atmosphere with is more of a factor in the first half of the weekend. these are not low clouds but further up in the atmosphere streaming overhead threat the first half of the weekend and monsoonal moisture but note dry lightning threat here or any threat will stay further off to the east. temperatures tonight dropping into the 50s and 60s and even a mix of both with 50s around the bay and north bay valleys and along the coast and 60s for santa clara valley and further inland in the east bay. tomorrow temperatures will be about where they were today so nice around the bay with mid 60 in san francisco and a mix of low to mid 70s for the east bay with temperatures in santa clara with mid 80s in san jose but toast year into the low 90s for the inland and mostly mid 80s for the north bay as well right around 60 along the coast with hot readings for the inland in the east bay with temperatures in the upper 90s and we have to be concerned about the fire danger and the index was just drinking at 0 to
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10 about halfway up the scale inland and solano county and contra costa by tomorrow afternoon. with cooler temperatures and store into the weekend we won't be as far up the scale by saturday afternoon. we do have to monitor it and we will for the next several months, but it is a slight drop in the fire threat into the weekend with cooler temperatures but it will be noticeable for everybody. san francisco in the low 60s this weekend and we stay there for most of next week. around 70 in oakland and the east bay and 80b0 high temperature settling for san jose. temperatures further inland in the east bay will still reach well into the 90s tomorrow but then upper 80s to close to 90. saturday and sunday and monday through thursday the north bay settles into the lower half of the 80s and along the coast you won't notice much change with temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60. we will have an update on the weekend forecast coming up at 11. still to come, the billion- dollar boost for california's struggling entertainment with y
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we are counting down to 49er preseason football right here and it all kicks off just over two weeks from now. >> jimmy garoppolo and trey lance share the practice field the day and jimm
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for the rookie, he told us after today's practice he is ready to soak up as much knowledge as he can from the starter. >> we played in the super bowl two years ago so he does a lot of things at a high level so it has been awesome for me mykacet i don't know if there is anyone better out there that i can learn from right now. a reminder, kpix 5 is your home for 49er preseason football and we will be bringing you all of the action live beginning saturday, august 14. thank you for watching in the news continues streaming on cbsn bay area. we will see you back here with more local news
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