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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  July 30, 2021 12:00pm-12:28pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area 2 studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbsn bay area pick new insight on how fast the delta variant is spreading. we ask a bay area dr. how worried you should be and even if you are vaccinated. new data from the cdc shows the delta variant is much more contagious than previously thought. cbs news confirmed washington post reported internal cdc document that says the very may spread as quickly as chickenpox. >> new data we have seen the la corroborated several times is that if you are vaccinated and one of those rare breakthrough infections, you have the capacity to pass it to somebody
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else. >> the document states the cdc must publicly acknowledge the war has changed. it argues the agency struggle to persuade the public to embrace vaccination and preventative measures like mask wearing. we talk to it public health expert at uc berkeley who says we need to see the data that supports the cdc information on how the delta variant spreads. >> the bad news is it means fully vaccinated people, some of the fully vaccinated people get infected, will say more breakthroughs. the breakthroughs will be mild, not going to the hospital. and they may be able to transmit. that means we have to change our behavior a little bit. >> looking live at sfo the spread of the very is top of mind for a lot of travelers right now. kpix 5 justin andrews is they're talking to people headed out of town this weekend. >> reporter: even with the delta variant thing a surge, very busy travel day at sfo.
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top of mind for so many people, some are scared, others are cautiously optimistic pick disturbing data about the delta variant is not stopping hundreds if not thousaelgood, s healthy, vaccinated. >> i'm feeling fully vaccinated, confident traveling today. >> reporter: as travelers trickle in, the cdc reveals delta spreads as easily as chickenpox which is one of the most transmissible viruses out there. that data finds that virus is just as easily for vaccinated people to spread as the un >> i'm a little nervous, it is coming back. we did our best the first period and because some of us are not messed up, it is coming back. >> reporter: the cdc director says with each person infected with delta, they can infect eight or nine others on average which is alarming to medical
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experts. >> it is what we are built to do, defend this stuff. >> reporter: the best defense is the vaccine say doctors. >> i have faith in the cdc and i'm a proponent for the vaccine. >> do the best you can. >> reporter: is the best th to stay vaccinated? >> absolutely get vaccinated and wear masks. keep us all safe. >> reporter: all of the new data is the driving force behind the cdc urging all americans to wear a mask regardless if you are vaccinated or not indoors. at sfo, justin andrews with kpix 5. if you plan on going to las reesing an end, heads up , reinstating the mandate outdoors, disneyland, regardless of vaccination status. decides traveling, people are going to concerts more and more. the staples center in los angeles will welcome fans back for the first concert in 500 a is. state measures upgraded.
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to go, you need to be vaccinated or have a negative wod. test within 72 hours of >e he done a phenomenal job ensuri the safety of our fans. in chicago, hundreds of thousands of people packed into lollapalooza last night. similar requirements there. attendees had to have proof of vaccine or negative covid test to get inside. seems like this are raising health expert concerns big gatherings could become super spreader events. we are getting word now, the city of san francisco will make a significant announcement about covid and the delta variant coming up around 1:00. we will bring that to you streaming on cbsn through president biden met with several governors today to discuss wildfire prevention and response. this is one element in the president's infrastructure plan. governor gavin newsom attended the meeting stressing the need for more resources and communication. >> it is imperative we are all
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on the same page in terms of initial attack strategy. forgive me for being long-winded but i want to get to those. >> that is why we are doing this, i want to find out what the greatest concerns you have are. when this meeting is over, i will be on the phone with department of defense and talk about excessive satellite capability. >> this is where the egg is wildfire stand, the dixie fire in the sierra 23% contained has grown to 240,000 acres. south of tahoe, fire crews make progress with the tamarack fire raising containment to 65% with 68,000 acres burned. to the weather now, areas cooling-off as we go into the weekend. >> disassembling the, highway 24 from the lafayette vantage point looking west.
