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tv   Mosaic  CBS  August 1, 2021 5:30am-5:59am PDT

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[ music ] hello and welcome to mosaic. today we follow up on something we discussed here last october, one of the most sacred and solemn yet vibrant moments in the archdiocese. on our website, or video and slideshows , prayers and articles documenting and celebrating the day, october 7. on that day the
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if is wonderful dabecomes a a e ways so how do we accomplish that mr. mark today we will discuss this with one of our favorite priests, will find how do we combine our lenten observance with the special- purpose on the gift we can receive from and give to our mother mary. after this brief pause, please re-join us for a session on living the consecration every day.
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hello and welcome to mosaic. my guest is the pasty -- pastor of the lady of -- church. no pastor, you were there i am presuming. >> yes. >> i have celebrated mass of saint monica church so i was not able to be there at the
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cathedral on time for the mass celebrated by the archbishop. i came in during his wonderful homily and stayed in was a part of the procession that extended blocks around the cathedral afterwards, such a great representation from various parishes and communities from the archdiocese on that beautiful morning. >> i know you have an interest in arts and you are going to show us some but i can't later in the show. i wanted to show you two things you have not seen before. one of the consecration events was a student art contest of the blessed virgin mary. we have a few of those. i would like to run those as slides now. this thing here is quite beautiful. that tiny figure is the bishop i believe with his arms spread in blessing. this is by a seventh grader and
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this we use as the cover of the pdf file. no father, you recognize that. that is going to be the heart of the blessed mother with the sword piercing it symbolizing her sorrows. that is the theme about which we will talk today. this is a sixth grader who did this. the next one, if you please. >> this rosary encircling the world is quite nice. this is from a second grader at our lady of visitation school. the next one, please. this is the favorite one that i have seen, by a third grader kind of sucked a motherly mary. what about another one?
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there is another representation of mary with roses around her sort of on a cloud. this is by a fourth grader at the holy name of jesus school. we have another, i think. this is a representation of the blessed mother. there is a waterfall and all kind of symbols. this is by teresa nathan from our lady of nature school. we have made use of them, but let's get to the question i raised at the beginning, which is how do we lose consecration if the archbishop live that out? let me show this. there we are. i hope it is readable. so, this is living the consecration by the archbishop.
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this is a card you can download from our website. can you see from there? >> prayer, of course is central in the recommendation of the weekly family rosary, these are actually the same things we are encouraged to do during the season of lent so they coincide. you're going to explain to us about the rosary, and i look forward to that. >> on fridays, we abstained from skipping a meal or do some other bodily fasting, works of charity, confessing at least once a month, prayer before the blessed sacrament. at least
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once a week if someone is able to do that in any parish in the devotion of the five for saturday's that our lady requested people to go to confession to celebrate mass , and to meditate on the rosary for 15 minutes, especially in union with her heart, the mystery of her heart which again we will talk about as we reflect upon the rosary. >> and then there is a question of confessions. as a pastor, what you say about that? >> the invitation to come and seek to overcome any nervousness that a person might have that this is an opportunity to be free and to enter into a new
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fresh start and when the lord forgives, he forgets. he takes it away as if it never happened. so, people and saying they are very nervous. there is a great joy indeed. >> it is deep. i mean, what are my adoring if i am in front of the blessed sacrament? >> it is the presence of the lord itself. that outside the eucharist, and outside of the mass, we reserve the eucharist for the sick especially but that is the sacramental presence of the lord, and so we offered that
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presence with our loving adoration with the western church exposition and the adoration of a blessed sacrament , so it is a wonderful time to have that intimate prayer with the lower sacramentally present. >> there is something very attractive about it. i really respond to that, so we will come back after this brief break and we will talk more about lint, marian devotion, and making the consecration visible in our lives every day. please come back and join us.
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welcome back to mosaic. father kevin kennedy, you are a
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preach of the 28th of san fransisco, a roman catholic priest. many of us including myself don't know much about the business singing, but you got involved in this method of worship. >> i became interested in high school and even more so . visit churches, i always thought what a beautiful form of worship, the icons, the liturgy, i wished to be in full communion with rome. would not it be wonderful to have the full communion, and that is what visiting catholicism is. there are groups of orthodox christians who throughout the centuries have sought to reenter into that unity that existed in the first millennium in the history of christianity, the union between east and west.
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these byzantine catholic communities have their home --co rm in the early 20th century is so small it doesn't have its own hierarchy, so, we are entrusted to the archbishop who appointed the pastor of this russian byzantine catholic parish, and he was visiting us just this last january 7 for our christmas, so we were delighted to have him, and we rejoice in his support for us. >> to me, it is an exotic world , but can you reassure me that everything is in english? >> you fulfilled your sunday obligation by joining us. we having lunch afterwards to which everyone is invited, and we are getting more it
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i think i willbe anniversary of fatima. i think of fatima as a very western sort of event you combine the stone in the western, and you are a great student marianne. i wanted to ask you to fill us in. i know you have some byzantine icons to share with us. >> heart in the biblical sense refers to the person or in this case, her unique self. mary, what is unique about her? the center in court of her interior life and her love for god, her wholehearted dedication to the mystery of her son.