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it has been sunny since the sun came up. we did not get much of a marine layer and relatively warm for inland locations last few days. today is a little better but i want to showfi days because there will be subtle improvement taking us into the we can but more so early next week. today is 93 concord, 95 livermore, temperature is in the bay where they should be. let's spot inland locations, those have been the focus for where temperatures have been noticeably one pick 88 average this time of year, 97 yesterday, today with any luck we keep you 93 and watch the sloping orange line. may not come down as much as we would like for the weekend but it keeps moving the right direction. this is one seven-day, i will check back with r the complete forecast and we will look at the entire bay area and show it to expect for your part in a bit. back to you. a short time ago in contra county, officials gave update on the drought conditions and
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water saving measures. >> has not declared water supply shortage as you saw from the prior slides. anticipate to meet demands this year by pulling water out of storage. >> they are asking customers to voluntarily conserve 15%. this aligns with governor newsom's request. we learned search teams will be back in the tri-valley tomorrow to search for a missing jogger. it has been nearly 3 weeks since philip went missing after he failed to return from around at pleasanton ridge. the official search called off. tomorrow, sheriff's office teams will look again and give an update. circuit this afternoon, chp investigated deadly hit and run that shut down part of 880 during the morning commute. it happened around 2:30 videfrom the scene shs officers fusing on the car in the middling. it is not clear if officers have any leads on the suspected driver who took off. police in san jose investigate another deadly crash involving a pedestrian
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around 9:00 last night at monterey road and san jose avenue. a man was crossing the street outside a marked crosswalk when a car hit him. he died at the hospital. the drivers cooperating with the investigation. at capitol hill a bipartisan group of senators say they are close to finalizing the details about $1 trillion infrastructure dale. a vote could come in a number of days resolution from democrats. >> reporter: the group a bipartisan lawmakers known as the robin solvers caucus expect optimism the physical infrastructure bill they are working on will pass. >> we are not done yet but we will get this baby across the finish line. >> if what we vote on it looks like what we agreed upon, it will pass. >> reporter: the framework includes roughly $1 trillion for projects including roads, bridges, and broadband. president biden says includes
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billions to prevent and respond to wildfires, something he discussed with the group of governors virtually on friday. >> it includes funding for prevention efforts like forest management. >> reporter: a timeline for final vote is uncertain. speaker nancy pelosi said the house will not take up the infrastructure bill until the house passes a separate democratic budget resolution through the process known as reconciliation which does not require republican support. >> we need to be transformative going forward, infrastructure investments and reconciliation bills that truly meet family needs. >> reporter: to $3.5 trillion resolution would need the support of all senate democrats but arizona kiersten cinema su esidenheprice tag. reservations. >> if she sees all the pieces of it, she will pass it. passbipartis bill and
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budget resolution before lawmakers leave for august recess. natalie brand with cbs news, the white house. the justice department telling the treasury to turnover former president donald trump's tax returns to congress. it appears to end a long legal showdown over the records during the trump administration. democrats sued for the taxes thing they need to look into whether mr. trump complied with tax lot. treasury secretary steve mnuchin turned refused to turn them over thing they were sought after for partisan reasons. coming up, team usa swimmer making a splash first comments out of the pool. she missed her first sh
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san francisco launching a new street team to stop drug overdoses. it starts on monday and they will work to provide care and 4 work for 700 people experiencing homelessness and who are at high risk of overdosing. the city investing $13 million in overdose prevention this year. going today eight of the olympics, the u.s. leading the world with 40 medals. swimmer ryan murphy has two of them and is generating controversy. after his last race, murphy
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said, i don't know if it was 100% clean and that bee ofhingse t pa heansp coy or competitor. he later said he was talking about officials needing to get illicit drugs out of the games after russia was kicked out in 2019 for doping. the country was only allowed to compete as a separate entity this time. as the russian olympic committee. for time to recognize this week's students rising above scholar. all of us missed opportunities in life we wish we hadn't. for this student, a second chance at a job opportunity is paying off. elizabeth cook has her story. >> reporter: it is true, one moment can change a person's life and for diamond allen, that moment almost did not happen. >> i kept receiving a call from a number, i did not know if i would answer. who keeps calling from san francisco? >> the cause kept coming from a san francisco nonprofit
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providing crowd funded loan progress to underserved communities worldwide. the offer was an internship offer diamond applied for. when she called back, bad news. the job was no longer available. >> oh, my god. i contacted them, we already fill the position. i'm sorry. i was a little down because i had a an opportunity i missed out on. >> reporter: that was diamond then and here she has now at work for them. one of five students selected for summer engineering internship program. the manager of talent programs -- >> jumping into technology and processes where she demonstrates her ability to learn quickly and provide value to our team. >> reporter: the 21-year-old oakland native accelerating at a job she got when the other applicant backed out. ironic because growing up, she had no interest in technology. until oakland high school changed her plans.