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her love for us in the members of the body of christ. that love, her obedience, her memory, her intellect, her will, her heart, all of that is the treasure that we are invited through fatima to focus upon as a way to lead this effort closer to god. >> let me ask you about the icons you have chosen to show. our lady is described as holding, pondering, treasuring all of these things in the heart as i just described it in the biblical sense. the whole mystery of christ in its entirety is held in her heart
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st su 's lov shreflts upon all of is to bestow this memory, living memoryy to us through her heart. >> here is a leadingwith swords piercing her heart. this is a reflection of the prophecy of simeon as the lord presented in the temple. simeon says to her a sword shall pierce her heart, it is pierced with the reality of we were talking earlier about greek. it is his humility that he enters into the human condition on our behalf. it is a model for reings u soe cagnosis a ve
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unique and she shares in his pain, sorrow, and suffering in such a way that the church has seen in her heart a model that can gnosis. >> the title of this icon is very interesting. it is called the softener of evil or cruel hearts. mary is the the cruel or the most evil heart looking upon her participation her unique suffering would soften even the most hardest of hearts. >> c7 swords, and again, it
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shows this depiction that a sword shall enter your soul and again, there are a variety of sorrows that are depicted symbolize for the seven swords, the flight into egypt, the loss of child in the temple, and the meeting of our lady, the way of the cross, the crucifixion itself, of course. the piercing of his heart, the taking down of the cross, all of these express her sharing and her sorrowful heart. >> why inflict that on her?
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it is able to know the joy of right direction. -- of the resurrection. she is also known as the joint of all who sorrow, the comforter of the afflicted, the searcher for those who are lost. stento and respond to the needs of her children, so all of this is not modeled so much as out of this pain and sorrow is born a new life, the joy of the life in the spirit which is the joy of resurrection itself. >> will talk about the weight we meet mary through the rosary. please rejoin us.
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welcome back. we are going to talk with father kevin about the rosary. everyone knows the rosaryseha ryovergoing onin rosary it seems to me. we have these things called mysteries, and this is what we
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contemplate. can you explain that to us? >> again, getting back to the heart of our lady. she is the first one described in the gospel of luke who ponders, who treasures all of these things in her heart. what things? the mystery of christ in his fullness, and so she is the best when to lead us through her heart the whole mystery of things. >> so, as you are reciting with your group, you are also meditating on a distinctive episode, mystery, even in light
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. >> right. >> mystery is not so much but something that conceals, but reveals profound depth and meaning that takes us beyond the mundane but to the reality of god's love, his presence in the world, which so many times we forget about so mistry takes us into the depth of love hidden within the heart of the lord, himself. >> i can't recite all 15 of these mysteries, but i think they take a arc to our lives as well. there are five joyful in five glorious coming to christ in his glory. >> i must say i have taken up the rosary more frequently during lent.
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it is a ng interesting prayer. >> the central event of the sorrowful is his passion and his death on the cross and burial in the tomb. the central events of the glorious is the resurrection. from the resurrection comes pentecost. the gift of the holy spirit in her own unique way, after the resurrection and ascension of the lord is the ability for us to have god's own love within us that we are not just reflecting on past historical events but in the mistry of the eucharist and the rosary, we enter into christ. we relive and re-actualize his life, death, and resurrection. we are not just remembering past events, we are entering into the very life of christ, and his death in order to share fully in our goal, which is the resurrection, transformed life,
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life le is a pathway towards the crucifixion but that is a gateway towards the resurrection. thth of the churc participation in a brand-new life. and interesting article in the san fransisco newspaper, students have started a daily rosary so 8:15 every day, the school hashes down and they think the decadent of the rosary and the principal says it has become a soothing and sort of uplifting experience every day in the school. >> it is calming and centering in a world in great need of that kind of peace. the angelic salutation itself, we are repeating the word to our lady and she's yes to this great plan of reconstituting the human race and bringing it to its goal which is oneness wi
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>> now, i want to show one slide to let people know where they can find resources. they can go to our website with very rich resources there. father, you are a pastor, what would you want someone to take away from watching this show? >> i would say what we began with, the images of the children, because any child understands the love of a mother, a mother's heart, her compassion, her presence, her caring. those images of the rosary around the globe, the images of our lady bringing children in hovering over the cathedral, it shows she is with us. she is present to us. she cares about us. she is in fact the searcher for the lost, the comforter of the afflicted. >> thank you, father, very much
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and thank you for watching us on mosaic , and have a wonderful lent and easter.
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this news. right now on kpix 5, and streaming on cbsn bay bay areas bringing the total to nine. plus, a bay area mask mandate could bow day as way. what an expert is telling us about about the delta variant. >> it is sunday, august 1st, 2021. i'm in for


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