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assigning the thenome transfer student to open college track program, engineering. >> i went there might 10th grade year, since i did not go through that process of picking my major, they gave me what was left over. i never considered engineering or coating ever. i'm grateful i received that opportunity. >> reporter: an opportunity that opened many doors including acceptance into clark atlanta university. >> we are all 18 evthat dreams universal. >> reporter: her job at kiva with the future in tech calling her success. >> if you feel it is in your heart to take a chance for success. >> reporter: for students rising above, i'm elizabeth cook. >> dymond is studying. she hopes to get a job at apple.
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blue skies for the h. thingsl ovnight, we will poll in higher class tonight and tomorrow. i went to show where they are coming from because on the one hand, interesting pattern. the other hand, kind of a normal pattern, we have not had enough the last few years. i will explain. that is the view over san jose with blue skies. this is what it looks like for everybody, 77 san jose, oakland 66, concord near 80. here is the kicker, already 87 in livermore. temperatures climbing into the limit to mid-90s. let's look at the daytime highs, marine layer, that ilds into the afternoon. as we get to the overnight hours can look what comes from the east. huge shield of clouds which will make its presence known through the weekend. look at the sun bigger picture to see what is going on. watch the sierra as we get to
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the afternoon, the complex of thunderstorms. that is the summer monsoon, under storms that live in the desert southwest all summer anlot mo thunderstorm this year go for drout hattenrain erra. kfit s been rain, to su y g. when wsee thhiclou sunditcoming from what gai is a typical summer pattern. it has been turned off the last several years, we've not seen it so it is nice that is údaytime highs today south bay mid-80s, 86 in sunnydale, fremont 72, san mateo 81. daytime highs inland valley climb into the mid-90s, 93 concord, walnut creek 92. upper 60s for a good part of the east bay, low 70s and in the valleys of napa, nevada, santa rosa, all mid-80s.
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low 100 showing up for the valleys of mendocino. 7-day forecast for emphasis, oakland, san jose, not a lot of change. we do see a bit of a dip as we go into microclimates and show in v the east forecast for concord, liveorre. thineys of thnorth bay would be li focast. did you down to the low 80s and get down to around 90 in the inland east bay valley. it will be better for locations in the. coming up, she made millions in who work for disney so why is scarlett johansson suing the company? eyr e ring re
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on disney+. ree. ding to the lawsuit, the t
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sayit pacts her l disn castatement celebralhi hop artist and bay area native, available next month,chicken mc her name is sweetie and she has a kids like my friend. celebrity meals working for mcdonald's. they credited the bts meal with the kapok megastars for a jump of 25% in u.s. sales last quarter. another live look outside, the weekend is almost here. meteorologist darren peck will be back with a final check of the weather. circuit today and the drew barrymore short, podcast host and makeup founder and
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officials in san francisco expected to announce an important update about covid and the delta variant. will have that and what you can do to keep your family safe as the virus spreads. that story and more coming up at 5:00. nice look of weather. >> gorgeous friday, make the most of it. clear and sunny skies across the land with the exception of the coast and immediate bay where the marine layer hangs on. daytime highs climbing into the mid-90s at inland locations.
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there is improvement in the 7- day forecast. oa san jose will toe the line and stif be just a gray, cool, and mid- 60s, even morning mess like this morning with the marine layer. we will do that again tomorrow. that will do it for kpix 5 news at noon. remember we are on 24/7 on cbsn bay area. and streaming on have a great afternoon and a great
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